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Hollywood for Friday 2 December 2011


 Decent card today. Best of luck to all!


race 1    average clarity

2  Wild Date    last looks like the gimme to tighten up and be full throttle for today's drop into maiden claiming....debut race 3 back is very strong

7  Malibu Love   solid wake up in last .......trainer follows that race up with a series of 6 works all at 5F or 6F.....very good shot for same or better today

4  Bull Rush   drop should help......rider change should help......but better show more staying power today

6  Kvell   bombed in last but may not have appreciated the blinkers being put back today and 1st time Bejarano


race 2    slightly above average clarity

4  Kids Table    solid work tab prior to winning 1st out after the Sadler claim....that effort fits fine here.......continues to train like Sadler has the trump card for this filly.....same or better today

6  Miss Becca   3 2nd's and 1 win in 4 lifetime starts and those 4 races were all on different surfaces.....few reasons not to think she can't handle her 1st run on the Hollywood AW....solid rider trainer combo

2  Chocolate Caliente   laid up speedster is 1st time Mitchell and the work series has ready to roll written all over it


race 3     slightly above average clarity

7  Bench Beauty    shuffled back and then caught wide in 1st ever on the lawn and still only got beat by 3 lengths.......excellent 3 work series since......1st long but bred just fine to handle 1 mile on the sod....trainer is stout 2nd out after the's scenario

2  Alala   race lacks speed and this filly has some and is a good gate horse and has a good post in which to break from.......should sit close from the get go in a race seemingly set for those close up early

3  Swiss Charm   race 2 back is a solid 1 mile grass run with about 7+ lengths of trip woes and losing by only the math if this time Bejarano gets the trip and the same energy from this filly today

4  Bud And Brandy   solid hidden move forward in last (this one lost about 8 lengths with ironically Bejarano aboard) jock, new distance and a new surface today.....excellent pedigree to handle 1 mile on the grass


race 4    average clarity

5  Dance Little Angel   placed well to win by a relatively high % trainer.......1st ever at a route but I sure like the fact this filly ran well in a 2 turn sprint at Fpx

4  Dave's Revenge   runs well with 4 to 5 weeks between races and gets it.......bit of a rogue at times but has never lower then today

3  Rainbow Luck   great shot to get 1st crack at a very suspect leader in our 4th choice.....Talamo reads the Racing Form/Bris as well as anyone

7  Zippin E   M Garcia will need to slow things down to a crawl on what sure looks like a very loose lead......this filly has little left late unless she can walk early


race 5    average clarity

2  Golden Mexico   very consistent grass horse is 2 for 2 when placed in claiming races....very reliable trainer/rider combo....well prepared in the a.m.

3  Mr. Bossy Pants   very solid sprint grass figs.....1st long on the grass but adequate pedigree to handle it and a positive rider switch

7  Stoneside   like our top pick very consistent.....needs ample time between starts and Canani shows patience and gives it to her

1  Warren's Tony R.   late runner seemingly gets significant pace in this affair to be a factor late......positive rider change........step up 2nd out after the layoff is a good sign she is sharp


race 6    below average clarity

5  Trucial State   tepid top pick......Harty appears to be in drop mode and draws Rosario to ride.....maybe legged up nicely exiting a turf race at GG

9  Silverado Canyon   good move forward in 2nd lifetime race bodes well for today's 2nd out after a layoff

10  Sabe   on the improve with every start and would have been top pick if this was a sprint....bit leery of this geldings ability to handle a route of ground with his pedigree.....might get loose here and that seems like a plus

8  Flying Marine   not much in 2 lifetime starts.....but logically drops and is working very aggressively hitting the track every 5 or 6 days for the last 4 weeks


race 7    average clarity

5  Meltarib   only beaten by 4 by Unzip Me....yikes.....back where belongs 2nd out after the layoff for V Garcia who is quite good 2nd out after the layoff

7  Sunburn   ran 2nd to Secret Cove who won her next in open company.....Bejarano smartly sticks around

3  Taxi Ride   best ever was only race with short rest.......good recent 6F drill and short rest today....trainer could use a win and seems overdo to pop

1  California Heat   back to Rosario who owns the only lifetime win for this filly and it was his only ride on her


race 8    average clarity

7  Elma Mar   eased in only lifetime start back in exceptionally well (like a MSW caliber runner) even for Headley who works his stock hard

6  Amelia Rose   Puype wins about 1/3rd of the time dropping from MSW to maiden claiming.....only race at Hollywood is quite strong

4  Kaysa Deeya   you have to like the fact Sadler still trains this cheap maiden claimer who has been missing in action for 14+ months.....both races on the AW with blinkers on are good

11  Lil Miss Macky   horrendous start (and it was in a very fats heat) in only lifetime start back in very sharply for her return to the race wars

3  Nezi O's Gold   solid move forward in 2nd lifetime start.....and given that the trainer often runs his horses into shape more can be expected this afternoon

2  Annie Lou   another laid up animal training up to snuff to be ready to fire fresh off of the bench......1st time Ascanio is a very dangerous thing

Possible Long-shot:   10  Exponential   very positive rider switch and better then they look races last winter for this Fanning charge....another coming off of an extended hiatus from the say ready





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