Super High Five carryover for Sunday $25,741. Picks are posted for Sunday.

5 Feb 16:  Top choice won 2 races, 2nd choice won 4 races on a day nobody hit the pick 6. 1st race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 2nd pick $300.60. 1st race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $40.40. 2nd race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, top pick $594.40. 4th race top pick over our next 3 picks superfecta paid $759.40. 6th race exacta box of top two picks $18.80.

4 Feb 16:  Top choice won 5 races, 2nd choice won 1 race and 3rd choice won 2 races. 1st race pick 5 was top, top, top, 3rd, top choice for $1,949.20. 2nd race trifecta was top pick over next two picks $61.00. 3rd race pick 6 was top, 3rd, top, 2nd, top, 3rd pick $4,682.40. 5th race exacta hit COLD $34.80. 5th race pick 4 was top, 2nd, top, 3rd pick for $391.60.

24 Jan 16:   After any scratches:   Top choice won 3 races and ran 2nd in 3 other races and none of those top choices went off at favorite.  1st race exacta top choice. 3rd choice $25.60. 4th race top pick over other 3 picks trifecta $192.20. (exacra $57.40) 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 3rd choice $230.20. 4th race pick 6 was top, 2nd, 3rd, top, 3rd, 3rd pick $7,915,40. 5th race exacta box of top two picks $21.60. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, top pick $226.80. 6th race trifecta was 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick for $184.20.  6th race double was 3rd pick, top pick for $89.60. 7th race trifecta top choice over our other 4 picks paid $449.80.

23 Jan 16:   1st race superfecta box of 5 given picks $2,075.40. 1st race pick 3 was 4th, top, top pick $279.40. 2nd race pick 3 hit ICE COLD for $383.40. 2nd race superfecta top choice over other 3 picks paid $201.20. 3rd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $45.80. 4th race top pick over next 3 picks superfecta $563.80. 7th race 3rd pick, 2nd pick exacta $185.00

18 Jan 16:   Bombs away at Santa Anita!  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, top, 4th pick $10,788.80. 2nd race pick 4 was 3rd, 3rd, top, 4th pick $2,210.60. 5th race pick 3 was 4th, top, 3rd pick $254.20. 6th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 3rd pick $340.60. 7th race trifecta box of top 3 picks $1,226.40. 7th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $215.80. 7th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick double $295.60. 7th race top pick paid $12.40 to place. 8th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $759.20. 9th race top pick paid $11.60 to place.

14 Jan 16:  After any scratches:  1st race double was top, 3rd pick $80.00. 1st race pick 3 was top, 3rd, 2nd pick $343.80. 2nd race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick $2,780.60. 2nd race trifecta box of 3 given picks $381.20 ( 3rd, top pick exacta $96.00).  8th race superfecta hit ICE COLD $165.60 (COLD tri $53.00. COLD exacta $16.80)

1 Jan 16:   Very solid 2nd half of the card races 5 thru 9. 5th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $56.00. 5th race pick 3 hit COLD $76.40 (COLD double $39.00). 6th race double hit COLD $45.60. 6th race pick 5 was top, top, 2nd, 4th pick for $3,462.00. 8th race box of top 2 picks exacta paid $38.20. 9th race tri box of top 4 picks paid $352.80. 

27 Dec 15:   2nd race pick 4 was 4th, top, 2nd, top pick for $3,357.40. 2nd race tri box of 4 given picks $267.40. 3rd race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick for $489.40. 3rd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $36.00. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 2nd pick for $299.40. 5th race exacta was top pick, 3rd pick and paid an incredible $158.00. 5th race double was top pick, 2nd pick for $97.60. 9th race Super High Five was 3rd, top, 4th, 2nd, 5th choice for $2,606.80. (all returns shown are with a $2 base)

18 Dec 15:   After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was top, top, 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick $2,789.60. 3rd race superfecta box of 4 given picks $160.00. 4th race 4th pick, top pick exacta $128.80. 5th race pick 3 was 4th, 2nd, 3rd pick for $1,179.00. 5th race pick 4 was 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 6th pick $7,328.oo (5o cent payoff was $1,582.00 which cost you $108 to cover our given selections. 6th race trifecta box of 3 given picks $118.20.   

