Please take note of our racing calendar for the rest of 2016: Del Mar – no publication available Thursday 1 September……Los Alamitos – no publication available Sept. 15th thru Sept. 18th ……..Santa Anita – no publication available the 9th and 10th of Oct.

The Racing Digest  is now available for Sunday.

26 Aug 18:   1st race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 4th pick $342.40. 3rd race 4th pick, top pick exacta $142.40. 5th race pick 3 was 4th, 3rd, top pick $1,194.20. 5th race pick 4 was 4th, 3rd, top, 2nd pick $2,180,60. 6th race exacta was 3rd pick, 2nd pick $254.40.

21 Aug 16:  Top selection won 6 of the 10 races and 2nd choice won 1. Hit 3 exacta's COLD in races 2, 5 and 9 paying $20.80, $22.40 & $36.40 respectively. Hit the 9th race trifecta ICE COLD for $193.00. 5th race double was top choice, 2nd choice $48.40

19 Aug 16:   Top selection won 4 of the 8 carded races and ran 2nd by a nose in the nightcap costing a couple of folks the pick 6. Ouch! 1st race pick 5 was top, 3rd, long-shot play, top, 4th pick $4,600.40. 4th race pick 3 was top, 4th, top pick $180.20. 6th race top choice, 3rd choice exacta paid $68.00. 6th race double hit ICE COLD $40.40. 

18 Aug 16:   After any scratches:   1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 2nd pick for $22,217.00. 3rd race pick 6 was 4th, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $290,848. 4th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick for $818.40. 4th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $80.60. 5th race 2nd pick, top pick exata $33.60. 5th race pick 4 was 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $917.80. 8th race exacta hit COLD $20.20. I am a midwest boy and in many ways may heart is with Arlington Park but I love Southern California racing

17 Aug 16:   After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd pick $8,768.20. races 1 thru 3 pick 3's were $360.80, $272.80, $395.60. race 4 pick 3 was 2nd, 3rd, 3rd pick for $298.00 5th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 3rd pick for $538.00. Not too shabby on a day the pick 6 was not hit.

Arlington Million day 2016 review:  After any scratches our top choice won 4 of the 10 races ($6.20, $11.00, $4.20, $10.80 for a 60% profit) including the Beverly D and the Arlington Million.  8th race Beverly D. exacta was hit ICE COLD for $68.60. Beverly D. / Million double also hit ICE COLD for $35.40. 6th race pick 4 was 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $320.80. 10th race superfecta box of 4 given picks paid $354.40

11 Aug 16:   Top choice again won 5 of the 8 races and 2nd choice won one. Two given long-shot suggestions ran 2nd and a 3rd. 5th race pick 4 hit ICE COLD paying $298.20 (or to put it another way that is a 148 to 1 shot!) 7th race top choice, 4th choice exacta $76.00. 8th race top choice, 3rd choice exacta $30.20.

10 August 16:  Top choice won 5 of the 8 races and 2nd choice won one. Only long-shot suggestion ran well finishing 4th despite a bad trip.

3 Aug 16:   After any scratches:  1st race trifecta box of 3 given picks $36.40. 1st double 2nd choice, top choice $20.20. 2nd race trifecta hit COLD $18.60. 4th race pick 3 was all 3rd picks and paid $427.80. 5th race pick 4 was 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick $4,197.60. 6th race superfecta box of our selections paid $1,413.40. 8th race superfecta was 4th, 3rd, 2nd, top choice for $2,644.40. Not too shabby of a day considering nobody hit the pick 6.

29 July 16:   1st race pick 5 was 4th, 2nd, 4th, top, top pick for $13,4474.40. 1st race 4th pick, top pick exacta $74.80. 4th race exacta hit COLD $22.00. 7th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $38.00. 7th race double was 2nd pick, 2nd pick $41.40

22 July 16:    After any scratches:   1st race Place Pick 8 was top, 2nd, top, 2nd, top, top, top, top pick for $2,822.00. 1st race pick 3 all 2nd choices for $97.80. 1st race exacta 2nd pick, top pick $23.80 (Q $16.60). 3rd race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $15.40. 5th race pick 4 hit ICE COLD $130.80. (that's 64 to 1 ) 7th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $38.00. 7th race trifecta hit COLD $17.20. 

15 July 16:   Decent start to the Del Mar summer meet   After any scratches:  1st race pick 5 was 3rd, top, 3rd, top, 2nd pick for $7,737.60.  1st race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $72.60. 1st race pick 3 was 3rd, top, 3rd pick $659.60. 2nd race exacta was top pick, 3rd pick $54.40. 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $26.80. 7th race 2nd choice, 3rd choice double paid $179.20.

