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Fairplex for Sunday 26 September 2010 (make sure you have the correct day – both Sat and Sun were published on Sat)



Recommended pick 4 part wheel starting in the 9th

1,3,4,5,6,8 with 3 with 1,5,8 with 2,9

and another  1,3,4,5,6,8 with 5,6,9,10 with 1,5,8 with 2  

108 bets total    (50 cent pick 4's available)


race 1    avg clarity

5  Getsetgetreadygo   strong pace and final time in debut for a barn that isn't very good with 1st time starters...can see even more today

7  Warren's Lucky Storm   dangerous looking drills for this 1st time starter

3  Mi Alma

4  Skid


race 2    avg clarity

8  Yvett's Maar   4F fits this gelding and doesn't appear to want to go much further

2  Brace For Impact   decent debut and has a good shot at moving forward

7  Brother Reid

6  Zing Zing


race 3    slightly above avg clarity

3  High Class Cat    gelding sure appreciates the Fpx surface and that's 1/2 the battle......should be up for the price rise being this is his 2nd race after a long hiatus from the track

4  Talk Circuit   capable of significant early pace....most likely loose in this spot

7  Young Joe


race 4    avg clarity

7  Zilarator   last 3 career races are solid....Baffert charge has been away 3 Months but appears fit and ready

3  Happy Hedger   has shown some run....strong recent work suggests he may respond positively to 1st time blinkers

1  Churchonsunday

4  Left Turn Only


race 5    avg clarity

7  Victory Dash    O'Neill has had a terrific Fpx Meeting and drops to capture another win

6  Sweet Topper   exits a fast heat running a nice 2nd and drops claiming price in 1/2

8  Warren's Too Cool

5  Shine'n Time


race 6    avg clarity

4  Spring Call   big awakening 1st time blinkers in last....big lead in stretch was compromised by a suspect inside

2  Topperazzi   owns some speed and has a good speed ride big positives in a 4F affair

1  Rapallo

5  Thunder Of Zion


race  7   avg clarity

7  Suances De Espana   big win first time on the Fpx in latest...just claimed and steps up.....repeat of last will handle the step up

3  Popular Date   just snatched at the claiming box and steps up....decent barn 1st run after a claim

5  Thunder And Ice

10  Argenta


race 8    avg clarity

4  Sticky Candy   back to a sprint where he appears to relish.....very positive rider switch too

3  Sea Viper   looks loose and has a good Fpx speed rider aboard

7  Kenter Canyon

2  Swingin Jim


race 9    slightly below avg clarity

5  Tinner's Bride   dueled in a solid quarter then pulled away impressively only to tire late....1/2 furlong less...can wire this time 

6  Miss Buxley   25 to 1 in mc debut last at a higher claiming price says that was the tune-up....go city today

1  Warren's Handfull

4  Chaturunga


race 10    avg clarity

3  Winter Camp   absolutely loves this mini oval and should be loose and wire again

9  Charm N Chuck   Baffert / Garcia and possible chase position in the have to like that

10  Wilcat Nation

6  Big Bad Leroybrown


race 11    avg clarity

1,1A  ENTRY    both 1 and 1A fit well in this small Stakes affair....Baffert horses have all been running impressively

5  Unusual Smoke   seems to be rebounding.....runs all day and this is a 3 turn 1 1/8 affair....pretty grueling for many in here

8  Hey Elvis

7  Quindici Man


race 12    avg clarity

2  Big Wags   last effort was very solid and if he repeats it she should handle the small step up and beat these

9  Philly Slew   solid wake up in last...has a shot at the win with a forward move 2nd after the layoff

7  Major Madagan

3  Courtside Action

10  Warren's Gridlock



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