Nice day to finish a very good week at Santa Anita. See below. SHF carryover of $20,448 for Friday’s 4th at SA. Pick 6 jackpot now stands at $280,342 at SA.

18 Feb 2019:   After any scratches:  Going only two deep a race in the pick 4 hit. 2nd race pick 4 was top, top, top, 2nd pick for $520.00. 2nd race COLD pick 3 paid $54.40. 2nd race top choice over the next 2 picks paid a trifecta of $313.00. 3rd race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $13.20. 5th race trifecta box of 5 given picks paid $2,210.60. 6th race exacta hit COLD paying $65.80. 5th race 2nd choice paid $23.20 to win. 8th race 38 to 1 top choice ran 3rd and paid $14.80 to show.

17 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Not the kind of day that will be placed in our "highlights archive" but noteworthy. 1st race double was top pick, 2nd pick $22.60. 2nd race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $42.80. 5th race 16 to 1 top choice ran 2nd paying $10.00 to place. 3rd pick, top pick exacta $24.60. 8th race top pick over the next 3 picks paid a trifecta of $342.00. 9th race top pick over the other 4 picks paid a superfecta of $4,082.40. (trifecta was $1,240.00)

16 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Going only two deep a race in the pick 5 made you bundle of dough. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, 2nd, top, top, 2nd pick for $5,680.60. 1st race exacta box of top two picks $23.40. 2nd race exacta box of top two picks $93.00. (trifecta box of top 3 picks $296.00). 4th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta was $22.00. 10th race 4th pick, top pick exacta paid $133.20.

14 February 2019:  After any scratches:  Not the kind of day that will be placed in our "highlights archive" but noteworthy. Going only two deep a race in the pick 5 hit. 1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, top, 2nd, top pick for $508.40. 2nd race trifecta hit COLD $33.40. 2nd race double hit COLD $13.40. 3rd race exacta hit COLD $12.00. 4th race superfecta box of 5 given picks $4,146.00.

7 February 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race 2nd, top pick exacta $19.20. 4th race pick 3 was 3rd, 2nd, 4th pick for $1,256.80. (5th and 6th race pick 3 were significant payoffs as well). 50 cent payoff for the 4th race pick 5 was 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 2nd pick for $48,238.25. 5th race 2nd, top pick exacta was $28.80. 6th race trifecta box of 4 given picks $1,166.60.

2 February 2019:  After any scratches: 2nd race exacta hit COLD for $24.20. 2nd race pick 4 was top, 4th, 4th, top pick for $579.20. 5th race exacta hit COLD $7.60. 6th race pick 5 was 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, top, top pick for $796.80. 7th race trifecta box of top 3 selections $752.60 (exacta $91.00). 8th race 2nd, top exacta $16.20. 9th race double and exacta both hit COLD for $29.60 & $11.00.

1 February 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race double was top, 2nd pick $45.80. 2nd race pick 4 was top, 2nd, 4th, 4th pick for $1,208.40. 3rd race 2nd, top pick exacta $36.20. 4th tri race box of top 4 picks $262.40. 7th race pick 3 was 2nd, 2nd, 4th pick for $749.60. 7th race double paid $126.40.

31 January 2019:  After any scratches:  2nd race trifecta was top pick, 3rd, pick, 2nd pick $109.20.  3rd race 20 cent pick 6 was 4th, top, top, top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $910.30. 4th race pick 3 hit COLD paying $90.00. 4th race pick 5 was top, top, top, 2nd, 2nd pick for $2,281.20.

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Santa Anita for Sunday 17 February 2019

Great to hear from many of the smaller players who hit the 1st race pick 5 yesterday. As long as I am in a bragging mood I have to remind everyone that nobody else that I know of bothers to give selections for on or off of the turf on the questionable days which we have had many of lately. It basically led to 3 hours more work today with 5 grass races carded. Be back with you tomorrow.

