Breeders Cup Selections will be no extra cost being that the great two days of racing are at Santa Anita!

The Racing Digest is now available for Saturday & Sunday

24 October 2014:  1st race top pick, 2nd pick double paid $40.40. 1st race top pick over our other 3 picks paid a superfecta of $257.60. 2nd race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta paid $62.40. Lone long-shot play of the day ran 2nd at 31 to 1 and paid $24.60 to place. 6th race top choice ($27.00) and 7th race top choice ($6.20) made for a COLD $112.60 double. 6th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta paid $82.00.

23 October 2014:     After any scratches the best gimmick returns:   3rd race pick 6 was top pick, 2nd pick, lone long-shot play of the day, 3rd pick, top pick, 2nd pick $6,867.60. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd pick, long-shot play, 3rd pick paying $652.00. 5th race long-shot pick over our top 3 selections paid a superfecta of $1,857.00

18 October 2014:  After any scratches: 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, top, top, 2nd choice for $3,350.80. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $225.60. 4th race trifecta was top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick for $128.40. 5th race 2nd pick, 2nd pick double $102.80. 5th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $51.00. 8th race top pick over our other 4 selections paid a superfecta of $1,792.00. 8th race top pick, 2nd pick double paid $79.60. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S. Cal racing!

17 October 2014:  Top choice won 4 of the 8 races races on a day nobody hit the pick 6. 1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, 4th, top, top pick for $7,507.00. 4th race ICE COLD double paid $49.60. 5th race top pick over our 3 other picks paid a trifecta of $135.60

12 October 2014:   1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, top, 3rd, 3rd pick for $2,305.20. 2nd race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $51.60. 3rd race trifecta hit COLD $23.20. 5th race trifecta box of top 3 picks $90.00. 7th race lone long-shot play for the day (won and paid $59.40 $19.20 $14.40) and top pick paid an exacta of $393.40. 7th race long-shot play, top pick, 2nd pick trifecta paid $2,866.20.  I maybe a Midwest boy but I love Santa Anita!

Weekend of 4 October:  Top choice won 8 of the 19 races for a 45% profit. Saturday: 1st race pick 3 was top, 3rd, 2nd choice $508.60. 3rd race exacta box of top two picks $53.80. (Trifecta box of top 3 picks $192.20) 5th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $197.80. 5th race double hit COLD $18.20. 8th race pick 3 was 3rd, 4th, 3rd picks $769.80. 8th race box of our 3 picks (in only a 5 horse field) trifecta was $61.60. 9th race box of our 4 given picks trifecta was $222.60.  Sunday: 3 exactas hit COLD ($22.00, $11.00, $14.80) 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, top, top, top pick $287.20.

28 Sept 2014:   1st trifecta box of top 3 choices $80.60. 4th race exacta was top pick, long-shot play $91.20. (top pick, longshot pick, 2nd pick trifecta $439.00). 6th race pick 4 was top choice, 3rd choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice $2,075.00. 7th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd pick for $923.20. 9th race exacta was 3rd pick, top pick $66.20.



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Santa Anita for Friday 24 October 2014

Not the easiest of cards this afternoon but lately that has been a good thing. Let’s call it a four on the one to ten scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Faith Hope Love   seems well worked 1st out following the claim by Sadler and company……..owns very good early speed in this spot and seems dangerous if she can shake free early

5  Warren’s Cracker   best race of her career is her sprint effort 2 back at Dmr which was with 1st time blinkers off of 2 months rest…….only other career sprint race was at SA and it is better than appears in print……..not to mention it was her career debut………2 months rest today and Bejarano sticks around 

1  Patriotic Brother   bet hard in her debut and won like a good thing in a race run way back in May…………off since but seems all wound up and ready to roll once again this afternoon……..decent chance to stalk the lead today as she did to victory in her lone start

4  Princesskatiebella


race 2    slightly below average clarity

2  Mambo Man   seems likely to be able to get a decent stalk position behind the 3 and 4 horse who haven’t shown much staying power……..has been facing better but still needs a rebound of sorts

5  Greeley Awesome   decent run in last off of the 2 month break……back in very short rest…..small step up……..hints this Spawr runner can out of his last in better shape than he usually does……danger city

