Awfully nice first week at Del Mar. See below. Pick 6 Jackpot stands at $28K for Friday.

The Racing Digest is now up for Friday 

12 November 2018:   4th race pick 5 was 4th, 2nd, 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $74,454.20. (50 cent paid $18,613.55). 4th race pick 3 was 4th pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick for $1,394.60. 5th race pick 4 was an unbelievable return: 2nd, 3rd, top, 3rd paid $15,103.60. 7th race top pick over our other 4 given picks paid a superfecta of $593.60.

10 November 2018:  Top pick won 5 of the 9 races. 1st race pick 5 was top, 4th, top, top, 2nd pick for $7,966.20. (50 cent paid $1,966.20) 3rd race double hit COLD for $46.00. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick for $80.20. 8th race exacta hit COLD $10.00.

9 November 2018:  Top pick won 3 of the 8 races. ($6.00, 8.60, $32.60) 1st race pick 5 was 4th, 2nd, top, 3rd, top pick for $3,413.20. 3rd race top pick over our other 4 given picks paid a superfecta of $1,333.80. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $504.00. 5th race top pick over our other 4 given picks paid a superfecta of $748.60. 8th race $32.60 top choice over our other 4 picks paid a superfecta of $7,967.40. (trifecta was $2,951.80).

3 November 2018:  After any scratches at SA:  Top choice won 6 races and ran 2nd in 2 others. 1st race pick 3 was 3rd, top, top pick $213.00. 2nd race COLD double paid $39.00. 5 race pick 3 was 4th, top, 4th pick for $776.80. 5th race superfecta box of top 4 picks $273.00. 6th race pick 3 was top, 4th, top pick for $524.20. 7th race pick 5 was 4th, top, top, top, 4th pick for $2,830.60. 8th race COLD pick 3 was $50.80. 9th race exacta hit COLD for $50.20.

3 November 2018:  After any scratches at the Breeders Cup at CD:   4th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $65.80. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $301.60. 5th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $44.40. 5th race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $1,013.00. 6th race pick 3 was 3rd, top, top pick for $285.40. 7th race double hit COLD for $50.60. 7th race top pick over the other 4 picks superfecta was $360.10. 7th race pick 5 was top, top, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd pick for $2,318.00.


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Del Mar for Thursday 15 November 2018

Take note that there is a Pick 6 carryover of $45K today and with another $10K in the jackpot.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Devils Dance   3 decent dirt races to start her career and in those efforts she showed good early speed......this is a good spot for a speed horse especially considering the abbreviated 5F turf distance.....if she takes to the turf in her 1st race on it she should be tough.......two year old filly owns an adequate turf pedigree

7  Rather Nosy   MSW debut at SA down the hill  which was run 4 weeks ago wasn't too bad beating 7 of 9 since the 6 1/2F turf race are improved hinting the turf muscled her up and a forward move should occur today.......Prat staying put supports the notion

6  Miss Alegria   awfully decent dirt MSW debut considering she went off at 66 to 1 odds.......she likely wasn't all that cranked up and surprised the barn a bit......she should be now.....and she gets to run on the grass which she owns a good pedigree for.......two of her siblings were turf winners

4  Gallantlystreaming


race 2    average clarity

1  Sooner Better   nice endurance building route race on the AW at GG in her 2nd lifetime start.......improved 4F work since the race at Slr........and drops into maiden claiming for the 1st time........good post and rider......brothers Desormeaux are starting to heats things up a bit

8  Silent Alarm   just fired his lifetime best in his 1st ever in a route race.....and the effort is disguised in its strength by a wide trip up on the pace........endurance is likely to be enhanced today with that 1st route under his belt.......jock could use a little more cleverness with his ride today

7  Redrock Trail   nice forward move in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st with Sadler as the trainer.......another 1st today as in 1st at a the step up from MC30 to MC50K as it suggests his new trainer likes what he is seeing since his 2nd place finish vs 11 foes on 13 October.......pedigree to handle the two turns is decent

3  Classy Chasie


race 3    below average clarity

1  Aunt Lubie   good effort two back with the blinkers on for the 1st time and going a route for the 1st time in her 1st race at Del Mar........too ambitious in her next start.........her winning race two back was run off of 10 weeks rest......11+ weeks since her last and a.m. work hints she is ready........back to Prat after being absent for one race......such a deal

