Kentucky Derby Selections can be purchased by clicking on the banner to the right. Six days until Kentucky Derby day at Churchill where our results have been good to stellar for the past 5 years.

542 races covered at Santa Anita. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $1084. The return $1175. That is a 8.4% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 4th meeting over the last 5 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 8.4 or higher. And the other 3 were 14% or higher but shorter meetings like Del Mar. 

23 April 16:   After and scratches:  4th race pick 3 was 2nd, top, 4th pick $182.00. 5th race pick 3 was top, 4th, 3rd pick for $1,129.20. 5th race exacta hit COLD $26.60. 6th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $214.20. 7th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $63.40. 9th race our top choice over our other 5 given picks paid a superfecta of $2,665.40.

21 & 22 April:   After any scratches:   Decent day on Thursday followed by a good day yesterday especially considering the 8 races only average 6 horses a race. Top selection won 3 races - ran 2nd in 3 races - 3rd in 2 races. 2nd and 4th race trifecta's hit COLD $14.60 & $70.00 respectively. 4th race double hit COLD $32.80 4th race pick 3 was top, top, 3rd pick $213.20. 5th race pick 4 was top, 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick for $1,484.00. 5th race exacta hit COLD $11.40. 6th race exacta box of top 2 picks $32.60. 7th race box of top 3 picks paid a $119.18 trifecta. Not too shabby on a day nobody hit the pick six.

26 March 16:   After any scratches:  1st race box of 4 given pick paid a superfecta of $593.20. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $26.00. 6th race pick 6 was top, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, top pick $16,908.60. 6th race exacta hit COLD $13.80. 7th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $340.20. 9th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $47.00. 11th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $51.40.

19 March 16:   Bombs away to finish the day! 9th race pick 3 HIT COLD for $1,132.20 (folks that is 565 to 1 shot). 9th race exacta also HIT COLD $12.40. 10th race exacta HIT COLD $39.80. (trifecta was top, 2nd, 4th pick $173.00. 10th race COLD double was $285.60. 11th race top choice paid $34.20 to win and you guessed it we hit the exacta ICE COLD again paying $174.00. 11th race our top choice over our next 4 picks made for a superfecta that paid $4,084.60. I may be a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing! 

12 March 16:    After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, top, top, 3rd, 2nd pick $8,262.80. 2nd race exacta and double hit COLD, $18.80 & $23.80. 3rd race exacta was top pick 3rd pick $50.20. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd pick $812.20. 5th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick $680.00. 10th race our 2nd choice won the G1 Big Cap by 4 lengths paying a stunning $34.60 to win thank you. 

11 March 16:   1st race double hit COLD $18.20. 1st race pick 5 was top, top, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd pick $2,867.40. 2nd race exacta was top pick, 3rd pick $18.40. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 4th pick $620.80. 5th race our long-shot selection ran 2nd with 2 of the 4 other given picks running 1st and 3rd making for a trifecta of $1,087.67. (exacta $223.60)

28 Feb 16:   Just like Saturday our top selection won 5 of the 9 races carded. 1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, 2nd, top, top pick $3,834.20. 1st race trifecta hit COLD $39.80. 2nd race trifecta box of top 3 picks $100.80. 4th race exacta hit COLD $42.00. 4th race double hit COLD $92.60. 4th race pick 3 was top, top, 2nd pick $418.20. 5th race exacta top pick, 4th pick $84.00. 8th race double hit COLD $40.20. 8th race trifecta hit COLD $94.20 (exacta $31.40). I may be a Midwest boy but a love S Cal racing.

27 Feb 16:   After any scratches:   1st race pick 5 was top, 4th, top, top, top choice for $3,573.60. 3rd race pick 3 was hit COLD $73.20. 4th race pick 6 was top, top, 4th, top, 2nd, 3rd pick $11,448,00. 5th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $31.00. 5th race COLD double paid $66.40. 6th race late pick 4 was 4th, top, 2nd, 3rd pick paying $4,696.40. I may be a Midwest boy but a love S Cal racing.

