Abbreviated schedule (as has been on our website all year) for the Fairplex meeting (now at Los Alamitos) and it is as follows: Sept. 5th, 19th, 20th and 21st and with brief comments only. The break is for much needed R & R time and website maintenance.

The Racing Digest next day available is on 19 September.

5 Sept 2014:  Great day at Los Alamitos. After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, top, only long-shot play of the day, 2nd pick for $28,170.25. 3rd race pick 3 was top pick, long-shot, 2nd pick $1,053.60. 4th race pick 3 was long-shot, 2nd, top pick $798.80. 6th race trifecta hit COLD $44.80. 7th race exacta hit COLD $10.20.

31 August 2014:  After any scratches our top choice won 6 races (ran 2nd twice), 2nd choice won 2 races and 4th choice won 2 races. 2nd race exacta was 2nd, top pick for $22.20. 4th race 2nd, top pick exacta $12.80. 5th race pick 3 hit COLD $19.40. 6th race pick 3 hit COLD $21.00. 7th race exacta hit COLD $16.60. 8th race exacta hit COLD $25.00. 10th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $80.00. 10th double hit COLD $51.20. 11th race top pick, 5th pick exacta $53.60

24 August 2014:  Great day on Del Mar’s biggest day. After any scratches:   1st race pick 5 was top, top, 2nd, 4th, 2nd pick $2,959.60. 2nd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $24.20. 3rd race trifecta box of 4 given picks $171.60. 4th race pick 3 was 4th, 2nd, long-shot play $437.40. 5th race pick 3 was 4th pick, long-shot play, 3rd pick $459.00. 5th race 2nd, 3rd pick exacta $48.00. 6th race pick 3 was long-shot play, 3rd pick, top pick $714.20. 7th race 3rd, 2nd, 4th, top choice superfecta paid $934.40. 7th race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 2nd pick $179.20. 8th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $35.20. 8th race top pick, 2nd pick double was $29.80. 9th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $13.00. 10 race top pick, 4th pick exacta $27.40.

23 August 2014:  2nd race superfecta box of 4 given picks $210.20. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, lone long-shot play of the day $156.00. 5th race pick 6 was 2nd, long-shot play, 2nd, top, 2nd, 3rd pick $10,784.60. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd pick, long-shot play, 2nd pick $401,60. 6th race pick 3 was long-shot play, 2nd pick, top pick $297.40. And bombs away in the 6th race: long-shot play over our other 4 selections paid a superfcta of $7,108.20. (trifecta was $977.20) 6th race long-shot over our top pick exacta was $109.40. 

10 August 2014:   Not the kind of day that will go into our highlights section but definitely worth noting: 1st race trifecta hit COLD $48.20 (COLD exacta #25.60). 1st race pick 3 was top, 4th, 4th pick $534.80. 2nd race trifecta box of 4 given picks $164.40. 3rd race 4th pick, top pick exacta $71.20.. 6th race pick 4 was 3rd, top, 4th, 5th pick for $6,132.80. 7th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $38.20. Not too shabby on a day nobody hit the pick 6 and a significant amount of $$$ was put into it.

7 August 2014:  Not the kind of day that will go into our highlights section but definitely worth noting:  2nd race 4th pick, top pick exacta $72.00. 5th race Pick 4 was top, 4th, 4th, 4th pick $3,035.40. 8th race box of four top picks paid a superfecta of $1,828.00. 8th race box of top five selections paid a $1 super high five of $3,174.60.

2 Aug 2014: After any scratches:  1st race exacta hit COLD $22.00.4th race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $70.20.  7th race pick 4 hit ICE COLD $268.80. 7th race trifecta also hit COLD $37.40 (exacta $14.80). 8th race top pick over our 3 other picks superfecta $158.00. 9th race top pick over our other 3 picks superfecta $542.60. 10th race top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick, 4th pick, 5th pick paid $1,068.20 for the the Super High Five

31 July 14:   After any scratches:  1st race pick five was top, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd. 2nd pick for $2,763.80. 3rd race supefecta box of 4 given picks $2.039.20. 7th race superfecta box of 5 given picks $1,219.40

30 July 14:   1st race exacta hit COLD $14.00. 3rd race superfecta box of 4 given picks $402.00. Nobody hit the pick 6 but our 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, top, top, 4th pick won races 3 thru 8. 4th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $27.80. 4th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $241.60. 5th race pick 4 was 3rd, top, top, 4rd pick for $4,349.00. 8th race 4th pick, 2nd pick exacta $1,044.60

20 July 2014:  2nd race exacta hit COLD $21.80. 3rd race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $53.40. 5th race double and exacta both hit COLD and paid $11.40 & $19.60 respectively. 5th race pick 3 was top. top. 2nd pick for $141.00. 6th race pick 6 was in our selections as top, 2nd, top, 4th, 4th, 5th pick for $125,186.60. 6th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top $66.60. 7th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 4th pick $453.00. 8th race pick 3 was top. 4th, 4th pick for $512.40. 9th race trifecta box of 5 given picks paid $2,209.30. (4th pick, long-shot play exacta $363.40) 11th race 5th choice, top choice exacta $122.40.

