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Hollywood for Sunday 7 Nov 2010


The 2nd tier riders sure had a field day at Hollywood this weekend while the "big guns" were at CD for The Breeders Cup. Hopefully it will build their confidence. The more top jocks we have at Hollywood the better our betting opportunities.


1st race pick 4 part wheel is recommended

3  with  ALL  with  1,3,5  with 1,5,6

2,3,5,6  with  2,5  with  1,3,5  with  1,5,6

118 bets  (50 cent wagers are available)


race 1    average clarity

3  Banana Cream Pie    solid break thru in mc win in last......could be a nice claim by O'neill.....repeat of last seems good enough to beat these

5  Miss Buxley   Hess has been on quite a roll of late......this filly moved forward about 3 lengths in last and graduated.....same move forward in third lifetime start gives her as good a shot as anyone to win this

6  Warren's Lover   tossed a clunker in last that doesn't fit here....previous runs are fine....Bejarano aboard suggests there is a decent shot the filly feels fine


race 2    average clarity

2  Yodelen Dan    2 strong positives....seems to love the 1 1/4 mile distance and the Hol turf course.....claim back by Mullins appears to be on the upswing 

5  Lucky Rave   needed last and should be all set for better today.......pedigree says the 1 1/4 miles should be to his liking...positive rider switch


race 3    slightly above average clarity

5  Honey's Prize   solid debut and the barn is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters especially those that showed ability in their debut

3  Star  Presence   hard to run as powerfully in 3 lifetime MSW races and not to have graduated.... should be strong late coming off 2 route races

1  Ricketyracketyruss   race 2 back her maiden debut was a poor trip solid fig.....solid work tab in preparation for today


race 4    average clarity

5  Softly Singing    if  the 8 horse doesn't show her old speed P Val can get loose...slow things down....and wire 

1  Broken Dreams   solid late runner from Ky can win this from off of it if 1 and 6 press the issue up front

6  Reba Is Tops   may have needed last....if she did lookout......significant back numbers


race 5    average clarity

3  Streets Of Heaven   wide trip in last and still just missed by a whisker with the same rider up....seems to appreciate extended 1 turn races

4  Bad Boy   3 hard races in a row but Canani is capable of stringing quite a few wins in a row out of a cheap animal

8  Self Insured   blinkers on / blinkers off.....long to looks ready to fire 2nd out after the claim....a strong suit for the trainer

6  Mind The Minister   poor trip in last....believe rebounds today....does like to hang


race 6    average clarity

4  Road To Reason   fig in last wins this with a decent guess is she is a relatively healthy dropper

6  Top Seeded   new trainer takes over and spots this horse much lower where all of his AW sprints fit fine

8  Sweet And Jazzy   best ever was 4 back her last time she ran at today's distnce

7  Lisa Lulu    drops back to a level she belongs....will fly late......sure tends to hang


race 7    average clarity

3  Gothic Samurai   horse shows substantial early speed at times and may here being a fresh runner.....shot to wire off of some nice morning work

2  Medici Code   doubt the same animal anymore or he would be in a Stakes race 2nd after the layoff...still can fit at today's alw level just fine

5  Universal Peace   consistent late runner will be closing in the late stages


race 8    average clarity

3  Wallstreeter   monster turf run at these if she can transfer that race to the AW at Hol...nw2 alw older males ran 131:2 on the same card at Tup

1  Big Tiz   on the improve with every start and training like the trend will continue

6  True Way Of Grace  need his effort 2 back which was run at Fpx....good recent drills suggest she may rebound to it


race 9    average clarity

7  Officer Leah   good chance to move forward once again....shortening up 1/2 furlong looks like a good thing here

2  Contractual   big late run 2nd from far back at Kee was visually impressive.....has trained continued to train well since that race 

4 Good Vibration   laid up animal has a new barn and decent works...these kind are usually dangerous

9  Indianista   strong race 1 year as if she is ready to roll once again

1  Steve's Blue Sky   vanned off in last but trains as if she is in good health....not dropping into claiming supports that 


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