 Best of luck as always!


race 1  average clarity (Selections are for on the turf)

1  Blitzkrieg   solid works since the O'Neill claim and the claim might be at the appropriate time as this gelding just fired his lifetime best......and it was also down the hill on a good rated turf with is likely the rating for today's turf

2  Chosen Vessel

8  Cats Blame

5  Chill

7  More Honor

(Selections are for off the turf: 3-7-8-4-2 with average clarity)


race 2    average clarity

4  Princess Kendra   Very dangerous 1st out following a claim in Doug O'Neill........rather consistent and if the track is "off" she likely will handle it as she won her lone time she ran on one

5  Sturdy One

2  Cinnamon Toast


race 3  below average clarity (Selections are for on the turf)

6  Shut It Up   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  tepid top choice has handled the grass well in both lifetime starts and just graduated on the hill in her last......that and today's rider gave her smooth rides in both of her races

2  Lady Lucy

3  Gallovie

(Selections are for off the turf: 2-6-1 with average clarity )


race 4    average clarity

3  Nice Work   a deadly combo right now in Rosario and Sadler......colt is on the improved with each and every race with few reasons not to believe that his progress can't continue today

1  Oracle of Omaha

4  Owning


race 5  average clarity (Selections are for on the turf)

3  New Karma   rather sure his latest was a gimme to drop and go 2nd out after a two month break..........good history racing at abbreviated dirt sprint since she ran just fine in a one mile grass race one might surmise she will be better in a turf sprint of only 5 furlongs

2  Billy the Hott   

6  Anatolian Heat

4  Incensed

8  Rocky Rogue

(Selections are for off the turf: 4-1-3-2-5 with below average clarity)


race 6    average clarity

5  Translucent   flashed solid early speed in his debut way back in September........since that race Mulhall has put copious works into her three-year with many of them quite solid........that and the step up in maiden claiming hints that this gelding has improved over the 5 month break........should be in the hunt from the get go

6  John's Intuition   

1  He Be Mojo Risin

3  Wild Bean 


race 7  average clarity (Selections are for on the turf)

3  Keep Quiet   big run first time with Peter Miller as the trainer winning the 20 Jan. version of this race.......and like last time Prat should be able to work out another good stalking position behind a very suspect leader in the 7 horse........hard not to like

2  Fight On

5  Pincheck

11  Maestro Dearte

4  Lazzam

(Selections are for off the turf: 2-7-8-9-13A with average clarity)


race 8    above average clarity

3  Bitter Ring Home   four-year old gelding seems like a ton and one-half if he holds form and handles an off track if that is what we get.........he has an abundance of route speed especially considering such a low level......Prat should be in control of things from the get go

8  Normandy Beach

2  Bartlett Hall

4  Causeididitmyway

1  Santa Fe Blaze


race 9  average clarity (Selections are for on the turf)

5  Rinse and Repeat   by my book the top rider/trainer/owner combination these days is Rosario/Sadler/Hronis Racing.........nice better than par race in his last which was his 1st ever down the hill and at the same race condition (25Knw2) as today.......two reassuring drills since the claim......rider upgrade.........plenty to like

6  According to Buddy

3  Kris' Wild Kat

8  Foley

1  Union Rebel

(Selections are for off the turf: 3-5-8-2 with below average clarity)



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Santa Anita for Saturday 16 February 2019

Sunshine is back and that is good news for this decent looking card today.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Flat Out   39 to 1 in a 6 horse field for a Ellis 1st timer hints his filly was not that tight for her debut.........she likely will be today and she showed that she has some early speed.......she should be prominent from the get go

3  Hard Not to Love   John Shirreffs is having a solid SA meeting and might keep the ball rolling here with this expensive 1st time starter who is working as is she is meant and has tossed two winners from two starters and both were Stakes winners

2  Over Emphasize   away since early September but working as if she is more than ready for her return to the race wars........connections liked what they saw prior to her MSW debut at SA last May as they made her favorite in a race vs. the boys........dangerous sort


race 2    average clarity

5  Halo Darlin   blocked many lengths in her latest run only one week ago or could have battled for the top prize......believe she will handle the very short turn around as she likely left something on the table in her latest being blocked and all.......the fact Rosario jumps aboard supports the notion

1  War Moccasin   strong closer might really fly down the stretch today if new bug boy Diaz and his 7 lbs off find some room on the 2nd turn and/or the stretch

