Pick 6 carryover of $33,379 for Saturday at Santa Anita. Breeders Cup at Santa Anita is 13 days away!

The Racing Digest  is available for Saturday

30 Sept 16:   1st race to start the new meeting was won by the only long-shot we gave for the day and paid $50.00 to win. 1st race pick 5 was long-shot play, top pick, 3rd pick, 3rd pick, 3rd pick for $51,222.20. 1st race double was long-shot play, top pick for $195.00. 2nd race exacta hit COLD $17.00. 4th race trifecta box of top 3 picks was $184.80.

25 Sept 16:   1st race trifecta box of top 3 picks $27.80. 4th race trifecta & double both hit COLD paying $26.60 & $11.20 respectively. 5th race exacta top pick, 3rd pick $15.40. 7th race trifecta hit COLD $34.20. 8th race trifecta box of top three selections paid $1,141.80. 9th race trifecta was top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick paying $54.40.

23 Sept 16:   1st race trifecta hit COLD $34.00. 5th race pick 4 was top pick, top pick, top pick, 3rd pick for $1,177.80. 7th race double was top choice, 3rd choice $173.40. 8th race trifecta box of top 3 selections $592.60. 


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Santa Anita for Friday 21 October 2016

Every race rated average clarity. Easy to peg the card as a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Lil Miss Sapphire   earned basically the same adjusted for trouble fig in her last with the blinkers off as she did with a clean trip with the blinkers on 2 back.....Mullins wisely sees fit to put them back on for today........and drops a notch and sure appears to have caught a lackluster bunch to contend with

3  War Factor   hidden improvement in her latest her 2nd lifetime start dueling in decent pace on a dull rail......predictably cashed it in......and takes that magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming.......and gets a rider upgrade

5  Aura Rose   not much in both lifetime endeavors but she does drop out of MSW racing into MC and draws the red-hot Kent Desormeaux for his lone mount of the day........hmmmm

2  Tell My Fortune


race 2    average clarity

4  All for Charity   debut way back in May of 2015 would crush these......other two lifetime races run in March and August of 2016 would not......but this filly is working as if she will fire her best since her strong 2015 debut......the route turf race on 28 Aug was dismal but might have legged her up nicely for Gutierrez......we shall see

1  Paradise   OK debut looks better on paper than it exactly was as this filly set a pedestrian pace on a speed day and tired.......she did hold 2nd and she seemingly catches a very weak small field.....the kind of field that the racing office likely is somewhat embarrassed that they had to use

5  Glory Run   lookout if her MSW debut was nothing more than a gimme to darken her ability and drop into claiming for a full throttle go vs. a bad-looking group......tough to tell


race 3    average clarity  

5  Rye Patch   nicely improved since Baltas claimed and just won at today's 9F of turf at one claiming notch lower and with the blinkers removed......and today get a significant rider upgrade.......back to back wins seems doable

2  Sky Preacher   double barrel action from the Baltas barn........last on the grass at the distance of one mile with the blinkers put on fits well for today's level.....but .......2 of 3 races at 9F on the grass are rather poor...... at least the 1 1/8th race that fits was his latest at the distance

4  El Super   improved some in last which was run on 4 Sept........but what catches my eye are the works since which are quite good and numerous.....Sadler likely means business as he puts this colt up for a tag for the 1st time since he claimed him and for $18K less than the price his owner paid for him

9  Lamaan


race 4    average clarity

3  Tangled Up in Ju   last three racing endeavors all fit well at today's lower level......drop of multiple levels makes sense following 2 consecutive 5th place finishes vs. better.......and trainer Machowsky has been in win mode for the greater part of 2016

5  Late 'n Left   three of her last four race fit fine and why not pull back to a $16K claimer as that is what she was claimed for  two races back .....and..... the races restricted to 3-year-old cheap claimers don't become available too often

2  Miss Bliss Stuff   need to lead type gets 4 lbs less to carry and that might help her get what she seemingly needs.....trainer/rider are on fire winning 9 of their last 27 over the last two months

6  Holidayincambodia


race 5    average clarity

3  Papa Royale   showed plenty of life in his debut which was on the sod and at 1 1/16th.......and the a.m. work since hints the move from MC62.5K  to MSW is more than justified.....especailly like the bullet best of 51 work a week ago to put some speed into him to adjust to a sprint turf race

