Del Mar has a Pick 6 carryover of $562,765 and a Super High Five carryover of $25,488 for Wednesday.

The Racing Digest

11 July 2015:   Won't be placed in our archives but it is noteworthy that in a 9 race card one of our selections won every race. Top choice 2x, 2nd choice 3x, 3rd choice 3x, and 4th choice once all on a day nobody hit the pick 6 and the other rolling wagers paid well.

9 July 2015:   Bombs away at Los Alamitos:   After any scratches top selection won 6 of the 8 races carded ($7.00, $8.40, $2.80, $5.80, $8.60, $11.00) including the last 5 in a row. And we did so on a day nobody hit the pick 6. 1st race trifecta box of 3 givens picks $69.40. 2nd race top choice over our other 3 picks superfecta paid $271.60. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD $62.00. 5th race pick 4 hit COLD $298.60. 7th race exacta hit COLD $19.00. 8th top choice over our next 3 picks tri paid $238.40 (exacta $70.20)

2014 Del Mar Meeting (late Fall):   122 races run at Del Mar. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $244. The return $281.20. That is a 15% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 3rd meeting over the last 3 1/2 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 14% or higher.



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Del Mar for Friday 17 July 2015

Average card at best today. Saturday's looks quite good.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  One Last Standing   very aggressive tightly spaced work tab for this Miller 1st timer........seems all wound up and ready to unwind.......only went for 45K at sale in Apr. so up for 80K doesn't bother me much

7  D. Shifflett   solid work regiment at AP........a few works of merit and all but his very 1st work look decent.......that hints he has worked within himself

4  Benesh   yet to run like it but continues to train as though he has ability......1st in a maiden claimer might help bring it out of him

2  Navy Hymn   flashed solid speed in so final time........has every right to have more endurance with one race under his belt and might never look back


race 2    average clarity

7  Big Sugar Soda   1st time in the Miller barn and well placed to win......not that afraid of drop downs when there is a private change of trainers

2  No Contingency   seems to be on a rebound of sorts and pulls back one claiming level which is a wise move at Del Mar where the competition gets tough even at the lower claiming levels

3  May B.   gelding has seen better days so he takes the plunge before it is too late......or......claim me PLEASE

1  May Weather   last at 5F fits number wise but he still has something prove at today's distance where he is (12 1 04)....but he sure gets a rider upgrade for today


race 3    average clarity  

8  Ghost of Navigator   takes an overdue drop out of MSW racing where in 7 starts he has only earned $5,440.00......ironically he drops all the way to the bottom level maiden claiming.......someone needs a check 

1  Lucky Shoes to Win   obvious best early foot in the you know the drill.....full throttle early to get loose and if she does...........she ............might.......... go............all................the..............way 

11  Proud Captive   both lifetime races which were on the grass fit just fine in this spot if this Ellis runner can produce similar in his 1st on the main track.....believe his breeding is slightly better for the main track than the turf

9  Miltee   expensive purchase hasn't panned out and seems to be slipping badly......but....... it seems likely he can be competitive at this rock bottom level.....first on conventional dirt but his pedigree to handle it is fine


race 4    below average clarity

2  Getoffmyback    showed plenty of life after breaking slow in his MSW debut.......and Mark Casse has been much more dangerous with 2nd time starters in S Cal

7  Captain Akers   good forward move in 2nd lifetime start........last fits but if he manages even more today he is likely the one to overcome

1  Tengas Ransom   recent drills for this Mullins 1st time starter hint he can run some and might be dangerous in his debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing

6  Silver Chrome   Belvoir 1ster worked from the gate 4 of his last 5 works hinting he is well-meant in his MSW debut......and Bejarano and his agent see fit to take the mount


race 5   below average clarity  

9  Windy Forecast    filly seems sharp right now and the abbreviated 5F sprint distance appears tp be a good fit......not too hot the only time she ran on the grass but it was her lone effort ever with blinkers today

11  Ben's Duchess   very powerful efforts in 3 of last 4 races........1st on the sod but owns an OK pedigree for it......would have been top pick if she wasn't stuck so far outside in a 5F race

7  Xoxo    laid up since Jan but works say does the fact that her trainer Peter Miller was ready with all of his (numerous) runners yesterday......1st on the grass is a ? mark

