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Santa Anita for Saturday 19 March 2011


Hope the rain stays away for today as this seems like a good card with most of the races rated slightly above average clarity. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and Sunday.


race 1    slightly above average clarity

4  Via Verde   strong forward move in latest and now we switch jocks to Rosario who has won his last 2 mounts on this gelding ...solid reassuring recent works as well

2  Betran Hill  nothing real special about this late runner but....he sure is in a field loaded with early speed types.....race can collapse and make him a major factor late

1  Western Smoke   Asmussen shipper drops and still may have enough left in him to fire at the lowest level of his life


race 2    average clarity

7  Lost Prophet    just the opposite scenario in this race pace wise as compared to the 1st race.....the 7 horse looks like lone speed and has a good shot to make it 3 in a row off of the claim and deserving step up

2  Our Bellini Bikini   ultra consistent runner can get a nice chase position.....hard to argue with 3 wins and 5 2nd's in his last 8 races on 4 different racetracks

3  Led Advantage    has been sharp in the morning and performing poorly in the afternoon....last strong effort was his last time he ran 6 furlongs....6 furlongs today


race 3    slightly below average clarity

5  He's A Dance Star   disappointed in last so it appears Sadler wisely gives this gelding a little bit more time off between like it worked....expecting a rebound to his December sprint turf effort which is quite good 

6  Warren's Tony R.   proven he can handle the turf and sure likes 6 1/2 and 7 furlongs on the main track....believe he will like the hill and show it this afternoon 1st out after the claim for Ted West

9  Really Uptown   seemingly in good current form and 1 for 1 in the win column on the SA hill turf course

7  Ittsultryinthecape   nice works for return to the race wars after a prolonged absence.....both lifetime hill races are par like efforts for today's level


race 4    slightly above average clarity

4  Ascot's Highflyer   both lifetime efforts on conventional dirt overwhelm this weak low level group....only should need an average trip to handle these....Ellis sure could use a win 

2  Tiz O' Gold    race seems set for those close to front and this filly appears to be the most likely leader

1  Ellie L.   ran surprising well over her head in 2 consecutive races on the sod.....turf legged up horse's often fire a good race 1st back on the conventional dirt

6  Mystery Bird   tossed a clunker in last.......improved work hints at a rebound to her race 2 back which fits for the level


race 5    slightly below average clarity

5  Strawbery Tart   mare owns an abundance of ability when right and she is training like she is totally ready off of a long layoff.....crushed by 14 2 years ago fresh off a long layoff at OP

6  Saanneen   most proven on the hill in this group......weight off and same good hill jock aboard

8  La Nez   best sprinting and when last seen in a 100K Cal bred turf sprint Stakes she won and earned a solid fig......seems to be in good form and ready to compete for the top prize today

1  West Ruler   impressive 1st ever run on the hill winning going away and it was from the 1 post and was off of a long 14 month layoff.......would have rated higher if it wasn't for Rosario electing to ride our top pick


race 6    average clarity

2  Poetic Riches   chased a nasty pace at a sprint distance that doesn't suit her....cut back 1 1/2 furlongs and a positive rider switch really help

6  Havens Lake   ample pace in here sets things up for her closing style....solid race in last

3  Shawklit Sundae   needed last off of the long layoff.....very consistent sort is likely to move forward...jock hurts...late switch would be nice

8  Dos Veinte   caught wide with pace in last...that hides her form some....capable of taking back some and it seems wise to do that here


race 7    average clarity

3  Turning Top   needed last (tune-up city)....good recent drill...and back to Rosario who is 2 for 2 on her

1  Malibu Pier   consistent sort is bred to appreciate the extra 1/8 of a mile.....good history for top jock and he knows this filly well

7  Eclair De Lune   races out of town are stout in this spot....races at SA so far are not......needs a rebound or maybe needs a different grass course...rain softer turf might help


race 8    slightly above average clarity 

9  Flightofalifetime   like a broken record...big works for a Baffert 1st timer has this one all set to roll...big works for a Baffert 1st timer has this one all set to roll...big works for a Baffert 1st timer has this one all set to roll...big works for a Baffert 1st timer has this one all set to roll

6  Maclean's Music   strange work tab for this 1st timer.......plenty of unimpressive drills except for 1 monster 6F gate bullet drill in 1:10 flat.....??????

2  Star Dance M D   Walsh 1st timer is training like she has this colt prepared at 1st asking in his MSW debut

3  Meadow Road   decent debut at a large price.....will probably need to move forward to compete for the win.....would have liked more indications in the works to suggest he will....but then again works aren't everything


race 9   slightly above average clarity

2  Excellent News   was my top pick in her last and that was off a long layoff.....didn't disappoint and has trained forwardly since.....gets 4 lbs off and a jockey upgrade (a Small one)

5  Saint Isabelle   race seems somewhat set for speed and this filly maybe able to clear which is something she appreciates

1  Crisis Of Spirit    need race 2 back and then she fits a well as anyone in here...big recent work suggests we may see it


race 10   slightly above average clarity

4  Make Someone Happy    not the healthiest of looking running lines but a very astute trainer with few horses to take care of.......when last seen last Fall this girl had a horrid trip and still only got beat by 2 jock today and he has won 2 straight for Tsagalakis

1  Suitable Attire   solid forward move in last and her works recently suggest she has held her form...proven at 7F.....sitting on a good race it seems....does tend to hang some.....5 2nd's and 1 3rd in 6 conventional dirt races

2  Sexy Melody   hard trying sort is coming off her best ever.....that race duplicated fits fine at this level

10  Jordanelle   race lacks speed so it looks like this filly can be in good position near the lead in a projected easy pace to cope with

5  Warren's Hopeful   big wake up 2 races back both pace and final time wise....that was with a very low % jock up.....better rider today...good close position a possibility


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