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Oak Tree at Hollywood for Thursday 7 oct 2010


With the rain yesterday watch for any bias that may develop. I will stand behind my selections in the 2 carded grass races if they are switched over to the main track.


Recommended pick 3 part wheels (trying to bring home a price in 1 or 2 of the pick 3 legs) starts in the 3rd race.

1,2,4 with 2 with 1,2,3,5,9

1,2,4 with ALL with 5                              36 bets


race 1    average clarity

1  Roman Chic   barn is solid 1st time in maiden claiming...all 3 lifetime sprints fit well here

2  Lutess   last was better then par for today's level...that race was run with a couple of months off...same approx. time frame here

5  Lemony Fresh   grass fit.....races fig wise fit fine here if she can duplicate the same effort 1st on the AW...only mount of the night for M Smith seems significant


race 2    slightly below average clarity

4  Miss Addy Kiss   best set of drills for a Neil French 1ster in many a moon...not his forte but this one looks very ready to roll

3  Lady Lazer   another 1st timer with impressive works for a mc affair...Gallagher is dangerous with a good work tab in a mc claimer...and when the are well meant they can really pop big efforts

1  Limited Passion   2 nice efforts in 2 lifetime races....Rosario back aboard a plus


race 3    above average clarity

1  Skellytown   last 4 races are well below par for the 8K level.....needs to go bad not to be a major factor

4  Sheeky   block in last or much closer......very positive rider change....shot a price

2  Super Harmony   fresh speed is training sharply.......looks loose and he may.........go.......all.......the...........way

5  Intothewild   on the right end of the learning curve...unproven at a route but it's a good sign winning his last in a 2 turn sprint


race 4       average clarity

2  Musical Grace   was on the improve and then skipped the Fpx meet and trained super in the meantime....believe may fire best ever and at a price

4  Cruzin Topless   speed of the speed in here will be plenty tough if allowed to slow the tempo of the race

1  Jana Gail   toss out last the 1st ever on "classic dirt"...appreciates the Hollywood AW...barn has a good history 2nd out after a claim


race 5    average clarity

5  Dextera   horrendous trip in latest which was the 1st start after the claim by Hess....that race actually was a strong effort for this was done on the AW and I believe this filly to be better on the lawn

2  Madeline Ruby   only two grass races on Top Turf today don't fit at this recent drill is reassuring

9  Beautiful American   high winning % animal just claimed by a high % 1st after the claim trainer....spells danger city

1  Samba School   won a slow heat at Fpx in last which doesn't prove much...but....his Euro grass races should fit OK in this spot


race 6    average clarity

3  Tale In Excess   powerful under wraps MSW debut win should save plenty in the tank for today's bigger challenge...sure appeared to good one with a bright future

4  Hi Ho Yodeler   seems to be in an every / other mode and today is the every.....capable of very strong figs/efforts when she runs her race


race 7    slightly below average clarity

2  Otto Von Voom   should be able to get a nice ground saving trip behind what should be a lively pace up front....sure loves the 1 mile distance

3  California Soldier   very solid 1st ever on the sod in latest.....aggressive work series since...also has a good shot to get good mid pace position in the race

7  Alley Hendro    impressive wide trip win in last....pace did set things up for him but it can once again in this spot

8  Face And An Ace   gelding has been facing better.....believe Blanc would be best served by taking way back to get over and save some ground on the 1st turn


race 8    average clarity

3  Tribal Wish   last looks like the gimme to drop and go today.......2 off his 3 Hollywood races fit fine in this spot

10  Call Me Later   3 drills in 6 days...strong sign of intent for today....need his effort/energy he showed 3 back which was his maiden debut

6  Wild And True   both lifetime races are par like efforts for today's level....just calimed by Sadler and lookout if he improves this fellow at all

2  Swiss Ski   good speed and P Val.....not much more I hase to say

8  Tonzatrouble   last may have been a tune-up for today....if so he may be tons of trouble....doubt wins it but may get a slice






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