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Del Mar for Thursday 1 September 2011




Opening day at Fairplex Friday, September 9th and Derby day at Fairplex, Saturday  September 24th will be available. There will be another card covered which I'll announce at a later date. 


After a very nice day yesterday we have to deal with not the easiest of cards today. I will be taking it easy at the windows or should I say the keyboard.


race 1    average clarity

7  Distinctive Dude    pressed a decent pace caught 3 wide in MSW debut last and rightfully tired drops to Mdn40K......should be formidable from start to finish

3  Thunder Canyon     needed mc debut race as witnessed by 17 to 1 odds in a 7 horse field....useful 4 furlong work since.....likely to move forward today 

6  Over Africa   good work tab at SA for this 1st timer......Armstrong is quite reliable when she shows good works with a 1st timer or a laid up animal

2  Sentry Duty   improving sort steps up a notch and changes riders.........T C Baze is the new jock and he has been in a mini-slump of my favorite guys in the jocks room is due to snap out of the doldrums any day now....he did win Weds. 8th


race 2    average clarity

3  Magoo   laid up shipper from Ward is working very sharply at Aqu and takes the long journey cross country for this race....trainer is stout in abbreviated turf sprints

1  Bolinas   has done little wrong in 5 lifetime turf races......can sit off of what should be the kind of pace up front that should peel back most of those up close early

4  Lordgivemealift   chance to be speed of the speed but at what cost? recent near bullet drill and P Val should help

7  Shred The Secrets   sharp work tab says ready fresh off of the bench.......can sit far enough off what may be a torrid early pace to put in a good late run with the hot riding (I'd like to win the racing title) Talamo up


race 3    slightly below average clarity

7  Frisky Moment   owns good early speed and improved nicely in 2nd lifetime start.....jock is waking up.....same and of course better and he should be tough

5  Finegain Again   last looks like the 36 to 1 tune-up in a non claiming MSW debut to tightened up and be well meant in 2nd lifetime run

2  Arethereanycookies    one baby step at a time....Rosario sticks with this baby who appears to have run himself into shape

9  Jack O Lyn   1ster from a small time barn is too hard to ignore with the good work tab that is showing


race 4    average clarity

2  Tripped The Light   very good history running 2 turns on synthetic surfaces

4  Akeela   on the improve and it sure seems like a good sign Chew steps this filly up again....exits a fast heat in last with a solid 2nd place finish

7  Dave's Revenge   inconsistent bit of a rogue mare is solid when she brings her "A" game it is just hard to tell when she brings it

1  Jana Gail   big effort/fig 2 races back at today's 1 mile distance on the AW....has developed a tendency to hang over the past year or would have selected higher


race 5    average clarity

4  Lovely Sophia   both one mile races on the Dmr AW are her 2 best ever......tremendous meet for the combination of Eurton/Bejarano...last shot (most likely) to run on the Dmr syn. till next year....should be very well meant

11  Somenchanted Evenin   solid awakening 1st time at a route of ground in latest.....same or better fits well in this spot

10  Highly Composed   barn is ice cold....needs a win......lone race/effort/fig on the AW run 4 back would handle these....big drop but why not to break the ice

8  Lunar Lovegal   another who really vaulted forward in last.....1st at a route but bred fine to handle 1 mile


race 6    average clarity

6  Hiatus   has been running on the AW and the grass like an extra 1/16th of a mile will be right up his alley and an excellent off pace grass rider in Gomez is aboard

3  Fire Break   fits the race condition extremely well as if it was written for him.....exits a solid heat and he ran 2nd to a next out grass winner

8  Kim's Leading Lady   hit the board in his last 6 grass races......1 1/8 mile distance fits this 4 year old well

1  Big Sky Posse   keeps getting better and better and better and ships and.......


race 7    average clarity

4  Capital Plan   hellooooooo AW....big awakening 1st ever on the synthetic in latest and the works since are stellar....rather sure we see best ever today and the last was quite good

 1  Hikuchi   both races so far in the U S of A are good and now we get a positive rider change and a decent post for a mile on the main track

5  Ambitoness   solid run in last the 1st ever for Mitchell......3 more works since....should see even more today

2  Hopeful Union    consistent sort especially on the synthetic.....jock and trainer could use a win....I sure hate seeing good guys like Ellis and T C Baze (did win the last yesterday) in a slump....they will be back...they are too good to keep down too long


race 8    slightly below average clarity

14  Warren's Lady   nice solid move forward in last getting caught 3 wide near a decent pace and only getting beat by 1/2 for 2nd....trainer is quietly having a decent meet including a big price winner yesterday in the 1st leg of the pick 6 who we picked as our 3rd selection

12  Pick Your Battles   nice work tab for this 1ster and the trainer has a good history with filly maiden claiming 1st timers

1  Stealthy   owns dangerous early speed and is trained and ridden by jock/trainer that do well with speed types

7  Royaly Forbidden   may have needed debut last...if so lookout today

4  Kissin In The Dark

10  Miss Becca



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