Pick Six jackpot stands at $55K for Saturday at Santa Anita. Belmont is only 2 weeks away and our special pub with full race card selections and comments will soon be available for purchase at a discount for a few days. See last year’s Belmont highlights below.

The Racing Digest is now available for Friday

BELMONT DAY SPECIAL PUB 2017:   After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was quite the overlay considering race 5 was a free square with Songbird. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd. top pick $799.00. 2nd race box of top two pick paid an exacta of $19.20. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, top pick $59.50. 5th race pick 3 hit COLD for $51.50. 5th race top pick over other 3 picks superfecta $93.40. 6th race exacta HIT COLD $42.00  5th race pick 3 was top, top 4th pick for $270.00. 12th race top choice paid $34.00 to win and the top pick, 4th pick exacta was $256.00. 13th and final race a superfecta box of top 4 (of 5 picks) selections paid a superfecta of $7,032.00.

25 May 2018:   Not the kind of day that will go into our "highlights archives" but noteworthy. Missed hitting the 1st race pick 5 COLD by one half of a length. 1st race pick 5 was top, top, 2nd, top, top pick for $1,177.40. 1st and 2nd race trifecta's hit COLD paying $34.60 & $25.60 respectively. 4th race exacta and double also hit COLD paying $31.00 & $38.60 respectively.

18 May 2018:   After any scratches at Santa Anita:  Not the kind of day that will go into our "highlights archives" but noteworthy. Top pick over our other three picks in the Preakness paid a superfecta of $745.00. At Santa Anta:  2nd race pick 4 was top, top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $158.60. 4th race 2nd pick, 2nd pick double $56.60. 5th exacta box of top two picks $21.00. 6th race superfecta box of 4 given picks $260.00. 8th race trifecta HIT ICE COLD for $308.40. (COLD exacta was $61.40). 9th race trifecta box of top 3 pick paid $642.00. Nightcap was won by our top pick who paid $22.80 to win.

17 May 2018:   2nd race pick 4 was top, 2nd, 2nd, top pick for $408.40. 3rd race pick 6 was 2nd, 2nd, top, 4th, top, top for $37,405.00. 4th race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 4th, top, top pick for $16,882.00 (50 cent payoff $4,220.50). 7th race double hit COLD $57.00.

3 May 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:  Great start to the day as the 1st race pick 3 was hit COLD $188.60. 1st race pick 5 was top, top, top, 3rd, 2nd pick for $2984.20. 1st race exacta hit COLD $38.80. 2nd pick exacta also hit COLD $36.20. 3rd race exacta was top pick, 3rd pick $17.60. 6th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $23.60. 7th race superfecta box of 4 given picks $2,472.20.

28 April 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:   1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, top, top, 2nd pick paying $8,391.00. 1st race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $48.20. 2nd race superfecta box of 5 given picks paid $8,244.60. 3rd race exacta hit COLD for $45.40. 4th race top choice, 3rd choice exacta paid $142.40. 11th race top pick, 3rd pick, 4th race trifecta paid $284.00. (exacta paid $40.20)

22 April 2018:   After any scratches at Santa Anita:   1st race pick 5 was top, top, 4th, top, top pick for $1,354.60. 1st race COLD double $25.20. 1st race top pick over 4 other given picks superfecta $562.00. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $35.20. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD $64.60. 4th race pick 6 was top, top, top, 4th, 4th, 2nd pick for $16,826,40. 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $48.40. 5th race pick 5 was top, top, 4th, 4th, 2nd pick $3,365.00. 5th race exacta hit COLD $16.80. 5th top pick over the 3 other picks paid a superfecta of $130.40. 7th race 4th pick over top pick paid an exacta of $136.60. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing!

15 April 2018:   1st race trifecta box of 5 given picks paid a trifecta of $846.00. 3rd race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick $102.40. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 2nd pick $180.20. 5th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 3rd pick $403.40. 5th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $62.00. 6th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, top pick $352.40. 7th race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $92.40. 11th race top pick over our other 5 picks superfecta paid $1,046.20.

14 April 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:  1st race $1 SHF box of top five horses $3,604.00. (superfecta $1,482.40). 2nd race top choice, 3rd choice exacta paid $14.60. 5th race 2nd, 3rd pick exacta $68.20. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 3rd pick for $196.00. 6th race pick 6 was top pick, 3rd pick, 4th pick, 2nd pick, top pick , 2nd pick for $33,276.60. 8th race superfecta box of top 4 picks $324.60. 9th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 2nd pick for $121.20. 10th race $1 Super High hit ICE COLD (in perfect order in a 9 horse field) and paid $202.00. 11th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $35.20.

