We had a feast on Thanksgiving Day! See below……..Pick 6 carryover of $47,193 for Friday

The Racing Digest selections are available now for Friday.

27 November 2014:  Bombs away on turkey day. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 4th, top. 3rd pick for $35,372.60. 1st race tri box of 3 given picks $56.80. 2nd race pick 3 was top, 4th, top pick $574.40. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $15.80. 3rd race 4th, 2nd, top pick tri paid $1,316.00. (exacta $409.60). 3rd race pick 3 was 4th, 2nd, top pick for $1,237.00. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick for $136.60. 6th race tri hit COLD for $24.60. 6th race double also hit COLD for $19.80. Not too shabby of a day especially considering nobody hit the pick 6.

9 November 2014:  2nd race double hit COLD $40.00. 2nd race exacta was top, 3rd pick $41.00. 5th race pick 3 was 4th, top, 3rd $481.20. 6th race pick 4 was top, 3rd, top, 3rd pick for $4,377.40. 6th race exacta was top pick, 4th pick for $56.20. 6th race double was top pick, 3rd pick $84.20. 6th race pick 3 was top, 3rd, top pick for $730.20. 7th race double was 3rd pick, top pick $129.60. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love Southern Cal. racing!!!

2 November 2014:  2nd race double hit COLD $19.80. 2nd race pick 4 was top, top, 3rd, top pick $447.80. 3rd race trifecta hit COLD $41.20. (COLD exacta $10.40) 4th race 3rd choice, long-shot play, 2nd choice trifecta $678.60. (exacta $85.40). 9th race double hit COLD $36.80. 10th race exacta hit COLD $34.00.

24 October 2014:  1st race top pick, 2nd pick double paid $40.40. 1st race top pick over our other 3 picks paid a superfecta of $257.60. 2nd race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta paid $62.40. Lone long-shot play of the day ran 2nd at 31 to 1 and paid $24.60 to place. 6th race top choice ($27.00) and 7th race top choice ($6.20) made for a COLD $112.60 double. 6th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta paid $82.00.

23 October 2014:     After any scratches the best gimmick returns:   3rd race pick 6 was top pick, 2nd pick, lone long-shot play of the day, 3rd pick, top pick, 2nd pick $6,867.60. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd pick, long-shot play, 3rd pick paying $652.00. 5th race long-shot pick over our top 3 selections paid a superfecta of $1,857.00

18 October 2014:  After any scratches: 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, top, top, 2nd choice for $3,350.80. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $225.60. 4th race trifecta was top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick for $128.40. 5th race 2nd pick, 2nd pick double $102.80. 5th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $51.00. 8th race top pick over our other 4 selections paid a superfecta of $1,792.00. 8th race top pick, 2nd pick double paid $79.60. I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S. Cal racing!

17 October 2014:  Top choice won 4 of the 8 races races on a day nobody hit the pick 6. 1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, 4th, top, top pick for $7,507.00. 4th race ICE COLD double paid $49.60. 5th race top pick over our 3 other picks paid a trifecta of $135.60

12 October 2014:   1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, top, 3rd, 3rd pick for $2,305.20. 2nd race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $51.60. 3rd race trifecta hit COLD $23.20. 5th race trifecta box of top 3 picks $90.00. 7th race lone long-shot play for the day (won and paid $59.40 $19.20 $14.40) and top pick paid an exacta of $393.40. 7th race long-shot play, top pick, 2nd pick trifecta paid $2,866.20.  I maybe a Midwest boy but I love Santa Anita!

Weekend of 4 October:  Top choice won 8 of the 19 races for a 45% profit. Saturday: 1st race pick 3 was top, 3rd, 2nd choice $508.60. 3rd race exacta box of top two picks $53.80. (Trifecta box of top 3 picks $192.20) 5th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $197.80. 5th race double hit COLD $18.20. 8th race pick 3 was 3rd, 4th, 3rd picks $769.80. 8th race box of our 3 picks (in only a 5 horse field) trifecta was $61.60. 9th race box of our 4 given picks trifecta was $222.60.  Sunday: 3 exactas hit COLD ($22.00, $11.00, $14.80) 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, top, top, top pick $287.20.

28 Sept 2014:   1st trifecta box of top 3 choices $80.60. 4th race exacta was top pick, long-shot play $91.20. (top pick, longshot pick, 2nd pick trifecta $439.00). 6th race pick 4 was top choice, 3rd choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice $2,075.00. 7th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd pick for $923.20. 9th race exacta was 3rd pick, top pick $66.20.



