Santa Anita starts it’s Fall meeting on Friday. We will be ready!

25 Sept 16:   1st race trifecta box of top 3 picks $27.80. 4th race trifecta & double both hit COLD paying $26.60 & $11.20 respectively. 5th race exacta top pick, 3rd pick $15.40. 7th race trifecta hit COLD $34.20. 8th race trifecta box of top three selections paid $1,141.80. 9th race trifecta was top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick paying $54.40.

23 Sept 16:   1st race trifecta hit COLD $34.00. 5th race pick 4 was top pick, top pick, top pick, 3rd pick for $1,177.80. 7th race double was top choice, 3rd choice $173.40. 8th race trifecta box of top 3 selections $592.60. 


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Los Alamitos for Sunday 25 September 2016

Sure like the race card today. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things. Racing starts at Santa Anita on Friday.

Best of luck as always


race 1    above average clarity

6  Storming Candy   most accomplished jock in this field (that's a 1st for Quinonez in S Cal) and highest win % trainer........and like most trainers Lorenzo Ruiz is even more dangerous 1st out following a claim which is the case today

5  No Bachi   nice improvement in latest stepping up in class (and at 49 to 1) and the race was at Lrc at today's 5 1/2 furlongs with the same race condition......jock has a good history riding this five year old gelding

1  Bound for Heaven   broke thru the gate prior to the race and still managed 2nd in the 16 Sept. version of this race.........might be up for even better today with better behavior

7  Eddie Could Go


race 2    average clarity

3  Peppermint Kitty   Miller has placed this one to win now as things get much tougher next week at SA.......and look who shows up to ride in a cheap race.......Kent Desormeaux

1  Holidayincombodia   most of her career fits at today's softer level......likes the distance ( 2 1 1 0)......1st on the Lrc surface a ? mark

4  Desert Smoke   low % rider and trainer......but........last race (her 1st ever at Lrc) sure fits and since the effort she worked an impressive speedy billet 3F gate work......dangerous (blinkers on for today) three year old filly


race 3    average clarity

6  Irish and Lucky    sure likes the Lrc surface and it showed in a strong layoff run in last......that race fits and there is a good chance this six year old mare moves forward 2nd out after the layoff

8  Silk in Silver   likely needed her last having been away since early November........consistent filly will likely want the lead and needs to put away the 5 horse to get it......good post and rider upgrade to get that accomplished

4  L. A. Magic    need to lead type in the past has learned to rate.......that new found versatility sure makes her a much more dangerous filly

2  Oleanderpolarbear


race 4    average clarity

6  Rough Passage   lead type only has run two stellar efforts in his only two races on the Lrc fact his last suggests he can handle a stout set of fractions (which he likely will face today) and still be able to find the winners circle

4  It Behooves Me   scenario is:   2 - 3 - 6 bang heads early and often........if that occurs this mid pack runner should be in the driver's seat

2  Alltheleavesrbrown   believe this four year old will tire badly if he goes after the lead........shows some signs of being able to rate off of the lead some......seems wise to take that tactic today


race 5    average clarity

2  Holograeme   likes the Lrc surface ( 2 1 1 0) and sure ran a solid turf to dirt race the last time this filly had a opportunity to run at Lrc which was on Dec 19th......turf in last.......dirt today......and a solid rider & trainer at the helm

3  Take It Easyplease   another who sure appreciates the Lrc surface ( 3 1 2 0)......and has been very consistent "at the distance" with a record of ( 4 1 2 1) .......and like our top choice has the support of a good rider and trainer

4  Roo's Valentine   last win came turf to dirt at Lrc (last Dec.) and the effort would fit here if she can duplicate it........dangerous for sure


race 6    average clarity

1  Thunder Basin  solid layoff win in latest........Mulhall five year old gelding seems extremely "well meant" for this race with a series of 3 nice preparatory works......seems better suited for sprint races to me and the barn might be thinking the same these days

7  Swiss Cheese    1st start in 2016 was on the July 17th and since that "needed race" things are on the improve.....last fits and if this fellow manages another forward move he should have been put as the top billing in the race

8  Changing Karma   seems better suited for 5 1/2 furlongs but 6F might be within his reach........if that is so he should be a factor in the outcome of this race.....low % jock but his karma is good riding this guy as he owns 2 wins in 2 mounts on him

