Pick 6 jackpot for Friday at Santa Anita is getting serious sitting at $368,689

The Racing Digest  is now available for Thursday

19 March 17:  2nd race pick 4 was 4th, 2nd, top, top pick for $836.60. 2nd race pick 3 was 4th, 2nd, top pick $505.60. 3rd race trifecta box of 3 given picks paid $113.00. 4th race superfecta top choice over the other four picks paid $2,523.00. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD for $45.60. 8th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $25.00.

18 March 17:   1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, top choice for $32,917.80 (50 cent payoff was $8,229.45.) 2nd race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $44.20 4th race 4th pick, top pick exacta $214.00. 5th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $69.60. 5th race top choice over other 3 given choices trifecta paid $324.00.

12 March 17:  After any scratches our top selection won 6 of the 9 races and our 3rd selection won the other 3 races. 1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, top, top, 3rd pick for $869.40. 1st race exacta hit COLD $19.40. 4th race pick 6 was top, 3rd, top, 3rd, top, top pick for $3,035.40. 6 race pick 4 was top, 3rd, top, top pick $233.80. 7th race tri. box of top 3 picks $71.00. 8th race double hit COLD 33.40. 8th race trifecta was top, 3rd, 2nd pick for $319.20. 

11 March 17:   On a day when the average field size was a little over 9 per race one of our selections won every race and that was on a day that nobody hit the pick 6. Our pick 6 sequence was 3rd, top, 4th, 4th, top, top pick. 1st race pick 3 was 3rd, 4th, top pick $309.60. 1st race exacta was 3rd pick, 2nd pick $64.60. 3rd race trifecta hit COLD $43.40. 4th race superfecta box of 4 given picks $919.60. 6th race 3rd pick, top pick double paid $84.80. 7th race top, 4th pick exacta $68.40, 8th race pick 4 was 4th, 4th, top, top selection for $5,375.80. 10th race exacta and double both hit COLD paying $11.00 & $12.00 respectively. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing! 

10 March 17:  Top choice won 5 of the 8 races carded and ran 2nd in 2 others and 3rd in the other. Trifecta box of top 3 selections hit the trifecta in 4 of the 8 races. 3rd race pick 6 was 3rd, 3rd, top, top, top, top pick for $4,313.60. 3rd race superfecta box of 4 given horses $176.80. 4th race trifecta box of top 3 picks $226.00. 5th race pick 4 HIT ICE COLD ($4.20, $3.60, $9.00, $9.80) for $207.80. 7th race exacta HIT COLD for $43.20. 7th race double HIT COLD for $60.20.

16 Jan 17:  Bombs away at Santa Anita! After and scratches: In races 2 thru 9 the top selection won 3 races (including a 22 to 1 shot in the 4th) and the 2nd selection won the other 5 races. 2nd race pick 4 was 2nd, top, top, 2nd pick for $1,706.20. 3rd race top pick over our 3 other given picks paid a superfecta of $493.00. 3rd race double hit COLD for $122.20. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick for $357.20. 6th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 2nd pick $56.20. 7th race pick 3 was all 2nd choices for $94.80. 9th race exacta box of top two picks paid $53.80. I may be a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing.

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Santa Anita for Thursday 23 March 2017

So so card this afternoon but the good news is that I do like Friday's. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

(if races are taken off of the turf: 6-1-7-5-3)


5  Formulate   drops significantly in claiming and back to Bejarano who owns the only win for this four-year old and it was his lone mount on him......should be motoring in the late stages

7  Adrosa Sky   lone lifetime race on the grass was run off of a long layoff in mid July at Woodbine at 6 1/2 furlongs......the effort is much better than appears in print and he might not have been fully cranked for his layoff run.......1st at a route but he owns a good pedigree for one

1  D Day Dude


race 2    average clarity

3  Bar Scene   consistent sort to date appears to be a good fit in this spot and with the added plus (if it is a factor) of handling a mud floated track...... so...... if the surface has any moisture it likely wouldn't hinder her chances

5  Zulu's Petals   seems a little short fig wise but she appreciates the 6 1/2 furlong distance while most in here seem better running a little shorter