7  Sixes   owns some significant early speed on the grass and fresh speed is often very dangerous.......away since March and working well  for that every dangerous team of Baltas and Bejarano.....not out of this by any means if he is ready to roll of off of the 7 month break

8  Big Champion

1  Rico Argentine


race 6    average clarity

7  Big Bad Jon    just popped lifetime best and it was the 1st time ever on the SA surface.......and the cut back from 1 1/6th to 7F is usually a plus in cheap maiden claiming races as the endurance factor is enhanced

1  Bundesliga   solid improvement in last and like our top choice gets a cut back in distance....but the 1 post at 7F for a low % jock is not the best of situations.......so.......placed as our 2nd choice

4  Pinellas Pride   Brocklebank 1ster is working well enough to possible be ready to rock n roll in his debut.......but getting a 1st timer to get 7F is no easy task.....so.....placed as 3rd choice

2  Alley Boss

Long-shot consideration:   5  Lucky Patrick   exits a fast heat where he had some trip trouble........and he was only 2 3/4's lengths off of the 2nd place finisher.........and he just drilled a vastly improved work of five furlongs one week ago.....believe he moves forward......and if so he might upset the apple cart


race 7    average clarity

5  Do the Dance   too wide two races back and then way too wide in last.....time for Mr. Baze to get a little more creative and save some ground on at least one of the turns preferable the 1st turn........should be rather tough if he does and the filly holds her form

8  Lajatico   finished up her summer with two strong back to back easy wins in GB and the last was vs. the fellows......and the fact that Prat lands here (2 for 2 on our 4th pick) hints O'Neill likely has his new shooter primed and ready for his U S of A debut

6  Ok Doll   speed type needs to deal with the 3 horse who has been on the lead in all 4 of his lifetime route turf races while this gal has been on the lead in all three of her route turf races......good history for Bejarano ( 3 2 1 0).......maybe Raffy will try to take back some and stalk

2  Warm Endowment


race 8    average clarity

5  Rcatcanscat   lost MC debut but 6L and had about 6 lengths of trip trouble.......and since the decent debut this two-year old filly has put in 5 tightly spaced works as in every 5 or 6 days.....believe she will improve some and if that occurs with a better trip she has a good opportunity to visit the circle of joy

6  Princess Marie   rather decent MC debut and I believe she surprised her connections as she went off at 25 to 1......Mulhall might not have had her fully cranked....if that is true......she has a good shot to take down this race

8  Lovin d'Cause   flashed decent speed and then stopped rather badly......but she takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to the bottom where she likely was always pointed for.....dangerous speed here

9  Passion for Papa

3  Informant

4  Good N Naughty


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Santa Anita for Thursday 20 October 2016

Seems like a decent card which if I am right would be nice following a disappointing weekend of racing.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

4  Dumont   exits a fast heat of low-level maiden claimers running 2nd despite an inside stalking bid on an outside biased day at Lrc......trainer is badly in need of a win and might get it here if this two-year old filly handles her 1st on the SA dirt

6  Jeanjeannie   Callaghan sure likes to give a good portion of his new stock a race and then go all out in their 2nd lifetime race.......nice leg her up MSW turf route tightener.......drops top to bottom for 2nd start and runs on the dirt which she likely is better suited for

5  Golden Silence   rider is off to a very slow start at the new meeting but he can be quite dangerous on a front and appears the most likely leader here......1st at a route but might get awfully brave if she opens up a lead.....sharp work 2 days ago


race 2    average clarity

3  G Q Covergirl   heck of a strong cheap maiden debut coming home in 109:4 and doing it quite easily......good a.m. work since and it is at SA........debut was likely stress free which should lead to another strong effort in her 2nd lifetime endeavor

2  Kristie's Heart   has been successful stalking in the past and that might occur here if the 1 and the 3 press each other hard in the early stages of this six furlong affair.....and this filly seems best competing at 6F

4  Princess Ashlyn   always like when a given runner changes their running style and does so successfully.......that is the case for this filly albeit she accomplished the task in an abbreviate sprint of only 5F


race 3    average clarity

1  Jimmy the Juice   on the improve with every start and proven on the sod albeit vs. easier.......might feel great coming off of an easy 5 1/2 furlong 7 1/4 length going away at the wire win......hot rider/trainer combo in Sutherland/Belvoir

