Nice day on Thanksgiving Day. See below.

26 Nov 15:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, top, top, top pick $3,092.60 2nd race superfecta box of 4 given picks $331.80. 3rd race top pick over other 4 given picks superfecta $2,104.00. 3rd race top pick over next two picks trifecta paid $301.00. 3rd race pick 3 hit COLD $84.80. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD $35.00. 5th race top pick over 3 other given picks $184.80.

12 Nov 15:   3rd race pick 6 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd choice for $37,750.60. 3rd race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd pick $261.60. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick $307.80. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd pick $642.60. 5th race pick 4 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd pick for $2,381.60. 

8 Nov 15:   1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, long-shot play (which was the only long-shot suggestion of the pick 5 sequence) paid $12,167.00. Here's our comment about the $49.00 long-shot:   8 Eagle Rock  meets leading rider is up for Denise Breuer who just snatched this three year old at the claiming box.....not much in last but race 2 back fits......and the works for his new trainer hint that he might rebound to that effort. 2nd race box of top 2 picks paid an exacta of $26.80. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd pick, longshot pick, 2nd pick $168.20.  5th race pick 3 was longshot pick, 2nd pick, 4th pick $655.60. 6th race longshot, 2nd pick double paid $95.60. 5th race longshot paid $49.00 win, $21.40 place, $11.20 show.

5 Nov 15:   After one scratch our top choice won 2 races, 2nd choice 3 races and 3rd choice 2 races and on a day nobody hit the pick 6. 3rd race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $35.60. 3rd race pick 6 was 3rd, miss, top, 2nd, top, 3rd pick for 5 of 6 paying $1,899.20. 5th race pick 5 was top, 2nd, top, 3rd pick for $1,523.00. 6th race 2nd, top pick exacta $25.60

1 Nov 15:   1st race pick 5 was top, top, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd pick $738.40. 3rd race pick 6 was 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, top, 3rd, 4th pick $16,609.40. 7th race (Grade 2) trifecta box of 3 given picks $259.00. (exacta $74.40)

23 Oct 15:   Top choice won 4 of the 8 races carded with only one of the winners going off as the favorite. 2nd choice won one race $13.80 and a 3rd choice won one race $11.60. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, top, top, 3rd choice $1,814.20. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $12.40. 2nd race double also hit COLD $25.80. 3rd race double hit COLD $13.00. 4th race exacta hit COLD $9.40 

16 Oct 15:   After quite a few scratches:  3rd race pick 6 was 4th, top, 2nd, 2nd, top, 3rd choice $11,566.40. 6th race trifecta box of 3 given picks $134.00 (exacta $56.80). 6th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 3rd pick $124.00. 7th race exacta hit COLD $13.40. Following 2 scratches 8th race trifecta box of 3 given picks $83.60. 

11 Oct 15:   After and scratches:   3rd race double was 2nd choice, 2nd choice $52.40. 4th race pick 6 was 2nd, top, 4th, 3rd, top, 5th pick for $53,867.60. 5th race exacta hit COLD $17.20. 6th race pick 4 was 4th, 3rd, top, 5th pick $2,788.80

2 Oct 15:   After any scratches our top choice won 3 races and our second choice won 4 races on an 8 race card. Not too shabby on a day that nobody hit the Pick 6. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 2nd, top, top pick for $2,669.80. 2nd race top choice over other 3 picks superfecta was $852.60. 3rd race box of top 3 picks paid a trifecta of $100.20 and a box of all 4 picks paid a superfecta of $317.00. 4th race double hit COLD $50.00. 5th race exacta hit COLD $21.20. 


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Del Mar for Thursday 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Heed to Speed   just claimed by a red-hot Peter Miller and he was able to get this young filly to work 13 furlongs within 6 days.......plenty of endurance put into her for her 1st ever route endeavor which she is bred to handle......sure seems meant and ready

5  Sarno's B F F   not the best of trips in MC debut.....needs a cleaner trip and needs to handle two turns.....another hot trainer in O'Neill to get it out of her

7  Mended   seemed to be out for air in last running very wide in a protected MSW race.....back quick and back where she was claimed and Keith Desormeaux is strong historically 2nd out following a claim

6  Good Looking


race 2    average clarity

1  Nicardalic Rocks   on the right end of the learning curve and a repeat of his latest has a decent chance of getting the job done here......and if he progresses once again he will be rather solid