4  Herunbridledpower   might be a good claim by Diodoro of a filly on the upswing........and I like that the conditioner rides Maldonado thru the claim as he fits her front running style


race 3    below average clarity

2  Hitters Park   both lifetime races fit well here and his last effort is disguised by a tough trip racing a touch wide and doing so close to a strong set of fractions........small drop helps........newcomer Israel Ocampo has for the most part been given live mounts from Peter Miller

5  Power of Hope   away a very long time but is working as if he is ready and as a 1st time gelding.....and the drop makes sense as this guy is now five and this is only his 5th lifetime start........2 of his 3 lifetime sprints fit solidly here at today's softer maiden level

8  Bucky Goldstein   dismal trainer with 1st time starters (and overall only 1 win with 33 starts in 2016/17) but I can never recall any that trained as well as this five-year old is training.......seems like a force if he runs like he works

4  Picture Tube

Long-shot consideration:   6  King Pacal   not much in lone start way back in December of 2015 but he is working like he can run some.........trainer & rider teamed up for a win Sunday........and........the last time the trainer Jaime Gomez sent out a laid up runner of more than 3 months he won and paid a handsome price


race 4    average clarity

(if races are taken off of the turf: 6-7-2-5-4)

4  Farley   if this colt's running lines/history is worth a hoot he is sitting on a solid race as it has been gimme/go........gimme go..........gimme ???.......  go go go today

6  Kopitar   might have graduated in his MSW debut if he wasn't blocked a couple of lengths in the stretch.......might have left something in the tank for his 2nd lifetime start being blocked and all in his 1st start......believe he will be in the mix from the get go

2  Gummy   plenty of furlongs of work put into this Mandella first time starter.......that suggests he is meant and ready for his debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing

5  Pavelski


race 5    average clarity

6  Will Tell   seems like he is much better suited to a sprint and he should have good endurance when push comes to shove with the cut back in distance from one mile to 5 1/2F.......and 1st time Bejarano.......should make a good account of himself this afternoon

7  Rainbow Squall   2 of 3 lifetime races which include his last race and his race three back fit well versus today's competition....... and.......one of the efforts was on an off track......trainer George Pappaprodromou is quietly having a good Santa Anita meeting to date

1  Oopper Wallah   his two shortest races so far in his career were at 6F and they were his best two races of his 6 race career.......so.......5 1/2 furlongs has a decent shot at being to his liking as well.......we shall see

5  Bitte


race 6    average clarity

4  Rockantharos   suspicious drop in claiming but not as much as normal as Miller is not afraid to drop a horse........seems like a 60/40 proposition that this filly is healthy enough to hold most of her form......if that is the case she can make it back to back wins

8  Street Goddess    3 for 8 at the distance and 1 for 10 at other distances.......and.......not too bad of a spot to be a late running filly

9  Gianis   seems to be  on a rebound of sorts and retains Brian Pena who sure has fit this seven-year old mare well in her last two starts..........winning at 33 to 1 and then running 3rd at 16 to 1.......seems dangerous

5  Easter Fever


race 7    below average clarity

(if races are taken off of the turf: 2-7-4-3)

3  Lucy De   ran rather well in her latest at 10 furlongs especially considering her pedigree suggests that 10 furlongs of turf is too far.........so the cut back of one furlong should be a signicant plus....... and ......with Prat not available Desormeaux grabs the mount


5  Mrs. Norris    best two lifetime grass races in eight run were the only two times she competed at 9 furlongs like today.......good with ample time between starts and gets it.......and the fact Espinoza shows up for one mount today supports the notion she is meant and ready this afternoon

4  Sweet Dragon Fly


race 8    average clarity

1  She'sluckythatway   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE

9  Just Be Held   double barrel action from Miyadi as he also trains our top selection......sure like that Desormeaux sticks around for a 3rd straight race despite the fact that this filly has never been better than 6th.......drop obviously helps as does a vastly improved drill since her latest......best ever seems likely today

8  Silver Apples   only dirt endeavor wasn't too bad......and it appears two straight grass races muscled this filly up some.......believe she is prepared to run her best ever.......to what degree seems to be the question mark

6  Munny Spunt

7  Dan's Irish Cop

5  Dizzy Diva



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Santa Anita for Sunday 19 March 2017

Only one day left to save $5 on our special publication covering the Stakes races (likely 8 of them) on Florida Derby day at Gulfstream Park on April 1st.

Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

5  Juansagain   great spot for Richard Baltas to have this runner ready off of the layoff as he essentially gets a shot at a level he can potentially dominate without being eligible to be claimed......recent works support the notion

3  No Problem   Mike McCarthy runners have for the most part been firing on all cylinders and that is somewhat hidden........ran over his noggin in last likely to dirty up his form some and drop and put some doubt into the minds of the claiming vultures lurking.......Prat rode the "gimme" so you know he would be aboard today

2  Last One Standing   obviously not the claim the connections were hoping for as they drop their new shooter multiple levels.......but ...........he might have a race or two left in him and if they win today they can break about even.......race two back is solid and would make him a major player here


race 2    above average clarity

4  Atomic Action    great spot for Jeff Bonde to have this runner ready off of the layoff as he essentially gets a shot at a level he fits well without being eligible to be claimed......good a.m. preparation and the right jock up as Maldonado has won 3 of his last 5 over the last two months for Bonde

3  Cupid's Choice   last three fast track dirt races all fit and his latest is disguised by a rough trip.......would have been top choice if it wasn't for the fact that he was a vet scratch on March 4th in a MSW affair

8  Empire Ruler   might be a good claim by Ellis and company as his last was his best to date and is somewhat better than appears in print......and with the new trainer comes a new rider and he is an upgrade and predictably very dangerous on his father-in-law's horses

5  Gigantis


race 3    average clarity

4  Milton Freewater   back to Prat after being absent for a race........and both of this colt's lifetime scores have come the only two times he did not race in Stakes races......allowance race today........sharp a.m. work

6  Bobby Abu Dhabi    needs to be ready fresh and my guess is that he is as he won his MSW at today's 6 1/2F and did it in a effort/fit that would make him part of the win picture here........Miller and Arroyo......as hot as it gets in S Cal as a trainer/rider combo

5  Midnight Pleasure   looking for his race two back where sat close to a brutal pace and still stuck around for 3rd in a Grade 1......and today we get a major rider upgrade from a jock in a slump to one that is a Hall of Famer


race 4    average clarity

(AE 12  Particleacelerator   has shot if draws into the field)

8  Conquest Sabre Cat   does well sitting close to the pace....... so........ 1st time running with blinkers seems to be a smart move.......as is the rider switch to Bejarano after two straight bug boys riding who like most apprentice riders find the grass more difficult than the dirt

5  Langham   wide trip in his MSW debut or this colt would have graduated in his debut which was way back in July at at today's 1 mile turf turf........off since but obviously showed he can run fresh.......and choosey Mike Smith sticks with the colt

6  Ziconic   Zenyatta youngster has one very impressive race which was her 3rd start of his career in a route dirt race.......if he is ready to roll fresh off of a long layoff and is able to run similar on the grass today he would be the one to overcome.......owns a decent pedigree for the sod and he did run well in his debut

1  Orion's Belt

Long-shot consideration:   2  Latitude   work regiment for this laid up gelding is so much better now than what he showed last year ..........so....... running as a 1st time gelding might be significant.......good post and has some tactical speed  to sit close up and save ground


race 5    above average clarity

5  Lord Simba  only race run at SA which was on 14 Jan was one of the fastest MSW heats in many a moon......his effort likely would have been good enough to graduate in about 98% of the MSW affairs run at SA.......plenty of rest to recover.......jock could use a win especially for Baffert and best get the job done here

3  Who's Hot   dwelt & reared in his MSW debut and then showed he can run.......blinkers on and Prat remains up.....sharp bullet gate.......top connections so it seems likely that he will leave the metal monster cleanly today


1  Uncle Billy


race 6    average clarity

8  Riri   decent layoff run down the hill in her latest........won her only other race down the hill for fun and it was her MSW debut.....highly likely to move forward 2nd out after the layoff.....not a lot of speed in here and she has some.....hard not to like

1  Nickname   another from a good barn running 2nd out after a layoff following a decent effort down the hill......rather sure we will see a move forward with Mandella and Prat at the helm

3  Symposium   broke slow and was rank on the 1st turn and that was especially bad as she was shuffled back in a pace-less affair and didn't have any pace to close into.......that route race which was her 1st in the USA should set her up nicely for today's sprint.....and she was a good turf sprinter in GB in 2016