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Los Alamitos for Friday 29 April 2016

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($34.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 7th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

3  Yodelers Way  solid and copious drills for this Pat Harrington two-year old 1st starter and as most S Cal handicappers know that the Harringtons (Pat and Mike) like to be ready in these early two-year old affairs

2  Dutt Bart   Maldonado rode the winner of the 1st baby race last week for Pat Harrington so it might be meaningful he is on Mike H's colt so drills until his last two works which seems quite good

1  Lofty Cause   Pat Harrington trained filly faces the boys but seems to be working the best of anyone in the field.....and jock Verenzuela just missed a win riding for Mike H in the previously mentioned 1st baby race of the year


race 2    average clarity

2  Redeeming Quality   2 of her 3 lifetime races fit quite well in this semi-soft spot......and the cut back in distance 1 1/2 furlongs appears to be a positive......should finish strongly

6  Warren's Honey Bee   night and day better when racing at today's 5 1/2F distance.......Lopez has done a nice job riding this five-year old mare but he will need to prove he can get as much out of her having to carry 6 lbs more now that he has lost his apprentice weight break

3  Meadow Blossom   only one decent work showing for this Mark Tsagalakis 1st timer but the trainer who starts very few year in and year out is almost always live with all of them

4  Turf Culb Queen


race 3    average clarity

1  Our New Flash   improving since Jesus Nunez take over the training duties........trainer/rider teamed up to crush the competition in last Sunday's opener.......significant step up today for this seven-year old but he catches a weak field

7  Outthink'em   highly likely this Polanco four-year old will win this affair if he repeats his latest which was also run at today's abbreviated 5F sprint distance........but........just couldn't get myself to place a 0 for 79 trainer (for 2015/16) on top

6  Next Book   most likely to snatch the front end and only has to hold together for 5F and with a 7 lbs light-weight bug boy up

2  Little Ez


race 4    average clarity

1  Dixie Dame   examining this fillies running lines strongly suggests she will cherish the cut back in distance.....and we get a significant rider upgrade especially for a speed horse

7  Dream Navigator   just fired her lifetime best at the same distance & track as today......that race fits well here.......low % rider and trainer but not as team

2  Candy Tale   decent MC debut for this Kathy Walsh 1st time starter........has a good a chance to hit pay-dirt if this filly makes a logical move forward in her 2nd lifetime endeavor

3 Kelly and Cola


race 5    average clarity

1  Song for Jade   somewhat of a "morning-glory" which hints she might not appreciate dirt in her the switch to a very stout gate jock in Maldonado seems like a good move to utilize her early speed and get a (dirt free) loose lead........and possibly run to her a.m. prowess and wire the field

7  Coronado Cool   cut back in distance sure appears to be a plus as does her a.m. work on the tr. track at SA......small drop in MC also helps......believe she might fire her lifetime best today and do so at the lowest maiden level she has ever seen

2  Dancing Sunset   skeptical that this filly can repeat her last (which is a solid fit here) as she has regressed in the past following a strong effort.......but...........she sure is a player here if she doesn't

4  Adrian's Girl


race 6    average clarity

1  Berlusconi   needed his last (a sprint race) off of the extended hiatus from racing......and his a.m. work since the laid up race indicate it has done him some good.........route today and Mulhall has won at a 22% clip with her last 46 sprint to route

9  Being There   on the improve of late and smartly steps up two claiming levels hinting he has improved some more.....and his recent near bullet work at SA supports the notion

4  Rambling House   dangerous trainer in Tim Yakteen 3rd out following a layoff........that is the case here with this five-year old gelding........and it seems like a good sign that Maldonado sticks around

2  Black Tie


race 7    average clarity

7  Desert Madam   impressive improvement 1st out after the Mark Glatt claim.......5 year old mare was able to win despite losing about 5 lengths from too wide of a trip......2 for 4 at Lrc.......Glatt has been on a roll........this gal should be tough if she holds form

6  Quinnette   ran solid races the last two times this mare ran with two months between of those two races was a win at Lrc.......three months this time around.....that will do

4  Take It Easyplease   consistent sort and that includes Lrc...... and..... back to Bejarano who got one of the better lifetime races out of this filly two races ago.....should be a major player

5  Jennyway U Want It


race 8    average clarity

9  Evening Again   one of Pederson's top trainer stats is with maiden the cut back in distance as internal her 5/8th's times in her races keep improving.......1st time able to compete off of short rest.....might be ready for best

