Following today’s Sunday May 22nd card The Racing Digest is shut down until June 1st. Please check our calendar to see the remaining days (7 total) in 2016 our publication will not be available.

The Racing Digest  is now available for Sunday

15 May 2016:   1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, top choice for $43,051.60. 1st race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd pick $3,370.80. 1st race exacta was 3rd pick, top pick for$90.40. 2nd race excta was 2nd, 3rd pick $47.40. 3rd race exacta was 3rd, 2nd pick $144.60. 5th race top pick over other 3 pick paid a trifecta of $194.00.    

542 races covered at the winter/spring Santa Anita meeting. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $1084. The return $1175. That is a 8.4% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 4th meeting over the last 5 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 8.4 or higher. And the other 3 were 14% or higher but shorter meetings like Del Mar. 

12 May 16:   After any scratches:  1st race 3rd choice, top choice exacta $30.00. 5th race pick 4 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, top choice $3,331.40. 7th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $106.60. 8th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $129.60.

8 May 16:  After any scratches:  Not the kind of day we would ever put in our highlights section but a decent one. 1st race exacta hit COLD $31.00. 1st race pick 5 was top, 2nd, 2nd, top, top pick $321.40 2nd race trifecta box of 3 given horses $62.40. 9th race exacta hit COLD $33.00. 9th race top pick over the other 5 given picks paid a superfecta of $1,438.40


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Santa Anita for Saturday 21 May 2016

A few folks have been confused about our 2016 racing calendar so I am posting it here.

Take note of the days that our publication will not be available in 2016. A total of 12 days which is on par with past years but more spread out.

Santa Anita

12/26/15 - 4/10/16  

5/4/16 - 7/12/16   (no publication available May 26th to May 30th)

9/29/16 - 11/6/16  (no publication available the 9th and 10th of Oct.) 

Los Alamitos:

4/14/16 - 5/1/16  (no publication available April 15th)

9/8/16 - 9/25/16   (no publication available Sept. 15th to Sept. 18th)

12/8/16 - 12/18/16

Del Mar:  

7/15/16 - 9/05/16  (no publication available 1 Sept. 16)

11/11/16 - 12/4/16


Best of luck as always!

race 1   below average clarity

4  La Premiere Etolle   bred inside out for the grass and the connections know last on the dirt was a gimme where she flashed speed and stopped.......full throttle go today on the sod

6  Warm Endowment   needed layoff last and that effort should set her up nicely for her 1st ever on the grass which she sure is bred to handle........very sharp in the a.m. since her layoff last......should make a good account of herself if she does take to the sod

3  Hijiki    lone race run last Sept is a decent effort on the Lrc hint she might be ready fresh once again.......and she also owns a good pedigree to take to the turf

5  Goliath's Girl


race 2    average clarity

3  Boompa   best at SA and best with 5 to 7 weeks between starts.....gets both today.....last sure looks solid in this spot and it was also at 6 1/2F like negative - does tend to hang a little

7  Feyman   seems to be maturing/improving one baby step at a time......should be a player today if the trend stays intact

8  Go First   Knapp has had a decent 2016 and is especially dangerous 1st out following a claim......this five year old was claimed way back in August and disappointingly for his new connections he had to be put on the hint he has returned ready....fits if he is

1  Ladies Man


race 3    average clarity

5  Navy Hymn   with 3 wins and 3 2nd's in 6 lifetime starts Diodoro wisely steps up his new shooter (1st out after the claim) multiple levels........and this fellow appears to be the controlling speed in the race

3  Classico   popped lifetime best in latest winning at one level higher......retains Bejarano for the 7th straight race and drops one claiming notch.......2 of his 3 lifetime wins have come on the drop so the small drop doesn't concern me much at all

1  It's Just Bob   like when a speed type successfully takes back to win for the first time......that is the case here.......same rider aboard today.....that increases the likelihood the same tactic will be in place today......not out of this with his new running style

6  Loyalist


race 4    below average clarity

3  Unusually Talented   on the improve with every race and now steps on the grass for the 1st time which she is bred to handle.....should be in the hunt