7  Believe Indeed   double barrel action from Pender as he also trains our top choice........six year old shows up for battle at a high rate as in 17 of 34 in the exacta when racing on the grass

2  Miss Boom Boom


race 3    average clarity

3  Swamp Souffle   good history for this three-year old when he has competed on fast rated dirt without the blinkers which should be the case today.........he is proven at today's distance........and drops to a level he should be tough

5  Palladium   another dropping who shows up when competing on rated fast dirt........rider upgrade today and especially so for a late runner like this out top selection he should benefit from dropping to a slightly easier level

1  Ack   O'Neill who also trains our 2nd choice will likely sent this colt after the lead which in this spot with no clear front-runner can help his chances........and his barn mate's as well as he comes from out of it


race 4    average clarity

5  Storms River   solid effort off of a 9 week break and the strength of the effort is better than it appears in print.......and he sure acts as if he will appreciate the extra furlong to deal with today........and trainer John Sadler has been firing on all cylinders for the most part

9  Montana Moon   owns a ton of early route turf speed and has a rider up (and an upgrade in jocks) in Desormeaux who is very good with loose leads in two turn turf races......very dangerous front runner

7  Parsimony   sprint-sprint-route maneuver for today likely has this colt very ready for the challenge of his 1st two turn turf race........and the connections didn't shell out $400K to own a sprinter

8  Mo Mississippi

10  Harmon


race 5    average clarity

6  Play Money   Hofmans has had a good meeting with his 1st time starters and he appears to have this colt all cranked up and ready to roll with an impressive prolonged work regiment.......both endurance and speed has been put into this colt

7  Prodigal  Son   very dangerous 2nd time starter from the O'Neill barn as the a.m. work since his three-year old debut are improved......that and the trainer has been popping with Cal-breds making their 2nd lifetime start at a very high rate the last 1/3 year or so.........should be in the mix from the get go

4  Starring John Wain   moved forward in his latest and the move is disguised but a bad trip........that and for Hollendorfer to move him back into a MSW race after 3 straight races at the MC level hint he must have exited his last in great shape



race 6    average clarity

1  Mercy Mercy   pedigree suggests that 8 furlongs is a better fit than 9 furlongs and her latest at 9F isn't the cut back to 8F today should be a plus as she should have the best finishing power of her young career.......and a good turf rider with late runners on the grass in Bejarano

4  Unicorn   good turf sprint debut and a very dangerous trainer in Richard Baltas the 1st time he sends a given turf horse "long"........that and the a.m. work since his 30 December debut hints this filly is doing well

2  Emrata   filly flashed a ton of early speed in her latest hinting that she will attempt to wire the field in her 1st on the grass and at a route.......and she owns a good pedigree to handle both......dangerous sort from the Miller barn

8  Posit

6  Happy Tune


race 7    average clarity

1  Heloise   latest is a very strong better than par effort for today's level.......trainer Cerin is a dismal 1 for his last 25 with a maidens winning their last race but he can make that a much more respectable 2 for 26 here

3  Mousey Mousey   laid up since mid November but training well enough to be ready fresh.......seems to need the lead to be at her most dangerous and she appears to have a good spot to get

5  Gia Lula  par like numbers for today's racing level in her last three racing endeavors........took her 13 races to graduate but she might make it two straight in the win column today

6  Whirling

2  Copper Cowgirl


race 8    average clarity

7  Belvoir Bay   Miller's six-year-old mare just won a race in the slop earning a par like fig for today's level.....and today she gets to race on what she loves as in race down the SA turf course......4 wins in 5 starts down it and she was 3rd in the race she didn't win.......hard not to put on top

8  A Little Bit Me   nicely improved following the Baltas claim in her latest.......still she likely will need to build on her last which was her lifetime best or get a great trip to take down our top choice

9  Painting Corners   like this mare's speed on the hill a lot.....but if the rider listed is really up her chances might be compromised as many of his jockey stats make me leery


3  Tesora


race 9    average clarity

4  Dream Tree   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  not sure what happened in her last but prior to her bad race she was a perfect 5 for 5 and her lifetime best was the only time Mike Smith was up.......he is up today.......and the works suggest she is going to rebound in a big way

