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16 March 2019:  After any scratches at Golden Gate:   6th race superfecta box of top 4 selections $590.60. 6th race pick 5 was 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th, top pick for $13,039.00. (50 cent payoff was $3,259.75). 9th race trifecta box of 5 given picks $349.04. 10th race top pick over next 3 picks paid a superfecta of $446.40. (5th pick ran 5th and if you played you would have been the lone winner of of SHF.)

1 March 2019:   1st or 2nd choice won 8 of the 9 races carded. 3rd race double hit COLD $24.60. 4th race: two deep a race in the 20 cent pick 6 (cost of $12.80) returned $663.94. 5th race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd pick for a return of $1,078.00. 5th race SHF box of 5 given picks $2,706.20. (superfecta paid $1,095.20). 9th race exacta box of top 2 picks paid $32.80

24 Feb 2019:   2nd race pick 4 was hit ICE COLD for $752.20. (that amounts to a 350 to 1 shot) 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $65.40. 4th race pick 3 was top, top, 3rd pick for $320.40. 5th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $57.80. 6th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $270.20.

22 Feb 2019:   After any scratches:  1st race 2nd pick, top pick double $20.40. 4th race 20 cent pick 6 was 4th, 3rd, top, top, 4th, top pick for $4,151.98. 5th race pick 5 was 3rd, top, top, 4th, top pick for $5,584.20. 6th race superfecta hit COLD $43.20. 8th race 4th pick, top pick exacta $55.20. 9th race exacta hit COLD $44.60.

18 Feb 2019:   After any scratches:  Going only two deep a race in the pick 4 hit. 2nd race pick 4 was top, top, top, 2nd pick for $520.00. 2nd race COLD pick 3 paid $54.40. 2nd race top choice over the next 2 picks paid a trifecta of $313.00. 3rd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $13.20. 5th race trifecta box of 5 given picks paid $2,210.60. 6th race exacta hit COLD paying $65.80. 5th race 2nd choice paid $23.20 to win. 8th race 38 to 1 top choice ran 3rd and paid $14.80 to show.

17 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Not the kind of day that will be placed in our "highlights archive" but noteworthy. 1st race double was top pick, 2nd pick $22.60. 2nd race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $42.80. 5th race 16 to 1 top choice ran 2nd paying $10.00 to place. 3rd pick, top pick exacta $24.60. 8th race top pick over the next 3 picks paid a trifecta of $342.00. 9th race top pick over the other 4 picks paid a superfecta of $4,082.40. (trifecta was $1,240.00)

16 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Going only two deep a race in the pick 5 made you bundle of dough. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 2nd, top, top, 2nd pick for $5,680.60. 1st race exacta box of top two picks $23.40. 2nd race exacta box of top two picks $93.00. (trifecta box of top 3 picks $296.00). 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $22.00. 10th race 4th pick, top pick exacta paid $133.20.

14 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Not the kind of day that will be placed in our "highlights archive" but noteworthy. Going only two deep a race in the pick 5 hit. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, top, 2nd, top pick for $508.40. 2nd race trifecta hit COLD $33.40. 2nd race double hit COLD $13.40. 3rd race exacta hit COLD $12.00. 4th race superfecta box of 5 given picks $4,146.00.

7 February 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race 2nd, top pick exacta $19.20. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick for $1,256.80. (5th and 6th race pick 3 were significant payoffs as well). 50 cent payoff for the 4th race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 2nd pick for $48,238.25. 5th race 2nd, top pick exacta was $28.80. 6th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $1,166.60.

2 February 2019:  After any scratches: 2nd race exacta hit COLD for $24.20. 2nd race pick 4 was top, 4th, 4th, top pick for $579.20. 5th race exacta hit COLD $7.60. 6th race pick 5 was 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, top, top pick for $796.80. 7th race trifecta box of top 3 selections $752.60 (exacta $91.00). 8th race 2nd, top exacta $16.20. 9th race double and exacta both hit COLD for $29.60 & $11.00.

1 February 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race double was top, 2nd pick $45.80. 2nd race pick 4 was top, 2nd, 4th, 4th pick for $1,208.40. 3rd race 2nd, top pick exacta $36.20. 4th tri race box of top 4 picks $262.40. 7th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 4th pick for $749.60. 7th race double paid $126.40.

31 January 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race trifecta was top pick, 3rd, pick, 2nd pick $109.20.  3rd race 20 cent pick 6 was 4th, top, top, top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $910.30. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD paying $90.00. 4th race pick 5 was top, top, top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $2,281.20.

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Golden Gate for Sunday 17 March 2019

I am holding back my opinion of the upcoming changes at SA & GG until some of the dust settles except to say I have been an advocate of what the Stronach Group intends to do to clean up the sport for the last four decades but I hope they aren't implementing all the changes too quickly instead of in stages.