19 July 2014:   Bombs away at Del Mar! 1st race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick $566.80. 1st race super box of 4 given picks $437.20 2nd race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 2nd pick for $767.80. 9th race superfecta box of 5 given picks paid $8,114.00. (trifecta $1,985.00) 9th race 2nd pick, 2nd pick double $133.80. 9th race long-shot play, 2nd pick quinella $199.00. 9th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick for $430.80

12 July 2014:   1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, 2nd, top, top choice for $1,964.00. 2nd race trifecta box of 3 given picks $169.00 (exacta $110.40) 2nd race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, top pick for $298.00. 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $23.20. 4th race COLD double $13.80.

11 July 2014:   After any scratches:  3rd race pick 6 was 2nd, top, top, 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $13,143.20. 3rd race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $28.40. 3rd race double was 2nd pick, top pick $28.40. 4th race double hit COLD $37.80. 4th race pick 3 was top, top, 3rd pick for $288.80. 5th race double was top pick, 3rd pick $59.60. 6th race box of 3 given picks paid a trifecta of $99.40. (exacta $42.00).  6th race double was 3rd pick, top pick $65.80. 

3 July 2014:   Helloooooo Los Alamitos. 1st race pick 5 was top pick, 2nd pick, top pick, top pick (paid $46.50 to win), top pick and paid $4,627.20. 3rd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $159.80. 3rd race pick 3 hit ICE COLD for $686.80. Only long-shot play for the day paid $24.00 to win in race 7. 

29 June 2014:  Nice closing day at Santa Anita:   1st race superfecta box of 4 given picks $1,295.60. 2nd race double hit COLD $29.40. 5th race double also hit COLD $26.40. 6th race exacta hit ICE COLD for $62.80. 8th race and final pick 3 of the meeting was all 2nd choices and paid $229.60. 8th race exacta box of top two picks $22.00. 8th race 2nd pick, 2nd pick double $78.80. 9th race double was 2nd pick, 2nd pick $43.20. 10th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $39.20.

28 June 2014:   Bombs away at Santa Anita on Gold Cup Day:  1st race exacta hit COLD $28.80. 1st race trifecta was top pick, 4th pick, 2nd pick $196.60. 1st race pick 5 was top, 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $9,447.80. 4th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $148.40. 4th race double hit COLD $36.40 .6th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $36.40. 8th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $137.60. 8th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd pick for $770.00. 9th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $412.10. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing.

26 June 14 at Santa Anita:   1st race exacta hit COLD $8.80. 2nd race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, top pick $405.40. 3rd race exacta box of top two picks $26.80. 3rd race 2nd pick, top pick double $147.20. Just missed a large pick six at the wire in the 5th race going only 2 deep a race: 2nd, top, top (nipped at the wire in the last jump), top, 2nd, 2nd paid $512.40 for 5 of 6. (winner went off 7 to 1, our pick went off 4 to 1, pick 6 paid $52,445.00. Ouch!) 6th race exacta box of top 2 picks $20.80. 7th race double 2nd pick, 2nd pick $39.00.

15 June 2014 at Santa Anita:   1st race tri box of 4 given selections $195.00. 4th race tri box of 3 given picks $429.20 (exacta $99.00). 4th race pick 3 was 3rd pick, top pick, long-shot play for $641.00. Took a size-able investment but the pick 6 paying $106,135.60 was 3rd, top, long-shot play, 3rd, top, 5th pick. 5th race exacta hit COLD $19.60. 5th race pick 3 was top, long-shot play, 3rd pick for $425.40. 6th race pick 3 was long-shot play, 3rd, top pick for $342.60. 6th race long-shot play over our other 4 picks paid a tri of $663.80. 8th race hit exacta COLD $8.40

14 June 2014 at Santa Anita:  Hit 1st race double ICE COLD for $38.20. 6th race pick 4 was 4th pick, top pick, 4th pick. 2nd pick for $2,782.40. 7th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $38.20. 9th race 2nd choice paid a generous $32.20  $14.00  $8.40.

8 June 2014 at Santa Anita:   Decent day at Santa Anita. 1st race pick 3 was HIT ICE COLD for $62.40. 1st race pick 5 was top, top, top, 3rd, 2nd pick for $2,202.50. 2nd race exacta hit COLD paying $15.40. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd pick for $122.40.

