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Santa Anita for Saturday 26 March 2011


By now many of you might have guessed I dislike off track conditions. That is the main reason I have fallen in love with the sunny conditions that we usually have in the Southern California racing circuit. I have never met a handicapper (including one's that I respect) that does well on off tracks. Hope it is fast today. Only a 20 % chance of rain.


race 1    average clarity

1  Take A Yard    last looks like a tune-up....why....because well bred for the turf gelding went off 34 to 1 and was ridden by a very low percentage jock...solid drills since applying some speed...significant jockey upgrade....only beaten 3 in tune-up so.....

3  Causeithertz   on the improve with every start....should have plenty left late cutting back an 1/8 of a mile...bred to handle a good yielding turf which it should be

2  Squad   Proctor is a little cold but 2nd out after a layoff, blinkers off, and 2nd start under his auspicious are strong relevant trainer historical categories for him...lone turf effort fits fine


race 2    below average clarity

2  Tokubetsu   powerful effort/fig in 2nd lifetime race.....2 months off to recovery from such a hard race....repeat of last would win 85% of most MSW races run in S Cal.

3  Dominus   also ran a strong MSW debut way back in early Fall at Bel.....works are up to snuff to be ready fresh as he was in his debut....love these Asmussen/Baffert battles with thier young stock...good for Cal racing...lets hope Asmussensticks around


race 3    average clarity

4  Led Advantage   very strong late late stretch (maybe too much left) and back in 7 days suggests this filly will be able to come back and fire with only 7 days rest....solid fig earned in latest

 5  Imperatriz   race lacks speed and this filly appears to have the most......decent run off of the 4 month layoff with the right to move forward with that race under her belt

2  Kahlua Mist   exits a fast heat versus better......owns a touch of early speed and with P Val up and the lack of speed profiles here you can quess what he will try to do


race 4    average clarity

5  Nextdoorneighbor   ultra consistent mid pack runner gets pace to close into...a excellent rider for the hill......and just popped a strong 5/8ths with the dogs up on the turf...seems sharp

1  Vaundell   all 3 lifetime sprints were impressive efforts.....only has had 2 races in him per year so you know Gaines will want him ready...and the works sure do support this

4  Warning Song   3 wins and 2 3rds in last 6 races in GB including a win off of a 2 1/2 month layoff.....so......my guess Mitchell will have him ready for his U S of A debut......and once again the drill support this

6  Honour Family   last was very stout both in pace and final......can he repeat it with 6 weeks off or is this a gimme to drop back into claiming ?.....difficult to tell but dangerous


race 5    average clarity

3  Lordgivemealift   seemingly ships in in good form and is 2 for 2 lifetime on conventional dirt......speed of the speed can wire..claimed by Hess who had this horse last year...seems like a plus

5  Yes It's A Cat   turf legged up in last and a solid drill seemingly has this horse fit.....dirt race 2 back was good enough...beat by only 5 with a 4 wide trip

8  Brenthurst   moved forward some in last....consistent but has been hanging in the stretch or would have rated higher

2  Margarita Shot   big run fresh off the bench in last and rightfully steps up albeit quite a bit.....used to have competitive ability in alw races so there is the potential for a significant upside


race 6    slightly above average clarity

2  Our Nautique   has been facing better up north....loves the front end and should be able to get it here

3  Lease Of Life   last fits but it won't beat our top pick if he runs his race.....but.....does have some significant back numbers on Top Turf Today  that could handle the 2 horse....needs a forward move

5  Asperity   decent run off of the small layoff and claimed...might be a good claim as this 7 year old appears to be on the upswing and has a good history running off a couple of weeks rest


race 7    slightly above average clarity

4  Soul Candy   by far the most proven marathoner in this field...... should be running late when others might be gasping for air

2  Worth Repeating   marathon efforts have been decent....1st on conventional dirt but bred just fine to handle it

6  Spurrier   late runner has figs that fit fine for a Grade 3 performance but is unproven this far....tough call if he will like this 1 1/2 marathon or not


race 8    average clarity

3  Van Brit   5 of 8 on the SA turf course and 3 of 6 at the distance....also many figs that fit at the 40K level on Top Turf Today...

4  Samba School   on the improve with every grass start and Mitchell claimed right back after he had this one snatched away from him...very big work for this....Mitchell is all business

6  Rainbow Luck   big race 2 back....so so last...put back in claiming....very solid if rebounds

7  Lady Alex    horse appears to be on the rebound....recent works and the big step up (Sadler knows where to place his horses) supports this


race 9    average clarity

1  Margo Verge   talk about a work tab for a 1ster that just keeps improving...most fit at the right time...rather sure ready roll in debut

2  Queenofcalifornia   good speed and P Val....blew a lead at 5F now needs 5 1/2 but jock sure knows how to hold a speed-ball together

7  Katelyn N' Jeanna   woke up in last and will need another forward move to compete for the win.....Mitchell is on a roll

6  She's All Yours   decent layoff run only beaten by 5 with a 3 wide trip...blinkers on......sharp recent works...good shot moves forward

3  Shame On Lilly   tightly spaced work series seemingly has this 1st timer fit enough to be considered ready for her debut into the world of thoroughbred racing