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Del Mar for Thursday 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best of luck as always


race 1    above average clarity

3  May B   four year old gelding (who crushed his competitors by 8L at Pid in his mc debut) was picked up by a quite capable new trainer in Michael McCarthy………his new gelding showed plenty of early speed and a popped a good final time fig………away since June but training as if he is ready to roll just as he was in his maiden debut

4  U S Citizen   faced better in his last two races and ran 2nd and 3rd in those two races……..two sharp reassuring drills since his last at Bsr…….highly likely to be a major player with one caveat…….that being his tendency to hang in the stretch 

2  Watch It Buster   Mike Puype is hot right now…….just about everything he has been putting on the track is running better than they appear in print…….and this three year old gelding’s best was his lone start on the Dmr AW……..last shot to run on it’s synthetic surface


race 2    average clarity

1  Xoxo   speed of the speed here and blinkers on for today won’t exactly slow him up any………sharp in the a.m………wired from the one post at Lrc so the one hole doesn’t concern me much

4  Windy Forecast   solid MSW win in last and it was at today’s 5 1/2 furling distance…….good enough to be par for today’s higher level………race 3 back at Dmr is also strong……….needs to avoid a speed duel with our top pick 

3  Racing for Green   short on figs/ability but she is consistent and she is a closer in a field of early speed horses…..that makes her dangerous

6  Stealth Drone


race 3    average clarity

5  Burning   best at Del Mar so he best get it done (graduate) today as the Del Mar synthetic will be a thing of the past after Sunday……..all four races run at Dmr fit solidly here

6  Armensky   trainer/rider combo are 3 for 3 over the last couple of months……..nowhere on the dirt at SA in latest but his debut 2 back is a par like effort……..very nice work regiment since his last which I doubt took much out of him as he never ran a step on the conventional dirt at SA

1  A Black Tie Crypto    moved forward in 2nd lifetime start……….will need another move in the right direction today………1st going a route of ground but sure has a pedigree that should handle one

4  Willard E

Long-shot consideration:  10  Staffenberg    1st time running as a gelding today………best ever came a Dmr in a race at today’s distance and it was off of 49 days rest…….running off of 53 days rest here……..rider upgrade……dangerous and likely at a price


race 4    below average clarity

NOTE:  AE’s 13 & 14 fit and have a shot if either draw into the race

8  High Profit   broke slowly and then rushed……..showed some early gas and life…….drops………D’Amato is a dangerous trainer with dropping maiden 2nd timers……and………lone drill at Dmr hints this filly likes the surface

7  Scatajawea   trainer is red hot and the maiden debut for this filly wasn’t bad…….she drops a little and her work since her debut is improved indicates the race did her some good

1  Albany Candy   drills for this Hess 1st timer are sharpening when it counts the most……as in right before her debut……might be ready to roll

4  Peaches N’ Brandy


race 5    below average clarity

9  Odisseia   consistently ran well overseas including four strong efforts versus the boys…….nice forward move in her latest (and disguised by a wide trip) which was her 1st start in the USA………hasn’t missed a beat in the a.m. since……….seems ready for even better today….and better with a good trip would be tough here

5  Royal Temptress   two for two lifetime on the grass including an effort in last that is par like for today’s alw level………red hot trainer in Puype……..decent post and a Hall of Fame rider……….such a deal

2  Blingismything    very strong off pace runner just won a sprint down the SA hill grass course off of a 3 month break setting her up well for today’s 1 1/16th turf race………four year old filly has been impressive down the lane in all four lifetime races and I doubt that changes today

7  Colonel Joan

Long-shot consideration:   1  Star Field   consistent hard trying efforts in all 5 lifetime grass route races……toss out her last as she isn’t much in sprints……nice series of 6F drills since seemingly to build her endurance……..good post and rider to pull an upset


race 6    average clarity

3  Alfa Bird   all three lifetime races are better than par foe the MSW level…….1st at a route but owns a pedigree that you would think should handle one………and his trainer V Garcia is 6 for his last 19 1st at a route with a given horse

6  Nowalking   only race on the Del Mar AW is a par like effort for today’s level………last at SA was decent as well……..and the switch to Bejarnoo seems significant as the trainer/rider are 2 for 3 over the last couple of months and the other hit the board…….impressive 6F preparatory drill just 6 days ago……seems poised for a strong run

