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16 Jan 17:  Bombs away at Santa Anita! After and scratches: In races 2 thru 9 the top selection won 3 races (including a 22 to 1 shot in the 4th) and the 2nd selection won the other 5 races. 2nd race pick 4 was 2nd, top, top, 2nd pick for $1,706.20. 3rd race top pick over our 3 other given picks paid a superfecta of $493.00. 3rd race double hit COLD for $122.20. 4th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, top pick for $357.20. 6th race pick 3 was top, 2nd, 2nd pick $56.20. 7th race pick 3 was all 2nd choices for $94.80. 9th race exacta box of top two picks paid $53.80. I may be a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing.

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Santa Anita for Monday 16 January 2016

Difficult card to decipher and somewhat taxing to study as basically 13 races needed to be handicapped with the potential of the races being yanked off of the grass once again. Looks like more off track surfaces and no grass races for Friday and Saturday with some heavy rain in the Arcadia forecast between now and then. What a bummer.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

(if the race is taken off of the turf 8-3-9-5-7)

7  Golden Light   solid grass races with 2 months rest in her last two races......3 months off today.......has run nicely on firm turf but she sure has a pedigree that should handle softer turf as well

5  Pied N True   lone lifetime race off of short rest is her best to date.......short rest today.......turf sprint to turf route which is right up Matt Chew's alley......and Smith concurs as he sticks around

9  Mai Tai   has shown up every race except once....and that poor effort was off of short rest which is the case today as well.......rated two low if she handles the short time interval this go around

8  Jennyway U Want It


race 2    above average clarity

1  Lil Miss Sapphire   lifetime best and a strong number for today's level was her only race competing on the SA surface......T C Baze has opened up a big lead in the trainer standings at Santa Anita and has a good chance to add to that here with a gate to wire win

3  Cioppino Pasadino   seems to be in rebound mode and that can continue today but he does lose Baze to our top selection......2 for 3 at SA.......0 for 6 elsewhere

5  Friendly Request   weak number winning her MC debut at 1st asking but she did close from the rear with a ridiculously slow pace being set up front.....with that said.......she will still need more today


race 3    average clarity

4  Out of Patient   does his best running at Santa Anita and also runs consistently well at today's 7F distance (5 2 0 3)......and he usually tough in races for a tag less than 25K.......a trifecta of reasons to consider him

1  Deep Consideration   2 for 5 at SA on the dirt........1 for 23 elsewhere........and quite consistent overall on dirt (13 2 5 3)......and he has handled the somewhat specialty distance of 7F quite well ( 3 1 1 1)

3  Muchos Besos  placed in a protected race way over his head off of the extended hiatus from the game in his latest......just a spin around the track.......drops and might be fit enough now with a race under his belt to handle a level that fits if he is

7  Celebrated Talent


race 4    below average clarity

(if the race is taken off of the turf  2-4-7-8-1)

7  Ceeme Run Wild   like the cut back route to sprint........seems better suited for a sprint and she might be a grass move up with a pedigree that is quite good for the sod.......trainer/rider are usually a "live" combo having hit the board in 6 for their last 9 over the last two months

8  Angel Eria   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE well proven racing in grass sprints including her latest which was down the majestic SA hill grass course........not the top choice mostly because Drysdale in his Social Security years so often runs clunkers when one of his runners appear to be in a good spot and conversely often run good races when they are not

2  Fabulous Lady   lifetime best was in her lone race down the SA hill grass course........impressive 4F drill since which was the best of 110 to work on 26 Dec.........retains Desormeaux......not out of the picture by any means

4  Dalsaros

Long-shot consideration:   5  Blame the Weather   might get ignored and go off a price worth playing as she only went for $10K at sale....... but........ she doesn't work as if she a cheap horse.......decent grass pedigree and for a trainer in Mandella who can win with a 1ster debuting on the hill


race 5    average clarity

7  Troublewithatee   last run at Dmr fits fine but what we want is his very impressive race run two back which was at that race he was given a very wide trip and still managed 2nd.......trainer and rider teamed up for a win yesterday

