2018 Kentucky Derby day full card selections (last year 14 races) for Churchill Downs on May 5th are now available for purchase for $36.95. The selections will be sent to your email at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 4th. Click on banner to the right. Pick 6 Jackpot at Santa Anita stands at $121,040 for Thursday!

The Racing Digest  is now available for Thursday

22 April 2018:   After any scratches at Santa Anita:   1st race pick 5 was top, top, 4th, top, top pick for $1,354.60. 1st race COLD double $25.20. 1st race top pick over 4 other given picks superfecta $562.00. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $35.20. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD $64.60. 4th race pick 6 was top, top, top, 4th, 4th, 2nd pick for $16,826,40. 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $48.40. 5th race pick 5 was top, top, 4th, 4th, 2nd pick $3,365.00. 5th race exacta hit COLD $16.80. 5th top pick over the 3 other picks paid a superfecta of $130.40. 7th race 4th pick over top pick paid an exacta of $136.60. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing!

15 April 2018:   1st race trifecta box of 5 given picks paid a trifecta of $846.00. 3rd race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick $102.40. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 2nd pick $180.20. 5th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 3rd pick $403.40. 5th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $62.00. 6th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, top pick $352.40. 7th race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $92.40. 11th race top pick over our other 5 picks superfecta paid $1,046.20.

14 April 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:  1st race $1 SHF box of top five horses $3,604.00. (superfecta $1,482.40). 2nd race top choice, 3rd choice exacta paid $14.60. 5th race 2nd, 3rd pick exacta $68.20. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 3rd pick for $196.00. 6th race pick 6 was top pick, 3rd pick, 4th pick, 2nd pick, top pick , 2nd pick for $33,276.60. 8th race superfecta box of top 4 picks $324.60. 9th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 2nd pick for $121.20. 10th race $1 Super High hit ICE COLD (in perfect order in a 9 horse field) and paid $202.00. 11th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $35.20.

1 April 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, top, 4th, 2nd, 3rd pick for $7,322.40. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick paying $1,059.40. 5th race pick 3 was 3rd, 4th, 3rd pick for $3,193.00.

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Santa Anita for Sunday 22 April 2018

Only 9 hours left to save $5 on our full card selections (last year 14 races) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 5th. The publication will be sent to your email at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 4th.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

8  Nice Ice   solid sprint figs on main track surfaces.......showed some life in her lone turf race which was at a route but flatten out late appearing to dislike racing as far as 8F.......turf sprint today......should make a good account of herself

6  Token Vow   good turf pedigree for this D'Amato MSW 1st time starter........work regiment hints this filly is meant and ready......and she likely has some early speed with the D'A legging up a good speed rider in Maldonado

2  True Testament   away since June but her a.m. work both at LA & SA is impressive........Hollendorfer appears to be building up her endurance which seems like a wise move as she flattened out in all 10 of her races yet still managed 6 2nd's and 2 3rd's

1  Jaccat

9  Stradella Road

7  Copper Fever


race 2    below average clarity

6  Not Now Carolyn   appears to be best on the SA main track and at today's one mile distance........that and the Desormeaux bother team has been heating things up of late.....should be in the mix from the get go

3  Mapit   three-year old filly might be sitting pretty in a ground saving stalk position if the 1 horse locks horns with our top selection long enough to make it easy for this girl to go on by

2  Poetic   only race in 3 lifetime starts that is strong for today's level is her MSW debut run last July.........not sure if she it up to that effort today but if she is she might be rated too low in her 1st ever at a route which she owns a good pedigree for


race 3   below average clarity

5  Wish You Were Mine   both lifetime races which were run last year are not nearly as bad as they appear in print........but more importantly than that Hollendorfer has his filly training much more impressively this year hinting he has tweaked something for the better.......should be a handsome price

2  Aunt Lubie   well-bred Richard Mandella MSW 1st time starter is training as if she is well-meant and ready to roll........but she is very hard to place as our top choice as the trainer is only 11% at SA this year and 7 for his last 85 with MSW 1st timers

4  She's Funny   filly was bet to favorite in both lifetime starts which were run last summer but didn't hit the board in either race........but like Mandella's 2 horse she sure is training as if she is ready fresh and using Lasix for the 1st time which might work wonders for her

6  Life of Illusion


race 4    average clarity

7  Tough It Out   might be a very good claim be Cerin as this gelding has spent too much time racing on the dirt when is better on the turf and especially at one mile..........race two back the 15 Feb version of this race is solid........and Cerin gets one of his "main guys" to ride in Desormeaux