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Los Alamitos for Friday 5 September 2014

Decent card today at Los Alamitos this afternoon. Next race day we will be covering is on the 19th of September and at that time we will return to full coverage of the Southern California racing circuit. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Single Launch   improving…..and…….2 for 2 when racing on conventional dirt with blinkers on……..real dirt/blinks today

8  Private Bounty   needed last as the works since are very impressive for the given level

7  Youonlyliveonce   old timer is on the rebound……..jock knows this ten year old well and she has been successful on him

2  Heavenly Trail


race 2    average clarity  

NOTE: 11 El Desperado has a shot if draws into the field from the AE list

4  Tasha’s Courage   much better runner (solid figs for the level) since the blinkers were put on two races back……..trainer could use a win

7  Julie’s Tizzy   so so run 1st after the claim off of one so so work……two nice works since…….should show more today

10  Enlisted Man   last race might have been the gimme……if so this gelding might be tough today

6  Mystique Smile


race 3    average clarity

8  One More Roll    drops a notch…..has shown some early speed……blinkers on today………shot to get a nice stalk position

1  Ligety   turf tightener in a MSW affair…….drops to mdn30K…….. turf legged up and ready to battle for the win

2  Papa G   flashed good early speed in debut…….seems likely to get away and try and hide with a jock upgrade for today

4  Meswiss


race 4    average clarity

5  Bronze Star   worked 6F just 3 days ago……..yikes……….Hollendorfer means business with this 1st timer

6  North Of Oswego   drills since suggest that his turf debut tightened up this colt…..rather sure he is ready to roll this time

3  Dream Police   not much at Dmr in last……..debut 2 back at Los Alamitos fits

1  Dynamite Ride

Long-shot consideration:    8  Bluegrass Sight   very dangerous looking work tab at Bsr for this 1ster


race 5    average clarity

3  Tatum’s Gold   last fits… would be to fire effort 2 races back

6  City Ride   improving…….sharp recent work at LA hints she improves again

7  Really A Princess   best early gas……and blinkers on……….solid combo with speed types in Maldonado and Bonde

4  High Intensity


race 6    average clarity

2  Cherubim   tried turf in last and didn’t like it…..back to the dirt where he should be tough……..impressive recent 59:4 Breezing 

3  Regally Soul   improving sort and 1 for 1 on the LA dirt……..last fits…….more and he might be the one to overcome

5  Compari   diminishing (laid up since Jan.) star now is an eight year old……and……this is his 1st ever on conventional dirt……but his work regiment on the LA surface is impressive…….seems dangerous 

4  Brannaman

Long-shot consideration:   6 Prodigious   nowhere in starts 2 and 3 but they were on the turf and AW……back to the LA dirt where he put in a solid debut winning effort


race 7    slightly above average clarity

1  Patriots Rule   so much the best in this spot…….ran 2nd in latest in a Stakes despite a trip from you know where

3  Eddie’s First   plenty to prove on the dirt but worked a decent 6F on it at Bsr……..still top pick will need a bad day for this colt to win

5  Solid Wager   seems better on conventional dirt……very best might win with the top pick not producing his best for one reason or another

7  What A View


race 8   slightly below average clarity

12  AE   Takeit Tothe Limit    seems like dominating speed if he draws in…..and……with a good speed jock aboard

11   AE   Persisting   both lifetime races fit (one turf and one AW)…..1st on the “real thing” but bred to handle it…..laid up since Nov. but working as if ready 

6  Radiant Dancer   suspicious drop off of a decent MSW debut but obviously solid here if he has remained healthy enough

5  Triunfo

3  Rock Hard City

8  Cleto  

9  Deer Decarchy

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Del Mar for Monday 1 September 2014

Abbreviated schedule (as has been on our website all year) for the Fairplex meeting (now at Los Alamitos) and it is as follows: Sept. 5th, 19th, 20th and 21st and with brief comments only. The break every year is for much needed R & R time and website maintenance.

Difficult card but I worked my fanny off in hopes of keeping a solid extended weekend rolling along as our top choice has won the last 10 of 20 races run at Del Mar.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

7  Faith Hope Love   laid up big early speed drops……training well on the Dmr surface for her 1st ever on it…..and gets a jock coming off of a six bagger yesterday… think Bejarano is back?

10  Ryderroo   much better than appears in print in many recent races despite running 2nd or 3rd in last 5…..due for some luck

6  Bella Compari   laid up since late Feb but drops to a level where she probably has belonged all along…….very well prepared for today in the a.m.

