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Santa Anita for Thursday 5 January 2012


Average looking card today but average is good enough. Good Luck!


race 1    average clarity

3  Visible Marq   exits a fast heat with a 3 wide trip.......small drop helps......late running profile fits here

5  Gabbro Glitz   nice work series for this Mulhall 1ster and seemingly is in a somewhat soft spot

6  Sir Allison   improved speed in last with the additions of blinkers......might be speed of the speed in this spot.....speed did awfully well on Monday

7  Put It There   decent looking Crc filly picked up by Cerin who is off to a good start at the SA meet....knock is he is only 1 of his last 15 1st time with a new horse he takes over

Possible Longshot:   4  V. C. Ali Mac   horrid trip in debut hides a decent run at 114 to work to date since and the barn steps up......might be much improved since debut


race 2    below average clarity

4  It's Not Unusual   this fellow sure seems like a route horse to with that in mind it looks like sprint -sprint gimmes to be fully fit and ready to run long and go go go

6  Valley Cat   nice move forward 2nd out after the layoff and owns 2 solid drills our top selection I anticipate today's 3rd out after the layoff run will be solid

3  Liberal Arts    impressive run wide with pace in last......rightfully and smartly steps up mutiple claiming levels....1st at a route seems to be the ? mark

1  Circle The Moon   continues to improve both in the afternoon and the a.m......has a shot to run away and hide


race 3    average clarity

7  Fordham Road    ran wide in last and earned a solid adjusted for trouble fig......also produced that strong effort despite being somewhat washy....big works since

1  Great Rising Star   better animal than appears in print.......very impressive best of 87 bullet 5/8ths drill on Xmas Eve....can fly late

3  Cook Inlet   very consistent hard trying horse in route races........does has a tendency to hang a since mid Oct. but aggressive work regiment says ready

6  Depreciable   career best was his only race on firm turf which was at Del....welcome to sunny California.....1st time Mullins is often a dangerous thing


race 4    below average clarity

6  Oh Righty   flashed solid speed in lone race which was a 2F affair at Hol last tab suggests he is more then ready with speed and endurance put into him.....blinkers on.....should be tough from the get go with a good start

3  Go To The Pulpit   on the right end of the learning curve.....Puype broke out of a mini slump with 2 wins on Monday including a Grade 3

2  Pulpit's Express   work series says ready for this M Mitchell 1st's only other foal won maiden debut by double digits

9  Showmethemoneyjim   another 1st timer training up to snuff to possible be ready in his debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing


race 5    above average clarity

1  Last Sting   has been facing significantly better and now we get a jockey upgrade......gotta like that

9  Swirls   crushed foes in mc debut which was on the Hol AW.......and has an excellent grass pedigree....recent works have never been better

4  Blue Samurai   solid Crc invader showed his merit with a solid 2nd 1st run in sunny California in her last......well proven around 2 grassy turns....does like to hang

8  Alala   fired best ever in last and it was with 1st time blinkers......just needs a small move forward off the effort......Vienna horses have been firing the last couple of months


race 6    average clarity

4  My T. Quick   best ever was turf to SA dirt.....that is today's scenario once again

11  Tiger Trysts   outside post but plenty of early gas to clear many and maybe all and save some ground....laid up but drops and is training as if he is ready for his return to the race wars

7  Bell Blitz   lead type only so far gets the light weight app in the saddle......seems to have about a 50/50 shot at getting loose....lookout if he does

6 Seek The Light   well spotted to win........but 1st long........only has a so so pedigree to appreciate 2 turn racing....but sure fits if a route of ground is within his capabilities


race 7    above average clarity

2  Compari   very consistent and impressive turf runner and has a trainer who consistently gets him ready to run either fresh off the bench or back quick

1  El Gato Malo    seems to be on the improve......1 mile seems to be a good fit

4  Sandor   decent 1st run in the good old U S of A in last......Gaines is quite stout 2nd out after layoffs and that is the scenario here

9  Willywonker   on the improve by leaps and bounds and can run on the lead or from far back......loses Bejarano but Gomez jumps at the chance to ride this gelding.....that'll do


race 8    average clarity

9  Small But Mighty   superior history/figs since Mitchell claimed back in mid Summer....what's new?

2  Dish The Dirt   fell off some in latest but race 2 back is very strong.......1st time Bejarano for Eurton is a good thing usually

11  High Resolve   bombed as a with that in mind the large drop in class makes more sense.....can be in the hunt from the get go

10  Lauren C   horrid trip in last hides a strong AW effort and this mare is better on conventional dirt

12  Irridescent Red   good history on the new SA main the 11 he should be prominent from the get go

7  Capalatte   very consistent horse but he sure likes to hang.....does get Rosario who is as good as any jock as I have ever seen at getting hang-balls to run on by and win



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