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Del Mar for Wednesday 24 August 2011



Just a reminder we will be covering 2 or 3 days of the short Fpx meeting. I will let you know those days Friday of this week. I love thoroughbred racing and you know I like to handicap but I also like down time where I hike, bike, inline skate and bang the tennis ball around and give my mind a rest. Any tennis (A/B level or better) or avid inline skaters out there? We do have 2 tennis pro's and 1 golf pro as customers that I know of. Both professions are notorious for having horse players.


race 1    slightly above average clarity

7  Admission   exits a fast heat run at today's distance with a big gap to the next finisher in 3rd....sure looks like a true route animal

5  War Element   lone career race run last Jan. was a bad trip impressive grass race great for Gaines for his return to the race wars.....bred just fine to handle the AW

3  Street Rocket   better with shorter with that in mind his grass race in last looks like the leg me up gimme for today's go go go....positive rider change

4  Great Rising Star   new Chilean rider (hopes the name of this mount is an omen) was stellar overseas and is off to a decent start here in the U S of A......1/2 of this colt's lifetime starts fit at the MSW level including his only turf to dirt effort 


race 2    slightly above average clarity

7  Hot Citizen   in decent form and gets Gomez once again......last 2 turf races were compromised by a lack of pace to close into....might not matter versus this soft group if she finds herself in the same position

5  Lisa Lulu   just snatched by Carava who sometimes likes to take sprinters and send them long and on the lead 1st out after the claim.....can be loose here

2  Powerofvoodoo   hangs very badly but might not in this spot which appears to be the weakest competition he has seen in his 56 lifetime turf races


race 3    average clarity

3  Behavioral   lone race run 7 weeks ago was quite strong for today's level and considering she was 76 to 1 I doubt she was all that cranked up for the race......very solid 5/8ths drill 11 days ago

6  Wild Date   solid maiden debut at today's same level....positive rider switch.....trainer is awakening

1  Purple Stardust   wouldn't like this one at all if this race was further then 5F but it isn't and good early speed with P Val at the controls is oh so dangerous at the speed friendly 5F

5  Punch Drunk   decent MSW debut and showed some speed.......Miller is very good dropping from MSW to maiden claiming


race 4  slightly below average clarity

4  Kiss My Swiss   not the best turf and/or route pedigree but it maybe good enough because this one enters the race off the strongest recent form of anyone in this group

8  Roxy   horse switches from a high % trainer to a low % trainer but one of the best stats for Semkin is his record with turf runners

6  Chokecherymary   best horse in this field effort/energy wise but has found trouble in all 4 lifetime 1st long and 1st turf might be a lot to ask.....we do get a positive rider switch to help her settle some and get the job at hand accomplished

3  Tribal Beauty   faced much better in last and didn't get embarrassed especially considering it was off a 2 month layoff.....Smith is riding cold needs to wake up or retirement may come soon for the Hall of Fame rider......he knows this filly and has won on her


race 5    below average clarity

9  Takethemoneyandrun   tough race to decipher but if this one runs her effort 2 races back we just might get the top selection right in this wide open affair

3  Winter Blossom   2 for 2 with the blinks on and a trainer who knows his how to win with limited starters but scratched for 16K 12 days ago.....tough call just how sound this filly is but Espinoza returns for a 3rd straight ride

1  Roulette It Roll   2 for 2 at Dmr and drops and why not as this is probably her last shot to run at Dmr till 2012

5  Tuesdays With P   seems like way too big of a drop by even Mitchell standards but a major factor if she is still healthy enough to handle this much softer level

Longshot possibilities:  8  Good Acktress   vastly improved speed in last and now the training is sharper....waking up.....apprentice might fly here with his big break in the weights and capture a much needed upset win


race 6    average clarity

9  Leavin In A Limo   Mullins is quite good over the years 3rd out after the layoff and I sure like the solid recent 4F drill for someone like Mullins with only 18 days since this gelding last is feeling goooood

4  Awesome Brady   1st at a route ever but bred too handle it and ran decently at 7F in last still closing a little despite a wide trip

3  Nitro Power   2 sprint tune-ups and a very sharp recent drill should have this gelding primed for a mile route race

6  Volacious   needs to rebound to effort 2 or 4 races back......bit skeptical he will with a seldom used jock up...still not totally impossible


race 7    average clarity

3  Leroy's Dynameaux    faced significantly better in last....solid rider hint this gelding is peaking for Glatt who could use a trip to the circle of joy

4  John Johnny Jak   great chance to snatch the rail on the 1st turn which sure enhances your chances at winning......great record on very firm sod and that is what we get daily in S your heart out Saratoga 

5  Norvsky   very consistent animal the kind that is a gas to own....nothing like a check every time your horse runs.......seems poised for top effort off of a solid work tab

8  Red Sun    4 for 4 on the grass in S Cal....needs to avoid a nasty speed duel or the 1/16 more then has has ever seen maybe too much

Longshot possibilities:  6  Ashtar   tossed nunerous clunkers in Chile only to be followed by big efforts at generous odds........also not very easy to have a laid up 1st in the U S of A runner ready to handle a 1 1/2 mile race for a low percentage logically you can toss out that 1st U S run


race 8    average clarity

9  Sheshimaintenance   worked strong at Tup and the ran well at Tup versus better.....big drill out of nowhere.....4 lbs off.....very capable Southwest conditioner....can rate and I think that will be necessary here to get the 6F....believe it is wake up city today

2  Miss Anime   toss out route run in last......race 2 back broke 5 slow and ran 5 wide and only got beat by 2 1/2 at today's level

4  Small But Mighty    not much more to say then Mitchell has won 8 of his last 16 when he drops off of a claim....and he is back to being red hot

1  Warren's Swamp Fox   last fits solidly but her history running back to back good races is a bit sketchy as is her history at 6F......but still very dangerous if she repeats her last

10  Victoriously   last was fine but hasn't shown much ability to rate and this race should have a lot of gas....1st time Bejarano should help her overcome these obstacles

12  Appealing Afare     difficult post for an apprentice but has some shot to be there in the hunt when it counts with a clever ride.....plenty of pace to flatter her closing style




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