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 The Racing Digest is now available for Saturday

17 April 2015:   After any scratches: 1st race exacta 3rd pick, top pick $45.80. 1st race double 3rd pick, 3rd pick $117.60. 4th race 2nd, top pick exacta $25.60. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 2nd pick for $636.20. 5th race pick 4 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, top pick $4,793.40. 

16 April 2015:  Top selection won 5 of the 8 carded races. 1st race pick 3 hit COLD $41.60 (COLD double $22.40). 2nd race pick 3 hit COLD $52.00 (COLD double $27.00.) 2nd race exacta also hit COLD $19.60. 3rd race double hit COLD $13.20. 4th race trifecta hit COLD $22.60. 6th race superfecta box of top 4 selections $466.20. 6th race pick 3 was 3rd, 3rd, top pick for $151.60. 7th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $196.60. 8th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $52.80.

Weekend of 11 & 12 April highlights:  Saturday: 1st race pick 3 hit COLD for $36.60. 1st race trifecta hit COLD $20.80 (exacta $10.40). 2nd race exacta also hit COLD $73.80. 2nd race COLD double was $25.80. 3rd race exacta hit COLD once again for $21.00  Sunday:   1st race tri box of 3 given horses $36.00. 2nd race tri box of 3 given horse $25.00.3rd race exacta box of top 2 horse $12.00. 4th race tri box of 4 given horses $216.40. 5th race tri box of 3 given horses $67.20. 7th race top pick over other 3 picks paid a superfecta of $458.60. 9th race super high five box of top 5 selections (cost of $120 for $1 play) returned a $1 payoff of $6,733.60 (superfecta paid $3,042 & tri paid $778.40

5 April 2015:   Solid day at Santa Anita on Easter Sunday. 1st race exacta box of top 2 picks $18.80. 2nd race trifecta was top, 3rd, 2nd picks $72.00 (exacta $26.40) 5th race pick 3 hit COLD for $331.20. 7th race exacta hit COLD $24.40. 6th race pick 4 was top, top, 2nd, 2nd choice for $1,023.20. 8th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $72.40. 9th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $48.80. 9th race tri box of top 5 selections $771.20.

2014 Del Mar Fall Meeting:   122 races run at Del Mar. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $244. The return $281.20. That is a 15% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 3rd meeting over the last 3 1/2 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 14% or higher.

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Santa Anita for Saturday 18 April 2015

Not the best of Saturday cards especially quality wise. Sunday's card looks good.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Dress Code    37 days away which is the largest break for this old fellow since Oct 9th......decent recent works......joints and muscles should feel good for a good as they can at 9 running in race #68

1  Jackson Sundown   needs a rebound to his race two back which would likely do the trick in this spot......but the drop from 16K to 8K isn't very encouraging......toss a coin

3  Trucial State   late runner needs his best.....bug boy is improving.....trainer has done well with limited starters 

7  Kingpin Ryno   seems likely to get loose....but...... he does have a poor history on the SA dirt and the 1 1/16th distance


race 2    average clarity

1  Shakeitupbetty   better pace and final time in latest which was his 1st dirt race with blinkers on.......when both early foot and final time fig improve together it is unusually a good sign of a horse feeling better.....positive rider change....seems set for solid effort

7  Courageous Call   fronts off and/or T C Baze has improved this five-year old mare.......not to mention the trainer Ron Ellis who is having another solid SA meeting......middle aged mare should be in this race from the get go

4  Big Break   6 1/2F  seems like a good fit......steps up but steps up into a weak looking nw alw group

3  Blushing Angel   away for 2 years but might be ready enough at 1st asking off of prolonged tightly spaced work regiment


race 3    below average clarity

8  J and S Express   eight year can sit in a nice stalk position.......good history at 6 furlongs........very consistent since the blinkers were put on 5 races back.....trainer has does exceptionally well with limited starts 

7  Peppy Bolly   solid history at Santa Anita despite breaking poorly most of the time......three nice 3F works  seems likely to be a big factor late once again

3  Sensational Nikki   dull works prior to her poor layoff run last June.........good works prior to today's layoff run.........hmmmm