2  Mo See Cal   scratched the other day for today's race......Cal-bred just fired her lifetime best albeit on a good track .........not sure if she is as good on a fast surface but if she is she fits well in this spot

6  Whirling   double barrel action from the Mandella barn as he also trains our top pick......tossed a clunker in her latest but continues to train as if she is healthy........rather confident she mounts a rebound but to what degree is tough call


race 4    average clarity

2  Breezy Bee   last two races which were both on the grass at Del Mar fit very well at today's lower maiden level.......filly has been absent for over a year but her a.m. prowess hints she is fit and ready fresh off of the bench.........brothers Desormeaux seem to be in "go mode" right now

6  Tig Tog   seems like an overdue drop into maiden claiming for this filly who runs well but has yet to win in 11 starts (11 0 3 4)

5  Gattaia   lost to our 2nd choice at GG (seemingly fair and square) two races back but her lifetime best was the only time she has seen the Del Mar turf........that and her trainer is 36% win & 73% in the money with the MSW to maiden claiming move

4  See That Kat


race 5    below average clarity

1  K P's Smokin   lone dirt race that this filly ever ran on the Dmr surface stands out as so much her best ever........and that race like today was run at one mile.......positive rider switch and the trainer appears to be in go mode of late..........if she is up to a repeat of her aforementioned 11 August Dmr race she should be tough in this spot

4  Peachy   best routing on the dirt (2 1 1 0).......seems to like racing of off of short rest......she does today and also gets to run turf to dirt which is usually a plus for most horses

5  Mousey Mousey   invader from Canada made a significant step up in maiden claiming (MC16K to MC50K) in her latest seemingly out of nowhere (and with no sign that she warranted a multi-level step up) in her last.........but the connections knew what they were doing as she won her 1st ever at a route by 5 1/2 lengths to break her maiden at odds of 24 to 1 in a 6 horse field........bothers to ship from Vancouver to Del Mar.......gets the meets leading jock to ride.......interesting and unusual sort for sure

6  Cooper Cowgirl

2  Rolling Shadow


race 6    average clarity

3  Objective   tightly spaced work tab for this Proctor MSW 1st time starter and she sure appears meant and ready at 1st asking as she held her 6 day work interval despite the long ship from Fai to SA.......that is very rare indeed......and Tom Proctor gets his old pal Stevens to accept the mount

7  Data Storm Kitty   solid MSW debut two back on the dirt at SA.......effort was better than par and unless you are a touring gold pro below par is a very good thing..........turf race in start number two was OK opening up a lead in the stretch and tiring bad late.....back on the turf for start number 3 and with endurance building a.m. work that hints she is ready fresh off of a 12 week layoff and with more staying power this time around

5  Sold It    pounded in her MSW debut to even money and didn't live up to her support at the windows whatsoever.........switch to the turf might help........we shall see

2  Shut It Up

1  Apples Arch


race 7    average clarity

5  California Journey   good move by Hollendofer putting his new shooter (used to be in the Chew barn) on the main track for the 1st time as he ran a lifetime top and the strength of the effort is somewhat since are solid......last might be good enough and he seems up for even more this afternoon

1  Ninety Nine Proof   like the move to his first at a dirt route as he handled two turn turf racing just fine and he sure appears to be a better dirt horse than a turf horse........Miller four year old should be in the mix from the get go and very dangerous

7  Ground Attack

2  Duluth


race 8    average clarity

2  Tough It Out    3 for 3 on the Del Mar grass......2 for 8 on other turf........1 for 1 at the marathon 11 furlong turf distance..........good post and an adequate turf jock up in Tiago Pereira........trainer has been fairly hot of late..........hard not to like

4  Lucky Soul   was screaming out for more ground to cover and he sure ran well in his latest when he got it........ retains Prat and for a trainer in Michael McCarthy who was firing on all cylinders at the SA fall meeting.......four year old gelding gets another furlong to deal with today (from 10F to 11F) which should be to his advantage