4  Quorum Of Joy


race 7    average clarity

2  Never Say Try   big debut winning by double digits......then a bad tip led to an off the board finish in his 2nd start.....see ya bug boy and hello Gonzo.....good a.m. prowess of late......rebound seems likely in his 3rd start

4  Prohibition Repeal   not the strongest of figs but sure has fired every time when sprinting and won the 24 August version of this race at Del Mar

5  Signature Cat   just claimed by Miller and he appears to have the trump card for this gelding as he just worked an eye popping 58:2 bullet work at Lrc seemingly out of nowhere......very dangerous if he handles his 1st on the Lrc surface

3  Tiz Love


race 8    average clarity

8  Pretentious   decent chance this Cassidy runner is better on main track surfaces and might have spent too much time racing on the sod.....last dirt race which was 3 back fits solidly here and was run turf to dirt off of 5 weeks rest.....turf in last and 5 1/2 weeks rest this time........hmmm

2  Lucky J Lane   didn't think this fellow would take to the dirt at all in his last but he sure our top selection he might have found a new home....that being main track surfaces

4  Indygo Holiday   lone race at Lrc is a good in his lifetime best.......was a vet scratch 3 weeks ago but he has worked great since.....very dangerous

6  Tough It Out


race 9    average clarity

9  Warren My Boy   likes to hang in the stretch but he does his best running at Lrc.....and ......he has shot at getting loose on the lead which is where you want a horse that likes to hang to be

2  Olimpio's Scat Cat   trainer has had a good meeting with limited starters.......four year old should get a decent shot of getting a nice ground saving mid pack or stalk postion in the race......shot at the circle of joy if he does

6  Resistanceisfutile   solid a.m. prowess for a good portion of his career........and finally he is starting to transfer that prowess to the p.m......might come flying today with the 7 lbs bug boy up today

8  Super Swiss

10  Silver Chrome

5  Dark Encounter

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Los Alamitos for Saturday 24 September 2016

Like the card this afternoon and also for tomorrow!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Jonny's Choice   claimed out of a very fast heat of 12.5K claimer in his last......that race and his effort three back fit solidly here if he is up for similar today 1st out for Yakteen

4  Ultimate Luck  sure fits the race condition very well but needs to overcome a bad tendency to hang in the stretch

5  Jackson Sundown   short on numbers but sure loves the Lrc dirt.......not impossible but likely needs lifetime best this afternoon


race 2    average clarity

7  Outthink'em   solid forward move to win in latest back in 7 days rest......attempts the grueling task of duplicating the effort again today in 9 days rest.......can he handle the rigors on of 3 races in 16 days?.....he did last spring at Lrc over a period of 14 yes.....he can

8  Misty'sviewthegold   big awakening in latest 1st time for  high % trainer Lorenzo Ruiz.......not sure why he would want blinkers on for today following such a good effort...... but..... he is after all a trainer who knows how to get to the winners circle

1  Night Badger   like the rider switch and I like the form that this seven-year is in right now......but.....not so crazy about his tendency to hang......maybe a stronger finishing jock in the saddle can make a difference

3  Our Trooper


race 3    average clarity

6  Tiz Makin Memories   Marty Jones is a dismal 2 for his last 60 with MSW 1st time starters...... but.......the works for this debut runner are too good to ignore......feel it is a 70/30 chance Marty breaks the mold today

4  Lemon Orchid   trainer does well with limited starters (22%) but hasn't done much with 1st time starters.......but the works for this 1ster are too decent to ignore

3  Nothin But a Smile   plenty of furlongs of work put into this first time starter by the D'A......her pedigree and the way she has been training hint she well come from off of the pace

5  Quality Girl


race 4    average clarity

6  Immunity Idol   laid off drop down types like this three-year old filly have boosted Mike Puype's win percentage for the last 3 months or so......don't stop now boys

4  She's Complicated   Baffert got a good look at what he has with this filly in an unimpressive MSW MSW to mdn20K she goes........should fit today

3  Jeoffie   not much at a route but all three lifetime sprints aren't bad.....and this filly did improve in her latest.......should be a major factor if she manages another move in the desired direction

5  Star At the Bar


race 5    above average clarity

1  Back Beauty   seems like a very good claim by O'Neill and company of a four-year old filly who is not only improving final time wise but also early pace wise.......repeat off her last should be tough in this spot and two nice reassuring works since the claim hint she will be up to the task