4  Moscato Girl   decent win for this filly in her latest and Bill Spawr is good with claim repeaters


race 4    average clarity

6  Pretentious   very strong stretch run from far back in latest into a total lack of pace up front.....back in short rest and 1/8th more to run today..........should be making a big run late once again at a distance that should be more to her liking 

2  Papacoolpapacool    3 for 3 on the SA sod.....those 3 wins were at one mile.......seems to have a strong enough pedigree to handle the extra furlong......should get a nice ground saving stalk position

8  Ride Hard Cowboy   3 for 3 on the sod.....trainer Molly Pearson did very well last year with her Tup invaders....especially for us

4  Hero Ten All   best of the rest.....gets the hot T C Baze


race 5  below average clarity

3  Believe Too   seems best on conventional dirt running at today's 6F distance......last is par 5/8ths work since his last hint that better than par might occur trainer/rider combo

7  Domingo Cat   solid improvement 2nd out after the 4F work-out at LA since.......another move in the desired direction might be in the cards.......jock needs a win bad......he is oh so COLD 

1  I'm Popeye   needs a rebound......sharper recent a.m. work hints we will see what degree is the ? mark

4  Top Drawer   consistently tries hard......still likely will need best......rider upgrade should help find it


race 6    average clarity

9  Alamo   horrid trip in last......broke slow and rushed.......did extremely well to finish only 2 1/2L from the drills.......seems like a ton today if the surgery settles him down

5  Forest Blue   Peter Miller appears to have this first starter all cranked up and ready to sire is off to a good start and mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters

3  War Destiny   needs his race three good a shot as anyone if he finds it today

2  J Serino   big awakening in last.....dangerous if builds on the effort


race 7    average clarity

6  Diversy Harbor   best credentials in this race........brutal trip and no pace up front to close into in her latest......Gary Stevens will be out to make amends

1  Three Hearts   3 straight solid Graded race runs since Hall of Fame trainer Neil Drysdale took over......and the mare retains the red-hot T C Baze .....distance of 10 furlongs seems like a good fit

5  Walk Close  Clement does well shipping into S in the a.m. at Payson which is a wonderful place to get your horse fit

3  Fanticola   will attempt to wire.......tall task but not impossible


race 8    average clarity

1  Lady Now   best ever was 3 back which was 2nd out following a prolonged layoff.......same scenario today.......5 1/2 furlongs seems like a good fit

4  Spy Girl   up the track in last two races.......but......significant drop and her morning works hints at rebound.......very tough if she does bounce back to her race 3 back 

6  Grey Girl Gone   lone win in 4 lifetime starts came the only time this filly was up for a tag....up for a tag today ......retains Sir Baze

3  Secret Appeal   suspicious drop down following a strong race at twice the tag just 6 days ago........flip a coin


race 9    average clarity

4  Hazardous Dreams   1st time Dean Pederson and drops with a solid recent 5F when a new trainer takes over and they connections are willing to ever was his lone race a route on the turf

11  Miltee   overdo drop into claiming.....probably lured into this race because there aren't many mc50K races carded for the sod....not good enough for MSW racing but he fits fine here

12  Gin Riki   another dropping into maiden claiming for the 1st time......trainer is 4 for his last 8 (and 3 others in the money) with such a move

2  Dually Affirmed   FG invader likes firm turf.......welcome to S Cal

5  Blue Harbor   1st time as a gelding.......blinkers back on.....1st time in a maiden claimer........danger city

10  Passinaflash   close in a Mdn75K (kind of weak fig though)....drops to mdn50K

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Santa Anita for Friday 17 April 2015

Decent card today. Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

1  Architop   2nd career race when the debut was a turf sprint and the 2nd start is a turf route is right up Richard Mandella's alley.....and the debut turf sprint was decent

2  Mr. Cartagena   2nd career race when the debut was a turf sprint and the 2nd start is a turf route is right up Richard Mandella's alley.....and the debut turf sprint was decent.....double barrel action from Mr. Mandella

6  Wicked Finance   red hot jock and a consistent sort......likely to fire but needs to overcome a hanging tendency

4  Malibu Wood  very wound up working every 6 days since 10 March......might surprise 1st on the sod which he is bred for


race 2    above average clarity

3  Moe Candy   outside on a strong rail day and still just missed 1st time at a route.......same one mile distance today and few reasons not to believe this colt won't duplicate the effort......should be in the mix from the get go