2  Dabster   strong MSW sprint debut crossing the wire in front only to get DQ'ed.......two reassuring works since.....beautifully bred to get the distance.......Raffy will be out to make amends to Baffert and company

4  Surfside Sunset    broke slowly and ran wide in his debut losing 5 or 6 lengths.......did well to only get beat by 4L in a 6F sprint......we liked him that day and we like him once again as he is bred to get the two turns and has trained well since his debut.......good route rider in Desormeaux sticks around

1  Reach the World (tie for 4th)

9  Seau (tie for 4th)


race 6    average clarity

4  Summertimemischief   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  likely has slipped physically speaking but it is hard to ignore that the only 3 times this filly got to compete on fast rated dirt she ran efforts that would win in put a line thru her last 4 races which were turf - turf - wet fast - wet fast

2  Warren's Honey Bee   stands out here especially if our top pick is "shot" but she does need to overcome her tendency to hang in the stretch

8  Candy Coded   last two races are so so.....but......she finally gets to run off of short rest and with two recent decent reassuring works since her latest

9  Irish Devil


race 7    average clarity

(if the race is taken off of the turf  4-5-2-6)

5  Kenriya   great spot for a new shooter like this French invader........this Grade 3 came up weak which enhances the chances of this filly who should take to a turf course rated something other than firm if of course she handles the drastic change in her surroundings

2  Prize Exhibit   has done well in non Grades Stakes races and even though this is a Grade 3 in sure doesn't look like one.....and she runs her best at SA .....also she is 3 for 12 at the one mile turf distance

6  Tiz a Kiss   would have consider placing higher if she was running on a firm turf today but of course it is highly likely that she is not.......her last two endeavors on grass raced "good" aren't too hot.......still as mentioned above this a weak field for a Graded race

7  Into The Mystic


race 8    average clarity

5  Aura Rose   1st time Bejarano riding for Truman is usually a dangerous proposition..........three year old filly has been 4th racing for mdn 62,500........2nd racing for mdn 50,000.......???? racing today for mdn 40,000

9  Singleforareason   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming....... owns significant early speed and likely will need to be caught.......rider upgrade.....should be tough

7  Sly Humor   last sure fits at today's higher MC level.....but was it the slop that was the catalyst for the best effort of her life ?........we shall see today

11  Munny Spunt


race 9    below average clarity

8  Individual Design   toss out her last run on off track......race 2 back run on a fast track is solid and hidden by a slow start and a wide trip.....and she has a good history racing at SA on a fast track ( 7 3 1 1)

9  Ipray   trainer is 8 for his last 24 dropping after a claim with another 8 hitting the board.........claimed for 10k and in for 8K today......and puts Bejarano up who owns a very solid history riding this gal

7  Astra Star   has something to prove on the conventional dirt but bothers to ship from GG and takes a significant drop in claiming

1  Private Terrace


race 10    average clarity

(if the race is taken off of the turf  3-11-13-2-8-9-1)

3  Kimbear   on the improve and his last on the dirt stands out in this spot......back to the grass which he showed that he likes and the way in which he just performed in a dirt sprint suggests he has the potential run one strong MSW effort in his 1st down the hill

11  Electro   the fact that this Baffert MSW 1st timer starts his career down the hill makes sense as mom has produced 3 grass winners and dad has turned out to be a decent turf say ready

2  Kona Dreams  colt has 3 good-looking route turf races to start his career.......and if he takes to the hill configuration he should have plenty of stamina cutting back to a sprint today to finish up well when push comes to shove

8  Avalanche

6  Ritzy A. P.

5  Marchtothemusic


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Santa Anita for Sunday 15 January 2017

OK card today and don't forget that there is racing tomorrow for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 10 race card and I imagine they will run on the grass. I also believe there is a good chance they will run on the turf today as well.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

3  Sheza Chattykat   dangerous looking prolonged work regiment for this Richard Baltas 1st time starter who shows hints of some early gas in those works.....and the fact that he names Pedroza (a good speed rider who Baltas seldom uses) to ride supports the notion