1  Paradise Woods   five-year old mare has put in some sizzling works for her new trainer John Shirreffs........and she is at her best by far racing on the SA surface.........Shirreffs may have the trump card for this gal

3  Marley's Freedom   fabulous sprinter (as witnessed by her 4 to 5 odds in the BCF sprint) but she is 2 for 7 at SA and 5 for 7 elsewhere.......and he is 1 for 5 at 7F........still she is one tough cookie for a 3rd pick

6  Escape Clause


race 10    average clarity

8  Secret Courier   exits a key MSW race down the hill where he amassed about 7 or 8 lengths of trip trouble and lost by 11L........1st time blinkers for his 2nd start and drops MSW to MC........trainer has been unconscious with 2nd time starters as in 12 for his last 33

1  Kichiro   makes that ever dangerous MSW to MC move for 2nd lifetime start especially so when the trainer is D'Amato with a grass horse.......should be a player in this affair

5  Palaleo   drop should help especially coming off of a strong 6.5F MC80K on the dirt.......if he handles the hill he should be in the mix from the get so pedigree for the green carpet or would have rated higher

6  Surprise Fashion


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Santa Anita for Thursday 14 February 2019

Plenty of rain once again so the selections in race one are for off the turf.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

(selections are for off the turf)

2  Spanish Bay   takes that ever magical drop from MSW racing to MC.......solid work preparation on the SA dirt for today's layoff run......good pedigree to handle an off track

6  Aced   colt appears to have slipped some but not enough not to handle a drop into mid priced maiden claiming from the MSW ranks.......decent 3 work series since his latest which was run on the last day of 2018.......and it sure seems like a good sign that Rosario stays with the Eurton colt

5  Molaf   vastly improved 4F drill put into this colt by William Morey only 6 days ago.....that hints that this colt might be up to his debut race which was 3 races back.......if he is he fits just fine this afternoon if of course he handles the off going........pedigree says he should

4  Pervasive Cat

1  The Daddy Factor


race 2    average clarity

2  Big Base   fairly new sire Smiling Tiger is 38% win with "mudders".......that and Hollendorfer sure has this filly primed for such a low her chances if she does handle the off going

5  Awesome Amanda   four-year old filly ran a decent layoff race on a "good" rated track at SA two weeks ago........she should fit fine here is she makes a logical forward move.......trainer could use a win.......might get it here

6  Whata Flirt   nicely improved since O'Neill yanked the blinkers off this youngster's nose......four year old filly has shown she can handle an off track with 2 near wins in two starts on one.....switch to Gryder today and Aaron is riding as well as he has in S Cal in a very long time


race 3    average clarity

5  Platinum Equity   romped in a very sloppy track in his latest and that likely is what he will see today........and he is versatile as he has won on or off of the pace.......sure like the placement as the barn is being very realistic with his abilities

2  Twirling Tiger   very strong race 3 back which was also on an off track......trainer is doing surprising well at the big S Cal circuit and Treece is solid 1st after a claim.......and it seems like a very good sign that T C Baze rides thru the claim

6  Little Scotty   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  no shot in latest as Scotty set a brutal pace and did it on a dull inside........predictably tired badly.........not crazy about his pedigree to handle the off going but if he does lookout as he should get very loose on the lead


race 4    average clarity

8  Duranga   last two races are much better than par and I believe she is up to another strong effort is she handles her first ever on an off track......pedigree for it is better than average

1  Midnight Lilly   Hector Palma has been quite dangerous with multiple level drop the switch back to Pereira as all four times that he rode this mare produced efforts/numbers that fit very well at today's lower level

5  Cia Luna   the off going seems OK for this filly and she might have some upside as she sure improved in her 1st ever at a route and/or 1st ever without wearing blinkers.......dangerous sort

7  Sought More Pep

2  Sharp Holiday


race 5    average clarity

6  Goodtingscominpink  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   both lifetime races fit at today's slightly higher MC level.......that and the fact that Cerin is often at his most dangerous 1st out following a claim you could surmise this filly will fire her best to date providing she handles the off going