3  Icy Street   nothing cooking in 2018 so far (only two starts) but 3rd out after a long layoff and back in short rest both indicate he might be up to his 2017 form........Sadler is stout 3rd out off of a layoff and this colt's lone win came off of short rest.....last race 13 days ago........hmmmm

5  Alsatian

1  Red King

7  Epical





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Del Mar for Monday 12 November 2018

Shout out to all my fellow veterans especially those who saw battle. Enjoy your day.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Portal Creek   here is the comment for our 2nd selection in race 5 on 4 Oct where she went off at 16 to 1 and won for fun "only one in four lifetime endeavors looks good in this spot but she appears to be much sharper in the a.m. hinting Ryan Hanson has tweaked something for the better.......should be a nice price"..........3 solid drills since her win.......last might do the trick but I believe she will show even more today

6  Midnight Miracle   done little wrong in her 4 lifetime starts and might be at her best on the Dmr dirt.........shooting for her 4th win in a row and she is 2 for 2 with Stevens........hard not to like

1  Be Lifted   last was decent and gets a rider upgrade for today to Prat......likely needs a small forward move today to take down this race.......3 drills since her 12 Oct race hints she's feeling good and might provide one


race 2    average clarity

4  Chasing Yesterday   powerful MSW debut 3 back at Dmr so Baffert saw fit to ship x-country to Sar for a G1..........horrid trip in the race gave his filly no shot to strut her start was back home at SA again and was another strong since hint she is very fit and likely to have plenty of kick when push comes to shove in the late stages of this 7F $100K Stakes

3  It'sjustanillusion   solid move forward in her 2nd lifetime race running only 1/2 length behind our top choice...............seemingly has the most early speed in the race so like her 1st two racing endeavors she should be loose again........thus.......dangerous

1  Der Lu   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  double barrel action from Baffert as he also trains our top pick........very nice debut but a little less than our top two selections........maybe a nice stalk position can lead to a perfect trip and help her overcome a little less ability (so far) than our top two


race 3    average clarity

1  Zestful   decent hill grass race at SA off of a 56 day break should set him up nicely for today's one mile turf route off of 16 days rest.........brutal trip at one mile on the turf at Del Mar two back.......he showed so much trouble/pace that the fig earned is better than par for today's level despite being beat by 10L

2  Flip the Coin   double barrel action from O'Neill as he also conditions our top pick........colt seemingly should be able to get what he needs to win as in on the lead.......dangerous sort

5  Spirit Mission   the classic short comment line in your local paper works here "best of the rest"

7  Buckstopper Kit

8  Hey Sequoia


race 4    below average clarity

5  Whata Flirt   wide on a rail bias hides the strength of her last.......track played a little outside yesterday so if it stays the same today that "wide" run would make her awfully tough today if she holds form

4  Big Base   seems better suited to shorter sprint distances like the 5 1/2F offered here.......and her latest at 7F isn't too shabby......should be motoring late

2  Gone Skyward   takes that ever magical drop from MSW racing to low-level maiden claiming.......already owned some speed and now adds blinkers.....solid a.m......she likely will try to open up a lead and never look back

6  Desired Edge


race 5    average clarity

7  Big Buzz   solid move forward in his 2nd lifetime start in a grass race at Del Mar which was run off of short rest.....with that in mind logic suggests that he should be ready for a peak performance 2nd out after a long layoff......and..........his rider has 5 wins already to start the new meeting

8  Cupid's Claw   2 of his 3 lifetime grass races fit solidly here and his trainer can do no wrong to start the meeting with 3 wins with 4 starters........that and I like the cut back in distance which likely will enhance his endurance at one mile today

5  Stonegate   lost to a couple of others in this race in his latest......but......he gets to come back off of much shorter rest and he seemed much more suited to a one mile grass race than a 9 furlong grass race......and I like the rider change for a route turf race

3  Sellwood

4  Arch Anthem


race 6    below average clarity

7  Dukes Up   voided claim at 20K last time out but he gets ample time to recover.......and the drop makes sense as Miyadi and company only claimed him for 12.5K and made some decent money off of the claim......also it is a good time to drop as it is tough to take a horse by way of the claiming box following a voided claim

8  Point Piper   significant drop here.......claim me please...... or...... drop makes sense as he hasn't won a race in 2017 & 2018.......that and he is at his best on the Del Mar dirt (4 1 3 0)