1 April 2018:  After any scratches at Santa Anita:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, top, 4th, 2nd, 3rd pick for $7,322.40. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick paying $1,059.40. 5th race pick 3 was 3rd, 4th, 3rd pick for $3,193.00.

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Santa Anita for Friday 25 May 2018

Belmont is only 2 weeks and one day away and our special pub with full race card selections and comments will soon be available for purchase at a discount for a few days.

Rather mundane card this afternoon but I like both Saturday's and Sunday's race cards at Santa Anita.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Foxy Fresh   trainer is 3 for his last 6 2nd out following a claim with two others hitting the board.......rider upgrade.....should be in the mix from the opening bell.....hard not to like

6  Parasail   Ellis obviously made a poor claim for 20K as this mare has only earned chump change since the claim........drops to the bottom in hopes of cutting the red ink......or claim me please......we shall see about 12:30 pacific

4  Autumn Twilight   seems best of the off pace runners in the field which might yield a decent set of fractions.....obvious layoff gimme in his last placed way over his head........should be a go today


race 2    average clarity

5  Topaz Time   latest was better than par for today's level in an abbreviated 5F sprint race run at today's MC20K.......sharp bullet 4F work since hints she likely will be up for a repeat effort or maybe even more this afternoon if this can last the 6 1/2F offered here

3  Mischievious Lass   horrid stumbling start and still managed 2nd place only losing by neck and earning a solid better than par adjusted for trouble fig......not crazy about the drop as so often horses don't perform too well in their next out after a bad stumble......but if she does she should have been made top pick

2  No Honey Money   not showing many hints of being much (but at least she has only raced once) but she appears to be better of what is left.......as in the old comment in your daily newspaper "best of the rest"


race 3    average clarity

5  Cistron   lifetime best and a solid fit in this spot was the only time this colt ran down the majestic SA hill grass course.......and the strength on the 75K Stakes effort is supported by a gap 7 1/4 lengths to 3rd.....away since Nov but all systems go as his a.m. work is quite good

2  Anatolian Heat   early scratch on Sunday from a $100K one mile turf Stakes race for this spot down the hill.......when a top trainer in S Cal elects another spot for their horse it is uncanny how well their horse performs (better than any racing circuit I ever followed) ......and of course Miller is a top trainer

4  Fabozzi   might be shopping for a spot because Glatt and company have seen fit to scratch twice.....gelding has yet to hit the board down the hill but he ran a very strong 2L beaten 4th on it vs. much tougher last year


race 4    average clarity

5  Sanavi   wide trip in this fellow's latest somewhat hides a strong forward move 1st out after the Saldana claim.....and Saldana is often more dangerous 2nd out after the claim and that is saying something as he is quite dangerous 1st out after a claim.......and you have to like the confidence he shows in his new addition to the barn as he steps this gelding up one level for the 2nd straight time

3  Mercer Island   Peter Miller is a fantastic 32% win with his last 150 "1st out following a claim".....and this claim back won two straight for Miller before he lost his six-year-old for a race

6  Out of Patience   seems like a nice claim by Carlos Lopez of a consistent sort who has done little wrong in his 3 starts in 2018 all of which were at SA and at a route ......nice preparatory drills over at LA.......should be in the mix from the get go


race 5    average clarity

2  Twirling Apples   race sure seems to set up for an off pace runner like this filly........that a Cerin has been unconscious 1st following a claim as in 35% win with his last 37

4  Red Shelby   appears to be the speed of the speed and I believe the filly will rate some as she did in her MSW 8 races back which was also down the hill.....and that race was her best adjusted for trouble fig of her career

5  Lethal Legacy   likely will sit dead last early and that might be OK in this race loaded with speed.......might be the last one standing.....and at a handsome price

7  Operandi

6  Diva La Mousse


race 6    average clarity

3  It's Tiz Time   lifetime best was run fresh and you don't get anymore fresh than your maiden debut........6 months fresh today and racing at the same track and distance as he did in his win MC debut which he won........work regiment supports the notion that he is ready for a strong return to the races

