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Santa Anita for Saturday 29 October 2011


 2011 Breeders Cup selections can now be purchased for $24.95 which covers both days. The sooner you make payment the better as it will help things out if there are any late technical problems. The format will be the same as our California selections but we will give more horses per race than what we do on our regular daily format.


race 1    average clarity

4  Miss Sea Cup   solid MSW debut win in late August off of decent drills......drills now are super suggesting the switch to the SA dirt can enhance her performance which already was good

7  Shesoprovocative   only race this filly ever ran on conventional dirt (and at SA) was arguably her lifetime best and it was fresh off of the bench like general very good history for this runner fresh

1  Hello Sugar   very strong preparatory works for the likes of Jones who seldom pushes his stock too hard in the mornings....been missing in action for 13 months but rather sure she is ready

6  Tiz Flirtatious   broke slowly and ran a little wide in MSW debut and still won....earned an adjusted for trouble fig that fits at today's nw's level


race 2    average clarity

1  Swiss Charm   hidden move forward in last.....bad start and blocked badly in the stretch.....see ya Bejarano  (horse was 1 to 1) hello Gomez

2  Platinum Mine   rested up awhile and training as if the break did this filly some good....struggling apprentice jock has a good shot to sit on or near the front end....just where I like them to be

6  Pretty Much   major break out fig wise 1st ever running in the SA hill.....faced open company in last...back versus Cal breds today

8  Clean Break   solid improvement in latest which will be underestimated because it was at Fpx....1st turf but bred to handle the green stuff just fine


race 3    average clarity

2  One Magical Girl   was pressed showing brilliant speed in last and still drew off in the stretch.....Sadler since has but some endurance into this filly for today's route Stakes race.....great shot to be dominate on the front end if Rosario can get this youngster to relax early

6  Starlight Magic   after 2 consecutive bad trip solid races this filly finally settled down and won impressively...she has plenty of talent/energy to handle 1st ever at a route

5  Willa B Awesome   2 positives that make her a contender for one on conventional dirt and one for one in a two turn race albeit a 2 turn sprint


race 4    average clarity

4  Rousing Sermon   done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts......bred to appreciate a route of ground and conventional dirt both firsts for this colt....back to Bejarano who is 1 for 1 on the horse

9  Champions Gate   trip from you know where at 3 to 5 in last or would be 2 for 2....trainer is good 1st time at a route and this colt's pedigree is fine for it.......1st on conventional dirt is a question mark

3  Motown Men   set a blistering pace in MSW debut last and still held on to win.....good post for the best rider on the grounds (usually) to attempt to get away and slow things down

6  Stoney Fleece   might feel really good coming off a turf win where he showed he can handle 2 turn racing.......1st ever on conventional dirt but mom has tossed 9 winners from 9 starters many of which I imagine ran on conventional dirt


race 5    below average clarity

2  Full's Kris S.   tepid top pick is bred fairly well to run on the sod......sure like the step up after a solid mc debut 2nd.....especially at 7F which is never easy for a 1st timer handle....good jock.....good post.....and ample endurance if he takes to the grass

6  Lethal Intent   nice drills for this 1st starter (with good grass breeding) especially for Abrams......Barry has won with 2 of his last 8 grass 1st timers

4  Borealis Way   nice MSW debut and adequate grass pedigree......would have rated higher if it wasn't for a somewhat sketchy work tab since that nice debut on 7 Sept.

7  River Rafting   Pederson 1st timer is training up to snuff and I sure like the grassing pedigree for this 1st time starter


race 6    slightly below average

8  Obsess   bad trip in last or wins for fun.......very very sharp works....ready for a top effort

3  Sun's Out   improving sort was able to win in a hand ride because of the softness of her competition......should feel good today not having to strain herself at all in last....the perfect workout

9  Joy Boy   last race was way back in Sept of last year Cal Cup day and it was a good eyeball to eyeball fast paced stellar run....also proven sprinting....looks pointed to today's race....trainer is waking up

6  Arresting Officer   last was rather good but we will still need a small move forward and a better trip to compete today....does own some big back numbers when Mitchell trained


race 7    average clarity

2  Norvsky   1 1/8 looks like a great fit and it won't be for many in here....has to run a clunker not to be a major factor here

7  Lucky Primo   4 solid efforts/figs since Litt took over from Jones.....runs well fresh and is fresh today......can be prominent from the get go

8  Soul Candy   won on Cal Cup day last year.....solid 1 1/8th mile horse when he brings his "A" game

6  Tamarack Smarty    consistent late runner should love today's distance....can fly late if Rosario saves some ground and finds a lane in the stretch


race 8    average clarity

1  Mensa Heat    tons of early speed sets things up for this ultra consistent mid pack / late runner

4  Chiloquin   also consistent and has the ability to run from off the pace

9  M One Rifle   nice horse but will need to take back to win I believe.......his ability to do so is still a ? mark

7  Courtside   speed of the speed here will need a decent day for speed to win this affair

Longshot of the day:  2 Legal Separation   bit short figure wise but he will be way back early which seemingly is a good thing here


race 9    average clarity

7  Antares World    very consistent animal on everything but conventional dirt runs well fresh and gets in light....has finished just behind some top echelon runners in 2010....break since May should do her some good

12  Unzip Me    tailed off slightly but still the most likely to hit the board with her consistent solid races down the SA hill turf course

1  Sugarinthemorning   3 year old filly has never been sharper in the am and P Val knows this filly well....1 for 1 down the hill

 8  Waveline    a little short fig wise but a good trip down the hill can do wonders and a top jock is aboard in the name of Garret Gomez

2  West Ruler   same comment for #8 applies for this filly

6  California Nectar    dangerous looking speed with a good starting post will need a reasonable pace.....if so not impossible


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