4  Smart Typical

Long-shot consideration:   8  Chain Lightning    just fired best ever in last her 1st ever at Dmr……positive rider change and steps up off a bullet work……might be feeling awfully good and at a handsome price


race 2    average clarity

3  Super Reagan   both lifetime route races (and at Dmr) are better than par for today’s level…….and what a deal – in for 14K so 2 lbs less to carry than his previous two races…..Miller means business

8  Contributor   Proctor has won 3 of his last 10 dropping multiple levels……..that is the case here and the drop makes sense

2  Compulsive   1st ever at a route but seems likely to get the front end and that is usually a dangerous proposition at any of the major S Cal tracks including Dmr

7  Runaway Que   

Long-shot consideration:   6  Noble Metal   big wake up 2 back…….dull in next out – back too quick ????……rebound city today with 25 days to recoup


race 3    slightly below average clarity

2   Yes Yes Yes   improving with each start in 2013……..same thing is happening in 2014…….3rd out in 2014 today might be the charm

3  Monsieur Power   good spring and summer in Ireland…….ships in likely remaining in form and if that is true this three year old gelding sure fits

7  Wanstead Gardens   trainer has had a tough year but he is more than capable and shows signs of awakening of late……CD invader ran OK in lone start which was at 1 mile on the CD dirt……bred OK for the grass……..aggressive work series…….and French is 2 for his last 7 1st time on the turf

4  Mr. Excavator


race 4    slightly above average clarity

8  Global Magician    trapped on a dull rail in last under the pressure of a solid pace….and his works since are improved…….has a shot at turning the tables on our 2nd pick despite losing to him by 5 1/4L in latest

7  Wake Up Nick   hard to argue with 3 for 3 lifetime and the last two endeavors being Stakes races…..seems likely to be tough for a 4th straight time

2  Truely Quick   two for two at SR including a 50K Stakes in last……draws Bejarano for his 1st at Dmr…..will need to like the AW enough to run his lifetime best this afternoon

1  Cardiac


race 5    average clarity

5  Lady Asano   likes Dmr running long……including a better than par (adjusted for being wide) fig/effort in last…….and it sure seems like a major plus that the red hot Bejarano sees fit to stick around

4  Tiz Midnight   Bob Baffert trained filly is on the right end of the learning curve and continues to train as if the learning process continues today

2  Zilber   last is likely a sprint tune-up for this BRZ bred who definitely has the credentials to be stout at today’s level if R. Mandella gets her overseas form out of her for this race

7  My Happy Face


race 6    average clarity

5  She’s Complete   done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts two of which were nice efforts on the grass in Ireland…….2nd out in the good old U S of A and retains the meetings top gun in the saddle……should be a handful here in her 1st USA grass race

3  Heart Of Paradise   3 nice lifetime sprint races……1st at a route and 1st on the sod but owns a pedigree that fits for both….and this Holllendorfer baby seems as if she can get loose here

1  Achiever’s Legacy   won for fun in lone lifetime start on 27 June at GP……..another Hollendorfer two year old filly that likely will handle a route at 1st asking

8  C’mon Simon


race 7    below average clarity

6  Pulla Train   tepid top pick in a very tough race to decipher has won his last 3 of 4 by daylight….and I like the solid bullet 4F work put in just 5 days ago

8  Ezio   ultra consistent sort especially on AW surfaces gets Bejarano…..must feel good for Belvoir to step him up multiple levels

7  Back Off Buddy   invader from CD 1s a 1st time gelding and training well for Machowsky who just might get his 1st win at the Dmr meeting

10  Play It Loud   

Long-shot consideration:   2  My Secret Affair   another 1st time gelding today who sure has put in an improved drill of 6F since the surgery……dangerous


race 8    average clarity

5  Sweet Sunshine   done little wrong in 3 lifetime routes…..good rider switch for a late running type……and…… a race where the pace likely will be strong up front……sure seems likely to fly late

10  Conscience   done little wrong in both lifetime starts……bred for a mile quite well…….Tom Proctor is much better than most winning his next start following a maiden breaking win

6  Seeking the West   seems like a good for a runner capable of running off pace as this Ellis charge is………would have rated higher it wasn’t for this gelding’s tendency to hang in the stretch some

3  Prime Issue


race 9    average clarity

7  Parranda    ran well versus better in latest…..recent 6F drill hints this mare has never been sharper for Hollendorfer and company……jock knows this runner well

5  Cozze Up Lady    seems almost certain to sit close (with very competent rider) and be no worse than 2 wide on the 1st turn and that is half the battle……..especially……..with a mare that is consistent

1  Stormy Lucy   slipped a little in last couple but the fact that Bejarano is back up strongly suggests a rebound in form is going to occur today…… what degree is the ? mark

9  Miss Serendipity  

Long-shot consideration:   2  Need You Now   seems likely viewed as the speed not to worry about…..if she is she might slow things down and wire the field in this spot off of some improved a.m. work


race 10    below average clarity

8  Flexible   tepid top pick………like the last 3 gate works at Bsr for this Hollendorfer 1st timer….and mom has tossed 5 winners from 6 starters

7  General Dixie   best work tab on paper of anyone in the field by my account…..not crazy about the trainer/rider with a debuting baby but the drills are too good to ignore

10  Rocko’s Wheel   trainer is quite dangerous with 1st starters and the gate work at Slr on 21 Aug makes me believe this colt can run some….we shall see