7  Corps de Ballet

Long-shot consideration:    9  Indriya   brutal trip given by a rider who has struggled trying to break into the S Cal racing scene......jock upgrade today and one impressive 7F work two weeks ago.........and might have the best early gas in the field


race 7    average clarity

3  Sly Humor   both off tracks stand out as her best lifetime races but her latest wasn't really that off.......if that is the case she is the one to beat......if not the top prize might go to someone else

6  Aura Rose   might be a good claim by Baltas of a filly who just won for fun to break her maiden 5 weeks ago......Baltas has been able to put 4 works into her since......believe she is sitting on another strong effort but likely needs to avoid a suicidal speed duel with our top choice one way or another

1  You're the Reason   new trainer takes over and he might have the trump card for this filly as the works since last are markedly improved.....and look who sees fit to ride.......Mr Desormeaux

8  Fallout


race 8    average clarity

8  Conquest Farenheit   pressed a brutal pace down the hill in latest and still was victorious down the hill.....and his Grade 2 run last fall at WO was very solid running 134:2 as a two-year old.......add to that the top rider/trainer combo at the meet and you have an easy pick to place on top

2  Taxman's Quest   strong Oklahoma invader winds up in the Mandella barn (never had to write that before) and he is working lights out.......not exactly a classic turf pedigree but if Mandella and Prat believe he will take to it that is good enough for me.......my guess is he has worked on it somewhere between Oklahoma and S Cal....maybe secretively.....lookout if that is the case

5  Taco   another strange invader who I believe has talent who is 4 for 4 lifetime all on the grass and has handled 3 different turf surfaces.......not crazy about the jock but he 1s two for two on the colt and the trainer is a stout 34% over his last 87 with shippers.....yikes

9  Zakaroff

Long-shot consideration:   1  Big Sky Logan   still a maiden but has a good post and plenty of pace up front to possible make a strong late run from the back of the pack and at a price


race 9    below average clarity

13  My Man Chuckles   excuse no. 1 - off track for debut.......excuse no. 2 didn't care for the blinkers on....blinkers off and a fast track and facing much easier.......has always worked like someone who could compete in the lower maiden claiming ranks


8  Soft Trip   two of his four lifetime starts seemingly make him a factor in this soft field especially his race 3 back which would be a solid fit versus this group

14  California Cajun

 12  Autism is Here

3  High Class Taste



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Santa Anita for Saturday 18 March 2017

Only a few days left to save $5 on our special publication covering the Stakes races (likely 8 of them) on Florida Derby day at Gulfstream Park on April 1st.

Average card at best today. Let us call it an 5.5 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

6  Bottle Service      MSW debut which was run two back was impressive as he was green early and sat way too far off a very slow pace......when he got his act together he showed a good stretch run.......much better rider up today than who rode in his debut.......recent speed drill hints he will sit closer today

2  California Journey   Mike Puype is rather dismal when he starts a 1st time starter on the grass but this youngster's a.m. work is too good to ignore .......and he sure is bred to handle the sod and a route

8  I Can Do This   blinkers back on might be a move that will put him on the lead as he showed good route speed on the dirt in his last......not nuts about his turf pedigree but if he does take it I like his chances to be a major player here

9  Checkaboomboom


race 2    below average clarity

5  Madiba   seldom gets a good trip including his latest which is better than appears in print......so running as a 1st time gelding has the potential to help him out to some extend.....lookout if it does

3  Tribal Jewel   voided claim in last and a dull race.......yet Spawr doesn't drop when he could without much fear of being claimed.......obviously has issues but might rally for a rebound with the 2 1/2 month break

2  City Steel   seems best taking back some especially racing as far as 1 1/16th........like his chances if the connections are thinking the same way


race 3    average clarity

3  Malibu Royalty   showed life in his lone grass race which was at 6 1/2F way back in May........likely needed her latest run off of the May to Feb layoff......blinkers back on and just what you want to see as in a much better recent a.m. prowess........believe Baze can be forwardly placed and grab the wood for at least turn 1......tepid top pick but should go off at a handsome price