6  Rebarules Again   just a touch short of par for the filly state-bred MSW level in both lifetime races down the majestic Santa Anita Hill grass course.........Bejarano sticks around for the 4th straight race......this appears to be a weak group and "just short of par" might do the trick here

2  Princess Ashlyn   dealt with a brutal 22:90 2nd quarter in a one mile grass race in latest.......and of course cashed it in.........that sizzling speed might work out well today with the cut back to 6 1/2F down the hill

7  Golden Light


race 5    average clarity

6  Desert Madam   nicely improved since Glatt snatched at the claiming box 3 races back.......her last is quite good and today we get a rider upgrade.....easy to peg as the one to overcome

1  Miss Star Maker   (4 1 3 0) on the dirt since Carava had the blinkers taken off this filly 7 races back......nice job riding by Verenzuala as he has been aboard for all those races and remains up today

4  Sidepocket Run   at his best on the Santa Anita turf and (by far) appreciates today's one mile grass distance the most.........and one of D'Amato's best starts is 3rd out following a layoff which is the case today

3  Minster'sadventure


race 6    average clarity

9  Pioneerof the West   major league wake-up in latest nearly taking down today's same condition despite a wide trip and running only 2 1/2L off of a sold pace....and improved morning work since.......same or better seems likely

1  Far Out Kailee   no support at the windows in last off of the since suggest Baltas means business this time around.....and look who accepts the mount.....Mr Bejarano

6  Radio Silent   also had a bad trip competing in the same affair as our 1st two choices.....and the trouble was subtle........he was climbing on the run-up to the 1st turn and then ran a bit wide.......trouble here if new jock Prat gets him to settle down early

3  Prohibition Repeal


race 7    average clarity

2  Cowboy  never sharper in the a.m. and the p.m........toss out his only race at today's marathon distance as he ran ridiculously wide.......much better post to start from this time around........should be a handsome price

1  Paiasolo   won his 1st on the sod in lifetime start number two.......nothing special about his winning time at GG but he won quite easily.....and he sure is bred and has the right trainer to get 12 furlongs out of him.....should be forwardly placed early

5  Malko   fell of in his latest with a strange lack of support at the windows coming off of a decent marathon run in his previous race..........nice steady work tab since his Mar 25th race.....rebound might occur

9  Cardiac


race 8    average clarity

4  Coppa   solid MSW debut win way back in November........away since but working awfully well for one of S Cal most dependable trainers when she shows good drills with a given runner......shot to make it 2 for 2 lifetime for D'A and company

1  Discatsonthesquare   consistent sort nearly won today's nw alw condition off of a layoff in his good a shot as anyone in this affair if she builds upon the effort

8  Desert Thief   lately this Spawr four-year old seems to need more time between starts and sure gets it in 3 months......and I sure like the solid 6F drill worked just 6 days ago.....feeling good

3  My Fiona

Long-shot consideration:  6  Parasail   not that much early speed in the field and this Gus Headley filly might snatch the lead and snatch the lead with hot riding Maldonado aboard......may favorite speed jock in S Cal at the moment


race 9    average clarity

7  Subtle Indian    with the scratch of the 5 & the 8 this Diodoro speed-ball went from 4th selection to the top selection as he sure seems as if the front end will be a piece of cake.......7 for 9 lifetime all of which were gate to wire

1  Wild Dude   always seems to fire a strong effort when competing at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance.......thus his record of ( 4 2 2 0) at the distance

4  Coastline    double barrel action for D'Amato who also trains our top selection.......this fellow thrives on plenty of time between starts.......and gets today same as he did last time when running 2nd in a Grade 2

10  San Onofre

Long-shot consideration:  6  Dream Saturday   NY invader has been away since August and ends up in the Hollendofer barn and he sure is he is training as if Jerry has the trump card for his new shooter


race 10    below average clarity

10  Swift Lady    3 wins and a 2nd in 4 lifetime races .......and.......her last two races were wins down the SA hill.....only 3 yr old in the race but gets 1st time Bejarano and 3 lbs off......likes to sit close and should be able to here.......Baffert seldom has a good turf horse but I believe he has one here.......we shall see today

7  Miss Double d'Oro   by far at her best down the SA hill grass course.........and she won a small Stakes down the hill like this one back in mid March.....that race was run route turf race to sprint turf race......same scenario today but she has to carry 4 more lbs.

