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Santa Anita for Sunday 31 May 2015

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($28.50) full card selections for Belmont on Belmont Stakes day please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night. Thank you.

Sorry about only having comments for the top two choices but some unexpected family matters occurred this morning. Seems like a decent card today. Sure hope my assessment of the race card in better than yesterday. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Follow Me Crev   monster run in latest.....wide with a pace factor.......a ton if he repeats the effort.....recent bullet work says he will.....average trainer at best but not on the grass where he can be quite dangerous

1  Ernest Shackleton    1st time running as a in the a.m.....drops.....connections mean business

4  Dynamite Ride


race 2    average clarity

4  Gold Journey   consistent sort was blocked and shuffled back badly on the turn in last.....should sit closer today enhancing her chances of staying clear of trouble.....I am slightly concerned she is turning into a hanger

6  Coded Message   fell off some in last.....needs a small rebound.......decent history running with 3 weeks or less between starts.....17 days since her last.......cut back in distance seems like a plus

 7  Lana Caprina

5  Bernier


race 3    average clarity

2  Oliver's Tale   lightly raced six-year-old is two for two down the SA hill grass course crushing his foes in both races........most likely leader and he owns 3 wins and a 2nd the 4X he was able to get loose

3  County Lineman   much better down the SA hill than his record indicates.....likes to run wide and the 5 horse field likely will keep his loss of ground to a minimum

1  Holy Lute


race 4    average clarity

4  Scatastic   new trainer ex-pinhooker John Brocklebank is off to a great start all with precocious two-year old runners.......quick drills hint he has a another sharp baby who appears ready to roll at 1st asking

2  Mrazek   1st work at SA since shipping over from LA is impressive....and the next SA work isn't too shabby either.....O'Neill baby appears meant and ready

3  Incredible Luck

7  Slew to Fly


race 5   average clarity

1  City Chapel    almost always like when a new trainer takes over a given (except off of a claim) horse and drops......that is the case here and for the red-hot Baltas 

3  No Contingency   sharp dangerous speed type should appreciate the cut back in distance of one furlong........would have been top pick if it wasn't for a 10 lbs boy with only 3 lifetime mounts being up

8  Relentless Heat

5  Traweek


race 6    average clarity

5  Anxious Times   vaulted forward in latest 1st time with blinkers......and the effort is disguised by running wide and doing so up on a decent pace.....and today we get a rider upgrade to Stevens

7  Friendswith K Mill   just claimed and the 1st thing Miller does is have his new shooter gelded......strong work regiment hints the surgery has worked in a big way

2  I Earned It Baby

1  Success Rate


race 7    below average clarity

6  Crucero   placed way over his noggin in last.....gimme and/or helping out the Racing Secretary to help fill a ridiculously small field for a Grade 2......drops to a level where the pat time is about a dozen lengths slower....only was beaten by 8 1/2 in the Grade 2......hmmmm

1  Cervaro    just missed in last dropping into today's level from alw racing.......and the works since are improved......last might get the job done and the works hint at a move forward

4  Warren's Wesley

5  Perfect Temptation


race 8    average clarity

1  Batti Man   steadily improved since Mulhall took over the training 3 races back........Batti Man seemingly has never been sharper and retains Mike Smith hinting he is up to another top effort

3  Five Palms   outstanding sprinter passed on a sprint Stakes race last week to run here his 1st at a is uncanny how often a given horse wins on the S Cal circuit when a top barn scratches and shortly after enters in another race 

2  You Know I Know


race 9    average clarity

9  Roy H   bet hard in debut in a race down the hill and ran a very strong effort nearly winning despite a bad trip....3 wide and dueling.......blinkers on and working as if even better can occur today......and better with a good trip would be mighty tough here

4  J Serino   seems best sprinting and this is his 1st ever sprinting on the grass......race 2 back albeit on the dirt is very solid....feels rather strongly he dislikes route racing and the connections took a long time to figure that ignore his dull lifetime grass races because they were routes

8  Alamo

6  Ichifoot

5  Seattle Boom

2  Dakota Deacon

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