1  Kona Dreams   best of the route turf speed types in the race and this gelding was able to beat our top selection in the aforementioned 15 Feb version of the race

4  Spitfire   another who raced in the 15 Feb race but whose adjusted Santucci fig was 2 or 3 lengths less than our top two picks.......but I like his dirt race in his last with the addition of blinkers for the 1st time.......and this six year old seems just as good on the lawn

5  Ky. Colonel

6  Defiantly


race 5    above average clarity

3  Spokane Eagle   both lifetime sprint races at SA are much better than par for today's racing level........trainer Drysdale has had one heck of a "comeback" year........easy to make top selection

6  Treasure Hunter   very good history/figs sprinting on fast rated dirt since the fronts were put on 6 races back........and he is versatile as in able to win with or without the lead

2  Caray   last fits and it was his best to date racing further than 6F.........and the last time he raced at 6F he ran his lifetime best......should be tough if he manages to hold form

1  Glorious Crown


race 6    average clarity

2  Nessey   lifetime best was at 1 5/8th miles on the grass.......that and in general marathon races are his bag and for many in this race that is not the case......Mike Smith is 1 for his last 45 on the sod.......ouch........but he can boost that embarrassing stat today

4  Lazzam   acts and owns a pedigree that suggests he will appreciate running in today's ultra marathon.......that and Nakatani is 2 for 2 on this Victor Garcia runner

3  Evo Campo   very strong turf races at 12 furlongs on the grass......what's another 2 furlongs......hot rider/trainer combo in Van Dyke & Gallagher......only female in the race but she fits fine especially with 3 less lbs to carry

7  Rye


race 7    below average clarity

3  Clear the Mine   big race two back and the strength of the race is disguised.........recent drills are vastly improved hinting this gelding will rebound to that effort and hopefully with a better trip

5  Ike Walker   claim back by Jerry Hollendorfer and that is often a good thing........last is solid and today we get a rider upgrade.......hard not to like

1  Multiplier   Miller has yet to get this colt to produce the efforts that Brendan Walsh did but I like the tightly spaced work regiment that he has put in following his 17 March race.......3rd start for his new trainer might be the charm.......seems like a big day for the connections

8  Hoffenheim

2  Top of the Game


race 8    average clarity

10  Four Gaels   consistent sort including at 6F where he is 2 for 2.......race 2 back at 6F is strong and hidden by a wide trip up on a fast pace........low percentage bug boy but he has ridden this gelding decently

11  Blaze'n Prospector  trainer David Jacobson is hot now in S Cal but this is one alarming drop.......hate these kind.......as in flip a coin

12  Omdurman   nice forward move 1st out following the Gary Sherlock claim.......and now he drops back to the level he was claimed for.........needs a clever trip from the outer-most 12 post

6  I'll Wrap It Up

4  Giant Mark

2  Chromium


race 9    average clarity

5  Fluorescent   takes that magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming and her MSW debut was better than appears in print......1st on the lawn but owns a pedigree that should handle it.......and we get a rider upgrade especially for a grass race

8  Beauty Divine   both lifetime MSW races down the majestic Santa Anita hill grass course fit well at today's MC50K level.......that and blinkers go back on which is one of Miyadi's more dangerous maneuvers

2  Red Shelby   you can't get a Red Shelby for anywhere close to 50K.......that is the car......but you can get the horse for that today in this girl's first race up for sale.......top 3 selections are all 1st time running in a maiden claimer......you would think at least one of them could come thru

9  My Alchemist

6  Warm It Up

7  Sheza Factor



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Santa Anita for Saturday 21 April 2018

Only 36 hours left to save $5 on our full card selections (last year 14 races) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 5th. The publication will be sent to your email at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 4th.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

6  Flammetta   Baltas three-year old filly really took to the sod and graduated in her 1st race on it......it was also her 1st around two turns........big step up from MC50K to nw alw but her latest is solid vs. today's field and she might be up for her 3rd straight forward move

5  Casino Red   basically this filly has popped the same effort/fig in all 4 of her grass races in the USA which are a couple of lengths short of par........blinkers on for the 1st time might be the catalyst for a small break thru of sorts

1  Ms Peintour   yet to live up to the her promise that she showed in her MSW at GP where she won by nearly 7 lengths.....but she did make a nice rebound in her latest race and if she manages to build on that improved effort she should have as good a chance as anyone of taking down that race

7  Poetic 

3  Florista


race 2    average clarity

8  Lucky Staxx   both lifetime sprints with the blinkers on fit well here......that and the cut back in distance to the abbreviated sprint distance of 5F appears to be a plus