3  Velvet Mesquite   not what she used to be on the SA hill turf course but on her best day she still is very formidable on it........tough for me to tell if that day is today........but if it is.......lokout

8  Home Journey


race 11    average clarity

4  Spirit World   very suspicious that Mullins and company didn't move this maiden to a significantly higher level as his latest is better than par for the MSW level......and off of the effort they take the blinkers off (why?)......believe they want to lose the horse......but he could fall off about 5 0r 6 lengths and still win this

9  Hoosier Road   fave in 3 of 4 lifetime races and has yet to hit the board......has been steadily dropping and you can't drop any lower than today.......gelded since his last and training somewhat better......might finally come thru for his "backers"

2  Glitter's Song   3 gate works showing and a few decent drills to his credit......Clifford Sise Jr. might have this cheap maiden claimer ready at 1st asking

3  Warren My Boy

10  Dig for Gold

8  Black Sona

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Santa Anita for Friday 20 May 2016

A few folks have been confused about our 2016 racing calendar so I am posting it here.

Take note of the days that our publication will not be available in 2016. A total of 12 days which is on par with past years but more spread out.

Santa Anita

12/26/15 - 4/10/16  

5/4/16 - 7/12/16   (no publication available May 26th to May 30th)

9/29/16 - 11/6/16  (no publication available the 9th and 10th of Oct.) 

Los Alamitos:

4/14/16 - 5/1/16  (no publication available April 15th)

9/8/16 - 9/25/16   (no publication available Sept. 15th to Sept. 18th)

12/8/16 - 12/18/16

Del Mar:  

7/15/16 - 9/05/16  (no publication available 1 Sept. 16)

11/11/16 - 12/4/16


Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

4  Eichel   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime race.....repeat of the effort has a good chance of taking this race was run in the was it the off track that moved him up or a natural progression.....we shall see

2  Mr Ability   last couple of drills for this Mike Harrington 1st timer are improved hinting he is coming around at the right in right before his MSW debut.......and Maldonado has been on "live" 2-year-old 1st timers riding for the Harrington's this spring

1  Ocean Dream   filly vs. the boys here........flashed speed in his work on 20 April......then after that he worked 4 more drills that were slow but she finished off with 3 works over 10 days.....the last two works were 4 days apart.....tightened up and dangerous

3  Will Tell


race 2    average clarity

2  Shazara   solid move forward in 2nd lifetime start.....good finishes in both lifetime races both of which were routes.....most in here likely will flatten enhancing her chances of roaring past them late

4  Crimson and Gold   2 of her 3 career races fit well in this spot......1st running a route of ground but she sure has a pedigree that should handle one......Mike Smith is due to break out of a slump.......has a shot at getting a little of his mojo back right here

5  Caradini   fronts on in last and fell off fig wise some.......last 3 times she ran without blinkers and fronts she ran well enough to a major factor here.....we know the blinkers are off for today.......but we don't know if they will be off for the post parade....get your binoculars out


race 3    below average clarity

5  Batti Man   quite a bit better on the dirt and declining of late but he sure appears to have an easy lead in this spot......and his a.m. work hints at a rebound

1  Te Rapa  believe Zucker has run this eight year old into shape and that he is ready for his best 4th out following a layoff.......Bejarano staying up supports the notion

6  Buymeabond   at his best with 2 or 3 months between starts and gets far at his best at today's distance (6 for 17).....would have been top pick if it wasn't for his off pace style in an affair that seemingly favors those up close early

7  Lucky J Lane


race 4    below average clarity

4  Tangled Up in Ju   away from the game since 11 September when he ran poorly in his 2nd lifetime start......but his debut was strong and hidden by a bad trip.....proven fresh and fresh today

3  Mrs. Guty   trainer's stock has been firing of late and Mike McCarthy sure appears to have this 1st timer all wound up and ready to roll for his maiden debut.....the only time the trainer put up Talamo over the last 2 months they teamed up for a winner.......hmmm

2  Gust   one lifetime race in four its well here.......his lone effort sprinting on a fast rated track.......5 1/2 furlongs here and "it never rains in California..."