9  Mischief Clem    

Long-shot consideration:   2  Fritz Johansen   having MSW 1st timers ready isn’t exactly Glatt’s forte but the works for this youngster are rather good…….might be worth it at a price to consider him


race 11    slightly below average clarity

2  Mosso   solid 5F maiden breaking effort in latest…….and I like horses coming off of short rest when they run well and only had to exert themselves 5F…..can get a nice mid pack position just like last time

1  No Ez Money    last was very strong setting nasty fractions and doing it on a dull rail…..away for 8 weeks but runs just fine with 6 to 8 weeks off…….and training well

14 AE  Aspirational   pressed a torrid 1st quarter in latest…..did well to only get beat by 3 1/2 L at the wire……should to get a good stalk position here if he manages to get in from the AE also eligible list

9  Tribal Dude

5  Storm The Heavens

11  Patriotic Lions

10  Red Man Run



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Del Mar for Sunday 31 August 2014

Abbreviated schedule (as has been on our website all year) for the Fairplex meeting (now at Los Alamitos) and it is as follows: Sept. 5th, 19th, 20th and 21st and with brief comments only. It is for much needed R & R time and website maintenance time.

Wasn’t that crazy about yesterday’s card yet had a decent day. I like today’s card quite a bit so what does that mean? We shall see.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

4  Ultimate Holiday   decent route grass race in 2nd lifetime start and the race sure appears to have muscled this Baltas runner up as the a.m. work at Dmr since is impressive……..1st on the AW but sure seems likely to handle it

1  Danette   par like effort in latest which was at at today’s distance of one mile…….last fits and if she moves forward she likely will be the one to beat

3  Here Comes Chloe   last was the tune-up (and a decent one at that) to tighten up and be well prepared to get a route of ground in lifetime race number two…….sure like the one mile work put in especially for a Proctor runner

6  Maybellene


race 2    slightly above average clarity

2  Salista   exits a fast heat at the same level with a nice 2nd 12 days ago……..and seems likely to fire another solid effort 2nd out following a 5 month break

5  Ipolita   ran best ever in latest to break maiden and it was her 1st ever on the Del Mar surface……..needs only a small forward move in her 2nd effort over it’s AW surface to be a tough cookie here

6  Spirit of Ten   three year old filly is improving…….trainer is improving……should make for a contender for the top prize here

8  Hugger of Trees


race 3    average clarity

2  Educating    rather convinced this Proctor 1st timer is ready to roll in her debut and she better be as she tackles a turf route……mom has tossed 5 grass winners……. and the tightly spaced and prolonged work regiment has fit, meant, and ready written all over it

1  Dixie Tweet   sure woke up in 3rd lifetime start in the version of this MSW turf route race run on the last day of July…….good post and route turf proven…..not much to dislike here

4  Luyuryan   always tough to debut in a turf route as this Vann Belvoir runner did……slow early but showed plenty of life late……..blinkers on seems like a good move to help get his young filly in the game sooner this afternoon

7  Eementar  and  9 Tiz Ladys Legs  (tie for 4th selection)


race 4    slightly above average clarity

6  Burning    last two efforts fit well here……..and this is the last shot to run at what appears his favorite surface for about 3 months……Hollendorfer has more incentive than normal to have him ready

5  Designated   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to low level mc racing…….away for a couple of months but returning with a good work regiment over at Slr putting in plenty of foundation……and draws Rosario

4  Stauffenberg   deep closer might be the last one standing at the end and run on by them all late…….sure took to the Dmr AW in his last

1  Kimnjet


race 5    average clarity

4  Jo Jo Warrior   very strong Grade 2 win in last with the blinkers back on…….won her only race at Dmr quite easily in MSW breaking effort……works on the Del Mar surface are strong and plentiful

1  Delta Flower   was favored over our top pick in last but didn’t fair too well…….but Hollendorfer sure has put the pedal to the metal in the a.m. with his filly…..rebound city seems likely today

5  Thegirlinthatsong    dangerous new shooter for the Hollendorfer barn should be flying late if she takes to her 1st ever run on a synthetic surface……believe she will as I doubt the sharp trainer would run her here and waste a race if he didn’t believe she will handle it because soon it is all conventional dirt in S Cal

7  More Complexity


race 6    average clarity

4  Boozer   all 3 lifetime route grass races fit well here with few reasons not to believe another highly competitive effort won’t occur today especially with Mr. Bejarano sticking around

3  Quality Plan   new trainer for today and some solid recent works showing……last was much better than appears on paper…..1st on grass but bred well to handle it

9  Husband’s Folly   gelding has been ultra consistent having hit the board in 8 straight races……..sure like the ride that Desormeaux gave this six year in his last and the jock stays up for today

1  Song To You


race 7   slightly above  average clarity

6  Broken Sword   all 3 lifetime AW route races fit just fine in this spot……..full speed ahead from the get go here…….solid wire to wire shot

7  Oscar Party   won his 1st ever on the Del Mar synthetic in last despite not the best of journey’s around the oval……..that effort fits at today’s higher level quite well and with 3 lbs off to boot……that is if he gets a better trip this afternoon

