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Oak Tree @ Hollywood for 21 Oct 2010


Rich is rested (well no rest on the day we hiked/climbed up Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. Sure spooked me hanging onto chains and rocks on rock cliffs with 1,000 foot drops into oblivion) and freshened up like a smartly conditioned Thoroughbred and ready for some solid handicapping.


race 1    slightly above avg clarity

1  Warren's Rose   very short rest (5 days in this case) isn't the forte of of many trainers but O'Neill breaks the mold....good shot at up close ground saving position on 1st turn 

3  Long Legged Lovely   proven 2 turns albeit in a sprint at Fpx....ran 2nd in a fast affair supported by big gaps to 3rd and then 4th

5  Dancing Jo   appears to have the most early speed and may get away and be loose....might get brave


race 2    average clarity

5  Spanish Ice   acted up in the gate 3 back and 2 back and didn't problems in last and ran keep on eye on

2  Argenta   on the rebound since Gihua took over the riding duties....jock and trainer have been successful together

4  Church Avenue   toss out last all washed out....runs well when she has contact near the front....good chance she will today


race 3    average clarity

3  Where's The Remote   powerful grass effort in last at today's 1 1/4 mile distance in a Grade 1...appears to be a very nice Cal. turf runner

5  Gothic Samurai   bled over Lasix in last so rested...stressful aggressive work series says this speed type is over his bleeding problems and poised foe a nice effort


race 4    slightly above avg clarity

3  Misinjennous   logical drop down most likely has some physical problems but Bejarano accepting the mount is a good hint she has another winning effort left in her

5  Mystery Bird   3 good races with the blinkers off....then 2 races with the blinkers on aren't today

6  Warren's Highroller   her 3 races on the Aw fit fine.....does tend to hang when it counts...rider could use a win or even a more likely 2nd


race 5     average clarity

4  Hot Affair   almost a year since her MSW debut but her works say ready and a repeat of her only (race run on the AW) would make her tough in this spot.....bred fine to handle a grass sprint

2  Elegant K   another laid up horse but the barn is red hot and the filly is well proven on the sod

7  Zohrah   on the improve in all 3 grass races which were at a route.....router will most likely need solid pace for her best closing run

1  Nefarious   another laid up filly with a decent MSW turf race under her belt and stellar grass's tossed 5 grass winners


race 6    average clarity

7  Swiss G's   all three lifetime starts are par-like for today's level.....what I like best is the distance because this baby has been flattening out at 6 and 6 1/2 F...5 1/2 F seems perfect for him

1  Call Me Later   2 solid improved races since Henricksclaimed.......closer should be a factor late

5  Spectacular Fun   broke about 3 lengths slow in mc debut at Fpx and then showed life.....barn is not a 1st time ready outfit so looking for more today


race 7    average clarity

3  Big Shot Syd   should be a heck of a lot tighter after a much needed out after the extended hiatus from the track.....ran some big races on the sod in 2009 with a low % rider.....P Val is a solid upgrade

6  Oak Kye Why   why...because he seemingly is lone speed andhas a good turf speed rider aboard in M Smith

4  California Soldier   responds well when is able to get the chase position in a race and that appears highly likely here


race 8    slightly above avg clarity

3  Coffee Gossip   1st timer has a pattern that says ready for a trainer like Mullins.....put in a solid foundation of long drills the flashed some solid speed works...believe all set and well schooled

10  Mysterious Man   sharp recent bullet drill and a positive rider switch...small drop doesn't hurt either

9  Secret Jackpot   exits a fast heat for the level at Fpx which was supported by a gap of 10 lengths from his 2nd place finish to 3rd place

6  Kim's Leading Man   appears better suited for sprints then routes....back to a sprint after 2 3rd place finishes going long....route fit and 7F is usually a good mix...does tend to hang

8  Action In Motion    took back off the pace in last and was able to finish better then 2 previous races where he sat close and flattened late.....same top jock up today


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