5  Holland Road   rider upgrade and to a "hot" one at that........and an improved (and that is rather subtle) 4F work since his latest run on 19 October....rather sure he moves forward what degree is the ? mark

6  Monterey Shale

3  Freedies Dream


race 7    average clarity

2  More Ice   very poor trip in latest which was run on 8 October........won his one mile grass race prior to that on the Dmr turf........vastly improved work since.......and for the first time gets a rider other than an apprentice on his back.......and considering the new jock is Prat that is quite a turf rider upgrade......better post too

6  Seven Scents   solid races on the dirt as his last three are better than par for today's racing level.........1st on the turf but owns a decent pedigree for.......hit jock sticks around for the 4th straight time.......hard not to like

4  Our Silver Oak   on the improve with each and every start.......if he can keep the trend going and handles his 1st on the turf and a route he will fit well.........pedigree for it is decent for both for this Cal-bred

1  Sammys Dream

3  The Creep


race 8    below average clarity (SHF carryover here)

7  Mr. Class   major league rider upgrade and improved a.m. work.......broke his maiden in his debut only to get disqualified.........rides in next to starts are not so hot eirther.......Kent finally gets the mount from brother Keith.......all systems go today

9  Stay in Yo Lane   sprint-route-sprint maneuver is usually a good thing when the trainer is O'Neill......that and I like the 9 lbs off for today.......5 lbs for the bug boy and in for 28K for another 4 lbs

5  Malibu Bay   1st time starter with a steady diet of decent 5F works and I like that 2 of his last 3 were from the gate.......trainer has had one nice (break-out) year in S Cal

6  Shake N Fries

4  Agronomo  another with a positive rider change.....two of his three lifetime starts fit fine and one of the two was at Del Mar and was his debut

1  Lagoon





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Del Mar for Sunday 11 November 2018

Seems like a decent card this afternoon. Be back with you Monday for the Veterans Day race card.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Girl Downstairs  top turf jock Prat should work out a very nice up close position in an affair that should favor those that do......Prat won the 15 August version of this race by 6 1/4 lengths

1  Believe Indeed   Bejarano should get a nice ground saving trip behind our 3rd selection in a race that should yield a reasonable set of fractions thus favoring those close front end of things

4  Ok Doll   training as if Yakteen and company mean business with this mare running fresh off of the bench........bug boy is likely to try to open up a lead and never look back


race 2    average clarity

7  Dancing Belle   3rd out following a long break today and that should be a good thing as this filly ran very well in her 3rd lifetime start last year.....that and her off pace running style should be a good fit in this affair where our 2nd pick is liking to cut out some fast fractions

2  Creative Girl    solid better than par MSW sprint race in her last her 2nd lifetime start........she can really fly so look for Baze to attempt to get the lead in her 1st around two turns.......bred just fine for a route

3  Giveherdalute  sprint-sprint-route maneuver for this Baffert 3rd time starter........and one of Baffert's better starts (and that is saying something) is with the move as in 41% win with his last 41.......yikes

4  Waze Ready


race 3    average clarity

2  Banze No Oeste   race is loaded with speed so this gelding's off pace running style should be an advantage here.......and you have to like Geovanni Franco in the irons as he has won 4 the 1st two days of this new meeting

6  Exotic Ghost   consistent sort on main track surfaces but he tossed a clunker in his last.....previous 3 races all fit well and one of them was in a route at Del Mar where he lost to our top choice by a head.......needs a rebound......recent works hint he might provide one

4  Above Board   race is loaded with significant route speed which this fellow also has......but........he is capable of stalking and winning and that sure seems like it would be wise here..........very strong rider & trainer combo in Hernandez & Trela.......that and Trela is 7 for her last 12 1st out following a claim which is the case here


race 4    above average clarity

7  Neighborhood Bully   runs best at Dmr and the last time he raced turf to dirt like today he won by more than 7 lengths......1st time he has raced further than 6F on the dirt but the extra 1/2 furlong to cover today sure appears as if it will be a plus.......and Van Dyke has a solid history on the three-year old colt