8  Little Curlin   competitive in all four lifetime starts which were all sprints……..1st ever going a route of ground and that should be a major plus with parents the Little Curlin has………..good rider/trainer combo in Trujillo/Hollendorfer

5  Arlington House


race 7    average clarity

3  Finnegans Wake   last two efforts fit well here and his latest was significant in that it was at today’s 1 1/2 distance in the B C Turf……..4 lbs less to carry here and a switch to Victor Espinosa………and Espinoza is one for one on this fellow which was  the lone win in two years for this five year old…….hot trainer/rider combo as well

11  The Pizza Man   talented marathon runner ships into town and the only time the trainer/rider/owner shipped into S Cal it produced an impressive upset win in the B C Sprint…….I will personally be rooting for this fellow as I am friends with the jockey’s agent Doug Bredar who has held many high level jobs in the racing industry including Director of Racing and Racing Secretary at Churchill Downs……..jockey Florent Geroux and Bredar are starting to make waves in the industry and likely will be a force Nationally in a few years…….the young man can ride and Doug is hard working and knows the game inside out including as a handicapper

2  Holiday Star      steadily developing horse especially since switching to marathon races………and he appears at his very best on very firm turf……..welcome to sunny San Diego …….trainer Graham Motion is as good as it gets…….sure would be nice if some owner enticed him ($$$$$$$$$) to bring his operation to S Cal

6  Irish Surf  

Long-shot consideration:   8  Bench Light   lifetime two best races are the only two times this gelding ran as far as 1 3/8ths on the grass……so 1st attempt running as far as 1 1/2 on the grass might be even better…..and if it is this Pender runner has a shot to upset the apple cart here


race 8    below average clarity (very difficult race)

2  Pat the Bear   last two drills at Bsr are quite strong and hint this Mora runner is meant and ready for his debut……..and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters……..colt went for $50K at sale so starting his career for maiden 62.5K doesn’t bother me much

10  Dream Police   earned a check of 4 of 5 lifetime races all of which were in MSW affairs…..so drop into high priced maiden claining makes sense and should make this Baltas runner a major player here……only race at Del Mar isn’t as bad as appears in print

12  Sky Heart   1st time wearing blinkers and improved work-outs……just what you what to see for this Sadler two year old colt who only needs a couple of lengths of “more horse” to be a major factor in this race

7  Pocketball

6  Thunder Thief

8  Woody’s Folly



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Del Mar for Sunday 23 November 2014

Best of luck as always!

Difficult card to decipher but there are some nice ML prices as our top pick in races 5, 6, and 8 and the 8th is rated “above average clarity”. Also some nice ML prices for our 2nd choice in races 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9.


race 1    below average clarity

5  Guy Code   1st time gelding and blinkers off…….work tab has never been better…….owns plenty of early gas…….low % trainer has a shot at making it 2 for 31 in 2014

1  Guyfromtheskyfive   seems likely to get a decent ground saving stalk position…….cut back of 1/2 furlong seems like a plus

6  Dudley Studley    decent looking work regiment for this 1ster especially considering the given level of racing……..and catches a soft looking group in which to debut in

7  Nellie Fox   the 2nd baseman went home sad after the 1959 Dodgers beat the White Sox in the World Series……and made a little Chitown boy cry


race 2    average clarity

7  Love Blind   Art Sherman is very dangerous repeating with a claimer that just won their last race (5 of his last 10)…….and this fillies last sure fits well versus today’s competition

3  Miss Ellnay   controlling speed in this spot if Maldonado can put away the only other horse with turf route speed in the 2 horse……and the 2 horse has an apprentice up who has very little experience riding on the grass

5  Tebowing   struggling at the meet trainer Belvoir just snatched this deep closing grass runner at the claiming box……..Belvoir is quite good 1st following a claim and might get things jump started here

4  Marina Del Heat


race 3    below average clarity

5  Whoyougonnacall    on the right end of the learning curve and the drills since his last race are improved…..likely forward once again today……..jock started meet slow but heating things up now

4  Empire Cat   caught wide up on the pace in his 1st ever at a route and rightfully tired……..switch to Bejarano who is struggling a bit…….but hey…….it’s Bejarano

2  Hot Lightning   takes that ever dangerous drop out of MSW to maiden claiming…….0 for 6 on in the money trainer for the meet can boost the dismal record here

8  Litigation Road


race 4    average clarity

1  Nighttiming   seemingly facing easier today than in her latest and she won her last by 2 1/4 going away at the wire lengths to graduate

