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Santa Anita for Sunday 10 April 2016

Los Alamitos starts on Thursday. We will cover every day of the Lrc meeting except this Friday the 15th.  Please sign-up up early if you are interested in our special pub. for Saturday as logistically speaking it is helpful. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity (if on the turf)

5  Audacious Angel   has run multiple efforts where she ran better than appears in print....and she sure to be doing very well in the a.m. of late......1st time Bejarano and when Truman uses the rider his runner is usually very well-meant

10   Lori's Attitude

3  C D Road

4  All That Heat


race 1    below average clarity (if off of the turf)

5  Audacious Angel   has run multiple efforts where she ran better than appears in print....and she sure to be doing very well in the a.m. of late......1st time Bejarano and when Truman uses the rider his runner is usually very well meant......pedigree to handle the off going is decent for this VA bred

3  C D Road

4  All the Heat

10  Lor's Attitude


race 2    average clarity

2  Appealing Lady   nice move forward in latest and it seems significant that Eurton steps this filly up again and in a spot where she can't be claimed.....hasn't sprinted in a while but has shown she can in the pass......some shot this filly is sitting on her lifetime best

1  Conquest So True   nice 6F race in her last and if this affair was also run at 6F she would be top pick.....but it is at 6 1/2 furlongs where she has been somewhat flat in the late stretch in the past....still.......very dangerous

4  Spot Special   dropped and failed in her last......needs a rebound....tough call if she will provide one but a rider upgrade might help provide one

7  General Ann


race 3    average clarity

7  Saint of Saints   away since August but owns a stout work tab for one hot trainer in D'Amato........that suggests this 7 yr old is ready to roll fresh off of the bench.....and if the track has some moisture in it that should be OK as he has handled it in the past

5  Too Fast to Pass   responds to ample time between starts and Sadler and company show patience and give it to him......and he is 4 for 5 at the distance.......that'll do

6  Appollo Ten   two improved efforts since Carava claimed.....drops a notch and gets Bejarano to ride....last win for this fellow was 8 races back the last time the meets leading jock was up........hmmmm

2  No Contingency


race 4    below average clarity   (if on the turf)

5  La Bern   ran some strong sprint turf races in France on softer turf in some major races.....1st start in the good old U S of A but Cassidy is not bad with Euro imports in their 1st endeavor in the USA.......away since Oct but this filly won her maiden debut impressively so she is proven fresh

7  Dreamologist

9  Miss Double d'Oro

3  Off the Road

1  Smoove It


race 4    average clarity   (if off of the turf)

7  Dreamologist   if the race gets taken off the turf this filly sure faces many that are not bred to handle an off track at all.....and she should be on or near the lead.......almost always an advantage in the goo

3  Off the Road

2  Fanticola

4  Velvet Miesquite


race 5    average clarity

5  Candy Promises   both lifetime dirt sprints fit and this afternoon and we are looking at a significant rider upgrade from who rode those two races........drops to the lowest level of his carrer.....and the drop to $30K MC makes sense as he only was purchased for $25K

4  Sanitation   MC debut was better than appears on paper......small forward move and a clean trip and his chances of graduating should be as good as anyone's in the field

1  Pat's Inheritance   little chance to strut his stuff in his debut as he broke a little tardy and ran wide on a good rail day.........did OK to get beat by 14L..........and his trainer is much more prolific with 2nd time starters

6  Hoosier Road


race 6    average clarity

2  Basinca   plenty of furlongs put in by O'Neill to have his young colt ready off the 8 week layoff......2 of 3 lifetime sprints when this colt had the blinkers off fit solidly here......and they are off today

6  Ossetra   lone win in 3 lifetime races was a sprint and it was a debut........two route races since weren't bad......but I sure like the cut back in distance from route to sprint for this youngster......especially to a 7F sprint

1  Mr. Opportunist   owns the best early speed in the field but he has a tough post in which to break from.........ran a strong race in his debut ......than tried a route where he was involved in an unsustainable pace........freshened up and back to a sprint.....Talamo best be ready at the opening bell


race 7    average clarity

3  Enola Gray   D'Amato has had a terrific SA meeting and might add to it here with this 1st when the trainer finishes his work regiment for a given horse with tightly spaced works.......that is the case here and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters

1  LaPremiere   I actually like the ability shown in this fillies works and her pedigree more than our top pick but it ie usually very tough on a 1st timer to start from the one post at 6 1/ billing

8  Correlation   not the best of trips in debut breaking poorly and running wide.....did decently to manage 3rd.......would have rated higher if she had shown more than one dull work since her debut

7  Rebarules Again


race 8    average clarity  (if on the turf)

3  Energia Fribby   very sharp right now as she sure put in an impressive stretch run vs the boys in her last which was only a quarter less than today's ultra marathon......and Drysdale has been firing on all cylinders of late.......which I haven't written in years

8  Quick Casablanca

6  Generosidada

7  Blingo


race 8    average clarity  (if off of the turf)

8  Quick Casablanca   ran 2nd in this race last year which was on the grass and he appears to be as good on the dirt and many in this affair are not......and 1 3/4 miles is right up his alley

7  Blingo

5  Bourbon Special

1  A Red Tie Day

3  Energia Fribby


race 9    average clarity

3  Calm the Sea   impressive MSW debut running 1:22 flat to break her maiden........good works prior to her debut and good works since......believe this is a nice young horse....we shall see

7  Discatsonthesquare   laid up since early September but working as if she is ready to roll for Matt Chew.......broke her maiden off of an 8 month layoff by 4 1/2 lengths.......7 month layoff this time around......and a major league rider upgrade to Stevens and it is his lone mount of the day

4  Shh She's Ours    nice move forward in latest......and good history running on the dirt (3 2 1 0)........should be in the hunt form the get go

2  Jenna's Faith


race 10    average clarity

2  Where's Bubba   red-hot rider/trainer team.....last fits and her history suggests 2nd out after a layoff will make for a forward move......cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to be a plus

10  Blue Law   last two races fit just fine ........drops and gets a major league rider upgrade......should be very tough if he manages to hold form

3  Rolo Tamaci   most of his career when sprinting fits at this lowly level...........and Bejarano and Baltas have been very dangerous for an extended period of time dating back to even before Baltas became a force in S Cal racing

11  Boompa


race 11    average clarity

6  Watch Me Now   fell off some in 2nd lifetime start but her debut is strong and disguised by a bad trip.....broke 3 slow and ran wide after that.....earned an adjusted for trouble Santucci fig that 4 lengths better than par for today's given level

4  Seatlle Salt   owns significant early speed and only has 5 1/2F to stick around.....and she gets in light with the 7 lbs. bug boy up.....and the front end is right where you want to see most apprentice riders

12  Basie Boots   debut was likely needed and is better than appears in print.....but more importantly her drill since her debut is vastly improved hinting she benefited greatly from her 1st start.....tough post but still seems dangerous

2  Stylistic

5  Don't Tell Judy

9  Wondrous Cat

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