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Del Mar for Thursday 23 July 2015

On a day the results made for a poor day I was happy about one aspect which was that the grass and the dirt seemed to be play fair after all the moisture it took over the strange rainy Del Mar weekend.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

2  Wish I Understood   displayed good speed and ran a decent final time considering today's lower level......rider upgrade....should be in the mix from the get go

3  Vronsky's Devka   useful MSW debut and the works since her debut are better than the works prior to her debut.......should move forward

9  Don't Tell Jackie   bet hard in maiden debut and ran so so.......switch to Bejarano for today.......O'Neill often wins in bunches and he won his 1st 2 of the meet yesterday

7  Sooner Time   works appear good enough to possibly be a player in her maiden debut


race 2    average clarity

8  Lexie Arleen    quite consistent the last year and one win and two 2nd's in last 3 sprints and she was up for a 10K or 12K tag.......8K today for this GG invader

6  Twelve Folds   powerful race in last might have knocked her out some but if it didn't she is the one to overcome in this spot

7  Norastone   last 4 times she had contact to the front end she fired efforts that fit.....and she seems fast enough to be one of the pace-setters today

4  Rosewhitenblue   significant drop down....not much showing in the a.m........still in good shape or not?.......toss a coin


race 3    average clarity

2  Roy H   bet hard and ran well in both lifetime races which were on the SA hill grass course.....he was one of 4 next out winners that came out of his MSW debut.....continues to train like a happy healthy individual with some talent

7  He Will Rule   2 wins and 2 2nd's in 4 races since the blinkers were added.....1st on the grass but owns an OK pedigree for it......if he does take to it he sure be a factor from the opening bell

3  Louden's Gray   blinkers off and displaying much better drills....wake-up call this afternoon

12  Labour   showed life in both USA races but didn't get the best of trips....better trip today........ and he should come flying late


race 4    below average clarity

1  Zarqa Star   on the improve and his last was very strong for today's level......that race was run off of short rest......not short rest today but a decent works series......trainer has been ice cold.....maybe he get the ball rolling here

11  Gravity Force   woke up in last and now drops.....solid work tab in preparation for today.......stout rider trainer combo in Bejarano/Baltas.....Baltas has sent out 3 so far at the meeting and they all were competitive

3  I'm Zonin   wide with pace in last hides a good race.......would have graduated at a higher level with a better trip........drops 2 levels of maiden claiming.....dangerous with a better journey

9  Out of Mischief   AP invader woke up in his last.........placed well 1st time in maiden claiming to be competitive......and why not for the added purse money for 1st in out of town invaders

Long-shot consideration:   5  Tizmatic   nowheresville in mc debut back in Oct.......but stumbled at the start and likely hurt since and returns with a work tab that hints he has fully recovered and feeling good.....only went for 21K at sale so drop to mc40K doesn't concern me at all


race 5   below average clarity

2  Lily Kai   Machowsky is at his best with the sprint-sprint-route maneuver and that is the case here......three year old filly hasn't missed a beat in the a.m. since a forward move in her 2nd lifetime start down the SA hill

8  Just Got Lucky   not the best number earned in latest but figs especially on the grass aren't everything and we get a significant rider upgrade.....and blinkers on for today ........which is one of Gutierrez's stronger stats 

5  Ticaboo   on the improve and especially her last which was her 1st on the sod........another 1st today and that being a route race......bred OK to handle one

11  Almost Reality   solid race versus the boys in last.....tough post for Garcia who needs to be more clever on the grass when he has to deal with a bad post......... or ........would have rated higher 

Long-shot consideration:   4  Warren's Purrfect   best with ample time between starts and gets it......bad trip in latest or would have been much closer at the finish.....did well to snatch 3rd


race 6    average clarity

10  Buckleberry Gray   3 for 3 in 2015 and made a solid forward move in latest .......and it is disguised by running way too wide up on the pace.....impressive win to say the least.......O'Neill wisely steps him up

6  Oligarch  he has been claimed in 4 of his last 6 races and there is a reason for he has really gotten hint he's up for another strong sprint race......impressive the way he has been coping with significant fractions and still lasting

11  Kafister   faced tougher in last two races.....back to a level he should fit very well ........7 for 14 on conv. dirt & 5 for 10 at the distance

7  Midnight Transfer   Ellis is quite dangerous 1st time claiming and that is the case today with this six-year-old


race 7    average clarity

7  Soresca    bred to run all day long and acts like it as well.........solid effort to win 1st out after the Cassidy claim

1  Circling   proven marathon turf runner in Ireland.....and proven fresh off of the bench which is the case here.....retains Mike Smith

3  Halljoy   only 4 races since arriving in the USA from GB last August but improving with each and every race and she showed she can handle a marathon in her latest

2  Kadesha   away two months but the a.m. prowess says ready......and she handled the 1 3/8ths distance quite well in a race at Dmr last fall


race 8    average clarity

4  Quick Navigator   jockey upgrade and it is back to Prat.......the leading jock at the meeting so far.......takes a significant drop.....rather consistent especially for a low % trainer....that is somewhat reassuring

3  Flyin for a Livin   best on conventional dirt....her last which was her 1st at a route.......isn't bad......the kind of 1st route effort where her endurance can be boosted and more pop in the late stages can occur today 2nd time long

7  Emerald Green   invader's 2 of last 3 fit and her last was her 1st on "real dirt"....trainer is good with shippers

1  West Coast Storm   good trainer with only one horse to look after (that I know of)........that is a dangerous proposition

9  Aquacita   sprint gimme.....route go today.....manuevuer worked well on 28 March for the connections

6  I Heart You   fairly consistent late runner has a decent chance to get what he needs as there are about 4 speed types in this low-level affair


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