1  Pontificator   bet to favorite in his maiden debut and nearly won for her the confidence that Spawr shows as he moves his filly up one MC level......and Spawr is more dangerous with 2nd time starters

4  Christmas Carol   another Baltas 1st time starter that is training well enough and with a prolonged work regiment to possibly be ready to compete for the top prize in her maiden debut into the wonderful world that is thoroughbred racing


race 2    average clarity

1  Gio's Lady  most of career fits.......did fall backwards in her latest but it was on an off track.....race two back on a fast track is solid........1st at 7F but it appears as if it will be a good fit

6  Pomp and Party   nice looking work regiment for this D'Amato 1st time starter who acts as if she owns some early gas......and if she does this seems like a great spot to utilize it

3  Dahlia Azul   acted up at the gate and still was able to run an adjusted for trip fig that is only about 5L less than par for today's significantly lower level......lookout if she builds on the effort both physically....... and...... mentally


race 3    average clarity

3  Tiz No Buzz   away since July but returns as a 1st time gelding and drops out of MSW are good and might get claimed..... so...... Ellis likely has him fully ready or he would have given him a spin around the track in a protected race

4  Picture Tube   trainer hasn't won a route race for ages but might here with this four-year old gelding coming off of his best ever ........and the effort is hidden by a very wide run versus much tougher

1  Papa Gulf   lifetime best was his lone race to date on the SA dirt and is was at today's one mile distance.....just missed winning by a neck at two MC levels higher.....and .......he beat a couple runners entered in this field that day


race 4    below average clarity  (if off of the turf: 10-3-4-6-1)

10  Wise Curlin   solid AW (off the turf) race at GG off of a layoff in his 2nd lifetime that race this Eurton colt showed solid route speed......blinkers on today hints Eurton wants to put that speed to good use and this is a great spot as it lacks speed....decent grass pedigree......wire to wire attempt

7  Aztec Warrior   has run his best with Bejarano in the saddle and he is back aboard today after being absent for this fellows last 2 races.......might be very wound up as O'Neill works this guy 3 times over a 10 day period and the last work was a bullet

6  Bedeviled   consistently fires decent turf efforts especially at today's one mile distance......and he might feel really good as Desormeaux passed on today's mdn50K which was one of the washed out races from Thurs. canceled card that was put up today.....and he was in that Thursday race as one of the favorites and our top choice

1  Taniko

Long-shot consideration:   5  Uber Star   better a.m. work of late and the improvement is subtle as this gelding is not much of a worker......only mount of the day for Blanc who is finally off to a decent start at a meeting......and his pedigree hints he will appreciate a grass course with some give in it


race 5    below average clarity

3  Autumn Twilight   2 for 2 at today's one mile distance and one of those wins was at SA......decent spot to utilize her route speed.....running off of very short rest of 7 days is a ? mark

6  Trinity's Turn   in a little too tough in her latest.....previously she hadn't missed the board in 7 straight races (and all at today's distance) since Gonzo took over the riding responsibilities..........seems best at SA.......does tend to race wide but how wide can you be in only a 7 horse field

2  Conquest So True   lone win in 2015/16 was the only time Pedroza was up.....back up today and drops......would have rated higher if not for the fact Vladimir Cerin tends to give little away

7  Paschalitsa


race 6    below average clarity

1  Oh Marvelous    good effort in latest run just 10 days ago on a good rated SA surface and the effort is disguised as he broke slowly and ran the connections see fit to cut his claiming price in half.......same distance as his last and with a better post.....should be tough for brothers Desormeaux

3  Wrightwood    very strong route race 3 races back......then he tossed a clunker.......put way over his head in a non-claiming event in his last which was off a 2 month layoff for a tune-up.....full throttle go today at a level that fits

7  Devils Triangle  showed good early speed in a dirt route (his 1st route) and was able to graduate........retains a low percentage rider but if he has a forte it is with route speed horses

