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Del Mar for Sunday 16 August 2015

I had electrical problems and was shut down for an extended period of time so the comments are abbreviated for today. Likely back to normal on Wednesday.  Thank you for your understanding.

Decent card for today

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Seek Safe Harbor  a significant drop and a significant rider hint she is still healthy enough.....a ton if she is

6  Charlotte R   speed type is improving fast......and learning as she stalked and won in her last.......upside for sure

8  Gucci Brown   cut claiming price and draws Bejarano........Midwest based trainer could you a win

4  Pocketfulofgreen   clunker with blinkers on in last.....back off today and drops


race 2    average clarity

7  Mighty Destiny   good spot for a route horse cutting back to sprint as he should finish well when many in this group will be flat late

1  Wildling   been maiden debut win one year since and can't be claimed.......should be ready fresh and the works support the notion

2  Classic Gent   needs more than he has been giving.....4 lbs less and 1st time Bejarano hint he might give it

5  Malibu Mogul   overdue drop into claiming......shooting for the ship and win $......might fit here


race 3   average clarity

7  Red Outlaw   two wins in three mounts for the Miller/Smith combo over the last two months.......four year old fires fresh

2  Caminetto   sharp right now and might have made top choice of this was 1/2 furlong less

4  Cat Burglar   Sir Baffert is at his best route to the tune of 39% over his last 75........intelligent recent speed drills

1  Guns Loaded   invader works like ready and is consistent running on fast rated conventional racing surfaces


race 4    average clarity

4  Taris   freaky good in sprints.....well proven off of layoffs.......Stevens lands here

5  Baruta   vastly better in last coming from off the pace.......likely will take the same tactic today with plenty of heat up front

3  Wasted At Midnight   clunker in last.....she has a shot if she musters up a rebound

6  Uzziel  best of the rest


race 5    below average clarity

12  What a View   tough post but many slow runners inside of him.......stout turf rider has a good shot of getting over and on or close to the front......should be tough here if he does

5  Diablo Caballero   cut back in distance sure looks like a plus for this proven turf runner

7  Merle   brutal trips in both lifetime races (both grass routes).........time for Prat to get it right

2  Sir Cal   consistent grass runner draws the eye of Bejarano and his agent for the fifth straight race

Long-shot consideration:    6  Cowboy   low % trainer but decent 1st time on the sod.......and this colt has very good breeding for the turf


race 6    below average clarity

6  Kristinite   last sure seems like the gimme (no support at the windows) to drop and go go go

5  Ipray   on the improve and her recent couple of works at Dmr hint another forward move can occur

10  Flyin for a Livin   tough post but has enough tactical speed to possibly get over by turn 1.....shot if she does

2  I Heart You    a little short number wise but she can finish.......and that seems like a big plus in this spot

Long-shot consideration:   8 Belle Evon   Evd invader needs her effort two back.....gets a solid trainer upgrade for today


race 7    average clarity

6  Grachus the Hunter   toss out last in the slop.....race two back is a strong effort hidden by a brutally wide trip.....switch to Stevens

8  Lucky Views   claimed and the new (good following a claim) trainer makes a positive rider change.......seems dangerous

5  Karma King   sprint - sprint - route scenario for today.......and he won his last sprint......might feel really good and pointed somewhat for this race

2  Something Unusual   last was OK but Smith stays might be better than just OK

Long-shot consideration:   4  Holiday Camp   showed life on the turf in last in a sprint since are impressive....dangerous 1st at a route....should be in it from the get go


race 8   above average clarity

1  Ceeme Run Wild   strong work regiment for this Hollendorfer 1st timer and the trainer is oh so good with filly 2 yr old 1ster's.......jock is 2 for 4 over the last 2 months for trainer

5  C. C. Zipp   big works prior to debut but caught slop.....big works since.......double barrel action fro Hollendorfer

6  Oh Great Idea   strong debut.....same effort with a better trip and she might be the one to overcome

9  Coniah     last work hints she's ready to compete at a high level in debut.......trains as if she is likely to come from off the pace


race 9   average clarity

2  Smoove It   good history with jock.......likely to get a nice ground saving trip........seems highly likely to be a major player here

5  Chati's On Top   very consistent late runner seems very sharp in the a.m. off of a 2 month break....should be charging late

8  Chaulk O Lattey   3 for 3 when Bejarano rides (including 2 for 2 at a mile on the sod).....0 for 4 with everyone else......Bejarano is back aboard today

9  Majestic Heat   love her last and  love her turf pedigree.....but can she handle the stress of returning off of only 1 weeks rest

Long-shot consideration:   10 She's Flush   has done little wrong since switching to turf racing.....deserves a shot with the "big time" crowd


race 10   average clarity

12  Sir Barclay   likely to get a nice stalk position.....2 for 5 at the distance.......0 for 15 at other distances

11  No Contingency   powerful efforts in last two......but back to 0 for the meet jock with over 40 starts or would have been top pick

4  I Will Follow  last is better than appears in prints....drops and 2nd out following the calm......trainer is a stellar 11 for 33 2nd out after a claim

1  May Weather   clunker in last.....race two back fits........trainer is good at rebounds*

10  Financial District   likely needed last.....more 2nd out after the layoff and he has a shot

3  Land of the Free   trainer does very well with limited.....big improve in the "big track" a try

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