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Santa Anita for Friday 4 March 2016

Two months into the Santa Anita meeting and we are sitting on a profit of 12% with our top selection.

Check out the 2016 California racing calendar for The Racing Digest especially the dates that our publication will not be available. Also check out our 2016 Special Publications located under site information.

Note that early bird sign-up (where you can save a few bucks) for full card Ky Derby day selections will be available very soon.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Hobbits Hero   multiple efforts are better than in appear in print and this Baltas grass cutter owns 2 wins and a 2nd the last 3 times he has raced for 25K or 32K claiming......back to Bejarano who has a good history teaming up with Baltas the last couple of years

3  Global Magician  best early speed in the race and Peter Miller is good with speed the rails are set at 30 feet out which is usually a plus for front running types

4  Husband's Folly   race profile does not look too good for his late running style but if he is still in relatively decent form he sure fits solidly at the 25K level on the grass .......thus.......he still might be able to get up in time

8  Comes the Dream

Long-shot consideration:   5  Commander King   Sadler appears to have figured something out in a big way about this declining grass horse as the recent drills are very impressive and he steps his four-year old way up off of a dismal last race.......Sadler had one win that we selected on top (following two scratches) who was almost identical to this guy on Saturday


race 2    above average clarity

4  Uptown Rythem   solid layoff winning run to break his maiden in a very fast heat of MC 20K runners.......impressive 48 flat breeze since.......retains Bejarano......last fits......any move forward 2nd out after the layoff would be icing on the cake

6  Anthonysgotgame   nice wake-up 1st time running for trainer Paul Aguirre in latest......cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to be a plus.......jock is cold but he has a good history (not recently) in the past teaming up with the trainer......come on Iggy

3  Prince Valiant   doubt last would do the trick in today's step up in claiming but his effort two back might.......jock upgrade might help find that effort two back


race 3    average clarity

2  Ryderroo   decent history back quick which is the case today........cut off badly in the stretch in last or would have battled for the top prize.........does tend to hang but it might be hard for her to "hang" vs. this group

1  Lob City   drop makes sense as she sure appears to have some physical problems...........recent couple of works preparing for today hint she is in good enough physical condition to put forth a decent effort..........would have been top choice if this race wasn't presenting something new for her in her 1st lifetime sprint

6  Sheswildnfree   race sure lacks early speed so this (usually) mid pack runner might be sent hard by Gutierrez and go after the lead ..........if so this filly can sit 1st or 2nd early in what should be a pedestrian pace.......recent a.m. work is improved.....might besitting on her best

7  S'more Funny Fever


race 4    average clarity

4  Spot Special   filly has only been on conventional dirt twice in her career and she ran 2nd in both races which were run at smaller circuits.........her works on the SA main track are quite strong.......turf to dirt today and Wong has a good history with such a manuever......4 for his last 9 with 4 others in the money

3  Hayyouwaitforme   needs more than she produced breaking her maiden in her latest which was also run at one regiment preparing for today is long and improved.......believe D'Amato likes what he is seeing for him to place this filly in a nw2 25K instead of a much easier 12.5K nw2

6  Cuddle Alert   trainer Scolamieri does quite well with limited starters (20% win in 2015/16) .........his mare has run well fresh in the past and is training as if she is meant and ready off of the bench once again


race 5    below average clarity

4  Coastal Breeze   nice wake-up in last vs a group that was a little to tough for him.......two very reassuring works since.....back where he belongs on the grass as in the bottom 25K level.....jock could use a win

7  Dive Down   on the improve and just claimed by Matt Chew who puts his new shooter on the grass for the 1st time......five year old gelding has a very good history in dirt routes.....and decent grass breeding.......interesting for sure 1st on the turf in a two turn race

2  Pepnic   needs to break the mold as this seven-year old is by far at his best "fresh" as he showed just 20 days ago.....fits very well if he can do something that he hasn't been capable of since Feb 12th 2015

6  Rockin Robin


race 6    below average clarity

2  Matriculate   best ever was his MSW debut where he crushed his competition by 6 1/2 running off of a 5 month break might be a good thing.......and the a.m work supports the notion that he is ready and possibly ready for a top effort

7  Gutsy Ruler   by far at his best at SA on the dirt (8 3 1 2).......low percentage bug boy up but he has fit this five-year old very well in the in this case I view the weight break as an advantage..........and Sierra sure has this gelding working markedly better of late......believe he has the potential to fire his very best this afternoon

9  One More Roll    bad trip in last way back on 3 Jan and still managed 2nd.......seems to be training well enough to be fully ready despite being a vet scratch on 30 Jan........fits if he is and he gets a better ride

5  Hunted Guy


race 7    average clarity

2  Nancy From Nairobi   lone win in GB came in her only grass race run at one mile.....and her best of 3 grass races in the USA was her only race at a mile and the 2nd place effort is hidden by a slightly tardy start and way too wide of a trip after that.....continues to train like a happy healthy sort.....should be tough with a better journey like her winning  last

5  Off the Road   Fabulous record in Brazil........disappointed in her 1st race in the USA which run back in October in a Grade 3 down the hill.......I doubt R Mandella will fail with her this time around......plenty of potential here

6  Chaulk O Lattey  route speed type who doesn't have to lead to win........believe Bejarano will elect to chase the 7 horse who is the most likely his chances today if that is how this race shapes up

4  Hijra


race 8    average clarity

2  Unbridled Rocket   seems to have really benefitted from his layoff run in last as his a.m. work has never been better.....and he draws the attention fo Bejarano and his agent.....decent shot to fire lifetime best today

7  Awesome Journey   horrendous trip to start his career....broke 1/2 dozen slow and ran wide.....added up to about 10 or 11 lengths of trip trouble (lost by 11 L) the gate work right after his debut.......blinkers on for today to help his chances at coping better with the metal monster......dangerous and likely at a price

1  Little Mustard   just popped lifetime best which is a good fit here.......placed as 3rd selection mostly because his a.m. work is less impressive since his last........still........Prat sticks around for Eurton who has been stellar the last 6 months or so

4  Big Guy Benny

6  Dance the Windy

3  Mesa View

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