6  Pragmatical   nice awakening on the drop down out of MSW racing in her last........and might make the necessary move forward again with two nice works put in since

3  Avicil   likely needs a hot pace to take down this affair......she should sit pretty in a nice mid pack position if that occurs.....and with a solid rider at the helm

8  Spicy Blonde


race 6    average clarity

6  Saldamente   turf route in latest sure appears to have muscled up this colt who I believe should fire his lifetime best back sprinting on the hot trainer has a decent chance at keeping the ball rolling here

7  Bernin Sensation    good MSW debut and 3 reassuring drills since......Baffert youngster was bet hard in his debut and he is likely going to get hammered at the windows once again today

5  He's All That   Cassidy 1st time starters is working quite well and shows hints of some significant early has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters......rider is looking good right now..... and I am...... of course....... referring to her record at the Lrc meeting

8  T. Montana

Long-shot consideration:   3  Marchtothemusic   Hollendorfer 1ster only went for chump change at sale yet shows up in a MSW race for his debut (hmmmm).....and with a good-looking work tab......seems dangerous


race 7    average clarity

8  Blue Anchor   lifetime best and by a wide margin was run 2nd out after a layoff (21 days rest) and on a step up in class........20 days following a layoff run today and you guessed it.....a step up in class for today

5  Eltiojohnny    poor trip and then some in his U S of A debut which was on the turf......3 for 3 in Mexico on fast rated dirt.........trainer is waking up......very dangerous......plenty of potential

3  Pulmarack    believe this fellow is best sprinting on conventional dirt and off of short rest.......and that is the case for today's endeavor......and I like that Gonzo sticks around for a 4th straight time

2  Jury

Long-shot consideration:   1  Anthonysgotgame    race two back fits and it is somewhat disguised.......away since 12 June but trainer Paul Aguirre is a stellar 37% with his last 30 with 3 or more month layoffs......dangerous sort


race 8    above average clarity

7  Accelerate   both lifetime route races are more impressive than anyone in this race has ever run......that'll do

8  Blackjackcat   last on the grass fits if of course he can produce similar today on the dirt........has shown some good ability on the dirt in the a.m. now and then......and you have to like that Stevens shows up to ride for the 1st time at the Lrc meeting

5  Semper Fortis   never sharper finishing right behind our top selection in his latest although with a much better trip.....still that might happen again or he might even show more today......not impossible to turn the tables on our top selection

2  Mishegas


race 9    average clarity

7  Star Express   stands out here not only with his latest which is quite strong and hidden but most of his career would at least hit the board here......a negative - he tends to hang

3  Money Makin Mike   seems best in two turn races......bug boy seems worth the weight break when he is in route races.........dangerous 2nd choice especially if our top selection "hangs" once again

9  Glitter's Song   new trainer (and 1 for 1 at the meeting) for today and he might have the trump card for this gelding as he sure is training night and day better since he took over.......route race off of the layoff is a concern...... but then again...... this fellow should go off at a handsome price

5  He's a Knockout

6  Minis Big Boy

1  Cavalry


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Los Alamitos for Friday 23 September 2016

So so card this afternoon. I have finished studying Saturday's card and it appears to be a good one!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

4  Sizzlin Square   in a race that wouldn't surprise me if any of the 6 entered won this colt gets top billing mostly because he appears to have the best early gas and drops some

2  Mr. Louis   double barrel action for O'Neill as he also trains our top selection........improving sort and now drops.........and drops off of two impressive endurance building 6F back to back works at LA.......has flattened some in all 3 lifetime races but doubt that this colt will today

3  Mr. Hale   solid improvement in his latest and with Prat not available at this meeting he still gets the services of leading rider Stewart Elliott who is riding as if he is here to stay for a very long time in S Cal


race 2    above average clarity

2  Open Enrollment   seems to have run into shape and her last which was her 1st at a route is better than par for the mdn claiming 20K level.....low % jock up but he knows this filly well

4  Yavrig   consistent sort and she is versatile running well on and off of the negative is that she is starting to show signs that she might be a hanger

6  Raters   has a pedigree that screams the longer the better so I like that Heap puts her in a route race 1st following the claim........layoff last was OK but her debut back in 2015 is par like for today's level

3  Royal Red


race 3    average clarity

1  Tooluckysupermoon   good history with today's jock in the saddle......five year old mare drops to the lowest level of her life and why not as things get much tougher next week with the opening of the Art Deco palace that is Santa Anita

