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Fairplex for Saturday 25 September 2010 (make sure you have the right day because Sunday’s will also be published Saturday

For those of you that don't know the Oak Tree meeting will begin next week and it will be held at Hollywood. Our last 2 Hollywood meetings have been dynamite as you know and we are very excited by the fact that Oak Tree is being held at Hollywood. Please don't be shy about about leaving your copy of The Racing Digest in a conspicuous spot for others to see. It would be greatly appreciated and could go a long way at holding down any future price increases. Thanks, your handicapper, Rich Santucci  


508 RACES RUN AT THE SPRING/SUMMER 2010 HOLLYWOOD MEET and our top selection returned an incredible $1,158.40 using a $2 win bet base. That’s a profit of 14% or a return of $2.28 per wager. Implementing the “General Odds” matrix in our LINKS section for the top selection only and our profit soars to over 40% FINALLY I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT ANY PUBLICATION IN THE COUNTRY CAN MATCH THIS STAT FOR A 4 MONTH RACE MEET. ALMOST ALL DON’T EVEN HAVE A POSITIVE R.O.I.

Fall of 2009-After terrific Fairplex and Oak Tree at Santa Anita meets Hollywood surpassed them. For the Hollywood Fall meeting our returns were nothing short of phenomenal. So much so that we wouldn't be surprised if our competition was subscribing to our service. We especially excelled in straight wagers. Straight exactas over a 60% profit on 234 possible exactas. Straight doubles over a 260% profit on 207 possible doubles. Straight pick 3's over a 400% profit on 180 possible pick 3's. Straight pick 4's over an 80% profit on 54 possible pick 4's.




Best looking card of the Fpx Meeting. 7 of the 12 races have a rating of above average clarity !   Might want to use more of your bankroll on today's card versus Sunday's which doesn't look as good.


race 1    average clarity

3  Spumoni   works suggest this 1st time is well meant and ready in his maiden debut

4  Call Hera Goddess   tough post in debut last...race under her belt and a better post...good likelihood we see more today

5  She's Excessive   flashed a little speed in debut last....Baffert and top jock a big plus

6  Mysterious Cargo   forward move in 2nd lifetime run...needs trend to continue


race 2    average clarity   

7  Hanakkuk   decent debut for twice the claiming price....drops to score

4  Sweet Consolidator   mid pack runner should be closing late

5  Ms. American Flyer   low % trainer but works that say this 1ster can run some

2  Portland   last work suggests this 1ster can run a little


race 3    average clarity

1  Dance To My Tune   best credentials in the race....can sit close and ponce in the stretch

2  Briecat   needs to wake some....blinkers off in an attempt to do just that...good history with blinks off for the trainer


race 4    above average clarity

1  Warrens Hearthrob   very bad trip in last....good trip can win this affair

3  Tiger Bay   OK debut....better 2nd out...could shot to continue the learning process today

6  Score For Fun   wide trip (in a 4F race) in debut hides ability some...can be a factor today


race 5    average clarity

1  Warren's Tony R.   good history turf to's scenario

7  Troubletimesthree   exits a fast heat albeit on the turf and had a horrendous trip....well hidden if he can handle the dirt

4  One's Own Accord   ships in from Alb seemingly  in good form


race 6  average clarity

6  Avanti Force   both lifetime endeavors fit solidly in this spot

3  Victory Stand   significant drop a couple of notches should make her a major player versus this field

4  Go Lourdes Go   exits a slow heat in last...what we really want is her lifetime debut run last Spring

9  Italian Spirit   new barn takes over and seemingly has improved this filly according to the recent works...but running for slice of the pie at best


race 7    slightly above avg clarity

7  Bandeira Union   believe this drop is healthy and is only taking the plunge to snatch an easy win

3  Streets Of Heaven   barn could use a win....another logical drop down

4  Nima's Pad   bit more suspect significant drop down....flip a coin

6  White Mark   finally a horse seemingly on the improve that steps up a small notch


race 8    slightly above avg clarity

8  Kela's Assault   horrendous trip in maiden debut then caught a buzz-saw in last...both efforts fit here

3  Salah Salah   solid early speed here has a shot to wire

1  Hi Card Gambler   last race doesn't fit....previous two races fit just fine...need a rebound

6  Gummy Runner   steps up quite a bit but owns an eye popping series of drills on the Fpx surface


race 9    slightly above avg clarity

5  Free Pourin   Baff 1ster 1st training as if all systems are go for his debut into the racing world

2  Prince Bandini   best set of drills for an Avila 1st timer in quite some time

4  Brass Plate   another 1st timer who loos ready to roll in his MSW debut

1  Divine Child   awfully impressive debut run considering this O'Neill charge went off at 42 to 1...very logical to expect more today


race 10    slightly above avg clarity

6  Punctual  fresh dropping speed and trained by a very good conditioner with speed types in Miller

10  Miss Seamless   exits a very fast heat in last and deservedly steps up....should be flying late

5  Pretty Kinzie   just claimed and claimed off a decent effort in her last...trainer West can get plenty out of a horse 1st after the claim sometimes

1  Mystery Bird   solid run ( a move forward) in last 1st after the claim....needs a small move forward again


race 11    slightly above avg clarity   

5  Bench The Judge   very soft spot for this consistent animal

6  Gallant Gent   must feel good for today's race because Lewis lures Espinoza to ride

2  Twenty Hawks   looks loose if he can get the jump on the 3 horse....and loose can be a dangerous thing


race 12    slightly above avg clarity

5  Girlwithegoldhoof   looks ready off of the layoff ..... sharp recent work.....last 2 races fit solidly here

1  Warrens Move Maker   useful 2nd in debut.....needs to move forward and surely could

8  Warrens Sweethoney   decent layoff return to the races in last........and now we get a positive rider switch

6  A Vision For You

4  Strive For Grace




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