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Santa Anita for Sunday 16 March 2014

Don't miss out at saving a few dollars ( $4 to be exact) on our special full card selections for Ky Derby day by signing up early. Or save $20 on a great package of 4 special pubs we offer this year. We are calling it Rich Santucci's top 4 race days.

So so card today. On the 1 to 10 scale I'd call it a 4.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Next Right   seems likely to get loose here........that and with a good gate rider up in Maldonado should make him tough in his 1st at a route on the turf

1  Aqua Revelation   runs best at one mile on the sod and appears to like running off of relatively short rest.......4 weeks qualifies as "relatively short rest"........seems likely to sit fairly close to the lead in a race I believe will yield a reasonable set of fractions

6  Heat Flash   on the right end of the learning curve and gets the hot on the turf 7 lbs. bug boy up.......seems best of the late runners and likely will be dangerous in the late stages of this race

4  Misdeed


race 2    average clarity

2  Seattle Charlie   either muscled up on the grass in her last or she really likes the SA dirt because she works on it like a vastly better runner than she has shown so far on the synthetic at GG

5  Courageous Cat   1st time Ron Ellis and strong works for this Mth invader who has been absent from racing for 8 months......seems meant......ready...... and dangerous

1  Katerrific   1st timer shows some sharp drills now and then in a prolonged work regiment......draws Smith who has been on a winning 1ster for Powell in the past and he seldom rides for the trainer


race 3    average clarity

4  Two Blue Hens   fired lifetime best when running on the turf in her last and I believe she is better on main track surfaces......and she just worked 2 consecutive bullet drills on the SA dirt.....might be set to run best ever

3  Innocent Love   Emd invader has 7 lifetime starts.........all but her last which was run 10 months ago fits well say ready and she better be as she might be claimed today

2  Tempe   hot trainer just snatched at the claiming box.....seems loose here and she is very tough (4 straight wins) when she opens up a lead.......would have easily rated higher if this race was shorter than 6 1/2F as she sure spits the bit so far running past 5 1/2

5  Miss American Pie


race 4    average clarity

5  Thermal Nermal   Muhall and company need a win.....their 1st win........big drop down here and top gun Bejarano stays aboard........both say this mare has remained in relatively good health.....and she will be tough here if she is

4  Holiday N Newport   been training well......been running well.....and just claimed by a barn that is having their best meet ever at a SA member in their barn seems likely to be a factor in this race

2  She's A Go Girl   might be loose here and if speed is doing fairly well she has a shot to wire.......if it is a average day for speed or worse I think the 7 panels will do her in late

6  Magic Number


race 5     slightly below average clarity

10  Mark Of A Gem   lifetime best in pace (sizzling pace) and final time was her lone race down the SA hill.........and Smith knows this filly well having been up for all 5 lifetime races

7  Noise Of The Crowd   runs best with ample time between races and gets ever was down the hill with plenty of time off and Bejarano up......switch in jocks from Orozco to Bejarano.......sure seems live

8  Hanserella   seems likely to sit in a nice stalk position........and she seems likely to have more punch in the late stages coming off an endurance building turf mile.......not at all out of this

1  Lets Get Frisky


race 6    slightly below average clarity

1  Marla Hooch   filly just won from the 1 post despite being blocked plenty on the turn and stretch......might have something left in the tank for today being bottled up and all....same post.....same rider.....just one more furlong to negotiate

2  Warrens Puppy Love   seems like a decent claim by Pederson who is more than capable 1st out following a claim especially with a runner that has done little wrong in 2 lifetime starts.......and it is a positive that Talamo wanted the mount back

4  Divine Way   likely will need best ever but might give it as the 7F distance distance appears as if it will be a very good fit

5  Strollin Home


race 7    average clarity

2  Stormy Lucy    toss out last....not a miler........likes the 1 1/8th turf distance........race 2 back at 1 1/8th  is quite good and today we get a major league jock upgrade.......and one lbs less to carry

6  Emollient   Smith/Mott and four-year-old filly who is very stout when she brings her "A game"......not sure if she will today but if she does the others likely will be running for 2nd place money

3  Emotional Kitten   1 1/8th seems like a good fit.......a little short fig wise but four year old is four months older and can surely show more with a logical physical development over 4 months time.........that is if she is fully ready to roll fresh for Wesley Ward

1  Miss Serendipity


race 8    average clarity

1  The Admiral   done little wrong in his 3 lifetime races with the blinkers on......1st long but bred to appreciate a route.....and having early speed and being by Giant's Causeway seems like a lethal combo

3  The Mad Hungarian   on the improve with every start.......and the drills since his last strongly suggest another forward move is in the making today

6  El Nino Terrible   too ambitious in last.....back where he has a shot to compete.....and 1st time Bejarano.....likely needs best ever and isn't impossible to give it

4  Papa Turf


race 9    average clarity

10  Mr. Bossy Pants   very competitive racing down the SA hill turf course.......and I sure like the 2 months off for a highly consistent individual.......these kind almost also appreciate a break and return with vigor

9  Candy's Sunrise   trainer has popped when he drops 1st off of the claim at a 43% rate with his last 53 claims......yikes....that'll do especially for this consistent grass runner

6  Carbonite   better horse these days running off of of shorter rest.....shorter rest today and drops a notch....might add to the $414K he has earned to date

11  Koast

3  Kilat

4  Omar

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