4  Hooligan   sprint grass runner is 2 for 3 on firm rated turf races and 1 for 1 at 5F on the sod.......trainer Wesley Ward is stout with turf sprinters

Long-shot consideration:   6  Romona's Wildcat   good layoff dirt run in last........lone grass race was versus some good competition and she ran better than appears in print.....interesting price shot if she moves forward 2nd out after the break


race 6    average clarity

6  Baruta   strong win off of the bench in last......impressive 7F work since......likely to range up from the outside just like she did in winning her latest

1  Scherzinger    9 for 9 in the money on main track surfaces........and 3 for 4 at the distance........Smith..........Hollendorfer.......hard not to like   

5  Uzziel   2 for 2 at the distance and stout brother team in Keith & Kent Desormeaux......away since 26 April but the trainer is very good off of 2 or 3 month layoffs


race 7    average clarity

3  Conquest Curlgirl     ran a decent 3rd in Grade 2 last especially considering she was stuck on a somewhat dull inside battling for the lead......should be a ton if she takes to the grass........only owns an average pedigree for it

7  Zipessa   crushed her competition in her MSW which was at since including a 3F drill on Weds. indicate she is doing very well.........decent turf and route pedigree ........and good grass trainer over the years in Michael Stidham

9  Moyo Honey   very strong 2nd lifetime start especially pace wise....broke a little tardy and still was right there on a 44:2 one half mile........good grass pedigree and decent route pedigree.......along with our top choice she should be in the hunt from the opening bell

5  Sweet   improving with each and every start......proven on the grass and our top 3 selections are not


race 8    average clarity

2  Urloveneverfails   solid MSW debut and it was at 7F which is usually a more difficult distance for a newbie as compared to 6 1/2 furlongs or less......should have staying power come crunch time with the cut back of a furlong 

11  Melinda's Girl   John Martin is dynamite with MSW 1st timers having won with 7 of his last 15.......of course this isn't GG this is Dmr........solid prolonged work regiment hints this filly is fully fit and dangerous

5  Precious Time   very solid work tab for this 1ster especially considering her trainer Steven Miyadi usually doesn't push them too hard in the a.m.

10  Rockin Dorita   very strong work tab prior to her debut and yet tossed a clunker........blinkers off for today and continues to train as if she has ability.....deserves another chance

4  Warren's Honey Bee   so so MSW debut back in April on the sod......good looking work regiment since.....1st on the dirt and she sure appears ready for it

6  Jean Edward   four year old filly owns six second place finishes in six conventional dirt races at 6 1/2F or less......same rider but new trainer for today......might be rated too low



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Del Mar for Thursday 16 July 2015

You can upgrade my "clarity ratings" some if the new conventional dirt main track winds up playing fair and the 2nd year somewhat revamped deeper/thicker turf course also plays fair. My experience over the years with new dirt surfaces of any kind is that they don't play fair and the conventional dirt surfaces start out rather slow and often biased to some degree. They take time to settle down, firm up, and quicken.

A special welcome to those of you that only play Del Mar and maybe a few other special days at the other tracks. Great to have you back! 


Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

1  Candy for Debbie   very consistent individual and especially so on conventional dirt.........exits a very fast race versus better.......claimed for 16K two back so the drop (with the big purses at Del Mar) to 12,5K doesn't concern me much

7  All Squared Away   another taking a plunge.......everyone wants to get to the winners circle on Del Mar's opener.......or........claim me PLEASE......flip a coin

2  Just Gone   new trainer Jonathan Wong is off to a terrific start and he steps this invader up multiple levels following a big awakening 1st time on conventional dirt and 1st time following the claim

13  Olympic Blue   lone race on conventional dirt definitely would fit here........good works at GG since Mathis claimed on 13 June........Bejarano and his agent want the mount


race 2    average clarity

6  Two Step Flor    3 for 7 on convention dirt.........0 for 6 on other surfaces........somewhat of an alarming drop but not that much with a change in trainers.......she should be in the hunt from the opening bell

3  Peppy Bolly   last race is solid and disguised by about 4L of trip trouble.........that race was at 7F and she sure appears to be better at 6F......seems like a very dangerous late runner if she takes to the brand new Del Mar surface

2  No Tricks for Jack   extremely consistent on conventional dirt.....last fits big time but I have some doubts she is up for a repeat effort........the one to beat if she is

