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Del Mar for Thursday 4 August 2011



 Just a reminder we will not be covering the Fairplex meeting this year except for a few select days and even that is only a possibility. There was little interest last year and the break should do this aging brain of mine some good.


Not too bad of a card for a Thursday afternoon. Good luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  So Tempted   improving with every start and the sharp riding Gomez sticks around...better than par for the level run in last

4  Miss Mystic   1st timer is working as though he will be fast early and there aren't many "burners" in this group

7  Stary Light   par like efforts in all 3 career races but might produce more back in short rest for the 1st time ever

1  Nana Beach   hard trying sort fits fine but he has a strong tendency to hang late in the stretch


race 2    slightly below average clarity

4  Low Gear Power   wide trip in last or would have won....claimed by O'neill and he brings this one right back.....must have exited the race in good shape......sure appreciates the Dmr synthetic

6  Royal Import   claimed out of the same race as our top choice....has been a very consistent horse on main track surfaces.....spent way too much time running on the turf

1  North Fork   no shot in last breaking very poorly in a paceless race...not a good thing.....good trip with the drop and he will be formidable


race 3    average clarity

1  Mia Isabel   decent forward move in last (also from the 1 post) ....definitely the one to overcome if she repeats the effort at this slightly lower level

5  Wild Truffles   barn likes to score dropping out of MSW races.....may see very best today and Gomez remains aboard....a major plus

4  Lasso From El Paso   another dangerous trainer 1st time dropping form MSW to maiden claimer....owns a little early speed and there isn't much in here

3  Angry Bird   1st timer is training up to snuff and the broodmare has tossed 5 winners out of 6 foals and most of them were able to graduate at 2

Longshot Possibilities:  7 Bursquel   only a $5.2K purchase so it is fairly interesting this Sadler 1ster is starting at such a high claiming level.....fairly decent work tab


race 4    average clarity

14  Lordgivemealift   typical Mitchell dropping off a strong race....a ton if this gelding can hold together back in 5 days

6  Forest Prince   laid up a long time but cuts claiming price in half and just drilled an eye popping 5F (at Dmr) for a dangerous high % trainer in Taylor

4  Sky Thrill   just claimed off of 2 strong races by Koriner...has never missed the board in 7 races at the distance.....speed horse so his chances are greatly enhanced if our top pick scratches as many horses do that attempt to run back in micro rest  

2  A Cat Named Snipe   very big wake in latest and it was in an extended sprint which isn't exactly his cup of tea.......cut back of 1 1/2 furlongs sure looks like a good fit for this gelding


race 5    slightly above average clarity

4  Sky Flying Eileen   big race last summer at Dmr in her MSW tight early and then rushed some close to a hot pace in his layoff last....somewhat hidden speed in a race lacking it....should be prominent from the get go with a good start

5  Thisismystage   good move forward on the grass in 2nd lifetime start....big 6F drill on the Dmr AW suggests she likes the change of surfaces...seems poised for very best

2  Capital Plan   Proctor is having a great meet and is especially tough when he uses Gomez.....another exiting turf races and training well on the synthetic

7  Heidi Maria    consistent sort needs more punch in late stretch.....cut back of 1/16 furlong might help


race 6    slightly above average clarity

5  Courtside   capable of brilliant early speed and still is able to hold together in solid time

10  Magnificent Blend   ultra consistent sort is getting sharper in his morning work when it usually counts the most....right before the race

4  Bertran Hill   decent chance to get a distance stalk/chase position and put in his close in the stretch

8  Memphis   bad trip at 32 to 1 and still won his MSW debut....good work tab since especially for Jones who seldom drills them very hard....decent chance to move forward and fit fine here


race 7    slightly above average clarity

5  Awesomemundo   crushed foes with substantial gaps at the finish in both lifetime route races.....Baffert may have a nice distance horse in this 3 year old filly

4  Toro Bonita   Baffert sure seems to have found the trump card for this mare as she is now competing down the stretch in her races instead of flattening out

3  Catchy Tune   needed sprint last and should be all set for today's route race....owns some speed in a spot somewhat void of it......Smith may try to wire and he is a very dangerous route rider on the lead


race 8    average clarity

2  Red Drawf   best credentials in this spot.....big bullet 5/8ths hot brainer to put as top pick

13  Blind Magic   big improvement 1st time with Bonde as the conditioner.......learned to rate and fired a good fig/effort.......a big plus not to be so one dimensional

12  Melo Laser   last was decent and now on to Dmr where she fired her lifetime best last August

10  Wheels Of Justice   much needed cut back in distance.....race 2 back is decent

6  Del Mar Johnny   last sure looks like the gimme in a MSW affair to be full throttle today racing at the maiden claiming bottom level

8  Brian Daniel   another who will appreciate the cut back in sprint distance




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