4  Dalsaros   so so sprint turf debut but it might have legged up this filly up as she has been able to work an average of every 7 days since 30 Jan........and her last drill hints she is very sharp right now........and I sure like that Prat sticks around for a 1 for 22 at the meeting trainer in Gaines

6  Road Test   on the improve with every start and his last might be good enough if his dirt ability transfers equally to the grass.......average turf pedigree at best


race 4    average clarity

4  Kenjisstorm   solid layoff effort in his last racing somewhat wide pressing a strong set of fractions.........and today he gets a jock upgrade especially for a grass race.......solid recent a.m. work to boot.....should be a factor from the get go

5  Rye   race shape is seemingly not in this late runners favor...... but...... it might not matter in he can repeat his latest which was his lifetime best.......same distance/surface/turf course/jock

8  Stringent   quite impressive in 3 of 4 lifetime starts including his latest which was his 1st on the grass and at a route.......works since are good.......would have rated higher if I wasn't slightly concerned about his ability to get another furlong today.......why.....Dam's sire Salt Lake gets awfully iffy past one mile

2  Prime Attraction


race 5    average clarity

5  Rebel War   low % trainer but not dropping MSW to maiden claiming and racing off of 90+ day layoffs........that is the case today for this colt who has run 3 lifetime races that all fit decently at today's MC100K level

7  Excavation   like when D'Amato is willing to enter at a lower claiming tag to get weight off......3 lbs off for entering for 85K and another 7 with the bug boy up.........colt has been flattening in his MSW races.....but.....doubt he will today with the drop into MC and with the this colt having 7 to 10 lbs less to carry than his opponents

2  Braddock   no support at the windows (56 to 1) in his lone race last Oct in a MSW race has gimme written all over it.........returns with a work regiment that hints that this time around is not a tune-up.......we shall see

1  Sagittari


race 6    average clarity

2  Boldly True   last might be a spin around the track to dirty up his form and drop with less of a threat of being claimed.......latest work on 11 March is quite a bit better than he has shown since late Dec.......dangerous (hoping that he is set up for today) drop down


4  Boone Docks   toss last as he is not much of a route horse and ran too wide anyway.....toss out previous as the blinkers on experiment was a dud....races 3 and 4 back fit.....popping bullet works.......hmmmm

3  Too Fast to Pass


race 7    average clarity

3  Enola Grey   love the way she is capable of going eye to eye in solid fractions down the hill and still able to win going away at the wire.....how to you beat that

8  Cuddle Alert   keeps out running her odds and gets one significant rider upgrade.......our top choice should ensure a solid pace up front and this mare appears to be the sharpest of the off pace runners

2  Roo's Valentine   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE     overcame a tardy start and still pulled off a win down the hill .....responds well to ample time between starts and gets it......might be able to save ground stalking a strong pace

4  Desert Steel


race 8    average clarity

4  Ivan El Grande   lone win and a race that looks awfully good here was her MSW debut at Sun......so with a strong work series showing this colt seems ready to roll fresh once again

7  Kenji's Storm   blinkers on and took the plunge from MSW racing to low-level claiming in his 2nd lifetime start.....and he responded with an 8 1/4 length win.......D'Amato is an impressive 29% with his last 86 repeating after a maiden win.....so why not top pick?......as well as this fellow ran why isn't he placed in a protected starter alw 40K nw2

2  Solar Zone   sure liked being loose on the lead at least in an abbreviated 5F dirt sprint.......so T C Baze will likely be all out early to get a loose lead once again.......not impossible to get another furlong today if he does

6  Carulli


race 9    average clarity

3  Finest City   extremely versatile B C winner seems to handle any surface or distance thrown at her.......and in her only 2 turn dirt race she ran only 2L behind the mighty now retired Beholder (note: that our 3rd choice raced 12L behind Beholder the only time she raced against her)

7  Wild At Heart   slow winning time in her latest in a Grade 3 moved from the turf to the dirt.....but she had the trip from you know where......broke slow - ran somewhat wide - and did so close to the strong pace........and she still won by 3 1/2L.....retains Prat who this time appears like he should get a good trip sitting off what should be a lively pace

2 Vale Dori   very consistent sort might be placed a little low but she was nowhere the only time she ran in a Grade 1..... and...... she had some awfully good pace scenario's in winning her 3 straight Grade 2's and beat the same semi-weak local bunch in those 3 wins......still.......dangerous but maybe vulnerable