1  Pure Pursuit  seemingly never sharper in the a.m.........appears to be the one most likely to grab the lead and with only 5F to negotiate and with a rider in Espinoza who is night and day better on the dirt than the turf these days

6  Tap Your It   lone lifetime race was also run at the MC20K level and at 5F and the effort fits fine in this spot ........Glatt is often at his best with sprinters returning off of long layoffs.......that and we also get a rider upgrade

5  Super Storm

7  Anziyan Cat


race 3   below average clarity

2  Matriculate   unusual race condition fits this Bill Spawr runner to a t.......and it seems likely that the race condition was written as a favor to him (maybe helping out the racing office with some entries that helped fill some of the races) and/or the trainer of the 5 horse

5  Above Board   both races in 2018 which were run at Sunland Park in New Mexico fit well here and as mentioned above maybe the unusual race condition was written as a favor for possibly helping out the racing office with some entries that helped fill some of the races

3  Mesa Sky   on the improve since the Jacobson claim.......likely the one to beat if he just repeats his latest.......but.....not too crazy about the fact that this is the 4th race for this gelding in 4 weeks time


race 4    average clarity

2  Comes the Dream   seems best running on firm turf at today's 9 furlong distance......should be finishing well when many won't be and with a jockey in Van Dyke who is rather good with late running turf types like this 8-year-old gelding

1  Broken Up   rather tough when racing at or below the 40K level.....in for 25K for today and at a distance that he handles well.......dangerous GG trainer in John Martin who like so many high win % trainers is seldom afraid to drop a given horse to get to the circle of joy

3  Malko   might be feeling better off of the 8 week break in the action for Cerin to step up one notch in claiming price.........and a hot trainer in Cerin.........and with Elliot up the trainer and jock are 2 for their last 3 over the last 2 months

7  Bourbon Soul

4  Any Questions

9  Trifecta


race 5    average clarity

3  Ten Blessings   five-year old has broken the 122 flat barrier twice and ran a 1:14:1 in his lone race at today's 6 1/2 furlongs.......should sit in a very nice stalk position behind our 2nd pick......and oh by the way.......he is trained by Mr. Baffert

2  Bobby Abu Dhabi   best early speed in the field is two for two at the distance and (4 2 2 0) at Santa Anita on the dirt.......should be a major player for Miller and company

5  Ransom the Moon   first 4 four races after D'Amato took over the training duties fit very well.......his last two do not..........but he gets plenty of time off to right the ship........as in 2 weeks short of 1/2 year........preparatory works are solid


race 6    average clarity

1  Ancient Secret   strong late kick in her 1st down the SA hill grass course in her latest......and she appears to get what she needs as in a field with multiple front running types......3 reassurring drills since her March 25th hill race.........good turf trainer.....good turf rider......all systems go

6  Desert Steel   last on a good main track is better than appears in print........race two back which was her lone win down the hill was a solid effort/fig that fits well in this spot.......seems to have a good chance to sit in a good mid pack position off of a lively pace which likely will flatter her stretch run

7  Cordiality   versatile type is capable of winning on the pace and also a few lengths off of the pace.......nice pick up mount for Desormeaux with regular rider T C Baze not at SA this afternoon.........five year old mare is not out of the win picture by any means

8  Blame It On Alphie

3  Melissa Jane


race 7    average clarity

3  Informality   Pedroza has been a solid fit with this Carava five-year old gelding with 3 straight 2nd place finishes all at today's level of racing.......and.......he should get a great trip stalking the lead in a race that lacks speed.......such a deal

5  Liberty Jack   blinkers on likely to help him focus and get closer to the front......and as mentioned above that appears to be the place to be in this affair lacking early speed types

7  Dad's a Gambler   ultra consistent sort (11 1 5 4 1) and would have rated higher if it wasn't for her record at 6F where she has 3 3rds and a 4th in 4 endeavors at the classic sprint distance

4  Magical More


race 8    average clarity

5  Blackjackcat   bad race in his latest which was on 10 February........needs a rebound and if he provides a solid one he likely would take down this race.......enough time off to mount one that's for sure.....to what degree appears to be the question mark

9  Kenjisstorm   sure like that Prat was able to get this horse to win without being on the lead......and that likely will come in handy here with the speed and one-dimensional racing style of our 3rd choice

2  What a View   should get what he needs as in the lead but he best slow things down or I highly doubt he will be a factor late in the race

