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Santa Anita for Sunday 26 April 2015

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($33.95) full card selections for Churchill Downs on Derby Day, May 2nd please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes in easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 1st. Thank you.

Nice card today. Be back with you on Thursday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Templar   solid improvement both in pace and final time 1st time at a route and 1st out following the Desormeaux claim........sure appears to be the controlling speed in this spot....either on the lead or stalking the lead as he did in his last 

1  Bluegrass Sight   drop helps and the blinkers off for today might really wake him up this afternoon if his stout recent bullet 6F gate work is worth a hoot

4  Afleet in Time   O'Neill claim back........and the 1st thing the crafty trainer does is geld his returnee......dangerous


race 2    average clarity

6  L. A. Magic   low % trainer but not turf to dirt........small drop helps.......turf tightener appears to have done as intended as this filly just popped a bullet 4F work followed up a week later by a decent 5F work.....feeling good and all set for lifetime best

3  Stella Moon   trainer shows signs of awakening from the doldrums and he sure appears to have this filly wound up and ready for her best off of a some very tightly spaced drills......... and........ she likely will be in the race from the get go

5  Alpha Doll   on the right end of the learning curve......retains the meets top gun


race 3    above average clarity

3  Wandering Heart    done little wrong in two lifetime starts.......trainer Donald Warren is having one of his better S Cal meetings in quite awhile........good chance to get a nice ground saving up close trip

2  Barbara Beatrice   poor trip-a-roo in her 2nd lifetime start hides a solid (par like) move forward.........1st time on the grass and 1st time at a route for start number three........seems to be bred adequately to handle both and her trainer is doing exceedingly well with his turf runners

4  Almost Reality   not crazy about the pedigree for this 1ster to handle the grass or a route but work regiment hints she might "beat the stats" 

6  Lirica Heat   race 2 back is decent,,,,still.....she might need a little more still


race 4    average clarity

3  Midnight Lady   good looking work tab (especially for the lowly level) since Canani claimed back on 19 March........last 2 SA dirt routes fit and her latest is extremely hidden by running wide on one of the more biased rail conditions of the meeting......likely in the hunt from the go especially with the 7 lb. bug boy up

4  Nothing to Hide   in a every other pattern and she is on the good swing of the pendulum today........and her recent very sharp a.m. work supports the notion.......the mile distance is a ? mark

6  Chocolate Delight   with the red hot T C Baze up she seems likely to get a nice stalk position saving some ground......last fits......more would be icing on the cake

2  Summers Dignity   trainer seldom wins at SA but this mare has been racing over her head and might fit in this spot


race 5   below average clarity

8  Divina Comedia    when is the last time I selected Canani on top 2X on a card little lone back to back races........consistent invader from France is working exceptionally well and as if she is very ready to roll a first asking for the aging trainer

4  Artistic Charm    par like effort in her last (down the so very beautiful SA hill grass course) which was her 1st in the good old U S of works since......1st ever as far as one mile but bred just fine to get the distance.....retains Mr. Bejarano

11  Dissension   nice improvement (on the dirt sprinting) 1st out following the Eddie Truman claim........just needs to repeat the effort on the grass and at a route to be a major player here......tough call

5  Chat's On Top   not out of this by any means......and training as if she has held her good form

Long-shot consideration:   2  Zanab   last off of the extended layoff is better than appears.....broke slowly and sat way too far off of a lackluster pace in her 1st ever down the hill....showed plenty of life in the stretch....3 reassuring works since.....shot to upset the apple cart


race 6    below average clarity

2  Brave Act   might be as sharp as he has ever been........can repeat here if he has held form.......and the fact that Bejarano and his agent stick with the five-year-old is a good sign that he has remained in peak form

1  Missing Groom   Hollendorfer is very dangerous 3rd out following a layoff in routes.....that is the case here.....rider upgrade.....should be a major player 

4  Old Man Lake   improving by leaps and bounds....last fits.....more and he likely wins........but Becerra is (at least) 0 for last 17 1st out after a claim and counting 

8  Howdy   two of his last three races fit fine jock in his latest sure got the most out of him and remains up for today


race 7    average clarity

4  Blingismything   very consistent sort needed her turf sprint prep in last........seems at her best at today's one mile turf distance........jock has won 4 for his last 8 for the trainer.....should be a major player

7  Indecise   strong race in last especially considering the extended hiatus from racing........brilliant recent 7F work since.....and not too shabby of a 6F work prior to mile seems like a good fit.....believe she is sitting on lifetime best for Mandella and company

1  Moulin de Mougin   dynamite when she brings her "A game".......tough for yours truly to tell when that is

8  Birdlover   seems like speed of the speed and loves the SA turf (8 4 4 0)......can rate if need be.....needs best.....favorite track might help her produce it


race 8    average clarity

4  Lucky Shoes to Win   best ever was sprint to route.......layoff sprint in last - route today......small drop.......sharps drills......graduation day might be in the cards  

9  Dually Affirmed   placed over his head in his last so as not to get claimed in his turf tightener......back in very short rest........drop and go today at the lowest level of his career on the dirt

5  Fancy Shoes   last was OK .......but what we want is his effort two back......1st long is a ? mark

1  Blame It On Tekela   badly against biases in last two endeavors hides his form......not out of this

2  Mighty Pleasing   better than appears in print........bad trips in last two hides him some....still likely need best ever today.....switch to the hot jock helps

3  Gemmabeto    not much so far in two MSW races....but....maybe gimme - gimme - drop and go 1st at a route



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