6  Twirling Tiger   invader has been facing better and fits today's race condition awfully well.....1st time at a route is a ? mark but he owns a good pedigree for one

3  Sugar Buzz   another on the improve and appears to appreciate two turn racing........might be ready for a move forward as his recent a.m. work is improved......not out of this by any means

4  Mishegas


race 3    below average clarity

2  Gift Of a Star   strong awakening in 2nd lifetime start........should finish up well coming off of an 1 1/8th turf race........been awhile since McAnally won a race but the Hall of Fame trainer might here

12  Margaret Reay   better speed in latest with the addition of blinkers.....might be up to her 2014 turf form which would likely make for graduation day this afternoon......could have graduated in 2014 but spent too much time running over her head

1  Yaffe   very flat past one mile on the sod.......maybe blinkers on can help her stay the extra 1/ recent bullet 4F drill hints it might

6  Untouchable U

Long-shot consideration:   3 Tap Dancing   has a pedigree that screams turf route.......finally gets a grass route race after 5 sprint races since arriving in the good old U S of A........and gets it off of a work tab that hints she is sharp for one


race 4    below average clarity

2  Smooth Talker   bit too ambitiously placed in last......back where she fits and fits for a trainer on fire in Doug O'Neill

1  Bar Car    last was so so but a bullet work since hints at an improved filly......seems at her best coming from off of it some (blinkers off should help that) should the switch to Nakatani

8  Warrensdollarsigns   last does not get the job done (was dead on the board)........race two back could.....tricky trainer in Steve Knapp.........rebound in form is possible

6  Shakeitupbetty


race 5    average clarity

2  Tiz a Classy Lass    Marty Jones has broken out of a prolonged slump and is quietly having a good meeting with limited starters.......4 or 7 lifetime one mile turf starts fit well here for this mare including her last.......good post - good rider - and a trainer firing on all cylinders......easy to put on top here

7  Jade With Envy   smooth running mare........sure a plus on the grass where trip is most of the battle......2 for 6 at one mile on the turf......0 for 10 at other mile today and back to Bejarano who has fit this Panic Stable filly well in the past

4  Peggy Sue's Loose   2 for 2 with Desormeaux in the irons.........won the SA addition of this race in her last......seems likely to get a nice ground saving trip somewhere near the front end of the race

3  Stole a Kiss


race 6    average clarity

9  Patriotic Diamond   only Stakes winner in this allowance race and she won the race as a maiden.....thus she is still eligible for the filly nw alw level.......retains Bejarano who has been up for all 3 of her lifetime starts

8  Forthenineteen   tossed a clunker in her last but take note as there wasn't any action on the board at all.....back in shorter rest hints the race was needed......race 2 back with a better trip has a shot at getting the job done

1  Sambamzajammin   beat our top choice in her latest.....solid in the a.m. since.......good trainer with two-year old runners........might have considered on top if it wasn't for a struggling jock sitting on a tough post

3  Run Like the Boss


race 7    average clarity

2  Up With the Birds   Graham Motion has been firing with his limited starters and ships in this five-year old off of a big 2nd in a prestitious Grade 1 at WO at today's 1 1/2 distance........a true marathon runner and quite a few in this race are not

6  The Pizza Man   only beaten by 4L in the Grade 1 B C turf........very impressive in his two previous (very prestigious) Grade 1's.......very consistent on any grass course whether it is yielding/good/firm

14  Big John B   obviously needs a rebound (lost to our 2nd pick by 15L in B C Turf).......3 for 3 on the Del Mar grass course should help provide should firmer turf

3  Danas Best


race 8    average clarity

5  And Then Some   both lifetime races sprinting on the dirt are solid here with a better trip.....blinkers on today to help his focus and also a new jock......tough in this spot if changes work out

2  Silver Chrome   takes the ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing for lifetime start number two and runs for the 1st time as a gelding.........flashed some impressive drills in early Oct likely right after going under the knife........steady easy does it weekly works since.......probably not to show too much.......danger city

6  Finnerty's Folly   sorry Ty but Eikleberry off has been one powerful handicapping tool..........two year old fell off some in latest following fairly decent rider and a rebound and this youngster should be dangerous

3  Little Mustard

12  Deputy Dane

10  Sammy Wonder Stone

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Del Mar for Sunday 22 November 2015