3  Colonist

4  Ritzy A. P.

7  Free Rose


race 9    above average clarity

5  Queen Laila   laid up since 30 September but returns with a very sharp set of works......filly has shown she can fire "fresh" in the past.......four year old is 2 for 3 at SA on the main track with both of the wins coming at today's 6F distance........hot rider/trainer combo in Prat/Callaghan as in 3 for 3 over the last couple of months......hard not to like

7  Wild At Midnight   Bob Baffert filly has done little wrong in both of her lifetime starts both of which were at Santa Anita......splitting our top two choices by the smallest of margins

3  Princess Ashlyn   mare appears to have spent too much time racing on the turf and the AW as she sure looks best competing on conventional tracks.........N Cal conditioner is a respectable (6 1 2 0) at the SA meeting but high percentage trainer John Martin is usually more dangerous than that when shipping from up north (how did his horse do in the 4th race?)

2  Fair Regis


race 10    average clarity

5  Desert General   brutal trip in latest breaking slightly tardy and then racing wide up on the pace.......did quite well to only be beaten by 9 lengths........blinkers off for today and what you want to see as in vastly improved a.m. work.......cut back 1/16 appears to be a plus......rather confident that this gelding will fire a strong race today

7  Continental Divide   good race two back racing turf to dirt.........with that in mind his latest appears to be nothing more that a spin around the turf course (and muscle up some) to run an effort on the dirt similar to his effort two back

3  Duluth   won for fun in his MSW debut and likely surprised his connection's as he went off 12 to 1 in 6 horse field.......the time was weak but D'Amato might not have him fully cranked to go off at such a big price.......tough call but definitely dangerous

4  Plain Wrap

6  Infuriated Gary


race 11    average clarity

3  Resky Business   all three lifetime grass races when racing with blinkers like today fit nicely at today's lower level........slightly suspicious multiple level drop but the trainer has had a terrific 2018 to date and might be addicted to that winning feeling

2  Ok Doll   trainer is 3 for his last 9 2nd out after he takes over the training duties of a given horse like today........with that in mind this runner's sprint turf race run off a break appears to be the tune-up to tighten up and go go go today.......good trainer/rider combo

4  Peach Cove   nice race two back turf sprint to turf route off of 17 days rest.......turf sprint in last run 13 days ago.......turf route today and drops a level.......successful east coast trainer David Jacobson is finally starting to figure things out on the west coast

8  Salsita

10  Backintheacademy

5  Revenue Virginius


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Santa Anita for Friday 20 April 2018

For a limited time save $5 on our full card selections (last year 14 races) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 5th. The publication will be sent to your email at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 4th.

OK card today. Be back with you on Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Gosilently   five-year old gelding owns some very strong SA one mile efforts/numbers on the turf .......that and he just graduated at 9F on the grass a distance that is a little further than he wants to run........back to one mile on the turf today........C-Nak wisely sticks around

6  Ya Gotta Wanna   nice improvement to graduate in his last racing as a gelding for the 1st time......not out of the win picture if he manages a small move forward today........solid rider/trainer combo of late in Pereira/D'Amato

1  Gray Admiral   trainer Victor Garcia is quietly having a good 2018......his three year old is 1 for 2 at the one mile turf distance.........needs a forward move today and might be up for it with a positive change in riders especially for a race on the sod

5  Dark Energy

8  Winning Element


race 2    average clarity

4  Albeit   cut back of 1/16th appears to be a plus as does the small field where the 18% bug boy should be able to sit in a nice ground saving mid pack position (1 and 3 ahead of him and the other two others behind him) and not get caught too wide when making her move on the 2nd turn

5  Quiet No More   like the rider change and like her latest which is disguised some by racing inside on a dull rail day........was outrun by our top choice in her last but maybe the rider change can make a difference

1  Dizzy Diva   four-year old filly likely will sit in a good stalk position behind the 3 horse who I doubt will care for a two turn race.......not too crazy about the pedigree for a route for this girl as well.......but......Machowsky is very dangerous dropping multiple levels


race 3   below average clarity

1  Smart Little Devil   like this youngster's pedigree much more for a route than for an abbreviated 5F sprint......in her 5F debut she broke a little tardy and ran wide......she did show some life......believe that race to be a public work-out.......we should find out what she has got today

11 AE  Dadlani   both races when running fresh fit very well here.......blinkers on and maybe never trained any better.......should make a good account of herself if she gets lucky enough to draw into this weak looking field from the also eligible list

