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Santa Anita for Sunday 22 March 2015

We got an even racing surface which I was crying out for and then disappointingly had a brutal day. In fact this has been one disgusting week of handicapping for yours truly. But my new computer equipment and set up is now complete so maybe I can get my head out of my you know what and select some winners.  Seems like a good card but my confidence level is low. We shall see. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Hearitforthegirls   tightly spaced work intervals hint that this Mullins layoff drop down is healthy and if she is it should be a gate to wire winner here......trainer needs a win

5  Lady Now     another layoff drop down here.......this one seems likely to stalk our top selection and if she falters will be in a good position to inherit the lead and try to hold off the calvary charge

6  Rock N Bunny   filly is improving and continues to train as though the trend can continue......low % jock but he has had success on this four year old and only has a small field to cope with


race 2    above average clarity

2  Atta Boy Pete   ineligible to be claimed off the 7 month layoff so it is a great spot for Hollendorfer to take advantage of the work regiment at GG......especially like that he worked 6F just 4 days ago.....rather sure Jerry means bizz here

1  Changing Karma   41 % win percentage trainer Tom Bazley vans on over from LA with an improving five year old who has put in 2 sharp drills in preparation for today's race.......come on Cheryl Charlton

5  Peacenik   decent return to the race wars in latest.....and I like that Bill Spawr steps his aging gelding up one notch......that suggests he likely came out of the race in good condition

4  Mosso


race 3    average clarity

1  The Man   not much in last which was a route race.......but not the case in his other two lifetime races which were both races the times were solid and he was beaten by lee than 2L versus two next out winners......colt could easily have been named after his trainer......Mr Bob Baffert

4  Hook "Em Kurt   expensive Ron Ellis 1st time starter scratched the other day but likely no big deal as he came back to work 4 days later on March 6th and two times more after that.....seems well prepared for his debut.....especially like the 3F gate work just 3 days ago 

6  Ketos   broke tardy in his MSW debut from the 1 post as so many 1st timers do from the inner most or outer post positions.....rushed following the 2L slow break displaying significant early speed.....dangerous 2nd time starter especially if he breaks cleanly


race 4    average clarity

10  Stylistic   laid up mare is facing the boys but I sure like her pedigree for a race down the SA hill grass course and she seemingly is out working the opposite sex in a big way....... and she can be in the race from the get go

7  McHeat   two consecutive bad trips in a row for this Barry Abrams colt hides his ability on the grass..........tries blinkers off and a new jock and a sprint turf race in hopes to getting a better trip out of him

8  Hye I'm Jack   sprint turf tune-up in layoff last......full throttle go in a grass route this afternoon......and a change in riders to O'Neil'ls go to guy of late in Van Dyke

1  Hazardous Dreams

Long-shot consideration:  9  Cap Ferrat   Blake Heap really doesn't show strong works too much in the a.m. with his 1st time starters so I am willing to ignore the fact that this colt has only one work of merit (on Mar 5th) because tne trainer has won with 2 of his last 3 1sters that debut on the turf....and this colt sure owns a good pedigree for the green carpet


race 5   average clarity

4  Practical    tossed a clunker in last off of the layoff but the works since hint at a rebound.......but maybe more importantly he sure seems loose here and if Eswan Flores (1 for 3 for Pender) can slow things down early he should be tough

7  Mr. Pete Got Even   both lifetime races off of a similar rest in between races like today are decent and both are somewaht disguised by running wide on strong rail days.......recent 1:12 flat work at LA hints this colt has never felt better and felt better for a new trainer.......hopefully the trainer has tweaked something for the positive

6  Tester    deep closer drops again and  might be the only horse finishing OK at 7F which will likely be grueling for most in the weak looking group of maiden 20K claimers

8  Win Wish


race 6    average clarity

6  Kerrilynn   Cerin has been red hot the last couple of weeks..........his mare has set some nasty fractions in both lifetime races on the hill and fared rather well......there is other speed in here but they might peel off early and/or Bejarano might take back some

1  Nero's Pleasure   last route to sprint manuvuer (albeit on the AW) led to a win.......that is the scenario today and with a change in jocks to Vann Dyke who owns both lifetime wins for this mare

4  Always a chance   blocked badly in last on the turn and the stretch or might have won at today's level.........late runner in grass sprints seemingly gets the pace she needs to help her chances.......Mullins is overdo to wake up.....maybe it starts here  

3  Fast Moka Too


race 7    above average clarity

4  Sweet Marini   Baffert runner has been on quite a roll and her last is well hidden by dueling in solid pace on a dull rail which basically would do anyone in.......she did well to only get beat by 5 3/4 in a Grade 2 that was loaded with talent.........faces easier today

5  Wild in the Saddle   solid improvement in latest which was her 1st at one mile on the dirt........3rd place came back to beat a decent field on Saturday.........barn mate( number 3) might but sent to bother our top pick early......significant rider upgrade to boot

1  Anniversary Kitty     positive:  Dollase is at often at his best sprint-sprint-route which is the case here........negative: lone race on conventional dirt is only so so..........deserves another shot on it?


race 8   average clarity

3  Habibi   copious furlongs of a.m. work put into this R  Mandella (mostly) overseas invader hints that she is meant and ready.......she did fail in her only U S of A race last June but she likely injured herself in the race.....she owns quite a few Graded races in NZ and Australlia (many versus males) that would crush here

5  Indecise   another R Mandella runner.....this one scratched ot of a Graded race to run here......would have been top choice if the once red hot Prat hadn't turned from hot to cold.....down to 9% win after earning praise for bringing home many nice winners earlier in the meeting

1  Birdlover  was allowed to set a very slow pace and responded with a win off of the layoff.....that seemingly stress-less sprint race down the hill should have her feeling really good for today's one mile grass race versus post and Bejarano.....such a deal

6  Industrial Policy


race 9    average clarity

7  Just Bookin   showed she can finish strong at 6 1/2F and many in here look like they might be gasping for air late...........both races since Antonio Soto took over the training duties fit well here......away a liittle over 4 weeks but put in a decent work at LA one week from today......should be tough if she has held form

5  Coded Message    both lifetime races fit fine here.......would have made top pick if she had shown at least one work since her 27 Feb race especailly since she was a vet scratch on 13 Feb......and her trainer wasn't so cold for the SA meeting

8  Miserable Blue   bet to favorite in maiden debut which seems ironic in that the rider/trainer have brought home quite a few prices this meeting.....did flash solid speed for the 1st quarter......deserves another shot 

3  Gold Locket

6  Gold Journey

2  Fancy Brandi

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