2  Air Pocket   ice-cold rider gets a rare (these days) mount from his old "meal ticket" trainer in Bob Baffert"........a "live" 1st time in claiming colt?......or.....a claim me please entry.......we shall see which is the case........seems like a 50/50 proposition

4  Yoked   had some trouble in his latest his 1st on the sod and he was only 4L behind the winner facing a slightly tougher group.......and the race was run off a 1/2 year hiatus......should sit dead last saving ground and might shock them late as this race might yield enough pace to aid her deep closing style

6  Dirt in Your Face  


race 4    average clarity

6  California Silver   Carla Gaines tends to give nothing  away which is supported by her 1 for the last 28 MSW to maiden claiming maneuvers.......that is the case here......but...... on the other hand she has had a tough year and might be more willing to risk a given horse

4  Right as Rain   barn seldom wins but the works for this first time starter are too good to ignore.......numerous decent drills with some off them quite good .........new sire has been fairly decent

1  Salient   last was almost par and today we get a significant rider upgrade......not the best of posts but the one hole with a late runner in a small field is no big deal to me

Long-shot consideration:   3  Royal Rebel    race 2 back run off of a long layoff isn't too bad.....but what catches my eye is the equipment change for today to blinkers off and the night and day better work tab since his last....and Perez is a good long-shot jock


race 5    average clarity

5  Seaside Glory   believe that the easy pace that this filly got away with in her latest on the way to solid winning time is the reason that this Hollendorfer filly is able to race back off of short rest of only 12 days.......stress free soft paced loose leads often lead to even bigger races the next start.....that's what I'm banking on here

2  Ultimate Holiday   filly handles SA and she seems best at today's 6 1/2F distance......recent best of 68 bullet work and back to Bejarano..........should be flying late

3  Brainspin   filly is improving.......rider jumps off the 1 horse who he has 3 wins on to ride this filly once again.......but he best avoid a suicidal speed duel with the one horse and our top selection one way or another


race 6    average clarity

7  Fin de Semaine   4 grass races at a slightly higher level and the most this gelding has ever been beaten for the win was 3 1/2L.......drops today and adds blinkers.....and assuming he has trained with them on he sure appears to be improved........stout brother ride team has cooled some but I doubt things will stay that way

1  Malko   last appears to be a race to darken his form and keep the claiming vultures at bay so as to be able to drop into claiming and face much easier and not be claimed.......also like the change in riders back to Talamo who knows this late runner well

5  Cervaro   blinkers on in latest and the equipment change sure improved this six-year old.......and now a change in jocks to Elliot who is 6 for his last 18 riding for Puype.....such a deal

4  Royalist


race 7    average clarity

8  Chao Chom   ultra consistent sort (the only one in the field) has a nice stalking or mid pack style that seemingly will fit well in this field with plenty of early speed......and this three-year old filly continues to train like a happy healthy individual

5  Plane Lucky   poor history running off of short rest......consistently fires fresh......big shot here if 9 weeks off is enough of a break for her to fire a top effort......one for one at SA and it was a 7L win

4  Desert Thief   seems best at SA and one of her trainer's best stats is "2nd start with trainer".....that is the case here for this Becerra four-year old filly

1  Fortheninteen


race 8    average clarity

1  Spanish Hombre   best running off of short rest and runs off of very short rest today.......with that in mind his latest appears to be a gimme to put some doubt into the minds of the claiming vultures a drop and go at full throttle today.....and we get a significant rider upgrade to the surprising leading rider at the meet to date in Arroyo

4  Imperious One   another with a solid rider upgrade and this three-year old is also competing 1st time as a gelding........Bejarano should have this guy in the mix from the get go......O'Neill has been firing better than his 10% win percentage at the meet suggests

5  Oscar Dominquez   yet another getting a jock upgrade.......lifetime best was run two races back and is somewhat hidden........and......that race was the only other time this three-year old was up for tag

8  Glory Bound

10  Handful Of Stripes

9  Dynamic Scoring


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Santa Anita for Sunday 16 October 2016

Best of luck as always! Be back with you on Thursday.