542 races covered at the 2016 winter/spring Santa Anita meeting. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $1084. The return $1175. That is a 8.4% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 4th meeting over the last 4 1/2 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 8.4 or higher. And the other 3 were 14% or higher but shorter meetings like Del Mar. (see below)

2014 Del Mar Meeting (late Fall):   122 races run at Del Mar. Using a $2 base the cost if you wagered on our top choice each and every race would be $244. The return $281.20. That is a 15% profit. My guess is most of our competition wasn't even profitable with their "best bet" or "best bets" or "fair value plays". That is the 3rd meeting over the last 3 1/2 years that playing our top selection each and every race turned a profit of 14% or higher.

15 Aug 15 Special pub. for Arlington Park:  After any scratches: 1st race pick 3 was 3rd, 3rd, 4th pick $266.40. 4th race double hit COLD $10.00. Nice 7th race returns: 7th race exacta hit COLD $60.40. 7th race pick 3 was top, 4th, 4th pick $1,203.40. 7th race pick 4 was top, 4th, 4th, 4th pick $6,696.20. 7th race superfecta box of 4 given picks $560.20. 9th race pick 3 was 4th, 4th, 2nd pick for $2,946.20. 10th race trifecta box of top 5 picks $1,135.40. 11th race trifecta box of top 3 picks $216.00. I am a Midwest boy and it was great to play back at home even though I have to say I do love Southern Cal racing!


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Del Mar for Sunday 28 August 2016

Make sure you check our calendar as there are a few days over the next 4 weeks that no publication will be available.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Mr. Cartagena   gelding was forced to alter his running style in last and ran a strong race from off the pace......he was able to get up for the win despite running very wide.......hopefully the connections learned something from the effort and will take back once again as I believe the pace will be a hot one

6  Jonny's Choice   turf to dirt and 2nd out after the Mullins claim........likely can sit in a nice stalk position behind our 4th selection.....a very dangerous proposition with Prat on his back

8  Roman Tizzy    claimed for 20K in his latest and drops to 12.5K.......trainer has won 2 of his last 4 drops after a claim......seems dangerous

3  Rough Passage


race 2    below average clarity

3  Lambo Luxx   last sure appeared to be a public work-out to tune-up and drop into easier today.......the switch to Prat hints today is a "go" as almost everything has been "live" when Carava puts up the jock

1  Two Six Wins   checked and fell back and still came back to nearly win the 16 July version of this race....really liked the way he finished......Stevens stays up which seems more significant than usual because this is a low level race...... and Gary is quite choosy these days and seldom rides in "cheap" races

2  Nueces   ship and win bonus money is at stake so you would think Hollendorfer will have his new shooter from the Midwest ready to roll

4  Louden's Gray


race 3    average clarity

3  Salsita   nicely improved mare 2nd out for Baltas ......and today she gets same post - same rider - same surface - and extra 1/16th to negotiate which sure appears to be a positive for 40K to nw alw is only a baby step tougher

5  Lunar Express   double barrel action from Baltas as he also conditions our top selection........Baze sure appears to have the front end here and I think the pace will be very reasonable.......very dangerous.....hard to split the top two

6  Holograeme   seems to be on a rebound sorts and that is a dangerous proposition when The D'A and Prat are at the helm

4  Frulian


race 4    below average clarity

1  Cairo Healer   speed and endurance put into this Baffert 1st timer who appears ready to roll at 1st asking......and speed wins the great majority of the 5 1/2 races at Del Mar

10  Rafter One   Pender 1st timer is working as if he has an abundance of speed for Stevens to work with which is a good thing with his far outside post......Pender has had a better Dmr meeting than his record indicates

6  T. Montana   one of only two mounts on the day for Espinoza who sure has been on live mounts the entire so drills for this Miller 1ster except for the 3 gate works which are nice.....hmmm

3  Hot Sean

Long-shot consideration:   2  Monster Man   Hansen isn't exactly a trainer of merit with 1sters but this colt is training too well to ignore....believe he is well meant and ready for his debut


race 5    average clarity

4  Princess Roi   showed good early speed in MSW debut and ran 2nd.....blinkers on and Prat sticks around for the red hot Richard Baltas.....move forward seems likely in lifetime start number two

7  R Sunday Surprise   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime start and the effort is hidden but a wide trip after a slightly slow start....and the a.m. work since is quite a bit better.....believe she moves forward again......O'Neill (who has been extremely over bet this meeting) could use a win and might get one here