6  Italiano   lone sprint dirt race with the blinkers on is his lifetime best and run at Del Mar......that race fits well here and considering he handled 7F you would think that 6 1/2F would be a piece of cake

3  Wild Verse   three-year old gelding is getting better with each and every race........and considering that Miller is hardly ever afraid to lose a given horse it seems noteworthy that he steps this younger up in class quite a bit

4  Redesign


race 5    average clarity

6  Falcone   this Keith Desormeaux colt has only had a good grass rider up once in his five lifetime grass races and the number he earned that day stands out as so much his best effort.....and that rider is the brother of the trainer.......hard not to like this (5 0 4 0) lifetime route grass horse

1  Rumpus Cat   high percentage trainer 1st out following a claim in Baltas......and he is able to get Prat to ride.........good post to work with for the stellar grass rider........only route turf race is decent......dangerous sort

3  Shaky Alibi   four-year old gelding seems better suited to sprint turf races as he has been flattening out late in his turf routes.......but he should be able to open up a lead in this spot and if Bejarano can slow things down he just might hang on for a win

4  Mo Bob


race 6    average clarity

6  Fast Cotton   lifetime best and by a wide margin (and it's strength greatly disguised) was his lone race at Dmr which was run 2 back........a ton here is he repeats the effort and gets an OK trip

7  Harley's Pride   lone race was on the AW at GG almost a year ago in a MSW race.....number earned that day fits well at today's lower sure hint he is ready fresh......already showed solid early speed and now gets blinkers......might get away and not get caught

9  Rounding for Home   trainer and apprentice rider have teamed up twice with one pricey winner.......1st time starter hasn't missed a beat in the morning dating back to 6 Sept.........and trainer Phil Oviedo is decent with 1st time starters

10  Grand Minister

5  Sought Bai


race 7    above average clarity

4  Worthy Turk   outside of his race two back this gelding owns very strong Santucci figs in turf routes and especially so at Del Mar......and now gets 1st time Prat and with a good post........hard not to like and make as the top selection

8  Souter   capable of running better than par but still likely will need lifetime best to beat our top choice (note he did beat in him his latest) if he runs the race I think he will

3  Snazzy Dresser   should be loose in this spot and might be more capable of slowing down early with the blinkers coming off for today.......dangerous sort

7  Ayacara

5  Hot American


race 8    average clarity

8  S Y Sky   shows up every time and she is the lightest assigned weight of any four-year old in the field.......that should come in handy when push comes to shove in this 7F affair

3  Just Me Grazed   double barrel action from D'Amato as he also trains our top selection.....not easy to place this filly 2nd as she has won both of her lifetime sprints by an average of 5L......mainly placed 2nd as she is three and has to carry 2 more lbs than her four-year old barn partner S Y Sky

2  Love a Honeybadger   (6 4 1 10) since the blinkers were taken off.......has one way of running and that is at full throttle from the get go.......and Miller is one stout trainer with speed sprinters

4  Spiced Perfection


race 9    below average clarity

1  Operandi   (8 3 3 1) since the blinkers were put on.......has run this level race 2 times at Dmr at 5F and it has led to a win and a 2nd.......Prat wisely stays up for Andrew Lerner following a nice 1st out after the claim win down the hill at SA

2  Bako Sweets   very consistent sort for William Morey and company at GG and her lone 5F grass race at GG looks rather good........that and the trainer does awfully well with his N Cal shippers

7  Herunbridledpower   ultra consistent sort albeit vs. softer but she should love the abbreviated 5F turf sprint distance.....and she is quite versatile winning on or off the pace.....she has been in the exacta when racing on the fast rated dirt or the turf 16 of 21 races and 9 of the 16 were 1st place finishes

4  Coco Kisses

3  Shylock Eddie



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Del Mar for Saturday 10 November 2018

Hope to keep the ball rolling after a nice opening day at Del Mar. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

6  Bahamian  might be a good claim by Cerin as this gelding's race 2 back at today's 5F distance (and run on the Dmr turf) is par like for the MSW level..........then in his next start at SA (in a race down the hill) his effort was also decent and disguised by a tough trip........he was wide on the turn on the grass then he and bore out crossing the dirt a couple of lengths.......solid improved a.m. work since the claim hints Cerin has a good handle on his new addition to the barn

