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Santa Anita for Friday 9 March 2012


Always find it difficult to make this statement because there always seems to be a surprise in every box of Cracker Jack but I think one of my selections in each given race will find the winners circle. Let's say about a 50 % chance of that happening. Also, if one of my top 2 picks in the 7th and/or the 8th win, it should make for some nice opportunities in the late rolling bets.


race 1    average clarity

6  Lt. Hopeful   claim back by Armstrong....had to give her re-claim some time.......and the very strong recent works suggest he is returning as good as ever which spells trouble for his competition

1  Usurp   Cavara must have seen the solid improvement forthcoming for this gelding in his last because he claimed him....back in 1 week with a positive rider change

3  Gentle Romeo   off about 1 1/2 years but has fired fresh 4 out of 5 times lifetime....he has to....only 9 lifetime starts and he is 8 years old


race 2    average clarity

3  Warren's Jazz Walk   on the improve with every start.....something which you see more often on AW tracks......last fits solidly.....better would only be icing on the cake

4  Subtle Creek   already best early foot in this spot and now adds blinkers......Brice Blanc never seems to be in a hurry with a horse but he best be here

1  Alokee   wide trip in last compromised her return to the race wars in last........late runner fits if she makes a logical move forward


race 3    average clarity

6  Hidinginplainsight   duplicating her only race on the grass (and it was her MSW debut) would make this filly difficult to overcome if....of course....only if she gets the trip

7  Miss Communication   lost to a tough foe down the hill 2 races back....then.......bit wide and blocked in her latest or wins it.....continues to work like a happy healthy horse

2  Miss Pipa   he's baaaaack.......Garret Gomez that is.........1st timer sure appears ready to roll for Sadler and he gets the right rider for the job

3  Trois Aureole   Sadler picks up runner from the FG's that showed ability on the dirt albeit versus less....but....bred awfully well to be even better on the sod


race 4    average clarity

3  She's Very Rare   monster forward move in last 1st time trainer smartly gives her ample time to recover from such a big recent bullet drill bodes well for a repeat performance

1  Subpoena The Dress   consistent sort seemingly runs her best on conventional dirt and at 6 furlongs....and is Mitchell trained.....3 positives to say the least

2  Halfapondarosa   very good history fresh and takes a logical significant drop....rider/trainer are making for a stellar team of late

8  Tribal Beauty   Cassidy sure could use a winner and he maybe dropping here to get that win as opposed to hoping he loses this filly to some sucker......lone race on conventional dirt was quit good with the caveat that the race was run on an off track


race 5    average clarity

7  Our Heat   bad trips in last 2 endeavors.......bumped and wide in both.......Abrams is decent back quick.....rather sure best grass horse in this group.....and 1 1/8 mile distance even as a 3 year old may help sort things out and get this filly to the winners circle

4  Shewhomustbeobeyed   38 to 1 in MSW debut has turf route tune-up written all over it.........bred well to get 1 1/8 and gets a 9 lb weight break being a March running  3 year old running versus older

3  Willow Switch    another 3 year old filly who appears to want the added 1/8th mile distance

6  The Grans   bit of an ironic situation here if I am right........4 year old fits well versus younger at 1 mile but shows signs that 1 1/8 might flatten her out somewhat negating her 4 versus 3 advantage running 1 1/8 in March


race 6    average clarity

5  Sage D'oro   major early speed here......meets leading rider looks loose for top trainer....sure seems mighty dangerous here

4  Indecise   done little wrong in 4 lifetime starts.....1st ever on "dirt" but bred O.K. to handle it......and gets the returning from injury Gomez in the saddle

7  Jimima's Pearl   GB invader sure is training like she is meant and ready for her connections 1st time in the good old U S of A.....conventional dirt ability is a ? mark

3  Milania   consistent sort sure appears to want route races to show her best.....beat our top pick last Fall at Hollywood in her lone lifetime route race


race 7    average clarity

6  Bodie Girl   only race getting to run back (32 days) without "time off" was easily her best and that is today's scenario.....28 days today

2  Lil Miss Macky   only had 2 drills before last which was a so so effort.......3 tightly spaced much better works since....should see vastly different horse today

8  Miss Becca   toss out last tossed a shoe........only other hill race is quite good......back to Bejarano who owns 2 wins and 2 2nds in 4 mounts on this filly......yikes

4  Abella   smooth looking run down the hill winning her last.....3 lbs off and a move forward seems likely.....if so it puts her in the hunt to get to the circle of joy this afternoon


race 8    average clarity

8  Magic Beam   one horse trainer smartly drops this horse who has been racing overhead her head slightly......maybe she was viewed too much as a pet.......good spot for her closing style...should be flying late if she is ready fresh as she was in winning in August

9  You Know We Know   both races on "fast" rated conventional dirt are quite good and better than appear in print.....appears capable of running off the pace if need be and that looks like a good thing in this field with an over abundance of speed

2  Sir Hamilton    recent vet scratch for this runner on 18 Feb.....hands off says Mullins.......might be a bit of a ploy not to be claimed today....if so lookout today

1  Blake   little shot in last......solid speed on a dead rail eat him up and he rightfully tired......nice works since......speedster does have other speed to content with

7  Meadow Road   bit leery of only 1 drill showing since his last 5 weeks ago but can come from off the pace and that sure seems like a plus here

10  Gothics Pick   laid up horse sure works like he is ready....but....he is yet to run very well on conventional dirt......but new trainer sure has him running well on it in the a.m.


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