Click on the Gulfstream Park banner on our homepage to see the info for our next special publication coming up in two weeks. And for a limited time save $5 on your purchase.

Not too crazy about the card but I did put in more hours of handicapping than usual as I so often do when a given card is tough to decipher. Hope it pays off some. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Cosa Nostra   takes an alarming drop especially since he was a vet scratch on 23 Feb but he has put in two somewhat reassuring 5F drills since......he has been a hanger that is for sure but might not hang at today's significant;ly lower MC level

5  Dare to Believe   seemingly does best when he can sit close up and he has a decent chance to do just that in this spot lacking no clear leader........trainer is often at her most dangerous 3rd out after a break which is the case here

3  When Jesus Walked   like the change in trainers and jockeys.....and talk about a four-year old in need of a significant drop......would have rated higher if there was more speed in the race as she comes from the clouds


race 2    below average clarity

1  Go Ghetto   toss out last two races as he hates the slop (5 0 0 0)..........race lacks speed and this six-year-old has some and he doesn't necessarily need the lead to in his race 4 back where he stalked the lead and won at Dmr in a two turn race vs. better

5  Proper Crown   likes the racing surface at GG and seems at his best at today's 1 1/16 distance.......also fits jock Alejandro Gomez quite well

3  Close to Midnight   gelding has shown improvement in his last two efforts......and now he goes from a low percentage trainer to a high percentage trainer........and the only time this 5-year-old run further than one mile he won


race 3    average clarity

1  Fly First Class   even though this gelding is cutting back route to sprint he still looks loose on the lead and with a 7 lbs bug boy up who sure appears as if he is going to be a good rider.......if of course he puts in the work and stays on the straight and narrow

2  Badger Boy   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  trainer Miyadi is capable of winning with a 1st time starter without showing much at all in the morning.......the pedigree is there as mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters and one of the 3 was a Stakes winner

3  Planet Nine   plenty of furlongs put into this Jamey Thomas 1st time starter and at the MC8K level sometimes that is all it takes........dangerous potential


race 4    average clarity

2  Punaluu   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   handicapping 101 here.........seems like a very good spot for a late runner like this gelding as there is an abundance of speed in this race.......good trainer........good rider

5  Gray Donovan   another off pace runner in a field with plenty of speed......and with the meets leading trainer and rider at the helm.........although the rider Cedilla had a bad day yesterday

3  No New Friends   trainer is a stellar 38% 1st out following a claim and he and the jock up today have won 3 of their last 8 as a combo.....rated 3rd mostly because he is one of four speed horses signed-up


race 5    below average clarity

6  Council Miss   low % trainer but not 3rd out following a layoff which includes a win for this mare the last time she ran 3rd out following a break which was on 9 Dec.......that and I like the sprint-route-sprint scenario for today which should aid her endurance when push comes to shove in late stretch

4  No More Twinkies   trainer has been on fire of late and he indices leading jock Abel Cedillo to stick around on a an eight year old mare making only her 23rd career start and only her 3rd start since Sept. of my guess is she has remained healthy enough

1  Passion for Papa   seems sharp right now but she has faded racing past 5F in her last 4 attempts at the distance.......might not today if she gets loose on the lead like she managed to do in her last


race 6    below average clarity

5  Bold Roman   won his latest his 2nd lifetime start following a 3rd in his debut........and the rest of this field of 6,250 nw2 races averages 1 for 14.....I'll take the runner who is not the proven loser

6  Zucchini   1st out after the Tamayo claim and the trainer's best stat by far is "1st out following a claim".......and he lures the meets top jock to ride

3  Stormin G A   decent better than appears in print layoff race in last.......and now for his 2nd out after the break he has his claiming price cut in half.......likely pointed to this race/level all along


race 7    average clarity

2  Maxinamillion   appears to be a good claim by Bellasis of a gelding who loves the one mile distance at GG on the in 4 wins and a two 2nd's in 7 starts at the distance.......and it seems significant that leading rider Cedillo rides thru the claim

5  Prince Cheval   night and day better on synthetic surfaces and he is one for one at GG winning his last start back on 25 Jan.......definitely appears loose and he will have to be wheeled in

6  My Friend George   very consistent since August of 2018 as in (7 4 1 1 1).......don't see any reason that he won't be highly competitive once again today


race 8    average clarity

5  Faithful One   trained well prior to her MSW debut back on 2 September but tossed a clunker........but........she likely got hurt in the race as she didn't work since the disappointing debut again until January of 2019.......a.m. preparation is good once again........good trainer with 2nd time starters.......danger city

2  Sure Magic    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE    filly showed plenty of life in her MSW debut at GG but was compromised by a bad trip......and now she takes a significant drop from MSW to MC.........trainer Delia is solid with the move