3  Sir Eddie   shows up every time when sprinting on the turf.....but so far he seems to have little clue at what it means to hold a lead and win.......maybe the blinkers coming off might change things but then again the trainer is 0 for his last 9 (and only 2 even hit the board) with "blinkers off"

2  Shanghai Billy   nice MSW debut two races back on the dirt......clunker in 2nd lifetime start......likely hurt in the race as he has been away since......returns as a first time gelding and with a strong work tab that suggests he is ready once again "fresh" like he was in his debut.......1st on the sod is a question mark with only a so so pedigree for it

1  Persuasive Cat

9  Spanish Bay


race 2    below average clarity

6  Ciao Luna   by far at her best and very consistent when competing at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance......proven on the Del Mar dirt........good trainer/rider combo in Knapp and Franco......rather sure this three-year old fires a good effort

4  We Will Rejoice   7 for 10 at "today's distance"......would have been top pick if she didn't have a record of (4 0 0 1) at Del Mar on the dirt.......still don't count her out of the win picture in this spot

2  Easter Dream   1 for 10 on the synthetic........won her only race on conventional dirt at Otp by a widening at the wire 3 lengths......1st out following the Vallejo claim and the trainer has won 9 for his last 28 with the move........dangerous sort

1  Bragging Rights


race 3    average clarity

7  Sedamar   strong better than par Santucci fig in her 2nd lifetime start in the 18 August version of this one mile Cal-bred one mile grass jock today and an underrated one in Ruben Fuentes following a wide trip from a good starting post from M Garcia.......highly likely to be a major factor in the outcome of this race as this appears to be a soft group

4  Stylin Ocean    decent first on the grass in her 2nd lifetime start finishing behind our top pick by a couple of lengths.........the effort appears to have really muscled her up as she just worked an eye-popping 59:1 best of 40 bullet drill at SA.......expecting a forward move what degree seems to be the is the ? mark

2  Don'tbeboisterous   strong improvement in her second lifetime start and the effort is hidden some by a slow start and a bit of a wide trip........1st at a route and the her pedigree to handle the sod but not as crazy about her ability to take to a route

10  Apache Princess

3  Boolicious


race 4    average clarity

6  Super Touch   very consistent when Diodoro has put him up for a tag.........strong bullet 5F preparatory work at Tup just 6 days ago......gelding has handled Dmr decently in the past

4  London Legacy   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  double barrel action from the Diodoro barn as he also trains our top selection........six year old gelding has had a very strong 2018 (10 6 2 2) on the dirt........seems well placed to succeed........Maldonado up so that hints the connections want this fellow on or close to the lead

2  Fire to the Wire   seems like they old gimme/go for this gelding.......raced over his head in his last in a protected race........back up for 16K today which was the claiming level that Lerner claimed him for two races our 2nd choice he should be in the mix from the get go

3  Stringent


race 5    average clarity

1  My Sweet Baboo   very solid effort/fig in the 3 September version of this MSW race and it was this youngster's debut.......connections were able to get Prat (who is terrific with two year old developing grass horses) to ride her debut and he is also up today........better post for Flavien to work with this afternoon.......graduation day has a decent shot at occurring today

9  Colonial Creed   ignore hill race in his latest as he blew the turn badly crossing the effort in the same 3 September race as our top selection..........earned a Santucci fig that 2 1/2L better than our top pick.......only made the 2nd choice because the top choice seemingly has more upside potential

7  Flying Blue   decent pair of one mile grass races to start career.....but......she will likely need her best to date if either of our top two picks repeat their 3 September race

6  Mercy Mercy

3  Fashion Island


race 6    average clarity

5  Carrie's Success   very strong vastly improved 4F work put in 8 days ago........lone lifetime win came turf to dirt in her 3rd lifetime start.......3rd out following a long layoff today and once again races turf o dirt........hmmmm

7  Lucky Val   both lifetime sprint races are better than par efforts for today's given level......and her latest was run off of 95 days rest........79 days rest today.........once very dangerous Kathy Walsh is win-less for 2018 albeit with only 12 starters......she might get the elusive victory today