6  Grandstand   his all weather races sure fit for the 32K level……….but………his lone race on conventional dirt isn’t too hot nor is his pedigree for it………did work stellar on it last summer at LA including a 110:3 H…….mixed bag to say the least…….giving him a 50/50 shot to handle it


race 3    average clarity

1  Redshirt   impressive 1st at a route in last in her 2nd lifetime start…….broke a little tardy and made an impressive early too wide a move on the 2nd turn…….1st on conventional dirt but working on the SA surface as if it is to her liking……pedigree for “dirt” is very good…….had a bad trip in debut……..Mike Smith’s 3rd chance to get things right

6  Olivia’s Greatdane   very game looking stretch run in MSW debut in and out of traffic from far back…….that maneuverability and her good route pedigree (and of course the conditioning by Mr Baffert) should likely make for a nice route runner………we shall see

7  Dad’s Princess   horrid trip in latest (a route Grade 1) which gave her no shot in the race so Smith eased up on her……..sprint Grade 1 at Dmr two back is a very solid effort/fig wise for the MSW ranks……….jury is still out if she can handle the SA surface and a route but she will be very tough here if she does 

2  Conquest Superstep


race 4    average clarity

4  Go Black Tie   drop makes sense as Hess was willing to race him for $16K two races back and he sure faces much easier here up for $12.5K in a nw2 races……..gelding seems to do his best when he can sit close up and he is highly likely to stalk or lead in this spot

7  Fonz   monster race (albeit on the AW) the only time this gelding ran a two turn affair on the main track…..and the effort is disguised as he was way too wide on a good (biased) rail day…….and he ran that race following a 6F run……6F in his last

2  Stolen Property   nice awakening in latest in a lowly mdn8K race at Fno but he won it by 8L in a solid time……ships back to the “big” track for today and seems to be decently spotted by Dan Blacker in this $12.5 nw2 affair

1  Take A Risk


race 5    average clarity

7  Aperfectdaytofly   definitely on the right end of the learning curve………only needs to repeat his latest to be major player here……should be quite formidable if he manages to move forward once again

10  Smokey’s Legacy   big race in latest and it is somewhat hidden by a bit of a tardy start and running 4 wide on the turn……..away 4 eight weeks but draws the meets leading rider……1st on conventional dirt but owns a good pedigree for it

1  Couldashouldadid    Machowsky had a maiden claiming 1st time win over the weekend (went off at 8 to 1 as our 2nd choice) and he sure appears to have this three year old first timer wound up and ready to roll as well

2 Nevada Time

Long-shot consideration:   4  Fort Cady    races 2 and 3 back fit fine here and are disguised to some extent……..strong work at SA prior to his last which was his 1st ever on conventional dirt…….tossed a clunker………drops today……..likely will go off too big a price next to give this Knapp runner another look


race 6    below average clarity

2  Lindante   tepid top choice seemingly has never worked better and his best effort to date was his lone effort down the SA hill grass course………..and it was his MSW debut

1  Monsieur Power   turf sprinter in Ireland…….not too hot in two USA races but both were one mile grass races……….6 1/2 furlongs down the hill today for Gallagher and company

5  Snuggley Bear   very consistent sort on multiple surfaces including the SA hill grass course……..but he sure needs to overcome a tendency to hang in the stretch (12 0 6 2)……top gun up enhances his chances of breaking the disappointing hanging habit

3  Act 


race 7    average clarity

5  Songforjohnmichael   both lifetime wins and significant efforts came turf to dirt………last at one mile on the SA dirt fits solidly at today’s higher level…….but…….he will need to produce off of a dirt race this time around……..obviously I’m thinking he will 

3  Valley Cat    this 1 1/4 mile race seemingly sets up for a late runner and that surely is what this 7 year old gelding is…… gun Bejarno likely will bide his time and let him run in the late stages

7  Wanstead Gardens    another late runner but with fewer credentials than our 2nd selection…….but he is 1st time under Sadler’s care and is bred to run all day long

6  Death Star


race 8    average clarity

8  Jet Trick   should finish up well today cutting back from a route to a 6F sprint………..nice reassuring bullet 3F drill since his last……seems likely to be in the hunt from the get go

