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Santa Anita for Sunday 10 January 2016

Outside posts on the dirt in sprints (9 thru 14 were 0 for 37) and routes had been horrible since opening day until yesterday. Can you spell outside bias. I leaned some on a similar surface occurring today. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Cheekaboo   switches to the main track following 2 2nd's to start her career on the turf......route grass race was solid supported by the filly that beat her coming back to win again........OK dirt pedigree.........rider upgrade........and Peter Eurton has been very reliable for the last 4 months or so

2  Treacherous   1st timer is working well enough to compete here in what is a soft spot especially if our top selection doesn't take to the dirt

6  Allsquare   double barrel action from D'Amato who also trains the 2 horse.........24 to 1 in MSW sprint debut strongly suggests the race was a tune-up to prepare for today's route endeavor.....should see what this filly is made of this afternoon


race 2    below average clarity

2  Bijoux   soft paced 3 1/4L win to graduate in latest......that seemingly stress free effort likely did a world of good as her a.m. work since is vastly improved.......significant step up supports the notion

5  Miss Star Maker   best animal in the field but she likely has other speed challengers and might not care for the SA surface.........would be top choice for sure is this race was run at Dmr........still.......she is dangerous

4  Bloody's Reward   mare is at her best "fresh" and she is she is 65 days fresh this afternoon......seems capable of taking back some......jock knows her well

7  Emotional Drive


race 3    average clarity

4  Shake Things Up   1st ever on dirt with only a so so pedigree for it but.......his works are stellar over at Slr.........and there might not be any dirt tossed back at him as he appears to have the best early speed in the field and gets in light with a 7lbs bug boy on his back........colt is 2 for 2 on the grass when loose......hmmmm

3  Dustin's Passion   both lifetime races run off of short rest produced significant forward moves........and the step up of multiple levels for a 6 yr old with only 6 lifetime starts says Eurton sure likes what he sees

1  Sizzlin' Joe   might be rated too low if we get yesterday's track which was kind to late runners.......should be motoring late and with top gun Raffy aboard


race 4    average clarity

2  Rob's Pal   last fits but what would make him rather formidable here is if he can produce his effort two races back where he broke his maiden despite running wide on a slightly biased rail day

1  Popsracer   very wide trip in latest and still managed to graduate.........needs ample time between starts and gets it......a.m. work hints he's ready...........should be flying late if he is

3  Vartan   needs to break his every/other mode.......fits just fine if he does........beat our top choice in his latest

7  Commander King


race 5   average clarity

8  Anthonysgotgame   after two solid races with the blinkers on Glatt took them off 1st out after the claim ........and he was likely above his head.......drops to a softer level and the blinkers go back on.......break might be key because he has had his trouble breaking cleanly a couple of times.......if he does exit the green monster decentlyhe will likely get an advantageous stalk position

1  Born to Serve    trainer is firing on all cylinders and the drills for this speedster suggest he is also ready to roll........tough post for a runner that wants the front end but the right guy for the job in Maldonado in the irons

4  The Custodian    believe he is sitting on a good race and likes 7F but what a hanger to date.........never puts his nose in front and broke his maiden by disqualification

3  Dynamite Ride   hanger as well


race 6    average clarity

6  Cadet Roni   cut back in distance and back to SA running at 6 1/2F sure appears to be a major plus.......race 2 back is quite a bit better than par for today's higher level.......Raffy wisely sticks around

1  So Sweetie   seems best taking back as she did in her latest........believe the trainer/rider think the same.........very sharp drills since her graduating last.....should be a factor late

3  Yana    has decent ability but yet to rate and with the high-speed that the 7 horse has she best learn great and Spawr can do no wrong the last few weeks.....dangerous for sure

2  Blushing Angel


race 7    average clarity

2  Ain't Misbehavin   solid effort/fig in last and seems likely to get a nice ground saving mid pack position which she appreciates......solid rider/combo

8  The Gold Monkey   fell off some in latest....given plenty of time between starts to right the ship.......a rebound fits and I think he will

6  Benba   switch in jocks to Bejarano who Avila seldom rides........overdue drop.....? seems is it too late or not.......we shall find out this afternoon

1  Northern Iowa


race 8   above average clarity

9  Lily Pod   tough trip in last......toss it out......back to her favorite surface......and trained by one hot trainer with fillies in Baltas

8  Sheer Pleasure   best at SA with all of her races fitting well in this spot.....that is when the rider doesn't fall off at the start......well proven fresh off of the bench.....last race was 25 july

2  Conquest Flatterme   tough call for this Wo invader who won her debut and shows up in the Cerin barn for 2nd lifetime start.....needs a small move forward and needs to handle the dirt

4  Predicate


race 9    average clarity

7  Ballerina Headline   strong effort/fig at GG run off of a layoff.....went off at 16 to 1 which likely had the barn was surprised by her performance.....fresh again today and they ship on down from GG knowing what they have this time around

10  Chalk of the Town   like the cut back in distance for this maiden who ships in from GG and shows up in the Chew that she ran a decent route just 2 weeks ago and has worked since on the tr. t at SA....and she worked well.....feeling good

6  Briatic Gal   another with a change in trainer.....been away since MSW debut back in April which was a better than appears run down the SA hill......trainer Ricky Aqarie is rather dangerous the 1st time he takes over a given say ready

5  Here Geegees Girl

4  Madame Mousse

9  Moonie 

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