4  Fabled   so so a.m. work but she sure is well-bred.......and......her trainer Rene Amescua is very dangerous with MC 1st time starters and maiden claiming races in general


3  Fine Gael


race 9    below average clarity

2  Malibu Alex   talk about a rider that fits a horse.......Alejandro Gomez is (6 2 2 2) on this gelding the last six times he rode him and all were at 6F which is today's distance........and all six were at today's racing level or higher......that'l do

5  Spokane Eagle   4 of the last 6 races for this gelding fit very well in this spot.....but......those races were on conventional it likely comes down to his ability to handle his 1st ever on a synthetic surface

1  Mal Verde   by far at his best at GG and not too shabby at today's distance as in 6 for 16........and the jock knows this gelding well having been up for at least his last 10 starts.......not out of the win picture by any means.......pun intended

7  Don't Stalk Me


race 10    below average clarity

5  Come On Kat   38% win over his last 163 1st out following a claim for John Martin.......filly is (4 2 1 0) at today's distance and retains Gryder thru the claim who won for fun on this gal in her latest.......1st on the AW but owns a decent pedigree for it

9  Katya Antipova   talk about stepping up the class ladder and succeeding........steps up once again......jock knows this filly extremely well having been up for all 9 of her lifetime starts........hard not to like

3  Arwan  has her physically problems so she likely will be ready off of the 2 1/2 month break as it might be quite some time until she races again........both lifetime races at 6F at AW for OK here......should be a handsome price

1  Namorita

8  Raiderette


race 11    average clarity

4  Diamondsnchampagne   both wins for this filly came when the barn dropped her in claiming price.........12,5002x in last.........50002x today.........filly has won on and off of the lead which might come in handy here in this race loaded with speed

6  Stratus Bird   not a very good speed spot but she might be the speed of the speed......that and she has the potential to improve 1st out following the Morey claim

1  She's an Eagle   race seemingly plays into the hands of the late running filly......dangerous late running sort

2  Panshir


race 12    average clarity

7  Purdue   last two races for this four-year old filly were run at higher levels and fit fine at today's MC8000 level......that and Eddie Truman is solid 3rd out after layoffs and dropping multiple levels both of which are the case today

1  Miss Bravo   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   trainer is 22% win with the MSW to MC move........with that in mind and the fact this filly went off at 41 to 1 in her debut hint that the race might just have been a spin around the track to drop.......and.......go go go go today

8  All Star Allie   might be a good claim by Rosales and company of a filly who ran well but failed to win in her two lifetime starts both of which were at 5F......and her pedigree suggests 6F is a better fit

5  Somara

6  Prorika

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Golden Gate for Saturday 16 March 2019

I am holding back my opinion of the upcoming changes at SA & GG until some of the dust settles except to say I have been an advocate of what the Stronach Group intends to do to clean up the sport for the last four decades but I hope they aren't implementing all the changes too quickly instead of in stages.

Click on the Gulfstream Park banner on our homepage to see the info for our next special publication coming up in two weeks. And for a limited time save $5 on your purchase.

Good card today handicapping wise but it is a bit disconcerting that the track was inside speed on Thursday and outside late runners yesterday. I handicapped the track for being even/fair. Sure hope that is what we get.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Princessdiane    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  Morey is one dangerous trainer MSW to MC and that is the case here for this 2nd time starter.......that and he is 2 for 3 when legging up 10 lbs bug boy Jorge Velez

4  Indian Dancer   another trainer in Badilla who has many relevant stats for this race that are strong........blinkers on and better recent a.m. work that hint this filly has responded to the equipment change in a positive way

1  Lead Actress   gimme go (sprint to route) led to a nice 3rd place finish for this filly in her 2nd lifetime start......and for her 3rd lifetime start she switches riders to a fellow who is 3 for his last 7 riding for Steve Sherman

5  Rouge Bouquet

2  Early Morn


race 2    average clarity

4  Ultra Fame   best early speed in this abbreviated sprint of only 5F and with a 10 lbs bug boy up who looks decent in the saddle so far.........hard not to like but might be over bet for such a cheap level

3  Conejos   might be poised for better 2nd out after a long layoff........and if he is he should be sitting pretty stalking our top selection.......quite a few of his visits to the winners circle came from stalking the lead

1  Sierra Dance   low percentage trainer and rider (at the GG meeting) team up.......but on the other hand 5 furlongs of synthetic race track seems like a good fit for this five-year old


race 3    average clarity

2  Little Jack   7 for 27 on the GG AW........0 for 35 racing everywhere else........2nd out after a layoff and the meets top gun stays put........sounds good to me

1  Smoke and Burn    five-year old gelding has not hit the board for 10 straight drops multiple levels to likely be very competitive.........or.........claim me please.........we shall likely see about 1:45 p.m. pacific

