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Los Alamitos for Sunday 21 September 2014

Card seems decent. Let's call it a 6.5 on the 1 to 10 scale. Hope to make it 3 solid days (not too hot yesterday) out of the 4 days we covered at this brief  Los Alamitos fall meeting.

Santa Anita starts up on Friday. We will be ready!

Best of luck today as always!


race 1     average clarity

5  Triptronic   mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters and all precociously won at two.........good work regiment/Hollendorfer...........hard not to like

2  Every May   solid debut 16 days ago.........might have surprised the barn a bit as he went off at 23-1........same fits..........more would be icing on the all ready sweet cake

3  Life On Riveria   1st timer with fairly good drills..........and Peter Miller is a solid 20% win with his last 150 1st starters


race 2    average clarity

8  Single Launch   bad trip in last or could have scored.....claimed.......can win for new connections with a better journey

1  Monastic   nice layoff run in last.......router attempts a sprint.......sure fits if he handles the transition

2  Fly High   laid up since graduating in a mdn20K last January........sure fits here at 6,250 nw2x if he is ready......trainer has had a good meeting

10  Valdirone

Long-shot consideration:   5  Cold Bay   solid awakening in last........switch in riders to Charlton who is 2 for 4 win and 4 for 4 in the money riding for Harrington the last couple of months


race 3    slightly below average clarity

2  Celebrity Status   lone lifetime route run two races back is quite good running 2nd to a horse who would crush these

5  Full Dancer   somewhat suspicious drop into claiming but sure is stout here back on conventional dirt if he has remained in relatively good health

1  Song For You   Stidham charge might be better on the dirt than the turf..... and.......that might awaken this gelding who fits well if he is up to his "A game"


race 4    below average clarity

11  Backstreet Lisa    two dull MSW races on the Dmr AW......but......sure consistently works well on the conventional dirt at Slr......and Miller isn't afraid to drop a horse yet he elects to keep this filly in a MSW race.........should be a price

3  Sandy's Song   races sure fit but one dull work since her last race four weeks ago isn't usually a good sign for a two year old.....still.....sure will be tough if she has remained the same

5  Satin Cinnamon   decent maiden claiming debut and the extra 1/2 furlong looks like a plus considering how she finished up late.......should handle the step up into MSW if she makes a small logical move forward

7  Natalie's Wonder

Long-shot consideration:   1  Mothernaturespell    14 to 1 in mdn30K debut strongly hints this fillies effort surprised O'Neill and company......steps way up into MSW racing but the drills since her debut hint she significantly benefited from the race


race 5    average clarity

3  Legacy  strong wining wide trip two back in her only race at Lrc......same distance and basically the same purse

4  Irish Presence   lost to our top choice in the aforementioned Stakes race and was less working markedly better this time around

1  Zilbur   3rd U S of A start but 1st on the conventional dirt where she ran so well in Brz


race 6    slightly above average clarity

3  Takeit Tothe Limit   best ever was off of short rest of 17 days........14 days rest today.....and.....sure appears to be the controlling speed

9  Deer Decarchy   exits a fast heat with not the best of trips where getting beat by 6 1/2 lengths was still a solid effort......same effort with a smoother trip and he might be the one to beat

8  Royal Stack   on the right end of the learning curve.....fits well here if this Miller runner can keep the trend intact this afternoon

1  Astutely


race 7     average clarity

2  Warren's Cole   nice awakening in latest and deservedly steps up.....seems likely to get the same mid pack position which was the road to victory in his last

5  Fonz   not much on the grass but his main track sprints fit fine here including his lone race on conventional dirt at Pln

1  Zoom Bag   woke up some in last and the works since suggest another move in the right direction will occur this afternoon.....fits well if my assessment is correct

10  Red Man Run


race 8    average clarity

1  Gelila    nice win in latest up near the front end......Maldonado likely can get a similar position today......seemingly tough if he does

3  Incredible Journey   very consistent when competing on conventional dirt.......2nd out following the Cerin claim........which.......historically speaking is a good thing

9  Magic Number   just claimed by Koriner who has had a nice meeting.......his new filly fits fine here if he manages to get a repeat effort out of her as her last fits just fine

10  Contessa B.


race 9    average clarity

7  Afternoon Wedding   takes the ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to bottom level maiden claiming.....only went for $10K at sale so up for $20K makes since April but working as if she is meant and ready

5  Weekend Winger    last a total gimme?........solid work since layoff last........Weekend Winger.......or......Weekend Ringer?

1  She's A Given   only race run at Lrc (debut 3 back) is better than appears in print.....continues to show some promise in the a.m........and catches a soft looking field

2  Acategoryfivestorm

Long-shot consideration:   3  Reachinthelimit   trainer is much better with 2nd time starters......up the track in debut but vastly improved 6F drill since....and this three year old filly did show some decent early speed in her debut

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