4  D'Church   exits a fast heat and the three-year old had to face older in his last which was his 1st ever at a route........ and like our top pick I see few reasons not to believe this colt won't duplicate the effort today

5  Attack   rightly steps up into MSW racing following a near miss in last despite a bad two are tough but he's not impossible

7  Tried and True    bred to route that's for sure.......very impressive works.....big awakening today in 2nd lifetime start


race 3    average clarity

6  Bipartisan   by far at his best on the SA dirt.......away since Oct 2013 but returns with a more successful trainer and he sure has him working more impressively in the a.m........seems meant and ready 1st out in the Baltas barn

4  The Mad Hungarian   Baze/Miller were able to get this fellow to rate in his last which makes him more versatile and thus more dangerous now........and Mr Tyler Baze is one red hot jock of late

2  Valentine Boy   like the switch in bug boys for today.......seems to be sitting on a top effort off of a sizzling 5/8th's bullet drill at Slr

3  Perfect Set   goofy placement 1st out after the Chew claim......back where he belongs......race 2 back fits........trainer has had a good meeting


race 4    average clarity

6  Majestic Presence   needs a confidence builder after competing versus much tougher in her dirt route races.......Hollendorfer wisely is giving it to her here in a nw alw race.....sprint - sprint - route scenario hints she is very ready for today's race

1  Roksana   big awakening in 2nd lifetime start and her 1st at a route of ground......should be near the front end from the get go and likely to save ground from a good post at one mile on the dirt

2  Miss Mandate  a good 1st - then nowhere - a good 2nd - then nowhere - a good 3rd - then nowhere - ????????


race 5   average clarity

4  Friendswith K Mill   toss out last at GG - hates AW surfaces........back on the grass and drops.......nice recent works.......draws Bejarano.......seems tough unless it is a "sucker drop" with a bogus work tab

1  Jomelo   so so work prior to his last which still was a par like run 1st out following the Baltas claim......solid drill since the mile seems to be his bast turf disatnce.......better than par seems likely today

2  Empty Headed   wide trip in last or might have won for the same tag in his last......would have picked higher if there was more pace in the race for this late runner

5  Sinfully   slow horses to his inside.......seems likely to save some ground thru turn 1.......and that is 1/2 the battle in a one mile grass race


race 6    below average clarity

9  Easter Lillian   good forward move in 2nd lifetime start.......only one work prior to her last.......2 works this time in preparation for today's race and they are improved.........seeming highly like to move forward again 

11  Minister'sadventure   Hollendorfer 1st time starter shows signs of better ready in his MSW debut.....and it is a good sign that Bejarano takes the mount as almost all of Hollendorfer's starters with Bejarano up are live

1  Bert's Baby    step up one claiming level is a good sign.........filly just keeps getting better.......and better......and better..........and

5  Just Got Lucky   four-year old versus mostly three-year old runners is working as if she is ready......prolonged work regiment hints he is well-meant for her debut


race 7    above average clarity

8  Forest Chatter   3 for 3 down the majestic SA hill turf course and progressively better which each run down it......last would likely do the trick......more would be icing on the already sweet cake

10  Rosengold   proven fresh runner winds up with a new trainer in Clifford Sise who sure has been doing well since returning to the race track to early speed in the race seems highly likely to be loose and with a good speed rider in Martin Garcia who knows this fellow well-being up for most of his career

9  Indexical   one win and one 2nd in two races down the hill......not impossible with a decent move forward 2nd out following the layoff

4  Bobby Z Man   very consistent efforts down the hill.....still needs very best or dull efforts and/or bad trips by our top two


race 8    average clarity

6  Mothernaturespell   strong race in mc debut last August running close 2nd to a next out winner.......away since Sept but training as if he is meant a ready.....and a rider upgrade.....very dangerous

4  Not Tonight   49 to 1 in MSW layoff race strongly suggests the race was a public work-out to drop and go today........and the fact Baze sticks with the horse seems hot as he is he likely could have gotten the mount on almost anyone in this field

