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Del Mar for Sunday 25 July 2010


Handicappers Corner

I am sorry to say our family suddenly lost a loved one on Tuesday. A wonderful mother to my lovely wife. (and myself)  I have a very difficult week ahead of me but hopefully I can keep from being too distracted as far as the Del Mar selections are concerned.  There may not be any comments this week to go along with our selections. Thanks for understanding and the kind words.

Nasty start to the Del Mar meet. My focus felt better today after we laid my mother-in-law to rest yesterday. I hope it shows in my handicapping today.


Recommended pick 3 part wheel starts in race 4

6,7,9 with 1,3,5,6,7,9 with 3,8    36 bets


Recommended exacta part wheels in the 8th race

4,5 with 1,2,4,5,6,7   and   1,2,6,7 with 4,5   18 bets


race 1    average clarity

4  Hewitts

7  Quick Enough

3  All Man


race 2    average clarity

6  Madel

1  Noble H

2  Talktoomuch


race 3    below average clarity

7  Hey Elvis

2  Get Funky

1  Asperity


race 4     above average clarity

6  Dazzling Display

9  Pacific Pride

7  Pedaltothemedal

4  Romanette


race 5    average clarity

5  Hit The Brix

6  Dona Mary

7  Humble Maggie Go

1  Havens Lake


race 6    above average clarity

3  Swift Winds

8  Bruce's Dream

5  Bold Chieftain


race 7    average clarity

7  Afleet Ruler

8  New Bay

2  Silver Stetson

4  Golden Winner


race 8    average clarity

5  Switch

2  Fortunia

4  Weekend Magic

6  Evening Jewel


race 9    average clarity

4  Merlin Z

8  He Be Fire N Ice

3  Classic Bobby

7  Storddim

2  Bell Blitz







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