6  Song of Ekati


race 5    average clarity

5  Hey Dude   drop makes sense as at best this gelding has only paid the bills the last couple of years.......and D'Amato has a barn full of good grass horses.......the "Dude" seems likely to get a very good trip saving ground on or near a slow-paced lead

1  U S Citizen   our top pick in the nightcap one week ago won and paid a solid 7 to 1 ......wheeled back quick which might be a problem but if it is not he should be a good fit on the step up in claiming.....look for him to sit closer in this group with little speed

2  Yes Yes Yes     been facing better in last two races........1st time Bejarano........handles the SA hill grass course just fine.......would have been top pick if it wasn't for his off pace style in an affair that seemingly favors those up close early

8  Gloria's Angelo


race 6    below average clarity

5  Big Book   good spot for her return to the race wars as she is by far the most accomplished runner in the field of 10.......Yakteen is having a much better year in 2015 than 2016 and has had most of his stock ready this spring at SA......and the am. work for this filly hints the layoff won't be a problem

6  Street Surrender   nice move in the desired direction in her 2nd lifetime start......and the effort is somewhat hidden (rank and steadied)........blinkers on to help settle her down.....and if the works are worth a hoot the blinkers have really helped......we shall see

7  Savannah Bay   consistent filly and a reliable rider/trainer combo to say the least......but this filly has flattened out some when running past one mile like today.....still.......not at all impossible but definitely 3rd selection

8  Slip of the Tongue


race 7    average clarity

1  Lady Value   lifetime best and a solid fit in this spot was the lone time in 5 career grass races this three-year filly ran on firm turf.......and the effort was at today's 9 furlong distance and she won by a large margin (5 1/4 lengths) especially for a turf race

4  Not Now Carolyn   good chance to dictate the pace and with a stout speed rider aboard........if of course she takes to her 1st endeavor on the sod.......owns a better than average pedigree for it

7  Sutton's Smile   would like more if this race was shorter than 9 furlongs.......often flattens out some at one mile......but it sure is hard to ignore anything that the D'A runs on the sod

5  Friulian


race 8    average clarity

7  Edgy Girl   big forward move in latest to graduate.........was loose but loose on a somewhat dull rail and the final time was solid for the level............two reassuring works since.........repeat of last sure fits.......more would be icing on the cake

4  Surfing the Menu   believe this mare has the best early speed and that early speed sure matches her rider's top attribute quite well ......dangerous gate to wire entry here

1  Scarlet Emerald   away since September but her trainer has her working as if she might return better than ever.......and she wasn't too shabby last summer

5  Conquest So True

3  Brite Echo

6  With Approval


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Santa Anita for Sunday 15 May 2016

Fairly decent card today. Rate it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Tyrat   heavy odds on favorite in MSW debut......ran better than par but it was only good enough for 2nd......stands out here vs. some weak competition.....and doesn't face any 1st timers......odds on favorite again

5  Sugary   so so debut but Marty Jones is better with 2nd time starters........likely moving forward but she best move forward by quite a bit to beat our top selection

4  Rockport Babe   decent works prior to her MSW debut......caught slop and ran so so.....drills since are even better......1st time racing on a fast track.......could be interesting


race 2    average clarity

3  Desert Dynamo   scratched out of a sprint race yesterday for this race.........liked him in that race and obviously like him here......needed his last and gets an excellent spot to utilize his speed.....good history on the SA dirt (4 2 1 0)

2  Win the Space   runs well fresh and he is fresh today......only race at today's 1 1/16th distance was a 4 1/4L going away at the wire win.....and it was at SA

1  Doyouknowsomething   improving sort.....but......connections got a little too ambitious in his last......back where belongs......has a shot but definitely 3rd choice


race 3    average clarity

8 Mischievous Bull   last two races fit and the kick up in claiming indicates things are going well for this O'Neill three-year old......and never any sharper in the a.m.