7  Bodie Bojangles    D’Amato 1ster finished up his work regiment as though he is sharpening when it counts the most…… in right before his maiden debut……..and I doubt this is a tune-up as he is  available for $30K today and was purchased just 3 months ago for $50K 

3  Aaron’s Thunder   last which run on 22 August was decent and disguised by a bad trip…….returns as a first time gelding which usually moves a horse forward…….better trip today + improved horse (gelding) = trip to the circle of joy

9  Commander King

1  Lucky Shoes to Win

11  Arigato

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Santa Anita for Thursday 23 October 2014

Decent card to start the new week of thoroughbred racing at majestic and historic Santa Anita. Let’s call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always! 


race 1    slightly above average clarity

1  Holiday Maker   all three lifetime races are very solid effort/fig wise for today’s given level……..Bejarano sticks around hinting that this Baltas filly has remained in relatively good health/form

5  Lady Dash   two year old filly is on the improve especially since fronts were put on her 2 races back……..Maldonado seemingly can get a nice stalk position which he utilized in her latest and led to a 5L maiden breaking win

3  Desert Thief   blinkers off to shake things up for this filly who has been racing over her head too much……she isn’t today if of course she has remained in good condition……..fits fine here if she is still in good shape


race 2    average clarity

4  Morning Coffee   last race her 1st at a route of ground looks like trash…….but it wasn’t as she did well to only get beat by 21 lengths as she ran way too wide up on a solid pace…….amazingly my adjusted for trouble Santucci (pace and position in this case) fig worked out to be par for today’s more realistic level of racing………Mario Gutierrez (especially for owner Reddam) will be out to make amends

5  American Legacy   wide trip near the pace setters at a mile on the turf in last……..did awfully well to only get beat by 7 in a $100k Stakes race……….1st on the dirt but her pedigree seems adequate for it ………11 post in last……..5 post today……..such a deal

1  Daddy’s Dou   solid 13L easy in win to graduate.……..bred to handle a route of ground awfully well……..might feel really good for today coming off such a seemingly stress free effort……..likely in the hunt from the get go


race 3    average clarity

4  All Star Bub   not much on the grass in latest but her two efforts sprinting on the Dmr AW fit fine here if of course she handles her 1st at a route of ground and her 1st on conventional dirt…….owns a pedigree that says that she will…….and there is that S. Cal alarm bell:  1st time Bejarano

6  Bullwinkle Babe   set a fast pace in her 1st ever going “long” at a couple of levels lower in last………..vastly improved drill since and the step up of a couple of levels hint the effort muscled her up………stout jock with speed in Maldonado and he wisely remains aboard

5  Appealing Lady   this Sadler two year old filly fits if she is still in relatively good health but why race her in a high priced open claimer at a route when MSW Cal breds (especially at a route) might be a softer spot and for more purse money……..flip a coin

1  Yes Yes Baroness


race 4    average clarity

8  Flowinwiththebreeze   toss out her last her 2nd lifetime start which was on the sod as she sure has weak breeding for it…….showed life on the Dmr AW in her maiden debut following a rotten start………working very stoutly at Slr hinting that the SA dirt will be a plus…….seems dangerous with a better break from the gate 

2  Comin’offthebench   very solid looking works for this Diodoro five year old 1ster training at Boi and Eld and with her last drill at SA……sure seems ready to roll although it seems odd he goes with a low % rider on maidens in Quinonez who Diodoro seldom rides

7  Goofy Rainbow   useful MSW debut at Lrc 6 weeks ago……..drops and drops off of two strong works at LA………seems dangerous

1  Scattercash


race 5     slightly below average clarity

2  Pretentious   so so in last his 2nd lifetime start……….nice effort in MSW debut running 3rd with not the best of trips……..and still finished up well……..1st on the sod and 1st at a route but owns a very good pedigree to handle both

5  Willing to Travel   last seems like a sprint grass tune-up of sorts………why?…………..because Hollendorfer doesn’t run a horse off of short rest too often………13 days since this youngster’s last……..and he showed he can route on the grass in two turf races at Arlington…….connections shooting for his graduation today

4  Film Freak   Tom Proctor has been a touch cold especially by his high standards but he has his two year old training quite sharply…….and…….his colt sure is bred to get the long distance of 9 furlongs on the sod for an October two year old race

