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Santa Anita for Sunday 13 March 2011



Difficult card today with 5 races rated slightly below average clarity.


race 1    slightly below average clarity

3  Streets Of Heaven   ultra consistent sort just was snatched at the claiming box from a good barn 1st out after the claim....4 lbs off a nice plus

4  Warrens Summergold   last looks like a gimme to more safely drop back into claiming.....2 for 2 lifetime when up for a tag

1  My Man Sumo   looks like another decent Mitchell claim......last fits and if he moves this one up then he will be as solid as anyone in here


race 2    slightly below average clarity

7  Cato Major   nice consistent sort.....race 2 back is very strong and so is the rider/trainer combo

6  Kahlua Mist   just claimed and the trainer has won at 1st asking 1/3 of his last 27 claims....not too shabby 

3  Warren's Rose   recent improved drills suggests a forward move is imminent

5  Justincredible   here's your front runner....long layoff....large drop....toss a coin


race 3    average clarity

4  Gab Power   excellent history fresh off of the bench including a strong turf run (-3 on Top Turf Today, that means 3 lengths better then par for today's level) at today's 1 mile distance

6  Burns   checked early rather badly and ran somewhat wide in latest....that effort and his route effort fit well if he can duplicate the same in his 1st ever on the sod.....bred fine for the sod

5  Luckarack   many races run on the main track fit with these......turf pedigree is solid


race 4    slightly below average clarity

5  O She So   on the improve with every start....last fits well and another move forward is icing on the cake

7  Stormy Linda   races fit well versus this weak bunch but 2 dull works for 3 months off is a big concern

6  Juana Gallos  very bad trip in last ....better trip and a small move forward and as good as any in here

1  Dressedtothenines   1st timer is training up to snuff and faces a soft bunch


race 5    slightly below average clarity

2  Emily Pearl   well hidden with a trip from you know where in latest....proven she can handle the sod

4  Ez Rachel   blinkers off and man has it woke this one up work wise...shot to see a different horse today

1  Lift Our Luck   toss out poor last....probably disliked 2 turns......sprints on the main fit fine and the grass pedigree is good

7  Forty Paces   in decent form...1st on the sod but bred to handle it....does need to overcome a tendency to hang in the stretch


race 6    slightly below average clarity

5  Cantona   very bad journey in last going way too wide and sitting off a very slow pace......sure appears to like the dirt

7  Queen's Rite   decent debut which was on the sod......needs to handle the dirt and should then fit just fine

2  Crispy Cory   decent enough sprinter has enough distance pedigree in him to get the mile distance


race 7    average clarity

10  Coo Cachoo   power final time and pace effort in last....2 for 2 at 1 mile on the dirt....wire to wire city

7  Eddie Set Go   needed last off of the very long layoff....must feel good to be stepping up....the work support this

2  Hot Damon   consistent sort continues to train like he is holding his form

8  Cardiff Giant   owns some very strong back numbers and seems to be on the rebound....1st out after the claim is usually a good thing


race 8    average clarity

2  Cambina   very bit sprint grass effort in last.......proven at the distance overseas...a ton if hold her form

5  Cathy Crunches   nice sprint turf tune-up....should be primed for today and be prominent from the get go

6  Up In Time   nice efforts in GB last say ready for his U S of A debut


race 9    average clarity

8  Brace For Impact   solid return to the race wars in latest....trainer has woken up...likely to see more today

2  The Full Lavino   most of career fits fine notch rider/trainer combo

7  Nisus   good effort off of the long layoff.....any move forward and he's as good as any in here

9  No La Hace   dangerous looking 1st time just breezed 5/8th's awfully impressively

5  Warrens Extrabonus





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