9  Dreamy Gal   a lot like our 2nd choice as his effort is disguised by trip trouble......better journey and a move in the desired direction and she will be a major player today

Long-shot consideration:   5  Just Be Held   dull works but tightly spaced likely has wound this two year old filly up to some degree and in a way that goes unnoticed quite often....and her last work was only 4 days ago.....feeling good


race 6    below average clarity

1  All Call   bad trip 1st time competing in S Cal hides the effort.....claimed by Carava and he gets his go to guy and the highly sought after Prat to this fellows races at today's 9F....and he appears best on very firm turf the kind of firmness you see all summer long in S Cal

8  Freddies Dream   Freddies dream might be for races carded at 1 1/8th when the grass is firm which of course it will be this gelding is a perfect 3 for 3 on firm turf at 9 furlongs and 2 of those are on the new Dmr turf

7  Bird E House   woke up some in last and since then he put in his best looking work since May.....rebounding and I like the rider change

11 AE  Unusual Fleet

5  Infinite Magic


race 7    average clarity

4  Mo'Vette   on the improve with almost each work-out seemingly has the Baltas 1st timer ready to roll in his MSW debut

3  Jeweled   OK MSW debut but not to the ones that bet on her at odds on.....Baffert goes to Prat....definitely gets a another shot as well as she worked prior to her debut and as hard as she was supported at the windows in her debut

1  Spooky Woods   nice works at LA for this 1st timer and Hollendorfer has done fairly well training at LA and having success with his 1sters.....few people have

6  My Alchemist


race 8    above average clarity

1  Enola Gray   has won all three lifetime races and by an average of almost NINE lengths.....and incredibly hasn't missed a beat in the morning......that'll do

7  Bellamentry   owns plenty of ability but comes from the same barn as our top choice....both have speed but I doubt the D'A wants them to guess is this one will stalk as she has won from off of the pace

3  Kay Kay   should be closing the best she can late hoping for a few "off form" efforts from our top two choices

8  Belvoir Bay


race 9    below average clarity

5  Ultimate Luck  should get a nice stalk position in this the cut back in distance as this gelding tends to flatten some past on mile......trainer has done well with limited starts

1  Bow Howdy   dueled in brutal pace in last at 7F doing well to only to be beaten by 3 3/4 lengths at the wire....bullet sped drill since.....wire to wir is possible if he can shake free from our 4th pick and maybe the 8 horse

4  Tribal Tribute   very wide trip on the grass earning an effort better than par when adjusted for being so wide.....that was on the sod but he might be better on the dirt......might sit back some and fly late

3  Prime Issue


race 10    average clarity

3  Complimentary  exits a productive race with the winner coming back to win again and 2nd place finisher running another 2nd in a MSW the drop here sure seems meaningful as does the the switch to Prat who does ever so well with young turf runners

6  Tinderella   Mullins youngster has run par or better for a great portion of her career for today's lowest maiden level of her life since arriving in the good old U S of A....should be a major player

7  Sassy Ashley   drop into MC for the 1st time should obviously help  and you have a dangerous rider/trainer combo......but the distance might hurt as her staying power is not so hot at one mile little lone a mile and one sixteenth....we shall see

8  Latina Mo

9  Pyscho Sister

1  Holiday Movie

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Del Mar for Saturday 27 August 2016


race 1    average clarity

8  Fans On the Run   trainer is still looking for his 1st win at the meeting and might get it here as the works since his claim from Bill Spawr are quite a bit improved.....that and the fact that his new shooter has had a race over the Dmr surface.....which  has been a very good thing for most of this meeting

2  Etailer   might prefer Dmr and that might be the reason (impetus) O'Neill (sure could use a few wins) is willing to drop and risk losing this 3-year-old as this is likely his last shot to run on its surface for a couple of months

6  Exemplar   might be best on the Dmr surface and that is somewhat that he is placed for the lowest tag he has run at off of the layoff it hints he is ready fresh as opposed to being placed higher at a claim protected level

5  Tomasino


race 2    average clarity

9  Jimmy the Juice   sure showed he can handle the Del Mar surface with a wide trip 4th in a fast heat (for the given level) at five furlongs it's back in a route which he can handle.... and.... many in here might not handle

1  Above Board   suspicious drop but on the other hand he shows solid works since his vastly improved last.....and Prat wants the mount.....rate it 60/40 he is in good enough condition to fire another strong race

6  Latest Craze   another O'Neill drop (2nd choice race 1 is the other) .......2 of 4 lifetime dirt routes fit fine in this spot

7  He's a Knockout


race 3    above average clarity

5  Masochistic   has to slip off of form not to dominate this race from start to finish.....2 for 2 at 7F is reassuring as is his stellar a.m. prowess