8  Solar Corona   two of her best lifetime races were at 7F and 8F and on the SA main track......and today's rider is an upgrade from the rider who was up in both of those races......and with 5 lbs less to carry.....such a deal

5  Misty Slew

7  Wampus

9  Whacked

4  Stella Sweeper


race 4    average clarity

2  Yuvetsi   vastly improved and more dangerous since switching to dirt racing from turf racing......and......her latest was ultra impressive running a fast time for the given day despite racing wide and doing so up on the pace......3 reassuring drills since the race........should be tough once again and a good chance to add to her (3 1 2 0) dirt record

6  Marley's Freedom   5 of his last 8 lifetime races all of which are on the dirt fit solidly at today's nw2 alw level......difficult to separate top two picks.......placed 2nd mainly in that she might regress some off of an all out effort to win a Grade 2 four weeks ago

3  Surrender Now   only three-year old filly in the race but she has an abundance of her speed and a good dirt rider at Santa Anita in Espinoza......not sure if she is ready off of the 9 month layoff but if she is (she did win her MSW debut) she might have a shot to go gate to wire


race 5    average clarity

6  Dreamer's Reality   trainer Mike Puype is very dangerous with laid up runners who are proven on the hill like this three-year old gelding.....only lifetime start was a nice 3rd place finish where 2nd place came back to break his maiden in his next out.........good to see good hill rider Van Dyke stay up

2  Bob's Bad Boy   quite a bit of early speed in this race but this four-year old gelding is the only one of the "speed types" that showed plenty of staying power

1  Sidepocket Action   ran 2nd nearly winning in his MSW debut in a race moved from the turf to the dirt.......although the final time was weak for the given day.......still wants turf......thats good enough for little old me when the conditioner happens to be Phil D'Amato

3  Sir Eddie

9  Animo

10  Clem Dela Clem


race 6    average clarity

5  American All Star   drop seems awfully drastic thus suspicious......but if this gelding gets anywhere close to running his MSW debut effort two back (a 6 1/2 furlong SA sprint) he will be mighty tough to overcome......and Simon Callaghan is very dangerous stat wise MSW to MC........as in.......10 for has last 30 and more than twice that hitting the board

7  Trojan Time   on the right end of the learning with few reasons not to believe the learning process won't continue today......very dangerous unless our top choice hasn't regressed much

4  Sierra Echo   bet hard in his MC debut but only ran so so.......but if he needed the race more than his connections thought (went off at 9 to 5) he showed enough that if he builds on his debut run he should fit OK here

8  Nova

3  Moon Juice

1  Chiquilin


race 7    average clarity

2  Briartic Gal   seems by far at her best on main track route races........that and the change in jocks seems noteworthy in that the last four times that Saldana legged up Geovanni Franco it led to 3 wins

4  Anita G.   trainer Steven Miyadi is stout getting claimers to repeat......sprint - sprint - route maneuver for today.......should be in the mix from the get go either on the lead or stalking it.........rider/trainer have won 4 of their last dozen as a team......plenty of positives but back in only 6 days is a concern

7  Jill Madden   very good history when Martin Pedroza rides this mare in dirt route races as in 2 wins and 2 3rd's the last 4 times he has ridden in dirt routes on this lady

3  Gift of a Star

5  Where's the D

9  Paschalitsa


race 8    average clarity

6  Dr. Troutman   trainer is usually at his most dangerous 1st time he runs a given horse in a claiming race which is the case today........that and the last preparatory work for this gelding is his best work in quite some time......all systems go facing easier this afternoon

8  Cats Blame   seems at his best racing down the SA hill grass......nice win 1st out following the Mike Puype claim.........and realistically placed to have a shot at winning once again.......rider/trainer have won 2 of their last 3 teaming up

3  Dreams of Valor   last appears nothing more than a gimme to dirty up his form and keep the claiming vultures at bay..........and drop and go go go......and take note that the trainer is waking-up

10  Smuggler Union

9  Swinging Star

1  Awesome Heights


race 9    average clarity

2  Alternate Rhythm   never very concerned about dropping a given horse following a claim when the trainer happens to be Peter Miller as he wins about one half of the time with the move........6 of 7 lifetime races for this three-year old fit solidly in this spot

3  North County Guy   another trainer in David Jacobson who is rather dangerous dropping following a claim.......that and why not drop as it has taken 4 months to get back to the track in the afternoon

1  Quad   returns to the race wars following an extended hiatus from racing.....and like our top two choices he is dropping a couple of levels and with a new trainer......albeit.......not by the way of a claim

5  Our Tiger's Boy

4  Bonaventure

7  Powerful Thirst






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Santa Anita for Sunday 15 April 2018

Ky Derby purchase pricing and banner will be available soon. For those of you planning on purchasing our special full card selections (14 races last year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 5th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 4th. Thank you.