11  Dec 15:   Nice returns especially considering the small fields. After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was top, top, top, top,2nd pick $468.80. 2nd race COLD pick 3 was  $39.00. 2nd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $28.40. 3rd race pick 3 was top, top, 2nd pick $89.20. 4th race top choice over next two picks trifecta was $197.00. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 3rd pick $153.80. 7th race top pick over other 3 picks superfecta was $664.20 

29 Nov 15:   Some big returns on closing day at Del Mar:   1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 4th, long-shot play, 2nd pick for $30,089.00. 2nd race pick 3 was top, 4th. long-shot play for $2,904.40. 3rd race pick 3 was 4th, long-shot play, 2nd pick for $1,952.80, 3rd race trifecta box of 4 given picks $735.40. 4th race pick 3 was long-shot play, 2nd pick, 2nd pick for $616.40. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, top pick for $333.00. 7th race top pick, 4th pick exacta was $233.20. 7th race top pick over other 3 selections paid a trifecta of $683.40.

26 Nov 15:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, top, top, top pick $3,092.60 2nd race superfecta box of 4 given picks $331.80. 3rd race superfecta was top pick over other 4 given picks payiny $2,104.00. 3rd race top pick over next two picks trifecta paid $301.00. 3rd race pick 3 hit COLD $84.80. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD $35.00. 5th race trifecta top pick over 3 other given picks paid $184.80.

12 Nov 15:   3rd race pick 6 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd choice for $37,750.60. 3rd race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd pick $261.60. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick $307.80. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd pick $642.60. 5th race pick 4 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd pick for $2,381.60. 

8 Nov 15:   1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, long-shot play (which was the only long-shot suggestion of the pick 5 sequence) paid $12,167.00. Here's our comment about the $49.00 long-shot:   8 Eagle Rock  meets leading rider is up for Denise Breuer who just snatched this three year old at the claiming box.....not much in last but race 2 back fits......and the works for his new trainer hint that he might rebound to that effort. 2nd race box of top 2 picks paid an exacta of $26.80. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd pick, longshot pick, 2nd pick $168.20.  5th race pick 3 was longshot pick, 2nd pick, 4th pick $655.60. 6th race longshot, 2nd pick double paid $95.60. 5th race longshot paid $49.00 win, $21.40 place, $11.20 show.



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Santa Anita for Sunday 7 February 2016


So so card today. Hope you enjoy the Super Bowl.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

4  Sea Smoke   latest might be a public support at the widows supports the notion.......stout works since......bred for the sod.......Baltas is stout 1st at a route and 1st on the grass.....both are the case today

1  Allsquare   so so 1st at a route in 2nd lifetime start.......expecting better 1st on the grass today......good pedigree for it and gets to run off of short for the 1st time in her career.......short and quick drills getting ready for today.......hints the barn wants her on or near the lead from the get go

7  Lynne's Legacy   on the improve and she has shown she can handle a turf route......might be the one to overcome if she manages another forward move this afternoon......good trainer/rider combo at the helm

11  All That Heat

Long-shot consideration:   5  Tinderette   see the comment for the 1 horse......same applies here only with Mullins as the trainer


race 2    average clarity

5  Moonlight Meeting   claimed by Hess in his last and a good-looking drill since and for a trainer that doesn't push them too hard in the morning.......3 for 6 at SA (0 for 7 elsewhere)......2 for 4 at the distance.....decent history with today's jock up

2  Moments Notiz   8 yr old is 15 for 27 lifetime on fast rated dirt.....last was the layoff gimme to drop and .......go go go at full throttle and with 1st time Bejarano to boot

7  Hot Lightning   good history when on or pressing the lead and that appears likely to occur here......only other runner with any speed in the race is our top pick

6  London Legacy


race 3    average clarity

2  Adios Reality   very expensive 1st time starter even for one trained by Bob Baffert is training quite well.......Baffert/Bejarano have been a hot combo of late and they teamed up in Saturday's nightcap to win the sprint version of the has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters and 2 of them were Stakes winners

5  Can't Remember   another 1st timer from Baffert and company seemingly all wound up and ready to roll.....colt works as if he has some early speed.......Chantal Kruse (Sutherland) might be loose and lonely on the lead which enhances her chances at her 1st "comeback" win

6  Inhibition   sprint - sprint - route scenario/manuever here and for colt who is bred to appreciate a route of ground.....dangerous rider/trainer combo seem overdue to strike

7  Trojan Nation


race 4    above average clarity 

8  Nine Point Nine   seems at his best at SA and she is coming off a nice win where the blinkers were taken off.....they remain off for today for her step up of multiple levels......likely feeling good.....should be able to sit 1, 2, or 3 at the quarter and that is a dangerous proposition with the hot riding bug boy Lopez up