4  And Then Some   beaten badly but at least this fellow exits two straight "key" races........not impossible but easy to make as our 3rd selection

7  Hong Kong Cowboy


race 4    average clarity

5  Mithqaal   not much speed in here and he owns some.......and if he doesn't get the lead he has a good history pressing or stalking the front end.......meets leading rider and trainer are shooting for three straight wins with is this fellow

2  Bella Luma   4 for 9 on the GG AW and 1 for 11 everywhere else.......not too hot back in short rest but he has run some strong efforts with ample time between starts like his race 3 back at GG.........7 weeks since his a.m. works......should be "live"

4  Camino Del Paraiso   last two races at today's 1 1/16th distance on the GG AW (3 back and 8 back) fit well here........same jock who rode those two efforts is aboard today


race 5    average clarity

3  Turnaround   four-year old appears sharp for his 1st out following the Baker claim as he just worked a bullet 5F drill 8 days ago.......he likely will try to kick loose as the best early speed in the field and hold off the Calvary charge late

5  Fantastic Aragorn   believe the longer rest between starts today will help this six-year-old to move forward.......if it does he has some shot at getting his 2nd lifetime win

1  Bright Autism Mind   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE if our top selection doesn't get the lead this four-year old gelding likely will......but I actually believe the plan will be to stalk our top choice.....if that is what occurs it should enhance the chances of both

7  Kaleidoscope Kid


race 6    average clarity

2  That's Bind Baba   1st time starter has hit the track every 6 to 8 days dating back to last year........and he just finished up his work regiment with a best of 47 5F bullet drill........feeling good when it counts the most as in just prior to his debut.......trainer won with a 1st timer as our top choice yesterday despite a brutal trip

5  Camzul   here is the comment for this colt's (our top selection) debut, "good spot for a 1st time starter and this colt is out-working everyone in this weak looking group at least on paper........and his trainer used to pop at a price now and then albeit quite a few years back".........debut fits well here and his a.m. work at Slr since his debut is solid......will he handle the GG AW is a ? mark

4  One Salty Dog   decent MC debut for this three-year old.......and gets a positive rider change.......should be a factor in the outcome of this MC25K affair if he builds off of his debut

3  Nolan's Harbor

1  Tiz Toussaud


race 7    average clarity

5  Missionelle   seven-year old mare has been in the exacta 11 of 21 racing on the GG synthetic..........and she has a win & a 2nd in 2 starts (both on the GG AW) at today's distance.....and both of those races seem solid in this spot

4  Sought More Pep   Dallas Keen five-year old mare will likely go after the lead which likely would enhance her chances of success........ but........she has also won without it in the past.......5 for 15 at GG on the AW and only 2 for 13 everywhere else.........not out of the win picture by any means......pun intended

2  Fabriana   seems like a good claim by John Martin of a four-year old filly who has been on a roll.......and Martin is an eye-popping 38% win with his last 175 "1st following a claim"........dangerous player for sure

7  Revenue Virginius


race 8    average clarity

6  Double Tiger   gets the "full monty" here........takes the magical drop from MSW to MC......runs as a gelding for the 1st time........gets the meets leading jock for the 1st time.........gets to run off of ample time off since popping his strongest race of his career on 4 November

2  Awesome Ain't Easy   compromised as the favorite in the 23 Feb version of this race by a bad trip........that and the cut back in distance appears to be a plus

3  Johnny Runner   dangerous looking work tab for this Victor Garcia 1st time starter who seldom gets them ready at 1st asking but that might not be the case today

9  Mountain Dance

5  Melchior


race 9    average clarity

8  Honeymoonz Over   brutal trip in latest......toss it out.......very strong efforts/numbers in his previous three racing endeavors.......and back to Figueroa who was aboard for two of those races

5  Hill Croome   solid history when Cediio rides (4 2 1 1).........five-year old gelding does well stalking the lead and he should be able to do that here

4  Twirling Tiger   last two races when he had the opportunity to race on fast rated dirt in sprints fit very well here.......and he has shown he can race just fine on synthetic surfaces as well.......10 lbs apprentice Velez is off to a good start

9  Royal Opera House

3  Mo Soul


race 10    average clarity

1  Cattering   great spot for a speed horse who has handled the one post well in the past and only has 5 furlongs to cope with........rider trainer have won 3 of their last 8 with two others hitting the board

8  Phantomista   sure appreciates racing at 5F at GG as in 2 wins and a 2nd in 4 starts at the abbreviated sprint distance.......low percentage rider but he has as a good history aboard this filly

7  Artattack   last sure appeared to be a gimme off of the layoff.......and look who jumps aboard today - meetings top gun so far in Abel Cedillo

6  Propeppy

2  It Girl

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Golden Gate for Friday 15 March 2019

I am holding back my opinion of the upcoming changes at SA & GG until some of the dust settles except to say I have been an advocate of what the Stronach Group is doing for the last 3 decades but I hope they aren't implementing all the changes too quickly instead of in stages.