2  Cacica Dulima   ran very well fresh off of the bench in a race down the hill where she won a MSW race despite being 4-5 wide…….seems likely to get a nice mid pace position thru turn one and that my friends is 1/2 the battle

7  Lethal Story   Barry Abrams is having a stellar meeting with limited starters and this once “always up the track filly” sure has turned things around………she has fired competitive efforts in 5 of her last 6…….and today might be on her favorite grass course

8  Enduring Erin


race 5    below average clarity

5  Moonlit Meteor   finally gets back on the Dmr AW where the last time he ran on it’s synthetic surface he won for fun…….rider upgrade to boot

8  Backford   on the rebound since the Ellis claim 3 back……and he just worked his best drill in quite some time hinting he will forward again today……lone race at Dmr on the synthetic isn’t too hot but he likes the AW at GG…….and most that handle GG AW handle the Dmr AW

3  Tribal Dude    3rd race in 15 days and a sprinter attempting a route might be pushing things a bit…….but………he sure will be tough if he can handle the stress on his mind and body as he sure seems to love the Dmr AW

1  Grandstand


race 6    below average clarity

1  Celtic Moon   nowheresville since firing lifetime best 3 back at Del Mar in August on the AW…..1st time gelding today…….he was a ridgling prior to being gelded and sometimes ridglings can be irritated by their undescended testicle ( a la Funny Cide a ridgling who was gelded and who won the Ky Derby…….as my top pick I might add)

3  Kristo   seems best at Dmr and sure is sharp in the a.m. including a 46:4 4F drill just 3 days ago……sharp when it counts……….as in right before a race

7  El Nino Terrible   lead type only so far and he might get what he seemingly needs as their is little early speed in this affair

2  Apollo Ten


race 7    average clarity

4  Dancinthenightaway   blew them away showing solid pace and final time in her MSW debut…….1st on the lawn but owns a pedigree that should handle it…..murder from the very start if she does and only 5F to stick

8  Backwoods Belle   3 of her last 4 races fit including a 5F win on the grass at Golden Gate…….invading trainer Lorenzo Ruiz has made the most of his 33 starts in 2014 ( 27% win and 70% in the money)

3  Moving Desert   wide trip in last hides a decent 1st ever on the grass in last…..and this late runner seemingly will get a strong pace in which to close into……trainer knows how to get a given runner ready for a grass sprint

5  Cal Gal


race 8    above average clarity

3  Patriots Rule    best ever was his lone effort ever on the Dmr AW and it was at today’s 7F distance………broke slowly and then checked about 3L and then ran wide on a slightly rail biased day……..ran a very significant adjusted for trouble fig…….one of my biggest sprint figs of the year ……..consistent sort……should be a price

4  Red Outlaw   hard to argue with 6 for 6 lifetime and he sure ran a strong effort/fig down the hill in his latest……..three year old gelding should be a major factor once again in his quest for 7 for 7

6  Big Macher   likely needs a slight rebound today to take this……..take finish up well in the B C Sprint…..and has trained well since……might get the needed rebound

5  Soi Phet


race 9    average clarity

5  Jomelo   most of his career is better than par for the 25K level including his last four efforts……..4 reassuring works since his last hints his form has remained intact

1  Dysprosium   compromised by having to steady early in last…..showed life after that……..good post and rider with 4 lbs. less to carry……..and continues to train like a happy healthy individual

2  Miceli   lead type only had little shot to get the front in his latest as the pace set was as fast as it gets in one mile grass races at Dmr………70/30 he gets the lead here and if he does and sets a reasonable set of fractions he likely will be tough

6  Ezio

8  African Oil

9  Sizzlin’ Joe

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Del Mar Saturday 22 November 2014

OK race card for this afternoon. Sunday’s also seems OK at first glance but I still have plenty of handicapping left to do. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Princess Bertrando   nice forward move in last which was at SA 3 weeks ago……..nearly upset the apple cart at 42 to 1 despite running wide up on the pace………..handles Dmr……..and the cut back of 1/2 furlong seems like a plus…….the one to beat if she holds form

5  Grand Yodeler   lead type only so far (and 1 or 2 other speed challengers in here) but Stevens has a good post in which to clear and get loose…….and Mike Puype is firing on all cylinders of late