4  Precious Audrey   won MC debut on the dirt at Gpw by 8L......didn't take to the turf in her next start which was down the SA hill......back to dirt and well placed to our top choice she should sit 1, 2, or 3 at the 1/4 and with the meets leading rider aboard

3  Kellianne Can Can   seems best of the off pace runners in the affair......and she won her lone race at the somewhat speciality distance of 7 furlongs

6  Tribal Headdress


race 5    average clarity

1  Oligarch   hasn't competed in a grass route for quite some time but has had some success routing on the grass in the past including at today's 9F distance.....but maybe more importantly he sure looks loose in this spot....and he is one tough follow loose on the lead

6  Hobbits Hero   only but his last fit well in this spot since Baltas claimed 4 races back......should get a nice stalking trip......combine that with a bounce back and he should be one tough cookie

8  It Is Living Water   very versatile as he seems to handle any turf distance......1st off the claim by Jack Carava.......race two back would have a shot taking down this affair....trainer is having a good meet so far

10  Buymeabond


race 6    below average clarity

6  Cautious Giant   five-year old gelding has really gotten good since Mulhall claimed and the blinkers were put on.....seems likely to get 1st crack at our 2nd choice who should be on the lead......ran a 108:3 with not the best of trips in last...what might he run today with a good trip and 2 lbs less on his back

5  Rocket Heat   the "now" horse sure has found a another level of racing of late......loves the front end and sure looks capable of snatching it here......and with my favorite speed jock (at this time) in the irons....such a deal

1  Kobe's Back   same impressive work pattern for this bad breaking fellow (what kind of record would this guy have if he broke well) as he had prior to his near win in a Grade 1 sprint at SA in Oct.......hmm


race 7    below average clarity

8  Procurement   very impressive a.m. preparation for today's race which is the lowest claiming level he has run for to date......connections know there is a good chance he will be claimed and they likely are pulling out all stops to get the most out of him today

1  McHeat   3 for 3 on the lawn since the blinkers were removed and 2 of those wins were with today's jock up......seems dangerous even at a distance that pedigree wise might be a bit too far

4  Diamond Bachelor    seems well-meant this afternoon.....same scenario that produced a strong effort on the grass on Feb 7th......dirt sprint then back in week for a turf route......dirt sprint in last - route today and this time with a jockey upgrade

9  A Red Tie Day


race 8    average clarity   

11  Mad Mango   good speed and a better post than her last for Maldonado to do his thing....that being outbreak the field and sit on or near the lead with only 5 1/2F to deal with......trainer has been dynamite with maiden claimers

12  Darling Grace   blinkers on.......6 lbs less to carry than in her latest......cut back in distance......last is better than appears.......should be in it from the get go

3  Dream Navigator   might feel real good coming off of a turf sprint which was run only 10 days ago.......drop from MSW to the bottom MC level........and like our top two selections should sit near the front in a 5.5F affair

8  Back Street Cat

4  Maid Easy

5  Racing Hope




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Santa Anita for Saturday 6 February 2016

Decent card quality wise and handicapping wise.



Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

2  Classico      nice improvement in last especially considering 6 1/2 furlongs might be a little longer than he wants to run........6F today and Raffy knows this colt well having been aboard for all 5 lifetime starts

3  Passau    had to drop to the lowest MC level offered in S Cal to score but it sure woke him him.......repeat of his last sure fits solidly here.......decent recent little 4F drill hints he might

4  Bolitar   double barrel action from O'Neill as he also trains our top selection.........might be a good claim by O'Neill as like our 2nd choice if this colt manages to pop his latest he will fit as well as anyone in this field

6  Frac Candy


race 2    average clarity

7  Media Melee   caught way too wide and did so close to the pace-setters in his latest........blinkers on today and a strong recent bullet 5F gate work to his credit.....and it was worked just 3 days ago.......feeling good......switch to a speed rider.....should be tough and maybe at a bit of a price

3  The Silent One   not the best of trips in debut and it was in a fast heat....the same race as our top pick........two reassuring drills since.......smoother trip and a small forward move in 2nd lifetime endeavor and Quinonez will get an opportunity to make amends

5  Thorn Legacy   beat our top two selections in his debut with a somewhat wide obviously a contender here.......mostly 3rd selection since Chantal Kruse (Sutherland) is still looking for her 1st win in her comeback attempt.....she does seem to be improving one baby step at a time