12  Coded Message   all 3 lifetime races all seem the same.....needs about 1 to 3L more today and then lookout

2  Ipray   working well enough to be a dangerous 1st timer

9  Gold Journey   competitive but flat late......blinkers on for today might fix that......or might not

10  Sparkling Peg    decent forward move in 2nd lifetime start.........very reassuring drill since.......higher rating if a better rider was aboard

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Santa Anita for Thursday 16 April 2015

So so card this afternoon. Friday's appears somewhat more interesting.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Mr. Count On Me   blinkers back on after being taken off for his 2nd career start and two recent very good-looking gate drills.....all set for best........should be in the mix from the get go

6  True Image   laid up since Sept. but returns as a 1st time gelding and with a work series that hints the surgery helped....and he takes that ever danger drop into MC from MSW

5  Jett'n to Maui   dangerous work regiment at Dxd for this laid up MSW drop trainer has been tricky


race 2    below average clarity

5  Yana   made a strong turn move in last which is often a sign of a horse feeling since especially for Bill Spawr are quite good......1st long (on the dirt) but bred for it......and jock upgrade to T C Baze who is coming off his most prolific week of riding in many a moon  

3  Seeking Shamrocks   trainer sure has woken up the last couple of weeks.......filly seems sharp just posting a bullet 5/8ths work.....likely to get loose in her 1st ever at a route and that is so often a dangerous thing in one mile routes with fillies

6  Spirit of Ten   seems like a good spot to rate which she is capable of doing and few are in this group of six are 


race 3    above average clarity

3  Cyrus Alexander   on the right end of the learning curve especially since the blinkers were put back on......won by about 4L two back and would have also won easily in his last if it wasn't for about 6L of trip trouble

7  Force   on the right end of the learning curve......and now the a.m. work is improved........I believe this Mark Casse colt is sitting on his lifetime best......which he needs to be to have a shot here

1  Rock Shandy   recent a.m. prowess hints he will rebound to his effort 2 back which would give him a shot

6  Battle of Evermore   consistent sort.......might be trouble if he avoids flattening out as he has been doing in two turn races


race 4    average clarity

6  Twinkle Toes   all three lifetime SA races fit here and her latest which was her 1st at a route might be better than her fig suggests as the filly that beat her by a nose for 2nd came back to win on Sunday in a mdn50K 

2  Dixie Dame   Philip D'Amato is dangerous sprint - sprint - route and that is the case here with his three-year old filly.......seemingly best early speed in the field........might get away and if she does it likely enhances her chances at earning the right to visit the circle of joy for the 1st time ever

1  Valentine's Reward   improving.......cut back of 1/16th today appears to be a plus

8  Miserable Blue   "best of the rest" is the best I can come up with for this young lady


race 5   below average clarity

4  Industry Leader   one race in his last three does not fit and he acted up prior to the start....toss it out.......just claimed by 4f drill put in by the stout trainer....positive rider switch.......should be a major player

9  Papa's Paisley   four-year old seems best on the SA dirt...............trainer has been in drop mode since returning from a brief suspension...........hmmm

3  Bob Consultation   finally woke-up with the blinkers off in latest.......and the race was a route,,,,,seemingly better suited for a sprint

7  Peacenik   eight year old won but in weak time and with a very soft set of fractions......might have slipped some....but obviously still dangerous


race 6    below average clarity

6  Super Ability   earned a giant adjusted for trouble (pace and bad position) fig in last.....stout drills since......seems better suited to today's one mile distance......Gaines is due to awaken....likely in the mix from the get go 

2  Global View   sprint turf tune-up in last.....aggressive works since.....right up Tom Proctor's is using Stevens........colt is (4 2 2 0) running on the turf at 1 mile or 1 1/16th mile

8  Midnight Storm   fits fine is ready fresh off the are good enough to be ready

7   Gabriel Charles    laid up Mullins five-year old is also training well enough to be ready following the extended hiatus from the track.....miserable meet for Mullins but small wake-up hints of late

Long-shot consideration:   5  Fly Lexis Fly   only lifetime route grass race was his best lifetime race.....and it was at 1 1/8th....seems better suited to one mile.......ultra impressive work regiment........back to Maldonado who rode him in his lone lifetime turf route


race 7    below average clarity

6  Field Report   extremely consistent......needed last and the drills since (especially for Spawr) strongly suggest that the effort did him a world of good and that much more can occur today