5  Fiftypercentcotton   very low percentage trainer with 1st time starters but training awfully well and this filly 1ster seemingly has a soft bunch to debut against.......Dan Blacker might break the mold here

7  Quality Kay   so so works for this D'Amato 1ster but also a so so field.....might finish well come crunch time as she completed her work regiment with two 6F drills spaced only 6 days apart.......that should have put some staying power into her

4  Hollywood Riviera

2  Patience Lady

3  Lil Jessica




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Los Alamitos for Thursday 28 April 2016

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($34.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 7th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1   above  average clarity

4  Flexible Ethics   believe this filly to be a good claim by Glatt and company as she has gotten quite good since the blinkers were put on.......and her last race is better than appears in print running 3 wide pressing a decent set of fractions.....Glatt is 25% win with his last 67 1st following a claim

3  Margie's Minute   after a steady diet of route racing Marty Jones gave this filly a sprint race and she woke-up significantly winning for the 1st time in 11 months......and she has a good history at Lrc (6 2 2 1)......connections wisely enter in a sprint again

5  Chicago Angel   consistent late runner but her 1 win and 9 2nd's in 22 starts is getting rather telltale


race 2    average clarity

1  Altaira   by far at her best competing on the Lrc surface.......last effort is very strong and would be tough to overcome if she repeats it here......last chance to run at Lrc in some time so Hess will likely pull out all stops to have her feeling good for this race

2  Emotional Drive   better running off of short rest which is the case today.......drops a notch and her last which wasn't run off of "short rest" is better than appears in print......dangerous back quick today

4  Shakeitupbetty   five-year old mare was making a rebound of sorts following the Glatt claim 3 races back........drops and I like the cut back in distance........fits here if she has held form following a break


race 3    above average clarity

5  Lob City    consistent on conventional dirt (5 0 3 2)......and..... she just fired her lifetime best in her 1st ever on the Lrc surface........should be prominent from the opening bell........and that is usually a good thing when Maldonado is in the saddle

2  Gymnast Jadie   1st at a route but owns a good pedigree to handle one....and maybe more importantly it looks as if this filly can open up a lead thus enhancing her chances

1  Twosome   seems likely to get a very nice ground saving stalking trip......but then again.........the jock continues to struggle with his opportunities in S Cal


race 4    above average clarity

5  Classico   Bejarano shows up for one mount on the card and he sure knows this O'Neill colt well as he has been up for all 6 lifetime starts.......colt is on the improve and I like the step up of multiple levels in claiming especially with a strong work regiment put in.....rather sure he is up for his lifetime best if he handles his 1st ever on the Lrc surface

2  Secret Room   2 for 2 sprinting........0 for 2 at a route with 5th place being his best finish......back to a sprint race ......1st time blinkers today and vastly better works indicting the equipment change has worked

4  Weirdhaircut Seth   colt has been ready both times he was up for a tag.........finishing 2nd and 1st......up for a tag today and back to Desormeaux who was aboard for both of those races


race 5    average clarity

3  Spirit World   best two lifetime races (and a fit here) are the only two times this gelding competed at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance.....the ghost should be tough

6  Armored Car   logical seemingly needed drop of 2 maiden claiming levels for this four-year old gelding......and that is right up Doug O'Neill's wheelhouse

2  Cheap O Charlie   two of Aguirre's top stats historically are "1st time blinkers" and "3rd race following a layoff"........both are the case today.....danger city

7  Chanito


race 6    average clarity

3  Last One Standing   new trainer for today and vastly improved works.......Richard Baltas appears to have turned this one around and the connections sure have placed this fellow where he can win......seems quite dangerous

5  Shiny Nugget   three-year old gelding has done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts.....would have rated higher

8  Cherokee Dynasty   so so effort in his last but it was run on an off track.....race two back on the fast track fits......would have rated higher if I wasn't leery about his ability to get an extra 1/2 furlong without flattening out some

7  Ready Cat


race 7    average clarity

9  Johns Journey   trainer/rider combo of Aguirre/Puglisi have been ice-cold the last 2 months their lack of success is "getting kind of old" so they drop this five-year old to jump-start things and begin to get back to what used to be a decent trainer/rider combo

