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Santa Anita for Thursday 12 May 2016

Nice card today. Let's rate it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Tap It All   expensive recent purchase is working as if she is something special for O'Neill and sire Tapizar has a good shot at starting on the right foot here

6  Holy Mosey   inexpensive purchase is also working as if she is meant and ready and the works strongly suggest she will fly early.......seldom a negative in a 4 1/2 furlong baby race

3  Carrie   rough trip in her MSW debut over at Lrc and still managed to close for 2nd.....likely much stiffer competition today but if she moves forward and gets a better trip she might have a shot


race 2    average clarity

4  Angel Lane    after two consecutive efforts that would crush these this Puype youngster ran a very poor race.........drops somewhat alarmingly but has had time off to recovery and might have enough physically ability left to run at this mid-priced maiden claiming level......Prat sticks around.....that supports the notion

1  If You Believe   appeared to dislike the grass and/or a route in latest......debut 2 back at today's level and track is par like........that effort was without Lasix.......this effort is with Lasix as was his turf toss out........upside potential 1st time Lasix dirt

5  Our Candy Charms   nice wake-up 1st ever on dirt in last running 2nd at the MC20K level despite checking early and running wide.......improved works since.......Mac sees fit to put his five-year old mare up 2 levels.....likely benefited from her last......lifetime best seems likely today

2  Ya Ya Girl


race 3    average clarity

4  Cee the Preacher   race lacks speed and he has enough to get good early position sitting close to the front and likely saving ground.......trainer has been getting it done of late.....jock knows this gelding well

6  El Super   rather unsuccessful 2 race career (both dirt sprints) with both his races run at Tampa in early Spring 2015......very unusual pick up by Richard Mandella but the work regiment looks good considering today's level........doubt this is a tune-up or he would have placed his new shooter in a protected race

9  Scatastrophe   dropping into maiden claiming for the 1st time might do wonders for this three-year old gelding who doesn't seem good enough to do much damage at the MSW level.........2 of 3 lifetime grass races fit fine

10  Mostinterestingman


race 4    average clarity

7  Sweeter Thancandy   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  hates turf yet Hollendorfer had his filly compete on it in last.......predictably ran a bad race......but it sure appears to have muscled her up (likely the trainers plan) because the works since are sizzling........last two races on dirt fit......and we might see better than that today

1  Comealongwithme   seems to have run into shape for Neil French......same 7F distance as her last and 3 more works since her 8 April race......seems poised for another forward move

4  Herunbridledpower  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   7F might be a little further than she wants but she is coming off of an endurance building turf route .......if that helps her stay the 7F she should fit with her (3 1 2 0) record on the dirt and at SA

5  Warren's Purrfect


race 5    average clarity

2  No Silent   good position seems likely here sitting in one of the top 1st three slots early in what should be a reasonable pace.....likes the SA hill and gets Bejarano.....seemingly needs to slip off form not to be a major player here

5  Hunt   has found a new home.....that being the SA hill grass course where he is ( 3 2 0 1)......all three races were with Prat up.....should be able to sit pretty 2 to 4L off the lead which has been successful so far

3  Play Hard to Get    last was an obvious tune-up for today's race......owns some solid back numbers on firm turf including one of which was down the hill......would have rated higher if there was more anticipated pace up front to aid his off pace style

7  Producer


race 6    average clarity

7  Incentive Reward   seems best on dirt that is very fast and SA has been that way at the start of this new meeting.........has been in the mix from that get go in all her 6 lifetime races and should be today as well.....good history back in 5 weeks or less.......3 weeks since her last

3  Clem Juice   likes contact to the front end and seems likely to get it here......might feel really good coming off a reasonably paced loose on the lead (likely stress-free) win at of 35 46:1H at LA last week supports the notion

2  Lucky Student   lead type only might be the speed of the speed and with a good speed jock aboard....and she takes a significant drop although a somewhat suspicious one

10  Sugar Spice


race 7    average clarity

3  Chief of Staff    won easily off of a 4 1/2 month layoff at SA in a sprint race last year.........6 1/2 month layoff here and training as if he is meant and ready for Hollendorfer and company with some stellar a.m. work

6  Skelton Pass   solid run in 2nd lifetime start run back in summer of out following a long layoff (especially considering he went off at 18 to 1 in his layoff race) should be a good thing.......and he just popped a stout 46:2H work 4 days ago at SA.....all systems go

2  Nardo   nice win in latest off of 5 weeks rest which was by far the shortest interval between races for him......back in 5 weeks again......might need a little more than his last and might provide it


race 8    average clarity

5  U S Citizen   listed trainer is Metz but listed owner is Jacobson Thoroughbreds......trainer Jacobson is decent off of short rest with his stock......11 days rest and Jacobson's (the owner) go to guy K Desormeaux is up......and U S Citizen likes the SA hill

4  Atta Boy Pete   quite the competitor when he gets loose but that won't be as easy of a task as he had in his gate to wire win down the hill in his last.....but.....then again he retained a good speed rider and top turf trainer in D'Amato

2  Rangi   gelding has seen better days but Rangi is finally training as if his 3rd out following the extended hiatus from the game will be a forward move......switch to Bejarano supports the notion........owns some back numbers down the hill that would blow these away

3  Zuri Chop

7  Back to Bako

1  Majestic Kitten





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