7  Boolicious   both lifetime dirt race aren't bad and if this filly handles her first on an off track she seems poised for her best today as her 4F drill since her last on 19 Jan. is improved and that is rather subtle

3  Meritocracy   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE    all three lifetime races fit well here and one of them was on an off why is she 3rd pick you say.........because her jock is in a slump

2  Bluegrass Betty

4  Twirling Diamond


race 6    below average clarity

3  Don't Stalk Me   since the blinkers were put on this four-year old he has a record of (7 4 2 1) and he is a perfect 3 for 3 at SA.........and at "the distance" for his lifetime he is (5 4 0 1).......that'l do

1  Allaboutaction   good gate horse and that includes two races where he had to break from the one post.........he should sit on or near the lead which is usually a good thing on a sloppy track.......that and he is (7 5 2 0) on the SA dirt......1st on an off track but bred well to handle one

7  Annie's Candy   drops back to the ($40K) level where Hollendorfer claimed this six-year-old for.......vastly improved a.m. work since his last........rebound seems imminent he handles his 1st in the goo

2  Jan's Reserve

9  Distinctive B


race 7    average clarity

1  Kate's Princess   2 of 4 lifetime races fit well here and if her recent couple of works are worth a hoot that is good news because her works indicate that she will fire her best to date this afternoon

3  Time for Suzie   good Cal sire when it comes to producing runners that handle off tracks......that and she just worked what looks like the best work she has ever put in and did it on an off track......seems very dangerous on an off track........and likely dangerous at a handsome price

7  Data Storm Kitty   seems best on the dirt where she has done nothing wrong in two lifetime races on it one of which was her MSW at SA........not out of the win picture whatsoever if she handles her first to date on the goo

6  Diosa

8  Miss Fia


race 8    average clarity

4  Grit and Curiosity  Miller has three 1st time starters entered in this MSW affair and this one appears to be training the best of the three........and he owns a pedigree that suggests an off track will not be a hindrance to his chances

6  Stretford End   three very stout MSW races earning numbers in all three that most of the time would lead to a diploma.......only placed as 2nd selection because dad is only 1 for his 1st 22 with "mudders"

11  Charmer John   brilliant work tab for this MSW 1st time starter from the Glatt fact his works are impressive enough that if he didn't have to start from the far outside in a 5 1/2 furlong race I would have placed him higher

5  Duchamp





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Santa Anita for Saturday 9 February 2019

Very nice race card this afternoon.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Miss Voluptuous   trainer has only hit the once (a 3rd) in 15 starts at the new SA meeting but he might get off the snide here with this filly who beat open company on the AW to graduate at GG.....and her debut on the grass is good enough as the trainer is known for not being ready with 1sters

4  Rolling Shadow   mare is nothing special but this seems to be a mediocre group and she appears very well prepared for her 1st race in 2 months........yet to hit the board in 3 starts on the SA turf (3 1 0 2 elsewhere) but she has possible excuses in all three races........not a sprinter - acted up at gate - wide trip too far of a slow pace

7  Sapphire Kid   improved recent a.m. work hints at better in the afternoon today.......Matt Chew might have tweaked something for the better......... and....... as stated above this appears to be a mediocre group

5  Radish


race 2    average clarity

1  Bam Bams Lil River   2 for 2 at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance and 0 for 2 at longer distances missing the board both times........both of the 5 1/2F races were at was it the Lrc surface or the abbreviated sprint distance.......we likely will find out today

3  Reachreachreach   significant step up class wise today but she exits a strong MC20K for three-year old fillies in her latest......same distance and rider.......same mid pack position likely.......trainer has been having a good meeting and has teamed up with the bug boy Figueroa for 6 wins in 16 starts over the last two months

5  Hot Rod Gal   all three lifetime sprint races fit decently here and like our top choice she seems at her best in 5 1/2 furlong affairs where she has a win and a second (by a neck) in 2 starts at the distance


race 3   average clarity

6  Tigerbeach   consistent sort and his lifetime best was run the only time this Morey four-year old ran in a one mile turf race at Santa Anita....... trainer is hot......hard not to like