3  Beaumarchais   on the improve with the last endeavor somewhat hidden by a 3 wide trip up on an honest pace.....last might do the trick with a better trip and if he manges another forward move he has as good a shot as anyone in the field

6  Jes Jas   better when fresh......2 1/2 months fresh today........and he seems to better working better now than he ever has in the past......dangerous

5  Adir


race 4    average clarity

6  Lindante   handles the SA hill grass course quite well and man did he just drill a strong 4F drill seemingly out of thin air......big wake-up seems what degree is the ? mark

4  Uncle Chato   nice MSW win down the hill the 1st time this gelding was taken off the pace some.......plenty of time off to recover and nice preparatory a.m. work......same rider so my guess is he will wisely take back his chances more if he does

3  Silver Summer  speed type has the speed and the right guy for the job with Maldonado up........he does have other speed to contend with thus placed in the 3rd slot as he might fade if things heat up badly early

5  Seedsandstemsagain


race 5    average clarity

9  Ain't Misbehavin   drops back down where this claimer belongs......and an eye-opening recent drill.......and back to Gonzo who by far has had the best success with this four-year old (3 2 1 0)

6  Tripski   like his lone lifetime race at 6 1/2F back in March at SA and at today's lowly level......decent rider/trainer combo in Pena/Miller

10  Biltmore Boogie   laid up 9 months following a disappointing run 1st after the Avila claim.....drops to the bottom today.....trainer's stock has been firing of late......gelding is trouble here if he is back in decent physical condition......tough call 

8  Senator Bob   


race 6    below average clarity

3  China Girl Lover   strong stretch runner seems best on the grass and in races at 1 1/8th or 1 1/4 mile.........1 1/8th on the sod today and with regular rider Van Dyke up.....has to slip off of form not to be a major player today

4  Tribal Tribute   others in the field in the early stages of this race seem clearly slower or faster which gives this seven-year old a great opportunity to sit alone nice and relaxed about 3rd.......and he is trained by the ever dangerous (especially with his grass stock) Phil D'Amato the D'A

7  Bourbon Soul   facing tougher today but he sure has done little wrong to date when competing on firm turf (4 2 0 2).....not out of this

5  Hobbits Hero


race 7    average clarity

8  Armored Car   8 route races to start his career......finally gave a sprint a try in start number 9......and bingo he finally breaks his maiden........and he runs the best effort/fig of his career......steps up but if he repeaats his last he should be a ton for O'Neill and company

7  Ultra Sharp   has been facing tougher in his last couple since graduating........last two races on the main track like our top choice fits awfully well here.......good effort turf to dirt in the past......same scenario today

6  Anthonysgotgame   rider upgrade especially for a horse with some early speed........seems likely to be on or close to the lead......1 for 2 at seven furlongs......dangerous

5  Boone Docks


race 8    above average clarity

7  Lucky Folie   2 for 2 on the main track and both endeavors peg her as the one to does her eye-popping 1:10 flat 6F drill one week ago .....easy to put as top choice

3  Forever Darling   2 for 2 sprinting at Santa Anita and both races were only a 1/16th shorter than today........only Graded race winner in the field and it was a Grade 2.......stout rider/trainer combo

4  Everqueen   2 for 2 since taking the blinkers off winning by 4 3/4L & 2 1/2L........more than deserving at a shot in a Stakes race

8  Bellamentary


race 9    average clarity

7  Candy Ginovesa   good one mile grass race on 22 Jan......then she stalked some nasty fractions and rightfully cashed it in an 1 1/8th turf race.......very solid work regiment since her last a dirt race....toss out the dirt as she is not much on dirt....back to the grass and ready to roll.....should get a nice ground saving up close trip and at a nice price

2  Lynee's Legacy   better with Lasix ........better with firm turf.......better with the blinkers on.......gets all three today.......and she is training markedly better these days......seems likely to fire a strong effort and like our top choice at a handsome price

