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Santa Anita for Thursday 9 February 2012


I am going to use a day from you know where as a catalyst for creating an alternative way that everyone can access our selections. Details will be forthcoming. For now, please save my email and phone number. Soon both will be on every copy of The Racing Digest.

Always try email first for any problems:

Phone:  847-217-7502



race 1    average clarity

5  Warren's Assassin   sat way too far off a pedestrian pace in last....did well to finish 2nd.......7F fits.....1st time Bejarano.....barn means business

1  Singmeasong   GB invader showed little in 2 starts overseas but shows up in a good barn in the good old U S of A.....sure catches a very soft group here.......very dangerous if he can run a little on conventional dirt

2  Bella Gallantey   not much running long but finally cuts back to a sprint......has hit the board in all 4 races on "real" dirt when he has had the blinks on like today


race 2    average clarity

3  Blueskiesnrainbows   major forward move 1st ever at a route in last......back quick and with a solid 5F drill......decent chance to sit mid pack with the 1 and 5 setting a strong pace that may soften them up some

5  Fed Biz   was able to handle significant pace and still win in last in fairly decent time....continues to work like a happy healthy 3 year old

1  Consulado   crushed MSW foes in last his 2nd lifetime the 5 horse he is capable of stellar early pace....1st at a route but bred to handle it


race 3    above average clarity

1  Rude Bobby   very bad trips in both lifetime starts on the main track hides a horse that can run especially at this level........also.......exits a key bunch in his last where 2nd and 3rd can back to win......Bejarano will be out to make amends for two poor rides

5  Dream Caught   off slow and way wide on an inside track in last.......good sprint speed bodes well for his chances to get loose on the lead in his 1st ever at a route of ground......OK pedigree to handle the new challenge

3  I Feel Free   vet scratch 0n 20 Jan is alarming but O'neill has been hot and this gelding is proven long where as our top 2 picks are not

6  Showmethemoneyjim  another with not such a good journey and it was only his mc debut.......flashed speed after a tardy start.....may be able to sit on or close to the lead with a good break and a hot apprentice up with his 5lb allowance


race 4    above average clarity

4  Rosehill Dew   after 8 straight mounts with a very low percentage jock up this strong late runner gets the meets top jock......should by motoring late

6  Bella Swan   just claimed by Mitchell who is dynamite 1st out after a claim and what a lucky spot he has for this mare who should be loose on the lead here

3  Caelis   made up 10 lengths from far back in a turf sprint race down the hill....seems like a gimme....4 drills since.......bred to get the distance.......last 2 wins in GB she was in a tracking the leaders position....that seems like it would be a good position here


race 5    below average clarity

5  Missie Ky I You   horse sure looks like she fits on the cut in half in maiden claiming price....does tend to hang but gets the hang-buster in Rosario who gets more hangers to win than anyone I have ever seen........when your record stands at (16 0 6 4)  who you wanna call......hangbuster

4  Game Changer   2 so so efforts since Mulhall took over but the last 2 drills suggest this filly has improved since her last and ready for a forward move

6  Hey I'm Sobaa   Sadler claimed off of a dull effort but he has this filly training like a form reversal might occur 1st run under his tutelage

3  Sunshine High   not much in layoff last.......maiden debut 2 back fits.....tough to tell what we will get this afternoon


race 6    below average clarity

10  Brady Blue Eyes   repeat of last should put this gelding in the driver's seat both pace and final time wise.......Glatt is decent getting a horse to fire back to back wins

2  High Success   solid race 2 back with 2 weeks off.......then OK race with 5 weeks off.......back in less than 3 weeks and owns an impressive recent 4F work.....good likelihood to rebound to his run 2 races back

5  Clear To Canada    consistent late runner likes to circle the field and he  is 1 for 1 at the distance

8  Hasty Trend   trainer is as hot as he has been in some time.....dull effort in last but this 6 year old usually rebounds off of dull efforts

Might be a price:  6  Bruno's Wager  I was a bit surprised to see this horse have a morning line of 8 to 1......believe he will be a more usable 12 to 1 or higher if there aren't any scratches......Hollendorfer is dangerous with claim backs......10 lbs off with new apprentice who looks pretty good on a recent works


race 7    average clarity

9  Pressday   sensational work tab for this Sadler Aussie invader who had a lackluster 2011 but multiple Graded race wins in 2010....sure seems meant and ready for his U S of A debut

1  Carbonite   sure took to the majestic and unique SA hill turf course in last.....has a nice stalking style which should fit this race well.......looks like there should be a reasonable to slightly soft pace up front

3  Make Music For Me   5 year old is well proven fresh.....blinkers are sharp as they almost always are but the drills this time hint at more early speed which is a good thing for a turn back from route to sprint

5  Leroy's Dynameaux   late runner has had 7 of his last 10 races not produce much pace up front......same might occur again today but lookout in late stretch if it doesn't


race 8    average clarity

6  Cyclometer   very powerful MSW debut last both in pace and final 3+ months but working very sharp the last few weeks....all systems go to repeat another significant run

4  Randazo   solid race in 2nd lifetime start getting caught 3 wide close to the pace......been a little flat at 6 1/2 furlongs in both lifetime races so the 1/2F less seems like a positive

5  Royal Meridian   Canani has a poor history with 1st time starters but this one is 5 years old and training this seems like a different ball game under the category of........why wait

8  Goux World   work tab is up to snuff and so is this 1st timers mother.....she has tossed 4 winners from 5 foals and 2 of them were Stakes winners

1  Castle Town   very strong works for a trainer like Yakteen with a first timer starter

7  Yomybato   Pender is not much of a 1st start trainer but the works here are too hard to hint at speed and endurance and that often hints at a meant and ready 1ster





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