3  Hawk's Eyes   gimme layoff run in last.............drops a notch and makes a major rider upgrade......full go today 2nd out following the 1/2 year layoff

8  Crazy   way too ambitious in last......back where belongs this afternoon.....7 of 8 at the distance in the exacta.......1 for 9 at other distances......blinkers off for today and improvement showing in the a.m.........somewhat dangerous

1  Senator Bob


race 8    average clarity

(AE 11  Bluegrass Reward   has a shot if draws into the field)

4  Valentine Boy  sprint prep in last is better than appears in print.....blinkers on for today and a nice bullet work showing at Slr....that hints the equipment change has done as intended......last win for this seven-year old came at Lrc and at today's distance.....seems well meant for today

1  Dustin's Passion   only lifetime race at Lrc is a fit...........very consistent at the distance (4 1 2 1).........drops to his lowest claiming tag of his career........will be tough here if he has held most of his form

6  Warren's Rail Bird   solid forward move in his latest.......ran a monster effort last summer ..........SA sprint to Lrc route......same scenario today.......should go off a handsome price

7  Jonny's Choice

2  Macho Sox

3  The Gold Monkey




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Los Alamitos for Sunday 24 April 2016

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($34.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 7th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

6  Vocalist   claimed for 16K two back by Ted West and company......connections might be "lured" into this conditioned 8K claimer as their aren't any nw3 claiming races at Lrc so why not place their filly here where she stands out and seems likely to win if she has held form......basically a break even proposition if someone claims her and she wins

3  Clem Juice   good history at Lrc (4 2 1 0) and 5 1/2F is also a good fit.......likes contact with the front end and she should be able to get it in this spot without much early speed

2  Incentive Award   3 wins and a 2nd in 4 lifetime starts elsewhere......away since Jan of 2015 but working well enough to possibly compete at this low level.......proven she can run fresh as she won her maiden debut by 6L


race 2    average clarity

5  Stewball   beat 1/2 his foes following a bad start in his last his 2nd lifetime since the effort is vastly improved.......and a major lead rider upgrade to say the least.......rather sure this fellow fires his lifetime best what degree is the question mark

1  Prohibition Repeal   only has hit the board twice (running 3rd in both) in 6 lifetime drop into mid-priced maiden claiming makes sense.....and Eric Kruljac is quite dangerous going from MSW to MC

2  Fleetside   decent drill for this Marty Jones 1st timer......and mom has tossed an impressive 6 winners from 6 starters.......success with 1st timers is not the trainer's forte but this guy seems dangerous


race 3    average clarity

5  Hi Fever   laid up Glatt four-year old filly is out working anyone in this affair by a ton....and Glatt historically is stout with laid up sprinters.....believe all set for best

4  Warren's Purrfect   appreciates ample time between starts and gets........and I like these kind as they need to be fully ready as it likely will be a couple of months before they can run their best again

2  Chalking It Up   race lacks speed and she owns some.....but what I really took notice of was her vastly improved a.m. work.....maybe Becerra has tweaked something for the better


race 4    average clarity

6  Storm the Shore   toss out last as it appears turf isn't his thing.......back to the main track where he was steadily improving.......drops into high-priced maiden claiming from MSW racing........and he is a 1st time gelding.......seems well meant today

5  Beaumarchais   solid hidden move forward in his 2nd lifetime start as this colt dueled in solid pace on a dull......been away since Sept, but training decently for start no. 3 and drops some

1  Freemark   colt fits if he has remained OK physically......but....... his 4 MSW races aren't bad and he cost $800,000 at into MC75K seems suspicious......tough call if he has a decent race left in him or not for Baffert and company


race 5    below average clarity

2  Divina Comedia   sure like the cut back in distance as this mare has flattened out some in her last two endeavors which were at 1 1/16th.....seems likely to sit in a nice stalk position which was the case in her last win.......that win run last June at SA and run at one mile like today

4  Swiss Skimmer   1st out following the Baltas claim and Baltas gets Bejarano to take the mount......"need to lead" type has to put away another speedy horse to her outside.......or........learn to rate some......and that is not impossible with Raffy up