1  Miltee  

Long-shot consideration:   6  Soul Driver   26 to 1 in his MSW dirt debut strongly suggests the race was the tune-up for today’s 1st on the lawn and 1st at a route…….Jeff Mullins is solid 1st at a route and……..very stout 1st time on the grass with a given horse……..both occur this afternoon for this two year old colt who is nicely bred for turf and long distance


race 6    average clarity

1  Sheza Eyeopener   4 of her last 5 races since the blinkers were added fit fine here…….and her recent work tab suggests 5 or 6 good efforts is in the cards for today

7  Highly Rated   scratched out of a tougher race this past weekend for this softer spot and she will be a major player in all likelihood if she takes to her 1st ever on conventional dirt…….Bejarano and his agent thing she will………..OK pedigree for it

2  Belonging   2 of her last 3 races fit in this spot and today we get a major league rider upgrade from A Green (pun intended) apprentice to an established rider in Delgadillo…….off since late May but training up to snuff……….well placed to win 

3  Gelila


race 7    average clarity

2  Scooter Bird   needs ample time between starts to run her best (which is the case today) so you know that her connections will have her ready to roll as it will likely be a long wait until she will be in top form again……1st at the 1 1/2 mile marathon distance but she won going away at wire in her only race at 1 1/4

4  Bunairgead   not much since arriving in the good old U S of A but she has been racing versus better…….and maybe more importantly she has one win and one 2nd in two 1 1/2 mile grass races in Ireland

1  Aguafria    has run well with a month or two between starts in France……..5 months off in both of her starts in the USA………so back in two weeks this time around hints she is doing well and might move forward this afternoon……..1st in a marathon but she sure is bred well to handle one


race 8    average clarity

3  Nextdoorneighbor   does her best running on the SA dirt and this is likely her last race on it’s surface until late December…….solid layoff run in last……claimed by a good 1st out after a claim trainer in Diodoro……..and a decent recent reassuring drill put in since his last……..sure seems up for a repeat of his last or better…….and his last fits

1  Runninforbackpay   running at small circuit racetracks where he has been highly competitive when his connections see fit to put him in a claiming race……..nice record on conventional dirt to boot (16 8 2 3)

9  Golden Triumph   obviously not the best of claims…..snatched for $16K…… for $8K four weeks later………ouch……..but his recent a.m. work hints he might have a race left in him…….the kind you can use at the windows but wouldn’t want to claim

4  Warren’s Jeff G.

7  Bench Press

6  Waitwaitdonttellme


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Santa Anita for Sunday 19 October 2014

Why on earth did SA add a day (Wednesday) to Breeders Cup week as the claiming fields of late are so poor in quality especially the maiden claimers. I don’t care what the short term economics are because in the long run you will diminish your reputation as a world class racetrack if you spread things out too thin.That will cost you some day.

So so day once again but lately “so so” or worse has been a good thing as when I’m right the returns are significant. Hoping for a 3rd straight big day!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Cee’s Tizzy Belle   nice forward move in last (especially pace wise) her 1st on the dirt…….back to the grass and back versus Cal-breds…….only mount of the day for Mike Smith hints this mare has remained sharp…….should sit up close and save ground at least thru turn 1……such a deal

5  Bilger’s Sapphire   on the right end of the learning curve for sure……toss out lone turf effort as it was her 64 to 1 debut…….obviously wasn’t that muscled up for her debut……seems very fit now and back to the sod……bred decently for it and bred fine to a one mile affair

8  Susan B Good    2 of her last 4 turf races fit well here including her latest……..and her last was at 1 1/6th……seems better suited to 1 mile grass affairs……… so……….. if she repeats her last at her preferred distance………lookout

6  Three Blondes

Long-shot consideration:   2  Hot And Pleasing   dismal grass record but working vastly better seemingly out of nowhere……..and Cassidy and company take her out of maiden claiming for this race……good post…….good rider………big price


race 2    average clarity

3  When We Met   consistent closer seemingly gets ample pace to strut his stuff once again and possible capture his 5th consecutive trip to the winners circle

2  Gal Has To Like It   nice inside stalk position led to a win in his last……same post……..same track……….same rider……seems likely to sit inside stalking the leaders once again