2  Tough It Out   useful dirt race in latest.......race two back where Sadler claimed fits very well........two recent reassuring drills since his last run on 18 trainer/owner team of late.......should be a player

9  Kristi's Copilot   blinkers off likely to try to slow this seven-year old down early as he flattens out late in most of his grass races......Rosario sticks with the Baltas gelding

3  Ky. Colonel

1  Orchestral


race 4    average clarity

7  Royal Trump   significant improvement 1st time running for O'Neill in his latest in a 6 1/2F affair........right there at the 5 1/2 furlong mark of most of his sprint races at 6f - 6 1/2F 7F.................and the last time that he got to run at today's 5 1/2F he won quite easily

4  Treasure Hunter   seems best at SA and he has handled short rest well in the past.....latest which was the 1st out following the Palma claim is par like for today's level.......and Palma wins about one-quarter of the time 2nd out after a claim.......solid rider/trainer combo to boot

2  Market Sentiment   since Knapp took over the training duties of this six-year-old 4 races back only one race fits.......and it was the only time that this fellow saw a fast rated dirt for his new barn........back in only 7 days rest is a small concern as is some light rain (?)  in the forecast

6  Buckys Pick


race 5    above average clarity

3  Bellafina   already owns two Grade 1 wins and two Grade 2 wins .......and appears at her best at Santa Anita......and she is capable of winning with or without the lead giving her regular rider Pratt options

2  Enaya Alrabb   nearly pulled off a Grade 1 shocker in her last going off at 30 to 1 in only a six horse since the 8 Dec race at Lrc have never been better.......Mike Smith sticks around

1  Calf Moon Bay   on the improve with each and every start and if the trend continues today in a big way maybe this Hollendorfer filly can sit back off of what should be a lively pace and pass as many tired fillies as she can


race 6    above average clarity

2  We Will Re Joyce   Peter Miller filly ran over her head in her last in a race that appears better than it is in print......she dueled on a dull rail and only was beaten by 5 1/2 lengths......that number earned when adjusted for her difficult position makes her the one to beat

8  Eskenforadrink   good speed in this spot and the last two days speed has done very well on the main track........and we get a rider upgrade......such a deal

7  Todos Santos   drop should really help....... but....... what we want to see is a good start because when this mare gets out of the gate fairly well she fits solidly at the 10K level or lower (8K here)........come on Brandon Boulanger

5  Cioppino Pasadino

6  Forthenineteen


race 7    average clarity

4  Desert Stone   earned a very strong adjusted for trouble figure in his latest with multiple points of trouble......I gave him an adjusted fig about 2 1/2 length better than our 3rd choice in the race and also he had a better number 3 back where they also faced each other........trainer is firing on all cylinders of late.....hard not to like

6  Blackjackcat   1st time Hollendorfer and 1st time Mike Smith.....that and Smith looks like he can find himself on a loose lead........he should be one tough guy to get by if allowed to slow things down

1  River Boyne   6 for 6 on the Santa Anita grass and 3 for 4 at today's one mile distance.......but as mentioned above our top choice "out-ran him" a couple of times and/or our 2nd choice has a shot to steal the race......still with that said he should be one tough cookie come stretch time


race 8    above average clarity

6  Much Better   last is very solid considering today's lower level.......and the works since the race are stellar likely because of the change of equipment to "blinkers on"..........and Bob Baffert is 7 for his last 22 1st time blinkers

7  Principe Carlo   colt has won his last 3 dirt sprints dating back to last Fall......and his latest is quite impressive as he was caught 3 wide pressing a solid set of fractions and still was able to win be daylight........6 1/2 furlongs appears to be a plus

4  Mr Paytience   our 2nd choice beat this colt in his latest but O'Neill sees fit to take the blinkers off today and the trainer has been making all the right moves at the new SA meeting

5  Asano


race 9    average clarity

5  Platinum Warrior   jockey Shane Foley gave this colt a nice ride in his latest and he has won a Grade 3 aboard him in Ireland and at today's 10F distance......and overall 10F appears to be a good mini-marathon distance for this four-year old