race 1    average clarity

3  Untouchable U   lone grass race is much better than appears in print.......four year old filly should get a very good trip stalking a very vulnerable leader in the 6 horse sitting 2nd or 3rd and saving ground.......hot rider trainer/combo......training like a happy healthy filly

7  Shazara   runs as if her 1st as far as 1 1/8th will be to her advantage......blocked in latest or would have won her last which was at today's level.......race prior to that she overcame a dull pace up front to come from dead last to win.....hard not to see her closing fast once again

1  Lily Kai   needs ample time between starts and didn't get it in her last which was predictably dull.....gets it today and gets it with a rider change to Bejarano who has fit this filly well in the past

2  Zip N Bayou


race 2    above average clarity

2  Desert Madam   3 straight impressive wins since Spawr claimed this five year old mare and all with Baze aboard......and sure appears to be the controlling speed of the race

5  Enduring Erin   best races have come turf to dirt but that is not the case today.....but the work regiment is impressive and Baltas improved her 1st out following a claim.......seems likely to stalk our top selection from the get go

4  Thermodynamics   very aggressive tightly spaced works put into this filly by Hendricks.....seems pointed for today......not impossible but easy to make as 3rd selection


race 3    average clarity

6  My Prince Harry   very strong better than par move forward in latest.....1st at a route with a pedigree good enough to handle one although if this was a sprint graduation day would be much more likely

5  Uninvited   very consistent route efforts on the dirt in 2016......but......he sure has had trouble going by the last horse or two to win.....needs to get over the tendency to hang.......maybe a rider upgrade will help

1  Top of the Game   sure like the blinkers off for today as the last time he raced without them he popped his lifetime best at CD in June........and we get a major league rider upgrade

3  Beaslenut


race 4    below average clarity

6  Flowinwiththebreez   laid up speed type sure appears to be wound up like a top in the a.m. and ready to unwind a strong effort fresh off of the bench in the p.m........not crazy about a low percentage seldom used jock getting the call but it concerns me less with a speed horse

4  Warren's Super Cat   by far (and seemingly needs) at her best racing at six furlongs (3 1 2 0).....jock and the trainer could use a win and might get one here with this off pace mare who is 1 for 1 at SA at 6F

5  Aiming Straight   laid up since late July but drops to the lowest level of her career.......might inherit the lead if our top choice falters on the lead.....filly owns 3 2nd's in 4 races on the SA dirt

2  Myheartsinthecity


race 5    average clarity

5  California Diamond   ultra consistent two year old colt and one hot trainer at the moment in Peter Miller.....and this youngster is the only runner in the field who has shown that he can win from off of the pace

1  Crosscheck Carlos   solid 2nd to our top selection in his latest with a gap of 7 big lengths to 3rd.....and he did it at 6 1/2F from the one hole....and.....coping with the one post at SA is easier at 6F than at  6 1/2F in my estimation

6  Siler Assault   not out of this but needs a clever ride as everyone has solid early speed.......needs to avoid getting caught 3 or more wide.......or needs to take back some which he really hasn't proven he can do like our top section


race 6    below average clarity

4  Stormy Liberal   cold jock but he has done well with this gelding in races down the SA hill turf course......works scream ready and he best be as the connections are likely to lose their horse by way of the claiming box today.....solid efforts down the hill have led to 2 wins and 2 2nd's in 6 races

6  Wildfire Kid   1st down the SA hill but he runs as if he might be better suited to 6 1/2F of turf than 5F on turf........bug boy struggles on the sod but his one win in 2016 on the green carpet is on this fellow....come on Lindsay on this pricey 2nd pick

5  Rangi   not crazy about the dull recent work with an equipment change to blinkers on......but works aren't everything and if this fellow is still sharp lookout as he is the controlling speed in the race and is often stubborn in the stretch

9  Chips All In

Long-shot consideration:   12  Bluegrass Bronco   1st time in claiming and the works suggest the barn means business shooting for a win in case they lose the horse.......like the 3 6f works at SA two of which were 112 and change......four year old might have much better endurance today than he often shows


race 7    average clarity

9  Global Event   $685K buy is in for $20K for 2nd start.....ouch.......works suggest he has a race left in him (maybe) and he can get the owners to the winners circle but unlikely with the big smiles like you usually see.....the kind from Baffert you can consider supporting at the windows but you would never want to claim