1  Backintheacademy   his best races have come turf to dirt but that is not the case today.......but this is a soft nw2 alw race and she might be able to compete for the top prize without her best


race 6   above average clarity

3  Commander Lute   ridiculously wide trip in his last......did extremely well to only get beat by 7L for the win........near bullet 4F drill since.......Talamo should be out to make amends and has a better post and much smaller field to cope with to accomplish the task

6  Gato Pimiento   last race was dull.....race prior to that was not.......ran very wide and still only was beaten by 1 1/4L.......shot here if he rebounds to it

4  He's a Real Keeper   gelding fits but he sure likes to hang come crunch time........and his rider seldom wins......only 2 wins in his last 100 mounts.....decent horse but might take a minor miracle to win


race 7    below average clarity

3  Nine Point Nine   3 for 3 when put up for a tag since Cerin claimed back in for a tag recent bullet work.....hard not to like

1  Ok Doll   race 2 back is a fit.......last race is not......Richard Baltas is very good at getting these kind to bounce back.....and the recent works support the notion.....very dangerous especially put up for a tag

7  Rockantharos   poor fig in last but she might feel good coming off such an easy paced loose lead win........needs her effort run in her MSW debut

5  Sooner Time   


race 8    average clarity

5  Moment is Right   seems like a good "pick-up" for Callaghan from Wesley Ward........nice races out East.....and proven fresh.......decent work tab and blinkers off for today........indicates the equipment change is likely to be a positive

1  Surfside Tiara   4 of her 5 lifetime sprints fit well in this spot......and the combo of Martin Garcia and Jerry Hollendorfer have been stout for the last 3 or 4 months or so.....hard not to like

4  Code Warrior   has done little wrong in 4 lifetime sprints and arguably her best was her lone race on conventional dirt.....not out of this by any means


race 9    average clarity

8  City State   last sure fits well in this spot......same jock - track - trainer - and distance today........the ? for me is can this six-year-old handle his 4th start in April........Jacobson is one goofy trainer in S Cal so far but he sure is doing well at the Lrc meeting with Desormeaus as his go to "guy"

1  Zip the Monkey   bad trip impressive 2nd two races back albeit on a very sloppy track......recent drills hint he is ready to rebound to that effort........and look who jumps aboard.......Sir Bejarano

7  Indygo Holiday   best ever and a fit here is his lone route race on fast rated dirt run 3 races back....gradated quite easily on an off track in last.....might feel good......not out of this if he does

5  Pulmarack

3  Eight Spokes

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Los Alamitos for Saturday 23 April 2016

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($34.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 7th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Feynman  has handled the one post well a couple of times in his recent past.....should kick loose and with a 7 lbs bug boy in Lindsay up who has been quite good when racing in route races

3  Alston   away since September but his work regiment hints he is ready to roll fresh off of the bench.......lifetime best was that race on 20 Sept. and it was his only race at Lrc on was also at one mile

4  Chief Dan   not too bad of a run off of the extended layoff in his last which was a sprint......toss out only lifetime race at a route as it was on an off track......not impossible as the likely highest price on the board if he logically moves forward and handles the distance


race 2    average clarity

4  Profound Visionary   fairly consistent sort ( 6 1 3 1 1) and his lifetime best (and disguised by a bad trip) was his only lifetime race at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance

3  Over Achiever   most of this GG invader's career fits well at today's lower level and he draws Desormeaux who has been mostly on very live mounts at the abbreviated Lrc meeting

2  Misty'sviewthegold   like our second choice this fellow has been facing better......2nd time on Lasix and 2nd out following a layoff.......dangerous drop down


race 3    below average clarity

7  California Song   some support at the windows in her MSW debut way back in July......been away since and drops into a MC off tightly spaced works.....Peter Miller might be trying to muscle up his filly without showing too much

2  She'soverthemoon   not much in 3 lifetime starts so she takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming......been away since September but her a.m. work says she is ready to roll for Hollendorfer and company

6  Wat Du U Want   prolonged work regiment for this Eric Kruljac 1st timer and with a couple of recent works of merit.....combine that with the fact mom has tossed an impressive 8 winners from 8 starters and you have a dangerous 1st timer