5  Surfside Sunset   by far best sprinting on the dirt and it seems that Doug O'Neill and the boys know that now.....latest effort with a little better trip should make this four-year old gelding a major factor in the outcome of the 25K nw2 race

1  Don't Stalk Me   decent trainer 1st out following a claim in Jacobson.......colt has done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts.......and the trainer's go to guy these days is Pedroza who is up today


race 7    average clarity

2  Nine Point Nine   seemingly gets a stalking trip as she did in her latest and if she does and runs the same race she sure looks like the one to overcome.....and with the year Cerin has had she has a good chance to do just that

1  Quebec   consistent sort racing in Florida........needs more than she produced in her latest but considering it was her 1st ever down the hill and run off a 5+ layoff she has a decent shot at showing more with that race under her belt

4  Painting Corners   fresh turf speed is a very dangerous thing when the trainer is Peter Miller......and then there is that nice record on the SA hill (3 2 0 1).....not out of the win picture by any means

3  A Little Me


race 8    below average clarity

3  Jerry's Thunder   best speed in the race so if blinkers off today helps him ration it better he a decent shot at going gate to wire with a bug boy who has been very formidable with speed types

5  John and Montan   away since last fall when he showed little in two lifetime races.....but.......he returns with a new trainer who has him working like a vastly better individual.......very dangerous sort from the Koriner barn

4  Downside Up   seems like the most likely to hit the board but winning is another matter as he sure has been a hanger.....not impossible to win but much more likely to grab 2nd or 3rd

2  Calimonco Flyer

10  Lucky Sun



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Santa Anita for Thursday 24 May 2018

Belmont is only 2 weeks and two days away and our special pub with full race card selections and comments will soon be available for purchase at a discount for a few days.

OK card to start the new week of racing which runs through Monday Memorial Day

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Shanghai Fantasy   lone lifetime race at Kee was in a MSW affair and sure looks good at today's MC50K level......and why not race for 50K as this filly went for chump change at sale (only $5K).......and Nakatani was up in that Kee race and is up today for his only mount on the card......trainer has only 2 wins on the year but seemingly has a decent chance to make it number 3 this afternoon

5  Baby Frankie   Keith Desormeaux usually brings a baby around slowly but that might be the case here for this two-year old 1st timer.......works are numerous and the last two are out of the gate......and like our top choice he went for much less than today's claiming tag........in his case for only $10K

3  Irish Terrier   another 1st timer training well enough to be ready at 1st asking......new sire's only starter was winner (as of the writing of this comment)........going for 2 for 2 today.......owner is also the breeder so there is plenty at stake today


race 2    average clarity

4  Rocket Fuel   3 for 7 at today's 6F distance........0 for 10 at other distances........main man for Jacobson has been Pedroza and he is up today.........the "Fuel" drops below the level Jacobson claimed him for two races back........has some early speed in a race that lacks it

5  True Valor   very dangerous trainer 1st out following a claim in Miyadi.......4 year old colt seems best on the SA dirt.......last 4 of 5 races fit fine in this spot......dangerous sort

2  Matriculate   believe this fellow moves up quite a bit on off track surfaces....... but..... if that is not the case and he can run as well as he did in his last two sprints which were on off track........he is rated too low


race 3   above average clarity

5  Hard Arch   tailed off badly last fall and hasn't been seen since......plenty of time off to find his summer form......and his work regiment supports the notion that he will find that summer form........trainer has had a great year and might add to his 27% for the year win % here

3  Vegas Itch   three straight 2nd place finishes at SA at today's level and all three races fit well here.......if of course he is not turning into a hanger of sorts

6  Chiksika   needs a logical forward move 2nd out following a long hiatus from racing and then he will fit well here.......but where once you could go to the bank with a Kathy Walsh horse in this situation you can't these days

7  Herkimer Storm


race 4    below average clarity

1  Morgan S   MSW debut (which is as "fresh" as it gets) was a very strong race and his lifetime best.......so 1st out following 7 month layoff is likely a good thing especially for Hendricks as he is usually at his most dangerous off of 90+ day layoffs

6  Shades of Victory   1 for 1 on conventional dirt so Reed Saldana wisely races at SA 1st out following the claim that he made up north at GG......big step up but this doesn't seem that strong of a Cal-bred nw alw race

2  Smiling Angelo   bet hard and won his MSW debut by 4 1/2 lengths but the final time hints that he beat little.....but he did it rather easily so he likely will move forward today......definitely a major player


race 5    average clarity

6  Upo   gelding should win at today's lower maiden level if he runs as well on the turf as he has run on the dirt......but by my book he only owns an "average at best" pedigree for the turf

