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Santa Anita for Thursday 6 Jan 2011


Decent looking card today if we get a neutral to slightly speed favoring track.

Looking forward to a dry period now in S Cal where the new SA surface can settle down and we can see how the track is playing under a more controlled environment for the track maintenance crew.  This also makes it much easier for yours truly to make good selections. If you make picks for a particular racing surface and get something else you have little chance at giving out enough good choices.


race 1    average clarity

4  Reality Ride   same combo of trainer and rider won the last race Sunday as our top choice and paid just short of 6 to 1......won't get that here but plenty of money will go on our 2nd choice another Baffert starter.....excellent series of works including multiple bullet drills on the Fpx dirt surface

6  Lichtenstein    vet scratch 4 weeks ago at the MSW level and now appears here for a tag......only 1 work showing in 7 weeks but it is a solid drill and it was on the new SA issues.....can win but I wouldn't want to snatch up in the claiming box

3  Saintly Soul   logical layoff drop down out of MSW racing......gelding has been well prepared in the morning by Gaines with a prolonged work series.....can compete here if he takes to the dirt


race 2    slightly above average clarity

4  Sambora   distance fit and owns enough early speed to sit in a good chase position....bodes well for the extended sprint distance

5  Lift Our Luck   debut fig/effort fits and her last was even better.....a ton here if the trend continue....Mullins is off to a hot start

2  Ghost In Your Heart   won despite a bad trip in 1st career start......a contender if seldom used Puglisi can coax a better trip out of the youngster...jock usually rides fairly well especially considering his lack of mounts


race 3    average clarity

2  Yodelady O   nice improvement since Hollendorfer claimed last Summer....2 of his 3 lifetime turf races are solid on Top Turf Today

8  Bella Roja   very impressive layoff win in last.....proven on the SA hill turf  course.....solid recent drill hints at another strong effort

1  Saanneen   filly responses well when she has contact with the front end of things and Gomez should be able to have her close up here

4  Magic Launch   consistent.....good record back with short rest (10 days).....can sit close in a seemingly paceless affair....all in all a very strong 4th choice


race 4    average clarity

2  Marquisite   solid rider/trainer tandem......positive switch in riders....bad journey in last hides an OK effort....previous effort was the recent drill on the SA surface

5  Elle Dehere   1ster has shown a liking to conventional dirt both at CD and SA....race lacks speed and his works suggest she may have some

4  Great Bernadine   proven on conventional dirt and training better than ever......can sit close in an affair lacking speed types

7  Sleepy Time Girl   long hiatus from the track but drops a needed couple of notches and training well enough to possible be ready fresh


race 5    slightly above average clarity

7  Bitt A Heat   rather sure her last race was nothing more than a sprint tune-up and a very good one at that....seems very poised to pop a good one today running long

1  Orfano   17 to 1 in a MSW debut sprint for O'Neill strongly suggests the race was needed and it will be full throttle today in 2nd lifetime fact Rosario sticks with the filly supports this conclusion

5  Unknown Heat   good history with a month or two between starts like ever was the only time today's rider was up and it was on the SA sod.....p Val will need to stay after her late because she tends to hang

4  Favoloso   very fast pacesetter since the blinkers were added.....definite shot if jock can harness her speed some early on....seemingly a decent affair for speed types


race 6    average clarity

7  Shesoprovocative   laid up 9 weeks but training as if the SA dirt surface is significantly to her liking and she posses a good history when she runs fresh

4  Serene Sophia    blinkers on in last and she fell off figure wise a little...Baffert yanks them off today....positive rider switch to Rosario

2  Our Road Scholar   versatile mare seemingly on any surface is in good form...deserves a shot back in Alw racing

1  Torrey Cliffs   1 for 1 on "real dirt" and it arguably was her best effort ever on the main track....also on the improve since O'neill claimed 3 races back


race 7    average clarity

7  No Dream   quality grass horse a few years back is on the rebound and all signs point to another forward move today

4  Yodelen Dan   Mullins has always handled this horse well and his barn is heating up to boot......good history at today's distance....good history on the SA sod

1  Get A Grip   on the improve and has a shot to get a ground saving chase or mid pack position

3  Sporting Art   drops down a notch and has a recent reassuring drill.....has a win and a 2nd since Mitchell claimed both up for today's claiming tag of 40K



race 8    average clarity

6  Led Advatage   drops and is training as if the switch to the SA dirt surface is a very good thing...barn means business

9  Marino's Promise   definitely owns enough speed to clear and may........go........all.......the.......way

5  Really Elegant    improving sort maybe feeling really good to be able to race back in less then 3 weeks....1st at a route but bred well enough to get the mile

8  Warren's Highroller   best ever on the main track was only effort on conventional dirt....trainer has been awakening  

1  Mystery Bird   blinkers on possibly to help focus in late stages of a route race....has had a tendency to flatten out in two turn races







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