Difficult card to decipher as you can tell by the clarity ratings. Saturday's 10 race card is just the opposite. 12 races carded on Sunday.

Click on the Gulfstream Park banner on our homepage to see the info for our next special publication coming up in two weeks.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Eagle Screams   claimed 10 races back for $20K and has yet to win for Jeff Bonde and why not drop a 10-year-old precipitously to get to the winners circle.......good history on GG main track as in 26 of 35 in the money

2  Macho Gabacho   solid speed drill put in since this gelding last raced seemingly enhances his chances of getting loose on the lead just as he did in winning his latest by 5L.......that effort fits well at today's one level higher.......meets runaway leading trainer in wins at the helm.......should be tough

5  Sheila's Footsteps   eight year old seemingly shows up every race at GG especially over his last 9 races on the GG synthetic (9 4 3 1 1)........and all with today's rider Antongeorgi up

1  Rprettyboyfloyd


race 2    below average clarity 

5  Giget Harbor   three-year old filly 1st time starter has plenty of a.m. work to be fit enough to fire a competitive effort.........and some of her works (and her pedigree) hint she has some early speed.......and if she does this abbreviated sprint of only 5F is made to order

6  All My Heart   nice improvement in her latest and the strength of the effort is somewhat disguised by racing wide up on the pace.......had to deal with the 11 post that day so the 6 post should be a piece of cake.........4F work since her 22 Feb race hints that she has remained in decent shape

4  Floss N Dab   Peter Miller three-year old filly was backed some at the windows in her MC20K debut at SA but didn't show much.......drops multiple MC levels today......seems like now or never today for this NY bred


race 3    average clarity

6  Lady Chrome   4 of her last 5 races at GG on the AW fit solidly in this spot........and her a.m. work in 2019 hints her trainer Rhoda March has tweaked something for the better

7  Pretty Surprise   solid forward move in latest with the blinkers put on and with the switch from a 6% trainer to one of the top trainers in the U S of A in Hollendorfer......faces tougher today but she should fit fine if she builds off of her latest

2  Aries   very consistent racing on the GG main track and the last time she raced at 6F on it she won.........and she won the race route to sprint off of 55 days rest.........route in last 36 days ago.........6F sprint today........hmmmm

5  Our Favorite City


race 4    below average clarity

1  Meal Ticket   recent grass numbers earned in S Cal for this Matt Chew five-year old mare sure fit well here if she can run as well in her first ever on a synthetic surface.......away since 1 September but she has shown that she is capable of firing "fresh".......that and I doubt T C Baze would show up for one mount if this was a tune-up

2  Gratzie   needs to be ready type as it likely will be months until she can race again as a race usually knocks her out to some degree.......back to back strong works at GG on 3 Mar and 10 Mar.......all systems go for this mare who has two wins and a 2nd in 4 starts at today's racing level

3  Qafilah   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   brutal trip in latest losing about 12L to trip.......stout work at GG since and the 47:2H drill was only worked 5 days ago...... very good history when today's rider Antongeorgi rides as in 3 wins and a 2nd in 5 mounts.......and her lone race on the GG AW is decent


race 5    below average clarity

1  In Her Fashion   broke a little tardy and then ran wide throughout from the outer-most 8 post in her last and still was only one length behind the winner at the jock and a better post today.......and like her last race she races off of ample time off

11  Ladymidtown   both lifetime grass races since O'Neill took over the training fit solidly here if of course this filly can run as well on the AW........tough post but the meets leading jock up.....and blinkers on today which should help her early speed and thus give her a better chance to get on over by turn one

8  Queen Del Prado   on the right end of the learning curve and with few reasons not to believe the trend can't continue today........and with a solid rider/trainer combo to boot

10  Listen to Reason

7  Bellazano


race 6    below average clarity

10  Daddy Jones   the last two races on fast main track surfaces (races 2 back and 4 back) sure look awfully strong here......and the one 4 back was at GG and at today's six furlong distance........such a deal

5  Mr Diplomat   decent MC debut so placed in a MSW race for his 2nd start which turned out to be warranted........that effort fits very well at today racing level which gives this 3rd start gelding a decent shot at back to back wins

6  Oracle of Omaha   just fired his lifetime best and the strength of the effort is somewhat hidden by about 3.5L of trip trouble.......1st on the AW but his pedigree to handle a synthetic surface seems decent

9  Eighty Proof

1  Indian Zip


race 7    below average clarity

1  Charlie Cowden   seems to have found a new "home" and that is racing around two turns on the GG synthetic surface......believe this gelding will get a ground saving mid-pack position behind what should be a lively pace......if that comes to fruition he should be flying past many or all in the late stretch