7  Dabster   Baffert five-year old has rattled off 4 straight strong dirt races and he did so on four different racing and a solid pedigree for the turf suggest he has a very good chance of taking to his 1st ever endeavor on the sod.......and if he does he appears to be the controlling speed in the race

4  Epical   Cassidy four-year old has only raced further than 9F once in 9 lifetime starts .........that race was only one furlong longer than today's 10F and it was by far his best effort/fig of his career.......very dangerous up and coming sort

8  Beach View

3  Chicago Style


race 10    below average clarity

9  Honeymoonz Over   four-year old has never missed hitting the board at SA on the dirt in 7 lifetime starts on it.......that and his last two races are very solid in this spot......Prat very wisely sticks around

1  Tanners Pride   believe it is a smart move by Koriner to put a couple of quick 4F speed works into his gelding as he does well when he has contact to the front end even when he has to go eye to eye........trainer/rider are 3 for their last 5 and with another hitting the board

2  Zippy Groom   good to see Rosario back aboard after being absent for a race.......plenty of speed in this affair should flatter the late run of this four year old......dangerous sort especially if the track isn't as speed favoring today than it has been the last two cards

8  Shifty Dancer

5  Saratoga Morning


race 11    average clarity

5  Scarlet Heat   Dan Blacker got off of the snide this week with a turf horse and with today's rider up and might double his win total here with this filly who was pounded at the windows in her debut and ran fairly decent but not as well as the 2 to 1 favoritism suggested........but......her two works since the debut are vastly improved hinting the grass (as it so often does) muscled her up........Rosario wisely sticks around

3  Dr Wysong     filly has been absent since a decent MSW dirt debut 3rd which was run at Dmr.......average turf pedigree but an above average turf trainer and rider in D'Amato and Prat........should be a player if this three-year old does take to the green carpet

10  Spanish Channel   barely beaten by our top choice in her MSW debut and today we get a significant rider upgrade especially so for a grass fact I would have placed higher if posts 9 thru 14 in hill races wasn't 2 for 37 and 0 for 14 with post 10

9  Shanghai Barbie

8  Lucky Lately

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Santa Anita for Friday 8 February 2019

So so card today as you can tell by the "clarity ratings" but Saturday's is very nice with 6 grass races carded and three of them are Graded affairs.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Lead Star   trainer Keith Desormeaux is having one heck of a SA meeting (33 9 5 5) and has been especially tough when legging up his brother Kent.........three year old colt is 2 for 3 at Santa in 3 route dirt races.......1st dirt sprint at SA is a ? mark but not much of one the way the trainer has been producing this year at SA

1  Runningwscissors   colt has run well off of short rest in past.......returns off of a 2nd place finish at the 25K level in a race run just 13 days ago at SA........small drop to 20K today.......1st at 7F is a ? mark

5  Gleybar   another who has yet to run at the somewhat specialized extended sprint distance of 7F so like our top two picks 7F is a ? mark.........not much effort/fig wise in latest.......but.......his race two back is strong and a fit effort/number wise at today's level


race 2    average clarity

4  Mybluebell   blinkers on in latest was a bust........they are off today and this Hess filly drops into claiming for the 1st time.......and gets a rider upgrade.......filly has yet to hit the board in 6 turf starts but her efforts/figs earned in her 4 USA races look fairly good at today's softer level

2  Wind Tartare   very bad trip in the 10 Jan. version of this race earning a Santucci Fig that is a length better than par........rider upgrade and a better post.......would have been top selection if I wasn't slightly leery of her ability to run off of relatively short rest

5  Mongolian Window   little shot in latest as she stalked and then pressed a nasty set of fractions for the given day.......switch to the top bug boy but he gave this filly a bad trip the only time he rode her (lost to our top choice in the 20 July race) or would have considered higher

3  Subic Bay


race 3   average clarity

2  Mistressofthenight   SCRATCHED OUT  here is our comment prior to her last racing endeavor, "after dropping this mare way down in claiming to 8K Baltas sees fit to move this gal up 4 claiming levels to 20K.......that hints she came out of the race in good shape and that a significant rebound can occur this afternoon".......well she ran a good race and might have won with a better trip.......bullet work since and drops one notch.......Rosario wisely stays put