With the early post of 11:00 a.m. for Thanksgiving Day we will post the selections for Thursday no later than 7 a.m. Pacific time for your convenience.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Sunday Rules   superior animal who can cut out nasty fractions and still be a handful for her competition on main track if she takes to the lawn in her 1st on it she should be stout at the abbreviated 5F sprint distance

4  My Year Is a Day   good history sprinting on the turf in France......1st time under the guidance of D'Amato and he wisely puts her in this sprint following 2 so so route turf races since arriving from Europe

2  Home Journey   hard to argue with a record of (3 2 1 0) racing at 5 or 6 furlongs on the grass....not out of this by any means


race 2    average clarity

4  Ultimate Luck   1st ever at the extended sprint distance of 7F but he finishes at 6 1/2F as if the distance will be a good fit......and I believe putting the light weight apprentice up will enhance his chances of finishing well when others will be gasping in air and/or feeling chronic pain

8  Sunrise Legacy   very solid improvement in latest winning in decent time at 1/2 furlong less than today's 7F trainer/jockey combo ( 4 for 9 over the last 2 months)......very good history running off of short rest like today

1  Monument   after hitting rock bottom this five-year old gelding seems to be on a rebound of the switch to Lopez  who is a decent bug boy and especially so in sprints

2  Formally Wild


race 3    below average clarity

3  Ipray   placed over head 1st after the Palma claim to get in a tune-up........back to the level he was claimed for..........(3 2 1 0) at the distance........Palma has won 4 of his last 10 2nd following a claim

7  Chia Love    seems to be on a rebound of sorts and now gets a significant jock upgrade........solid rider/trainer combo in Gutierrez/Baltas

4  Luvuryan    last fits and so does quite a few other efforts.....but.....not so hot at running back to back competitive efforts....but gets Bejarano for the 1st time hinting the mold might be broken today

9  Abets Abet


race 4    average clarity

8  Unforgettable U   vastly improved filly since R Baltas took over the training duties 3 races back.......continues to train exceptionally well.......1st on the turf but owns a decent pedigree for it.......ignore last..........dueled in a brutal pace and did so on a slightly dull inside.......that basically would do anyone in

5  Dancinthenightaway    3 for 3 in MSW or allowance races.......nw2 allowance race here.......won her only 5F grass race for fun.......away since Jan 24th but Glatt is usually ready with good laid up sprinters

6  More Complexity   very consistent sort......and.....right there at the 5/8th's mark of most of her lifetime races........also away since Jan. but won "big" off of a layoff in 2014

7  Minks Aprise


race 5   average clarity

1  Mountain Hero   flashed speed and stopped in MC debut.....blinkers put on today to help him focus longer......and drops multiple levels which is right in Puype's wheelhouse as he has won his last 5 of 7 dropping multiple claiming trainer for the meeting is likely hungry for a winner

11  Classico   deadly team of late in Bejarao/O'Neill.........and........ with a drop down MC here.........not the best of posts in a 5 1/2 furlong affair or would have been top pick-a-rooo

9  Bullish On Steve   Palma used to be weak with maiden 1st timers but not this year......and this MC 1ster is working as if he might have some ability

7  Sunny Truce


race 6    average clarity

3  Kristinite   on the improve and a good history routing on conventional dirt.......Bill Spawr is quietly having a good Dmr meting........very solid a.m. preparation for a Spawr runner.....believe ready for best

8  West Coast Storm   vastly improved since Baltas claimed albeit on the turf........but.......this four year old fily owns 3 wins and a 2nd in four lifetime route dirt races.......should be a major player

9  Handfull   route speed lady is 14 for 36 lifetime and 2 for 3 on conventional dirt.......been facing better.....rated 3rd pick mostly because she is a speed horse with numerous speed types in the race.....still with the drop in class she might be a handfull

2  Toomanytomatoes


race 7    average clarity

7  Perfectly Majestic   very consistent sort and especially so when Kent Desormeaux rides.......and my guess is he is up to a top effort 2nd out following a 2 1/2 month break

4  Yes Yes Yes   with two slow early types to his inside he very likely will be no more than two wide on the 1st turn which has been essential since the rail was moved to 18 foot position.........very hot rider/trainer combo in Gutierrez/Eurton

6  King of Jazz   not my favorite grass rider (6% over his last 181) especially in turf route but he has done little wrong riding this grass horse......speed has done decently with the rail and 18 ft and this fellow has plenty

