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Santa Anita for Monday 21 Feb 2011




race 1    slightly above average clarity

3  Lease On Life   sharp grass figs on Top Turf Today including on the SA hill....reassuring recent drills says he has held his form

4  Get Funky   last 2 races back with short rest are strong for this old timer...back quick today...Sadler barn is hot

6  Dance With Gable   no shot in last wide near ridiculous pace...toss it out...should fit on drop....3 for 4 in the win column on the SA hill

10  Dapper Gene   Palma has a solid record 1st after the claim and appears to have snatched a gelding in good form


race 2    average clarity

6  Self Insured   will look to clear from the outer-most post once again.....monumental move forward in last so the doubling of the claiming seems like a wise and doable move by Carava

4  MarquetRebel   in good form and loves the 1 1/16 mile distance...can get a nice stalk or mid pace position

1  Job Boss  nice move forward in last and claimed by a competent trainer...rider / trainer teamed up for a winner yesterday


race 3    average clarity

4  Royal Import   wide trip and a little too close to a nasty space and still managed a win in last....another claim by Palma who as I wrote earlier is solid 1st out after the claim

1  No Dream   Cerin isn't afraid to drop a horse a couple of notches to get to the circle of joy

5  Low Gear Power   last time ran turf to dirt this Gray came up a winner.....that's today's scenario

3  My Man Sumo   appears to appreciate conventional dirt,,,figs fit....1 1/8 distance is the ? mark


race 4    average clarity

3  Cahill Country   was a good grass horse with solid turf figs over a year ago.....last was a solid wake up....rebound city and Gomez up to get the job done

1  California Soldier   hot rider/trainer team and and a very consistent horse....high degree of probability this one should be part of the battle for the win

7  Fandino   all 3 efforts on the SA hill turf course are only a couple of lengths short of par for this level,,,,recent solid work tab hint of a breakout race

9  Kuro   long hiatus from the race wars but training as if he is ready to roll fresh off of the bench...likes the SA hill


race 5    average clarity

2  Guy On The Go   another Baff 1ster with a brilliant series of drills esp. 1:11:1 bullet drill out of the gate

6  Hoorayforhollywood   beautifully bred (home-bred ) is also training like a ready 1ster fore Mr Bob Baffert

4  Rothko  anther nicely bred 1st timer and Asmussen obviously can get it done with a 1st timer

7  Grip Hands   odds on in debut and had little shot with a bad well once again and Rosario sticks around...won't be pounded today at the windows


race 6    average clarity

3  A Z Warrior   1st ever on the turf but bred fine for tab suggests this filly appreciated her 3+ month break

4  Cathy's Crunches   very consistent hard trying sort has 5 wins in 8 starts and has never failed to hit the board.....pedigree for the grass is good

10  Cambina   deep closer handles softer sod and that is what she should get today

7  She'll Heir   late runner is nicely bred to handle a turf sprint and has shown it in her grass works....route racing maybe a different matter

NOTE:  12 & 13 have a shot if they draw into this fairly wide open affair


race 7    slightly above average clarity

6  Forty Paces   sharp in the morning and the afternoon....Palma means business least I hope he does...haven't selected 3 of his horse's so high in a given race card in a very long time

5  Coy Princess   on the improve with every start....2 very impressive recent works suggest another forward move in about to occur

7  Seachi   Walsh just claimed off of a clunker of an debut 2 races back is what she needs to coax out of this youngster

4  Lucky Timing   bad journey in last hides a solid move forward.....clean trip and/or another forward move and she should be in the hunt for the winners circle


race 8    average clarity

6  Lilly Fa Pootz   finally significant weight off of the fairly consistent filly....races with less than 120 lbs are some of her very best...117 today and it is 117 with Mr Rosario

1  Turning Top   great job of training this filly by S Callaghan...has been ready no matter what the days off between races I say ready today off of the layoff...owns some nice Top Turf Today figs

11  Evening Jewel   very nice filly on any surface would havebeen my top selection if it wasn't for the difficult post

8  Burg Berg   needed last and if history for Gonzales is worth a hoot you can expect much more today


race 9    average clarity

6  Guadalupe Lupe  best of 34 3F bullet drill just 3 days ago......feeling great and fast and it is right now...5F is a fit 

5  Rented Cop   very fast grass splits in a mile race in last should have him quick fit and ready to stick around at the speed friendly 5F distance

4  Anne's Inheritance   laid up MSW drop down is training sharply for Vienna....13 months away but sure seems ready

3  Brace For Impact

1  Gaelic Glory




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