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Del Mar for Thursday 16 July 2015

You can upgrade my "clarity ratings" some if the new conventional dirt main track winds up playing fair and the 2nd year somewhat revamped deeper/thicker turf course also plays fair. My experience over the years with new dirt surfaces of any kind is that they don't play fair and the conventional dirt surfaces start out rather slow and often biased to some degree. They take time to settle down, firm up, and quicken.

A special welcome to those of you that only play Del Mar and maybe a few other special days at the other tracks. Great to have you back! 


Best of luck as always!

race 1    average clarity

1  Candy for Debbie   very consistent individual and especially so on conventional dirt.........exits a very fast race versus better.......claimed for 16K two back so the drop (with the big purses at Del Mar) to 12,5K doesn't concern me much

7  All Squared Away   another taking a plunge.......everyone wants to get to the winners circle on Del Mar's opener.......or........claim me PLEASE......flip a coin

2  Just Gone   new trainer Jonathan Wong is off to a terrific start and he steps this invader up multiple levels following a big awakening 1st time on conventional dirt and 1st time following the claim

13  Olympic Blue   lone race on conventional dirt definitely would fit here........good works at GG since Mathis claimed on 13 June........Bejarano and his agent want the mount


race 2    average clarity

6  Two Step Flor    3 for 7 on convention dirt.........0 for 6 on other surfaces........somewhat of an alarming drop but not that much with a change in trainers.......she should be in the hunt from the opening bell

3  Peppy Bolly   last race is solid and disguised by about 4L of trip trouble.........that race was at 7F and she sure appears to be better at 6F......seems like a very dangerous late runner if she takes to the brand new Del Mar surface

2  No Tricks for Jack   extremely consistent on conventional dirt.....last fits big time but I have some doubts she is up for a repeat effort........the one to beat if she is

5  Always a Chance   better on conventional dirt (6 2 0 2) but spent too much of her career racing on the turf.......dirt today and she has never raced any lower


race 3    average clarity  

4  Ink Well    1st time gelding today and his recent works at GG suggest that the minor surgery was very successful.......has responed well to the turf to dirt maneuver in the past and that is the scenario today

11  Pippappy   good mc debut and the effort is hidden by 3 points of trouble......broke slightly tardy - rain inside on a slightly dull inside - and was in tight some in the stretch.......and the effort was at today's 7F distance which is often a distance difficult for 1st timers

3  Vartan   nice wake up in last in 2nd lifetime start and off of a long layoff.......significant rider upgrade.........not out of this by any means 

9  Celtic Ray   takes the ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing to low-level maiden claiming.......wake up city today


race 4    average clarity

3  Cyrus Alexander   2 of his last 3 route races on the dirt are quite a bit better than par for today's racing he takes to his new surface he will be tough......decent pedigree for the sod and also has a good work on it.....good early speed in a race lacking the commodity

1  Infinite Magic   invader made a solid forward move 1st time with the blinkers on in his latest which was run at CD and at today's 1 1/8th turf distance.......good works at AP since.......trainer knows how to ship and win

6  Texas Ryno   very consistent efforts and he is 1 for 1 at today's distance......would have rated higher if there was more speed in the race to aid his off pace style

2  Wanstead Gardens   another consistent grass runner who but might be compromised by fractions that will work against him.....we shall see

Long-shot consideration:   4  China Prince   arguably his best lifetime grass race was his lone effort at 1 1/8th and the effort is somewhat hidden......owns some early speed in a race lacking it 


race 5   average clarity

6  Miles Sister    nice MSW debut.........two year old filly could have won at 1st asking if it wasn't for getting shuffled back and running wide......good stretch run.........reassuring decent 4F work at Slr since........should be tough 

9  Plane Lucky   very prolonged work regiment and without any alarming breaks for this Peter Miller 1ster.........and mom has tossed 9 winners from 10 starters 4 of which were Stakes usually don't work a 2 yr old over such long period of time to give your baby a tune-up 

5  Late 'n Left   decent final time and solid pace in debut.......dangerous speed type.........aging rider has been struggling but shows some signs he is coming around 