1  Unbridled Rocket


race 3    below average clarity

4  Echo Chamber  good new sire and mom has tossed 4 grass winners from 9 sure are getting good for this Miller 1ster when they count the in right before her MSW debut

12  Smart Win   showed life in her MSW debut including some early speed......two nice (one a bullet) works since.....primed and ready for her 1st turf test which she is well-bred to handle

8  Rebarules Again   nasty duel in MSW dirt debut setting a fast quarter which took its toll........owns a strong sprint grass pedigree......jock upgrade to Bejarano.......might grab the front end and never look back

6  Georgia Blue


race 4   above  average clarity

2  I Will Score   handled a ferocious set of fractions and still managed to make it 2 for 2 lifetime.......working exceptionally well since.....1st at a route but bred to handle one.......should be of the nation's top trainers with three-year old runners in Hollendorfer

5  Mor Spirit   won a Grade 1 at Lrc in last ........2 for 2 routing on fast rated tracks......Baffert youngster seems likely to sit in a nice stalking position sitting 2nd or 3rd......has to fall off of from not to be a major player here

4  Laoban   tough trips in his last two endeavors and he still manged to run 2nd and 3rd with his last a Grade 3 like today.......and he has put in two very strong bullet works since his latest.....feeling good......lifetime best in all likelihood seems to be in the cards

1  Let's Meet in Rio


race 5    above average clarity

6  Songbird   S Cal has been cranking out the top females in the nation for quite some in Zenyatta - Beholder - and now Songbird

2  Land Over Sea   lifetime best and the closest she has gotten to Songbird at the wire is her lone effort at SA......still she'll need her best yet and for the "Bird" to be a little off

3  Street Fancy   very impressive 1st at a route to win a Grade 1 at Lrc in her latest......but Smith as expected jumps off to ride the two year old filly champ......trainer is on you never know


race 6    average clarity

2  Lovenseek   seems like a great spot 1st off of the Hollendorfer claim as this gelding appears to get what he in a loose lead......a.m. prowess since claim is very impressive.........gate to wire shot

8  Tuco   2nd start on Lasix and the cut back in distance both should be to his advantage.....and his latest is better than appear in print.......won his only grass effort at one mile and ran 2nd in his lone AW one mile race......8 furlongs to cover today

6  Kenjisstorm   seems like he has a good opportunity to sit in a nice ground saving stalk position with a good speed guy at the helm in Maldonado

10  Rock Shandy


race 7    average clarity

1  Cat Burglar   by far at his best at SA and Baffert likely realizes this and will go to the well as much as he can when he races this horse at SA.....last fits.....Bejarano stays with the six-year old......continues to train like a happy healthy individual

7  Imerative   2nd place finishes in his last two race to "monsters" in Dortmund and California earnings in the field.....should be a player if he holds form

5  Hoppertunity   has been eating up some cash since his last win which was over a year ago......last wasn't his best but he has rebounded in the past off of semi-dull that Baffert gives Prat a shot at accomplishing the task

8  El Kabeir


race 8    average clarity

6  Ganesh  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE    don't believe this Mandella Stakes horse cares for the Dmr turf course.....back on the SA turf where he has shown more ability.......very aggressive series of some impressive long works......back to Prat......seems fresh and ready for today following a 2+ month break

7  Flamboyant   seems very sharp right now running her lifetime best in latest......both lifetime 1 1/4 grass races are strong 3rd place finishes.....lightly raced so she might be able to repeat her last which would make her stout for sure......trainer is hot to boot

3  Chiropractor   appears to want to run all day long so her longest race to date might bring more out of this four-year old gelding than most folks anticipate......back to Van Dyke who has a decent history with this fellow

4  Southern Freedom

Long-shot consideration:   5 Power Foot   this Neil Drysdale runner is better at the 1 /14 turf distance than his record at the distance indicates (5 1 0 1)......multiple bad trips at the distance.....for a horse that just ran 3rd 2 1/2 lengths behind superstar The Pizza Man he is going to go off at one big price


race 9    average clarity

4  Giant Expectations   very impressive back to back works around the first of the year.....softer drills to follow until his latest which is a strong 5F drill.....hopefully lives up to his name this afternoon for Eurton and company

12  Seventh Sense   prolonged work regiment for this Hollendorfer 1st starter who has quite a few noteworthy drills......and mom has tossed 4 winner from 5 runners including a Stakes winner

9  Journey by Sea   Baffert is willing to take over a colt who debuted in June and hasn't been seen since......that June debut was better than appears in print (fast heat/tough trip/key race).......seems ready fresh off of the bench

11  Driven West

7  Ten Blessings

5  Mucho Chrome

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Santa Anita for Friday 5 February 2016


Average card this afternoon. Some nice races at SA this weekend. We will have selections for Sunday posted by 7:45 a.m. pacific time because of the early start to the day which is 11 am. 


Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

4  Deeds Not Words   has been beaten resoundingly in all three lifetime MSW races with his latest somewhat hidden by running too wide on a rail bias day......logical drop and working like it is all business today....... including a decent 4F work just a couple of days ago

2  Olotta Shaken   should sit in the 1 - 2 or 3 position thru turn one saving ground with a reasonable pace likely..........very dangerous here if that occurs with 1st time Bejarano at the controls

6  Blue Chat   both lifetime dirt routes are decent and might be good enough to take this race down.......Desormeaux knows this filly well.......with this being his 5th straight mount on her


race 2    below average clarity

1  Aparri   race 2 back fits and it was run 2nd out after a layoff.......2nd out following a layoff here as well with a nice turf tightener put in to drop and be at full throttle for today......difficut post for a speed type to break from but right jock up for the job in the 6F work followed by nice 3F work just 3 days ago

5  Cause Ur My Babe   might be slipping (or might not as her last might have been a dirty up her form run in a protected race) some but she should get good position on or near the lead and with a wake "them up jock" up in 1st time Gonzalez......definitely dangerous

6  Smooth Talker   last 6 sprint races (6 3 1 1)......just claimed by Mulhall having a good go of it at SA and the trainer shows confidence stepping this mare up......and she smartly leaves Van Dyke up who owns her last 3 wins on the mare

4  Shakeitupbetty

Long-shot consideration:   3 I'm No Patsy   race two back carrying 121 lbs isn't bad both in pace and final time......and this six year old seems to appreciate light weight on her back and likely has never had as little as the 110 lbs she carries today......come on Rosie Higgins whoever the heck you are


race 3    average clarity

6  Fugacious Dancer   powerful layoff run in last........and a little hidden by breaking bad and running a little bit wide .......about 4L lost...... and it was in a fast heat of MSW females....nice reassuring 5F work one week ago....same effort seems likely this afternoon

5  Calm the Sea   Jerry Hollendorfer is very reliable when he shows solid works for his filly 1st time starters and this four-year-old filly 1st starter sure has a very good-looking work regiment

2  Mysterious Miracle   stout works for this filly 1ster and a red-hot trainer/jockey combo......scratched yesterday in a MSW vs males......that hints D'Amato thinks highly of this youngster

3  Makena   last is a par like effort but what we want is her race 2 back which is very strong and somewhat disguised as she broke a little tardy and rushed some.........1st time Lasix today / big recent works........hmmmmm


race 4    average clarity 

3  Nancy From Nairobi   toss out last at 1 1/2 miles as her last 4 races at 1 1/4 or more are poor......big race two back (squeezed at the start and running wide for an impressive 2nd) at a distance she can handle.......1 1/8 looks as if it should be to her liking

6  Evo Campo   2 for 2 on the SA turf course.......has tactical speed ........Bejarano...........and a good a good trip should be in the cards.......seems like a major player

8  Journey On   positive jock change and back in an allowance race where this mare is usually very competitive......not out of this

7  Miss Double d'Oro

Long-shot consideration:   5  Gusto Dolce   putting the blinkers on for today and the change looks dangerous as this R Mandella runner just worked an impressive vastly improved 6F bullet work.......not much speed in here so blinkers on might put this mare with a touch of speed on or near the lead.......dangerous at a price


race 5    average clarity

3  Verraco   3 for 4 at SA (and a 3rd) on the dirt and retains the meets leading jock.......trainer could use a winner or two (30 2 0 3 at the meet) and his history with Gonzalez since the jock arrived on the scene has been good

2  Ike Walker   by far at his best on or near the lead and that appears likely today......and he was victorious in his lone lifetime race on the SA main track

7  Just Kidding   another with a good history on the SA dirt.......does tend to flatten out slightly running past a mile or would have rated higher.......still not out of this by any means

