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Santa Anita for Saturday 14 May 2016

Average looking card especially for a Saturday. Nine more races Sunday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Lauren's Ladd   nice route grass race back on 28 November in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the sod......9 drills since......blinkers off and cuts back to a sprint.......likely changes for the better with the way D'Amato gets it done with his grass horses

4  Airlite   work regiment for this R Mandella 1ster suggests he is "meant & ready"......especially like that he finished with a 6F work just 5 days ago

7  Southern Pharaoh   decent MSW debut on the dirt for this Baffert colt.....and he might not have been that cranked up as he went off at 6 to 1 in a 7 horse field.......might be more fit this afternoon......and he owns a decent grass pedigree

3  Scuderia


race 2    average clarity

2  Lucky Shoes to Win   last two races are strong and both are disguised by tough trips........barn is likely willing to risk losing him for $12.5K because Dmr is next and his history there is very bad whereas it is good at SA

1  Diva Down   last was somewhat better which might set this Chew runner-up for his return to his favorite track.....seems dangerous today with his 3 for 3 record on the SA dirt.....and the way he finished in his last two races at 1 1/16th sure hints the extra 1/16th to travel for today is a positive

3  Celebrity Status   needs a rebound 1st out following the Miller claim to his race 2 back.........trainer has been a little chilly in 2016 so far or might have rated the chances of this seven-year old higher


race 3    average clarity

2  Arcature   both grass races in 2016 are par like efforts for today's small Stakes level......retains Prat for the 3rd straight race......hard not to like

1  Lucky Byran   away since 2015 and returns with a new trainer and new rider and they are both obvious upgrades.......fits if returns ready off of the 7 month layoff.......and with the more successful trainer/rider he might be up for his best ever

5  Unapologetic   will likely need lifetime best today and by quite a bit.......not impossible with stout trainer and rider but easy to place 3rd


race 4    average clarity

6  What We Doing   toss his last as he competed way over his head......previous two races fit at today's level.......believe the 3-4-7 will all go after the front end and if that is the case things set up nicely for this gelding who should sit mid-pack

3  Aikau   seems best at the abbreviated 5F distance and seems best at Santa Anita.....gets both today.....trainer is having a good 2016 with limited starters

4  Night Badger   set a blistering pace at 6 1/2F with his head in front and predictably cashed it in.......might......I say might be the speed of the spied today......chances enhance to win if he is

7  Templar


race 5    average clarity

2  Latest Craze   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  scrvetatch on April 8th which also was a maiden claimer.......but gets 8 weeks off to recovery.....good sign that she has with Bejarano accepting the Baffert runner for the 1st time.......likely to have a race left in him.....the kind you can support at the windows but you best not claim

4  Volume   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   3 solid dirt routes last year all in MSW races........drop indicates his set back has cost what degree is the ? mark

8  Fashionly Handsome   solid MC debut 2 back especially early pace wise.....fell off in latest......needs a the switch to stout front end rider Maldonado....not out of this by any means if he does rebound

5  Fin de Semaine


race 6    average clarity

4  Denman"s Call   toss out last as slop wasn't his thing......all 3 lifetime sprints fit here with his best being his only endeavor at today's 7F distance where he was only beaten by 4L by Ky Derby barn mate Nyquist

7  I Will Score   unreal early gas especially in his only sprint race a SA........very tough to wheel in if he is up to that effort today

5  Smokey Image   has fallen off of a cliff in his last two although you can excuse his last because it was on an off track.......but he is undefeated sprinting with many of those 5 sprints  a good fit more chance to get his act together

3  Mrazek


race 7    average clarity

4  Airfoil  hard not to take notice of the fact Miller is 8 for his last 15 dropping 1st out following a claim....two level drop here........most of this gelding's career fits solidly here

6  Hadfunlastnight    drop makes sense as he was taken 5 back for $6K less .......good history for Delgadillo (2 1 1 0) who is back aboard for the for the first time in 4 races.....good history at the distance as well (3 1 2 0)

1  Giant Ego   very solid figs in last 3 races .........I have placed him to low if he is up for another.....but......he has only one work showing since his last 4 weeks ago.......not what Mulhall would usually prefer preparing to go 7F

7  Out of Patience


race 8    below average clarity

4  Great Expectations    last on an off track was better than par.....race 2 back on a fast track was extremely impressive heat/bad bad trip......see you Gutierrez.....hello Bejarano

7  One More Round    nice G3 race at Kee running a distant 2nd at 40 to 1.......returns home and with a very reassuring work since that Kee race......would have considered as top pick if he wasn't so one dimensional in a lead type only......he has few in here that are likely to put the heat on.......might have to rate a little

1  The Lieutenant    sprint-sprint-route scenario here........and his running lines scream "route"

9  Bedeviled

Long-shot consideration:   5  Driven West   last is much better than appears running wide on a rail biased day.........very interesting that Baffert instead of drilling him hard now drills him semi easy but at very tight intervals of 5 or 6 days for 7 works total.......out of the norm for the trainer which tells me he has discovered a different approach for his colt......dangerous at a price


race 9    average clarity

10  Glacken Too   double barrel action for D'Amato as he also trains our third choice.........strong run on a very sloppy track in last and the works hint the race muscled him up some more......and that is pretty scary

12  Clever Royal    spent way too much time running on the grass as this gelding is 3 for 5 on the dirt.......2 for 15 elsewhere.........ultra impressive works in preparation for today........needs a move forward and likely will provide one

1  Rocko's Wheel   last was the layoff gimme.......full throttle go today......nice history on fast rated dirt (6 3 2 0) trainer/rider combo in Talamo & the D'A......the mount for Joe is only 1 of 2 for the card

5  Heir of Storm


race 10   average clarity

4  Salsita    switch to a better trainer........switch to a better rider.......and drops in class quite a bit......when a good barn like the Baltas barn takes over a given horse it is often with the agreement that the horse will be placed where they can win......believe that is case here

8  Diamond Cut    at her best with 5 to 7 weeks between starts and Sadler shows patience and gives it to her.........and back to Van Dyke who has been a good fit with the four-year old filly ( 2 1 1 0)

1  So Good to Go   in a good spot to get a nice ground saving stalking or mid pack position thru at least turn one....and that my friends is often more than 1/2 the battle in a two turn grass race

3  Toppers Sunshine


race 11    average clarity

8  Vida Bonita   debut fits and is somewhat disguised by dueling on a slightly dull rail......Freeman is off to a hot start at the meeting.....jock struggles but might manage a win here

5  Plus Perfect   bet to favorite and ran only so 7 lbs bug boy looked good on a horse the other day.....believe he might be an upgrade from apprentice Pena

6  Fiftypercentcotton   also was bet and only ran so so....but Blacker is much better 2nd time around with his maidens......and we get a slight rider upgrade

4  She's Memorable

3  Carablanca

2  Yes Virginia horse

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