7  Princess Kendra   not much in her 2nd lifetime start despite the one beaten length 3rd place finish as the time was very poor......what we need is her MSW debut but with a better trip (7 or 8L of trip trouble) 


race 6    below average clarity

10  Nextdoorneighbor    eight year old gelding has been stellar since Miller took over......last 3 races all are solid for today's level......and he carries 3 lbs to 6 lbs less today........hard not to think he won't be stout again today unless he dislikes the new Dmr surface 

3  Ranulf   most of his career on main track surfaces fit in this spot.......and back to the level Glatt claimed him for.....should be closing late

5  Magna Warrior   best win % on conventional dirt of anyone in the field.....and back to Bejarano who is 1 for 1 on this fellow.....logically drops two levels

4  Alpine Luck   owns early speed and there are only a few others in this affair who also have early gas.....and he is showing signs that he can stalk and still compete if need be......1st out after a claim for Puype who is 25% with his last 28 1st after a claim


race 7    average clarity

8  Fight Thru   on the right end of the learning curve......and training at Slr as if Peter Miller has a handle on what this gelding responds to .........lifetime best seems to be in the cards for today if he handles a new surface

7  Gangnam Guy   1st time Hollendorfer today.......blinkers off for today / recent bullet best of 62 5F work.......Jerry H. seems to have the trump card for this four year old

6  Hot Lightning   consistent sort ran fine the only time he attempted a route........2nd out following the Van Belvoir claim and that is often a very dangerous high % proposition

2  Derby Glass   plenty of route experience (and retaining Bejarano) might help him overcome his figs/efforts which in general are 2 of 3 lengths short of what it takes to win today's level

Long-shot consideration:    3 Rob's Golden Touch   on the improve both in final time and early pace.......another forward move and he can take this race.....does lose Bejarano to our 4th choice


race 8    average clarity

1  Forest Blue   done little wrong in three lifetime starts.........showed significant route speed on the dirt in latest......owns a pedigree that should be fine for the turf........if he does like the sod he should be the controlling speed in this spot

7  Thanksgiving Day    caught many key tough fields in GB.........ran poorly in his lone turf race but it was his debut......we can excuse that.......Drysdale has him well-trained and seemingly ready to compete at a high level in his 1st U S of A start

10  Papacoolpapacool   solid grass runner is only rated 3rd and not higher because of a nasty post in which to deal with......a scratch or two inside of him and you might rate him higher

11  Soul Driver   good horse on a bad post......Mike Smith better get clever


race 9    average clarity

6  Dreamologist   very good works for this Mandella 1ster........quite a few works of merit and at regular intervals........rather sure this three year old filly is meant and ready

2  Never Ends  ran three consecutive "monster" efforts and then tailed Hollendorfer gave her a break and might have her once again back at peak form.....if he does she is the one to beat

9  Sweet Promises   back to a sprint for her 4th lifetime start following two dull route races.....1st times blinkers today....and assuming she worked her recent bullet works with them on you can expect her lifetime best today

11  Gloryzapper    strong drills for this D'Amato 1st too well not to be concerned about


race 10    below average clarity

3  Global Magician   21 to 1 in layoff last for a Miller runner says the race was a muscle him up grass sprint tune-up (and a good one at that) to be fully ready for his 1st at a route this afternoon

2  Fritz Johansen   on the right end of the learning curve........big effort in latest his 1st ever at a route.....seems like a big factor in this spot with his good post

12  Unusually Green   consistent late runner had a very impressive late kick in his last..........would have been top pick if he had a better jock will need a very clever ride 

7  Benba   has a shot if he manages to bring his "A game".....and the way in which he is working for his layoff run hints that he will.......should be in the hunt from the get go

11  Synnin   both lifetime wins were on Del Mar's new grass course (2 for 3 Dmr / 0 for 4 SA)......likely pointed to and well prepared for this meet because of his turf history at Dmr

5  Durango Flyer   needs very best and a clean trip for a shot at the circle of joy

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