2  Tatum’s Gold   fell off some in latest……..fits fine with a rebound……..back to Bejarano who owns this fillies lone win to date and it was Bejarano’s only mount ever on her…..and like our top pick the cut back of 1/16th seems like a plus


race 2    average clarity

5  Luvly Rita   seems like this filly is a true marathon runner……ran 2nd at a higher level in latest…….went off at 25 to1 and in a five horse field…….3 reassuring drills since…….seems highly likely to put in another competitive effort 

4  Shysheisnot   tough call as far as handling a marathon turf race is concerned but she sure likes the sod and gets in the lightest with the apprentice in the saddle…….works since her winning last are improved……..hinting she exited her last legged up some and even sharper

6  Kadesha   1st in a marathon affair but owns a pedigree that screams the “the further that better”……..Bob Hess has had a good Dmr meeting and might keep the good times rolling here especially with his go to jock aboard   


race 3    below average clarity

3  Usbek Thunder   just claimed by Hess who is slightly better than average 1st out following a claim…….nice rider upgrade…….five year old gelding should be able to get ground saving trip on or close to the lead

4  Deep Play   obviously Miller and friends made a bad claim and it is cut the loses time today at best……..or off to the farm following this race at worst

1  Cardio Royale    seems best on the Dmr synthetic and likely will wake-up to some degree getting back on it’s AW surface……..and also appears to appreciate today’s one mile distance the most


race 4    average clarity

4  Air Of Royalty   very strong at the 5F mark in 4 lifetime 6F races and especially so in her latest………1st on the grass but bred OK for it……..jock upgrade…….strong near bullet 4F work since her last

8  Mahalo Princess   plenty of grass experience and 1 for 1 at the abbreviated 5F turf distance……..and a rider upgrade……..like our top pick she likely will be in this affair from the get go 

9  Faith Hope Love   nice win 1st out following the Sadler claim………and the works since hint this filly is even sharper and she needs to be stepping up here…….lone turf race was decent especially considering in was her MSW debut

2  Blake’s Magic


race 5    above average clarity

7  Mahalo Arturo   not much on “real dirt” but sure likes the Dmr AW………big adjusted for trouble (for pace & wide) fig two races back in a race at Dmr……..and…….since the surface is “finished” a week from tomorrow the connections likely will be all out to get the job done today with this young colt

5  Intaxication   solid maiden breaking race in 2nd lifetime start and 1st at Dmr……….well spotted to win……should be in the hunt from the get go and with a good speed jock aboard 

8  Secret Command   both lifetime races at Dmr fit solidly here……and one tough rider/trainer combo in Desormeaux/Hess…..should be flying late especially if our top two selections press each early 

3  Tiz Futurity


race 6    average clarity

4  Fighter Squadron    five lengths of trip trouble in both of his last two races hides a late running grass horse in good form…….and the trouble in his last was somewhat subtle which might have been missed by many note takers…….new more accomplished turf jock up today

8  Indian Nate   dangerous looking invader shows up in the Sadler barn…….all three grass races run in Florida fit well in this spot…….work tab at Slr for this Sadler new shooter is very nice and says Sadler means business 1st out under his guidance

3  Persuasive Paul   best at today’s one mile grass distance…….and this Steve Knapp’s four year old gelding’s last effort sure fits well in this spot

1  Benba   (tie for 4th selections)

7  Los Bambinos   (tie for 4th selection)


race 7    average clarity

5  Gotham News   turf muscled up in latest……..finally gets to run on the synthetic where he was 2 for 2 in France including a maiden debut win where he beat 15 foes by 2 or more lengths and 14 foes by by 5 or more lengths………just worked a solid 36 Flat at SA two days ago……. that 3 furlong drill so close to his race suggests Tom Proctor means business today

2  Bird E House   1st on the AW but bred OK for it……..seems the most likely in the field to get a good trip……likely to get a nice stalk position behind what a believe is a suspect leader in the 4 horse…….Sadler is a stellar 11 for his last 35 2nd out with a new horse and that is the case today

6  Nicklaus Way   also 1st ever on the AW but also seems adequately bred for it……just claimed by Hess for $62,500 and he runs his new shooter back for the same tag……..last was so so……needs his effort two back which likely was the catalyst for the claim by Hess and company


race 8    average clarity

11  Scooter Bird   seemingly loves marathon races……..sat last in a no pace up front 1 1/2 turf race in latest and still blew them away in the stretch………2 lbs off for today which is significant in a race of 11 furlongs on the sod  

1  Appealing Cat   also showed an infinity for a marathon grass race in latest beating 12 of 14 foes in a nice field of grass runners at Kee in latest………two decent drills since……..trainer is solid with shippers   

