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Hollywood for Saturday 6 Nov 2010


B C Cup Classic race 11 at CD

8  Zenyatta

12  Lookin At Lucky

5  Blame

3  Haynesfield

6  Fly Down


race 1   slightly above average clarity

4  Warren's Blossom   both lifetime races make her the one to beat in this spot

5  The Great Atlantic   fires best when fresh.....fresh today

3  Limited Passion   owns some decent early speed and might get away and get brave on the front end


race 2    average clarity

1  Including Waters   showed he handle handle 2 turns on the AW....decent grass breeding and the trainer is strong 1st time on the lawn

2  War Pilot   good solid 1st on the turf in last....can be prominent thru-out

8  Parable   Gaines has been red hot and this 1st timer is training like she means business with this gelding in his MSW debut

6  Got Milch   just claimed by Cerin and steps out of claiming.....very sharp trainer 1st out after a claim


race 3    average clarity

3  Track N Attack   long hiatus from the track but very fast from the gate.....can wire this group if he's right

2  Bertran Hill   5 wide and still won for much lower....excellent effort with the blinkers off so steps way up deservedly so

6  Maybe Yes   drop down should make him a player in this spot......bad trip in last hides him somewhat


race 4    average clarity

7  Magic Launch   bad trip in last caught wide chasing the pace.....2 reassuring works since.....will be tough with a solid ride by the new jockey aboard

5  Tommy's Pick   exits a key turf race at GG and is training very sharply

6  Melbisha   too far back compromised her chances and hides her ability somewhat


race 5    average clarity

11  Dancing At Dark   recent works suggest a rebound to his race 2 back which fits fine here

9  Welcome Home Ryan   wide trip in last hides a nice move forward

7  Doc Can Dance   should finish the 7F strong coming off a route race and many in here won't

2  Ultimate Question   chased a monster in last and faded but still held a decent monsters in here


race 6    average clarity

1  Rents Paid   solid move forward in last....blinkers on and might like them applied because he sure is working well now

8  Prince Of Gotham   on the improve albeit on the sod...dangerous animal

2  Belongs To Gotham   last run off of a substantial layoff was a very strong effort....same may occur today

6  Morganouska   2 straight wins at a a sprint a go with negative change of riders...still...some shot


race 7    slightly below average clarity

6  Zohrah   seemingly no speed inside of him so jock  can get over and save some ground....good shot to score if he does

5  Catchy Tune   last sure looks like the gimme on the AW to go go go on the sod today...small barn is sharp 1st on the lawn

8  Lee The Punisher   3 straight 2nd' on the the turf a try with OK turf breeding

3  Mutually Benefit   good grass barn so I would guess this turf bred filly will forward in her 2nd lifetime start


race 8    slightly below average clarity

7  Kenter Canyon  somewhat hidden poor trip run in last.......plenty of pace can set things up for his closing light weight app fly

5  Ever So Humble   obviously needed last...more today is likely

4  Elusive Monent   cut back in distance should aid this gelding stay the distance

1  Rathman   last 3 races fit fine in this spot...might get a little overbet


race 9    average clarity

6  Jakesam   big win 1st time on the Hol surface and training extremely well in the morning (at Hollywood)...sure looks like he loves the track

5  Clubhouse Ride    consistent sort is not proven at a route but is proven running 2 turns

1  Celestic Night   2 straight decent sprint efforts....1st time long and bred well to handle the distance

2  Prayer For Relief   woke up in last....might be dangerous in that it isn't like Baffert to step a horse up so much


race 10    average clarity

11  Battle School   drops again...very solid if this gelding has 1 more race left in her

10  Royal Import   solid consistent horse fits fine...need's to stop hanging in the stretch

1  Zilaeator    big race 3 back which was at Hol...lookout if we see it today

12  Franconi    gimme go

9  Trueno   in and out races fit somewhat









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