2  Haylord   in need of a drop and gets a multiple level drop today.........last 4 one mile route races look good at today's lower spot.........1st time Antongeorgi seems significant as the rider/trainer have won 3 of their last 7 teaming up with two others in the money

8  Go Bobby Go   solid improvement in latest and his 4F work since the race hint he is likely to produce similar or more today.......dangerous sort

4  A Little Cocky

5  The Public House


race 8    average clarity

6  Royal Descendant   filly has fired nice efforts each time she has competed "fresh".......and her latest race was her 1st in the GG synthetic and it was the most impressive race of her 5 race career.......2 months "fresh today.......stout rider/trainer combo.......hard not to like

7  Steph Being Steph   four-year old filly won her lone race at GG when she was two and it was the only time today's rider Aaron Gryder ever rode her.......that and she has shown in the past that she can fire a good race fresh off of the bench and she is 4 months "fresh" today

4  Ima Happy Cat   filly has a good history racing at 5 1/2 & 6 furlongs (4 3 1 0).........jock is coming off a stellar week of riding as in (16 5 5 1) for the week

5  Impecunious

1  Shasta Star


race 9    above average clarity 

6  Duluth   new trainer takes over this gelding who won his MSW debut in style but has been "up the track" and then some since........1st on the GG surface might wake him up as he just popped a best of 67 5F work only 5 days ago.......and of course he takes one a monster drop in class

4  War Union   not much in his latest at 1 1/16 but his race two back at today's one mile distance is very strong for today's lower level.......nice reassuring 4F drill since his last........same stout rider/trainer combo as our top choice in race 8

2  If I Had a Nickle   big awakening in his latest and two 4F drills since that strongly suggest he has held his vastly improved form.........and just like time he seems likely to get a nice mid-pack trip

3  Got Tobe Awesome

7  Call Ended



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Santa Anita for Friday 1 March 2019


Decent card today and the same can be said for Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

10  Snazzy Dresser   four-year old gelding owns some very dangerous turf speed and cuts back in distance today to 6 1/2F following 5 consecutive turf routes......and his lone lifetime race down the hill was decent and run following a turf route

6  Buckys Pick   2 for 6 on the majestic Santa Anita hill turf course and in one of those wins back on 21 October he beat our top choice........that and the rider up today is more accomplished on the grass than the jock up on the 21st of Oct........not out of the win picture here by any means

1  Artie B Good   2 of his 4 lifetime races down the hill fit fine number wise........trainer is decent 2nd out following a claim and that is the case today.......his colt was given an endurance building turf route in a protected race in his latest.......drops into a claimer today for a full-blown go down the hill


3  Point Guard


race 2   average clarity

5  Dulce Ride   seems as if she should be able to clear from hers outside post and grab the lead which might be a loose one at that.........if that comes to fruition she likely will be tough to wheel in with the meets leading jock at the helm

2  Leveler  toss out her latest as she caught an off track and did not appear to care for it.....that and it was her 1st race since 11 May 2017.........two reassuring 5F drills since.......lone lifetime dirt route is quite good........likely to stalk our top choice and get 1st crack at her down the stretch

3  Sauce On Side   nice history racing at SA at one mile when wearing blinkers like in 1 win and 2 2nd's in 3 starts........should be motoring late and with a 5 lbs weight break with bug boy Figueroa up


race 3    average clarity

5  Imminent   seems likely to kick free early and get a loose lead and with one stubborn rider up to get by in Martin Pedroza........that and Pedroza and Mulhall have been a decent team over the years

1  Daddys Real Diva   on the improve with every start and if the catalyst for the improvement wasn't back to back off tracks then this filly has as a good a shot as anyone to take down this race.......trainer sure could use a win

3  Ride Out the Storm   decent MC debut running 3rd two lengths behind our 2nd choice for this Carla Gaines three-year old filly in a race run on a sloppy track.......fits well if she moves forward off of the effort.....would have considered higher if the trainer wasn't 2 for her last 95 with maiden claimers

2  Gotta Be Lucky


race 4    average clarity

2  Adens Dream   this Sadler gelding appears to move down quite a bit on off tracks and turf surfaces.......on fast tracks he is (13 3 3 6)........he has only seen 4 fast tracks spread out over his last 10 races and all of the 4 races fit well at today's level........that and the owner/trainer/rider trio of Hronis/Sadler/Rosario have been "unreal" at the SA meeting

5  Spokane Eagle   nowheresville in his latest.......race two back is exceptionally strong.........should have been top choice he rebounds to it.....tough call if he does or not

4  Graycaster   toss out his latest two on off tracks at SA........with blinkers on like today this gelding has won 3 of his last 4 when competing on a SA main track rated "fast".......dangerous sort