8  Moonie   very suspicious drop as this turf horse has the SA meeting opening up in a week with the return of grass racing......fits for sure on the dirt if her health is OK.......seems like a 50/50 proposition that it is

5  Thames Valley   won off of a 3 month break at LA back in Feb......runs off of a 2 month break today.......2 of 3 races at Lrc are par like when you adjust for trip trouble

3  Gianis


race 4    average clarity

(AE  11  Golden Silence has a shot if draws in)

10  Star of the day   a.m. work is nothing special by Baffert standards for this 1st timer but this is one soft looking group of MC 30K runners

3  American Rhiannon   nice forward move in her 2nd lifetime start.....if she moves forward again she might be the one to overcome......and I like that Arroyo stays aboard for a 3rd straight time

5  Assets What Assets   filly trains at Los Alamitos so my guess is that Eurton wants this youngster ready to compete at a high level in her debut........prolonged work tab supports the notion

8  Highly Classified


race 5    average clarity

7  Quinnette   Ellis seems to have this mare ready when he drops her and that is the case today.......and the drop makes sense in that this mare is 2 for 2 at Lrc and it will be quite some time before she has a shot to run on its crazy oval again

1  She's Flush   seems quite dangerous 1st out following the claim as Wong is stout 1st out after he takes over the training duties of a given seems like a good move to ship south as his new five-year old mare is one for one at Lrc

2  Papaslilprincess   in for 7K and switches riders to a 7 lbs bug boy so this mare gets 9 lbs off her back......believe she is better sprinting but she should give a good account of herself running around two turns with the significant weight break

4  Individual Design


race 6    average clarity

9  La Vitesse   improving sort for O'Neill and company just needs to duplicate her latest to be formidable here.......dull work working at SA for the 1st time on 12 Sept. might mean O'Neill wants her to run big today (at her home base for a great portion of her career) at Lrc because the SA surface might not be to her liking

3  Mysteriousmagician   my favorite S Cal trainer with filly two-year old first timers in the 3 consecutive six furlong drills to complete her a.m. preparation......she has a decent shot at finishing well when many in here won't

2  Starlet Storm    the story never in another MSW debut runner from the Baffert barn well worked and seemingly ready to roll

8  She Looks Proud

Long-shot consideration:   6  Call the Queen    nice a.m. prowess for this Jaime Gomez 1st time has tossed one winner from one starter and that winner was a Stakes winner as well.......and the new sire is off to an OK start


race 7    below average clarity

3  Sausalito Sunset   big effort in 2nd lifetime start off of 31 days rest.......back in 21 days rest for start number four and her 3rd start wasn't too trainer to boot

1  Resky Business   brutal trip in latest checking early about 3 or 4 lengths and then running wide.......not the best of posts at Lrc sometimes but Gonzo will be out to make amends

2  Red Apple    lifetime win came off of 15 days rest two races back in her 2nd lifetime back in 21 days rest for her 4th lifetime start might be a good thing.....we shall see

7  Cioppino Pasadino


race 8    average clarity

5  Lucky Days Ahead    rider upgrade and the fact that Peter Miller (seldom afraid to lose a horse) is dropping his three-year old multiple levels........should be tough

6  Runbrorun   trainer is over 20% in all the relevant categories that apply in 1st time as the trainer......3rd out after a layoff......and dropping multiple levels.......and the cut back of 1/2 furlong sure appears to be a plus......and a good trainer/rider combo to boot

7  Bug Off   showed life in the stretch of his only lifetime race which was run at LA back in Feb.......and he acted up prior to the hint he is ready to roll fresh off of the bench.......not impossible but easy to put as 3rd choice

1  Little Joe M.

9  Woody Boy

8  Frosted Boss


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Los Alamitos for Thursday 22 September 2016

Seems like a fairly decent card.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Street Goddess   one dull work prior to her last off of 44 days rest led to an OK effort (and the effort is somewhat hidden) sharp work this time and only 32 days since her last......feeling better and I believe she will show it today

6  Dragon Flower   trainer Rosemary Trela does quite well with limited starters......and she does especially well in claiming races.......filly is  one for one at Lrc