7  Conquest Smartee   colt owns the best turf credentials but it seems somewhat telltale that he has 2 2nd's and 4 3rd's in 7 grass races down the hill......as in might be a hanger of sorts

2  It's Alexus   filly vs. the boys but she just showed the best route speed of her life and she has put in two good-looking 4F speed building works since.......cut back in distance with route speed is often a good thing in the SA hill races........hot trainer/rider combo

5  Ivy Mike

3  Sun And Shadow


race 6    average clarity

6  Moonman   race sets up for a late runner like this gelding of Keith Desormeaux's who has run two straight way over his head........back to a 12.5nw2 where he fits fine......should be motoring late

5  Wise Curlin   (3 1 2 0) in his only 3 route races with the blinkers off......they remain off today........Pedroza has been a good fit the last two races and wisely stays up for today

2  Miracle March   speed of the speed and with a 7 lbs weight break for bug boy Figueroa in the saddle.......and the apprentice has been quite good in route races

1  Shakalov


race 7    average clarity

1  River Echo   lifetime best and his last win was run 9 races back one turf to one mile dirt........same scenario today.......1st time Prat up........seems well-meant and dangerous

5  Sorry Erick   plenty of speed can set things up for this late runner who seems at his very best competing on the Santa Anita dirt.......Desormeaux brothers are starting to heat things up as a family affair of late

4  Little Scotty  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  after going 3 for 25 on the grass in his 1st 25 races this five-year old has gone 2 for 2 on the dirt winning by 5 3/4 & 7 lengths.....big step up today but plenty of potential to handle it.....Stakes race up next if he does

6  Clear the Mine

8  Magic Mark


race 8    average clarity

7  Camps Bay   all four of his lifetime grass races look rather good at today's lower MC40K level and two of those races were down the hill........decent rider/trainer combo in Baze/Sadler......hard not to like today

1  Bob's Bad Boy   horrendous start in latest....toss the race out to some degree as he started from today's 1 post in a race down the hill like today.........rider knows him well so he will be well aware of the fact he isn't the best gate horse in the world........connections will have their fingers crossed he doesn't break any more than 2 lengths slow

2  Big Bad Gary  needs a rebound to his 2 Feb or 17 March form and the 2 Feb race was also down the SA hill turf course.......should be in the mix from the get go and be tough in the late stages if he provides a rebound in form

3  Courtship

6  Pastorelli





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Santa Anita for Sunday 20 May 2018

OK card to finish of the race week. 5 days of racing next week. Full card selections for Belmont Stakes day will be available for purchase at a discount soon.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Run Number Eight  seemingly needs a turf sprint and finally gets one......good move by Mathis to get Nakatani to ride......like the cut back in turf distance for this GG invader as it should help his endurance when push comes to shove late

5  Cool Your Jets   only race down the hill is better than appears in print and his latest is a solid one mile better than par effort on the 30th of March.....would have been top pick if he managed to work more than twice since.....that and Mick Ruiz is only 3 for his last 75 on the sod

3  Prince Earl   Calbred has worked steadily and he worked one big 5/8ths out of the gate at SA on 23 April........definitely dangerous 1ster for D"Amato

2  Masterpiece Day

4  Jet Set Ruler


race 2    average clarity

5  Noble Nick   seemingly has only one other speed foe to deal with and he is also trained by Herbertson so I doubt they will battle it out early......gelding drops significantly but that doesn't seem too suspicious because that is the price the trainer claimed him for 10 races ago

3  Junior Gilliam   trainer is at his most dangerous 1st out following a claim.......five year old gelding is rather consistent when racing on conventional dirt at 6F or less....strong race 2 back with today's ride up

2  Madelyn's Wild Max   not exactly a widely known rider/trainer combo in Pena/Vallejo but they sure have been formidable and their prowess with this gelding has been part of their success.......like the turf to dirt move for today and the drop


race 3    above average clarity

5  Sir Eddie  ultra impressive 1st down the SA hill in his latest his 2nd lifetime start........stumbled badly and ran 3 wide and still nearly won.......Prat sticks around and will be out to make amends

1  Hit the Seam   decent 1st down the hill running 4 wide and nearly beating our top selection.......and he gets a rider upgrade (at least for a turf race) today......such a deal

