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Del Mar for Thursday 30 July 2015

Average card today.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  It's a Saint   laid up a long time but placed well to win and training up to snuff.....10 for 10 in the money at the distance on main track surfaces.....the kind you can get ready fresh off of the bench

2  La Casadora   1st out after the claim and given plenty of time off is usually a good thing for a Spawr runner especially when he elects to step a new shooter up a notch

3  Grammy Times Six   might be speed of the speed.....last two wins were the last two times he had a clear lead


race 2    average clarity

3  Shared Image   on the improve and the way in which she is training at Dmr it sure appears as if another move forward is doable

1  Myrna Lou   4 of her last 5 fit fine at today's lower reassuring 4F work at Slr one week ago

6  Sugar Spice   dangerous when she is loose and she might be able to open a lead here

4  Power of Nine   only true closer in the race........that makes her dangerous


race 3    average clarity

2  Agustina De Aragon   good history with 6 to 8 weeks off....that is the case here and drops with the nice purse money likely as an enticing factor

6  Zanbo   trainer is decent off of micro rest (5 days) and drops.....good history at the distance on the turf.......danger city

9  Dissension   consistent sort with a hot trainer and a hot rider.....rated this low because of the tough post ...........especially with the rail 30 ft out

5   Vanlose Stairway   seems better in a grass sprint but sure has had some endurance put into her in the a.m.


race 4    average clarity

6  Unbridled Rocket   dirt MSW debut fits at today's much lower lever......should have plenty of endurance to finish well in 3rd lifetime start coming off of a route turf race

7  Excite Me   working as if he is meant and ready for his mc has produced a 2 year old winner from her only starter

2  Mishegas   weak group and decent drills.......good spot for a first timer

1  Dr. Crabby   mom has tossed two winners from two starters and both preciously won at two.......good spot for a 1ster


race 5    average clarity

1  Fritz Johansen   race two back at one mile on the grass is solid.......clunker in last at 1 1/16th.....seems better chasing and better at a mile.....back to Bejarano who I believe will chase once again as he did in winning that effort two back

2  Gangnam Guy   won his latest which was on the dirt 1st time with Hollendorfer as his trainer......better history on the sod.......seems likely to move forward and he doesn't need much of a move to be tough here

3  Benba   seems to need the lead to win......and might get it here

5  King Budrick   dir teffort/fig run in latest fits.......might not be as good on the grass but if he is he sure fits fine

Long-shot consideration:   4  Papa Kade   O'Neill could have won with a donkey yesterday as he won 5 races.........five year old is 2 for 2 on the GG AW......that hints this gelding might take to his 1st on the turf as many that like the GG synthetic also handle the sod.....toss last as he didn't care for the sloppy conditions


race 6    average clarity

1  She's Ready   last was rather strong (better than par) and Harty is good at getting back to back good efforts out of his youngsters following an awakening

5  Cassandras Chas   nice MSW debut running slightly better than par.......1st long and 1st long is one of Richard's stronger stats

7  Marketplace   moved forward some in 2nd lifetime start and showed she can handle 2 turns albeit on the sod.....OK dirt pedigree......fits well with another small forward move

9  Boat Drinks   a mixed bag: decent history and sharp works but a tough post and cold rider

Long-shot consideration:   4  Dad's Princess   horrid route races till her last a turf one mile affair.......seems OK on the dirt.........jock is off to a hot start at the new meeting and he has been dangerous teaming up with Cassidy all year long


race 7    average clarity

1  Point Piper   last at LS is better than appears in exceptionally well for new trainer Hollendofer.....only mount of the day for had a promising start to his career on the grass  in Ireland.......rebound time today back on the lawn

3  Play Hard to Get   2 for 3 on the new Dmr grass course.....last is par like ........good history with Nakatani really can surge late sometimes

4  Power Ped   good history back in short rest..........12 days since his last sure qualifies

2  Little Jerry   last two wins came the last two times this fellow got loose on the lead (and one was with Pedroza up) and both of the efforts were on the sod.....might shake free here


race 8    average clarity

8 Eagle Rock   stalked a fast pace versus better in last.....drops a couple of notches....right up Canani's alley.....should be predominate from the opening bell

5  Black Tie   both dirt sprints since Wicker took over fit....solid reassuring recent drill.....not my favorite jock but he has looked good on this gelding

14  Colors of Beauty   flashed speed and then eased in MSW since suggest he is healthy........the old ease in a MSW to drop to the bottom and win.....or just a bad horse.....we shall see

11  Barbary Coast   much needed drop out of MSW racing despite the lofty 1/4 of mil purchase $.....obviously dangerous

2  Next Book   has quite a few races better than par for today's lower level....can he find one of them off of the 11 month our 4th choice dangerous but ? able

6  Generous Don   yet another taking the plunge from MSW to the bottom.....a dangerous 6th choice


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