12  Tinderella   on the improve with her last race being the strongest race of anyone in the field.......but she is 3rd choice because of having to cope with one nasty post.....still......danger city here

5  Dynamic Mizzes K

6  Angel On Point

9  Exuberante


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Santa Anita for Saturday 14 May 2016

Average looking card especially for a Saturday. Nine more races Sunday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Lauren's Ladd   nice route grass race back on 28 November in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the sod......9 drills since......blinkers off and cuts back to a sprint.......likely changes for the better with the way D'Amato gets it done with his grass horses

4  Airlite   work regiment for this R Mandella 1ster suggests he is "meant & ready"......especially like that he finished with a 6F work just 5 days ago

7  Southern Pharaoh   decent MSW debut on the dirt for this Baffert colt.....and he might not have been that cranked up as he went off at 6 to 1 in a 7 horse field.......might be more fit this afternoon......and he owns a decent grass pedigree

3  Scuderia


race 2    average clarity

2  Lucky Shoes to Win   last two races are strong and both are disguised by tough trips........barn is likely willing to risk losing him for $12.5K because Dmr is next and his history there is very bad whereas it is good at SA

1  Diva Down   last was somewhat better which might set this Chew runner-up for his return to his favorite track.....seems dangerous today with his 3 for 3 record on the SA dirt.....and the way he finished in his last two races at 1 1/16th sure hints the extra 1/16th to travel for today is a positive

3  Celebrity Status   needs a rebound 1st out following the Miller claim to his race 2 back.........trainer has been a little chilly in 2016 so far or might have rated the chances of this seven-year old higher


race 3    average clarity

2  Arcature   both grass races in 2016 are par like efforts for today's small Stakes level......retains Prat for the 3rd straight race......hard not to like

1  Lucky Byran   away since 2015 and returns with a new trainer and new rider and they are both obvious upgrades.......fits if returns ready off of the 7 month layoff.......and with the more successful trainer/rider he might be up for his best ever

5  Unapologetic   will likely need lifetime best today and by quite a bit.......not impossible with stout trainer and rider but easy to place 3rd


race 4    average clarity

6  What We Doing   toss his last as he competed way over his head......previous two races fit at today's level.......believe the 3-4-7 will all go after the front end and if that is the case things set up nicely for this gelding who should sit mid-pack

3  Aikau   seems best at the abbreviated 5F distance and seems best at Santa Anita.....gets both today.....trainer is having a good 2016 with limited starters

4  Night Badger   set a blistering pace at 6 1/2F with his head in front and predictably cashed it in.......might......I say might be the speed of the spied today......chances enhance to win if he is

7  Templar


race 5    average clarity

2  Latest Craze   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  scrvetatch on April 8th which also was a maiden claimer.......but gets 8 weeks off to recovery.....good sign that she has with Bejarano accepting the Baffert runner for the 1st time.......likely to have a race left in him.....the kind you can support at the windows but you best not claim

4  Volume   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   3 solid dirt routes last year all in MSW races........drop indicates his set back has cost what degree is the ? mark

8  Fashionly Handsome   solid MC debut 2 back especially early pace wise.....fell off in latest......needs a the switch to stout front end rider Maldonado....not out of this by any means if he does rebound

5  Fin de Semaine


race 6    average clarity

4  Denman"s Call   toss out last as slop wasn't his thing......all 3 lifetime sprints fit here with his best being his only endeavor at today's 7F distance where he was only beaten by 4L by Ky Derby barn mate Nyquist

7  I Will Score   unreal early gas especially in his only sprint race a SA........very tough to wheel in if he is up to that effort today

5  Smokey Image   has fallen off of a cliff in his last two although you can excuse his last because it was on an off track.......but he is undefeated sprinting with many of those 5 sprints  a good fit more chance to get his act together

3  Mrazek


race 7    average clarity

4  Airfoil  hard not to take notice of the fact Miller is 8 for his last 15 dropping 1st out following a claim....two level drop here........most of this gelding's career fits solidly here