9  Hobbits Hero


race 8    average clarity

5  Big Macher   monster of a race two back in his lone effort ever on the new Del Mar dirt course......broke poorly and ran wide and still crushed in a small Stakes race.......not the best of trips in B C Sprint race at Keeneland......slow early and too wide.......should be tough versus much softer here

7  Red Outlaw   seems likely to be on or near the lead with one tough speed rider (when he is "right" and he is now) in Maldonado......and Peter Miller is one good conditioner with "speed types"

8  Forest Chatter   has something to prove on conventional dirt as this is his 1st ever on it........but........he sure has flashed some impressive works on the dirt at SA........and if Smith & Mandella believe he can handle it........that...... is good enough for little old me

2  Solid Wager


race 9    average clarity

8  Lottie   quite the finish in her MSW debut at Kee for a two-year old filly in a 1 1/16th turf race.......and she seems to catch a somewhat soft group of S Cal MSW runners for Graham Motion and friends

5  Taffeta   MSW 1st starter owns an excellent pedigree to appreciate route turf racing.......Ben Cecil has hit the board 3 of his last 6 with 1st timers debuting on the lawn......and his go to guy is up.....and the works hint this filly is peaking/ready for her debut

6  Nikki's Fine Time   tough trip in MSW debut in the 31 Oct. version of this race......did well to only miss 2nd by a head.......and Drysdale is much more dangerous 2nd time at a grass route

2  Nodiac

3  Zira Gold

11  Aquacate


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Del Mar for Thursday 19 November 2015

Good card to start the new race week at Del Mar.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

7  Exactamente   only grass race was very solid considering today's softer level........same distance.....same turf course.......and a trainer in O'Neill who won 4 on Sunday.......should be tough

6  Two Steps of Glory   not crazy about Pedroza in route turf races unless he is on the lead and he should be able to get the lead here.......and for a trainer in Peter Miller who is awfully good with speed types

8  Blue Chat   on the right end of the learning curve with her last somewhat hidden by a wide trip.......1st on the sod but owns an OK pedigree to handle it

4  Kellianne Can Can   


race 2    average clarity

4  Dream Team   so so MSW debut......awfully good 2nd lifetime start........1st at a route but bred inside out to appreciate one.......and working as if this expensive purchase is about to pay some dividends for Baffert and company

6  Action Hero   solid improvement with the addition of blinkers in his last at only one furlong less on the dirt......showed he can handle two turns in a couple of route turf races.......working like he has remained a happy healthy individual

2  Armored Car    2nd out following a long layoff.......2nd time Lasix........1st time blinkers........all suggest this Richard Mandella colt is likely to move forward what degree seems to be question mark


race 3   average clarity

1  Missy Mouse   lone route grass race was run 2 back versus much tougher..........ran wide and was beaten by 7L......same effort with a better trip and she is the filly to overcome

3  Lost Bus   lone lifetime win came the only time this filly got a loose lead.........decent shot to be loose today and with a good route turf speed rider up in Talamo

7  Luck Out   last sure appeared to be a public workout in a non claiming affair......2 for 2 routing on the dirt prior to her (gimme?) latest........1st on the sod but owns a decent pedigree for it

6  Traiteuse


race 4    average clarity

7  Derby Glass   only true off pace runner.......fairly consistent and drops some.......Bejarano knows him well as this is the 7th straight mount on him....should be flying late

5  Vartan   like the step back up following a dip down to the 16K nw2 level in latest.......seems best around two turns........owns plenty of early speed but likely can stalk and perform well if need be

3  Warren's Wesley   seems to be on a rebound of sorts and just worked a vastly improved drill.......seems all set for another move in the desired direction

2  Thunder Basin


race 5    average clarity

6  Blue Law   seems like a MSW gimme in last to dirty up his abilities and drop and go at today's lower maiden level.......putting some doubt in the minds of the claiming vultures

8  Shortstormcoming   32 to 1 4th 1st on the grass in latest with a jock who did little right with his mounts in S Cal including this gelding.......broke slow - checked turn 1 - ran wide - still finished well.......major league rider upgrade today......should be a price

2  Run the Show    likely feeling good as Cassidy steps his four-year old gelding up the maiden claiming ladder for the 2nd straight time.......1st at a route but owns a pedigree that should handle one