4  City Chapel    very bad trip in an alw race in last or could have won at 65 to 1........faces slightly easier today and he is an off pace runner in a race with plenty of speed....fits solidly if he can repeat his last with of course a better trip-a-rooo

9  Brando the Birdman   last two efforts fit with his latest disguised by a bad trip.......switch to Bejarano to gets things right

5  Success Rate   poor history on conventional dirt but a big bullet drill of 46:3H at SA hints that might not include the SA dirt


race 8    average clarity

6  Freddies Dream   last week was the best week of the meeting for Puype by far.........Freddy earned a strong adjusted or trouble fig down the hill in latest............impressive 6F drill since and it was just 6 days ago........bred to get the 1 1/8th distance

2  Papa Z   par like adjusted for trouble fig in his last.......and bred quite well to appreciate the 1 1/8th turf distance offered in the night -cap

4  Bold Papa   switch in trainers / nice drills =  significant......and switch in surfaces to one he is well-bred for = significant

1  Ace Deuce  keeps improving one baby step at a more step might do the trick

5  The Custodian   good history sprint to route off of short rest.....1 1/8th too far?

8  Book Thirty Four   good dirt routes but not very well-bred for the sod on his sire side of the equation



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Santa Anita for Sunday 12 April 2015

So so card today. Be back with you on Thursday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Secret Appeal   trainer has been on fire and this filly has run 3 races that fit here........had about 4L of trip trouble in her last in an abbreviated 5 panels sprint and still won.....that's not easy to accomplish 

1  Comin'offthebench   both lifetime races at SA look awfully good in this spot.........maybe I should have put on top but I am a touch leery that the connections didn't place this filly back in a "protected" starters alw 40K nw2 race

5  Prevaricator   on the improve with every start.......might be the one to beat if the trend continues today


race 2    average clarity

6  Beyond Lucky   lone race when wearing blinkers and sprinting (which was her last) fits fine and it was at today's 5F distance.......seems likely to stalk or duel with the 4 horse who appears to have one lung as she has stopped very early after flashing a solid quarter-mile

5  Yur Teasing Me   best was fresh (her debut) and she is 8 months fresh today......will need to come from far back but there might be some real fire up front

1  Warren's Salute    another deep closer hoping for a nasty duel up front


race 3    average clarity

6  Wandering Hearst   fairly good MSW debut run on the since suggest the sod really muscled her up and that more can be expected this afternoon in her 2nd lifetime start if she handles the main track..........the way she trains on it says she will 

1  Autumn Twilight   broke slightly tardy and ran wide in a much improved was her only race on conventional dirt without changes for today except for having to cope wiyh her 1st ever around two so pedigree for a route or would have been top choice

4  High Intensity   lifetime best (and a decent fit here with a little less wide of a trip) was her lone race ever run on the dirt at one mile.....and the race was run off of a layoff....this time she races off of grass tightener 5 weeks ago.......seems primed for best 


race 4    below average clarity

3  Hug and a Kiss   today's 1 1/4 mile turf distance seems to fit her better than anyone in the field and she gets the top jock to guide her along......such a deal

5  Bert's Melody   likes the front end and should get it here.........impressive recent 5F bullet drill suggests she might be tough to catch.......and jock Brice Blanc has good success with her

6  Fresh Feline   improving and acts as if 1 1/4 will be to her liking

1  Halljoy    seems best fresh (a 3rd - a 2nd - a 1st)......and that's the case here.......distance is a ? mark......trainer could use a win


race 5   average clarity

6  Kyankes   on the right end of the learning curve and continues to train as if her development will continue......and that is a very dangerous scenario when the trainer is Richard Baltas who also is on the right end of the learning curve

2  Morning Coffee   seems like an overdue drop for this O'Neill three year old filly.....should be spotted well if she hasn't been used up too much running vs. too tough for too long including her MSW debut which was in a Stakes race