10  Marvelous Max   obviously a bad claim by Sadler as he is in for 20K less than he was snatched for 2 months ago but he still appears next in line for the win if Baffert's horse fails to get the job done

12  Little Mustard   the epitome of a hanger has never been sharper.....maybe the Hall of Fame hands of Desormeaux can coax him by the last runner in front of him

6  Resistanceisfutile

Long-shot consideration:  4  Woodstock Memory   moved forward in latest and now changes barns.....and with a sold 46:3 work showing for his new trainer Denise Breuer......seemed poised for another move forward today......to what degree is the ? mark


race 8    average clarity

2  Tiz Jolie   last is very powerful earning a fig that is much better than par for the 12.5K level.....so why the drop to the bottom 8K level......maybe V Garcia just wants a win as it has been a somewhat dismal 2016 for the conditioner......we shall see

9  Alltheleavesrbrown   Hartman is dynamite 2nd out following a claim and he puts this one in for the 8K that he claimed him for two races back......and he puts his go to guy up.....seems quite dangerous

5  Northern Iowa   by far at his best competing at today's dirt distance (8 3 2 2)......and the race seems to set some (on paper at least) for a late runner like himself

7  Johnny's Choice

Long-shot consideration:   6  Desert Express   lifetime best and somewhat hidden was his only race at today's one mile distance..... and the race was a win at SA........ solid work tab since he was claimed in his latest by Aguirre and company....dangerous and dangerous at a price


race 9    average clarity

2  Angel Eria   decent first run in the good old U S of A especially considering it was off a long layoff and was against the boys.......good sprinter in France should be very fit when push comes to shove coming off of her 1st ever at a route

10  Could Be Magic   well bred grass filly and it showed in her 5F MSW debut on the lawn at Del Mar.......ultra impressive 5F bullet work since......razor sharp........if Smith can avoid running too wide she should be very tough

4  Georgia Blue   double barrel action from Drysdale as he also trains our top choice......three year old filly has solid races in 3 of 5 lifetime starts two of which were on the sod and one of them (her MSW debut) was down the SA hill.....should be in the hunt from the get go

8  Special Gal

7  Lori's Attitude

5  Curricula

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Santa Anita for Saturday 15 October 2016

I like the race card this afternoon. Let's call it an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  He Could   both efforts with blinkers on fit and his last is totally hidden by a brutal trip (way too wide up near the pace-setters) .....can sit up close today in a race that seems to favor those who do

5  Evicted   nice improvement in 2nd lifetime start......should have plenty of endurance when push comes to shove in the late stages coming off of a 1 1/8th mile affair

8  Monterey Shale   race 2 back is a fit but his latest isn't.....blinkers on and retains Bejarano for a 5th straight time.....works are good......trainer seems to be awakening from the doldrums......rebound to that race 2 back seems doable

7  Elkhorn Crown


race 2    above average clarity

4  Princess Karen   best set of works for a Jeff Bonde 1st time starter in many a moon.......and look who rides the horse......Mr Smith......plenty of endurance put into this youngster and she seems to have some early gas

3  Fortunate Queen   nice wake up in 2nd lifetime start for this Bob Baffert two-year old filly and now we get a rider upgrade........should be a factor in the outcome of this race

5  Go On Mary   went off 30 to 1 in her MSW debut so I doubt she was fully cranked or "meant" in the race for O'Neill and company.....she should be fully fit this afternoon.....not out of this by any means


race 3    above average clarity

2  Long Hot Summer   (3 2 1 0) on the hill and seems likely to sit in a nice stalk position behind the 3 and/or the 5.........and with little traffic to negotiate

3  Enola Gray   last was disappointing and was somewhat telltale as the barn sure was thinking "small" as opposed to "big" which seemed more logical prior to her last.....now she tries turf.......if she handles it and mounts a small rebound she will be tough....but.... obviously have some doubts she will

5  Home Journey   if our 2nd choice doesn't take to the hill this mare can open up a lead and that will make for a dangerous scenario with Smith in the irons


race 4    average clarity

4  Winning Causeway   last which was run at Lrc (a very fast time for the level) would crush these if of course she can duplicate it in her 1st ever on the SA dirt.....should be in the hunt from the get go

3  Out of Patience   Miller is on fire and a good portion of that success is with Arroyo aboard......latest race is a toss out for me as he attempted to race off of 6 days rest......back to a reasonable 4 weeks rest for today's race......race 2 back is strong and I think we have a decent shot at seeing similar today