5  Always a Chance   better on conventional dirt (6 2 0 2) but spent too much of her career racing on the turf.......dirt today and she has never raced any lower


race 3    average clarity  

4  Ink Well    1st time gelding today and his recent works at GG suggest that the minor surgery was very successful.......has responed well to the turf to dirt maneuver in the past and that is the scenario today

11  Pippappy   good mc debut and the effort is hidden by 3 points of trouble......broke slightly tardy - rain inside on a slightly dull inside - and was in tight some in the stretch.......and the effort was at today's 7F distance which is often a distance difficult for 1st timers

3  Vartan   nice wake up in last in 2nd lifetime start and off of a long layoff.......significant rider upgrade.........not out of this by any means 

9  Celtic Ray   takes the ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing to low-level maiden claiming.......wake up city today


race 4    average clarity

3  Cyrus Alexander   2 of his last 3 route races on the dirt are quite a bit better than par for today's racing he takes to his new surface he will be tough......decent pedigree for the sod and also has a good work on it.....good early speed in a race lacking the commodity

1  Infinite Magic   invader made a solid forward move 1st time with the blinkers on in his latest which was run at CD and at today's 1 1/8th turf distance.......good works at AP since.......trainer knows how to ship and win

6  Texas Ryno   very consistent efforts and he is 1 for 1 at today's distance......would have rated higher if there was more speed in the race to aid his off pace style

2  Wanstead Gardens   another consistent grass runner who but might be compromised by fractions that will work against him.....we shall see

Long-shot consideration:   4  China Prince   arguably his best lifetime grass race was his lone effort at 1 1/8th and the effort is somewhat hidden......owns some early speed in a race lacking it 


race 5   average clarity

6  Miles Sister    nice MSW debut.........two year old filly could have won at 1st asking if it wasn't for getting shuffled back and running wide......good stretch run.........reassuring decent 4F work at Slr since........should be tough 

9  Plane Lucky   very prolonged work regiment and without any alarming breaks for this Peter Miller 1ster.........and mom has tossed 9 winners from 10 starters 4 of which were Stakes usually don't work a 2 yr old over such long period of time to give your baby a tune-up 

5  Late 'n Left   decent final time and solid pace in debut.......dangerous speed type.........aging rider has been struggling but shows some signs he is coming around 

7  Princess Kendra   not much in her 2nd lifetime start despite the one beaten length 3rd place finish as the time was very poor......what we need is her MSW debut but with a better trip (7 or 8L of trip trouble) 


race 6    below average clarity

10  Nextdoorneighbor    eight year old gelding has been stellar since Miller took over......last 3 races all are solid for today's level......and he carries 3 lbs to 6 lbs less today........hard not to think he won't be stout again today unless he dislikes the new Dmr surface 

3  Ranulf   most of his career on main track surfaces fit in this spot.......and back to the level Glatt claimed him for.....should be closing late

5  Magna Warrior   best win % on conventional dirt of anyone in the field.....and back to Bejarano who is 1 for 1 on this fellow.....logically drops two levels

4  Alpine Luck   owns early speed and there are only a few others in this affair who also have early gas.....and he is showing signs that he can stalk and still compete if need be......1st out after a claim for Puype who is 25% with his last 28 1st after a claim


race 7    average clarity

8  Fight Thru   on the right end of the learning curve......and training at Slr as if Peter Miller has a handle on what this gelding responds to .........lifetime best seems to be in the cards for today if he handles a new surface

7  Gangnam Guy   1st time Hollendorfer today.......blinkers off for today / recent bullet best of 62 5F work.......Jerry H. seems to have the trump card for this four year old

6  Hot Lightning   consistent sort ran fine the only time he attempted a route........2nd out following the Van Belvoir claim and that is often a very dangerous high % proposition

2  Derby Glass   plenty of route experience (and retaining Bejarano) might help him overcome his figs/efforts which in general are 2 of 3 lengths short of what it takes to win today's level

Long-shot consideration:    3 Rob's Golden Touch   on the improve both in final time and early pace.......another forward move and he can take this race.....does lose Bejarano to our 4th choice


race 8    average clarity

1  Forest Blue   done little wrong in three lifetime starts.........showed significant route speed on the dirt in latest......owns a pedigree that should be fine for the turf........if he does like the sod he should be the controlling speed in this spot

7  Thanksgiving Day    caught many key tough fields in GB.........ran poorly in his lone turf race but it was his debut......we can excuse that.......Drysdale has him well-trained and seemingly ready to compete at a high level in his 1st U S of A start