3  Vyjack   interesting shake-up for this once very promising trainer in D'Amato and he sees fit to sprint this six-year-old who has been are eye-popping strong......2 for 3 at 7 furlongs in races run a long time ago........should be motoring late


race 4    below average clarity

1  Dream It Do It   consistent but nothing special......but this is a dismal field where consistency makes it a no brainer for me to put this Miller runner on top

3  Thunder Basin   decent shot to put in a strong stretch run as there seems to be plenty of weak speed in this affair.....that is if Mulhall has this gelding fit enough off of the layoff

9  Dynamic Scoring   race two back fits quite well and this Kruljac three-year old is in an every other pattern.....nice recent reassuring work at LA.......dangerous and at a price

8  Redneck Crazy

Long-shot consideration:   2  Runassaurus Rex   away since May of 2015 but fired fresh decently in 2014 and 2015.....and man does this spot seem like a good place for a new face in the crowd


race 5    average clarity

8  Leveler   nearly won a fast heat at one mile on the dirt in her 1st ever at a route......and she was given a wide jock today and a new in turf.......pedigree suggests she should make the transition especially as good as the D'A does on the turf

4  Anythingcanhappen   copious furlongs of work (with an impressive one mile drill to boot)  and outstanding grass breeding scream ready for this R Mandella 1st timer.....and my favorite jock with young developing grass horses in Pratt gets the call

6  C. C. Zipp   rider has been horrendous on the grass (winless on the sod - OK still on the dirt) at the meeting but he almost brought this one home wire to wire in her 1st ever on the lawn....and the cut back in distance for today appears to be a plus

3  Lauren's Export


race 6    above average clarity

8  Skye Diamonds   away since early April but proven "fresh"......has never seen the Del Mar dirt but I sure like 6 rather decent works over it's many early in the meeting with just a couple of works needed a race even when the works were solid.......different story here with 6 works.....Machowsky is white-hot and appears to have made another sharp move here.....rider/trainer are 4 for their last 6

9  Passionate Emotion   claimed by Glatt 6 weeks ago and he must like what he sees to step up his three-year old multiple levels......filly sure likes Dmr with two wins and a 2nd in three starts on its new dirt surface.....another hot rider/trainer combo....3 for their last 6

10  Paschalitsa   turf route to dirt 6 1/2 furlong sprint maneuver here.......and the improvement in the works since her 1st grass sure appear to have muscled her win and 2 2nd's running 6 1/2F or further

3  Kristie's Heart


race 7    average clarity  

3 Nodiac   last 4 races were in Stakes races and all of them fit in this easier level and a couple of them are disguised by bad trips........D'Amato and company are likely looking for a confidence builder

2  Patriot Diamond   seems to like one mile on the grass......3 races run at one mile on the sod - a 2nd and a 3rd in 2 Stakes races and a bad trip decent adjusted for trouble fig in another which was her latest race......good post and seems likely to get a nice ground saving stalk position at least thru turn 1

6  Sutton's Smile   seems best with a target to run at and I believe that will be the strategy today......should be able is sit in a nice mid pack position

10  How Unusual


race 8    average clarity

3  Miss Sunset   impressive MSW debut especially visually.........strong couple of drills last time she should be a factor from the opening bell

2  You're Late   double barrel action for Bonde as he also trains our top selection......smooth looking runner might get a nice stalking trip like she did in winning her latest in style

1  Dixie Chick Rocks   overcame trouble and gamely came from mid pack to graduate in her latest.......might get the pace she needs up front today to be a major factor late when push comes to shove


race 9    average clarity

2  Life's Blessings   hard not to be impressed by this 1st timers last two drills which by my thinking supersedes the gap of 18, 12 and 11 days prior to the last couple of strong works.......we shall see

3  Soul Singer   good a.m. work for this Miller 1st time starter and I like that Espinoza is up as most everything he has been up on this meeting has been has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters including a Stakes winner

6  Americana   very aggressive work regiment for this Hollendorfer 1st time starter hitting the track every 6 days since July 15.....and just like our top two selections she sure appears meant and ready for her MSW debut

8  Hansen Tale Blues


race 10    below average clarity

7  American Aristocrat   can be tough in this spot if he duplicates his effort put forth in his latest and gets a better trip......Lindsay has struggled on the grass as so many bug boys do so I like the switch to Perez........and (5 3 1 0) at the distance seems significant

1  Temple Keys   shorter quicker works of late hint they want this deep closer to not be so far back early as he sure looked more formidable in his last sitting mid pack in instead of in the rear.....sure seems like a smart move by Baltas who is making all the right moves lately