6  Bronzino


race 7    average clarity

1  Honor Maker   quite the awakening 1st at a route (and dropping out of MSW racing) for Baltas......and a very reassuring 14th best out of 160 5F work since.....last sure fits and she might build on the effort.....very tough here if she does

7  Perfect Cocktail   consistent sort seems best around two turns and she gets that today.......and she has the support of team Desormeaux.......Keith & Kent

4  Road Test   still a maiden but this is an interesting spot that the crafty O'Neill puts this filly in for......1st off she is in a protected race so O'Neill obviously wants to keep her.......2nd off her MC 30K 2nd fits at today's higher level and is disguised by breaking a little tardy and then running drill since her last....not out of this by any means

3  Rcatcanscat


race 8    average clarity

4  Foolish to Deceive   last two dirt endeavors sure look good here and he should be the speed of the speed in this spot......good front running jock in Gonzalez is aboard for the 1st time....trainer does well with limited starters especially in route races

7  Above Board   nice wake-up in his latest at SA in his 1st ever competing in a sprint.....and the effort is somewhat hidden......runs just fine in two turn dirt races......should be a major player

6  Elegant Street   quite the wake-up in his latest winning at 30 to 1 to win a one mile MSW race at Lrc........two reassuring works since......low % trainer but he is decent getting a given runner to run well again following a maiden win

3  Gotta Get Lucky


race 9    average clarity

5  Boldly True   both times Hollendorfer put this gelding in a claimer he ran two of his strongest efforts morning work and up for a tag today.......back to a top-tier jockey.......hmmmm

10  Westbrook   all of this fellow's dirt races when not wearing blinkers fit and a couple of those efforts are hidden some......good rider/trainer combo in Elliot/Puype......nice day for Elliot yesterday

3  Basinca   Diodoro is very dangerous 1st out following a claim and especially so when he steps up his new shooter multiple levels like he does with this gelding.....should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

4  Spanish Hombre

9  Annie's Candy

1  Tengas Ransom

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Santa Anita for Saturday 14 January 2017

Seems like a decent card this afternoon if the track plays fair/even as the track is drying out. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

(if taken off the turf:  2-11-8-10-3)

(AE 11  Midnight Toast  has a shot if draws into the field)

8  Place des Vosges    invader who winds up in the dangerous Baltas barn had one nice 2016 on the grass if you toss out the gooofy Kentucky Downs course (5 2 2 1) and 1 for 1 at today's 9F.......good a.m. preparation and that hasn't been easy with so many sloppy mornings of late

2  Shazara   very consistent efforts and a few of those efforts are disguised including her lone race at 9F where she racked up 7L of trip trouble and was only beaten by 4 1/4L for the top prize

9  Sugary   seemingly wants to run all day long so the 9 panels of turf should be a plus and won't be for some in this effort of her 4 career grass races was the only time she competed at 9F

1  Peach Cove


race 2    average clarity

4  Herunbridledpower   the race conditions of this race sure fit this filly well who has done little wrong in 5 lifetime races on the dirt ( 5 3 2 0)......two reassuring drills since her last.......hard not to put on top with her consistency

6  Kristie's Heart   significant awakening in her last on a "good" surface at Santa Anita.......repeat of that effort is good enough to win this.......but will the track be off once again and if not was the wake-up because of the moisture in the track or not

3  Buzzer Beater   trainer finally appears to be awakening from the doldrums.......just claimed by Dollase and his new mare is rather consistent and coming off of a 5 1/4L move by the trainer to stay with Van Dyke


race 3    average clarity

4  Winning Causeway   washy at the gate in last and still popped a very strong number that would be tough to overcome here.......don't see many reasons not to believe that he can duplicate the effort today

1  Perfect Set   solid history at the distance ( 10 3 3 3 1).....and the 1 1/16th doesn't look too friendly for many in this year old woke-up some in his latest and the effort is disguised with a bad trip and in a fast heat at one level higher.......trainer is dismal in routes but might take one down here