7  Alltheleavesrbrown


race 6    average clarity

2  Pageant Material   outer 10 post in last at today's distance led to a tough trip breaking a little slow and running very wide........did well to finish 2nd........2 post today.......meets leading rider will be out to make amends

3  Annie's Curls   seemed to appreciate two turns in her last which was at Kee......didn't handle the off going too well getting rank....still managed to grab 2nd......might appreciate getting back to a dry surface......Smith rode her in Lexington and rides her today

4  Dreamarcher   Solis/Hollendorfer have been one live jockey/trainer combo winning 3 of 4 over the last 2 months......last effort is quite a bit better than appears in print

7  Escalante


race 7    below average clarity

4  Kristi's Copilot   three-year old has been somewhat of a bad actor so getting gelded seems like a good move.......and his a.m. prowess since going under the knife is vastly improved.......trainer has snapped out of the doldrums

3  Global Magician   consistent sort should appreciate the cut back of 1 1/2 furlongs.......lifetime best (and his only race at the distance) was at 5F on the turf..........Miller switches jocks to Espinoza.........and they have won 5 of their last dozen as a combo over the last two months

1  Signature Cat   dangerous early speed and a good gate jock aboard in Maldonado with only 5/8ths of a mile to negotiate

7  Lambo Luxx


race 8    average clarity

6  Octofy   somewhat of a suspicious drop and this youngster was a vet scratch in mid Oct........but........O'Neill is in win guess is she has enough left physically to handle today's softer level.........the kind you wouldn't want to claim but you might support at the window

1  Miss Lori   on the improve with every start and her latest is disguised by running on the dull part of the track on 30 October.......back in short rest appears to be a plus as her lone win can off of short rest two races ago

7  Some Caan Job   on the right end of the learning curve and well placed to win.......Gutierrez lands elsewhere but this is Nakatani's lone mount of the day (unless an AE he is named on draws in).......seems significant especially being the last race on the card

8  Be a Lady

2  Sharp Holiday

5  Pretty Enuff

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Del Mar for Sunday 15 November 2015

Good looking card to finish off the week. Be back with you on Thursday. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Shared Image   claim back by Machowsky and the way in which his "returnee" is working hints the conditioner has discovered the trump card for this filly which likely is the change in equipment to 1st time blinkers

3  Desert   reeled off 3 straight solid races in a row in the Fall of 2014.......two straight wins this Fall and going for another strong race again today with Gutierrez remaining aboard for a 3rd straight time..........hmmmm

1  Fast Magoo   Miller is very stout claiming horses with speed and he just snatched up this filly by way of claim........and his new shooter sure appears to have the most early gas in this 7 horse affair......dangerous speed here

2  Smooth Talker  


race 2    average clarity

1  Almost Ready    improving grass runner both in final time and pace........filly was a little speed crazy (and her jock as well) in her seems like a good move to try to slow her down some by yanking off the blinkers......and yanking off the rider as well....should be in the mix from the get go

4  Dressed to a T   solid effort in her MSW debut especially considering it was a route grass race.........debut fits fine and if she progresses she might be the one to overcome

3  Lily Kai   back where she belongs on the grass after a try on the dirt.....and she returns to her preferred surface with 1st time Bejarano......good post - good turf rider - owns tactical speed.....should get a nice journey

5  California Curl


race 3    above average clarity

2  Carlot Cowboy   last couple races for this fellow fit well......and the improved two drills since this gelding's last sure suggest he is ready for another good effort.......and Bill Spawr is very relieable when he shows good a.m. work with a given horse

4  Warren's Joe T.   trainer has done well with limited starters in 2015 and might have made a nice claim here......five year old appears to be on the rebound and might feel better than average physically coming off of a grass race......and he draws the meetings top gun in Gonzalez

7  Can't Do the Dance     Wong is one high percentage trainer (36%) and he just claimed this gelding.........he appears to have his new shooter working as if he has improved this speed route horse......and if he has he might be very tough to catch today with a 7 lbs bug boy up

8  Captain Corrigan


race 4    average clarity

2  Diplodocus   believe this Baltas 2nd time starter greatly benefited from his MSW debut as he worked an eye-popping 58:1 since......Bejarano stays put.....trainer is very good 1st time at a route