6  Perfect Set   best time to drop precipitously is off of long layoffs as there is plenty of doubts in the minds of the claiming vultures.......last 8 or 9 races sure fit well......very dangerous

5  Preacher Roe


race 5    average clarity

7  Classico   last run at Lrc fits and his race 2 back is even better and hidden by a very bad journey at 7F......broke slow - checked - and ran way too wide......race 3 back also at 7F is solid as well and run at SA

3  Pedro Cerrano   nice stalking style......1 for 1 at SA winning his MSW debut......acts as if seven panels is within his reach.......red hot trainer in Miller

6  Boldly True   1 for 1 at 7F and the race was at SA......that race was for claiming tag of $75K and was the only time this three-year old was up for a tag......today he is in for $50K......hmmm

4  Annie's Candy


race 6    average clarity

2  Sleepwalker   drop makes sense to yours truly as his lone win was by DQ......like the rider change.....and I like the very resassuring near bullet 5F drill last week......and his last two races are better than appear in print

4  Wrightwood   blinkers on seems to have improved this fellow........last two races sure fit fine here.......gelding deservedly steps up a level.....he does something to prove on the SA surface

7  Matriculate   sure fits on the drop down and handles the SA dirt quite well.......should have plenty of endurance cutting back from route racing to 7F.......does tend to hang

9  Nuke Laloosh

Long-shot consideration:   3  Zackos My Man   five-year old had decent ability at 2 and 3......working like that ability might be back following a year off as his preparatory works are very impressive for today's level......and his trainer makes the most out of limited starters


race 7    average clarity

6  American League   here is our comment in his last as our top choice "this three-year old and his connections have been extremely unlucky (and that includes his only grass race) as he has had many things work against him trip wise with most of it not of his making........I know of no one who has worse luck at the meet.......overdue for something to go right"......he won at 6 to 1 like a good thing despite a wide trip....deservedly steps up out of claiming.....last with a better trip will be very tough

4  Fabozzi    seems highly likely to get an up close ground saving trip from Baze who is riding well on the grass right now....and the cut back of 1/16th sure appears to be a plus

1  He Will   fired lifetime best in last and now gets a rider upgrade to Bejarano who won the only time he rode this colt.....should be closing fast in the late stages

9  Reflected Star


race 8    below average clarity

7  Brimstoned   so so works prior to his last which wasn't his best....works since are much better and hint he might be up for a rebound to last summer's form where he crushed his foes 3 straight following being gelded......we shall see

9  Saint Dermot   best at SA and 1st time Bejarano......Glatt remains hot and might keep the good times going here if Raffy can get over by turn one at least to the two path

10  Gangster   tough post but owns some good early route speed .......chilly rider best use that speed today to clear most or all of the field by turn one.....or he likely will chalk up yet another in the "loss column"

5  Coldspell


race 9    average clarity

7  Prowling Around   broke slow and ran 3 wide in an abbreviated 5F sprint that was run in solid time for the lowly level....earned a solid adjusted for trouble Santucci fig.......and his pedigree hints 7F will be a much better fit......like that hot jock sticks around

4  Big Miss Steak   worked well prior to MC debut but was compromised by a poor trip.......sharp 3/65 4F work since and at SA.......trainer has had a super 2016 and might add to his stout stats here

10  Yavrig   very consistent sort and the cut back from 8F to 7F is so often a plus.......would have rated higher if the rider wasn't so ice-cold of late

9  Saddle Club   

1  Correlation

3  Dare to Impress

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Santa Anita for Friday 14 October 2016

OK card today. Let's call it a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale of things. Only 3 weeks to the Breeders Cup!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

 2  Summertimemischief   1st on the lawn but bred for it.......her best lifetime race and disguised by a bad trip was her lone lifetime race off of short rest of 23 days........28 days rest today........good shot to get loose and dangerous if she does take to the grass

3  Dust It   3 of 4 route turf races fit decently......and......1st time Bejarano for Baltas is a dangerous thing especially in a turf route race

6  Tiz Adore   solid layoff (bad trip running too wide thru-out) turf route in latest and it was run off of a layoff......better trip and a small move forward and she has as good a shot as anyone in this spot