4  Desert Willow   broke slow and ran too wide and still won her mc debut.......won't be able to get away with a bad trip here (most likely) unless she moves forward......very dangerous


race 6    average clarity

1  Crushed Velvet  very bad trip in layoff last hides a good return to the race wars for this Baffert filly.....solid 4F work since........1st at a route and she sure is bred to handle one.....should be in the hunt from the get go

5  Humoristca   sharp recent drills and R Mandella is at his best sprint - sprint - route.........1st long & 1st on the dirt.......doubt eiher is a hindrance with her well-rounded pedigree

8  Grace Ragazza   wins every 2nd or 3rd time out........3rd time out since her last victory.....and 2 for 2 at the one mile distance albeit at Lrc

7  Antiquity   blinkers on and a vastly improved work regiment.....going to wake up what degree is the ? mark


race 7    average clarity

7  Kiama   been facing much better in S. Florida.......ends up in the Miller barn and as he so often does Miller puts them where they can win.........not being so paranoid about losing a horse.....good history at 6 1/2 furlongs on the turf at WO

4  Always a Chance   hard trying sort but she has trouble winning........just claimed by Alfredo Marquez from the ice-cold Mullins and he gets Bejarano to ride.......dangerous combination over the past year.....seems best on the hill

9  Nazareth   decent history running on the hill off of short rest......21 days since her latest qualifies........2 works over those 21 days off suggests she feels good

1  Frandontjudge   best turf race at SA by my book was her lone race down the hill....still will need her 'A game"*


race 8    average clarity

2  Kentuckian   fabulous MSW debut win at GG breaking the 1:09 barrier and winning by double digits........blistering work tab since.......stout rider/trainer combo........seems like a ton if he takes to the conventional dirt which I obviously believe he will

7  Om   the most impressive 2 year old MSW breaking win of the year in S Cal run way back in August at as if he is absolutely meant and ready......but.....he does have to show he can handle the conventional dirt.....we likely will get the answer today

9  Serbian Syclone   2 for 2 at today's distance.......0 for 3 at other trainer / sharp works

1  Well Maybe   2 for 2 at SA.....continues to train like a happy healthy individual.....Mike Smith's only mount of the day


race 9    average clarity

1  Ivana Best Yabad   2 of 3 lifetime races and both down the hill say that she is the one to beat

9  Alpha Doll   dirt races fit.....bred to love the grass......retains Bejrano

5  See Through   her races down the hill in MSW races fit well today in this mdn50K hill race

12  AE  Kristinite   a major player if draws in

10  Pammy Whammy    gimme last - go today ?

3  Qui Bear   last better than looks.....way too wide

7  Lilies And Roses    needs to wake up 1st on the so pedigree for it

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Santa Anita for Saturday 11 April 2015

Not too shabby of a race card this afternoon. I would rate it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Nextdoorneighbor    seems overdue to blow a gasket but until he shows some signs of hurting it is very hard not to select him on the top of the heap 

3  Timeless Indy   trainer has been firing on all cylinders to say the least.....can't recall the last time he missed the board with a starter......nice forward move in his last for this 5-year-old on 29 March......and worked 5/8ths since.....and steps up.....this fellow appears to be feeling good 

6  My Slew     big gaps in work tab........and drops way down............rate it a 75% chance he is hurting........but lookout if he isn't


race 2    average clarity

5  Twentytwenyvision   showed he can handle two turn racing on the dirt in his last two he gets to tackle the turf and if he runs to his breeding it will a positive.....good trainer/rider combo

1  Royal Banker   Harty finally takes the blinkers off after 3 straight dull efforts since they were put on........recent a.m. work is better.....rebound city this afternoon for this four year old gelding in need of full vision

4  Celebrity Status   blinkers on and quicker recent drills.......believe this fellow moves forward both in pace and final time today

2  Clever Royal    away since August but working well......trainer is good with "fresh" stock......Bejarano is up.......hmmmm

Long-shot consideration:  7  Maxx the Giant   these days by far at his best at one mile on the sod (4 1 2 1) last 4X


race 3    above average clarity

8  Tester   bad trip in latest and still won by 8L to break his maiden......reassuring 5F drill since.......which makes me less concerned that the connections didn't place this fellow higher

