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Santa Anita for Friday 10 April 2015


Decent card this afternoon

Best of luck as always!


race 1   below average clarity

5  Rocked Twice   inside on an outside day......and the race was likely needed as he returns back in short rest and he is 2 for 2 lifetime running off of "short rest"

4  Shakahari   solid awakening in last......the effort fits at today's significantly higher level if duplicated especially with 4 lbs less to carry......rider/jock have made for a good combo over the last two months winning 2 of 4 and hitting the board with the other 2

1  Pefiolo    trouble if he needed his layoff last......tough call with a trainer as cold as Vienna


race 2    average clarity

4  Tiz a Funtime   away since October but training as if ready to roll and roll where she has probably belonged all ever was her last her only race ever on conventional dirt and it was at SA

3  Fiftyshadesoffun    very dangerous speed in this spot......seems to have about a 50% shot to be loose and lonely on the front end.......speed was good yesterday

5  L X Sunrise   hanger and then some (11 0 9 1) at Santa Anita


race 3    average clarity

5  Bailoutbobby   both lifetime routes run at SA effort/fig wise fit for this off pace runner of Doug O'Neill's.......and his six year old seemingly gets plenty of speed up front to flatter his late run this afternoon

4  Motown Men   just snatched at the claiming box by Ted West and continues to train nicely.......capable of rating just off of the pace and that might come in handy here 

6  Conquest Top Gun    WO invader has been laid up since June but sure fits if he returns ready...........some gaps in his work intervals but finished up a.m. preparation awfully well


race 4    average clarity

5  Savannah Sky   outside biased day in latest but still ran way too wide........cold rider last week but he can win this if he at least provides a mediocre trip........provided of course this filly has held form 

7  Pure   three year old filly for Cassidy and company has done her best running when she was able to sit close up early.....and that appears doable in this spot

6  Sweet Promises   par like sprint debut............that bodes well for 2nd start which is at a route.........he is bred to appreciate one

4  Hard Night's Day   works since layoff sprint run hint the effort was a tune-up for today's route endeavor


race 5   average clarity

3  True History    last couple of races in Florida fit which includes a grass route race in her latest........ran great the only time she ever competed running off of very short rest (12 days)........15 days this time ........stout new trainer in Ellis

2  Carrick Bay   impressive grass races in last two efforts mostly in that this filly ran 2nd in both despite running too far off of pedestrian paces be set.......and today we get 1st time Raffy

9  So Golden    strong bad trip winning debut 2 back......1st turf & 1st long.......good pedigree for both.....danger city if rebounds

1  I Heart You   on the improve.......might move forward again if she takes to her 1st on the turf.......average pedigree for it


race 6    above average clarity

6  Beholder   Richard Mandella seems to like to use a soft spot every year for this world class filly to provide her with a "work" like race and still add a few bucks to her sizable bankroll and beef her up like only a race can do for bigger fish down the road........and her record is (9 8 1 0) at SA

4  Uzziel   never sharper and two races back this four year old filly actually ran well without the lead for the 1st time

1  Backintheacademy   best at SA and never better......but still needs best.......and ........a lively pace to happen.....and........a clunker or a gimme by our top choice

2  Tiz Midnight     decent five year old mare but not the best running profile for the race 


race 7    above average clarity

2  Sky Preacher   two big grass races last summer as a two year old and her last one was at SA......both races were good final times for a baby and the one race at SA was also strong pace since Sept. but working like her connections mean bizz in her 1st ever on the SA hill

8  Bobby Z Man   consistently runs well on the SA hill grass ever was two back.......might rebound to that effort today......same pattern in the Spring of 2014 led to a win

7  Tosheen   seems likely to lead.....likely needs an average or slow pace to hang on

3  Corinthian's Song   par like down the hill in last hidden by a wide trip......does tend to hang


race 8    average clarity

4  Pocketfullofgreen   bet to favorite and ran an improved effort in her 2nd lifetime start.......showed significant early speed for the level.......likely loose again and this time with a furlong less to stick around

12  Ill Tell You What   2 of 11 lifetime races work regiment ever for this Stute three year old filly.......overdue trainer.....dangerous

3  Slew Keyty   1ster is training like she has some ability and might be meant and ready in her debut

10  Haaay Sexy Lady   2nd best early speed in the race might be trouble if she is capable of stalking

9  Powerful Girl   should be all likelihood needs more pace than anticipated

7  Jazzed   1st time starter with a mediocre but improving work tab

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