4  Highway Boss


race 6    average clarity

1  Mr. Cartagena   a win and a 2nd in two lifetime races at SA.......has as much early speed as anyone in this affair and doesn't need the lead to win.......that gives Perez options

3  Comes the Dream   is David Jacobson here to cut down on his stable size or what......all he does is drop his east coast invaders precipitously.......would like to know what he is thinking......last on the grass in a protected race fits at today's lower level......handling the dirt as well is the ? mark

5  Commander King   nice wake up win in last in only his 2nd lifetime dirt race......strong improved work since.....that and the step up hints this Sadler runner has turned the corner.......and/or prefers the dirt over the turf

2  Northern Iowa


race 7    average clarity

(AE 11 Decked Out has a shot if gets in)

8  Mokat   not so hot on the dirt but she is very solid on the sod......Baltas seldom puts up Mike Smith up but the Hall of Fame jock is up today and up for his lone mount on the card

5  Optimism And Hope   blocked badly in the stretch in a sprint down the hill or would have been much closer at the wire.....back quick and better suited for a route on the grass......trainer is red-hot especially on the grass

1  Gone to Bali   on the improve and her recent a.m. work hints she can produce even more today if of course she handles the green carpet........OK pedigree for it

9  Mirage


race 8    average clarity

6  Diva Down   last two races are very strong and more than deserving of a step up of one level for for one at today's distance.....very reassuring recent 4F drill.......should be tough unless he picks today to go off of form

4  Day of Fury   Jacobson fired with a massive drop down they other day and he is at it again here with another one......draws Bejarano........obviously dangerous.....hate these flip a coin types as many of you know

3  Valentine Boy   race 2 back is decent....... and today with possibly as good a jock up the 7 yr old carries 11 lbs less than he did in that race 2 back.......that's significant at one mile

9  Cant Do the Danse

7  Ultimate Luck

2  Volkonsky


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Santa Anita for Thursday 4 February 2016


Seems like a good card handicapping wise. I would rate it an 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

5  Mr. Pucci   both lifetime races run last Spring are better than appear in print......returns to the game as a 1st time in Spring were good but they are even more impressive now.......rather sure he is ready for a very strong race fresh off of the bench for Hollendorfer and company

3  Mighty Mousse   nice effort in 2nd lifetime start and it was off of an extended hiatus from the race wars.......bullet 6F work since is very reassuring......has been pounded to odds on at the windows in both lifetime starts


race 2    above average clarity

4 Mr. Game Seven   on the improve with every start and his latest and 1st at a route is disguised by running wide on a rail bias.......colt appears to be on or close to the front from the get go in this spot and with a reliable rider in Gonzalez.....should be tough

8  Kiwi Attitude   bad trip.......better than appears.......debut 2 so race in 2nd lifetime start.........rider upgrade and........1st at a route with a decent pedigree for one......sprint - sprint - route scenario.........Gaines is an OK 3 for her last 20 with the maneuver

6  And Then Some   last two races fit and are both routes......and he seems to only have one other runner (our top choice) with his kind of early speed......a touch leery that he is dropping to the bottom MC level after stepping up into a MSW race and running 2nd

1  I'mcomingthrough


race 3    average clarity

7  John's Success   claimed by D'Amato two back and did he ever move forward 1st after the claim for his new connections.......that effort was on the main track but he looks equally as capable on the grass.......will be extremely tough if he is up to his last.....maybe even 85% of it

2  Village Kitten   not sure if he is up to his last (run way back in late Oct) but like our top selection a repeat of the effort is quite strong for this level........and he runs like 1 1/8th will be to his liking

1  Broken Up   Baze should put this colt in a nice ground saving stalk position sitting 2nd, 3rd or 4th........colt should handle the distance and quite a few in here won't like it.........trainer could use a win

4  Fishel


race 4    average clarity

5  Templer   layoff sprint gimme in last to drop and go go go go at a route of ground (which he prefers) since his layoff run are back to back bullet drills......feeling great or over worked.....obviously I'm leaning on "feeling good"

2  Book Thirty Four   logical drop to enhance his chances (recent efforts/figs are a fit at today's 12.5K nw2 level) to get to the circle of joy this afternoon.....and one red-hot trainer/rider combo in Prat/O'Neill

4  It Behooves Me   very consistent sort especially for this low-level that he drops to fact would have been top choice if it wasn't for his trainer (Jeffery Metz) who struggles when competing in S Cal.......still.....sure seems dangerous