4  Show Stealer


race 10    average clarity

4  Catfish Hunter   very poor trip in MC debut checking multiple times and still managed to snatch 3rd only beaten by 2L .......smartly is stepped up into MSW racing.......1st on the grass and 1st at a route sure fit his pedigree.......good post and good turf jock in Baze......trainer has had a good meeting

5  Quick Finish   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   works - pedigree - and the fact that Prat lands on this Dan Blacker 1st timer suggest that all systems are "go" for this colt's MSW debut

8  Marckie's Water   on the improve with every start and his pedigree seems better for the grass which he showed he can handle 2 races back......stout rider/trainer combo........if he manages another forward move he should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

7  Burnt Cognac

2  Candy's Martini

9  I'd Be Sad an Blue

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Santa Anita for Friday 17 March 2017

Only a few days left to save $5 on our special publication covering the Stakes races (likely 8 of them) on Florida Derby day at Gulfstream Park on April 1st.

Good card today. Let us call it an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Pee Wee Reese   sure took to the grass in a big way in his last way back on the 1st of September winning by a wide margin in only a 5F grass race at Del Mar..........ran very well fresh off of the bench last summer........works hint he will run well "fresh" once again......Talamo's grass stats have been weak of late but might help that here

1  Stormy Rocit   SCRATCHED OUT

7  Aotearoa   2 of 3 lifetime races where this gelding was able to compete off of short race he ran awfully well........last race only 15 days ago........1st time Prat........seems likely to make a good account of himself today

3 Unusual Fleet

Long-shot consideration:   2  Big Papi   SCRATCHED OUT


race 2    above average clarity

6  Chuchotti   nice forward move when last seen on the 18th of November......and the two individuals who beat him that day came back to win their next out........preparatory drills are solid....trainer is awakening from the doldrums......should be tough

2  Sapodillo   tough trip in latest kept this filly from graduating......she had somewhat subtle trouble as she broke a little tardy and rushed up inside on a day that the inside was a little dull.......she should once again be in the mix from the get go

4  Miss Jordana   works were good until her last two drills which might have been by design to keep the claiming vultures at bay........mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters including a Stakes winner

5  Glory Run


race 3    average clarity

5  Tiz Jolie   best rider this gelding has seen in quite some time this afternoon.......exits a very fast heat at one level higher where he did well to only get beat by a little over 3L as he had a wide trip

1  Brother Soldier   believe this six-year-old is more dangerous racing at a route than a sprint as he needs the lead to perform well and is more likely to get it in a route these days.......somewhat low percentage rider but I like the way he rides loose route runners like this fellow might be

6  Broadway Nika   last 4 races fit well but his chances are diminished without the lead and he appears to be the 2nd most likely early leader with our 2nd pick getting that nod

7  Warren's Joe T.


race 4    average clarity

6  Tuscany Beauty   filly appears to be on the rebound and her early speed seemingly has never been better (surprisingly with the blinkers off).........deservedly steps up in class for a 2nd straight time and this time in a protected race......likely feeling good and two recent preparatory works support this

7  Zanab   4 f0r 4 on the board at the distance and with most signs pointing to another good effort.....but......she sure appears like she is a "hanger"......8th rider in her last 11 races in Elliot who gets his try to get her to overcome her bad habit

2  Reckless Charm   best on the SA dirt and the last time she had a two month break between races like today she fired one of the best races of her career......like our top choice she is not too crazy about winning

4  Latina Mo


race 5    above average clarity

5  Tribal Fighter   last race was a clunker and was run down the SA hill and should only help his price this afternoon.....his two other lifetime races down the hill are very strong and somewhat disguised......works prior to his "clunker" were dull.....they aren't this time around.......stout rider/trainer combo......believe a rebound is in the cards

4  K Thirty Eight   last 3 races down the hill are nothing special......but his 1st which was run back in mid October of 2015 is very good.......recent sprints hint his form is improving and he might be up for that Oct 15th race

6  Indavidualist   improving sort and especially speed wise......rider upgrade..........hot trainer........four year old gelding might snatch the lead here.........lookout if he does as he might never get caught