7  Tandora


race 2    average clarity

6  Eddie's Turn   claim back  Truman is 2 for 2 at SA both with Eddie T. as the conditioner.....nice reassuring 5F work since the claim....can get a nice stalk position

3  Eight Spokes   last 3 sprints (all 2nd place finishes) fit in this spot with his best of the 3 run 3 back at SA......Bejarano sticks around for a 4th straight time hoping to turn those 2nd's into a win

1  Tengas Ransom   tough post at the new meeting so far but this colt has handled the 1 post quite well in the past.....if he does again today he might be able to get loose on the lead and get the 1st win from the one post at 6F in 21 races at the new meeting


race 3    average clarity

7  Tinian   nice work series in preparation for her 1st at a route.......and she has a decent pedigree to handle the two turns......should be forwardly placed likely stalking the front runners

8  Trixie Topper   drops out of MSW racing to the bottom MC level and seems likely to be able to snatch the lead......and she gets a rider upgrade......would have been top selection if it wasn't for her weak pedigree to get the two turns

2  Super Cadet   blinkers back on today.....and Bejarano back on as well.....two solid positives.......should be in the mix from the get go racing at the lowest level of her life

3  Mother Flower


race 4    average clarity

6  Sid The Squid   both lifetime sprints are better than par for the given level......Desormeaux should be closing late when many in here will be fading

7  Recrown   Matt Chew has scored with one third of his last dozen maiden claiming 1st timers.....and.....he sure appears to have this 1st timer ready to roll off of a nice work regiment......I especially like the 2nd best of 114 gate drill on 18 September

5  Hayley's Comment   best to date is her lone sprint race ever run at Santa Anita....and it was her debut going off at odds of 32 to 1......might be more fit for today's race than that effort at SA and if that is the case she might be rated too low

3  Santa Nella


race 5    average clarity

6  Hobbits Hero  consistent sort appears to be best horse in the field and with the best speed in the field....and with his regular rider up in Bejarano.......hard not to see as anything but tough in this spot

3  Itsinthepost   earned an adjusted for wide-ness Santucci fig in his latest that is 3L better than par....shouldn't get caught wide today sitting about 2nd or 3rd.....dangerous challenger to our top choice for sure

1  Zip The Monkey   late runner put in a very good stretch run in his latest but he loses Bejarano to our top pick and he sure has the wrong running profile in this affair that likely will favor those close up early.......but lone mount of the day for Smith is almost always a positive......not impossible but easy to put as 3rd pick

5  Seal Six


race 6   below average clarity

2  Albeit   on the improve lately and deservedly steps up quite a bit........and she sure is working impressively at LA working back to back 112:3 6F drills......likely sits mid pack in what should be a lively pace.......if that is the case she should be closing fast

4  Marriedtoaminister   recent works hint we will see the effort this filly put forth 3 races back at one furlong less than today.......and if we do she is the one to overcome......and her only two turn dirt route race was a decent 2nd

3  Conquest So True   only route race for this filly is very strong (and at SA) and disguised by a very bad trip......not sure if she is doing very well but if she is......lookout


race 7    average clarity

9  Danas Best   appreciates ample time between starts and gets it....retains Prat who has gotten the most out of this grass cutter since arriving in the U S of A......seems likely to get a ground saving mid pack position sitting about 3rd or 4th

6  Barhanpour   ultra impressive late close into a total lack of pace up front......and he likely gets some pace to run at today.....loses Prat to the top choice but Bejarano will do

5  Curlin Rules   very dangerous speed here if he manages to shake off the 3 horse and opens up a loose lead.....good history with Espinoza aboard

3  Little Scotty


race 8    average clarity

8  Miss Big Stuff   Miller is on fire and is never afraid to lose a horse on the drop.....drops this filly today and lures Prat to ride.......easy to place as top selection

1  Tinderette   Mullins and company mean bizz today dropping this filly down multiple levels.......and she races at her favorite dirt surface ( 4 2 0 2) .........should be in the hunt from the get go despite a difficult post in which to break

5  Chicago Angel   might be at her best sprinting and her recent route races aren't too shabby........likes to hang but Theriot was able to get a win out of her.....more likely 2nd than 1st but she does have a shot at a win

7  Miss Bliss

3  Queenofhercastle

2  Nazareth


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