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Los Alamitos for Thursday 9 July 2015

Cheap card but it appears to be decent one handicapping wise.

Best of luck as always!

race 1    above average clarity

2  Dekko   solid effort off of the one year layoff running wide and still managing 2nd......and the race might have been a prep for today's route endeavor......seems likely to be in the mix from the get go

3  Preacher Roe   claimed by Kitchingman way back on Jan. 8th and he finally gets his new shooter to the regiment is very strong for an eight claimer with two 7F works and a one mile work being part of it......and he is ineligible to be claimed......sure seems meant and ready

1  Jackson Sundown    woke up some with the blinkers taken off........recent sizzling bullet drill (45:2H) since .........hinting..........another forward move cab occur this afternoon


race 2    average clarity

4  Exposure   2 of her 3 lifetime efforts fit well here.......and........the way in which Baffert has her cranked up in the morning suggests she is up for another top effort and maybe her best ever

1  Queenofhercastle   seems best sprinting and gets to today.....just claimed by Matt Chew who has had a decent 2015........and Chew has been able to put 3 works into his newbie since his 7 June claim.......seems likely to fire a solid effort 

5  Minister's adventure   back to a sprint for 3rd lifetime start and back to Bejarano who was aboard her 5L winning mc debut.......Jerry Hollendorfer's filly is not out of this by any means

2  Alexita   invader from Prx left the East coast as an improving filly.......definitely can be a factor here if she handles her new environment


race 3    average clarity

5  Myrna Lou   lone race at Lrc (run 19 September 2014) was quite strong......filly ran well off of her last "break" which was 2 months.......2 1/2 months break this time and training well.....believe she's ready

2  Jan's Spirit   last race fits solidly and her effort two back would be a ton here.......drop is somewhat suspicious or would have made her top pick

4  Seek Safe Harbor   limited by being a need to lead type.......but she seems like the speed of the speed here........filly is 3 for 3 when opening up a clear lead

3  Clem Juice   won her only start at Lrc......last dirt sprint she ran was 4 races back (at SA) and was her lifetime best......and....... the effort is hidden by a bad trip


race 4    average clarity

5  Awesome Auggie     repeatedly was shuffled back approximately 10 lengths total.....was beaten by 13L in a fast heat for the given jock up today.......clean trip with the same effort/energy and graduation can occur

3  Viva Mexico   low percentage trainer but not when he drops from MSW racing to maiden claiming......that is the case here for this Solis colt who showed a little bit of life in his debut

2  Aragorn Flyer   34 to 1 for a Miyadi MSW 1st timer has gimme written all over it.....drop and go today in a maiden claimer with plenty of doubt in the minds of those considering a claim

6  Awe So Special   strong weekly drills hint this gelding is doing quite well for his debut.....placed this low because his trainer is very poor with 1st time starters


race 5   average clarity

5  Just Kidding   last two races (both route dirt affairs) are better than par for today's MSW level.......away for 3 1/2 months but his preparatory drills are as good as I have seen for a laid up Eurton runner in many a moon

4  Da Jenius   laid up Eric Guillot three-year old is also performing well in the a.m. and seems ready fresh......1st at a route but he didn't come cheap and you don't pay the big bucks to develop a good sprinter 

1  Travel Bound   first time gelding and training well.......almost always a dangerous combination

8  Feynman   not too bad off a layoff in last which was on the grass........the effort seems to be a turf muscled him up tune-up for today's 1st ever at a route


race 6    average clarity

9  Finallygotabentley    gelding tossed a route clunker in his latest.......Vann Belvoir is very dangerous when it comes to horses making significant rebounds........recent bullet work.........back to Bejarano........back to a sprint......rebound seems likely

5  I Buy Gold   very sharp right trainer/rider combo......been running in abbreviated sprints at LA but he has run OK at 6F in the past including Lrc

2  Test Ride   somewhat suspicious drop but his last victory came when he ran at the lowest level of his life.....and he races for a new low today

7  Love de Car   only his 7th lifetime race and 1st since 25 Jan trainer for today in Puype and he drops this six-year-old way down in hint this fellow has a race or two left in him.......we shall see


race 7    average clarity

3  Newfound Gold   very consistent sort including at today's distance (7 2 4 1) rider/trainer team of late in Miller/Perez.........seems very likely to be highly competitive once again

2  My Slew   deservedly steps up following a solid awakening running at the very bottom in his fact he would have been top choice if Perez didn't get off and ride our top choice

1  Jovita's Tuffy   five-year old gelding has always fired to some degree when placed in dirt sprints.......5 1/2F today and 2nd out after a layoff......seems likely to be competitive sprinting on the dirt once again today

5  Shakahari   gelding has been facing better and I would have rated higher if he had at least one work showing since his last but he doesn't........not at all impossible but lack of a.m. work isn't very promising......thus....4th pick-a-rooo


race 8    average clarity


4  Stenoa   good forward move in 2nd lifetime start in 2014......that bodes well for today's 2nd out following the does an improved work tab since his return

7  The B J Way   race 2 back at SA is a solid fit here.....back to the jock (Omar Santos) who rode that day.....colt finally gets to run where he trains

8  The Grumbler   one race fits....his debut 4 races back......recent 4F work hints we might see it......finally placed (mdn20K) where he probably should have been all along

5  Black Tie   2 0f his 3 lifetime dirt sprints don't look too bad here.......six furlongs here

6  Bea Rocks   improving sort now needs to move forward off of a break.....not sure he will be up to the task especially with 1 for 25 David Flores up


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