6  Majestic Diva   on the improve and trainer Bernstein sees fit to step up his five-year old mare once again......she went off at very generous odds in her latest........might be overlooked some again

4  Award it   drops to 16K one notch below the 20K level that Cerin claimed this mare for........the drop makes sense as she has hardly earned her keep and can wipe out the red ink today racing at a distance where she is 3 for 4


race 4    below average clarity

8  Storming Lady   both lifetime grass races down the majestic SA hill fit fairly well in this spot......and she was just claimed by Alfredo Marquez who put a good-looking 5F gate work into her.......seems well prepared today to handle the MC50K to MSW class hike

2  Magical Gray   filly has consistently run well in her grass races but has yet to graduate.......she runs off of her 1st break since she debuted on 19 August.......not sure how she will respond off of the 2 1/2 month hiatus from the game but if she is fully fit she has as a good a shot of winning this race as anyone

4  Smoovie   both lifetime races on the SA hill are better than they appear in print and fit fine if Gutierrez manages to give her a better tab hints she is ready.......her results seem up to the rider who is in a mini-slump

3  Persepolis

7  Ficanas


race 5    average clarity

4  Lieutenant Dan   not too many MSW breaking wins for young Cal-breds run in 109:2 like this 8L winner ran in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st at SA..........1st at a route but his pedigree to handle one for a Cal-bred is not great but seems decent enough........Miyadi is an impressive 21% win coming off a maiden win

2  Occam's Razor   went off 1 to 2 in his MSW debut way back in June and came home a winner.........away since but likely will be bet hard again off of a prolonged work regiment which includes a stellar 58:3H

1  Forestation   race 2 back produced 4 next out winners which includes this colt who ran a one mile time that is better than par for today's level.......and remember the top two picks have never seen anything close to a route distance wise


race 6    below average clarity

1  Offshore   SCRATCHED OUT  on the improve with every start since Baltas took over the training duties of this gelding 3 races back.....last fits very well at today's higher level.....Rosario lands on the other Baltas runner (our 2nd pick) which seems peculiar but not enough to put this fellow anywhere but on top.......Pratt will do

4  Ice Katt   last win for this five-year old came the last time he ran off a long layoff like today.....and the fact Rosario lands on him instead of our top choice (which he won for fun on) supports the notion he is ready to roll

3  Wildshire Dude   monster dirt race in latest and he sure appears better on the dirt than the turf to yours truly........but if I am wrong about that and he displays the energy/effort that he produced in his last he should have been the top pick-a-rue

8  Falcone

6  Encumbered


race 7    below average clarity

6  Spokane Eagle   last race might do the trick which was the 1st out following the Miller claim for only 20K.......gets in very light for today's significant rise in class........Peter Miller magic might be in the cards once again

2  Ax Man   very unusual 7 race this Baffert gelding has been able to do in 4 Graded races is two distant 3rd's in two Grade 3' his 3 non-Graded races he has won all 3 by 6 3/4 lengths or more.......and of course this is not a Graded race

5  Shivermetimbers   might feel really good coming off of a turf tightener in latest.......and his only race at today's 7F distance was run as a two-year old and is better than it appears.......that and Mike Smith sticks around


race 8    average clarity

2  Sea of Liberty   exits a fairly fast MC50K on the grass where this gelding earned a fig that is par like for the three-year old state-bred MSW level......and you have to like the confidence that Sadler shows to step him up......and Rosario wisely sticks around......better post today......hard not to like

10  Mobou   solid one mile grass races in open MSW affairs in his last two........mostly placed as 2nd choice as Smith has a somewhat difficult post to cope with.......on the other hand this colt might have enough early gas to clear all or most by  turn one

1  Posterize   very solid MSW debut but his 2nd lifetime start isn't so hot.......1st on the sod and at a route today with an average pedigree for both.......he needs the energy he showed in his debut and if he gives it and takes to a turf route he has a good post in which to get the job done........and.......just might be the one to beat

5  Brix

4  Scrappy Deville



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