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Santa Anita for Friday 26 June 2015

Good card today a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Top Drawer   1st going long and he has a somewhat suspect route pedigree but sure seems like the one to overcome if he handles the added distance........and Ron Ellis likely believes he will handle one.....that's good enough for me 

3  Sir Macho   Bill Spawr and friends have been a touch stubborn (reluctant) to drop this gelding as this is the 9th start since they claimed him and he has yet to visit the winners circle for them......drop should help this fellow who seems to find ways to lose

2  Big Swag    one-dimensional gelding seems to be a lead type only so the connections try a route to enhance her chances at getting a loose lead


race 2   above average clarity

4  Matriculate   very impressive winning MSW back to back drills for a Spawr runner in many a moon since....stout conditioner with a good horse and he has one here

3  Tough Sunday   away since January where he likely was hurt......returns with works that say he is fit and ready....races 2 and 3 back are very powerful efforts with the one 3 back totally disguised by a brutal trip

6  London Legacy    improving sort retains the meets top two seem tough so this Sherlock runner likely needs the learning curve to continue today to have a shot at the top prize


race 3    average clarity

7  Hot Ore   best dirt effort/fig of anyone in the field and as far as I'm concerned the best turf route pedigree as well.....hard not to put on top

5  Jamie Said No   just bought in April by O'Neill and company so they pretty much knew what they were getting.......decent grass pedigree......O'Neill did well in turf route last year with two year old runners

8  Frac Candy   useful maiden special weight debut.......interesting potential pedigree wise to take to the grass....definitely bred to handle the distance

4  Mr. Game Seven   best of the rest.......OK pedigree for both the distance and surface


race 4    average clarity

5  Norastone   toss out last as it was run on an off track.....effort two back fits and it was at one level higher than today's race.......recent couple of works hint she has held her form

2  Galway Bay   laid up filly returns with a new trainer who has upset the apple cart a few times in indicate that he might have the trump card for this cheap filly whole likely leave the gate at a big number

4  Nothing to Hide   powerful bullet 4F work one week ago seemingly out of nowhere......significant wake-up potential

3  Lil Cheyenne   last run off of a 14 month layoff was the gimme......go today with a switch in riders from a struggling one to the meets top gun


race 5   above average clarity

8  Perfectly Majestic   impressive race down the hill two back and today he gets a rider upgrade......a ton here if he is up to that effort this evening

1  Homer Matt   away from the game for 11 months but ran one big race in his debut which was a Stakes race that produced two next out winners.....yikes.....not bad in your 1st he looks very formidable fresh once again.....and the works say that he is feeling great for his 1st ever on the sod which he should handle with a decent pedigree for it

3  Alamo   very strong effort/number 1st on the hill in far in his 7 race career he has yet to put his nose in front......might be a hanger

4  Tirpitz    nice forward move in 2nd lifetime this if he manages another solid move in the desired direction


race 6    average clarity

1  Getoffmyback   Casse 1ster went for over $100K in have a nice progressively improved pattern......relatively expensive Cal-bred seems ready to rock and roll

10  True Brillance   solid MSW debut in the slop........would easily have been top pick if he had run the solid effort on a fast track and/or didn't draw such a difficult post in a 5F race

7  Look Me in the Eye   work tab sure suggests he is ready to roll at 1st asking......and...... it seems significant Smith is ridding for Puype

6  Speedin With Eddie   just bought in March so Freeman and company got a good look at what they were getting.......seems dangerous in his MSW debut


race 7    average clarity  

(AE 12 Extant  has a shot if draws into the field)

3  Red Button   3 of 6 lifetime efforts (including 1 on the grass) fit well here.....laid up but Glatt is quite good at bringing back sprinters locked and loaded

1  Anytime Anyplace   best credentials on the SA hill grass course and is working lights out in preparation for today's race

8  Jazzy Josh    performs better in sprints and just won a turf logic says he is sitting on a strong effort down the hill this afternoon

2  Rocket Heat   speed of the speed is solidly bred for the grass......might move forward in his 1st on it today.....he better as there is plenty of early heat in this race

Long-shot consideration:   6  Comanche Ruler   1st time running as a gelding and the way in which he has been training since his surgery suggest's he is now a vastly improved thoroughbred......dangerous


race 8    average clarity

4  Chicago Angel   blinkers off for today seems to have done quite a bit of good at least in the let us see if it transfers to the pm

1  West Coast Storm   woke up in last like we thought she would.......needs to avoid a speed duel with the filly to her outside.......should be a major player if she holds form and avoids a potential speed duel

7  Classy Chick   woke up some with 1st time blinkers in last........might have muscled up some off of a faster run.......fits if she has

5  Katy's Plum    ran an effort that fits very well here the last time she ran off of a layoff.........been away 5 1/2 months

3  Splendid Outcast   seems slightly better at a route.....subtle improved recent work.......trainer has had quite a few price shots in 2015

2  Valentine's Reward   turf tightener in last....dangerous speed if she can get the jump on our 2nd choice


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