5  W. Giles   improving sort might only have to repeat his latest to hit pay-dirt here…….would have rated higher if the trainer and rider weren’t a touch cold right now


race 3    slightly below average clarity

3  Warren’s Sunny Boy   by far the best recent a.m. prowess (and at SA) of any runner in this dismal looking field……race 2 back fits decently and off of his “wake-up” works he might be up for even more

2  Higher Mandate   decent layoff route race in latest……..cuts back to a sprint for 2nd run following the extended break……..should have something left in the tank in the late stages coming off of a route

4  Grey Is Best   rider has done little in S Cal so far but Desiree Stra might find herself loose on the lead in this race totally void of speed making her task markedly easier


race 4   average clarity

5  Jomelo   multiple points of trouble in last disguises an improved effort…….top gun Bejarano will be out to make amends

2  Sizzlin’ Joe   big winning effort off of 7 days rest 2 races back at GG…………….last placed over his head sure looks like a gimme considering he is back in very short rest once again today……….8 days this time around

4  Craving Carats   turf sprint in last…….back in 6 days for a route and puts the blinkers on………turf rail placed far out………turf speed has been decent this week and this four year old gelding sure appears to be capable of getting loose and in a reasonable pace……danger city

3  Buymeabond

Long-shot consideration:   1  Dewrag    seems likely to sit close to the front in a race that might favor speed……..last couple of  races are good (albeit on the dirt) and Maldonado has been red hot in grass route lately……dangerous 


race 5    average clarity

4  Marla Hooch   2 for 3 on the SA dirt and with a low % jock aboard……….back on the SA dirt today for the 1st time since March and this time with Bejarano up…….off since July but drops a notch and the drills suggest she is fit

2  Quinnette   Ron Ellis five year old mare likes to sprint at Santa Anita and might be best at today’s somewhat specialty sprint distance of 7 furlongs (2 1 1 0) …….should be tough here

6  Papaslilprincess    don’t you just love “pulled up walked off” ……..and dropping down……..seems dangerous at the 16K level especially since far too many horses that ease and walk off do awfully well in their next start 

1  Love The Breeding


race 6    average clarity

7  Red Outlaw    friends in the racing office?……scratched out of a Stakes on Saturday for this affair totally void of speed except for him…….and with Maldonado up……yikes

5  Street Icon   wide near a solid pace and on good rail day hides a solid return to the race wars dirt race in last………should tighten him up nicely for today’s turf sprint……and he is 1 for 1 on the SA hill grass course

3  Daraybi   trainer has been ice cold all year but sure has this quality French invader working as if he should be a major player in today’s turf sprint

1  Bolita Boyz


race 7    average clarity

4  Windy Forecast   solid MSW debut and then this Callaghan two year old filly got caught in a ridiculously fast pace (in a Grade 1) in her next start and rightfully tired…..nice work series and back against MSW runners……seems tough here

8  Suva Harbor   exits a solid heat at Lrc where if she can run as well on the SA dirt she likely has as good a shot at graduating as anyone in the race

1  Cadet Roni   not the best of  conditioners with 1sters in Mark Glatt but the works (especially her two gate works) are too good to ignore for this young filly

5  Get Back Annie


race 8    average clarity

2  Gangnam Guy    2/3rd’s of his career sure fits solidly in this field including both of his races down the SA hill turf course…….did toss a clunker in his latest but has had ample time off for Machowsky to get him to rebound

4  Smart Journey   race lacks speed and he appears to have the most………especially if he repeats his latest……has never been loose down the hill in three races but might be today…..lookout if he his cutting back in distance

3  Law Dog   toss out last to some some degree as route racing doesn’t appear to be his matt forte (couldn’t help myself-Bear fan)……..back to a sprint and 1st time Bejarano……..seems like a player today

1  El Tovar

Long-shot consideration:   7  Sir Barclay   solid move forward in last and it might be even more significant than the number he earned as his running lines suggest that 7F isn’t his favorite distance…….very strong move in the right direction if that is fact


race 9    average clarity

8  Southern Owah   2nd time starter worked 113:2 since his start and nobody in here has run that in a race…….not much……but…… pace-less bad field

7  Push Girl   only runner in the field with speed…..would have been top choice if it wasn’t for blinkers off today for her 2nd lifetime start…..very loose lead seemed more guaranteed if they had remained on

2  Turn On   good drills prior to layoff last…..didn’t show a thing but it might have been a public workout as she really didn’t belong in a MSW affair……go go go today at the bottom mc level?