4  Captain Buzzkill   decent return to the race wars in his last and I doubt he was fully wound up as he had zero support at the windows......and today he gets a significant rider upgrade

3  Fly First Class

2  Ultimate Bango


race 4    average clarity

4  Blaze'n Prospector   strength of the last race for this Jacobson runner is disguised by dueling on a slightly (but costly) dull rail......and now he drops back to the 6,250K level....retains Pedroza who has been the trainer's "main man" of late

5  Four Gaels   dangerous speed and especially so at 5 1/2 furlongs and with a rider upgrade.....the best jock this seven-year old has seen in many a moon

3  Pundy   four-year old seems shelled out but maybe blinkers on can awaken him some......flip a coin type that which was in the race


race 5    below average clarity

5  Eleazar Warrior   solid move forward in his 2nd lifetime start and the five works since indicate that he has a decent chance of duplicating the effort.....trainer seldom wins but he has a chance at the winners circle here

1  Captain N. Barron   gelding has gotten away with 2 straight soft paces and still tired late.....at least his latest was at 6F so the cut back of 1/2F appears to be a plus

9  Our Tiger's Boy   seems like the speed of the speed but he will need more staying power as he sure gets leg-weary in the late stages.......but then again this is one soft looking group

7  Royal Seeker

10  Going Away Party


race 6    average clarity

8  General Mach Four   blinkers on in his latest produced his lifetime best.......comes back in the same race condition and turf distance.......and with one hot rider/trainer combo in Frey/O'Neill as in 4 for their last 8 and with two others hitting the board.....hard not to like

7  Souter   lone race in the USA was also down the hill and fits decently at today's softer level.........away from the game for 15 months but Glatt often is more than ready with sprinters off of significant layoffs

1  R Cha Cha   dangerous speed and he has handled the one post well in the past.......1st following the Miyadi claim and Miyadi is a solid 12 for his last 49 "1st following a claim"

3  Cool Green

5  Closing Time


race 7    average clarity

3  Naugthy Sophie  par like debut and now Miller sees fit to ride the meets leading rider in Prat.....that seems like strong intention as the connections likely feel that they might lose the horse today......cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to a plus

2  Beas Wild Cat   O'Neill 1ster sure is training decently for the MC level and he puts his go to (get a handsome price) rider in Frey up.......dangerous sort

4  Tengs Rhythm   last two races are better than they appear on the printed page.......solid 3 work series hints Mullins has kept this filly in good form......not out of the win picture by any means but like so many Mullins runners he likely will be over bet as he was in his last two races

9  Baby Brown

11  Breathless Charm


race 8    average clarity

4  Libby's Tail   Baltas has been ever so dangerous 1st time he sends out a new east coast "pick-up"........filly has been absent since mid Oct. but sure appears well-meant fresh off of the bench.......like that this fillies best was in a at one mile chute dirt race at Belmont.....that bodes well for her to handle the 7F distance SA chute

5  We All Have Dreams   toss out her last as her race placement was rather ambitious.......that and her pedigree for a sprint is much better than a route........four works since her debacle in the SA Derby are solid......back to Pratt who was up for her 1st two lifetime starts a 2nd and a 1st......fits well here

6  Life of Illusion   nicely improved in her last two races with the fronts put on......very dangerous speed especially with 8 lbs off with the bug boy up who won 2 yesterday

3  Zusha


race 9    average clarity

3  Well Developed   four-year old shows up every time......and he has shown he can run on the lead or stalking the lead or from far back.......that gives his jock options.......sure like that the connections leg up Van Dyke after being absent for a race

10  Smokey Image   not at all bred very well to go as far as 9 furlongs on the grass and it shows......he has only raced once at one mile on the grass and the effort is his best route race of his life and maybe his career best at any distance or surface........should be a handsome price

11  Asheyluvssugar   away since August but he is capable fresh and he owns the best credentials in the race by far.......but.......this might be a tune-up for bigger and better things down the road........but if is not.......lookout

2  Accountability

8  Tule Fog



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Santa Anita for Saturday 19 May 2018

Track has played fair the last two days. Sure is nice to see. Difficult handicapping today as you can see from the "clarity ratings" and not exactly a classy card

Best of luck as always!


