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Santa Anita for Saturday 3 April 2010

Handicappers Corner  one very nice card as it should be on SA Derby Day


When I was a young man in my mid 20's and I would fly in to L A for a big race weekend I used to get goosebumps over the beauty and excitement of multiple fields of fine horses. Only being live at the Kentucky Derby can bring out those bumps these days but I sure still love the Southern Cal race scene on the big days even if it is only from my T V screen.

Recommended pick 3 part wheel starts in the 4th

1,2,4 / 2,6,9 / 7,10   &   1,2,4 / 2 / 7.10   24 bets


race 1    slightly above average clarity

1  Spring Forth   powerful 1st route run in his last....wide trip and still managed to only lose by 1/2 length....same horse and a good trip would make him very tough to beat

4  Deputy Max  another with a nasty trip in his first route race....he also earned the kind of fig that would be difficult to beat if he gets the trip and repeats to stellar effort

2  Mindblower  training the right way to try and be ready in your 1st lifetime start and it just happens to be a route race...bred to prefer route racing over sprints


race 2    average clarity

5  Wine On The Porch   fresh speed is often dangerous speed especially with good history surprised if lwasn't ready off the layoff with this gelding

7  Giganticus  even tough a blistering pace set up this gals strong stretch run in last it was a better than par fig for today's level on Top Turf Today Performance Ratings

6  Position A   lookout if last was a gimme for today's've got to put some doubt into those claiming vultures


race 3   average clarity

1, 1a  ENTRY    both 1 and 1A can run in this spot....barns had a good SA meet

4  Fleet Royal   can sit on or near the pace in a race that can be conducive to early speed

3  Tribal Witch   last 2 efforts fit fine for today's the fact Rosario sticks around for a 3rd run with this filly


race 4    above average clarity

1  Battle Of  Hastings   small field (less traffic) should help this quality late runner get up into the mix in late stretch...very versatile gelding as far as handing different distances and racetracks  

4  Fluke   strongly believe Talamo will let the 2 horse have the lead.....Fluke has won his last 2 when he sits off of the pace some

2  Compari   faces tougher today but he's undefeated in all 4 turf runs.....loves that lead and should get it today


race 5    average clarity

2  Hennessy Gold   1st time in the Canani barn and drops out of MSW races and Canani is using his latest go to guy in the name of M. Pedroza....solid works ay ready fresh

6  Swiss Emperor   on the improve with every start....turn back 1/2 furlong should help this gelding from flattening out late as he has done at 6 1/2....pretty sure we see lifetime best effort today

9  Harbor Marker  bombshell of a price with this baby......has been training like a runner for the last 3 months...barn likes to go with their youngsters in their 2nd lifetime start...believe debut was a gimme...if so, bombs away today

7  Playing For Keeps   solid run in debut last......cleaner start and a small move forward and he will compete for the winners circle of pure joy 


race 6    above average clarity

7  LookinAt Lucky  all 4 of his route races are solid efforts/figs and they are all Grade 1 races......last race at SA was the BC Juv. and it was an extremely impressive bad trip 2nd place effort

10  Alphie's Bet  if you haven't read my comments in "opinions and observations" about this fine looking colt do so and you will know how I feel about this horse 

5  Setsuko   improved immensely with the edition of blinkers...needs to keep moving forward today to compete for the top prize

3  Who's Up   new barn takes over from Walsh and has this one working well off of the layoff.....last race very strong albeit on the lawn...2 for 2 since the blinkers were added


race 7    average clarity

3  Banner Lodge   very consistent animal on the SA hill course.....drills are very very sharp....expecting his very best

9  Dance With Gable   last 3 wins have come with today's jock aboard.....also 2 for 2 on the hill

1  Get Funky   logical drop to get this 7 year old out of his funk and earn a few bucks

5  Silent Soul   laid up horse is training exceptionally well working 30 fast furlongs in the month of March and gets a positive rider switch...ready to roll


race 8    slightly above average clarity

8  Gato Go Win  horse is fast and this looks like a geat spot for speed....2 for 2 at the distance including a powerful 6 1/1 F at two

6  Ventana   Gomez should also sit close to the front in a race where speed should hold up

5  Off Kilter   impressive 3 race career all at GG but is training brilliantly on the SA Pro-ride surface

3  E Z's Gentleman   on the improve with every start since his 1 1/4 year hiatus from the track.......can fly late he we get more pace than anticipated


race 9    slightly above average clarity

4  Cozi Rosie  proven at a route on the AW and bred to be even better on the the drills on the grass

6  In The Slips   consistent sort......strong effort 2 back the last time Gomez was up....filly has the most turf experience

10  Warren's Jitterbug   we had her in our selections in the SA Oaks in her last at 33 to 1 because of all the trips from you know where she has had...well she finally got an OK trip and almost scored at a monster of a price...come on Bejarano

2  City to City   niceanimal on the like ready for best ever....only negative is the 1 1/8 might be a little far....than again Hollendorfer doesn't think so


race 10    average clarity

9  Pincelada   new barn takes over a baby that chased solid pace and just missed in her MSW debut......very tough if she benefited from her debut run at all

3  Pegastorm   filly is training as if she has good early speed and the fact that Pedroza is up on this 1ster supports that theory...barn usually doesn't hurry a baby but this one sure trains like she is meant and ready

10  Primed   training like a fit and ready 1st timer....barn and rider don't team up too often but are very dangerous when they do

6  Thriving Ivory   bomber (as in one heck of a big price here) chase only 3 lengths off of a fast pace in her debut which was in a maiden claimer....worked very sharply since....barn has had the last 2 runners that they stepped up out of maiden claimers run very well


race 11  slightly above average clarity

8  Magic Launch   big fig in her last on the AW at this condition.....last grass race over a year ago was as big of a fig on the quintessence of quality grass figs Top Turf Today

3  Terrify   good chance to get what she wants...loose loose loose...and a good front running rider in the saddle

1, 1A  ENTRY   the 1A is the 1/2 I prefer but the 1 isn't a bad toss in.....trainer has had a good meeting

9  Naughty Mariana   on the improve with every start and now gives the sod a try........bred OK for it

5  The Legal Blonde   won quite easily in last on the AW which was her 1st time with blinkers....back to the lawn which may be her preferred surface...better be because she will need to move forward


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