11 AE  Lindante   very bad trip in last......toss it out.........solid race two back and he produced the effort (that fits here) even though he appeared to be rather washy.....very dangerous if Garcia can manage a good trip from his outside post

10  Sir Cal....

8  Matriculate

5  Antolian Heat

4  Glory Bound

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Del Mar for Friday 26 August 2016

Take note that the first post time today is 3:30 pacific time. Seems like a decent card. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

8  Westmont   owns good speed and speed has been dynamite at 5 1/2F this meeting........decent speed rider......good trainer with 2-year-old runners........last should do the trick unless I am wrong about the 3rd choice slipping

4  Pacific Song   useful MC debut in last and claimed......and the works since the claim (and putting on the blinkers) are improved suggesting his new trainer Mike McCarthy has a good handle on his new addition to his barn

2  Rim Ditch   this drop out of MSW racing to maiden claiming makes little sense to yours truly.......two nice MSW 2nd's with a low percentage rider up......only one drill since his last 6 weeks ago......little doubt in my mind they want to lose the horse.....but.....maybe the youngster has one decent enough effort left in him to handle easier than he has been facing

1  Mikeys Glory


race 2    average clarity

2  A Red Tie Day   last is better than appears in print with about 6L of trip trouble.....but maybe more importantly this Baltas grass runner was gelded since his last and the works since are very believe the surgery improved this fellow like they hoped it would and that it will show today

1  Papacoolpapacool   seems like a good spot to put the blinkers on especially with a recent speed work put this spot seems to favor those up close early and I think we will see this fellow up close today.....trainer is solid 1st time blinkers and 3rd out following a layoff.....both being the case today

3  Poshsky   strong race two back fits here.......and he won at today's 9F on the turf last Fall at Dmr in solid time.......I noted there was a lack of support at the windows in his last and his race looked a bit like a public work-out of sorts.....why?......maybe to put some doubts into the minds of the claiming vultures so as to drop into high-priced claiming and not get snatched away


race 3    average clarity

7  Bernin Sensation   4 straight gate works for this Baffert 1st time starter strongly suggests he is "meant and ready" in his MSW Cal trainer and top Cal rider finally have teamed up on a consistent basis (what took them so long) and the combination has been consistently over 40% win and 80% in the money for some time now.....yikes

6  What'sontheagenda   good debut and decent works since.....likely needs a small move forward today to hit the winners circle and might provide one

1  Unbridled Envy   difficult post for some youngsters to handle but the works here are too good to ignore for this Yakteen first time starter....not out of this if this colt has a good head on his shoulders to deal with the 1 post in his debut into the wonderful world....... that is .......thoroughbred racing

4  Oopper Wallah


race 4    average clarity

5  El Koreano   improving speed horse smartly steps up following the Knapp claim....5 1/2F has been very speed friendly this meeting and this three-year old gelding can really turn it on early......and Knapp is a solid 8 for his last 32 1st after a claim

4  Pete's Play Call   strong effort (and disguised bad a bad trip) the last time this gelding was up for a tag....and back to the jock who rode that day........plenty of speed signed up for this mid pack runner to close into......trainer has had a very good meeting

1  Swiss Minister   claimed for 50K and drops to 32K.....yikes....but the trainer Tim McCanna is 3 for his last 6 dropping after a claim with two others hitting the board.....seems dangerous

8  Big Finish


race 5    average clarity

8  Breathe   2 par like figs in two lifetime starts but what catches my eye more is the vast improvement in early speed......and it appears this Sadler filly is capable of performing without a clear lead which might come in handy here

5  Escapee   best race by far was her MSW debut (and at Del Mar) and the effort is better than appears in print......she had to duel in a brutal set of fractions for the given day and predictably tired.....seems cranked up like she was for her debut.......if she is ready fresh off of the bench she has a decent shot at being be loose on the lead

2  Drama Fina   Marty Jones year in and year out is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters and this fillies first lifetime endeavor wasn't bad.....highly likely to move forward and be a factor in this spot

1  Perfect Pic


race 6    average clarity

3  Rangi    didn't draw in from the AE list in an open 40K claiming race and then in an optional 40K nw alw race both times as the morning line it was a bit forced that he ended up in an optional 62.5K nw2 alw race......but he did not embarrass himself with a 3/4rds of a length 3rd.....gets that 40K today where he looks like the one to overcome from start to finish