race 13 Pimlico

7  Justify

5  Good Magic

8  Bravazo

6  Tenfold


race 1    average clarity

5  Girl Downstairs   Ron Ellis is sending out very few these days but he sure is getting the job done with his limited stock.......he seems to have made a good claim of a mare who has run good efforts in both of her races down the hill and the strength of those two efforts is better than appears in print

6  Red Livy   speed filly has other speed to cope with but she is capable of going eye to eye with a foe and still getting to the circle of joy........that and she fits T C Baze awfully well as in a record of (5 3 2 1) in races down the hill when he has been up

2  Little Bit Lovely   not much in last 1st out following the Hollendorfer claim.....but.......the works since her 8 April race are vastly improved and numerous......believe her new trainer now has the trump card for her and the fact he moves her up a notch following a dull race supports the notion


race 2    average clarity

3  Carnivorous   nice works for this two-year old Cal-bred 1st time starter from the O'Neill barn........a.m. work suggests he has early speed.........mom has tossed two winners from two starters........should be tough

8  Takahiro's Dream   last two works for this Kitchingman 1st timer hint that he is really coming around work wise when it counts the most......as in right before his MSW debut

1  Lucky Royal Flush   bet hard in debut but didn't show much......blinkers on and a rider upgrade to Hall of Famer Gary Stevens........deserves another shot???

2  Takeo Squared

6  Acclamation King


race 3    average clarity

4  Catfish Hunter   works for this colt who shows up with a new trainer after a 1/2 year layoff suggest he is ready fresh.......his last race which was run on 23 November was extremely strong and the time supported by gaps of 6 and 7 lengths to 2nd and 3rd and 2nd came back to win

1  Polity   strong win in his 2nd start which was run off a 22 month layoff........likely needs a move forward of a few lengths and seems likely to provide it as his 3 works since his maiden breaking win hint he exited his last in good shape and likely more fit for his 2nd start in 2018

2  Insubordination   best suited to 5 1/2 furlongs and he has a good chance to get what he needs as in the lead......that and he retains the bug boy and his 5 lbs weight break which should enhance his chances of getting it


race 4    below average clarity

2  California Breeze  lone race at 9F on the grass is much better than appears in print......wide trip and too far back of a pedestrian pace.......that and Asa Espinoza and his 7 lbs weight break seems well worth it despite his lack of experience on the grass

10  Brandon's Law   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   three-year old filly seemingly has a decent chance to open up a lead and with a dangerous speed rider up in Maldonado.......that and Cerin/Maldonado have won their last 4 of 5 as a team......yikes

3  Mongolian Humor   sprint dirt debut 8 weeks ago wasn't too bad......rider upgrade and gets to run on the sod and at a route which fit her breeding better........both of her siblings were turf winners

11  Majestic Design

1  Fluorescent


race 5    below average clarity

8  Myrcella   good history back in short rest which is the case today........best with close contact to the front end and seems likely to get it today.......Molly Pearson as usual is doing a nice job with her limited starters in S Cal

3  Just Be Held  bad race in latest but it was caused by an awkward start of about a dozen lengths........her 13 May work strongly hints at a "mental" rebound.......that and the barn is rather hot at the moment including another win yesterday

6  Oh Scatty Oh   plenty to prove in a sprint race but her dirt routes fit OK and the trainer is very dangerous when he drops a horse like he is here

7  Majestic Diva



race 6    average clarity

8  Best Two Minutes   by far at his best at today's 6F distance (has won his last 3 racing at the distance) and should get good close up position with Maldonado up who is starting to ride awfully well of late.....trainer has had a very solid 2018......hard not to like

4  Catalina Cruiser   won his MSW debut way back on 7 Oct 17 despite having not so hot of a trip.....colt has been absent since but obviously he has shown he can run fresh and his a.m. work sure supports the idea that he is ready to roll

2  Swiss Minister   last two state-bred alw races fit fine at today's open company alw level.....that and we get one significant rider upgrade for today.....not out of the win picture by any means


5  Horse Greedy


race 7    below average clarity

9  Implicitly   eventful MSW debut which was also down the hill like today.....broke poorly and then checked.....did well to finished only 3 3/4L behind the winner......continues to train like a happy healthy individual......good gate jock up.......let's hope he breaks him a lot better than Smith did

10  Rumpus Cat   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  blinkers off for this youngster's 4th start and that is often a good move by Callaghan........colt seems likely to sit about mid pack and be finishing fast in the late stages

4  Jimmy Chila  seems better suited to a sprint and he handled his lone grass race quite well......hot trainer rider/combo of late.......hard not to like