9  Lady Pimpernel   GB invader sure has the most experience in marathon grass races and lands in the Carla Gaines barn……..works hint ready…..and I like the 1st time out running with Lasix……very dangerous if this new shooter handles the new environment

3  Hijra

Long-shot consideration:    6  Bee Brave    big wake-up two races back versus tougher at 1 1/4 miles on the turf……….looked like a public work-out in next start…….back in 15 days and steps up…….not a public work-out today


race 9    average clarity

8  Sayes So    best set of works for a Richrd Mandella 1ster in quite some time…..and the world class trainer sure seems due to showcase a good youngster or two

5  Dakota Kid   Tom Proctor 1st timer has hit the track every 6 days to work since at least 9 September……..should be fit for debut to say the least

1  Faringdon Circle   on the improve with every start……last fits well but he does have to prove herself 1st on an AW surface today……..pedigree to handle seems OK

2  Tap Dancing

3  Silver Score

4  Tiz Addictedtolove

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Del Mar for Friday 21 November 2014

Good looking card once again today. We could have had 5 of 8 top choice winners yesterday if not for brutal trips in the 4th and 6th races (Underhill Drive 3rd & Q’ Viva 2nd). Not too shabby considering the Pick 5 paid $27K for a $1 and 4 correct was the best anyone did in the pick 6.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

3  Watdifrenzdzitmake   on the improve with every start and sure appreciated a route of ground albeit on the dirt……1st on the sod but nicely bred for it…….hasn’t missed a beat in the a.m. since breaking her maiden

6  Seek Safe Harbor   graduated in her 2nd lifetime start and graduated with “honors” with a going away at the wire 5 1/2 length win on the Dmr main track……..decent grass pedigree at least on mom’s side…….decent route pedigree………back quick…… likely because of getting away with an easy (stress-less) gate to wire win in latest

4  Midnight Candy   proven at a route and proven on the grass…….fell off some in latest 1st out after the Becerra claim…….needs a rebound……..switch to Desormeaux who has had success on this two year old filly in the past might be the catalyst to have one

race 2    below average clarity

5  Conquest Superstep   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime start and 1st at a route of ground……..effort was par like for the MSW Southern Cal level……..and par of course is good……..well maybe not for a successful pro golfer

2  Olivia’s Greatdane    very very game stretch drive for a debuting baby as she rallied strongly in traffic down the stretch…….nice work tab since…….bred fine to get a route of ground……..and like our top two picks the Dmr AW is a small ? mark

3  Scattagirl   poor trip or could have graduated at 1st asking in a race down the SA hill turf course………trainer is good sprint to route (7 for last 26)………turf muscled up in a sprint – AW route today………bred OK for the Polytrack……….seems dangerous

race 3    average clarity

3  Luckbox Sam    vastly improved since blinkers were put on 3 races back………distance fit so 7 panels should be no problem…….and he likely will sit on or near the lead from the get go and when he does he seldom runs poorly

1  Well Measured   all three lifetime starts fit solidly here………continues to train like a happy healthy individual……….should be a major player

4  Lucky Views   last sure appears to be a needed effort off of a seven month layoff………seems to have legged up nicely coming off a grass sprint as the drills since are strong……..Bejarano is off to a slow start at the brief meeting but he has fit this gelding quite well in the past

6  Memphis


race 4    average clarity

1  Sidepocket Run   major league rider upgrade……..obvious tune-up in latest……..works since the gimme suggest the race muscled him up………good post and a distance that fits as he just missed graduating the only time he raced on the grass at 1 1/16th……..many strong adjusted for trouble numbers in the past…….obviously not an easy animal to ride but a good post in which to get a decent trip

4  Temeeku   lifetime best in latest and finished 1st at the wire but was disqualified to 2nd………nice drills since suggest this Eurton runner has held form……Bejarano will be out to make amends

2  Bilger’s Sapphire   this horse seemingly has been run into shape…….so…..2nd out following a two month break should lead to another forward move and that should definitely put him in the mix here

5  Three Blondes

Long-shot consideration:   6  Warren’s Goldnugget    away since July and returns with a new more successful trainer…….and the works for this filly who hasn’t shown a thing in 6 lifetime starts are extremely improved and very impressive……..new trainer Gutierrez might have the trump card for this filly……..first on the grass but the filly has an OK and a somewhat obscure pedigree for the green carpet 


race 5    above average clarity

4  I’m No Patsy   nice wake up in latest and a recent 5/8ths work since at Bsr suggests even better will occur this afternoon……and better my friends will be tough here

