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Santa Anita for Thursday 10 Feb 2011


Word of caution: high winds fore-casted for SA might change the track some. Pay close attention. In general windy days and/or off tracks are not a good thing. Other then that it seems like a decent card once we get past the 1st race which features a favorite dropping from the sky. Not exactly my cup of tea and I do like tea. 




race 1    slightly below average clarity

5  Alpine Yodel    claimed for 25K and now runs 1st out for her new barn for 8K....ouch....for the barn and the horse.....only needs 75 % his her ability to beat these......toss a coin...not a fun race to start the new week

7  Skylights   handicapping 101....likely to move forward 2nd out after the layoff especially true for a distance horse

3  Lucky Got Lucky   consistent sort on both the AW and the conventional dirt

2  Saint's Crown   never easy to get the jump on P Val (on the 1 horse) but this mare pops some significant early speed at times and if she does today with the light weight app. she has a shot at wiring


race 2    average clarity

6  El Scorpio   dueled in nasty fractions in last and still won...claimed and deservedly steps up double the claiming price...wire to wire likely if produces similar early speed

3  Hard Bill   trainer won 2 Sunday and conditioners often win in bunches.....consistent AW or "dirt"......4 wins in 6 starts on the "dirt" racing in say ready and this gelding fits solidly at the 50K level

2  Nikki'sgoldensteed   very unlucky last 3 of 4 races receiving lackluster paces to close into...should get an honest pace today


race 3    average clarity

6  Cry Hallelujah   blinkers off suggests they don't want this filly necessarilybe on the lead here...she might can the perfect chase position behind the 4 horse or on the lead with a reasonable pace being set...seems in the drivers seat

5  Mutually Benefit    both grass races with exactly 4 weeks rest are solid on Top Turf guessed it...4 weeks rest once again...great trainer/rider team the last few years

2  Tashzara   believe the best animal in the race but seems somewhat compromised by a lack of pacesetters to aid late her closing kick

4  For The Memories   if I'm right about the 6 horse then this filly can be loose on the lead.....bred fine to handle turf...rail is way out and this often helps front runners


race 4    average clarity

9  Call Me Later   colt looks more like a sprinter.....7F should fit nicely coming off of 2 route endeavors......trainer has been getting the job done...last 3 sprint figs fit well

4  Diamond Touch   another colt route fit and cutting back to a 7F sprint.....race lacks speed and he has some......might be on or near a reasonable pace with the meets leading rider aboard

5  Cookie's from Tony   needed last and likely to move barn has training fairly sharp with the blinkers off for today

7  Eddingtonforgianna   low % trainer but he is good at getting horses to fire route to sprint


race 5    average clarity

6  Tiz A Bud Girl   definitely on the right end of the learning curve...good chance to get a ground saving chase or mid pack position

4  Jax Ex   best early speed here should be loose.....jury still is out if she is ratable on the front end but she can be a ton here if she does today 

1  Spanish Bunny   history in her running lines suggests the last was a gimme to be full throttle this afternoon...can get a nice chase position

7  She'sfitforaking   very strong late finishes at the 1 mile distance on the turf...hoping for some heat up front


race 6    average clarity

8  Kahlua Mist   the speed types in this affair sure don't possess much staying power and that can sets thing up nicely for this mid pack performer...last 2 efforts/figs fit well but her run 3 back is very solid

11  Flashy Traveler   good history turf to main track....still must show she can handle conventional dirt.....should find out today because appears to fit well in this spot

6  Emba U. T. K.   running into shape and  last week's bullet 5/8ths drill hints this mare is vastly improved....can get a decent stalk position behind suspect speed up front...should go off at handsome odds 

4  L'enchanteresse   dull in last 2 races so drops to a kinder level....would have selected higher if she wasn't such a hanger


race 7    average clarity   

8  Times Gone By   lots of talent (owns powerful Top Turf Today figs for today's racing level) and is training well enough to be considered ready to roll in his return to the race wars 

1  Irrefutable   1st ever on the sod but good pedigree for it and should be loose here if she takes to it...2 very sharp works since her last which was a winning effort....has only sprinted but actually bred better to be a router 

9  Jairzihno   good chance P Val can sit in the same chase position as he did in his last......cut back in distance looks like a positive

6  Lieve   new barn....improved works.....owns some powerful races when the turf was firmer in Brazil....firm turf as usual in sunny Cal today


race 8    slightly above average clarity

3  Armenian Star   drops out of MSW....only race on the new SA surface is a bad trip strong fig/effort run 2 races back....P Val should be up close in a race with few speed types

8  Our Last Monte   looks like lone speed here and will most likely have to be caught....bred fine to get the extended sprint distance of 7F

10  Sophomoric Venture   trainer loves to score conditioning a horse route to's scenario

11  Leyva Man   turf tightener in last...excellent drills since says it was a good training move....consistent sort has a shot to fire top effort

2  Guadalupe Lupe   in good form...would have selected higher if it wasn't for his tendency to flatten out in extended sprints 



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