2  Alex Rossi   reluctant to load in his last...........six year old was impressive in his last running wide up on the pace versus much better.....and I like that the trainer was able to get him to the track to work a useful 5/8ths since as the rain has made it hard to get a.m. work done


race 4    average clarity

5  Nextdoorneighbor   talk about having the trump card for a horse......Miller is 9 for 11 with this guy.......last 4 wins going back to 8 August are when Miller trained and they are solid wins in 6 starts during that time span for 3 other trainers.....easy to put on top despite this gelding turning 10

6  Templar   last effort at SA which was run 5 races ago is a par like effort and it was at today's 6 1/2 furlongs......that day apprentice Rosie Higgins was up and today a more accomplished apprentice Austin Solis is up

3  Finallygotabently   claimed in his last 4 races and winds up back where all the trainer changes started as in the Meredith barn.......7 yr old appreciates the 6 1/2 distance ( 6 2 1 1)

2  Atascaderan


race 5    above average clarity

1  Vale Dori   like her race 2 back where she crushed by 10 lengths at SA she sure appears to have a spot that lacks speed and she should be totally in control of the race.......and she has trained nicely since her Grade 2 win on Dec 2nd

3  Wild At Heart   Richard Mandella has gotten the most out of this filly the three times he has put her in Graded dirt races (3 0 2 1).......Grade 2 today and draws Prat to ride who knows her well having been up for more than half of her career starts

5  Autumn Flower   2 for 3 at SA on the dirt.......1 for 10 racing elsewhere........still........she will need the race of her life to have any shot at the circle of joy in this spot


race 6    below average clarity  

(if taken off the turf: 13-14-4-1-7-6 )

(if any of AE's 12, 13 or 14 draw into the field they have a shot)

5  Another One   broke a little tardy and then showed plenty of life in her MSW debut which was also on the grass but at only 5F over at Del Mar.......very strong past the wire......two endurance building works since......rather sure she will appreciate the extra distance offered today

7  Go Argento   5 lifetime races:  3 dull efforts which were run off of short rest and 2 good efforts that were not.......away 6 weeks which seems like ample time off for her to run a strong race.......cut back turf route to a race down the hill usually works out well

1  Goseecal   par like efforts on the dirt since Cerin and company took over.......owns an OK pedigree to handle the turf.......might really finish up well coming off of a steady diet of route racing if she takes to the green carpet

10  Beauty Divine


race 7    average clarity

7  Hitters Park   rather sure this Peter Miller 1st time starter is meant and ready to pop a strong effort at 1st asking as he shows a prolonged work regiment......and he finished off his a.m. preparation with a couple of strong 6F works

4  Valiant Minister   expensive 1st time starter from Baffert and company is working as if "the beat goes on" for the world-class trainer with yet another dangerous looking 1st time starter......and mom has tossed a reassuring 6 winners from 6 starters

2  Aces Wired   Mullins is as hot of late as he has been for some time and appears as if he might keep the good times coming with this 1st timer who has put in plenty of furlongs of solid work for his MSW debut.......and like our 2nd choice comes from a broodmare who has been perfect so in 4 winners from 4 starters

6  Gato Dolce

Long-shot consideration:  3 Southern Keys   last Spring this colt trained great at SA and for some reason debuted on the AW at great at SA once again for his 2nd lifetime start and this go around he gets to compete where he works......project him to go off at the highest odds in the field


race 8    average clarity

3  Crosscheck Carlos   lifetime best and by a wide margin was the only time this three-year old colt competing at 6 1/2 furlong.......wins this if he can duplicate the effort on the SA surface as that stellar race was at Lrc

2  Causa   not much at a route in his 2nd lifetime start.....but......his sprint debut also at 6 1/2F was good and somewhat disguised by a wide trip.....and my guess is he is up for even better this afternoon off of a 4th best out of 110 to work at 4F drill since his last......that work stands out as his best ever and by quite a margin