OK card today. Be back with you Friday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Shifty Dancer   Palma and company are fortunate they didn't loose this colt in his MC debut when he ran for 20K and crushed in a dirt sprint.......because.......his next out on the sod in a protected race was very solid both in pace and final time......the fig he earned fits well here and he gets 4 lbs off today.......should be tough unless he slips off of form

1  Sis Point Rack   Puype four year old runs well with ample time between starts and gets it today.....always like these kind as they have to be "ready" as it likely will be  a long time until they can race again

2  Alsatian   key jock change to Nakatani today because when Drysdale has legged up a top echelon grass rider on this fellow he has produced some solid efforts/figs that fit well here

3  Bold Papa 

7  Waya Ed


race 2    average clarity

3  Ride to the Wire   won his MSW debut for Cecil as the favorite last summer........been off since but he sure is working as if he is 100% ready fresh off of the bench once again.......in fact I can't remember a work regiment for Cecil horse that is so impressive

2  McKale   Baffert colt was pounded at the windows in his MSW debut and did not disappoint.......put away other speed going eye to eye in his debut breaking from the 2 post and likely needs to do it again today

5  Graycaster    improving sort is not out of the win picture if the positive trend continues today......that and I believe Prat will take him back some in a race that might favor those that do/can


race 3    above average clarity

2  Downtowner   Van Dyke will be out to make amends for his poor ride on this Baffert cold who broke a length slow and then ran very wide throughout.......earned an adjusted for trip Santucci fig that is about 8L better than par for the MSW level

6  Papa Jazz   exits the same race as our top choice earning an adjusted fig that solid but still 5L less than our top selection.....but his works since hint he is up for even more today.....not impossible to turn the tables our top choice

4  Negro Lucero   race two back is a par like effort for today's MSW level.......and......he gets a rider upgrade......but as well as our top two choices ran he is easy to place as the 3rd pick-a-rue


race 4    average clarity

2  Roses and Candy   rider/trainer teamed up to win a maiden race yesterday........three year old filly really flew in a two turn turf race opening up a 10L length lead.......cut back to a hill race with speed turf route types is usually a good thing.....can Elliot and McAnally to it again

7  Mongolian Window   might be a good claim of a promising grass who sure woke up in her 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the grass.......and like our top pick she showed turf route speed and cuts back to a race on the hill

6  Broome   owns some solid dirt figs for the MC75K level on the dirt.......tries the turf for the 1st time but I am not too crazy about her pedigree for the turf.......but if she does take to it she will be a major factor in the outcome of this race

5  Sea Glass

4  Ladybug


race 5    average clarity

5  Uno Trouble Maker   toss her last two races as they were both off tracks.......race 3 back the day Miller claimed her was run on a fast track at SA and is solid for today's higher level......hard not to like even with the struggling bug boy up

4  Bonneville Flats   David Hofmans is waking-up of late so the drop into claiming for the 1st time with this filly seems more meaningful than it usually would be.........now we just need Martin Garcia to wake-up

6  Twisted Rosie   both races when up for a tag are solid.......with that in mind her latest endeavor might be a "dirty up her form" no go to keep the claiming vultures at bay


race 6    average clarity

4  Achira   talk about a top rider who is night and day better on the dirt than the turf these days.......Smith best get the job done on this very nice grass filly whose last two races stand above the crowd here.......Smith will attempt to make in 3 for his last 45 on the grass with a win here

3  Vasilika   good history on the grass at 9F for this Hollendorfer filly.......last race is OK but to overcome our top choice this filly will likely need her effort two back........and if she gives it it's a 21% grass rider in Prat vs a 2% grass rider in Smith over approxiamtely same period of time

1  Persistence   last appears to be nothing but sprint tune-up to tighten up for her 2nd race in the good old U S of A since arriving from GB....... and.......go go go at a distance that fits

6  Lynne's Legacy

2  War Moccasin


race 7    average clarity

5  Get Yourself Home   somewhat suspicious drop for this Machowsky filly following an improved effort with the blinkers on.......but.....if she is OK physically speaking she sure is the one to beat

3  Champagne Honey   three year old filly is on the improve......last might do trick if the top choice isn't doing too well......but if she moves forward again she might have as a good a shot at taking down this race as anyone in the field