6  Hadfunlastnight    drop makes sense as he was taken 5 back for $6K less .......good history for Delgadillo (2 1 1 0) who is back aboard for the for the first time in 4 races.....good history at the distance as well (3 1 2 0)

1  Giant Ego   very solid figs in last 3 races .........I have placed him to low if he is up for another.....but......he has only one work showing since his last 4 weeks ago.......not what Mulhall would usually prefer preparing to go 7F

7  Out of Patience


race 8    below average clarity

4  Great Expectations    last on an off track was better than par.....race 2 back on a fast track was extremely impressive heat/bad bad trip......see you Gutierrez.....hello Bejarano

7  One More Round    nice G3 race at Kee running a distant 2nd at 40 to 1.......returns home and with a very reassuring work since that Kee race......would have considered as top pick if he wasn't so one dimensional in a lead type only......he has few in here that are likely to put the heat on.......might have to rate a little

1  The Lieutenant    sprint-sprint-route scenario here........and his running lines scream "route"

9  Bedeviled

Long-shot consideration:   5  Driven West   last is much better than appears running wide on a rail biased day.........very interesting that Baffert instead of drilling him hard now drills him semi easy but at very tight intervals of 5 or 6 days for 7 works total.......out of the norm for the trainer which tells me he has discovered a different approach for his colt......dangerous at a price


race 9    average clarity

10  Glacken Too   double barrel action for D'Amato as he also trains our third choice.........strong run on a very sloppy track in last and the works hint the race muscled him up some more......and that is pretty scary

12  Clever Royal    spent way too much time running on the grass as this gelding is 3 for 5 on the dirt.......2 for 15 elsewhere.........ultra impressive works in preparation for today........needs a move forward and likely will provide one

1  Rocko's Wheel   last was the layoff gimme.......full throttle go today......nice history on fast rated dirt (6 3 2 0) trainer/rider combo in Talamo & the D'A......the mount for Joe is only 1 of 2 for the card

5  Heir of Storm


race 10   average clarity

4  Salsita    switch to a better trainer........switch to a better rider.......and drops in class quite a bit......when a good barn like the Baltas barn takes over a given horse it is often with the agreement that the horse will be placed where they can win......believe that is case here

8  Diamond Cut    at her best with 5 to 7 weeks between starts and Sadler shows patience and gives it to her.........and back to Van Dyke who has been a good fit with the four-year old filly ( 2 1 1 0)

1  So Good to Go   in a good spot to get a nice ground saving stalking or mid pack position thru at least turn one....and that my friends is often more than 1/2 the battle in a two turn grass race

3  Toppers Sunshine


race 11    average clarity

8  Vida Bonita   debut fits and is somewhat disguised by dueling on a slightly dull rail......Freeman is off to a hot start at the meeting.....jock struggles but might manage a win here

5  Plus Perfect   bet to favorite and ran only so 7 lbs bug boy looked good on a horse the other day.....believe he might be an upgrade from apprentice Pena

6  Fiftypercentcotton   also was bet and only ran so so....but Blacker is much better 2nd time around with his maidens......and we get a slight rider upgrade

4  She's Memorable

3  Carablanca

2  Yes Virginia horse

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Santa Anita for Friday 13 May 2016

Average card at best this afternoon. Be back with you Saturday for an 11 race card.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Dial a Date   if this filly has remained in good health (and she is working as if it has) she should be tough here from the opening bell......but Gaines tends to give little away.......and her MSW to maiden claiming stat supports this.....a dismal 1 for her last 25 win.....time to break the mold hopefully

9  Mariota  on the improve and now takes that ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing to maiden claiming......should be factor in the outcome of this race

3  C W Road   rider got off to ride our 2nd choice once she drew into the field......but .....still there is some "wake-up" potential here as this filly finally gets a shot on the sod which likely is a positive as both of her siblings won on it

8  Lady Cloud


race 2    average clarity

6  Bourque   decent work series for this O'Neill 1ster who was just purchased in March so the connections had a good idea of what they were getting.......don't believe this colt is anything special but I have the same feeling about the field.....and her works hint she has early speed