6  Miners Lass

1  Jo’s Approval

5  Groovy Journey



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Santa Anita for Saturday 18 October 2014

Seems like a difficult card today and weak quality wise. Let’s call it a 3 on the 1 to 10 scale.

A special “Hello” to Brian and Herb (if things work out) who are two customers from the Seattle area that I look forward to meeting next weekend in the Seattle area.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

7  English Annie   one race effort wise/fig fits and it fits big (and it is disguised by a bad trip to boot)……it was her debut run 4 races back and it was on the sod…….not much since but she drops to the mc bottom today and does so off of some improved works on conventional dirt…..1st on conventional dirt might be the wake up call

8  Stored Attaq   both lifetime races on conventional dirt fit fine and his last is better than appears in print as she ran way too wide on the turn……”real dirt” today and weight off with the successful bug boy up for the 1st time

6  Yodelmesomemagic   route/route to 7F is often a good thing……and just worked a decent 5 furlongs 3 days ago…….running back off of a decent 5F drill in 3 days rest is usually a sign of a runner in good health and good form

4  Mark Of The Affair


race 2    average clarity

3  Hadfunlastnight   claimed by V Garcia 8 weeks ago and training well since……and the conditioner is ultra dangerous 1st out following a claim

4  Finallygotabentley   toss out last 3 races……appears this gelding disliked the sod and the Dmr AW……back on conventional dirt where he is well proven……..and his work tab since arriving at SA is vastly improved

1  My Samurai Warrior   another V Garcia runner who has been away for 8 weeks and training well……..might surprise if he isn’t in this race just to make it go for our top pick


race 3    average clarity

4  Boozer   consistent sort and proven on the SA hill……cutting back in distance is likely a plus…….so is retaining Bejarano who has fit him very well so far

2  Super Ability   also cutting back in distance which is often a good thing when competing down the majestic SA hill grass course……..1st ever on the hill but 3 for 5 routing on the sod and he has run well sprinting on the main track so I doubt the hill will be a problem

5  Tamarando   talented late runner hasn’t sprinted in quite awhile but he won the last two times that he did………doesn’t seem set for a deep closer but races don’t really run like they look in print as much as you would think


race 4   average clarity

4  Watdifrenzdzitmake   runs as if a route of ground will be to her liking……..good improvement in her last her 2nd lifetime start……….sure seems to be in a good spot here if she continues to improve and takes to route racing as I think she will

9  Seattle Music   24 to 1 in MSW debut last hints the effort was a turf leg me up tune-up to drop and go today………seems plenty fit to get the distance and others in here likely are not………trainer has been firing on all cylinders

5  Zippinaroundtown   clunker in last……needs a rebound to her effort two back and of course needs to handle her 1st ever at a route…….pedigree for it seems adequate

2  Delaney’s Joy  (tie for 4th pick)

7  Misty Warrior  (tie for  4th pick)


race 5    below average clarity

8  Real Deal Appeal   tepid top selection seems to have the best early gas in the field and gets a jock upgrade and to one of the best speed jocks on the grounds…….and speed was king yesterday

2  Bourne Hot   drops from the clouds…….one good effort left in him or not…….only the connections know and maybe even they don’t know……flip a coin

4  Industry Leader   declining runner’s last two races fit fine……..takes a small drop again to the bottom level condition claimer……..fits well in this spot if of course he has held form

7  Ballard Ruler  

Long-shot consideration:   5  Cut To Run   1 for 1 at Santa Anita on the dirt…….won that race off of a significant drop down……..significant drop once again…… the fact Trujillo sticks around…….hints that his layoff run in last at twice the claiming was a tune-up


race 6    average clarity

NOTE:   11 and/or 12 have a shot if they draw into the field

3  Vow Me Over  solid route at Dmr on the main track in her last in only her 2nd lifetime start…….strong close into a pedestrian pace………1st on the sod but bred to handle the green stuff……and last but not least a jock upgrade