2  Sea Glass   possible back to back excuses........might not have liked the off track in her last and she had a very bad trip 2 back.....prior two races which were her 1st two with the blinkers on fit fine here.........dangerous sort

6  Majestic Authority

1  Dressed in Prada


race 7    average clarity

2  Prince Earl   seems likely to get a nice ground saving mid pack position at least thru turn his chances if that is his position as there is enough early speed to play into his in flatter his late kick

1  Afleet Ascent   hard trying sort shows up almost every time..........looking for his effort run 3 back which was at Del Mar and at today's one mile turf distance.........nasty post in that race (post 12)......1 post today......Desormeaux has options as his mount showed he can run a strong effort without the lead in that race 3 back

5  Extrordinary Jerry   seems best at one mile on the tur..f.....gets a jock upgrade......last race run at Del Mar was at today's turf distance and is quite a bit better than it appears in print.......some shot at the winners circle but easy to make 3rd pick-a-rue

3  Choo Choo


race 8    average clarity

5  Shivermetimbers   at her best at Del Mar (3 2 0 1) and the two wins were with today's rider Mike Smith aboard.......ironically her 3rd place race at Dmr where she was beaten by 7 1/2 lengths is by far her career best earning an adjusted Santucci fig (11 lengths of adjustment) that was equivalent to a G1 effort

7  Captain Scotty   not much dirt speed signed up so this sprinter trying long for the 1st time has a good spot to snatch the front end of things which should enhance his chances of being tough in his 1st two turn endeavor....and then there is the Peter Miller factor

3  Ike Walker   best at Del Mar on the dirt and by a wide margin.......and also seems best at today's one mile distance.......dangerous "horse for course" type here

4  Pepe Tono


race 9    average clarity (SHF carryover here)

2  Out of Balance   nice 17 to 1 MSW turf sprint debut down the majestic SA hill grass course and it seems like a good sign that she is able to return in 22 days for today's one mile grass race which she was likely was pointed for all along........excellent pedigree to handle the one mile of turf......good post should help the bug boy work out an OK trip

10  Tapwater   very strong dirt debut in a MSW race run on July since but returns with a work regiment that says she is ready fresh........very solid distance/turf pedigree........nasty post but the right guy to overcome it in Prat

9  Encanta   solid race down the hill in her last answers the can she handle the turf she needs to answer the route question........pedigree for a route is decent.....and she has the classic sprint-sprint-route scenario for today's our 2nd choice the post is no bargain

6  Bizwhacks

1  Ask the Customer

5  Samandah


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Del Mar for Friday 9 November 2018

Opening day card at Del Mar starts a period where there are 8 days of racing in the next 10 days.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

3  My Farmer   Hollendorfer likely claimed this gelding with Del Mar in mind as his new four-year old has won 2 of 3 and was 3rd in the other......solid improved drill put in on 4 the fact Jerry sees fit to put him up 2 levels

1  Dedicated to You   trainer finished the SA on the upswing following a long slump.......last appears to be a gimme of sorts......if that is so lookout today at a level this Washington-bred should handle

6  Twirling Tiger   claim back by Charles Treece appears to be on a rebound of sorts and might be at his best in route races which he hasn't seen in quite some time......good sign that Tyler Baze rides thru the claim

7  Clear the Mine


race 2    below average clarity

3  Trappiza   on the improve since the blinkers became part of her arsenal........ran better than appears in print in her latest as the heat she participated in was a fast one for the FMC20K level and she was caught four wide........same 7F to cover today.......also the same (somewhat underrated) jock up

1  Eskenforadrink    lifetime best was run on the Dmr dirt off of 23 days rest.......22 days since her last which was run at a route........that route mile should give her the endurance to be tough today running at one furlong less

4  Sweet Congrats   can't win at the lowest MC level on the turf so the connections are willing to race at the lowest dirt level available.........not sure how much ability she has on the dirt........we likely will find out today

2  Heloise


race 3    average clarity

7  X S Gold   toss out last her 1st on the dirt as her pedigree is not good for it........race two back run on the Del Mar grass is strong......race prior to that (also at Dmr) she broke thru the gate and like so many that do she did not run so well.......and in her only other Dmr turf race she won for fun........all that and a bullet 5F drill put in 8 days ago