3  Cayanna    rider upgrade………trainer is due to bust out of a slump (at least in S Cal)………..six year old mare seemingly should be able in get a nice ground saving mid pack position behind ample speed which should aid her stretch run

5  Gabby’s Purim   $32K to $8K………yikes………….obviously in bad shape but…….I am always less concerned about sore late runners as they are less dangerous to ride then speed types in poor condition……..basically a jock will usually sit way back and assess the way the horse is traveling and make one run in the stretch if of course your mount is traveling OK 

9  Spirit of Ten  

Long-shot consideration:   8  Romantic Wish    six year old mare has popped at some big prices including her last win where she went off 100 to 1……..strong works at Dmr seemingly out of nowhere………hmmmmmmm


race 6    above average clarity

7  Tizcano   very strong race in latest and it is somewhat disguised……..a bit wide (on a good rail day) up on a strong set of fractions……..that does just about any runner in yet this colt was still able to snatch 3rd in a $100K Stakes……1st ever at Dmr but two straight bullet works on it’s AW surface

4  Peacenluvpeacenluv   one for one on the Dmr AW………and wide on a good rail day in the same race as our top choice……..rider Alex Solis owns the best win % of any jock at the meeting so far 

6  Mischief Clem    won debut by 7L wearing blinkers……and the connections took them off for next start……..did run fine in next two starts but they were far from 7L wins……blinkers back on today………and back on at Del Mar where he broke his maiden at 1st asking and did it with ease

1  Bench Warrant


race 7   below  average clarity

1  Ramona’s Wildcat    three year old filly can really fly…..well at least on the dirt…..1st on the grass but owns a strong pedigree to handle it……should be in the hunt from the get go

7  Biorhythm   very consistent in grass sprints in 6 and 6 1/2 furlong affairs…….and usually makes a strong early move approximately five furlongs into the race……so………5F might really be to his liking

4  Sam’s Sister   3 for 3 lifetime all on main track surfaces…….very strong effort/fig in latest……bred decently for the sod………4 for 4 might be in the cards

3  Heat Trap


race 8    above average clarity

2  Warrior’s Ridge   seems very well prepared in the a.m……….has hit the track weekly since the 12th of October……race lacks speed except for our 2nd choice and he seems to have enough early gas to possibly sit behind our 2nd pick in a made to order stalk position…….good history when today’s jock Desormeaux rides

1  Brackendale   sure seems loose even if he breaks a little tardy from not the best of posts to break from at 6 1/2 panels……..solid gate to wire shot here

8  Thesheetsguy   this deep closer is on the right end of the learning curve and if the trend continues he can overcome a lack of pace in the race and still win this race with a decent trip and 6 1/2F to work with

3  Dead Easy

6  Play Maker

4  Broadcaster

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Del Mar for Thurdsday 20 November 2014

Strange that I had so many requests (four) on the same day to post Thursday’s selection early. Four different groups are headed to Del Mar from L.A. or further on Thursday including a bachelor party of a dozen. Congrats to the Groom and and his Dad a long time customer and good guy. 

I am happy to say that I like the card and I hope I am right as very little beats a winning day live at Del Mar. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

3  Jedi Mind Trick    Sadler runner is 3 for 4 on the Del Mar (soon to be defunct) synthetic surface……..2 for 4 with today’s jock……and he is showing stout a.m. work to be at his best for what is likely his last chance ever to compete on the Dmr AW

6  Rock Twice    another Sadler runner who beat his barn mate and our top pick 2 races back……….it was his lone effort ever on the Dmr AW…….he also won his only race on the old Hollywood AW

4  Presiding Justice   done little wrong in 6 lifetime starts (6 2 4 0) and ironically was just claimed from John Sadler…….handles the Del Mar surface…….historically trainer Charles Treece is at his most dangerous 1st out after the claim……6 1/2 furlongs sure looks like a good fit as he consistently finishes up fast in the late stages  


race 2    average clarity

3  Hollywood Royalty   race lacks speed and this Canani filly owns some and that is somewhat hidden…..steadied early in her last (1st time blinkers) and was still only 2L off the lead at the 1/2………..good speed/gate jock remains up…….seems likely to be on or very near the lead here and the pace will likely be reasonable