1  Jazzy Josh   two good races at 5F on the turf at Dmr in two last year and then in his latest race which was the 27 July version of this race.......if he is up for a 3rd good 5F turf race today he has a good chance to close from mid pack and maybe close past them all

6  Zuri Chop   decent 3rd at today's same level especially considering it was run off of a layoff....and the a.m. work since the race hint the race muscled him up some and that a move forward can occur today

2  Hot Market


race 7    below average clarity

10  Accelerate   hellooooo route racing.....major move forward 1st at a route in latest......dealt with a very strong pace and was still able to run a 1:34:3.....3 reassuring works since hints he is still in good form/health.......repeat of his last would be tough to overcome

2  Taman Guard   rider upgrade for this gelding who attempts a route for the 1st time in his career......pedigree to handle one especially at the distance of one mile is quite good.....does need to avoid a speed duel with our top selection one way or another

9  Who's Out   nice history with Mike Smith aboard (4 2 2 0).......might sit pretty stalking our top two selections who might bang heads some

4  Spanish Hombre   SCRATCHED


race 8    average clarity

6  If You Believe   dueled on a dull rail in last which hides a par like effort.....previous race was around two turns which he didn't seem to care for.....race 3 back was another par like effort at today's same level........should be in the mix early.....improved little work since his trainer.....plenty of positives

10  Buzzer Beater   all three races sprinting since the blinkers were put on fit fine here.......and Hartman is starting to get a good feel for what it takes to win in S Cal........but this runner does need to get over his tendency to hang

5  Yavrig   on the right end of the learning curve and if the tendency continues he might be the one to overcome......7F seems like it is within his range and won't be for many in this maiden $20K for the girls and gals

1  Sunday Creek

2  Bulkan  SCRATCHED

8  Tanager



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Del Mar for Thursday 25 August 2016

OK card today. Friday's looks rather good at 1st glance.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Pearl de Vere   six-year-old mare won back to back races  in early 2016......the 1st off of a layoff and the 2nd back in 2 weeks rest.....won her last off a layoff .......and back 2 1/2 weeks rest for today's race.......last fits and it also was at 5F....should be tough

8  Sturdy One   seems likely to sit in a nice stalk or close up mid pack position........last which was also at 5F on the sod is a fit here....rider hasn't done much in S Cal so far but he definitely looks at his best on the grass

2  Tryst   consistent sort regressed in latest and ironically broke her maiden after 3 decent efforts trying to........1st on the grass but to me her pedigree is better for the dirt.......needs a small rebound and needs to handle her 1st on the sod........she does have right trainer/rider combo in Mandela/Prat to get that accomplished

5  Longstocking


race 2    average clarity

5  Unbridled Rocket   bad trip in last in a race where I believe he was "well meant".......sure like that Prat stays up for the 3rd time in row....he will be out to make amends and do so for a trainer in Carava who for the most part has given him very live mounts over the last couple of months

1  Last One Standing   SCRATCHED ran in a protected race on the grass in last to muscle and drop .......and go go go in today's dirt race at a much lower level.....race 2 back at today's distance on the dirt would likely to the trick here.......seems set up to run that race once again today.....Baltas is rather hot

4  Handsome Hank   colt is night and day better when he gets a loose you know Tyler Baze will be full-bore to get it which won't be easy in this spot with 2 or 3 others with early speed (3 wins and a 2nd in the last 4 races where he got loose)


race 3    average clarity

1  My Mel Mar   SCRATCHED  very aggressive work regiment for this Miller 1st timer who might be quite the bargain going for $20K at sale if I am correct about her ability.......what catches my eye the most is her back to back 5F handling from the gate works over at Slr......hopefully she has good early speed as speed has been incredibly dominate in the 5 1/2F races at the Del Mar meeting

4  Lil Miss Sapphire   owns some speed although she got away with some soft fractions to be able to open up a 4 length lead in her improved 2nd lifetime start......might need a move forward unless all 5 1st timers aren't much

5  Bitzka   Blake Heap 1ster is working as if she is meant and ready.......seems like a good chance for Sutherland to show that her thoroughbred riding abilities are on the rebound.......she won her 1st at the meeting last week

6  Goseecal


race 4    below average clarity

10  What's Up Guy  believe there will be plenty of pace up front to set things up nicely for this late runner who I obviously feel is well prepared for his return effort coming off of a year layoff.......last grass race was a bad trip given by a jock that struggled mightily in S Cal.......which makes for a significant rider upgrade for today

5  Silent Movies   speed of the speed here but at what cost is the ? mark here with other speed signed up.......brutal set of fractions and held well.....seems tough here if he can keep things more reasonable today