1  Tipo Duro   double barrel action from Eurton as he also trains our 2nd selection......and very similar as he won his debut and then failed at a route........back to Prat who was aboard for the win......such a deal


race 9    above average clarity

7  Take City by Storm   solid work series for this Miyadi MC 1st timer especially considering the trainer doesn't usually push them too hard in the a.m.......seems ready at 1st asking and in a weak field

9  We Go Now   solid wake-up race with the blinkers taken off for the very 1st time.......would have been top choice if I wasn't a little leery about him flattening out some at the extended sprint distance of 6 1/2 furlongs

2  Quiet Dude   nice forward move with 1st time Nakatani in his latest......should fit well here if he manages to build on the effort.....jock sure is looking good in his bid to break back into the S Cal racing circuit

8  Pam Sisters

5  Baroque

1  Malusita Tower

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Santa Anita for Friday 13 January 2017

Take note that our calendar had us not covering Monday's race card. That is incorrect. We will not be covering the Sunday, January 22 race card. 

Small fields, a drying out track, a difficult card to decipher, and hey, it's Friday the 13th. Confidence level is low.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

3  Three Eclipse   lifetime best by far was this colt's lone race at SA where he won racing awfully wide and in a fig/effort the fits fine today's level......that race was at 6 1/2F and 6F seems like a better fit.....such a deal

5  Yodelers Way   most likely to snatch the front end and he is also capable of running well off of the pace which he successfully did in his latest.......Elliot has fit this colt well (2 1 1 0)

2  Blazingulch   last two races fit just fine......but his only race at SA is not a good one.......deserves another chance?


race 2    below average clarity

1  Blanket of Ice    race 2 back run at SA fits decently here and his latest run at Lrc is even stronger.......and if the track is "off" he should handle it OK as he has in his two lifetime off track efforts

2  Midvale Magic   likely lured into the 16K nw3 to take advantage of the condition.....if this gelding is in good physical condition Hollendorfer will likely have him primed for a top effort as he knows he might lose him by way of the claim

3  Xingontothebone    chased a brutal pace in last which did him in......back in 12 days rest and drops once again......likely hurting to some degree but he appears to be the most likely leader in the race and handles off tracks decently


race 3    below average clarity

2  Orejas   trainer hasn't won with his last 20 with 90+ day layoffs but this MSW drop down is a 1st time gelding and adds is his work tab you say?.........quite good

5  Loud Stalker   Steven Miyadi owns solid stats with blinkers off and 1st time route.......his colt who is coming off of his best race to date gets both today.......T C Baze remains aboard and the jock sure is off to a good start to the SA meeting as he is tied with Prat for the lead

4  Marq One   ran evenly versus better with no support at the windows let's rack that up as a public work-out......and the fact that this colt is back in very short rest supports the notion.......expecting more what degree is the question mark


race 4    average clarity

2  Basic Bo0ts   drop back into claiming makes sense as the 25K nw2 level is where Sherlock claiming this filly for 3 races back.......both races since the claim fit well here and one of them was with a surface with some moisture in recent reassuring work.....should be tough

6  Albeit   cut back in distance seems like a plus........rider upgrade should be a plus.......and of course the drop down in class should be a plus......all that and a nice reassuring 5F drill since her last......a superfecta of reasons to consider using this filly

1  Tangled Up in Ju    seems at her best competing at SA and the only time today's rider Edwin Maldonado rode she won by 9 1/2L and it was at SA.......dangerous sort for a jock trying to get his mojo back


race 5    average clarity

4  Eileen's Girl   best lifetime dirt race came turf to dirt.......same scenario today and she just ran her best grass effort logically she might be up for her best dirt race o date.......will be tough if that happens

3  That's a Lady   good history racing at SA.......barn is on fire and some of that success is with Luis Contreras in the saddle......and if there is moisture left in the track it is reassuring that this filly handled in off track at SA last April

6  Perfect Pic   every race including a couple that are quite disguised fit fine at today's nw alw level if of course she can run as well at a route as she does in a sprint......pedigree hints she should......might try to get loose and lonely on the lead


race 6    average clarity

6  Aquamarine    nicely bred Baffert 1st time starter owns quite a few works of merit and has worked well out of the gate 3 times which strongly suggests he is very well-meant in his MSW debut.....and considering the trainer that is one scary proposition