1  He's a Real Keeper


race 5    average clarity

2  Rob's Pal   was stuck on a slightly dull inside or might have conquered this level in his latest.......cut back of 1/16th seems like a plus.......and a good history when Perez rides

7  Thunder Basin   on the improve of late and this gelding took to the SA dirt in his latest nicely in his first ever run on our top pick the cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to be to his benefit

6  Lucky Shoes to Win   Pedroza likely elected to ride our 2nd choice but we get Gonzalez who sure is riding well and might give Bejarano a run for his money for the prestigious riding title at this long SA meeting......should be a factor from the get go and dangerous

3  I'm Zonin


race 6   below average clarity

7  Incline Village   consistent on the Santa Anita hill turf course and nowhere else.......connections likely realize this now and also that this gelding appreciates 4 or more weeks between starts and gets it.......should be able to stalk our 4th choice (or maybe lead) sitting in excellent position

9  Hunt   been waiting for this gelding to enter a race down the hill as I like the chances of Irish invaders appreciating the hill that have run well in grass sprints in Ireland........and the conditioner is red-hot especially with his turf stock

1  Dead Easy   Richard Rosales has quietly had a nice 2015/16 and he appears to have a good handle on this six-year-old gelding...... gelding seems best at 6 1/2 furlongs whether it is on the turf or the dirt......both lifetime wins came with today's rider up

3  Acceptance


race 7    above average clarity

8  Danzig Candy  trip from you know where in MSW debut......then a good trip in 2nd lifetime start led to a powerful effort/fig in a 7F affair......that 7 furlongs should set him up well for today's 1 mile race which he owns a solid pedigree to handle......big day for his connections as he appears to have the potential to be a quality Stakes horse

1  Street Vision   blocked badly in the stretch or would have won this alw level in his last.......might have plenty in the tank for today being blocked and all......his pedigree like our top choice says a route won't be a problem

5  Shred the Rules   done little wrong in two lifetime starts albeit vs. softer.....but his last win is much better than apears......and.......he is likely to sit 1st or 2nd thru turn one saving ground and that sure enhances his chances of success

3  French Getaway


race 8    above average clarity

10  Proud Visionary   all three lifetime races fit......and....... he beat two different 3rd place finishers in his last two races that were next out winners........five year old seems likely to sit in a nice stalk position behind the 1 and/or 8 horse

5  Adair   could have won either of his 2 lifetime starts with better rider gets a shot today and being that the jock is a good gate rider look for this D'Amato four-year old to sit closer to the front today

8  Uptown Rythem   dangerous laid up drop down with plenty of early gas......but Gaines historically speaking seldom just "gives them away" in order to win......but then again......she could use a win.......and.......this horse is now a 5 yr old maiden......dangerous

1  Anda

3  Attack

2  Italian Jumper



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Santa Anita for Sunday 31 January 2016

Rain in the forecast last night and today. Let's hope it doesn't mess with the surface too much. Decent looking card if that is the case. Gave one extra selection for the off the turf picks as it is difficult to know who will scratch out.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity  

(if taken off the turf:  below average clarity   3-12-11-1-9)

5   Kadesha   just snatched at the claiming box by Carava who is off to a very good start at the meeting......mare is 2 for 7 at today's distance on the grass......0 for 8 at other distances......par like effort in latest......rider upgrade and back at the same $25K level.....such a deal

1   McBoomer   outstanding record at the distance on the sod (8 5 1 1)......1st out for Glatt as the trainer and Glatt has this mare training as if he has a good handle on his new shooter

8  Belle Et Bete   last might have been a bit of a gimme to drop to the lowest level of her career and put some doubt into the minds of the claiming crowd.......rider and trainer don't team up too often but they have won with their last two as a team and with very a solid return at the windows

11  Can Can Babe


race 2    average clarity

4  Ultra Sharp   very good spot for a sprinter to attempt a route for the 1st time as this four-year old gelding seems loose.......and if that is the case.........he................might..............go................all.............the..............way

6  Armored Car   R Mandella is 35% win 1st time running in maiden claiming with his last 23....... and he sure is winding up this colt with a few tightly spaced works to finish up his a.m. preparation so as to be very ready fresh off of the 10 week hiatus

1  Radio Silent   big wake up in last 1st time with blinkers and 1st time with Raffy.......both remain on for today.......not out of this by any means


race 3    average clarity

2  Gust   solid work regiment for this Miller 1st time starter hints she is ready for her MSW debut.......Miller put up Elliot for a decent 3rd with a 1st timer on has tossed 2 winners from 2 starters one of which was a Stakes winner