1  Daddy D T


race 6    average clarity

1  River Echo   the 1 and 2 post are 46 for 102 in dirt routes at SA this meeting......so when a speed route stalker is coming off a good race and is training as if he is up for another it becomes rather easy to put him as the top selection.....and it doesn't hurt that Peter 30% at the meeting Miller is at the helm

7  Texas Two Step   double barrel action from Peter Miller as he also trains our top choice.........few signs that this gelding wants a two turn race but he has run two straight solid sprints and has never trained better......and hey if Miller thinks he will get the distance that is good enough for little old me

4  Hoffenheim   consistent sort ( 8 2 3 3) seems at his best racing at today's one mile distance ( 3 2 1 0).........likes to run wide but returns today as a 1st time gelding and with 1st time Bejarano.......should be motoring late and especially so if he is easier to handle as a gelding and with a new rider getting a shot on him

5  Whiskey Ticket


race 7    above average clarity  

3  Silent Moon   runs well fresh and he is fresh today and extremely well prepared in the a.m.........highly likely to grab the lead and with a good speed rider in Maldonado up who has gotten his mojo back

6  Getoffmyback   Miller is awfully tough with laid up drop down horses like this four-year old.......and the red-hot trainer puts up his top go to guy in Arroyo and is willing to enter for 22.5K to get 2 lbs off.......very dangerous

7  Barton Lodge   like Miller O'Neill seems to mean business with his laid up drop down as well........should be motoring late especially if there is more pace in this affair that anticipated

2  He Could  


race 8    above average clarity

5  Outa Here   Peter is awfully consistent these days and one of his top starts is "first time in maiden claiming" which is the case here.......and 7F appears to be a good fit for this three-year old filly and won't be for many in this affair

3  Irish Dame   another competing for the 1st time in a maiden claiming race.......and look who accepts the mount for the 1st time.......Mr Flavien Prat........should have good endurance when push comes to shove in the late stages coming off distance turf races

4  Discreta   she has had to go head to head in the early stages of her two races.....might not here as she appears to own the best early foot in the race and with a good front end rider in T C Baze

10  Forthe Lovof Patty

13  Tiz Seeking a Win

7  Arya Stark


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Santa Anita for Thursday 16 March 2017

Only a few days left to save $5 on our special publication covering the Stakes races (likely 8 of them) on Florida Derby day at Gulfstream Park on April 1st.

So so card this afternoon. Good looking card for Friday. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  My Italian Babbo   not much in his latest endeavor but his race two back is strong (albeit on a very sloppy track) both in final time and pace......blinkers on for today and a rider upgrade.......and......just what you want to see with an equipment change...... as in a recent bullet work.....rebound city

2  Kristi's Copilot   nice improvement 1st out following the Ian Kruljac claim with the blinkers added.......seems likely to get a good ground saving trip at least thru turn one .........and .......should be fairly close to the pace setters

5  At Ease  away for 12 1/2 months and returns with a new trainer in Hector Palma.......a.m. prowess is decent and hints he might be ready fresh off of the bench......only dirt race can be ignored somewhat as he had a brutal trip and at a distance that appears too far for him


race 2    average clarity

4  Take City by Storm   pressed a nasty pace at GG and rightfully faded late to run 2nd with a gap of 8L to 3rd......two useful 4F works at LA since.......OK grass pedigree......big step up today but the field seems fairly weak......jock upgrade

5  Street to Indy   gimme - go last spring to run 2nd and then ran poorly in 3rd start.......gimme - go again in 2017 to once again run 2nd......no drills since and drops for his 3rd out......is history repeating itself.....if not this late runner with an OK grass pedigree should have been put on top

1  Super Echelon   solid route grass race run last summer at two in his 2nd lifetime start.........so.......is this a tune-up like last year or not......if it isn't he should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

8  Smuggler Union


race 3    average clarity

1  Ipray   good history at SA on the dirt - at today's distance - and with today's rider Bejarano.........just claimed by Hollendorfer and the Hall of Fame trainer was able to get his new shooter to put in a markedly better work

6  Back Beauty   plenty to prove going a route of ground but she should be able to snatch the lead which enhances her chances of handling the two turns and added distance