7  Urlacher   on the improve with every start and if he repeats his last he might be the one to beat......but.......Graham sure has been cold this meeting after making a good showing in S Cal at Santa Anita......James needs to get things going and has the right horse in this spot to do just that

4  Trojan Nation   nice public work out in his MSW debut which was at 6F.........likely a full throttle go 1st at a route for 2nd lifetime start........Gallagher has been firing on all cylinders of late

1  Laoban


race 5    average clarity

10  Where's Bubba   lookout if we get his last with a better trip as his trip was brutal and he still managed a close 2nd.......see ya Pereira........hello T Baze who gave him a nice clean ride 2 back

8  Anthonysgotgame   another coming off of a bad trip mostly because of a very poor break out of the metal monster......might be a good claim by O'Neill......we shall see in today's 2nd lifetime start for this youngster

7  Desert Express   on the improve with every start and today we get a major league rider upgrade......not out of this be any means

1  Resistanceisfutile


race 6    average clarity

2  Pay the Fine   2 for 4 sprinting down the SA hill turf course.....and the cut back of 1 1/2 furlongs sure appears to be a plus........stout trainer/rider/owner trio

4  Oil   speed-ball won his only turf race which was at Dmr at 5F ......and back to Talamo who rode him in the race which was 2 back.....

1  New Summit   consistent sort sprinting on the dirt....1st on the lawn but he owns a decent pedigree for ever was running once at 5 1/ might be a really good fit if he does take to the green carpet

8  Native Treasure


race 7    average clarity

7  Unbridled Summer    backwards in 3rd lifetime start with the additions of blinkers......previous two races without the shades are solid.....blinkers off for today

1  Audacious Angel   dull works prior to MSW debut led to a so so since are no longer dull........Truman is on a roll of late and is usually dangerous when teaming up with Gary Stevens......young filly seems dangerous 2nd time around

4  Adios Princess    18 t0 1 for a Puype MSW 1ster hints the race was needed (and wasn't a bad effort) and that more can be expected today.........Desormeaux sticks around and should place this filly in the mix from the opening bell

6  Sweet Halory


race 8    above average clarity

7  Pretty N Cool   has done nothing wrong other than lose to the best two-year old filly on the planet.........Baffert filly has a decent shot it making 4 of 5 lifetime

3  Lucky Folie   MSW debut win was quite strong.......number earned in that race fits at today's higher level.........nice one mile grass race in last.......might feel really good coming off of a leg me up turf race......7F seems like a good fit because of it

1  Surfside Tiara   needs a rebound to her effort 3 back which was at Del Mar......not out of this if Hollendorfer and Bejarano can get it out of her

6  Treasuring


race 9    average clarity

2  Durango Flier   needs his race 2 back which is very strong (and at today's same track and distance) and disguised by a bad trip.......1st time Bejarano and that is a dangerous thing when riding for Peter Eurton especially when he is on a hot streak

6  Unusualy   impressive looking easy hand ride win in last on the dirt.......and the works since hint he exited the race in great grass race ever was his lone effort at today's 1 1/16th distance....and it was on the Del Mar turf

5  Over Par   three year old colt is not much in Stakes races but he sure does well in allowance races......nw alw race today......and good grass rider aboard

1  Rainbow North

4  Wilcat Sailor

3  Benba

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Del Mar for Saturday 14 November 2015

Difficult card today as you can tell from the clarity ratings. Sunday's looked quite good.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

5  Royal Banker    solid wake up in last and the effort is disguised by a wide run up on the pace........not sure why Bejarano doesn't ride back but Gutierrez will do just fine

3  Unusual Taste   exits two consecutive grass races that offered tougher competition than today and the winners of those races came back ro win again.....drops into a level he should fit......cut back of 1/16th seems like a plus

2  Home School    Bejarano lands here and the two times he rode this Paulo Lobo four-year old he got efforts out of him that fit OK here.......stout jock has a decent opportunity to get a nice ground saving mid pack or stalk position at least thru turn 1

8  Mal Verde


race 2    above average clarity

3  Big Move   best set of preparatory works for a Yakteen runner in many a moon......retains Bejarano......should be in the mix from the opening bell

1  Parasail   impressive forward move in 2nd lifetime near bullet 5/8ths work one week ago suggests he has held his form......T C Baze seems to be snapping out of a mini-slump