3  Candy Boss   well-bred filly was bet fairly hard in her MSW debut and flashed some early gas and then fell apart.......Salder gives her 9 weeks off to continue the learning are good as they were prior to her disappointing debut.......good enough to deserve another shot

1  Angel Lane   woke up in 3rd lifetime start and since has never worked better.....that hints the same or better seems to be in the cards today......definitely a player here

6  Jeana Baby


race 4    average clarity

4  Amberella   seems best at a route of ground......and......seems best on the Santa Anita dirt......gets both today once again and one hot rider/trainer combo in D'Amato

3  Ipray   2nd out after a layoff and a major league rider upgrade.......very solid history at today's one mile distance (4 2 1 0)........(4 0 0 1)  at other distances

1  Chicago Angel   broke her maiden in start number 19 in her latest and won very easily in a so so final time.......but she might feel really good coming off that easy 9L win.....we shall see

6  Mudge


race 5    average clarity

(if taken off the turf:  average clarity  13-3-9-6-10)

5   My New Year's Day   seems best sprinting on the grass and has only gotten to once in 4 starts since arriving to the USA from France.....par like race for today's level in last and the effort is disguised by a bad trip at one mile and in a Grade 3 to boot........cut back to 6 1/2 should be a plus.....3rd start under the guidance of D'Amato might be the charm

3   Sheer Pleasure   double barrel action from D'Amato..........scratched out a race on Saturday for this spot and that might be a very good thing as she has some speed in a race that lacks it.....only lifetime effort race on the sod is fine

8   Miss Double d'Oro   done little wrong in 2 lifetime starts down the SA hill grass course.........would have rated higher if she wasn't such a deep closer in a race that lacks speed

4  Moanin


race 6    average clarity

6  B K Miss   looking for debut race which would likely do the trick in this spot.......decent final time and showed enough pace after being squeezed at the start to sit close in this spot......recent 3F improved drill hints at a rebound.....and Knapp is fairly hot

1  Charlie My Love   works got quite good in December for this 1ster....... and then...... I believe Gallagher and company deliberately backed off some to keep the claiming vultures at bay......belive she is ready enough for this weak group even with a difficult post for her debut

8  Blazeinblairsden   one way to go from the outer most post for someone like Maldonado and that is full-bore to clear and attempt to wire the field.......cut back of one furlong sure appears to be a plus

4  Lady Wager


race 7    average clarity

3  Kalister   11 for 19 in the exacta for this hard-hitting gelding on the conventional dirt and sports a solid record at SA as well (13 6 2 1)........nasty trip in last and still managed to only get beat by a nose........3 wide moving into one very fast 2nd quarter......and he continues to train like a happy healthy sort

2  Texas Two Step   rather nice horse to have gelded and that is what the connections did since his Miller must have really thought it would help......and he has been fairly competitive as it is....has the potential to be sitting on best ever

7  Alpha Bird   good history when not competing in Stakes races.....T C Baze could have ridden some others (and with some merit) but landed here......strong hint that this fellow is rebounding today

4  Eighty Three


race 8    below average clarity

(if taken off the turf:  below average clarity  1-6-3-7-13)

1  Husband's Folly   most of his career fits very solidly at 1 1/8th on the grass at this lower be ready too as the claims will be plentiful

8  Sir Cal   acts like she wants to run all day long so her first as far as 1 1/8th sure be a major plus.....and he likely will go off a decent price

6  Preacher Roe   likes contact to the front end and should get that here.....last time he competed at 9 furlongs albeit on the dirt he was led to the winners circle......dangerous speed type should sit in one of the 1st 3 positions early

4  Royalist


race 9    average clarity

8  Sir Barclay   showed solid speed in last on the wood and the wood was a little deeper (or a too loose) than away from it......rightfully tired...... should be on or near the lead near the front once again and with a more favorable track for his position

12  Gnarly Dude   claimed by Myadi who is decent 1st following a claim and he wisely leaves Bejarano up........eight year old is fairly good off of short rest and that is the case here.....last fits well and he should appreciate an extra 1/16 to run today

5  Tiz Jolie   awfully large drop off of the claim by Spawr makes one leery of course......but......Spawr sure is hot and not afraid to lose a given horse of late......decent history on the SA dirt and one for one at the distance

3  El Nino Terrible

11  So Elite

6  I Buy Gold

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