11  Englander

5  Alfareed


race 8    average clarity

5  Kochees   simply put this J. Wong eight year old will be a ton and one half here if his aging body can hold form.......running turf to dirt should aid his chances of doing just that

8  Ketos   very solid forward move in latest.......that improved effort fits fine at today's higher level.......would have been top choice if it wasn't for a rider downgrade

2  Eighty Three   ultra consistent sort and I like when Jacobson steps up a given runner as he never seems afraid to lose a given horse.....dangerous "you can count on his consistency" sort

6  Burn Me Twice

3  Papa Turf


race 9    average clarity

3  Cheekaboo   big hidden move forward in her latest (with 1st time blinkers) which was 1 year ago in the 2017 version of this race...........checked - bumped - a little too wide..........believe she has been pointed for this race.....if she is up to the effort she put forth last year and gets a good trip this time she should be tough

8  Cordiality   owns plenty of tactical speed which should help Baze get on over to or close to the wood by turn one.....that and T C has a good history on this Glatt runner (7 3 3 0)

9  Shy Carmelita   sprinter attempts a route for the 1st time in quite awhile........believe Talamo will try to wire the field......trainer and rider sure have been hot together.......seems dangerous

1  Speakers

10  How About Zero


race 10    below average clarity

8  North County Guy   seems much better suited to 5 1/2 furlongs than 6 1/2 furlongs and yet managed 2nd at 6 1/2F in his last.......that and  I like when Jacobson steps up a given runner as he never seems afraid to lose a horse........ and this MC gets a rider upgrade

9  Bless His heart   bad trip in MC debut hides a decent effort......and like our top choice he gets a rider upgrade.......and maybe more importantly the colt is working awfully well following his debut

1  Perfect Wager   likely needs more than he has shown in two lifetime races......but he takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming

3  Iron Curtain

7  For the Hustle


race 11    average clarity

8  Swayze   bad trip in latest hides a solid layoff run at 7F.........blinkers on to get him more focused and his a.m. work since his last hints that the equipment change has worked.......and D'Amato is firing on all cylinders of late

9  Ike Walker   acted up at the gate in last and still ran a par like effort for today's lower level.....race two back is very strong and run at today's level and distance.....very dangerous if he behaves today

6  Plum Dandy   away from the game since 1 Oct 16 but working as if he is meant and ready to roll for his new trainer Richard Mandella.........colt ran very well the only time he had contact with the front end and there is not much early speed signed up in this race

10  Downtowner

1  Sheer Flattery


race 12    below average clarity

6  Ky. Colonel   good early speed in a race that lacks it and a recent near bullet 3F work hints he is going after the front end.......R Mandella has been rather chilly but he has won with 6 of his last 12 claimers

5  Most Determined   rather consistent at 7 1/2 & 1 mile on the turf.......1st time racing for trainer Belvoir who was able to get Gary Stevens to ride hinting this four-year old is ready off of a 7 week break.......but maybe most importantly this fellow should get the wood on turn one with slower runners starting inside of him and sit close to the front

4  Banze No Oeste   seems set up with the sprint - sprint - route maneuver..... and.....with a sharp near bullet 4F recent speed drill.......that and his last was one soft looking ride

8  Secreto Primero

3  Crown the Kitten


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Santa Anita for Friday 18 May 2018

Track played fair yesterday and it led to a nice day. Hope that it stays that way. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Beautiful Becca   drop sure makes sense to yours truly as this Hollendorfer four-year old filly has only earned 4.7K since her last win on 1 Oct 2018.......time to cut the red ink and with the benefit of giving their filly a confidence builder

7  Peach Cove   3 for 6 at the one mile turf distance at Santa Anita for this mare......and she beat 5 of the 7 foes in this race in winning her latest.......Jacobson has finally gotten his act together on the west coast......hard not to like

5  Salsita   wide trip in her latest or she had a shot at beating our 2nd selection in her last.........better post for Asa Espinoza to deal with this go around....... and gets in very light with the 7 lbs app. alw and 2 lbs for entering for 22.5K......the 114 lbs should her fly in the late stages

4  Proud 'n' Ready

1  Ryder's Starlight


race 2    below average clarity

6  Mapit   owns the best early speed in the race and that was without the blinkers which go on the for the 1st time in her career........seems very dangerous as the dominating speed if Conner can be no worse than two wide on the 1st turn