5  Wondrous Cat


race 4    above average clarity

3  J Serino   got himself eligible for this starter alw race in his last......and that makes his life a lot easier for today as he has been facing significantly better......should be in the mix from the opening bell

5  Electrifying   races two and three back fit quite well but his last which was the day he was claimed by Hess does not.......not very reassuring as Baffert was the trainer and he seldom gives anything away.....but then again maybe he has a race left in him as hot riding Kent Desormeaux accepts the mount

2  Nicaradalic Rocks   only turf to dirt race produced a solid effort ........turf in last......dirt this afternoon......Keith Desormeaux's brother lands on the 5 horse or would have placed as 2nd selection


race 5    average clarity

1  Lexie Arleen   decent history back in 4 or 5 weeks which is the case today.......her race 3 back was the last time she had that time interval between races and it produced a strong effort......big shot to take down this races if she rebounds to it

3  Fast Magoo   speed of the speed should appreciate the abbreviated 5 furlong sprint distance and is a good breaking mare from the gate......obviously dangerous

4  Aloha Ke Akua   Baze jumps off and low percentage rider is now up.....and dull works showing.......seems to have slipped off form........ but......lookout if she hasn't

6  Irish and Lucky


race 6    average clarity

7  Jason X L   Peter Eurton has been stellar the last 1/2 year or so and one of his better stats is 1st time blinkers....that is the case for this 2nd time starter whose debut vs. slightly better produced more than appears in print......likely to move forward

2  My Son John   quite the awakening in a route vs older in his last........and.......seems to have exited the race in good shape for his trainer to step him up a MC notch........should be way back early and come hard in the late stages......and 6 1/2 furlongs won't be to the likling of many others in this race

4  Captain Akers   all of his dirt races fit outside of the clunker he tossed on 14 August of last year.......but his running limes hint that lasting (not flattening out) at 6 1/2F will be a challenge

3  Sivali


race 7    average clarity

6  Preacher's Bluff    dynamite history "at the distance" (18 8 3 4) and he can handle the conventional dirt........sure seems like a stout GG shipper

2  Saint Adalbert   another GG invader who looks like a good fit at today's lowly level.......seems likely to sit in good position close to front in affair lacking speed

7  Soul Crusher   might be on a rebound to some extent and by far at his best running off of his short rest.......22 days since his latest qualifies as "short rest"......not out of this if he is rebounding

5  Charming Karma


race 8    above average clarity

2  Fantastic Style   4 for 4 at 6 or 6 1/2 furlongs and 2 of those wins were Graded races and both of  races were with Bejarano who is up for his lone mount on the Saturday card......such a deal to ride only once on a card in a $200K Grade 2 as the odds on favorite

3  Lost Bus   not sure if she is up to her "A game" which she tossed 2 races back .......but........ she is not impossible with a good trip to upset the heavy favorite if she is

5  Ben's Duchess   best distance for this Sadler filly seems to be today's 6 1/ recent bullet 4F work says she's sharp.....not impossible with her career best today or a bad day put in by our top choice

1  Thirteen Arrows


race 9    average clarity

10  Secret Chords   solid history running at 5 1/2F (3 2 0 1) and looking at her running lines it seems as if 5 furlongs will even be a better distance for her......difficult post at 5F but the right guy for the task in Desormeaux

2  Thames Valley   on the improve......seems very deserving of the step up in claiming for today.....going for 4th in a row all with Omar Santos in the saddle

4  Easter Lillian   trainer/rider just teamed up for a win yesterday and with a shipper from GG.......four year old illy has a decent history on the conventional dirt and at the distance

8  Heartbreak Honey

6  One Bye Two

5  Travel Free


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Los Alamitos for Friday 22 April 2016

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($34.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 7th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Alpenhorn   solid drills for this Mike Harrington two-year old 1st starter and as most S Cal handicappers know Mr Harrington likes to be ready in these early two-year old affairs

3  Milton Freewater   Pat Harrington also appears to have her two-year old 1st timer ready for a strong effort.......shows hints of ES in the seems the right guy for the job