7  Kochees

9  Denman's Call


race 5    average clarity

1  Nap Lajoie   1 for 2 down the SA hill grass course.........0 for 9 everywhere else on the turf.......last on the slop was decent........but what really catches my eye his recent decent 5F work since his last especially for a trainer in Miyadi who doesn't usually push them hard in the a.m........believe this fellow might be sitting on a lifetime top effort

8  Lil Milo   just fired his lifetime best and before that he won down the SA hill and it was the 1st time he ever competed on it........good rider/trainer combo in Bejarano/Marquez......should be in the mix from the get go and tough thru-out

6  Rinse and Repeat   seems to have found a new home and that happens to be at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance on the SA hill.........still he steps up and likely will need his best today........but maybe he is up to it today racing off of such an easy 6 1/2 length win on the hill........Joel Rosario sticks around to find out

7  Minoso

3  Red Envelope


race 6    average clarity

8  Gia Lula   ignore last as she seemed to dislike the off going........might be at her best at 6F (2 1 0 1).........back in short rest and the last time she ran off of short rest (Aug 22nd) she arguably ran her lifetime best

1  Venice   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  sharp recent bullet 3F gate work hints the connections want to enhance her early speed.......and for a good gate jock in Pedroza

4  Lucky Lula   last might have been a gimme and/or a dislike of the sloppy surface......if either is true this filly might fire a competitive race today........especially considering how well Eric Kruljac is doing with his limited starters as in 6 wins in 14 starts

5  Zensational Kiss

3  Warm It Up


race 7    average clarity

1  Preaching Trainer   11% rider and an 11% trainer at the meeting but they have been a decent combo of late......but more importantly this Gaines MSW 2nd time starter trained super prior to the his 1st start enough so for us to make him the top selection turf or dirt.......and did he run "big" but was given a very bad ride by the bug boy albeit in the slop (losing about 9L).......1st and the grass but both siblings won on it........kid best make amends today or he likely will lose a good mount

3  Foster Boi   very solid a.m. work especially for a Cal-bred for this D'Amato 1ster who just happens to draw Prat to ride.......seems more likely than not that this 1st timer is ready to rock n roll in his debut

2  Grandpa Louie  displayed solid early speed and decent final times in both lifetime races which were on the dirt........tries the turf for his 3rd lifetime start with a seemingly OK set of parents for it

5  No Parking Here

6  Appreciated 


race 8    above average clarity

1  Nolo Contesto   talk about an improvement 1st time running a route.......colt broke his MSW in his latest his 2nd lifetime start despite racing wide on a good rail day......he earned an adjusted for trouble Santucci fig that is about 6 1/2 lengths better than par for today's higher level.......bounce you say.......I doubt it as he has been given ample time off and has worked stellar in the interim

4  Roadster   won his MSW debut for fun and then ran a solid 3rd in a 7F Grade 1 at Del Mar when last seen in early Sept........returns with your typical big work tab for a promising three-year from the Baffert barn......hard not to like

6  Dessman   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  another Baffert colt who has displayed plenty of talent in both lifetime fact he ran a monster of a race in his last on an off track.......winning debut was also on an off surface......mostly placed 3rd because of two ? marks: can he run as well on a fast track & how "raw" is Espinoza with only one mount so far coming off of a long layoff because on injury


race 9    average clarity

2  Tikkum Olam   1 for 1 at today's one mile turf distance with the blinkers on.......same distance - equipment - and rider for today and with a better post to work with........trainer is having a good meeting (see 3rd choice in 6th race)......hard not to like

6  Contagian   just claimed back by O'Neill after losing this colt following his debut run.......sprint-sprint-route scenario for today's 1st on the grass and a route..........bred OK for the grass and has some early the switch to Maldonado who is quietly have a good SA meeting and especially with speed types like this colt

3  Blame It On Kitty   last is OK but what we want is his effort 2 back which is stronger.......tough call what we will get this afternoon

4  Rockandahardplace

7  Knight's Cross



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Santa Anita for Thursday 28 February 2019

The track maintenance crew peeled back the track's cushion to a depth of approximately five inches to examine the base to try to get some clues as to why the track might have caused an unacceptable number of fatalities following all the rain this winter. So that hints that we might get a track that plays different then it has been playing since the track dried out and became a fast racing surface about 10 days ago.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Greater Glory   just popped her lifetime best in her 1st on the turf in the Jan. 27 version of this race......and the strength of the effort is disguised by a bad trip (shuffled back early on and then ran wide).....same energy/effort today with a decent trip might make for a visit to the winner circle

3  Sugary   trainer seldom wins these days including a record at SA this year of (8 0 0 0)........but.......he might here with this mare dropping to a level where she should be stout at if she holds form

