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Del Mar for Friday 6 November 2015

Seems like a decent card for today. Let's call it 7 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1   above average clarity

3  Riri   impressive MSW debut running 3 wide down the SA hill in good time and winning by 3 lengths........that effort is better than par for today's higher level.......1st at a turf route but she is bred exceptionally well to handle the transition

4  Optimism And Hope   double barrel action for D'Amato as he also trains our top choice.........filly has been facing better and made a nice forward move in her latest......should be closing late attempting to get to her barn mate who should be forwardly placed

1  Magnolias   strong grass sprint MSW debut at Bel in June......returned in a dirt race (that seemed odd so maybe just a tune-up) and did little........back to the surface where she is proven.....OK route pedigree but nearly as good a pedigree for distance as our top two choices


race 2    average clarity

2  Rock N Bunny   last on the grass looked like a public work-out to come back in very short rest and drop to a level she should handle.....trainer is 22% turf to dirt with his last 3 dozen

5  Really a Princess   owns good speed and seemingly only has to cope with the early speed of the 1 horse who has drawn a tough post

8  Tatum's Gold   trainer/rider were a good team up north.....gets in nice and light entering for 14K (2 lbs) and with the 5 lbs apprentice alw....... effort 4 back run at Dmr would make her very tough

7  Zuzu's Petals    has some physical problems (vet scr. 12 oct & today drops).....but....turf tightener in last.......fits if the turf was kind to her and she feels OK for today's race


race 3    average clarity

7  Aren Vaughn   very solid works for the given level for this Baltas 1st timer.......and he lures Bejarano to ride......and those who have run don't appear too tough

3  A New Trend    MSW debut = route turf exercise.......then.......trapped on a dull rail in strong pace at SA in a 6 1/2 furlong dirt affair = no shot to preform.......drop helps and especially with the early foot he possesses.......gate to wire attempt

4  Gavination   not exactly a killer rider/trainer combo with a 1ster.......but......the works are too solid to ignore......especailly his last two gate works

2  Silver Summer   fell apart at 6F in latest with a soft half blowing a 2 1/2 length lead......doubt that will do at 6 1/2 furlongs unless I am wrong about my assessment of the two 1sters


race 4    above average clarity

6  Avanti Bello   giant effort in latest 1st out following the claim......outer post veer of one length at the start........wide throughout up on the pace.......five lengths for wide......three lengths for pace.........9L of Santucci fig adjustment.......worried some about the colt regressing........but even if he gives 4 or 5 lengths less of effort today ....he still fits

1  City State  another coming off a hidden effort in last but not nearly as disguised.........dueled on a slightly dull inside and faded to the step out of claiming hinting he is feeling good......1 for 1 at Dmr.......has a shot unless our top pick brings his last and with an OK trip

2  Storm Comin Thru   consistent sort retains Bejarano but he will need his lifetime best today to have a shot here unless things go bad for our top two picks one way or another

7  Roman Tizzy   small shot if he can find his effort 3 back which was at Del Mar .......recent 4F drill (and for a new trainer in Cerin) hints he might


race 5    average clarity

3  Blondy's Reward   seems likely to get a nice ground saving mid pack or stalking trip behind some suspect front-runners .........and with a significant rider upgrade especially for the turf

8  Mia's Storm    improved since the blinkers were put on two back and both efforts are disguised by races where this filly lacked room.......hasn't been let out being blocked and all so likely has something left in the tank for today.....T C Baze will be out to make amends

6  Cuddle Alert   last on the dirt fits and she obviously showed good dirt route speed.....but.....I'm not too crazy about her pedigree to run as well on the sod.......rated too low if I'm wrong about that

7  Traiteuse   race two back might do the trick.....last definitely does not........recent works hint at a rebound.....we shall see

Long-shot consideration:   9  Hankypank Girl   blinkers off likely to have this filly to sit far back......and when she has run from well out of it (as in dead last at the 1st call) she has run her best i.e. 8 Aug and 3 May of 2015


race 6    average clarity

7  Kronwall   very hidden solid move forward in 2nd lifetime race.......dueled in decent pace on a rather dead inside.....impressive to only get beat by 4L......very strong 5/8ths drill since......same or better effort seem likely today for very reliable connections these days

4  Lucky Reality   all three lifetime sprints races for today's mc20K level are better than par......trainer and bug boy were solid as a combo up north

1  Xerxes   highly doubt a winner......flashes of some ability but not enough to play on top

5  Extra Lucky   best of what is left and that's not saying much


race 7    average clarity

10  Horizontalyspeakin   love when a one-dimensional speed type learns to run from off of claim by Baltas and he sure has his new shooter training as though a top effort is forthcoming this afternoon

4  Poshsky   appreciates the Dmr grass course and appears very sharp right now.....I am slightly  concerned about the 1 1/8th he has a little something to prove holding it together past  1 1/16th

3  Jules Journey   best at today's distance (7 1 2 4) and blinkers on seems like a smart idea as he tends to hang some in the stretch ..........and maybe blinkers on and the focus it might bring will rid him of the habit

7  Husband's Folly   2 for 6 at today's turf distance (and 2 3rd's as well) .........1 for 22 at other turf distances.......and he fired a strong effort in last which is disguised by a wide trip-a-roooo....dangerous


race 8    average clarity

3  Makena   solid MSW debut way back in Jan running 3rd despite a bad trip down the SA hill grass awfully well for her return to the races wars and 1st on the dirt......and her pedigree to handle dirt is good

7  Dyna Star  away one week longer than our top selection....also working as though she will fire fresh......and.......2 of her 3 lifetime dirt races fit well

1  Silver Score   shocking 40 to 1 awakening in last.......but 3 months off hint (as does Smith taking the mount) that this filly might repeat her last which might be good enough to win this affair

6  Miss Bliss   another with a big wake-up in latest.....good drills since......not out of this by any means

2  Secret Chords   another coming off of a long layoff who fired a strong race in her debut......not impossible but doesn't exactly return with a big name trainer

5  My Rose   so so MSW debut but Bejarano sticks with the filly and Bejarano riding for D'Amato is one dangerous team

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