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Hollywood for Friday 10 December 2010


Since the last 2 races seem rather wide open I'm recommending this 5th race pick 4 part wheel using a single of a nice animal in the 6th

5th race pick 4   2,3,4,5,8 /4 /1,2,3,4,5,7 / 3,5,6,8,9   75 bets  50 cent wagers are available


race 1    slightly above average clarity

1  Zippin E   drop drop drop but loose city in this spot and awfully tough if healthy guess is she is

5  Sambista   1st and 2nd in two Hollywood starts and yet to hit the board elsewhere.....probably last start at Hollywood till Spring so barn most likely is all out to win now....solid recent drill supports this

4  Simply Put   3 or 4 lengths short figure wise but the positive rider switch might be worth those 3 or 4 lengths


race 2    slightly above average clarity

6  Warren's Dove   wide with decent pace in last earned him a powerful no. on my hot rider/trainer team a major plus

5  Mesa Thunder   tough call here with this massive layoff drop down....toss a coin

2  Purse Luva   closer seemingly gets enough pace up front to put in a dangerous close


race 3    average clarity

7   Candy's Affair   layoff runner is a very logical drop from MSW in that this filly showed little at the MSW level....closer will be running late versus speed that should be gasping late

3  Good Friday Gal   laid up speed router is training well enough to be ready fresh off of the bench

1  Touch Luck    Salyer won for us the other day to snatch his 1st 2010 win......that horse trained sharply and so is this 2nd out after the layoff mare

2  Jamies Fantasy   showed improved effort in 2nd career race....this is 2nd after a layoff....can repeat history and move forward today


race 4    slightly below average clarity

4  Locksley Hall    capable of extremely fast pace when he is running fresh like sharp enough to get 5 1/2 F....small but very capable barn might wire with this guy 

1  Stoneside   95% of career....albeit mostly on the turf.... fits solidly at the 40K level.....positive rider switch to Mr Gomez

2  Galleta Monstruo   somewhat hidden move forward in last running on a suspect inside and in tight a little in the stretch....just claimed and it appears O'Neill has snatched this gelding on the right end of the form cycle


race 5    average clarity

2  Keen Bidder    race 2 back with the blinkers off is very strong and it was at today's distance....blinkers off today

4  Seattle Ruler   nice win / improvement with the addition of blinkers in last....takes a small drop....why not....there aren't that many spots for a mid priced 3 year turf claimer to run in

5  Otto Vom Voom   tough trip in last hides move forward....needs to avoid flattening out at the extra 1/16 furlong today

3  Ranger Heartley   bred fine to handle the grass.....does need a rebound in form/health but gets time off to regain it


race 6    slightly above average clarity

4  Chapman's Peak   last 2 races are very powerful efforts both in pace and final time....a ton if he can repeat those the added time off to recovery from the big runs 

7  Temp   nothing special about his 2nd place debut but training great since...should move forward

2  Lichtenstein   fired best ever in last on the significant drop smartly steps back into MSW affair

3  Recap   long long hiatus from the track but beautifully bred and training like Shirreffs means business 1st out after the layoff


race 7    slightly below average clarity

4  Cardiff Agent   still a Alw nw yet has placed twice in Graded stakes.....1st on the grass but bred for it ...invader has the best preparation at Tup I've seen in quite some time 

2  Blue Jay Attack   2 big figs at 5F on Top Turf Today but 2 so so figs at 6F...but has run a nice fig at 6F on the AW....tough a quality horse

1  Dahoud   had speed in New Zealand and this spot is totally void of front runners...lookout if he breaks cleanly

5  Unico Lider    totally blew turns in a route affair...that was his 1st ever in the good old U S of A....he rushed (showing speed) after a bad start as well....another who may lead in a race void of speed....keep your fingers crossed when he hits the turn


race 8    slightly below average clarity

5  Sportina  owns some speed and is training like an improved animal for his new barn....fresh off of the bench and seemingly ready to roll

3  Ever Ask Me Again    not the best 1ster outfit but training like ready and it doesn't take as much expertise to get a 3 and up horse ready to compete at only 5 F

6  Pic O Dream    trainer has a solid history dropping out of MSW races into maiden claiming....good sign that Gomez wants the mount

8  Guilded Reward    woke up in last with a much better % rider in the saddle....very stout here if that race aided in his fitness...same effort might even fit

9  Indiana Nana   1st timer is training well enough to be considered dangerous 



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