1  Trappiza   best couple of lifetime figs were run on the grass which she hasn't seen for a very long time........trainer has won 1 of his last 2 with the other hitting the board stepping up multiple levels like today.........hmmmm


race 2   average clarity 

3  Don't Sell   if all three of the 1st timers in this race don't show early speed this 3rd time starter is going to open up a lead and be very dangerous.........and........the only 1st timer that works as if she has some speed is the one horse

2  Dr Wysong   both lifetime races are good (one on the dirt and one on the turf) and with today's rider Flavien Prat up........Prat and the D'A seem do as a combo as they have only won once with their last 12 over the last 2 months

5  Our Romance   double barrel action from the D'Amato barn as he also trains our 2nd choice.......1st time starter seems cranked up and likely ready for his MSW debut off of 4 very tightly spaced drills averaging only 5 days apart


race 3    below average clarity

2  Raging Tiger   lifetime best of 4 races was the only opportunity this colt had to compete down the SA hill grass course........that is also the case today and with 1st time Mike Smith up for his only mount of the day

4  Overdue   like D'Amato's 1st timer in race 2 this gelding also appears meant and ready for his MSW debut.......but I would like this fellow even more if the race was on the dirt instead of the turf as his pedigree for it is questionable........but than again the D'A is one of the better turf trainers in S Cal

3  Cajun Treasure   3 of 4 lifetime races were run on the turf and are decent......and the rider who rode those 3 races isn't anywhere close to as good a turf rider as today's jock Joel Rosario is.......1st down the hill is a ? mark


race 4    average clarity

6  Sergio   solid awakening in his latest (on a good rated track) 1st out following the Steven Miyadi claim........reassuring 5F drill since......drops back to the 20K maiden level that he snatched up this five-year old for.......unless the "off track" is the main reason for the improvement he should be tough

4  Victor's Show   3 of 4 lifetime dirt races look good here.....and......he beat our top choice in his latest but I assigned him a figure that was a length less than that earned by our top pick

2  Captain N. Barron   very consistent but he sure has turned out to be a hanger with 10 in the money finishes but zero wins in 17 starts.........but there is a small chance that he can get a loose lead and if he does there won't be anyone in front of him to "hang" on

3  Raggy Rocks


race 5    below average clarity

5  Sidecheering   solid very surprising MSW debut in open company from a barn that you wouldn't expect much from (as witnessed by the 28 to 1 odds in a field of 7).......if she runs as well on the grass as she did on the slop on Feb. 3rd she is the one to beat

3  Weather Market   takes quite the step up but this is a soft group and this mare's 4 route grass races don't look bad in this spot

6  Smoovie   three solid grass efforts down the SA hill grass course........if she runs as well in today's turf route she might be rated too low.......but......she does flatten some in the late stages of her races down the hill so I am touch leery about her ability to get 8F

4  Radish


race 6    average clarity

6  Plan B   Maldonado is dynamite with speed types drawing outside posts in sprints.......three year old filly has been away 4 months been she is training up to snuff.......and as the saying goes "fresh speed is dangerous speed"

3  Just Splendid   toss out last two races as one was on a sloppy track and the other on the turf with a poor pedigree for it........MC debut 3 back on a fast race dirt fits fine......should be in the mix from the get go

2  Sierra Sunset   toss out latest as this filly disliked two turns......back to a sprint where all three of her lifetime races fit.......should be motoring late


race 7    above average clarity

3  Surfside Sunset   significant wake-up in his latest earning an adjusted for trip Santucci fig that is about 4 1/2L better than par for today's level.......only grass race is so so....but Rosario and his agent must feel she can do OK on the grass as he jumps aboard making for a significant rider upgrade

5  Candyman Garret   filly has run better 2nd out after breaks but if she breaks the mold today off of a 6 month layoff she will be the one to overcome as her only 5F grass race looks rather good in this spot

1   Rocky Rogue   filly should be in the mix from the get go......she just needs a little more staying power.....maybe she will provide it racing 2nd out following a layoff today

4  According to Buddy


race 8    average clarity

6  You Must Chill   all three lifetime one mile turf route races fit well here.......and his preparatory 5F drill for today is vastly better than what this fellow put in prior to those three efforts.......seemingly has a shot to show even better this afternoon

1  Seven Oxen   colt was predictably caught wide on turn one having to deal with the 9 post and with the rail out 20 feet........much better post today for Maldonado to cope with........seems likely to get a close up ground saving trip......such a deal

4  Mofakker   believe Glatt has this invader from Ireland ready to roll because if he was giving his new three-year old a race he would protect this youngster in a MSW affair.......and he gets Rosario to ride who has won 2 of his last 6 (and with the other 4 hitting the board) for the conditioner

8  Resident Liberal

3  Silent Musketier




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