10  Papacoolpapacool   solid grass runner is only rated 3rd and not higher because of a nasty post in which to deal with......a scratch or two inside of him and you might rate him higher

11  Soul Driver   good horse on a bad post......Mike Smith better get clever


race 9    average clarity

6  Dreamologist   very good works for this Mandella 1ster........quite a few works of merit and at regular intervals........rather sure this three year old filly is meant and ready

2  Never Ends  ran three consecutive "monster" efforts and then tailed Hollendorfer gave her a break and might have her once again back at peak form.....if he does she is the one to beat

9  Sweet Promises   back to a sprint for her 4th lifetime start following two dull route races.....1st times blinkers today....and assuming she worked her recent bullet works with them on you can expect her lifetime best today

11  Gloryzapper    strong drills for this D'Amato 1st too well not to be concerned about


race 10    below average clarity

3  Global Magician   21 to 1 in layoff last for a Miller runner says the race was a muscle him up grass sprint tune-up (and a good one at that) to be fully ready for his 1st at a route this afternoon

2  Fritz Johansen   on the right end of the learning curve........big effort in latest his 1st ever at a route.....seems like a big factor in this spot with his good post

12  Unusually Green   consistent late runner had a very impressive late kick in his last..........would have been top pick if he had a better jock will need a very clever ride 

7  Benba   has a shot if he manages to bring his "A game".....and the way in which he is working for his layoff run hints that he will.......should be in the hunt from the get go

11  Synnin   both lifetime wins were on Del Mar's new grass course (2 for 3 Dmr / 0 for 4 SA)......likely pointed to and well prepared for this meet because of his turf history at Dmr

5  Durango Flyer   needs very best and a clean trip for a shot at the circle of joy

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Los Alamitos for Sunday 12 July 2015

So so card today is the bad news. But the good news is that Del Mar opens up with a big 10 race card on Thursday. We will be ready!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

1  Datwatdaddydo   nice wake up in wisely steps up his four-year old filly a couple of claiming level.......and luckily they catch a soft looking group

2  Democracy Rules   lead type only will be all out to leave the 3 horse ( only other horse with good early speed) in the dust early......2 for 2 when she opens up a clear lead


race 2    below average clarity

3 Rocket Rhea   not the best of trips in both lifetime starts and still managed to run 2nd and then 1st....... albeit versus easier......seems to deserve today's step up.....and the trainer knows how to get to the winners circle....38% winners from 29 2015 starts

4  Gianis   seems best running with short rest.......9 days since her last.........decent history at Lrc (4 0 3 0)

6  Rich in Tradition   fits OK in this spot but does have a tendency to hang in the stretch


race 3    average clarity

4  One True Kiss   solid work tab at Slr for this Miller 1st timer.......and........he gets Mike Smith to ride who has accepted only a couple of mounts at this meet......sure seems meant and ready

3  Straight N Strong   another 1st time starter training as if she is ready to roll at a high level at first asking.......and mom has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters and they all preciously won at two


race 4    average clarity

4  Lucky Logan   takes that magical drop from MSW racing to mdn 20K and seems well prepared in the a.m. especially considering the low-level of racing

11 AE  Grace and Truth   broke 5L slow in his maiden debut and only lost by 6L......should be a major player with a better break today

8  Relative Time   lone lifetime conventional fast rated dirt race fits fine here......and it seems quite significant that T C Baze wants the mount and he hasn't been on very many this meeting

3  Bar Four   works seem good enough for this O'Neill 1ster.....and mom has tossed an impressive 6 winners from 6 starters

12 AE   Sweet Hero    not exactly my favorite jockey up but this five-year old is training as if he can fit here off of a good-looking prolonged work tab


race 5   average clarity

3  Tester   five year old gelding has won 2 in a row despite bad trips.....might need a little cleaner trip here.....small field should help provide one......good rider trainer combo 

2  Vegas Street   colt has really woken up with the switch to two turns.......last two races fit and today we get a major league rider upgrade.......should be tough

4  Johnny's Choice   best on conventional dirt and best with the blinkers on......gets both again today and he sure seems very well prepared in the a.m.