4  Oso   1st time in a maiden claimer on the grass......should get a good mid pack ground saving trip at least thru turn 1......and that is more than 1/2 the battle in most grass races

9  Formulate


race 5    average clarity

7  Dis Smart Cat   won despite trip trouble in her last........looks like she is lone speed today and with Gary Stevens in the saddle.......should be tough to wheel in

6  Enduring Erin   last win came two races back turf to dirt.......turf in latest and dirt today.... and..... back to Prat who rode that 4 1/4 length winning effort two back......1st time running for Baltas following the claim and the dependable trainer is heating things up of late

1  Mrs. Norris   finally put on Lasix in her last her 10th lifetime start......and she popped her lifetime best albeit on the grass....but I believe she is as good a runner on the logically it would seem she can fire her lifetime best dirt race this afternoon......we shall see

4  Savannah Sky


race 6    average clarity

3  Term of Art   19 to 1 prior to MSW sprint debut (and not a bad debut at that and that is somewhat hidden by a bad trip) hints the race was a tune-up for today's route.....and supporting the notion it was a tune-up is the fact she worked a mile since......should be plenty fit to get two turns which is never easy for a two-year old in summer

8  Vibe   not much in MSW debut but good works since for today's new endeavor....... that being a route race.......that is a typical pattern for Keith Desormeaux who is capable of major forward moves with his babies 1st at a route in their 2nd or 3rd lifetime starts

1  Plum Dandy   another who appears to have been given a race in his debut....and the connections didn't speed $500K to develop a good route pedigree in the field

7  Thirty Pepperenis


race 7    average clarity

6  Madame Mousse   Machowski can do no wrong this meet but his jockey stopped this one with a brutal trip on this filly in her latest......rider could have won this race in her last with a good trip and that's saying something as the winner came back to win right back.......same distance and the jock will be out to redeem himself

8  Easy Grader   won in her 1st back from a long layoff and did so at Dmr in at 5F turf race......time fits fine......wheels back quick for the 1st time in her life which is usually a lot easier to do off of an abbreviated sprint turf race......can be in the mix from the get go attempting to win her 3 straight win

7  Miss Loujean   big surprise in latest in her 1st at 5F on the grass at Del Mar.....facing tougher today but the unlikely hot combo of Craigmyle/Bednar are three for there last five as a team over the last two months.......needs to build on her last but just might as productive as the trainer/rider have been together

1  Whisk


race 8    average clarity

6  Big Discovery   one for one at the 1 1/16th distance.....and seems to like the Del Mar dirt.......ran 2nd in his last in the one mile version of this race on 31 July......and man does the extra 1/2 furlong appears to be a plus for him

8  Tough Emblem   1st time running as a gelding and drops significantly.....Knapp appears to mean business today with this fellow whose last win was the last time he was put up for a tag 5 races ago

9  Motoring Around   might be able to shake free and if Chantal can slow things down she might wire the field......trainer and rider teamed up for a win last week with a route speed type

1  Clude

7  Lamu

2  Rob's Golden Touch



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Del Mar for Wednesday 24 August 2016

Average looking card today handicapping wise. Let us call it a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

6  Desert Madam    compromised by an absolutely brutal pace in her last and she still was able to duel.... get loose....... and......wire the field.....previous race she had a reasonable pace and ran one strong final time......should set a reasonable pace today.....sure will be tough to catch if she holds form

4  Plastered   seems like a good claim by Truman and just as Baltas did he leaves Mr. Stevens up.....solid history in two turn races with 2 wins and a 2nd in 3 lifetime routes......good chance to get a nice stalk position behind our top selection

2  Fruity   pedigree says turf.......1st two lifetime races on the dirt say dirt.....shot to make it 3 or 3 on the dirt if she handles her 1st lifetime dirt race around two turns.....and...... she is bred to run all day

1  Take It Easyplease


race 2    average clarity

3  Runbrorun   both lifetime races which were last summer fit solidly here......only cost $22K at sale so the drop from MSW racing to the bottom MC level following such a long layoff doesn't concern me much

4  Splendid Cause   flashed speed and stopped in MC debut back on the 2nd of July.........improved a.m. work since and 3/16ths less to last......dangerous speed

1  Magic Taste    would have been top selection if this was a five furlong race as his figs the last two 5F efforts are quite a bit better than par......but so far past 5F he hits a wall.....recent improved 4F work (13 Aug) hints he might hang in there for one sixteenth more ....dangerous .......but easy to place as 3rd selection

8  Citori


race 3    above average clarity

6  Never Say Try    impressive MSW debut winning by 11 lengths in a solid 115:3 for a state-bred MSW 1st timer.....but maybe more importantly he won quite easily leaving something in the tank for his 2nd lifetime start only 24 days later