5  Sharp Holiday   red-hot trainer in Brian Koriner the last 2 or 3 months.....and Koriner is often at his most dangerous 3rd out after long layoffs which is the case here


race 2    below average clarity

5  Blazinghotprospect   so so MSW turf debut at SR.......then she was vet scratch on 4 Sept. at GG in a MSW race......drops but draws the red-hot Elliott who sure has been getting live mounts from his agent and making the most of them....and she has put in 2 works since the vet scratch

1  Tuscan Sun   might be able to get loose and with only five panels of dirt to cope with if she does.....trainer is having one of his better years racing in S Cal......good rider/trainer team over the last two months

3  Irish Devil   hit gate very badly in a horrid start to her career way back in Jan.......been away since but working as if she might own some talent

4  Lady Of The Lake


race 3    above average clarity

5  Five Star Jack   best early gas in the field and in an abbreviated sprint race of only 5 furlongs.....and a good gutsy speed rider in Pedroza......such a deal

2  Etailer   all of his career races fit fine at today's lower level........connections likely will have their fingers crossed hoping the 3 outside horses battle it out in too fast of a pace even for a 5 furlong affair

6  Lucky Tommy   outside stalkers have done well at this meeting and past Lrc trainer using the meets leading rider.......not out of this by any means

3  Sun Spots


race 4    average clarity

7  Princess Ashlyn    best early speed in the race......cuts MC price in half....... away from the game 3 months but training quite sharply.....and as the saying goes...... fresh speed....... is...... dangerous speed

3  Saddle Club   Sise used to be very capable with maiden claiming 1sters but quite dismal the last couple of hint a return to the distant past might be in the cards this afternoon

8  Prowling Around   voided claims are the kind that most trainers want ready off of long layoffs as there is doubt in the minds of the claiming vultures....that is the case here for this Miyadi laid up 2nd time starter who ran decently in his debut

6  Bohemian Bliss


race 5    average clarity

6  Two Thirty Five   hot trainer in trainer in Koriner.....and most likely starting from a good post......useful debut and drops.....should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

9  Blowemaway    runs as a 1st time gelding in his 2nd lifetime endeavor......and shows good recent drills suggesting the surgery went well and has made this two-year an improved individual

1  Cast And Blast   only mount of the day for Arroyo and good works showing for this O'Neill 1st time has tossed two winners from two starters both able to win at two.......dangerous 1ster

8  Blazingulch


race 6    average clarity

3  Altaira   consistent sort for Miller and company might be at her best on the Lrc surface.......apprentice Solis has really gotten his act together of late and now seems worth the 7 lbs weight break

7  Rock All Day   last fits just fine and drops back to the level Mulhall claimed her for down in Florida.....should be a major player

5  Fast Magoo   appropriately named as she can fly early..........five yr old mare has won 3 of her last 4 when competing at 5 1/2 furlongs

4  Goliath's Girl


race 7    average clarity

4  Stole My 'art   last impressive race was 4 races back and it was a one mile race at Lrc at one small claiming notch lower.......that and the fact that she just drilled a much improved work only one week ago bodes well for her chances this afternoon

5  Backstreet Lisa   Metz has won 36 for his last 100 multi level drop downs .....that makes this filly dropping precipitously rather does her ( 2 1 1 0) record at the distance on conventional dirt

3  Mint Julep Taffy   1st ever two turn dirt race today but she showed some ability running two turns on the turf.........somewhat dangerous

2  It Girl


race 8    average clarity

7  Peacenik   drop makes plenty of sense as this Spwar runner isn't what he used to be and turns 10 in a little over three months........should get a nice outside stalk position which has been advantageous a good portion of this Lrc meeting

9  Deer Decarchy  last is better than appears in print as he dueled somewhat inside on an outside biased track.......that race fits at today's slightly easier level

10  Parliamentarian   big wake up (solid time at LA) with the blinkers taken off.....been away almost 2 months.....not sure how ready he is.......... but.......he should be a factor if he is fit and ready to go

12  In Control

3  I Buy Gold

5  Aerial Artist

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Los Alamitos for Sunday 11 September 2016

Just a reminder that we will not be covering Los Alamitos next week. We will resume coverage on Thursday 22 September.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Silk In Silver   very dangerous fresh speed here as her trainer Justin Clark is very high percentage with laid up runners off more than 3 in 6 for his last 12 in the win column