5  King Budrick   lifetime best was routing on conventional dirt.....been away since early May but Bonde seems to have him cranked up and ready to roll


race 6    above average clarity

8  Jackie K   all three lifetime conventional dirt races look decent versus today's competition.....drop seems logical......been away since May 15th but his best ever was run off of a 2 1/2 month break

5  Papa's Lass   not much in debut but put in a sizzling 4F work since......seems like a possible gimme/go maneuver by Marty Jones who is better with 2nd time starters

9  Lana Caprina   tossed a clunker in last.....needs one of his efforts two or three races back to be a factor in this affair

6  Paralyzing Eyes   doubt a winner.........shot at a piece of the pie seems more likely


race 7    average clarity

5  Savannah Sky   on the right end of the learning curve and retains Bejarano.....and Bejarano riding for Baltas has been one solid jock/trainer combo for most of 2015

3  Fantastic Mizz   just claimed and I like that her new trainer gives her a shot on the conventional dirt which she has never seen despite an OK pedigree for it......solid at 40K on the she handles the dirt she should be a major player on the dirt since the claim are good

6  Egyptian Empire   on the improve and like our 2nd choice she tries the conventional dirt for the 1st time ever today.....away since May 3rd but shows a solid work regiment 

4  Dissension   dangerous rider/trainer combo especially in routes......seems likely to get a nice stalk position


race 8    average clarity

2  Swipe   still a maiden but both lifetime starts stamp this 2 yr old as the one to the ample time off since his Stakes race at Belmont as youngsters usually need sufficient time between starts following a lengthy couple of flights

5  Ralis   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime start......should have a shot at his 1st Stakes win with another forward move today

3  Dubdubwatson   little shot to strut his stuff in last getting caught right up on a decent pace.......likely needs best ever and of course a decent rip to take this affair


race 9    average clarity

4  Masters Circle   seems to own the best speed in this affair......that and the cut back in distance should enhance his chances at graduating this afternoon

7  Dee for Dave   like our top choice he should be in the mix early and looks as if the cut back of 1/2F will be a plus

3  Our Trooper   seems like the best of the off pace runners in this group.....and we get a jock upgrade

1  Arctic Warrior   believe at his best if the jock takes back some.....rider upgrade to get the job done

12 AE   Mr. Cappuccino   best ever was his lone race at Lrc.....only chance to take advantage of the surface till would think the connections would have him ready

8  Abu Dhabi Do   off slowly the ran even....better start and a more fit runner....not totally impossible

11 AE   Rare punch   best of the rest

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Los Alamitos for Saturday 11 July 2015

Decent card today. Let's call it a 7 of the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Celtic Moon   Peter Miller seems to be in drop mode and he drops this 4 yr old gelding who should get a nice close to the front position......much better with the blinkers off and they our taken off for today 

4  Kingsbury   back in very short rest of 6 days doesn't bother me much as he competed in a 4 1/2F sprint.....not much more stressful than a workout.....rider upgrade......good history in main track routes........seems primed and ready 

2  Warren's Rail Girl   best of the rest


race 2   above average clarity

3  Annie's Candy   very strong effort/fig in his last his 2nd lifetime start.......debut wasn't too shabby either.......repeat of his last should win.......debut 2 back might be good enough as well

4  Nuke Laloosh    Miller trains our top choice and also this 1st timer training well at Slr for his debut.......just bought in April at sale so Miller and company pretty much knew what they were getting.......seems like the one to overcome if the other Miller horse has a bad day for one reason or another


race 3   average clarity

5  Councilman   very sharp at LA (excellent times) and relatively fresh.......five yr old has won at today's rider combo.......and the jockette has a nice history with this fellow

3  Caliente Cat   trainer is dynamite with laid up runners and that includes with this fellow who has won his last two endeavors coming off of breaks.......Gary Boag has won 6 of his last 8 riding aboard this guy

6  Soul Crusher   improving sort just graduated in his latest.....good history back in short rest......16 days qualifies for "short rest"...... believe the abbreviated 5F distance will be a good fit

10  Cousin Ricky   interesting claim and his new trainer wins his fair share 1st out following a claim.......tough post though unless the track plays outside as it did on Thursday


race 4    average clarity

2  Don't Tell Jackie   works look good for this O'Neill 1ster especially for a two-year old filly maiden 40K 1ster......filly is showing hints of some good early speed

5  Seaside Fantasy   moved forward some in 2nd lifetime start and 1st with the blinkers on.......likely will need another forward move today to take home the top prize here.....recent 4F drill hints she might

