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Oak Tree at Hollywood for Monday 11 Oct 2010


Recommended Play:
Race 6 - Per boxes 2-7, 2-8: Tri 7,8 with 3,4,7,8 with 2: Win/Place 2

Race 1 - Average Clarity
3 - Quintons Flash - projected ground saving trip..strong interim work series and Rosario stays aboard
4 - Honour Family - toss the FPX clunker and this horse has been right there at this level..won at distance and track..price
6 - Big Revolution - strong win off the long layoff..same outside stalking trip may lead to same result

Race 2 - Average Clarity
2 - Havens Lake - last looks like a tune-up for today's go..likes track and distance
3 - Brought It - win machine at this trip..possible wire job if she can avoid a duel with # 6
8 - Popular Date - does she have one more effort in her after 3 races in a month?..if yes, she'll be tough
7 - Rev Her Up - 3rd race in current cycle and Talamo returns..has not won for a long time, but big shot for a slice

Race 3 - Average Clarity
7 - Cayala - expensive yearling purchase has eaten turf route money overseas..returns to small barn in U.S. and picks up Raffy?
3 - Lea the Punisher - two powerful near misses in two starts..too early to label her a sniffer, but that is
5 - Catchy Tune - very strong work series for this firster..Gonzalez solid in all the relevant categories
1 - Lisa Cozzene - another firster with good works..tough post at this distance but Joe T has been riding well

Race 4 - Slightly Below Average Clarity
2 - Yellow Slicker - plenty of pace to set up her big close..if she breaks clean, look out
4 - Ahley's Gamble - impressive win in last after shipping in from Canada..same stalking trip will put her right there
7 - Spark City - 3rd race in cycle..took all the pace in last and beaten less than 4..major jock upgrade

Race 5 - Slightly Below Average Clarity
11 - Syllabus - troubled wide trip in debut and still there at the end..working well for 2nd outing with Rosario signing on again
8 - Tsunami Warning - another coming out of a troubled debut..better break should put him in the hunt
6 - Warren's Tommy Too - 3rd race after freshening and ran well in lone HOL effort..some tactical speed in race lacking it
12 - Royal Import - Espinoza may have no choice but to gun from this tough post..solid figs but have a difficult time putting him on top

Race 6 - Slightly Above Average Clarity
2 - Warrensmysterydice - lone turf try fig fits here..coming off 3 solid and improving races..bombs away
7 - Laura Beasley - standout on Top Turf figs and returns to main jock..concern is the seconditis habit
8 - Serene Sophia - Baffert charge stretches out off 2 solid sprints..above average turf and distance breeding
4 - Melbisha - toss FPX clunker..last turf effort showed significant improvement..another with hanging tendencies

Race 7 - Average Clarity
3 - Scenic Blast - done nothing wrong since coming to U.S., including powerful fig in debut..should get good rail trip
6 - Quick Enough - nice move forward in last off claim..12 of 13 in tri lifetime, 7 for 7 on the lawn
7 - Dilemma - had no chance in lone turf sprint try..a better trip and this one could blow by everyone
5 - Connagher - will need to improve a couple of lengths, but certainly has the right to do so..Raffy climbs aboard

Race 8 - Average Clarity
5 - Tuscan Chianti - takes a logical drop to try to find the winners circle..big bullet 5 days ago.
2 - Saanneen - rates to get a good rail stalking trip..lone score came here at this trip
1 - Hot Little Bug - off over 15 months but training well for return..Canani good with these types and off to a solid meet start
7 - Costa Marta - consistent sort should be prominent throughout..just doesn't like to win

Race 9 - Slightly Below Average Clarity
10 - Slammer Time - lone entrant with turf experience, try was good..tactical speed and Raffy will make him tough to beat
9 - Northern Indy - capable small barn ships this firster south after a productive work series..excellent turf and distance breeding entices Rosario
2 - War Pilot - bad trip in last after strong debut..bred to handle the surface switch and distance
1 - Wegner - Baffert has been lights out with firsters, reason enough to keep this one in the mix
3 - Mr. Candy Ride - from same outfit as second choice..somewaht weak debut but 2 strong works since with above average turf breeding


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