2  High Class Taste   Tup invader likely will need to build upon his 2nd place finish in his MSW debut as the final time was nothing special......believe he fits here if he does

1  Ninelives   Brocklebank had a winner with a 2-year-old 1st timer last week with only 3 works maybe he can pull this off with only 2 works showing......same rider that rode that winner (who showed early speed) is up as well for today's race

3  Evolve


race 3    average clarity

2  All the Market   brutal trip provided by Mr Smith in this three-year old colt's MSW debut which was down the hill.....broke 3 slow and ran wide doing well to only be beat 5L......decent series of 3 works since.......decent pedigree for a route......Smith will be out to make amends with his only mount of the day

5  Curlin Road   on the improve with each and every start and his latest forward move is somewhat hidden........1st on the lawn today but owns a pedigree that should handle it......cut back of a furlong appears to be a plus

7  Pappou   tossed her head around at the start in his latest and then settled down nicely and was manageable away that........impressive a.m. work since......Van Dyke will need to be clever from the 7 post with the rail out 30 feet as the turn comes up awfully quick

4  Atypique


race 4    average clarity

5  Desert Express   definitely on the right end of the learning curve......2 for 2 when today's jock T C Baze is up......but what really catches my eye is his blistering 46 flat work on 30 April which was the best of 60

6  Born to Serve   lead type only often is able to get loose when he is in a route race.....but can he manage a loose lead in a 6 1/2 furlong sprint.....right guy for the job in Maldonado

7  Top Drawer   trainer has been on a roll and he shows patience with this gelding waiting the another 16nw3 claimer to come up.......retains Bejarano.....has put in an impressive 5 works since his last race on March 27th.....all systems go

3  Chromium


race 5    above average clarity

2  Big Move   2 easy wins and 1 beaten by a head 2nd in 3 races down the majestic SA hill turf course......both wins are with today's rider Bejarano up.........away since mid March but training great........would be surprised if this filly doesn't fire another strong hill effort

4  Hundi    decent grass sprinter since going on Lasix just fired her lifetime best since arriving in the good old U S of A .......ran wide from a difficult 12 post and still managed 2nd......earned a nice adjusted for trouble Santucci fig.....much better post and a significantly smaller field for Quinonez to deal with this time around.....seems like a major player

5  Our First Girl   dangerous early speed.....likely will need to slow things down which might be a tough task with our top choice breathing down his neck


race 6    below average clarity

8  Captain Akers   rider upgrade following the bug boy getting himself disqualified to 2nd spoiling graduation day......Maldonado should have this maiden forwardly place from the get go

6  Bistro Lights   race 3 back 1st out following the Pederson claim fits two endeavors do not.....8 weeks off to right the what degree is the ? mark

7  Lucky Tommy   useful maiden debut for this Koriner runner and the trainer is much more dangerous with 2nd timers....and he is also dangerous with multi-level drops

3  Regal Reign


race 7    below average clarity

2  Ultimate Luck   vastly improved runner since switching to route racing and removing the my notes I noted what a rider upgrade could do for this fellow......presto......rider upgrade for today

8  Prime Issue   might be speed of the speed here and likely will need to use it to get decent position by the 1st turn......he has won stalking the he does have some versatility which might come in handy in this affair with quite a bit of early speed

6  Atascadero   bred well to take to his 1st route race.....and he is a late runner in a field with ample gas to aid his running style

1  Sam Slick


race 8    average clarity

5  Vanlose Stairway   very consistent down the SA hill grass course.....big race down the hill in last running wide at one level higher and running 2nd.......that race was run off of 45 days rest........43 days rest today.....same rider up

2  Doodetta   Miller is 8 for his last 15 dropping 1st out following a claim......this gal was claimed for for 40K today.........she likes the hill......she likes Bejarano on her back.....should be a major player

1  Shysheisnot   blinkers on in last and it led to a route turf win......and her early speed was enhanced......might take to the hill with speed and have the endurance to stick around coming off 7 straight turf routes

6  Pearl de Vere

3  Miss Bliss

9  Pica 




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