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Santa Anita for Sunday 14 June 2015

So so card for today. But my excitement level is sky high as the Blackhawks have a shot to win the "Cup" at home instead of  the road like in 2010 and 2013. Ducks beat on us hard but it looks like not hard enough. Hits in hockey are over-rated as the Hawks are usually dead last in hits in the league every year and they are looking at their 3rd "Cup" in 6 years. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Visibility   very solid wake up in last and today we get a rider upgrade.....same effort as his last and he is definitely the one to overcome........not a given though as the trainer is 0 for 32 at SA in 2015 

5  Zarqa Star   nicely moved forward in his 2nd lifetime start about six lengths......barn must believe he is even better as they double his maiden claiming price for start no. 3

2  Bandido   very solid efforts since Bejarano was put in the saddle 3 races back.......but placed as 3rd choice as he tends to flatten out and hang especially at 6 1/2F or further


race 2    average clarity

5  Pica   lone race down the Santa Anita hill was versus quite a bit better and she was only beaten by less than two lengths for the win by 3 gals they would crush this group

1  Vanlose Stairway   doubt her last a winning effort would do the trick here but her effort 2 back a losing effort could.......nice series of 4 works over the last 5 weeks hints she might be up for her run two races back 

2  Dissension   just snatched up at the claiming box by Hollendorfer and company and they get the red-hot and meet leading Bejarano to ride.....danger city


race 3    average clarity

4  Wild Caroline   seems better running "long".......lone win came sprint to route which is the case today.......Ron Ellis like most top trainers is quite solid 1st out following a claim

6  I Heart You   another running 1st out following a claim and returning at the same lowly level........filly owns the most route experience......trainer is having a solid meet 

3  Amina Perfect    best early speed in the field and with a 7 lbs. bug boy up.......seems like a dangerous front-runner


race 4   above  average clarity

4  Fight Thru   close to a sizzling pace in latest and still almost graduated......appears to be the controlling speed today.......very impressive back to back solid 6F works.....feeling good and with endurance put in

6  Bold Papa   colt is on the improve........and new trainer Ricky Agarie sure is off to a good start in his new career........needs another move in the right direction and might get it off of some nice a.m. work

7  Seedsandstemsagain    good form on the grass.......seems strange they put this fellow on the dirt race for today as his only two conventional dirt races are poor.....deserves one last try ???......or are they smoking more than seeds and stems???

5  Silver Spirit    turf fit....tries the dirt for the 1st time......bred for it.....needs to move forward on it or hello claiming ranks


race 5   below average clarity

4  This One's for Mel   nice effort set up by the sprint-sprint-route scenario....but the 9F was a little too far....cut back of one furlong can turn that 3rd place finish into a win.....(7 2 2 0) at the distance on the turf .....0 for 12 at all other distances 

1  Jomelo   deserving of a step up in claiming off of a nice win for $25K......that race was also run at a mile with the rails out 24 ft.....rider trainer are 10 for their last 20 over the last two months

7  Los Bambinos    fairly consistent turf claimer drops a notch which seems logical.....not much speed in this race and he has some.......seems likely to sit on or near the lead in a race that should unfold with a reasonable pace

6  Sinfully   five-year old has never missed the board on the sod at today's distance but owns only one win which was by a neck.......hanger?.....not sure


race 6    below average clarity

11  Black Betsy    trained exceptionally well prior to her winning debut and continues to train like she is something special........vanned off in last but tossed a shoe at the start which might have caused a minor injury as it so often does.......and how fast does she run if she doesn't toss a shoe at the start?

1  Ben's Duchess   likely wins if she repeats her last which is very strong and was with 1st time blinkers........but works aren't nearly as good leading up to today's race so I think she regresses much is the ? mark........and.......she had a great post in last and a bad one today

4  French Press   laid up but training awfully well.....won debut at CD so she is proven fresh.....picky M Smith is aboard.....seems dangerous

2  My Fiona   very dangerous if ready off of the layoff.......4 for 6 lifetime and she has faced some solid competition at times


race 7    average clarity

7  Pepnic   solid par like layoff effort in last......solid work of 4F and did it just 3 days ago.....feeling good for 2nd out after a break

4  Cautious Giant     only race on the sod was a route and it better than appears in print........solid par like run on an off track in last.....nice 3F breeze and like our top pick he worked it just 3 days ago

1  Toledo Eddie   1st ever on the hill......might be able to grab the lead and grab the lead with S Cal's top jock up who sure is riding great on the lawn these days

3  Clever Royal   won like a good thing in his 1st ever on the hill in latest....that race fits if he duplicates the run......not much separates my four selections


race 8    average clarity

8  Sam's Sister   a ton if she is up to her "A game"....... and the way in which she is performing in the a.m. she sure seems likely to bring it

1  Tesalina   4 for 5 lifetime in Chile winning by 10, 9, 6, and 4 lengths.....yikes......away since Oct by training impressively and for a trainer in Drysdale who usually doesn't push them too hard in the mornings

5  Wasted At Midnight   very consistent runner for R Mandella....still will need her very best here.....right trainer for the job to get it out of her 

9  Big Break    big break thru of late for this Knapp four-year old filly......two impressive works since her last.......likely sitting on her best ever


race 9    average clarity

6  Nakamoto    on the improve and now drops a notch.......connections could use a win.....seems like a logical well-meant drop......solid+ if that is the case here

9  True Image   good 1st ever on the hill and latest and like our top pick drops some to enhance his chances at getting to the circle of joy today

3  Currency Exchange   plenty of experience down the hill....still needs best ever today in all likelihood to take down this race.....hello 1st time Bejarano

2  Restrike   gimme gimme drop and go........we've seen this scenario from O'Neill and friends in the past

5  Relative Time   new trainer for today.....better a.m. work......and a back on the hill number that fits......not impossible

10  Love On the Road    best of what is left

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