1  Backstreet Lisa   race lacks speed and this Miller two year old filly has some……1st on the sod but pedigree for the grass seems decent………lookout if she breaks well and gets away………Maldonado has been very solid loose on the lead on the grass at the fall SA meeting

8  Satin Cinnamon   two useful lifetime main track sprint races under her belt and now it might be time to shine…….her daddy has been a good new grass sire so far and mom has tossed two grass winners from 5 starters…….highly likely to move forward on the grass

4  Educating


race 7    slightly above average clarity

6  Kantune    two good races to start his career which were run on the AW at Dmr…….then in his 3rd lifetime start at SA he ran an extremely impressive effort…….broke a little tardy and still was up on a solid pace in a very fast heat…..did really well to only get beat by 3L for the win…..reassuring 5F drill since

10  Cyrus Alexander   mega bucks purchase as a yearling sure is training as if the dream of a special horse is still alive………strong trainer in Hollendorfer with 2 year old 1st timers……and mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters and all precious won at 2

9  Fame and Power   about 4 or 5 lengths less impressive than our top pick when they faced one another in their last……but Baffert trained and blinkers on……and a recent bullet 4F work…….equipment change might move this fellow forward today and put him in the mix

2  Ghost of Navigator


race 8    average clarity

4  Chilada    last was better somewhat better than par…….seems likely to save ground on turn 1 and get a good trip as 2 of the 3 horses starting inside of her are slow early……back to Trujillo who is one for one on the filly

1  Casey’s Clem   nicely improved since the blinkers were added 3 races back and two of the three efforts are better than appear in print especially the one mile grass race run three back…….10 post that day………1 post today…….such a deal

5  Tangelo   done little wrong in both lifetime one mile grass races and beat our top pick by a 1/4 length in last……..would have rated higher if she showed a little more in the a.m. since her latest

2  Frandontjudge  

Long-shot consideration:   8  Winninginfashion   good early foot……..very dangerous when loose on the lead and with Maldonado up it sure seems as if she will be loose if she takes to the sod in her 1st on it……bred to handle it


race 9    slightly below average clarity

8  Roper   goofy run in latest…….Z pattern (fell back and the came on)…..big bad trip race 2 back would likely handle this group fairly easily with just a so so trip…..need a rebound to it

4  Ferrero   decent work regiment for this 1st timer especially considering this is a Cal-bred maiden claiming affair…….mom has tossed 6 winners from 6 starters and all 6 impressively were able to win early at 2

7  Sindys Luck   another 1st timer who looks quite dangerous and dangerous for Jeff Mullins who has a steady history over the years of getting his fair share of 1st timers ready to roll at 1st asking

11  Sonic Fever

10  Cornbread Red 

2  Tiz All That



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Santa Anita for Friday 17 October 2014

Sure hope it is a good afternoon for apprentice Draydon Van Dyke as he is aboard our top choice in 3 races and our 2nd choice in 2 races.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

4  St. Joe Bay    decent MSW debut at Lrc…….not too concerned about the drop into maiden $75K claiming as this Miller runner went at sale for $60K in June………good pedigree to get the two turns…….good work regiment…….hot rider/trainer combo

3  Mr. Chase   connections geld their two year old following his MSW debut and drop him into high priced maiden claiming…….turf route in debut should help his endurance for his 2nd lifetime start and going under the knife likely will settle him down……Mark Casse is stout MSW to maiden claiming

5  Magna Rex   not much in MSW debut but returns for his 2nd lifetime start as a 1st time gelding…….drills since his debut hints the surgery has helped……..jock is 3 for his last 4 for the trainer and the trainer Richard Baltas is good 1st at a route with a given horse…….believe we see a big wake up today


race 2    slightly below average clarity

4  Red N Black Attack   best running in routes and it showed in his race 2 back which was run at Lrc (solid pace and final time fig)…..and back to Van Dyke who ride in the Lrc race

2  Papa’s Paisley   last sure fits…..bit of a concern that Jack Carava drops off of a win but he has won 3 of his last 7 when doing so