4  I'd Be Sad an Blue   so so works for this Freeman 1st timer but I like her pedigree.....and Freeman is 15% win with his last 20 MSW 1st timers with a few of them with similar "so so works"


race 2    average clarity

1  Edgy Girl  ultra impressive solid and tightly spaced works for this three-year old filly.......firmly believe she is up for her lifetime best today......hope the 7 lbs bug boy can deal with the inside draw adequately

2  Yavrig   not too bad of a MC debut.........the kind of effort that if this Baltas filly builds upon the run she should be ready to compete for the right to graduate this afternoon

4  Cogent   did move forward in her 2nd lifetime start but will need more (quite a bit more) in start no. 3 to graduate


race 3    average clarity

5  Sterling Wager   lack of speed in this abbreviated sprint race of only 5F.......4 yr old gelding has been on quite a roll with 5 wins and 3 2nd's in his last 9 races.......not my favorite jock up but he sure has done well on this fellow.......should be in the mix from the opening bell

2  Pazmeifucan   1st time gelding today and with an improved work........seems to be ailing but maybe less since going under the knife.......rider upgrade......shot to go gate to wire

3  Councilman   improving sort.....good LA rider/trainer combo including with this six-year old......ran a decent 2nd in his lone endeavor on the Lrc surface


race 4   below  average clarity

2  Cordiality   improved with the addition of blinkers in his last in a race run off of 48 days rest........50 days rest for today and a decent work tab.........placed to win.......big potential today

5  I'm No Patsy     seems best at the distance and is 2 for 3 at Lrc.........and only 2 for 25 elsewhere the barn likely will pull out all stops to be ready "now" as their mare only gets limited chances to race at Lrc every year

6  Bijoux   1 for 1 at Lrc.....0 for 6 our 2nd selection the barn likely will pull out all stops to be ready "now" as their five yr old mare only gets limited chances to race at what might be her preferred surface


race 5    average clarity

5  Prince of Arabia   exits a fast heat albeit on an off track where getting beat by 9L still worked out to be par for the MSW level......and he likely exited the race in good shape as it was run only 13 days ago.......and........still he was able to put in a decent 5F work

4  Uninvited   colt has been a little disappointing in his two Lrc races but in his defense he caught a better looking field than what he faces today.....0 for 2 at Lrc might be 1 for 3 after today

1  Magical Mystery  might be feeling awfully good coming off a soft pace (likely stress-free) loose lead.....and the cut back of 1/16th for today sure seems like a plus


race 6    average clarity

6  Ike Walker   too far and too ambitious in his last race........ toss - it - out ........previous 8 dirt routes run sure fit quite strongly here.....should be tough

4  Fly Lexis Fly   big race turf route to dirt route two races back.......sprint turf race in last and a dirt sprint race sure worked turf route to dirt route so why not sprint to sprint with the same surface change

3  A Colt Following   needs effort two back.........3 for 7 at today's dirt distance.......1 for 10 elsewhere........big race for Lopez to show what he's got without his apprentice weight allowance as he is a bug boy no more

5  L's Choice


race 7    average clarity

10  Desert Dynamo   really was becoming a nice colt when he had to be laid up following his 27 September race......stout a.m. preparation for today hints he is ready fresh off of the bench........same as he was on 5 April 15 which was also off a 1/2 year break in the action

6  Pat the Fine   seems best with ample time between starts.....decent shot to get a nice 2 or 3 path stalking position which so often is the right spot to be in sprinting at Lrc

2  Cherubim    last win (and by 4 1/4 lengths) came off of a six month layoff......laid up 7 months this time around and training like he is ready fresh once trainer in D'Amato at the helm

5  Top Fortitude


race 8    above average clarity

8  Atascadero  strong move forward in 2nd lifetime race and the effort is disguised by running wide on a day the rail was golden at Santa Anita....same effort/energy with a decent trip would be tough to beat here

2  Adair   done little wrong in 5 lifetime starts (5 2 1 2)..........retains Maldonado who is going for a 3rd straight win on the developing 4 yr old colt......hard to believe nobody claimed this Cal-bred in his last.......too late now as he is rightfully placed in an allowance race today

7  Cartoonist   big early speed here........likes 5 1/2F.......1 for 1 at Lrc........might have to be wheeled in here

5  Love My Bud

3  Sam Slick



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