6  Trust Ur Intuition   runs quite well at 5F on the grass but not too well down the hill at's a long time until she can run at 5F on the grass at Dmr and she is fit right my guess is Truman if willing to drop her way down to where she can compete on the dirt.....and he is stout with the turf to dirt maneuver

1  Tough Annie   another laid up runner who I believe will come out firing a good effort....solid works and for high percentage trainer with limited starters


race 2    above average clarity

3  Dashin Ashen   both lifetime races peg her as the one to that Gonzo stays up as this three year old filly has good early speed and he is one tough jock with a speed horse

4  She's Complicated    yet another Baffert/Elliot 1st time starter who appears ready to rock and roll in her MSW debut

5  Hayley's Comment   blinkers on for today and the works indicate the equipment change has worked.......big wake up today seems likely.....but will it be good enough....we shall see


race 3    above average clarity

2  Drover Crazy   seems to be the only one in this field who merits being at today's level of racing........will be bet hard vs. this group running over their heads and most of whom were likely hustled by the racing secretary to enter

4  Magic Taste   improving sort will be waiting in the wings to take down this race if he manages another move forward or our top choice falters one way or another

3  Adair   best of the rest and he is consistent.....just claimed in his last and he goes from D'Amato to Ruben Gomez.....doubt he moves forward but you never know


race 4    average clarity

5  Marvelous Max   strong forward move 1st time at a route....repeat of the effort 1st out following the Sadler claim with a better trip should make him one tough cookie in this spot

4  Foolish To Deceive   decent maiden claiming debut earning a par like number for today's lower level.....and I almost always like a Dollase runner the 1st time attempting a route of ground.....another solid contender here

2  Kenji's Giant   nice layoff run in last especially considering it was a route race.........seems to fit rather well with a logical forward move 2nd out following a 1/2 year hiatus from the game


race 5    below average clarity

4  Tangled Up In Ju   big race 2 back decimating her foes......and her last is better than appears on of the hottest trainers this summer in Machowski.....can he keep the iron burning this fall......we shall see

2  Yodelsong   one for one at 6 furlongs at Lrc.....and Mike Harrington likes to win in his backyard.......well spotted to win

1  Gypsy's Rule   nice effort one mile turf route to 6F dirt sprint on June 24th.....turf one route in last and you guessed it a 6F dirt sprint's not rocket science because if it was I would have another job


race 6    average clarity

3  Spiritual  with the class drop this Art Sherman three year old filly appears to be in the thick of things from start to finish.....might be willing to drop to make sure she takes advantage of the Lrc surface where she crushed in her maiden debut by more than 5L

1  Meadow Blossom   trainer only runs a few each year but when he does take note as they are almost always ready despite any work pattern that they show

2  Papa Mambo   1 for 1 with the blinkers on running on where to be found in her other races.........blinkers on and six furlongs of dirt negotiate today


race 7    below average clarity

1  Heir Of Storm   seems to need easier and drops to get it today....and Baltas has put some strong vastly better recent drills into his runner likely because he and the owners might lose this guy by way of the claiming box and they want one more win before they say "see ya"

2  Toews On Ice   seems like a suspicious drop but maybe not as Baffert is win mode more than he normally is and that is saying something.....Coach Q dropped down yesterday and ran a dull race..... now Toews does the same.....hope this isn't a bad omen for my beloved Blackhawks

6  Pay The Fine   handled his lone race at Lrc rather well nearly winning today's level in April......that race was run off of 8 weeks rest turf to dirt.......turf in last and dirt here this time off of 5 weeks rest


race 8    above average clarity

4  Enola Gray   not quite sure why this outstanding filly is placed in a small Stakes race rather than say a Graded race......hints she isn't doing her best......but if she is at least up to 80% of her potential she still appears tough here

1  Uptown Twirl   3 for 3 on the dirt with blinkers on....they remain on today.....she will be waiting in the wings if the slightly suspect top choice falters

2  Bendable   filly has done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts but will need her best to date as the top two are quite a bit more accomplished


race 9    average clarity

8  Big Miss Streak   very solid series of drills for a bottom level F & M maiden claiming first time starter......and the trainer has been on fire the 2nd half of summer

4  Atlantic Slew   last was the tune-up and today likely a full throttle jock will try to take them gate to wire something that he appears to be very good at

1  Lea's Reward   useful MC debut and maybe more importantly a very good 6F drill since.....not out of the picture in this affair by any means

3  Jeoffie

7  U Go Girl


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