5  Every Way   four year old filly has handled multiple surfaces so I doubt the Del Mar AW will be a hindrance…….trainer has a good history turf to AW with is the case here

9  Legacy


race 8    average clarity

3  Diamond Of Blue   3 for 5 on the Dmr AW…….3 for 13 on other surfaces…….Hollendorfer very likely will have this gelding more than ready for his last shot at taking advantage of the surface for about 3 months

1  Grandstand   seems likely to move forward 2nd out after a very long layoff……and……..with a switch to the quite reliable Kent Desormeaux especially so the 1st time he rides a given horse

4  Dr. Action   nowheresville in 3 races since arriving from Argentina…….but……drops into claiming and for the first time and with a solid set of drills at Slr for the ever dangerous Peter Miller

8  Sizzlin’ Joe


race 9    slightly above average clarity

7  Flamboyant   a flamboyant record of (9 3 3 3) to date and his latest in the Belmont Derby on the sod was stout to say the least…….impressive works since arriving back to S Cal……..seems set for another strong performance

5  Enterprising   hard to argue with 5 for 6 on the sod……would have been top pick if he didn’t show a tendency to flatten out slightly past 1 1/16th……still Mike Smith is up and the way he has been riding the grass ought to help this fellow get that extra 1/16th

2  Sawyer’s Hill   very sharp “now” horse deserves a shot ay the big time……..1st running as far as 1 1/8th but sure finishes as if it will be a plus

4  Talco


race 10    average clarity

1  Gold Medallion   solid effort/fit 1st out after the claim by Hess……decent useful 4F drills since……same or better seems likely today

7  Hawk’s Eye   another with a strong for the given level effort/fig……..trainer has has a big meeting and has a runner here who can keep the good times coming

3  Big Wags   trainer is very dangerous 3rd out after layoffs and that is the case here…….seven year old is a ton when he brings his “A game” and he might here

6  Fly Blue


race 11    average clarity

7  Halljoy   laid up GB invader sure fits if she is ready and the works put into her by her new trainer Gary Mandella say that she is

3  Classy Chick   nice public work-out in MSW debut last in a 6F sprint on the AW……..long/grass/2nd start all make this three year old filly a contender today as she is bred well for a grass one mile affair and her trainer is much better with 2nd time starters

10  Bijoux   wide trip from a wide post hides a decent turf route in last…..wide post again hurts but we get a major league rider switch to Joel Rosario

4  Seek A Star

11  Nighttiming

8  Keezheekoni




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Del Mar for Saturday 30 August 2014

Abbreviated schedule (as has been on our website all year) for the Fairplex meeting (now at Los Alamitos) and it is as follows: Sept. 5th, 19th, 20th and 21st and with brief comments only. It is for much needed R & R time and website maintenance time.


Not an easy card. Let’s call it a 3 on the 1 t0 10 scale. Decent chance for a two day carryover for Sunday and I like Sunday’s card quite a bit more.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly below average clarity

7  Beach Premier   ran 2nd in maiden debut at 27 to 1……likely surprised her connections……..seems likely for better in 2nd lifetime start with the debut race muscling her up

6  Birthday Song   like our top choice this filly might not have been that wound up in her mc debut as she ran 3rd at 21 to 1 in an 8 horse field…….Casse baby seems likely to show more today

3  Cruisingtheharbor    two year old filly first timer was just bought at sale in June……Miller and company pretty much knew what they were getting……..a.m. work seems up to snuff

2  Dana’s Delight


race 2    average clarity

1  Prontezzo   wide on a good rail day disguises how solid this D’Amato three year ran in his 2nd lifetime start……..solid a.m. work since……MSW debut wasn’t too shabby either………same or better seems to be in the cards this afternoon

6  He’s On His Toes    strong layoff effort in last………impressive wide run…….two reassuring drills since…….three year old gelding seems likely to move forward today for the sharp trainer (Hollendorfer) to put his Cal-bred in an open company affair

7  Turnover   both lifetime endeavors are par like efforts for the 3 and up MSW level……..might need slightly more here as this race sure appears as if it is better than a par field…….continues to train like a happy healthy horse so a move forward might occur

8  Alfa Bird


race 3    slightly above average clarity

1  Blue Tone   very solid on AW surfaces including Del Mar where he owns 2 wins in 3 races on it’s synthetic surface…..high probability he gets a good ground saving trip near or on the lead

5  Big Bang Theory   well proven “fresh” runner is coming off of a nine month layoff but is training as if he is all set to compete at a high level……….1st on the Del Mar AW but the works on it in the a.m. suggest he will handle it

2  Drill    no wins since 2012 but Drill is 2 for 4 at Dmr and 2 for 21 elsewhere……..Baffert might pull out all stops to make sure this declining five year old rebounds some today and rebounds on his favorite surface


race 4    average clarity

1  I’ll Wrap it up   blinkers on in last and it sure helped……….fired lifetime best………reassuring 6F work since and facing easier in this spot…….good post

