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Hollywood for Saturday 25 June 2011


Make sure you have the correct day as both Sat & Sun will be posted on Saturday.


race 1    slightly above average clarity

3  Mensa Heat   amazing consistency utilizing an advantageous mid pack running style....1 for 1 for Talamo 

4  Kilkenny   good sprint history in NZ.....aggressive work series should have this 1st time on lasix import ready for his 1st endeavor in the good old U S of A 

5  Caught A Flyer   recent works suggest the trainer is trying to build up this ones staying speed of the race has a shot to wire


race 2    slightly above average clarity

1  Delilah Jones   decent maiden debut in last flashing some good early speed......2 positives for today's race....1 furlong less to hold together and a switch to P Val

9  Our Lady Gaga   best adjusted for trouble effort came in maiden debut 3 races back and it was at today's abbreviated 5F sprint distance

3  Queenofcalifornia   solid layoff run in last and blinkers off for today......blinkers off history is a strong stat for Mr. Cerin

7  Lily's Tiz   flashed speed and tired in debut......trainer is usually much better 2nd time around with a baby.....expect this one to show more today


race 3    slightly above average clarity

3  Cactus Flyer  seemingly lone speed in this spot and has a good loose on the lead jock aboard in T C Baze

6  Entabeni   lots of talent but sure finds ways not to win a race

2  The Great Atlantic   best turf effort/fig ever was in lone 6f grass race at Hollywood


race 4    average clarity

10  Unbridled Thoughts   solid 3rd versus 2 horse's I would select over anyone in here......good history back in short rest like today

9  Junes Blue Moon   races at 5 1/2 are her best....5F looks even better for this short winded sort who owns some speed and gets the blinker on

1  Jenny's Turn   broke slow and then checked back some in maiden debut last.....better trip and a forward move will put her in the hunt

6  Random Luck   2 good races versus better then started her fall off of the cliff......small rest and good drills hint she might rebound today


race 5    slightly below average clarity

4  Frequent Fame   drops from 16K to 8K off of the claim for Miller.....not the past history for the trainer with such a maneuver but he did work twice and only 5 days between the works...last run is way better then in looks on paper

7  Moon Stone Madness   race 2 back which was run at today's 5 1/2F distance is solid here

10  Kiss My Swiss   improving final time wise and speed wise.....a duel sign of a horse that is starting to feel better

3  Hidden Romance   bombed in last but ran a very big and hidden effort 2 races back....that effort with a good trip might win this and win it at handsome price


race 6    average clarity

6  Heidi Maria   working like we will see her strong run 3 races back which was a solid 2nd in a key group of girls

7  Blazing Along   nice Baffert sprinter is bred well to handle a route of ground and has a shot to get loose and lonely on the lead

2  Working At Night   hard trying sort can win this if she is up to her effort run 3 races back

8  Awesomemundo   another Baffert charge attempting a route for the 1st time....last race in a sprint fits fine if she can duplicate in a route today....good route pedigree


race 7    slightly below average clarity

7  Cloud Man   big forward move in last and a strong drill since for a trainer that doesn't push his stock too hard

3  Dr Green   good history back in short rest in GB....back in short rest for the 1st time in the USA

2  Offlee Wild Boys   bombed in last so stop re-work and go....shot to get loose here

5  Burns   deep closer will need more pace than anticipated to get up in time


race 8    slightly above average clarity

3  Plum Pretty   can you say, "great spot for speed".....and a ratable sort if need be

5  Big Tiz   2 nice sprint tune-ups and back to where she excels.....route racing...can get a nice chase position 

4  Zazu   very nice filly maybe compromised by a lack of pace scenario


race 9    average clarity

9  Minister D'oro   big big forward move in last and since worked a bullet....repeat effort seems likely

12  Kingpin Ryno   trainer is on fire with his limited starters.....tough post put a dangerous trainer so far

8  Sun's Out  2 decent sprints one of which was on the the 2 consecutive 6F drills in preparation for 1st ever at a route of ground

7  Checkmark    trainer is having a better meet than it appears in print....back versus Cal runners may do the trick

6  Cold Bay

2  Amoracchius



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