7  Lucky Lula   Eric Kruljac is quietly having a very solid 2018.......add to that to the fact that over the years he is very dangerous stepping up a given horse up a level......that is the case today and his filly gets to carry 4 lbs less......such a deal

6  So Euro

2  Makenna's Song


race 8    average clarity

11  Swiss Minister   5 for 11 on the SA dirt........1 for 18 everywhere else........low percentage rider up but he has ridden this fellow awfully well and in 9 straight races.......in this case the jock appears to be an asset

10  Rocket Fuel   not sure if he is up to his "A game" but if this six-year-old gelding is he will be stout today and with a rider in Maldonado who is awakening from the doldrums

9  Drizzy   all three lifetime racing endeavors for this laid up three-year old fit fine in this spot........if of course he is ready fresh off of the bench.......works hint that he is as does the fact he won his MSW debut by 5 1/2 lengths

2  Jay Makes Us Laugh

6  Southern Wind

5  Eastern Morn


race 9    average clarity

8  Amazon Cry   colt is proven at the 9F turf distance and most of this field is not......last effort might do the trick......race two back would be tough to beat......away from the game for the last 5 months but appears ready off of a solid series of works

7  Mo Over   another who has been off a while in his case following a solid one mile grass race at twice the MC level.......trainer has won his last two dropping multiple levels like today.......hard not to like

2 Starting Block   yet another racing off of a break and dropping down.......fits fine if he is feeling fine but R Mandella has only won 2 of his last 32 dropping from MSW to maiden claiming like today

1  Street Indy

5  Hoover Tower

9  Odyssey Explorer





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Santa Anita for Saturday 14 April 2018

Following last Saturday's card which was loaded with quality we get just the opposite today. Be back with you Sunday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

2  Sellwood   stepped up from MC75K to MC100K and nearly won in his 2nd lifetime start despite a bad post and a poor trip......deservedly steps up again to MSW racing for 3rd start......draws a much better post today........should be tough

5  Friendly Outthedor   both lifetime grass races fit......but......Mike Smith is a shockingly dismal as in 1 for his last 42 on the sod.....but...... then again he is 3 for his last 6 and with 2 others hitting the board when teaming up with Eurton........something has to give

8  Majestic Eagle   not much speed in this affair and he shows enough to help the more than capable hands of Nakatani to get on over to at least the 2 path by the 1st turn which comes up quick.......not out of this if that is what occurs

6  Cajun Treasure

3  Blame the Rider

9  Papa Joe


race 2    average clarity

4  Dressed in Prada   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  four-year old filly has only missed the board once in 7 lifetime starts at SA.......and she appears a better runner since two changes were made 4 races back......blinkers on / Quinonez on

6  Anita G.   decent layoff run in her latest which was run off of a 7 month break.......work since the race is subtlety improved .......should be in the mix from the get go

1  Just Be Held   drop makes sense as this filly has yet to win since she was claimed 4 races back........would have placed higher if I wasn't concerned about her ability to hold together at the 6 1/2 furlong distance

3  Reckless Charm


race 3    average clarity

5  Venice   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  appears to need the lead to win so I like the change to Pedroza who year in and year out does a good job with cheap speed horses.......race two back (albeit on an off track) would crush this bunch

3  Takes Two to Tenga   decent debut and I like the step up of one level as it suggests Mullins likes what he sees since her debut run.........believe she moves forward this afternoon and might have considered her as the top selection but I am leery of her ability to get 6 1/2 furlongs without flattened out some

6  Mischievious Lass   deep closer might get what she needs as there seems to be enough runners in this field that want the front end.......if they set a decent set of fractions she should be flying late

7  Oh My Soul

4  Calimonco Action


race 4    average clarity

6  Irish Cream N Kafe   very wide trip hides a decent debut.....but what really catches my eye are the works since as they are vastly improved hinted the race muscled her up........we shall find out about 1:36 p.m. pacific time

2  Tengs Rhythm   exits a fast heat where getting beat by 7L was still a strong effort......that and she has a good chance for even more today racing 2nd out following the layoff.......very dangerous

1  Lily Be Good    trainer is dismal with 1st time starters and decent with 2nd time starters.........that and this filly drops a notch and races a furlong further today which appears to be a plus

3  Naughty Sophie

4  Silversonic


race 5    average clarity

2  Beautiful Becca   Hollendorfer filly seems likely to get a nice mid back ground saving position and that is more than half the battle.........that and the race profile seems favorable for those sitting a few lengths or more off of the frond end of things