7  Lady of the Lake   trainer has won 10 of his 20 starts in 2015......yikes!

6  Tumbleweedprincess   bore out badly in last.......but worked well jock up today......shot here dropping into maiden claiming if of course she behaves


race 5   average clarity

6  Dragon Flower   works are decent at Slr for this two-year old filly ......quite a few speed works and then finished up with a nice 5F drill.........trainer Rosemary Trela has won 3 of 6 starts in 2015 

5  Little Like Ana   works seem good enough especially in this soft looking field to compete for the top prize in her maiden debut......seems significant that T C Baze takes the mount as he hasn't been aboard for many so far at Lrc

2  Take Me to Church   low percentage trainer (8% for the year) but not running MSW to maiden claiming which is the case here.....seems like a gimme/go go go situation


race 6    above average clarity

2  Smooth Talker   away since mid May but this mare sure is well prepared in the a.m. especially considering the level of racing......rather sure O'Neill has this gal meant and ready to roll

6  Haaay Sexy Lady   three-year old filly has won 2 of her last 3 including her last which was her 1st ever on the Lrc be a good claim by Miyadi and the crafty trainer wins his fair share 1st out following a claim

3  Tough Annie   (7 4 1 1) on conventional dirt.......seems at a very sharp peak......level doesn't scare me at all ........but the distance does.....should be prominent from the get go

4  Smili'n From Above    fits OK but she sure likes to hang hang hang


race 7    below average clarity

5  True History   won her only race on conventional dirt by 8L (albeit in the slop at Tam) when wearing blinkers and running with Lasix........been competing on the turf since.......finally back to the dirt and this time of course on a fast track as it is more likely for the ground to shake than for it to rain in S Cal these days........stout trainer & rider

8  Watdifrentzitmake   trainer is hot and this filly is the turf to dirt and cut back in distance.......seems likely to be a major player

4  Asparagus   her grass races fit......can she handle the dirt......trains well on it

3  Zuzu's Petals   trainer is bad news 1st time at a route including with the often successful sprint-sprint-route scenario.......but......look who shows up on her.......the highly selective Mr Smith


race 8    average clarity

3  Ramona's Wildcat   woke up in latest and that is somewhat hidden........good history at the distance.....should get a nice mid pack position in a race loaded with some very fast speed types......believe this filly is feeling really good for O'Neill to step her up into a Grade 2.....don't really believe she is a Grade 2 caliber horse but this race seems like it might collapse and she could win a soft time

5  Sunday Rules   training awfully well and going for 6 in a row......never been headed and today she will need to go extremely fast early for that to remain intact

6  Fantastic Style  also has never been headed......popped a big number in last with 1st time heck of a brilliant filly to be placed this low

7  Warren's Style   route superstar tries a sprint......wouldn't like her at all today in this sprint if it wasn't for the nasty pace that seems likely to develope.......she should be flying late


race 9    average clarity

7  Pax Tecum   hellllooooo Lrc.......very strong lifetime best in last in his 1st ever on the Lrc surface.......and the effort is somewhat disguised......and 5F sure seems like a good fit

4  Not Enough Eddie   one for one at Lrc......and takes a logical significant drop.......most everything that O'Neill has sent out at the short meeting has been ready

5  Rock Steady Eddie   last was decent and was at today's abbreviated sprint distance of 5F....and today we get a major league rider upgrade

6  Land of the Free  over his head in last.....back to a level that he might handle and especially with a very positive change in riders

2  Znelle   low % trainer but not 1st following a claim where he is 23% with his last 39

1  Voluntary   best of what is left

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Los Alamitos for Friday 10 July 2015

Average card at best today. Saturday's looks much better similar to Thursday's which went very well.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Papa Frank    Peter Miller is quite dangerous with maiden claiming 1st timers and he appears to have this three-year old gelding ready with a solid work sure seems like a very soft group and with a small field to conquer

2  Jack No   broke slowly and then ran wide in an eventful maiden claiming debut......continues to train as if he can run some........believe he owns some early speed.....needs to break better to show it so I like the switch to a stout gate jock in Maldonado


race 2    below average clarity

1  Mango Reward   needs the front far in her career she cashes it in badly.......definitely owns the best ES......but...... she breaks bad about one-third of the time