5  Desert Thief   nice improvement 1st out following the Bill Spawr claim........two reasurring works since......seems best running at a target......hope the connections/jockey see that


race 3    average clarity

5  Take It Easyplease   last three races with Eikleberry riding fit......and today we get the meets leading many lengths is that worth......I'd peg it at about 4 or 5 lengths.......three year old filly should be tough

4  Kiss My Face   seems to be diminishing some but likely has only one opponent (our long-shot) to put away that should still make her a dangerous speed type

8  Catalina Bonita   hot rider/trainer combo the last couple of months......last two of three endeavors fit fine here......would have rated higher if she wasn't a late runner in a race lakcing speed

7  City Bench

Long-shot consideration:   2  Sailor's Cry   owns some route speed and puts the blinkers on for today........sure has worked better than she has run......many a "morning glory" can be dangerous if they get loose (no dirt in face - more like a work) and this filly might here


race 4    average clarity

5  Miss Gifted   solid late runner in a turf sprint loaded with speed......last race is better than appears in print.......and this filly acted up in the gate - never good

8  Lily Pod    powerful dirt MSW breaking win in latest.......1st on the grass but bred OK for it........the one to overcome if she runs as well as her last on today's different surface......personally I would have run her back on the dirt as impressive as she was winning on it

1  Perdona   on the right end of the learning curve and Gutierrez might have taken her over the 8 who he rode for her maiden breaking win

2  Radiant Journey


race 5    below average clarity

4  Gold Chaser   last two races are quite strong for today's level and his latest is hidden.......dueled on a rather dull rail.........cut back of 1/2F seems like a plus

3  Devil Rising   dangerous speed here especially 1st out following the Miller claim......Peter Miller sure gets the most out of speed types.......three year old is 1 for 1 at Del Mar and it was his lifetime best

5  Market Notes   deep closer gets a rider upgrade and a rider in Bejarano who sure can get the most out of off pace types

10  No Ez Money


race 6    below average clarity

1  Socialize   believe her layoff run in last was nothing more than a leg her up tune-up and that a full throttle go should occur today......that fact that choosy Mike Smith wants the mount supports the notion

8  Entebbe   2 of her last 3 races (albeit on the dirt) fit well......handled the grass OK in lone run on it which was on the Santa Anita hill.......seems better suited for a turf route

2  Ya Ya Girl   consistent filly seems likely to give a good account of herself once again.....but.....she needs to stop being a pack animal and learn how to pass the front runner(s) near the wire......if I was Bejarano I would go after the lead ......many a "hanger" gets their 1st win loose on the lead

6  Art of War

Long-shot consideration:   9  Twosome   last looked like a public work-out.......blinkers on........might show vastly improved speed.....good thing from a tough post..........trainer/rider won yesterday's 6th as our top choice in a turf race


race 7    average clarity

6  Grazen Sky   extremely consistent sort has yet to miss the board in 10 lifetime starts.........impressive 7F drill in preparation for today......seems more than ready fresh off of a 2 month break

7  Brimstoned    3 for 3 as a gelding.........four year old seems likely to stalk our 3rd choice and get 1st crack at him in the stretch.......seems like a major player

3  Got Even   speed type is a much bigger threat at hanging on in a one mile affair like today

9  The Gomper


race 8    below average clarity

4  Toews On Ice   last two races fit extremely well and I believe he has remained in good form.....but ........I am concerned that his only two races at Del Mar are not so hot

7  I'malreadythere   route turf fit and trains fine on the dirt.......seems as if he will have plenty in the tank when push comes to shove at the extended often difficult for many seven furlong distance

2  Jury   bet hard and he did not disappoint his backers with a win........time is a little weak but he likely will build on the effort.....and 7F seems like a better fit than 5 1/2F

5  Mac Daddy Mac


race 9    average clarity

13  Basinca   powerful MSW last and the effort is somewhat hidden........broke slightly tardy - ran 3 wide - and did it up on the pace.....did extremely well to run 2nd.......nice recent gate work.....seems ready for another solid effort

7  Drefong   another with a much better race than appears on paper and the trouble is somewhat subtle.......Garcia will be out to make amends for his meal ticket Bob Baffert

3  Erie the Trojan   Miller 1st time starter looks ready to roll at 1st asking off of a solid work regiment.......and mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters all of which were able to graduate at two......and two of them were Stakes winners

10  Cleanup Hitter

4  Watch My Dust

9  Blue Navy Blue

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