1  The Mad Hungarian   trainer is firing on all cylinders of late………..drop down for the 2nd time in a row is a concern but the three year old is 2 for 3 at SA and training on it’s dirt as if he will welcome a return to it’s surface 


race 3    slightly below average clarity

1  Cravin’ the Heat   nice race turf to dirt two races back off of 21 days rest………turf in last run just seven days ago……dirt today……..seems well meant for Abrams who breaks the mold as being one of the few who is decent running a horse of off of very short rest

5  Up the Alley   three year old filly has fired in all four of her main track route races………and her only main track route with the blinkers on produced a going away at the wire 4 1/2 length score

4  Fly to Freedom   speed sprinter is best on the lead so it seems like a good spot for her 1st attempt at a route a ground as she sure looks loose in this spot…..and her pedigree to handle a two turn affair is rather good

2  Warren’s Tricia R.


race 4    average clarity

4  Nighttiming   seems very likely to get a ground saving stalking to mid pace position at least thru turn 1 and with Bejarano aboard………that is a dangerous proposition

1  Star Act   very consistent route runner on the AW or the grass would have been top pick if it wasn’t for her tendency to hang in the late stretch

3  Seek a Star   GB invader ran decently 1st start in the good old U S of A………decent works since……..very dangerous here if she moves forward in 2nd start in his new Country

8  Home Maid Brownie


race 5    average clarity

4  Pulmarack   Cal-bred runs in his sprints like he wants to go long……and his pedigree supports the notion…….away since 1 August but hasn’t missed a beat in the a.m……..tightly spaced drills and many at 6F……..very well prepared for today to get the distance

5  P Club   definitely on the right end of the learning curve and showed he can handle a route of ground in his latest…….handling the conventional dirt that SA has to offer is a small ? mark

8  Flexible   OK MSW debut 2 back…..and his 2nd lifetime start is much better than your average 14 beaten length 4th place finish…..very fast heat and he raced way too wide……1st at a route and his trainer is quite dangerous sprint-sprint-route with a given horse and that is the case today

6  Temple Keys

Long-shot consideration:   3  Spring for It   ran evenly in MSW sprint debut 2 1/2 months ago and has a decent pedigree to get a route……steady series of 5F works going back to August18th…….seems to have the necessary foundation put into him


race 6    average clarity

5  Betty Bing Bing   big awakening in last and Peter Eurton smartly steps his three year old filly up a few levels…..last effort/fig sure fits and today’s race is at the same track and the same distance

8  Nothing to Hide   just claimed by Truman and company for $22,500 and drops her to $20,000……no big deal to say the least……1 for 1 at SA and the effort stands out as her best ever……..and Eddie Truman won the last time he dropped following a claim

9  Cin City Lady   turf last not so hot…….mc debut 2 back on the Lrc dirt was an impressive bad trip win…….dirt today and Mora is off to a hot start replacing a suspended Doug O’Neill

1  Marla Hooch


race 7    average clarity

2  Shysheisnot   showed she can handle turf in a race down the hill run in January…….showed she can handle two turns in latest in an AW race run at Del Mar……..good post / good surface for her / and a good distance……..and last but not least good a.m. preparation

5  Mindfully   on the improve with every start and considering that the trainer is Ron Ellis the likelihood of a another move in the right direction is more likely than not…..and another forward move makes her one tough cookie today

1  Market Quote   very bad breaker early in her career…….starting to exit the gate better…….and she has been at her best at today’s one mile turf distance

4  Jennyway U Want It 

Long-shot consideration:   3  Tanquerray    by far her best turf distance is one mile (9 4 1 2)……back to Quinonez who gets along well with this mare on the grass……last was needed off of the layoff of 7 months


race 8    average clarity

3  Bird In Love   nice move forward in last with the blinkers put on and the effort is somewhat disguised by a wide trip on a good rail day……decent rider/trainer combo of late

8  Swiss Heart   best at today’s abbreviated sprint distance of 5 1/2 furlongs……..and seems best with Van Dyke and his 5 lbs. apprentice weight break……gets both today

6  Brandon’s Princess   moved forward in latest and the effort is hidden to some extent…..stumbled a length or two at the start and then ran a touch wide on a good rail day……in my notes I wrote down 4.5L of trip trouble…….same effort today and a cleaner trip and the 6 horse has a good shot here……..jock upgrade to boot

11  Bunuska

7  A P Pepper

1  Shared Image

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