7  Footstepsinbronze   improving with each and every grass race for Simon Callaghan……last effort would likely make him a major player……..any more effort today would be icing on the already sweet cake

9  I’vegotafeeling   interesting Ire overseas invader draws Mike Smith which hints he is ready off of the 5 month layoff……and……..this three year old colt sure improved with each and every lifetime start

5  Knock Em Flat


race 5    slightly below average clarity

3  Sam’s Sister   nice MSW debut win and impressively got back to work in the a.m. 8 days later…….that is a sign of a healthy horse and one ready to move forward in her 2nd lifetime start

1  Lemon de Oro    lone lifetime win was in her only start on the Poly in a race at Kee…….decent 5F turf sprint in latest…….Spawr is good turf to AW…… trainer has had a tough meet and seems due to awaken

6  Antiquity   one for one at Del Mar on the AW……….0 for 3 on other surfaces………best get it done here as there are very few chances left in 2014 to run on it’s synthetic surface as it is back to dirt in 2015

4  Rovenna


race 6    average clarity

1  Call To Congrats   nice MSW debut snatching 2nd despite running wide on a day the rail was somewhat biased……..strong work tab since……same fits……better and she will need a bad trip to get beat

5  Daphne’s Day   pressed one fast quarter in debut last and paid the price………Yakteen is better with 2nd time starters and if he (and of course the jock) get this filly to relax and slow things down early she can be dangerous here

6  Bennett Jean   good MSW debut 2nd for this Ted West two year old filly but that was way back on June 5th……not sure if she is returning as sharp but she sure fits if she is

8  Conquest Archangel


race 7    below average clarity

2  Miceli   good history back in short rest and his last was quite good……..has a good 1 1/16th turf post…..decent meeting for the trainer

3  Little Jerry    Baltas trained gelding isn’t too hot at firing back to back good races but sure fits fine here if the crafty trainer can get him to break the mold today

7  Hog’s Hollow   Mike Smith is 2 for 2 on this eight year old gelding and 4 for 6 riding for Gallagher overall the last couple of months…….that’ll do

5  Press Baron


race 8    below average clarity

4  Koukla   Sadler is very dangerous with laid up runners when he finishes up with a series of 6F drills…….5 in this case and tightly spaced at 7 days apart…..seems meant and ready fresh off of the bench

2  Sweet Marini   dangerous need to lead type might get what she needs here……and if she does get loose in this spot and the inside is OK (or biased) she might never look back

10  Royal Temptress   GB invader upset the apple card in her debut scoring at 25 to 1 in a 7F grass race……..must be handling the Dmr AW in the a.m. quite well for selective M Smith to take the mount for Mike Puype…….not impossible to make it 2 for 2 today

7  Mahalo Princess


race 9    slightly above average clarity

5  Sunset Glow   beat the boys at Belmont on the grass………ran 2nd on the grass in a Grade 3 on the turf at Ascot in GB……..won a Grade 2 by more than 3L on the AW at Del Mar in last…….best credentials in the race by far for today’s Grade 1 affair 

6  Her Emmynency   impressive going away win in MSW debut and two sharp drills since for this Stidham two year old filly……shot if she moves forward a couple of lengths this afternoon

2  Manahatta   under pressure from start to finish in MSW debut and still won at 6 1/2F…..two strong works since and still able to come back in 20 days……might be more muscled up than her debut and if she is she be a major player here

4  Dad’s Princess


race 10    slightly below average clarity

6  Selection   debut was needed as is often the case for a Proctor 1st timer…..copious furlongs of work since his debut……has had plenty of foundation put into him for his attempt at a route of ground in lifetime start number two

1  Stellar Act   weak time in mdn80K debut…..but…..did run 2nd with little support at the windows hinting he was not that cranked up for his debut………trainer is tough when his bro rides……and……..trainer is good 1st time at a route with a given horse 

9  Gem Twist   never an easy task to compete in a route in your MSW debut but the work regiment for this Hollendorfer two year old 1ster has ready written all over it

5  Conquest Hiosilver


race 11    average clarity

11  Goyan    race lacks speed and this Ron Ellis four year old gelding appears to have the most…….and he can stalk OK as well……..Ellis can make it 33% win for the meeting with a score here…….impressive

2  Brazilian Court   declining four year old colt sure fits well if he has another effort or two left in him……I would rate it at 65/35 that he does

12  Sidepocket Champ   been facing easier and the  drop seems logical……..seems better suited to sprints but at today’s level I believe he can still compete regardless of the two turns that he faces

8  Warren’s Cliff S.

10  Know More

3  Cole Cole



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Del Mar for Friday 29 August 2014

Good looking card today. Let us hope the track plays even.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

