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Los Alamitos for Friday 3 July 2015

Selection format has been tweaked slightly. Here is the new selection structure:

Races with 5 or fewer horses we give you 2 selections.

Races with 6 horses we give you 3 selections.

Races with 7 horses we give you 3 or 4 selections.

Races with 8 or more horses we give you 4 selections.

In the last race because of the Super High Five we give you 5 or 6 selections.

Rather tough card to decipher might lead to another carryover or two on Saturday and Saturday looks good as I have already studied the card.

Best of luck this afternoon as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Hold Me Fast   decent works for this O'Neill 1st timer but maybe more importantly these mdn20K races get rather trashy at Los Alamitos........so it is often a good spot for a new shooter

1  Mayie   away since May of 2014 but she ran well in her maiden debut and is working OK........and as stated above this group appears to be very weak

8  Stunning Taste   like the switch in jocks when you take in account the 7 lbs weight break........horse can run some but the trainer is 0 for 43 in 2015 and counting......come on Marcelo

6  Native City   best of the rest.......horrid start in debut but showed little after........Miller trained.....deserves another shot?


race 2    below average clarity

8  Malibu Rum Run   works at LA are by far the most difficult for me to get a handle on.......with that said Hollendorfer seems to have this two-year old filly ready for her debut with a seemingly strong work regiment at LA......and Mr. Hollendorfer does extremely well with two-year old filly 1sters

7  Octofy   another 1st timer who looks meant and ready in her MSW debut......O'Neill has put in a series of quick works at SA hinting this filly will be prominent from the opening bell

4  Tumbleweedprincess   faced the guys in her 1st two lifetime races.......1st versus her own sex today.......dangerous new trainer with babies

1  Just Google Me   trainer is only 1 for 14 for the year.....but.....he has won with the last two MSW 1st timers that he has sent out


race 3    average clarity

4  Jetbird   good speed in this spot with only one maybe two early speed types in this race......and 1 for 1 at Lrc which seems rather significant when your overall record is 2 for 19

6  Awe Gee   showed a liking to the Lrc surface in both lifetime races........dropped and failed in her last.....but given plenty of time off to right the ship and drops again.....rebounds here.......to what degree is the ? mark

5  Travel Free   like our top choice owns some speed in a race that lacks it......graduated in last.......nice 3 work series since.....might make it two straight

8  Rich in Tradition    needs a rebound and if he provides one.......then........he needs to get over his tendency to hang


race 4    average clarity

9  Let the Girl Go   dull year with his young stock for Kory Owens with his S Cal runners.....but in his previous few years he fired with quite a few maiden 1st timers........sure like the works here......also like the Az sire

2  Lana Caprina   on the improve in 2015 following a dismal 2014.......both races this year fit and if she can find even more today she might be the one to overcome

3  Shallot   might get away as she has shown some decent early gas at Lrc and that is slightly hidden.......gate to wire possibility

6  Pray Anyway   decent works and run at tight intervals........seems wound up for his maiden debut.....trainer is 2 for last 17 with a positive return with mc 1sters


race 5   below average clarity

5  Val de Meti   65 to 1 in MSW debut (way back in October) and ran like one.......returns as a 1st time gelding and training vastly better....and his trainer Mark Glatt is good with laid runner returning in a sprint....should be a handsome price

1  Visibility   definitely on the right end of the learning curve and deservedly steps into the MSW ranks for the 1st time......last with a better trip fits at today's higher level

3  Heavenly Haze   so so final time in his MSW but flashed some significant early gas..........good speed rider.....a definite thread to get loose and wire

7  Dr. Sirtori   hot trainer and a low % jock but he has won 2 of his last 3 for Palma........works aren't bad......dangerous 1st time starter


race 6    below average clarity

2  Hazardous Dreams   way too wide and up near the pace in a race too far for him to handle.......2nd out after the layoff and a cut back of one furlong (and very sharp preparatory drills) all make for a top selection

1  Desert Gen   both 2015 races fit fig wise......away for 4 months but training fairly well......1st at a route but owns an OK pedigree to get the distance

8  Passinaflash   believe this drop down is hurting.....but....sure fits solidly if I am wrong in my assessment

6  Aaron Again   best of what is left and that's not saying too much


race 7    below average clarity

1  Crazy About Him   just claimed by Glatt and he sure got this mare to work better........rider upgrade today........and Glatt is an impressive 27% win with his last 78 1st out following a claim

5  Marynetta   keeps stepping up and handling the challenge........another step up today and a significant one but she sure won impressively in her last.....sharp trainer who knows what it takes to win in S Cal ships on down from GG

8  Tatum's Gold   competitive in all 6 lifetimes starts all run in 2014......away since Halloween but might spook her competition here if she returns ready.......ran well in her MSW debut at Lrc.......so she might be fully ready once again in 2015

7  Desert Thief  on the rebound since Palma claimed and her last forward move is somewhat disguised......not out of this by any means is she keeps the ball rolling


race 8    average clarity

8  Vegas Street   final time of 142:2 for an 8K claimer is very solid even for a very fast racing surface at SA.......and he set a decent set of fractions......the effort fits well at today's tougher level.......new to the scene trainer continues to surprise and might again here

6  Perfect Set   nice improvement 1st out following the Hollendorfer claim (what's new) with the blinkers put on.......5 tightly spaced drills since.....likely feels as good or better than his last and the race sure fits well in this spot

9  Shame On Alex   powerful 2nd quarter at 7F (22:37) in last.......often a sign of an improving horse.....1st at a route but he sure appeared to appreciate 7F and his pedigree to handle two turns is good.......might be speed of the speed

5  Bird E House   1st out after the Glatt claim today and the crafty trainer is quite stout winning 25 of his last 80 1st out after a claim.......and this four-year gelding is 3 for 6 at today's distance.....dangerous

2  American Blend   woke up some in last in a suspicious drop way down in last.....so......I feel he must be doing OK health wise or he wouldn't be in this non-claiming race........also dangerous

6  Tribal Again   GG invader fits at this level but might be better used as a "smaller piece of the pie only" horse as he likes to hang in the stretch