1  Rambling House   big forward move in latest with the blinkers on especially pace wise......dueled in suicidal pace and still hung on for 2nd........very much a major player today if he can repeat the effort off of such a grueling ordeal physically

7  Weekendwithbernie   1 win and 1 3rd in 2 starts on the SA dirt.....still.......he needs best ever if either of our top picks repeat their last

6  Deputy Silver   drops from the sky.......obviously hurting but maybe (a big maybe) he has a race left in him....fits fine if he does


race 4    below average clarity

9  Lookinfordanger   tepid top selection might be up for her best following a vastly better 2nd lifetime start and the old sprint - route - sprint scenario for this afternoon

4  Stylistic   good improvement in her last which was her 2nd lifetime start........1st on the grass today but she is bred nicely to handle the green carpet

5  Boat Drinks   all three lifetime races down the hill fit fine.......bu.........she does lose Espinoza and gets Van Dyke who has been cold of late....thus....3rd pick

8  Two Taps   decent works and bred very well for this sod........1st timer for Shirreffs might be ready to rock and roll


race 5   above average clarity

6  Machochistic   a ton when this fellow brings his "A game" and the a.m. work for his new trainer Ron Ellis suggests that he will.......great SA meeting for the always dangerous trainer

3  Seeking the Sherif   loves SA (11 7 2 0) and likes to sit in the stalk position which he likely will......and seemingly he has never trained any better

4  Sahara Sky  only true deep closer in the field and Hollendorfer trained......and with a jock in Rafael Bejarano who is outstanding timing his move with late running sprinters

5  San Onofre   hard to argue with 4 wins and 2 2nd's in 6 lifetime starts.....and a hot work tab


race 6    average clarity

11  Ultimate Luck   lone race run last Sept. was decent which was run in a sprint at Dmr.......1st on conventional dirt today but training at LA as if that will be a good thing in his 2nd lifetime start.......very unusual for O'Neill to finish up a preparatory work series with 4 straight gate drills and good ones at that 

6  Oil   Miller just claimed and it appears to be a good one as he comes out of an extremely fast heat of bottom level claimers........the time run fits here and it is likely that Miller will get the his new shooter to move forward

4  Rule He Will   Glatt picks up an invading GG four year old comes off a strong race.....danger city

3  The Last Express   2nd time starter for the hot R Baltas......rider is 3 of his last 5 for the trainer......highly likely to move forward


race 7    below average clarity

8  Kiss At Midnight   believe this Miller runner is a "healthy" drop down.......Miller and company were most likely lured by the restricted to three year old filly (only) $25K claiming race condition.....fits very well here is his filly is in good relative health

10  Private Terrace   blinkers on and now training like a different race in a vastly better one.......horses are up and down all the time in restricted three year old claimers.......believe it is up here 

9  Party Rock   seems like a logical drop for this Baffert filly who has had a tough 2015

2  Erte   last two races fit fine and that is hidden to some degree.......not out of this by any means


race 8    above average clarity

6  Go West Marie   very solid on the majestic Santa Anita grass course (5 2 0 3).....blocked a very long time in her last and still won a State-bred Stakes race......two reassuring maintenance 6F works sine....feels good

8  Heavens Stairway   5 for 7 on the SA hill and 3 for 3 for T C Baze.....average trainer (these days) in Marty Jones but not down the hill where he continues to be very dangerous

2  Home Journey   best early speed will try to hang on and hold off the Calvary charge

5  Blingismything   seems more suited to 2 turn grass races.....but.....she is one for one down the hill


race 9    average clarity

8  Hit a Homerun  solid mdn3oK debut triple 2 weeks ago......and a 4F drill since.......that suggests this Miyadi colt has held form and might even move forward and a blast a home run today

2  Fexible  takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming and gets Bejarano to ride for the 1st time

6  Keegers   last was decent.....moved forward in 2nd lifetime race.....bodes well for 2nd out after a layoff today

11  Upbeat Tempo   best ever and a strong fit here is lone 6F SA race which was run in late Jan........fits big if we see that effort today

4  Spike the Punch   Grayson 1st timer seems ready and best be because there are some proven runners in here

7  Hired Gun   O'Neill 1st timer also seems ready and best be because there are some proven runners in here

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