7  Beach Fever   big forward move not only in final time but pace……..good drills since…….makes for a good recipe for the same or more horse today

6  Mr. Casanova   nasty start and ran wide in a bad trip maiden debut……connections wisely get him out of claiming…….trainer is 5 for his last 20 1st at route……and the three year old owns a decent pedigree to get a two turn mile especially for a Cal-bred

4  Missing Groom   doubt last effort would do unless everything went his way……but…….his race run 3 back would……..stout rider/trainer combo in Bejarano/Hollendorfer 

2  Shaniel


race 2    slightly above average clarity

5  Nava Nataly   outside of coming up lame 3 months ago this mare has been quite consistent in 2014……and……her recent a.m. prowess hints she is going to fire a top effort this afternoon

1  Pursuitofparadise  good efforts in all three Dmr races and the last two are hidden by poor trips……will be very tough here if she gets a good journey this time around and is in the same form as her latest

2  Chippette   won the addition of this $8K race on August 1st in an affair of 5 1/2 furlongs………and 1/2 furlong more for today appears to be a plus

8  Warren’s Assasian


race 3   average clarity

2  Henrythelovepenny   running against track biases effect babies more than older horses and that was the case for this 2nd time starter (wide on a rail bias) who went off favorite in her maiden debut……sharp recent 4F work and drops a couple of maiden claiming levels………Peter Miller means business

7  Sheezflippinsexy   Belvoir is solid with maiden claiming 1st timers and I like the last 2 preparatory works out of the gate…..both 5F…….and he draws Bejarano who he has teamed up with quite well over the past couple of years

6  Silent Reward   O’Neill 1ster has a decent work regiment tightly spaced and with a couple of drills that indicate she can run some……….and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters

3  Suite One


race 4    average clarity

3  Fantastic Mizz   outside of maybe the 9 horse this Canani runner has been facing better…….last two grass races run fit……and…….the trainer has been firing with regularity the 2 or 3 weeks…….best ever in awhile might be in the cards

4  Intoxicating Move   last looked like a 5F turf tune-up in preparation of today’s turf route race……filly has been training well in the a.m……..seems well prepared and well meant for a solid one mile grass route today

8  Prettypriceygirl   last (1st out following the Powell claim) was rather strong……..tougher post today especially with the turf rail in the 24 ft. position but the trainer sure seems to have this mare sharp in the a.m.

6  Highly Rated

Long-shot consideration:   1  All Leigh   low percentage trainer for 2014 but she is 2 for her last 16 on the sod (13%)……solid wake up on the AW in latest with the blinkers put on…….did fail in lone turf start but it was off of an 8 month layoff……deserves another shot on the sod especially at a morning line of 20/1


race 5     slightly above average clarity

2  Deraptor   best career races by far are his two route races on AW surfaces…….and the very best was his mile effort in his last in a race at Del Mar….two sharp drills since……same or better likely today and that would make him tough in this spot

4  True Ten   blinkers off for today and very sharp for Cerin in the a.m……..solid 7F sprint in last and the effort is somewhat hidden (3 wide on a good rail day) ……… and…….. it sure seems like a good sign that Bejarano sticks around for a 3rd straight race

7  Ashleyluvssugar   done little wrong in 3 lifetime races on the Del Mar synthetic……..last at a route was solid…….blinkers on for today / solid 4F drill showing…….same or better seems likely

9  Luckbox Sam

Long-shot consideration:   5 Know Plans   last two races fit OK (latest is somewhat disguised) …….9 post in last – 5 post today…….should be able to use his tactical speed to find the 1 or 2 path on turn one……shot in this spot if that occurs


race 6    average clarity

4  Friendswith K Mill   owns some solid back numbers…..blinkers on and an improved recent 6F work…..late runner seemingly has plenty of speed in this affair to flatter his late kick

9  Big Tire   moved forward in latest…….and I believe another move in the desired direction will occur today because Bejarano and his agent see fit to jump on the Glatt three year old for the 1st time today

8  Conquest Two Step   done little wrong in 5 lifetime races (all sprints) and his latest was run at Dmr…..1st at a route today……..Mark Casse is solid 1st time long and I doubt that the connections were thinking sprinter when they paid $420K for the colt in April of 2013

10  Red Outlaw


race 7    average clarity

1  Covey   three year old filly had a good mc30K debut at Lrc for Ron Ellis…..drops one notch this afternoon……and the way in which Ellis runners have been preforming at Dmr my guess is this filly will handle the new surface adequately

3  Delphia   takes that ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing and in this case all the way to the bottom mc level of $20K……..and the selective Mike Smith lands on the Puype filly

2 She’s Discreet   trainer seldom has a 1st timer ready to roll at 1st asking but then again he doesn’t show works for the given level as good as he shows for this 1ster…..sure seems meant and ready

4  Keepnherinthedark

11  Warren’s Purrfect

12  Gisele At Fonz’s

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