3  Margie's Minute    might be dangerous with a switch in trainers from a low percentage one to high percentage one who is having the best year of his career.........and this mare crushed her competition in her lone start at Lrc back in December


race 3    below average clarity

5  Mudge   last was kind of disappointing......but......she has been better back in short rest in 2015.......13 days since her last.........not much speed in this affair and she has a little 

7  Powder N Blush   Leonard Powell is poor with 1st time starters but the a.m. work for this 3-year-old filly is too good to ignore........and her a.m. work hints she owns some early gas and that could be a major advantage in this spot void of speed

6  Lucky Heat   poor start in mc debut and then ran support at the windows for an Ellis 1st timer suggests the rece was needed.......drop and a race under her belt suggests she might be a factor today

2  Warrenspoweroflove   last was in all likelihood disappointing to her trainer Lewis has given her some time off and put in a good series of works.......rebound seems likely

Long-shot consideration:   3  Valentine's Reward   best career race was the lone time this filly sprinted......the number she earned that day sure fits here..........and it was her 38 to 1 debut........6F sprnt today


race 4    average clarity

4  Rocko's Wheel   ran a stellar (even for a faster than normal surface) 1:42:2 at SA in lone route dirt race pace three year old runner likely gets a dream situation - plenty of gas up front & a small field to negotiate

2  Brave Act   very consistent sort when he is taken off the pace some......retains Bejarano.......should be in a decent mid pack position

3  Thesheetsguy   3 of his last 6 races fit fine here.......away for 10 weeks but working up to snuff.........does lose Bejarano (who has been aboard him for 6 straight races) to our 2nd pick 


race 5   average clarity

5  Lazy Daisy May   step up in claiming seems like a positive especially off of a strong work regiment for this filly who has been away for 2 1/2 months.......seems very likely to get a nice mid pack position......does tend to run a little wide but that was OK yesterday

6  Benicia Gem   last 8 starts when the rider stays on and when the track was rated fast has resulted in 5 wins and 3 2nd's......seems very deserving of today's step up in claiming

9  It's Aine   seems like 5 panels might be tough for her to get up in time but she likely will be closing fast in the very late stages

4  Silk in Silver   very consistent filly badly needed a rest and got one.......high % trainer especially off of 46 to 90 day layoffs


race 6    above average clarity

7  Favorably   6 to 1 for a Baffert 1ster in a 6 horse field sprint strongly suggest's his filly wasn't all that cranked up for her MSW debut and pointed to a today with a race put in that should have her muscled up for start number two which is around a couple of turns

6  Holograeme   jock upgrade and a much improved work tab since her last......seems ready for lifetime best for D'Amato and company

3  She's Reddy   solid move forward in 2nd lifetime start last expecting more today 2nd out after the layoff.......1st time Bejarano for today supports the notion

1  Mahee   on the right end of the learning curve and might be the one to overcome if she can continue the learning process today


race 7    average clarity

(#11 AE  Cornbread Red  is dangerous if he draws into the field from the AE list)

6  Tough Sunday   away since January but likely a ton and one half in this spot if he returns ready as his last two sprints are significantly better than par and his only race at Lrc really really something running 2nd despite a BRUTAL trip 

8  Gutsy Ruler   stout history at the distance and last win came turf to dirt.....turf race in last......dirt today

5  Smack Talk   Vann Belvoir is often at his most dangerous with runners coming off of layoffs........and the a.m. prowess for his three year old gelding hints he is ready off of the 8 month hiatus

10  Roman Tizzy   2 for 2 at Lrc and appears to be in good form.....rated as 4th selection instead of higher mainly because she tends to run very wide and that makes the 10 post a significant obstacle to overcome


race 8    average clarity


3  Blame It On Tekela   best credentials by far in the race to handle a route of ground.....but........needs to overcome a strong tendency to hang in the stretch.....maybe he needs to leave the booze back in the barn

9  Salty Kid   you don't see too many mdn20K debut runners work one mile in preparation for their maiden debut.......and 1:41:3 seems awfully strong of a work for the lowly 20K maiden level......seems dangerous

6  Pyrotechnics   new trainer /drops........seems dangerous despite his weak record on main track surfaces

5  Wild   fits if this colt manages a forward move......but........only two so so works over a five-week span isn't that encouraging.....although cut back of one furlong appears to be a plus

2  Mr. Pete Got Even   best of the rest and that's not saying much


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