3  Aristocratic   strong MSW debut for this three-year old colt (ironically for Baffert) now winds up in the O'Neill barn as Kaleem Shah has left the Baffert barn.......might hurt some if he gets beat by his old trainer today

5  My Man Chuckles   another Doug O'Neill possible contender.........1st time starter is working well enough to possibly be ready in his MSW debut.......and mom has tossed an impressive 7 winners from 7 starters including a Stakes winner

2  Invasion Looming


race 7    average clarity

(if off the turf:  7-8-5-6-1)   race was off turf scratch the 1 and the 8

7  Tapped   all three lifetime races on the dirt fit solidly here if she can produce similar on the grass......she owns an adequate pedigree to handle it and she should have plenty of endurance coming off of two straight route races to finish up strongly down the hill

5  Miss Sunset   another with dirt races that fit well if she handles the turf the same ability.......should be in the mix from the get go if she is a "turf" runner......we shall see

8  Hot in the City   has what our top two choices do not as in a proven ability on the sod.......won 5F MSW turf debut at GG....very strong a.m. work since.....not out of this by any means

6  Go On Mary


race 8   below average clarity

8  Pashito   SCRATCHED OUT OF RACE   trainer is 2 for his last 5 with MC 1st time starters with 2 others hitting the board........and the prolonged work regiment that finished up with a few of his very best works sure hints Michael McCarthy has another MC ready at 1st asking

7  Via Fermato   all three lifetime races run in Spring and early Summer are a few lengths short of what it usually takes to win at today's MC level.....and the preparatory works for his layoff run hint he has grown up some with the time off.....we shall see

5  Dixie Ballet   Richard Baltas has had this 1ster in training for a long time with not great but OK drills........with so many "OK" drills put in he should be fit we will find out how much ability he has

6  Beauty Has Power

3  Pop Pop's Pizza

2  Tanzor



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Santa Anita for Sunday 8 January 2017

Mud floated or a drying out good track seems likely. No clue if they will let the races stay on the grass which likely is rather soft at the moment. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1   below average clarity 

(if taken off of the turf  12-13-6-1-14-5)

2  Zaffinah   tough to gauge this German invader but a 4 1/2L beaten 5th versus the guys in her last which was a Grade 3 appears solid versus this lackluster group of MSW grass runners.......that is of course if Carava has him ready off of the layoff of 4 months

10  Irish Dame    on the improve and seems poised for even better........cut back in distance appears to be a plus........bad post but somewhat negated by a rider upgrade

8  Paddy Jean   decent route turf speed for a young our 2nd choice 1/16 less seems to be a plus.........has shot at wiring the field

5  Ciao Bella Rosa


race 2    average clarity

7  Country Road    very every wide trip in his latest hides a significant move forward......decent ride two back.......looking for Baze to bounce back and give a much better trip this afternoon.....if he does and this gelding shows the effort/energy he showed in has

3  Libertarian   sprint-sprint-scenario/maneuver here and with a pedigree for this gelding that should take to a route......showed improvement in his 2nd start.......seems poised for better

1  Royal Rebel   one lifetime race fits and it was the only time this 5-year-old gelding raced at SA without blinkers.......that is the case today.......1st at a route is a ? mark......solid 6F work 10 days ago it Slr at least hints he is prepared for one

4  Grits and Guts


race 3    average clarity

7  Anthonysgotgame   runs well with ample time between starts and gets far at his best at Santa in the a.m........might be able to get a nice outside stalk position

2  Forest Blue   Peter Miller with a horse dropping.......hard to beat these days.......trainer has been hot for an impressive length of time

4  Bolitar   O'Neill sees fit to drop this colt a couple of claiming levels off of only 7 days rest and he gets Bejarano to ride for the 1st time.......trainer bucks the trend as he is decent getting horses to fire off of abbreviated rest