5  Eight Spokes   his two strongest races were the last 2 times this four-year old gelding raced at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance with his latest at the distance (run 2 races back) being very strong both in pace and final time

2  Signature Cat   consistently good efforts competing at 6 1/2 furlongs with 2 wins and a 2nd in 3 starts at the distance.......does need a wake-up of sorts and maybe 1st out following the Mullins claim can be the catalyst for it

7  Eddie's Turn


race 4    below average clarity 

1  Ucanthankmelater   nice improvement in latest 1st time routing and 1st on the grass......and the effort is somewhat disguised by a wide trip.......and I like his pedigree for the dirt better than the turf.........trainer is quite dangerous dropping from MSW racing to maiden claiming

5  Treadwell   useful debut in what appears to have been a needed 1st start and a nice little 4F drill since......and his trainer is solid 1st time with a developing horse at a that he is in for 40K as he gets 4 lbs off

7  Sorry Erick   another trainer in O'Neill who is solid dropping into MC out of MSW racing......sprint-sprint-route scenario here......blinkers off today as the experiment with them put on for his 2nd lifetime start didn't work out whatsoever

6  Moonlight Blue


race 5    average clarity

6  Firing Line    here is my comment for this colt in his layoff last, "rather obvious that this four-year old colt who has been laid up almost 14 months will dominate this field if he returns the same aren't great but good enough to be ready........the connections are likely looking forward to much bigger things down the road and might only be using this race as a (needed) tune-up.......we shall see"....well I saw and it sure looked like a gimme..........and the works since are vastly improved......go today

5  Soi Phet   by far at his best on main track surfaces running at today's one mile distance......Desormeaux has been a good the turf to dirt angle as it has worked in the past for this eight year old

3  Solid Wager   likes the new Del Mar dirt appears to have him fit for his return to the race wars following a 6 month layoff to take advantage of a surface he appreciates as it likely will be months before he has another shot to run on the Dmr dirt ......definitely needs his "A game" and might be up for it

1  Kristo


race 6    average clarity

2  Could Be Magic   Glatt has been hot and he is almost always "live" when he uses M Smith.....solid a.m. work for this 1st timer.....and mom has tossed one winner from one starter and that sibling was a maiden debut winner on the grass

4  Lori's attitude   proven fresh (twice) and also is "fresh" for her 3rd lifetime endeavor.......cut back in distance sure appears to be a plus.......trainer sure could use a win and might get one here

5  Schwary's Girl   very solid turf sire and mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters and one was able to win on the grass.......filly sure appears well worked for her MSW debut having hit the track over at LA every 6 or 7 days for the last 5 months

7  White Rock Lake


race 7    below average clarity

1  Conquest Cobra   steadily improving four-year old for Cerin and friends since arriving from WO back in Spring.....more than deserving at a shot in a small open Stakes race......repeat of either of his last two efforts give him a decent shot at making it to the circle of joy for the 3rd straight time

7  Blue Tone   runs run fresh and he is fresh today......a win and a 2nd the last two times this gelding competed in small Stakes races like this $75K affair.......1st on the new conventional dirt at Dmr but if the a.m. prowess for this fellow is any indication he will perform well on it

6  Lieutenant Colonel   runs best with Raffy on his back....should be pedal to the metal as soon as the gate springs open as there is other early speed in this field......3 for 4 lifetime routing on the dirt when he opens up a lead with his only miss in the Grade 1 Gold cup

2  Magic Mark

Long-shot consideration:   4  War Envoy   turf has been his game but he is bred well to take to the dull attempt on it but toss it out as it was in the B C to the scene trainer has been better than his record indicates......and.....he sure is getting his new shooter to train impressively and do so on the Del Mar surface.....seems ready to strut his stuff


race 8    average clarity

9  Revenue Virginius   Miller has woken up in a big way of late and he is dynamite dropping after a in 9 for his last dozen and a half.......and his new shooter likes the 6 1/2 furlongs offered today.......1st time Bejarano (closing the gap for leading rider honors which belong to Pratt at the moment) to boot

7  Tim's Go Girl   this lady seems to show up almost every time ready to run as of course does her rider Prat......seems to better on the main track and her last on the grass wasn't too shabby......trainer doesn't win very many bad has a shot to get one here

10  Desert Thief   turf to dirt and back in short rest......and drops two claiming levels....and can be up near the front in a race that doesn't have much speed signed up.....seems dangerous

12  Avicil

11  Miss Bliss

2  Sidepocket Run


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