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Santa Anita for Saturday 25 October 2014

Make sure that you have the correct publication as both Saturday and Sunday will be posted and available on Saturday.

Note that this Wednesday has been added to the Santa Anita meeting and that on both Wednesday and Thursday you will be in the more than capable hands of our assistant handicapper, David Gordon.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Mahalo Princess   Baltas five year old mare sure fits the race condition as she has been facing better......and she appears to be doing well.......5F seems like a plus

5  BackwoodsBelle   speed of the speed here and only 5F to stick.......obviously dangerous in an about a 57 sec. race

2  Lindz Winz   seems at her best in abbreviated sprint races like this one.........likely to get a nice inside stalk position


race 2    average clarity

8  Afleet Echo   seems very sharp right now and has shown she can cope with strong route pace......and few can at the F & M mdn20K level.....switch to Bejarano doesn't hurt either

3  Beth's My Babe   Machowsy runners are doing better than his Fall SA record would indicate.......laid up filly sure is training as if the connections mean bizz.........drop should really help her chances to get to the circle of joy for the 1st time

6  Blameitonthecat   another dangerous looking dropper........makes sense as this filly has hardly earned her keep........time to drop and risk her being claimed to cut into the red ink and earn a few $$$$$$

4  Sheza Dish


race 3    average clarity

1  Devil's Beauty   sure seems loose as a goose in this spot and most likely difficult to catch if of course she handles her 1st on conventional dirt.......her breeding suggests it might suite her the best

7  Shezapiranha   both lifetime two turn races (albeit on the turf) fit well here and she showed enough life on the LS dirt after a poor beginning in her MSW debut that I doubt the new footing will hinder her

2  Midnight Candy   might be a good claim of an improving filly by Becerra and company......but he's 0 for 22 and counting 1st out following a claim.......needs to break the mold and if he does this filly likely will fit versus our top couple picks

5  Awe Gee


race 4    slightly below average clarity

5  Fast Magoo   Cerin is somewhat cold  but can jump start things here as his filly owns significant early gas and especially versus this bunch.......looks loose and tough to catch if she takes to the grass.......average pedigree for it

1  Temeeku   stumbled badly in her last and from there showed that she likes the green stuff.......good sign Bejarano sticks around as horse's often hurt themselves when stumbling badly

9  Flyin for a Livin   big race run 2 back and it is disguised by a wide trip on a good (biased) rail day.........didn't take to blinkers on in last......wisely taken off today........1st on the sod today with a so so grass pedigree........but she should be tough if she does handles it

2  Susan B Good

Long-shot consideration:   6  Charming Starlet   toss out only grass race as it seemed like nothing but a public workout off an 11 month break.......bred well for the turf.....and the trainer Ed Moger is often quite dangerous 3rd out after a layoff with a horse


race 5    slightly below average clarity

3  Firing Line   this 1st timer is by far showing the most in a.m. of anyone in this soft looking group of two year old MSW runners........easy top choice

11  Remo   only runner in the field (and a large field at that) with any experience......both sprint races on the Dmr synthetic are par like efforts and par seems rather good here.......1st on "real dirt" but bred fine for it

7  Candy Cowboy  not much of a work tab until his last two drills......might be coming around when it counts the in right before his MSW debut

6 Pure Thunder


race 6    average clarity

8  Brando the Birdman   owns good early speed in this spot (and likely difficult catch) if he handles his 1st ever on the ever was on the Bhp AW and most that like the Bhp footing handle the grass

5  Conquest Two Step    best race ever by far (an quite impressive) was the last time he ran off of a strong 5F drill in a race in early Aug......just worked 58:4 (2 of 48)......might be sitting on a powerful effort

1  Back Off Buddy   last was good.....race 2 back is quite strong..........1st on the green carpet but owns a good pedigree for it.......seems dangerous

3  Carlot Cowboy


race 7    slightly above average clarity

7  Solid Wager   blinkers off for today.........vastly more impressive in the a.m. since he last raced on 5 assuming he has been working without the blinkers you better lookout here because it sure appears the equipment change has done a world of good

5  Kill Shot    very talented colt has been away for almost a year but returns working as if he is meant and ready..........and his trainer Bruce Headley is very good off of long layoffs

3  Eddie's Turn   tough to tell when........but when this three year old colt brings his "A game" he can really pop a number (effort).....two sharp recent drills hint he might be up for top effort today

6  True Ten


race 8    average clarity

1  Thegirlinthatsong   3rd time out for Hollendorfer and company might be the charm because his relatively new shooter is working markedly better for today's endeavor than she did for two previous races..........and those two efforts aren't bad

2  On The Backstreets   might have have needed her last and training well since.....but more importantly her only lifetime turf route (at a mile and at SA) is better than appears in print........caught a touch wide up on a very solid pace.......did well to only get beat by 1 1/2 lengths for the win

5  Lexie Lou   tossed a dud in last.....needs a rebound to anyone of her three previous it 60/40 she produces one

7  Alexis Tangier


race 9    average clarity

7  Shaniel    drops from top to bottom.........claim me please or just wants to break his maiden in start number at Bsr in preparation for today race suggest he's ready to graduate

5  Tasha's Courage    1st time Bejarano........plenty of gas in here to aid his late running style.......last so so but his effort two back is strong

8  The Twelfth Man   both lifetime starts fit fine .........should fire once again and be a major player in this field if he can run off of short rest in his 1st time attempting to

4  Takeit Tothe Limit

1  Lay It On

3  Divine Vision

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