5  El Koreano


race 4    above average clarity

7  Potente Alba   very strong move forward in his 2nd lifetime endeavor running 3 wide while pressing a decent pace......that energy/effort displayed sure fits solidly today if he can duplicate it on the Santa surface surface

2  Patience Ofa Saint   very strong work tab for this Ed Freeman 1st time starter and when the conditioner shows good works with a new shooter in the morning you can usually count on a good effort in the afternoon

8  Mr. Hinx   nice tightly spaced works for this Miyadi 1ster and I like that the last two are out of the gate......especially the 5F gate work on 26 Dec.......the trainer doesn't work them too hard so the 101 flat gate work deserves more merit/attention than it often would

4  Cal Cal Li Gowchis


race 5    average clarity  (if taken off of the turf  2-1-9-7-13-10)

1  Start a Runnin   need to lead type has a shot of getting the lead and lookout if he does as he sure is tough to get by in the stretch.....reassuring sharp a.m. work since his ride/trainer combo

5  Junior Gilliam   on the improve and his latest improvement is hidden by a tough trip.....dangerous in this spot if he holds form and gets a better trip

2  Atta' Boy Woody   strong move forward in latest in a one mile dirt race.......that effort/fig sure is solid here if course he can duplicate it on the so effort in his lone grass endeavor but it was run a long time ago.......and he is bred very well for the sod

9  The Big Train

Long-shot consideration:  6  Sir Cal  best on the grass and just ran his best dirt race logically he might be up for his best grass race ever today.......fits here at a price if he is


race 6    average clarity

5  Avicii   seems like a decent claim by O'Neill and friends and they might have lucked out if the track stays "off" because this 6 year old mare has shown an infinity for the off going.....and she still looks decent in this spot if we get a "fast" track

3  Yodelsong   distance fits......SA surface fits (well at least the "fast" rated SA surface)........and I like the small drop for this Mike Harrington four-year old filly......and this girl seems to run best with ample time off between starts and gets it

8  Warrnsdollarsigns   seems to show his best early speed when running in sprints with extended run-ups.......7F at SA qualifies for on the lead and has a shot of getting it here....... ( 5 2 1 0) at 7 panels

1  Midnight Candy


race 7    average clarity

6  Distinctive B   vastly improved since the blinkers were put on and appears to be the speed of the speed......and he has the ability to go eye to eye in fast pace with any challengers and still win.....few have that ability

1  Eric the Trojan    one for one on an off track and the race was at SA......and he ran 2nd on a drying out track also run at SA.......that bodes well for his chances of taking to today's SA surface

4  Moe Candy   needs ample time between starts and gets it........Sadler is red hot.......5 year old seems highly likely to make a good account of himself this afternoon

3  Stormy Rocit


race 8    average clarity

3  Unique Bella   won for fun in her latest to graduate in style.......and her a.m. work since is off the charts good for a three-year old filly.......good pedigree for an off surface

8  Shane's Girlfriend   not out of this by any means having won her MSW debut by a 6L and then won a Grade 3 at Ded by a 13L........yikes......and the cut back in distance of one furlong should really make for a runner with an abundance of endurance when push comes to shove

9  It Tiz Well   won by 10 lengths up on a fast pace while running 3 wide.....very strong adjusted for pace and position Santucci fig......another very good-looking young filly and for a trainer in Hollendorfer who knows how to develop them

5  Princess Karen


race 9    below average clarity

5  Jet Set Man   solid MSW debut down the SA hill setting a nasty pace and still almost hung on for the win.......not so out in his next in a turf route.....back to a sprint today albiet a dirt sprint.....but.....he sure trains on the dirt as if it won't be a problem whatsoever

6  Desert General   broke poorly and then showed he can run some in his MSW debut......blinkers on for today so he has a chance of breaking much better........and his trainer Sean McCarthy has a good history 1st time he puts the blinkers on

9  Afendi   decent work tab for this Richard Baltas MSW 1st timer......and his pal Bejarano is aboard......seems dangerous

8  Gosofar

3  Informality

11  Gutsy Effort

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