6  Here’s Bella   all but one of six career races fit fine in this spot……would have been top pick if I didn’t believe that this filly might have some physical problems…….60/40 she’s doing OK

5  Galehorn   John Sadler trained three year old filly finally gets to run at Del Mar where she has shown a fondness for the surface in the a.m. (back in August and September)…….needs and might move forward with the change of surfaces

7  Queen Mad


race 3    above average clarity

4  Golds Venice   major league wake-up in latest her 1st ever at a route of ground………solid work tab since………drops one level…….Peter Miller and company seems to mean business here

2 Lookin for Money   improved speed in latest fresh off of the bench in a route grass race……..and now back in 7 days and adds blinkers……believe Mora/Baze want this filly on the front end loose as a goose…….dangerous if that’s where the two year old filly finds herself

7  Swiss Jet   nice forward move in her 2nd lifetime start and 1st at a route………1st ever on the main track following two grass races……..pedigree is fine to the Dmr synthetic

5  Chia Love


race 4    average clarity

5  Uphill Drive   crushed her competition in her debut two races back at AP in a mc 25K 5F grass race…..flashed speed for 1/2 mile down the SA hill in her next start (22 June) but stopped badly as if something went physically amiss…..off since but training exceptionally well for the given level of racing…….most likely last chance running in a 5F grass race until next summer

2  Siena Grace   last effort/fig on the AW sure fits fine here……….1st on the sod but owns a good pedigree for it…….can sit in a nice ground saving stalk position and attempt to ponce in the stretch run

7  Kohala   won at 1st asking in her debut which was a bottom level maiden claimer over at Lrc in mid Sept……..like our 2nd choice she also owns a pedigree that likely will handle the grass………been away over 2 months but her works say ready as she obviously was in her maiden debut

6  Hugh Knew


race 5    above average clarity

7  Madiba   SCRATCHED

3  Pioneerof the West   clobbered our top pick in last and might once again if I am wrong about the form reversal I’m predicting for the 7 horse

1  Cyrus Alexander   bad trip in debut hides his performance somewhat………broke a length slow and was wide up on a solid pace……….did well to only get beat by 5L at the often difficult distance of 7F for a 1st timer……….blinkers off and improved works……..and a pedigree that should appreciate a route of ground

4  House of Troy


race 6    average clarity

3  Q’ Viva   hot trainer/rider combo the last two months……..four year filly is very consistent and seems best at Del Mar………lone win came turf to Dmr AW and that’s the case today……..likely last shot to run on it’s AW surface as it is conventional dirt in 2015

1  Denotation   filly has run par like solid efforts two of her last four races……the two bad races came following bad breaks from the gate…….Guitterez knows this fily well having ridden her all six lifetime starts so hopefully he will be extra alert when the bell rings…….can be the controlling speed with a decent start

5  Rockin Girl   chronic bad trip horse to date but sure has the energy/effort to win this race………5th new jock in lifetime race no. 6…….come on Victor Espinoza

2  Warren’s Cracker

Long-shot consideration:   7  Jenny’s V   filly has spent a lot of time on the turf but seems better on the AW…….1st on the Dmr synthetic………but……….she likes the GG AW and most that do also handle the Dmr AW……..and she just worked solid 5/8ths at Dmr just one week ago


race 7    average clarity

5  Bettys Bambino   SCRATCHED

6  Mega Heat    cut back to one mile is a significant plus as his record is (7 5 1 0) at one mile on the sod………and this gelding just popped a bullet best of 43 5/8ths drill…….the best drill Mega Heat has shown in some time

3  Power Ped   very consistent on firm turf……and his “A game” would likely overwhelm them here……..not sure if he’s up to his best but sure will be dangerous if he is

7  Trend


race 8    average clarity

6  South Texas   debut which was at Del Mar might be good enough to take this……..2nd lifetime race would beat these in all likelihood…….bit concerned the barn drops this filly back to a mdn claimer after stepping up and preforming well in a MSW affair

7  Gold Journey   nice forward move 1st out following the claim by Kathy Walsh who saw fit to take the blinkers off…….moved forward off of short rest in 2nd lifetime start……short rest once again today…….so……….that might lead to best ever…….and “best ever” sure fits solidly here 

3  Diamond Cut   ran awfully well considering she had little support at the windows (18-1)………….might not have been all that cranked up for her debut……..very dangerous back in short rest if that is so 

4  Cape’s Rockette   SCRATCHED

2  She Got Away    SCRATCHED

8  Clem Juice




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