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Santa Anita for Thursday 26 March 2015

Only 4 days left to save $5.00 when you purchase full card selections for the Kentucky Derby day. As in the past the selections will be sent in your email the night before at approximately 4 p.m Pacific time.

Different format for at least awhile as I want to give comments for every horse which means only the top two choices will have full comments and the rest of the runners will have abbreviated comments. After a full week like this I would appreciate any feedback you could give.

Thanks, your handicapper,

Rich Santucci

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Believe Too   Baltas barn is on fire especially when Bejarno and his agent accept a mount for the up and coming so run on the AW at GG but back to sunny S Cal today where his last two endeavors at SA fit solidly in this spot 

1  Great Lou   first time running as a gelding today and he takes a significant drop in hint he is healthy and he started his career (and for a win) up for only $5K more so the drop doesn't bother me much........should be in the hunt from the get go

3  Top Estate    drops......back to the jock who won with him


race 2    average clarity

4  Fort Cady   strong race (quite a bit better than par) turf to dirt back on 20 December at Lrc.........same scenario today and for a trainer (Steve Knapp) having one of his better SA meets in a very long time

6  Vodka Texted You   toss out latest as he was stuck on a dull rail dueling.......maiden debut 2 back speed in here to date and a good post to size up the field......clear........and be loose and lonely on the front end

3  Cowboys Don't Cry    turf route fitness.......nice drill at Slr.......doubt dirt will hamper him


race 3    average clarity

8  Honey Fever   away from the game for 21 months but Bill Spawr has put copious furlongs of work into his gelding which hints he means business with his does the fact he puts him in a bottom level maiden claimer instead of a protected race where he could have given him a tune-up

4  Next Right   fell off in last following two races that would crush these.......drop isn't that encouraging as far as seeing a rebound is concerned........but........ Glatt of late has been placing his horse's way up or way down (with some success) more than I can ever remember

5  Eddie Would Go   1st timer with his last 2 gate works quite strong......Headley is dangerous with mc 1sters

7  Rare Punch   last 2 of 3 sprints both of which were at SA fine


race 4    average clarity

3  Mahalo Princess   suspicious drop to be sure for this Peter Miller runner but the crafty trainer is an impressive 27% win with his last 45 he has dropped multiple levels of claiming........six year old mare is (6 2 1 2) at SA on the dirt

5  Nothing to Hide   moved forward in her latest but found the rise to the $12.5K level a little too tough......back to the bottom $8K level and she sure fits if she repeats her last endeavor which was at today's same 6 panels

4  Monstro Ness   declining fast but her recent works suggest she might still be "ticking" .......but I doubt for long

2  Queen of the Hill   can't be suggest she feels good


race 5   average clarity

7  Mr. Itkins   might be able to sit in a nice stalk position behind a lively pace (likely with the 3 and 6 setting it)........seemingly working the best of his career this month for Mulhall and company......believe sitting on a good effort

1  This Time I Win   probably back a little too quick in his last.......not really a typical Ellis move......but getting horses ready off of 45 to 90 day breaks is.......and what a sizzling gate work put in for this fellow just 5 days ago (46:2 Hg bullet)

6  Rocket Heat   rail bias did aid his 9 length win but he sure finished up as if the effort was a piece of cake (without much stress).....and the work tab since is impressive for his new trainer/owner who snatched him up for $30K in his last

3  Surfing Angel   very strong in the a.m.......decent going eye to eye early and sticking around


race 6    average clarity

4  Five Palms   fabulous work tab for this Baffert returnee who was ultra impressive in 3 lifetime races way back late 2013.......and in his lone race at SA he managed to beat Big Macher (in a nw alw race) who sure turned out to be a good one eventually winning a Grade 1 sprint

2  Solid Wager    2 for 3 since Miller but the blinkers back on this nice four year old........and the gelding is 3 for 6 at SA on the dirt........and he sure is working as if a lifetime best might be doable this afternoon

1  Pulling G's   consistent sort for trainer Shirreffs who is waking up.......1st time M Smith.......up close good position seems likely if breaks better

6  Crimson Giant   back to reality today......impressive bullet drill at SA........59 flat on 15 March


race 7    average clarity

4  Little But Lucky   returns off of a 9 month hiatus with a new trainer in Mark Glatt........filly won here MSW debut for a trainer not that dangerous with 1st timers so it seems like a good spot for Glatt to bring her back ready to regiment supports the notion.......1st on the sod but owns an OK pedigree for it

2  Discatsonthesquare    heck of a nice meet for someone like Matt Chew who has the highest win percentage at the meeting of any trainer in this affair............his filly here is improving and continues to train as if the progression continues today

7  Gouyen   might be rated too low here but the works since her solid layoff win in her last aren't as impressive as they were before her last

1  Water Issues   might set up for a late run which is her style in 3 picks all like to go early


race 8    average clarity   (only 5 horses given for super high 5 because of only 8 competitors)

6  Saturday Yodeler   away for 9 months but she is working as if she is ready to roll for Harrington fresh off of the bench.......her race 2 back her 2nd lifetime start is much better than par considering today's lower level........very dangerous if I am correct in my assessment of her being "ready fresh" 

2  Ticaboo   broke poorly and then showed some run in her lone lifetime start way back in August of last year.......trainer Kory Owens is stout with laid up runners and he has won 3 of his last 8 with 2nd time starters.....drop out of MSW doesn't hurt ant either

5  She Hums   dangerous trainer with 1st timers at this meet in Myadi despite his runners not showing much in the a.m.

4  Racing Hope   turf route muscled up run in last.....drops and does so seemingly on the improve

8  Really a Princess   29% trainer at the meet.......dangerous early speed especially at 5 1/2F


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