8  Majorie E   improved since going on Lasix........last is OK but what we want is her very strong winning effort two races back........Prat and his agent are believers as they stick with the filly for a 4th straight race

4  Tenthousandreasons   very fast 12.5K claimer supported by the 6 1/4L win.......the number earned fits well at today's higher alw level if of course she can run as well on the grass in her 1st ever on it......pedigree for it is OK

2  Super Patriot

5  Sapphire Kid


race 4    average clarity

3  Easy Shot   small move forward in his 2nd lifetime start earning a par like effort for today's slightly lower level........improved a.m. work since.......he is the only runner in the field who has raced on the Dmr surface and he has been on it twice........same as his last or better seems likely this afternoon

1  Trojan Magic   Bob Baffert 1st time starter is out working anyone in this field and bug boy Espinoza has been getting live mounts from the Hall of Fame trainer of in 3 wins from the last 4 mounts

2  Manhattan Up   decent MC75K debut which should fit on the step up to MC100K if he logically benefits from his 1st start...........Franco wisely sticks around to see if he will


race 5    above average clarity

3  Mongolian Window   blinkers off today and the only two races with them off (3 & 4 back) when Miller was the trainer are quite good and disguised in their strength........that and Miller has tightened his filly up with 26 furlongs of work over only a 24 day time span........should be a price and that is never easy to get with a Peter M runner these days

2  Foxtail   Sadler four-year old filly has only raced off of short rest once and when she did (two races back) she fired her lifetime best and by a wide margin.......short rest today and a better turf jock up today than who rode that (strong better than par) race two back.......such a deal

5  Lil Bit Dangerous   not much in latest but gets a rider upgrade and her race two back would have some shot at taking down this race......trainer James Cassidy has a sub par 2018 and seems due to heat things up

6  Take a Leap

4  Lucky Knickers


race 6    below average clarity

7  Big Barrel   solid move forward in his latest and for the 1st time gets to race off of a relatively short time interval of 26 days........decent rider/trainer combo in Quinonez and Powell.......1st on the Del Mar surface is a small ? mark

5  Dubnation   plenty of furlongs put into this D'Amato 1st time starter hinting this race is not a "tune-up".......that and mom has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters and two of those winners were Stakes winners........and the only two times that the D'A has legged up bug boy Figueroa over the last two months has led to two visits to the circle of joy........hmmm

6  Clyde's Pride   might be a sprint tune-up to prepare for what he is proven at as in a turf route........but 1st time Hollendorfer and plenty of a.m. work put Jerry trying to make him a dirt horse or is this a tightener.......we shall see

2  Red Envelope


race 7    above average clarity

7  Way to Versailles   1st time Peter Miller in her last and she fired her lifetime best........retains top turf jock Flavien Prat.........four year old filly should sit in a nice stalk of lead position in what likely will be a reasonable set of fractions

6  Quebec   beat our top selection by a nose in her last and like our top pick earned a lifetime best number......3 very reassuring solid works since.......proven on the Del Mar sod........not out of the win picture by any means

10  Sweet Charity   very consistent five-year old mare on the grass who missed a check for the 1st time in her latest but it was because of a bad trip (bumped at the start and then ran wide).......she has been away since that race which was run 9 months ago but she has shown she can fire strong efforts fresh off of the bench

11  Last Promise Kept

4  Excellent Sunset


race 8    average clarity

4  Queen Carmelita   bad trip (with 1st time blinkers) in a fast heat of two-year old filly MC30K runners hides an effort that is par like for the given level.......strong rider/trainer combo the last 5 races with two wins and a 3rd.......reassuring 4F work since her 18 Oct race.......should be tough with a better trip if she handles her 1st at Dmr

5  Norwegian   like our top selection this Norski moved forward and beat our top pick in her latest with the blinkers put on for the 1st time.......despite her strong connections she was placed 2nd instead of first because she doesn't show a work since her 18 Oct race

2  Tiz a Master   1st time starter appears to be training as if she is meant and ready to roll to compete at a high level at the lowly MC30K two-year old level.......and if she has early speed the 5 1/2 furlongs with the apprentice up should enhance her chances of being a debut winner

1  Kate's Princess

8  Equal Measure


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