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Fairplex for Friday 24 September 2010

For those of you that don't know the Oak Tree meeting will begin next week and it will be held at Hollywood. Our last 2 Hollywood meetings have been dynamite as you know and we are very excited by the fact that Oak Tree is being held at Hollywood. Please don't be shy about about leaving your copy of The Racing Digest in a conspicuous spot for others to see. It would be greatly appreciated and could go a long way at holding down any future price increases. Thanks, your handicapper, Rich Santucci 



508 RACES RUN AT THE SPRING/SUMMER 2010 HOLLYWOOD MEET and our top selection returned an incredible $1,158.40 using a $2 win bet base. That’s a profit of 14% or a return of $2.28 per wager. Implementing the “General Odds” matrix in our LINKS section for the top selection only and our profit soars to over 40% FINALLY I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT ANY PUBLICATION IN THE COUNTRY CAN MATCH THIS STAT FOR A 4 MONTH RACE MEET. ALMOST ALL DON’T EVEN HAVE A POSITIVE R.O.I.

Fall of 2009-After terrific Fairplex and Oak Tree at Santa Anita meets Hollywood surpassed them. For the Hollywood Fall meeting our returns were nothing short of phenomenal. So much so that we wouldn't be surprised if our competition was subscribing to our service. We especially excelled in straight wagers. Straight exactas over a 60% profit on 234 possible exactas. Straight doubles over a 260% profit on 207 possible doubles. Straight pick 3's over a 400% profit on 180 possible pick 3's. Straight pick 4's over an 80% profit on 54 possible pick 4's.



race 1    average clarity  (mules)

5  Bar Jf Red Ticket

3  Bar Jf Hot ticket

2  Bar Jf rock On


race 2    average clarity  (Arabians)

5  Raineman

6  Danceforthegold

1  Genuine Guy


race 3    average clarity

3  Warren's Lover   both lifetime runs are solid....trainer and rider are having stellar meets

2  Good Acktress   solid 2nd with gaps to 3rd and 4th.....appears to appreciate the Fpx dirt surface

4  Stepalize   useful 4F mc debut.....back quick....can move forward


race 4    average clarity

3  Dreams Afleet   loves the Fpx surface ( 2 for 2)  doesn't retain Pedroza is a question mark

2  Spanish Ice   Pedroza selects this drop down who will need her best to top our 1st choice unless of course our top pick came out of her race in poor shape


race 5    slightly above avg clarity

3  Needles And Pins   fired a solid 1/4 on a poor speed day and rightfully tired....cuts back to the speed friendly 4F distance

1  Mo Cheese   exits a very fast heat at today's distance...would have been top choice if it wasn't for the 1 win only so far at 4F...which by the way we had on top

4  Touch A Dream   best pace of career in last bodes well for cut back in distance to 4F

8  Play It Back   1st timer training as if she is ready for her debut into the world of racing


race 6    average clarity

2  Funsgood    but winning is better...all systems go for this 1st timer

3  Jeffrey's Groove   exits a fast heat at today's distance...should move forward in 2nd lifetime race

4  R Pickle   decent layoff run in last....can move forward today

7  Warren's Prancer   works are good enough to possibly be ready to be competitive in mc debut run


race 7    average clarity

5  Beyond Loaded   good trainer with fresh stock...most of horse's career fits solidly here

4  Stormy Game   nice return to the race wars in last...and should move forward today

6  Sovereign Lord   ran wide in last on a good rail day....positive rider switch...does hang when it counts

8  Warren's Attack Cat   maybe gimme gimme drop and go....solid 5F work 5 days ago hints at that 


race 8    average clarity

4  Blue Tango   exits very fast 4F affair in last...repeat of that effort should take this affair

7  Golden Ripples   long layoff but works say ready....flashed big early speed in only lifetime race

3  Big Advance   OK debut 2nd...looking for a "big advance" today

5  Ulla Bella   useful debut....barn has decent history 2nd time out of the box


race 9    average clarity

4  Warrensmysterydice   very solid figs for this affair....solid rider/trainer combo

5  Angel Before Us   sure looks like last was the gimme to be full throttle for today

2  Stormy Magic   solid 'fair" races last in early say all set off of the layoff


race 10    average clarity

7  Light Of A Star   consistent horse made a powerful forward move 1st ever at Fpx and it was 1st after the claim...expecting as much or more today

2  Lauren C   hidden somewhat.....raced on a dull inside in last after a bit of a slow start....fits well here

3  Paleo   turf fit......good spot if she handles conventional dirt

5  Toro Bonito   Baffert's stock sure has been ready to roll


race 11    average clarity

4  Saint Isabelle   very consistent animal has the figs to beat these...distance is a question mark

5  Fashion Trend   another consistent sort with a hot trainer and a hot rider to boot

6  Tapit So Lightly  good races turf to dirt....turf to dirt today


race 12    average clarity

9  Casa O   laid up 8 weeks but a small drop and very good drills...Sadler means business here

7  Anga   better ten looks on paper...many poor trips

4  Captain Beau   trainer is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters...2nd lifetime start today

2  Kim's Leading Man   top jock Pedroza will need to improve this gelding ability to go a route of ground

6  Battle Point   need his effort 2 back








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