5  Miz Graycee   seems at her best when she can stalk the lead and that appears to be in the cards for today......and she does her best running at Santa Anita on the dirt where she is 3 for 6 as opposed to being 1 for 10 everywhere else


race 4    average clarity

1  Batiquitos   very strong works for a Spawr 1st time starter (especially for a three-year old filly stae-bred 1ster) as the crafty trainer doesn't often push them too hard in the a.m......rather sure this filly is a good one

7  Radish   lifetime best two races are her last two endeavors both with blinkers on........badly blocked crossing the dirt and in the stretch in her latest which was on the turf down the SA hill........previous race was on the dirt where she dueled throughout and just missed........cut back in distance of 1/2 furlong appears to be a plus........should be a major player

3  Smitten Kitten   Miyadi is 5 for his last 25 maiden claiming to MSW which is today's scenario........major rider upgrade......recent a.m. work is better and that is rather subtle.......MC debut is better than appears as she had a bad trip......move forward seems likely.....to what degree is the question mark

5  Candy Ruler


race 5    average clarity

2  Cut   all three lifetime grass efforts which includes one down the SA hill (his last) fit decently at today's lower level.....seems likely to be in the mix from the opening bell

8  Southern Keys   sizzling early speed on the dirt in his latest with 1st time blinkers.......rightfully cashed it in as he set that nasty pace on a dull inside......so so grass breeding but mom has tossed a turf winner.......stout 46:1 drill since his last......gate to wire opportunity if this fellow handles the sod

3  Sahara Storm   2nd lifetime start run way back in August at the prestigious Saratoga meeting seemingly fits here.......preparatory works for this colt hint he is returning ready as does the fact he is up for a tag (albeit an expensive tag) as he likely would be placed in a MSW race if this was only a tune-up

1  Upperclassman


race 6    below average clarity

1  Gunslinger   trainer has been ice-cold the last few weeks but might jump-start things here with this significant drop in claiming........Glatt has had quite a few wins over the last year or so dropping given runners multiple levels like he is with this gelding

2  Fight Thru   brutal trip in last breaking slowly and racing the overland route yet he still managed to win.....better post today....red hot trainer in Miller......more than deserving of the step up in claiming

8  I'malreadythere   voided claim 3 back and yet Hollendorfer still stepped his four-year old up out of claiming for two races......drops him today......retains Prat.......suspicious...... yes.......dangerous........for sure

3  Romar Success

Long-shot consideration:   5 Bolitar   solid improvement in last and now adds blinkers for his 1st dirt route.......ran just fine in a two turn grass race in Nov so the distance is not a concern.......Maldonado seems likely to hustle him early with the blinkers on.........seems dangerous and likely at a price


race 7    below average clarity

4  Plastered   versatile filly has won 5 of her last 9 on multiple surfaces..........claimed by Hollendorfer 3 months ago but she has hit the track weekly since.........sure seems sharp for her 1st on the SA hill grass course......retain Stevens who owns 3 wins on this girl

3  Little Voice   consistent sort on the grass especially when the grass is firm......welcome to S Cal........last run off of 3 months rest was her 1st in the good old U S of A and is a strong effort......4 months rest this time around and her work tab suggests she is ready fresh once again

5  Anita Partner   Goldilocks situation here........last two turf races one at 5F and one at 8F are par like efforts.........so......6 1/2 furlongs of turf might fit juuuuusssst right

7  Longstocking

Long-shot consideration:   6  Discatsonthesquare   4 wide trip by Talamo in this mare's last race which was also down the SA hill grass course.......solid works since with endurance and speed seemingly put into this six-year old.......better trip/more horse and she has as good a chance as anyone of taking down this affair


race 8    below average clarity

3  Upper Mesa Falls   tepid top selection had a dull last race but his effort two back is fairly solid and run at today's 1 1/16th distance......and the rider who rode that day is back aboard after being absent for his last

7  Menace the Dennis   takes that ever significant and somewhat magical drop out of MSW racing to a low-level maiden claimer and gets one strong rider upgrade.......shot to go to the front and never look back

2  Kenzou's Empire   opened up a nice lead at today's 1 1/16th distance in his latest and faded late for 2nd.......rider upgrade........three year old gelding might have built up his endurance in his latest........Bejarano is very good at getting MC's to hold together in two turn affairs

1  Downside Up

10  Moonman

8  Onefortheteam



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