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Hollywood for Sunday 5 June 2011


Nice card to finish the week.


Starting next weekend we plan on pushing back our posting time to 9:30 am Pacific on the weekends. The weekdays will remain 9:00 am. If anyone has any complaints please voice them this week via email.


race 1    slightly above average clarity

2  Coo Cach00   sure looks like lone speed in this spot.....barn is hot so is the recent work tab.....shot to wire

3   Achak   good chance to chase and get 1st crack at our top pick.....2 for 2 for Mitchell at Hol at the distance of 1 1/16

4  They Call Him  good win fresh off of the bench for Ellis and it was 1st ever on the Hollywood the hunt with a semi-logical move forward 2nd out after the layoff


race 2    average clarity

4  Red Tesla   on the right end of the learning curve....last fits fine and any move forward is only icing on the cake

8  Ashen   need debut race 2 back and I think we will get....last race seemed a bit funky....tossing it out

2  Armenian Star   stepping up quite a bit in claiming off of the layoff guess is the barn has been impressed with the way he is training which has been awfully good  

3  Dancing Yodeler   in decent form but seemingly needs lifetime best to win this race


race 3    average clarity

3  Ninth Infantry   impressive win which was 1st ever on the Hollywood turf course....trainer is good at repeating and a good recent work tab supports this

1  Warren's Jitterbug   has been facing better....welcomes a softer bunch

6  Berg Bahn   laid up but this filly seemingly has to always be ready fresh because a race usually knocks her out and places her on the shelf......also has been facing better


 race 4    average clarity

3  Forty Dates   solid at the distance....solid at Hol.....solid last race....12 of 13 on the board on main track surfaces

1  Guiled Reward   bad trip in last somewhat hides a forward move in last.....drops....barn eager for their 1st win at the meeting

5  Kiss My Swiss    6 furlongs a bit far for this low level claimer....cut back of 1/2 furlong should greatly aid staying power

4  Dos Viente   not quite sure if ready fresh of the bench but this filly does her best running on the Hol synthetic...trainer is 1 for 1 at the meet


race 5    average clarity

4  Hotstepper   useful debut and now we get a very positive rider switch....expecting more today

3  You Little Devil   very bad start in mc debut and then looked like a runner after that......trainer is better with 2nd time starters 

2  Bay Rush   horse fits but has health issues....toss a coin here

6  Detective Poirot   owns some early foot and his last effort fits fig wise but I am a bit leery about his ability to get another furlong 


race 6    slightly above average clarity

6 Lemou    impressively coped with nasty paces in last 2 races....blinkers are off today to slow him down most likely.....might be a ton if he is ratable

1  Guest Star   good move forward in 2nd lifetime turf sprint.......bred to handle a route....last fits OK....better and he is as good as anyone in here....very likely better 

5  Bellingham   all three lifetime races fit fine....but he sure has been pounded at the windows and burned up a lot a cash

4  Uzziah   good horse and a good trainer....they just have to get him to overcome his tendency to hang


race 7    average clarity

7  Desert Flight   exits an extremely fast heat for the given level and he was quite rank in the early stages....back very quick and drops....a ton if she is still in good enough health

5  Swawklit Sundae   solid effort/fig winning a 5F affair in last....5 1/2 looks like a good fit as well

1  Dubai Macau Girl   exits the same fast affair as our 2nd pick.....trainer sure has been winning his share the last 3 or 4 months

10  Lit The Bet   very consistent sort and is very good at the abbreviated sprint distance of 5 1/2 F


race 8    average clarity

6  Tanda   nasty hard check in last gave her little shot to show what she is made of.....can rebound today

2  Lilly Fa Pootz    consistent sort has to rediscovery what winning is about....seeking a confidence booster in a non Graded Stakes

4  Talktoomuch   sat too far off paceless affairs in last two races.....believe will sit closer today in what looks like another paceless race


race 9    below average clarity

7  Gifted Monarch   1st timer is bred to be a nice Cal sprinter and he sure is training like one too.......difficult race tough as seemingly everyone in the field has some shot

3  Dutch Lake   good move forward in 2nd lifetime start both pace and final time wise

5  Troy Story   not a 1st starter trainer at all in controll but the works suggest the mold maybe broken today

8  Huntsville   pounded in debut and ran only so so....solid drill since suggest we will see better in 2nd lifetime race

4  Change Order   last drill is by far the best drill for this 1ster.....seems to be peaking when it counts the most

9  Nolaruninfor Jayci   very bad trip in debut last...can be a shocker with a good trip and just a tiny forward move






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