6  Nine Point Nine   doubt this lead type runner can get the front end as our fifth choice is extremely fast.....but the mare does show a few hints that she might be capable of stalking and producing.......that and she has been facing better

8  A Little Bit Me   likely well prepared for today's race as this is the 1st time O'Neill has put his Irish invader up for a tag......and one of his better stats is the 1st time he puts a given horse in a claiming race......as in 24% with his last 100

7  Salda

1  Red Livy


race 6    average clarity

5  Polity   gelding has been absent since his MC debut which was 22 months ago.....in the race he had a very bad trip and earned a number that fits here despite being beat by 9+ lengths for the win.......works in preparation for his return to the race wars hint he is doing very well........last two times Talamo rode for Hofmans the horses were very live

8  Rebel On the Run   very dangerous looking work tab over at LA for this 1st time starter.......the works suggest he has early speed which will come in handy to help him overcome his outside post

4  For the Hustle   another 1ster working as if he is ready to rock and roll in his debut.......hungry jock in Matt Garcia is riding better than his record at SA suggests

2  Imalocamotive

6  Perfect Tale


race 7    average clarity

4  Smokey Image   in his latest race he ran his 1st dirt sprint where he did not flatten late in a very long time.......like the cut back in distance and finally gets to compete at 6F where he is 2 for 2 lifetime.......it's not rocket science

2  Tough Sunday   very consistent sort can win on or off of the lead.....that and he is an awfully sharp gate horse......hard not to like with that consistency and versatility

1  Edwards Going Left  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   another consistent sort......in fact I would have made him top choice but he only shows one dull work since his latest and usually he puts in decent drills.....works aren't everything but enough to place a runner I have always liked as a 3rd choice

7  B Squared


race 8    average clarity

7  Lymebyrd   both lifetime grass races at one mile which also happened to be at SA with the blinkers on are better than par efforts for today's level........recent works hint the colt is doing quite well..........we shall see

6  Kings River King   lifetime best and a fit at today's higher level (and his lone lifetime win) was run hill turf sprint to turf one mile off of 25 days rest.......1st race off of a long layoff was down the hill 14 days ago......turf one mile today........hmmmm

3  California Journey   trainer Matt Chew shows some small signs of snapping out of the doldrums.......his gelding has put in a nice tightly spaced series of works......one for two lifetime and the win was at today's turf distance at SA.......believe he goes off much higher that his 6 to 1 ML

5  Tule Fog

4  Hardboot

9  Raven Creek


race 9    below average clarity

1  Giant Mark   likely back too quick in his latest.......appreciates ample time between starts and gets it today........trainer is 36% with 46 to 90 day layoffs.......race two back at 62 to 1 was solid.....and today we get a significant rider upgrade and with 5 lbs less to carry.....20 to 1 ML.......come on Ceballos

8  Mesa Sky  nice move forward 2nd out after the claim for this Jacobson runner......like the confidence he shows in his 5-year-old stepping him up two levels.......and seems at his best at 6F

3  Well Measured   small drop should help as should getting back to a fast dirt surface.....consistent sort but he hasn't seen the winners circle in a long time.....that might change here

9  Junior Gilliam

6  Classico

2  Louden's Gray


race 10    average clarity

1  Aquaphobia   raced over his head and at a distance which is a little too far for him in his latest racing endeavor.......back to a level where he is usually tough and retains the services of one fine grass rider in Nakatani

3  Well Developed   gelding has done little wrong in his 4 lifetime races.......cut back in distance appears to be a plus.......capable of running on or off of the pace giving Tyler Conner options.....hard not to see him being a major player here

6  Air Vice Marshal   vet scratch in a 75K Stakes 2 weeks ago....but.....a solid work since.......fits just fine if O'Neill has taken care of whatever was bothering this fellow.....good sign that Smith sticks with the horse

2  Beach View

5  River echo

8  Unapologetic


race 11    average clarity

7  Red Obsession   bet some in his MC debut in the 26 January version of this race but only ran so so showing speed and tiring........returns with a new trainer and Mulhall has gotten much more out of the gelding in the a.m. than Baltas did.......believe we see a much better effort in this fellow's 2nd out

6  Insuborination   good gate breaking gelding appears to be the speed of the speed ........cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to be to his advantage......as does a positive change in apprentice riders

9  Righteous Wave   nowhere to be found in his MSW debut which was 51 weeks ago........but I doubt that will be the case today as his last preparatory work is a solid 5F gate drill.......that and Headley entices C-Nak to take the mount

8  Jerry's Thunder

3  Seattle Encounter

1  The tattoo Kid


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