4  Beautiful Princess   nicely improved since Callaghan took over the training duties two races back.......two nice turf races at GG......and this filly seems to own even a better pedigree for the dirt.....should have plenty of endurance when push comes to shove coming off of two grass races at longer distances

5  Princess Kendra   seems best at Santa Anita and also at today's one mile distance........last two wins came with today's rider Fuentes up.......trainer is dangerous sprint to route which is the case today


race 3    average clarity

2  Travieza   very impressive move forward in her latest and the strength of the effort is disguised to some degree........rider upgrade for today especially for a turf race......that and her lone lifetime win was the only time Bejarano has been aboard......and it was at today's turf distance

3  G Q Covergirl   speed horse seems to have only the one horse to put away and she has won once without the lead......away since Oct but that might be a plus as she runs exceptionally well when 'fresh"

6  Beau Square   not much cookin 1st out following the Carava claim but her race 2 back for O'Neill is very strong and would make her tough here.......can Carava get that race out of her 22 days later.......we shall find out about 1:30 pacific time

1  Tizanillusion

7  Goseecal


race 4    average clarity

3  Turing Machine   solid turf routes considering today's lower MC level and has run just fine in dirt sprints.....so.....first long on the dirt should be very doable.......trainer is stout turf to dirt (23% last 13) and running off of 46-90 day layoffs like today (25% last 32)

6  Wish You Were Mine   believe her latest was nothing more than a public work-out to tighten her up and be ready for her 1st in a maiden claimer following 3 races in the MSW ranks....another Hollendorfer drop that makes sense.....see top selection race one

7  Sweet Congrats   improving three-year old filly fits fine if she can run as well on the dirt as she has routing on the turf......pedigree says that she should

4  Broome


race 5    average clarity

2  My Man Chuckles   both races since Baltas took over the training of this gelding following the claim off of O'Neill are quite a bit better than par when you adjust for trip........those two races were down the hill......today he has one mile to deal with where he has failed to hit the board in 3 races......but Baltas is very good at getting grass horses to "extend" their range

4  Tough It Out   last two turf races which were both at today's distance were par like efforts for today's level......very formidable rider/trainer combo in Desormeaux and Cerin......hard not to like

7  El Tovar   loves the SA hill and has struggled some dealing with two turns of turf but his last one mile grass effort run last summer fits decently.......1st out following the claim and that is often a good thing in the Jacobson barn

9  Lewis Vale

1  Beaumarchais


race 6    average clarity

4  Explorer   3 of the last 4 works for this Baffert 1st time starter are out of the gate....that is usually a sign of a well-meant 1st time starter for the USA's most formidable trainer ......and his three-year old colt is beautifully bred and very expensive

6  Calabasas   decent tightly spaced drills for this Blacker 1ster seemingly has this colt wound up and ready to unwind.......and Dan Blacker is a solid 18% with his last 45 MSW 1st timers

11  Julius   good expensive stock just keeps coming out of the Baffert barn maybe more than ever before.....and that is saying something........1st timer is training nicely and like our top choice from the Baffert barn is seemingly ready to strut his stuff

9  Flagstaff

10  Beneficent


race 7    average clarity

5  Trapalanda   back to Bejarano who won on this O'Neill gelding 2 races back in the 8 March version of this race at 1/2 furlong furlong......and he appears as if one mile is a better fit........away since 1 April but working as if he is doing very well

4  Popular   not crazy about the blinkers on 8 days after a decent race and with no work put in since........but other than that this Vallejo runner fits well versus today's group

6  Plain Wrap   significantly better race in his latest than what he has been running and the strength of the effort is hidden by racing wide and checking in the stretch......bug boy Asa Espinoza is riding well in route races

7  Jay Makes Us Laugh


race 8    average clarity

4  Winning Element    nicely improved in his last which was his first out following the O'Neill claim.......trainer is firing on all cylinders of late so a repeat effort of his last (or even more) might be in the cards for this fellow

2  Hot American   impressive MC debut win at one difficult 9F turf distance for a three-year old versus older to debut at........4 reassuring works since.......good rider/trainer combo.......needs a forward move and seems likely to provide one

5  Taniko   five-year old gelding seems at his most dangerous with ample time between starts and the D'A patiently gives it to him.......believe Ocampo has been given a bone here and best take advantage of it if that is the case

1  For Him

7  Zippy Groom





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